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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 20, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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capitol steps, donald trump will be sworn in. there will be events under tight security. behind the scenes, the trump team is scrambling to fill vital roles. what happens as citizen trump becomes president trump? let's bring in athena jones. in a few hours, this majestic and busy day unfolds. >> reporter: it call kiall kick with a church service across the street from the blair house. i should note that the president-elect selection of the man to speak at the service is getting some attention. his name is robert jeffries. he has a history of inflammatory remarks. after that private service, the
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trump and pence families have tea with the obamas. then it is the swear-in at noon and then the inauguration address and inauguration lunch. the military review and parade and balls. all taking place under intense security under huge crowds. 800,000 people expected to come out and witness president trump making history. a busy day. president-elect had a busy day yesterday. he arrived in d.c. at noon. he attended a welcome concert and dinner. he talked about real change. take a listen. >> so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. we all got tired of seeing what
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was happening. we wanted change, but we wanted real change. i look so forward for tomorrow. we will see something that is going to be so amazing. >> reporter: so the president-elect promising amazing day today. i should mention the inauguration is not the only action taking place on capitol hill. there are two senate confirmation votes expected for two of the president-elect's cabinet members. james mattis for secretary of defense and john kelly for homeland security. all of this is taking place as the trump team tries to fill out the government that remaining. also to determine what will be the new president's first acts as president. president-elect promised meaningful action on day one. he has not offered specifics. we should find out in a matter of hours what action he plans to take. christine. >> athena jones.
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thank you. >> there could be hundreds of thousands of people watching here. millions if not billions watching around the world. this is a important moment for america and every country on earth. we have cnn's clarissa ward live with us in the moscow bureau. clarissa, what do leaders say? >> reporter: there is anxiety as donald trump prepares to take the oath of office. we know people are angry with protests across london and berlin and sydney. some people angry with the rhetoric on the campaign trail. there are parties around the world. people who want to watch the inauguration. many people this is historic. i think the main thing people will concentrate on is listening
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to the inauguration address and try to get a better clue or looking out for inkling of what a trump foreign policy may look like. beyond some of the more explosive comments we heard, whether the nato is obsolete or questioning the future integrity of the one china policy or bans on muslims or building walls with mexico. beyond that kind of bombastic rhetor rhetoric, there is not much knowledge or understanding of what foreign policy will look like under a future president trump. that is what has many world leaders feeling a little bit anxious. a sense of ambiguity and people want clarity on what the relationship of all of the rar counc various countries will look like because they look to the u.s. as the leading country of the free
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world. john and christine. >> it will be interesting to hear what the then president donald trump says. generally speaking on inauguration day, they speak about the broad brush strokes. we will watch closely. clarissa ward. thank you. >> let's bring in the all-star panel to talk about the day as it unfolds. greg valliere and eugene scott and salena zito and the former director of the nixon library. this is the day that the eyes of the world will be on donald trump. they will watch him walk into the church service. they will watch him walk over here and have tea with the obamas. they will watch him put his hand on the bible and take the oath of office. this is the day, in the united
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states, we do this unlike anybody in the world. >> the symbolism is meeaningful and people are looking for the is symbols. donald trump will take an oath on the bible he got from his mother in 1955 after he finished sunday school at a presbyterian church. president obama took the oath on dr. martin luther king's bible. this will tell people a lot. interestingly, both of them took the oath on the lincoln bible. >> i love that. that is continuity. the last president to take his oath on the lincoln bible, obama. there is consistency. salena zito, you have followed obama voters for months. i wanted to get your thoughts on this. for the people in the crowd today, the thousands or hundreds
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of thousands who have come here to washington to be part of this. what does this mean? >> this means everything to them. you know, they feel through trump, they feel they have a voice. what i found was fascinated last night as i walked through the lincoln memorial during the celebration event, i found people who were not trump voters and there were clinton people there who booked their rooms with the anticipation she would win. they the conscience decision to come and witness. that is what we don't think about and don't talk about. the trump voters. i met people from utah and met people from michigan. i met people from tennessee. no matter what is being inaugurated, to have all of these people come in -- people came by train, from the amtrak.
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this couple came from wyoming. three days on the train. that part -- >> they are just excited to be outside. >> i love that enthusiasm that we have. even if you weren't here because you voted for him. the american experience, that gives me goose bumps. >> tim, there is something about today that is biller than the candidate. something about today -- this is -- you are seeing the birth of the candidate, the nominee, the candidate, into the president-elect into the person who is leading the country. the office is bigger than the pers person. >> we are more than our presidents, but president s matter a lot. when you think of movemenmen mo are presidential, this is the beginning of the new presidency. a beginning of a new era. you don't have to be a policy
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wonk. you don't is have to be a political nerd. you have to be an american to care about the process we are watching. that's what today is all about. it's that peaceful transfer of power and it's a continuation of the constitution. >> you know, you use the word majesty. i think the ceremony closely resembles is a coronation. in a coronation, you don't have the former king or queen there. >> it is the people that are r involved in the coronation. >> greg, i expect the change in tone from candidate trump to president-elect trump to president trump. he was speaking to donors at a dinner last night. these were the people who donated to his campaign so he was talking about the election.
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listen. >> we have a cabinet, i believe, the likes of which has never been appointed. never been a cabinet like this. i will say the other side is going absolutely crazy. >> so today, should not be about it and i doubt it will be about the other side going crazy. that is not what i expect trump will address. instead. it is an opportunity to reach out to the other side. >> at the same time, let me inject a political note in all this. he had to be mindful in the last month, his job approval rating has dropped sharply. the direction is clear. i think i agree with you. he had to be magnanimous. if his job approval ratings stays low, that effects his political capital. >> you heard him in another event yesterday when he landed. he said his cabinet has the
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highest iq in history. we know it has the highest net worth. i'm not sure those necessarily go in lock step. >> not that it matters. >> we will learn a lot about who he is as a president by the people who work for him. we are seeing that shape up in the confirmation hearings. they are not in lock step, euge eugene, with their boss. >> they are not. these pairings at the early stage for someone like donald trump who is an outsider, are getting to know one another and figuring out what you are about and values are and where you stand on issues. what is interesting to see regarding these people who surface who are not on the same page with him is how he responds to people who are not yes people and may have knowledge in areas and push back on his jengenera
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general ideas. much more to come. we are told that trump crafted himself. what will he say? stay with us.
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our democracy must not be the envy of the world, but the engine of our own move. there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured by what is right with america. >> the best lines ever when you think about it. >> bill clinton's inauguration in 1993. hillary clinton was there by his side on that day. she will be by his side again today to watch the inauguration of donald j. trump. she along with everyone else as in everyone in the audience waiting to hear what the president will say in his address. we're joined with our panel right now.
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the inaugural address, tim, is a chance to frame not just your presidency, but frame where you think the country is and what the country needs. >> exactly. we saw in cleveland, at that point, republican nominee, donald trump gave us a dire picture of the country and promised were he given the chance, he could fix things. today, he has an opportunity to say how and give us a sense of the future america he hopes to build. that's what he has today. that's why this particular speech is so important because donald trump is not someone who has communicated with us through speeches. this is his chance to do it. since he is following all of the other rituals today, he will probably follow this. he will give us a speech and that will be important. >> what about tone? we talked about tone here. donald trump is confident.
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donald trump is brash. donald trump can have harsh words for people. will it be a new tone or the first voice as president? >> i suspect it will be aspirational. i suspect he will make a statement and tell you this is where i want to take you. it's what he should do and country expects from him. he offered with "make america great" people missed that was s aspiration aspirational. that is what voters heard. it was a promise tie tho take to take better place. if he builds off that and he mentioned that at the lincoln memorial yesterday, along with the america first thing, that is where he is going.
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he is giving us hints. >> we will see clarence thomas swear in mike pence as vice president of the united states. it is the first time used a bible coming from ronald reagan flown out from the reagan library. chief justice john roberts swear-in donald trump. people forget candidate trump was critical of the chief justice for the supreme court decision on obamacare. >> very much so. what we have seen since donald trump has been elected is him shift with the people he competed against very passion e passionately a few weeks ago. i remember the week he was collecte elected. he spoke about president obama as if he hadn't called him the worst president of the united states. we need to see a continuation of bridging gaps and working toward
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making this country whatever. it should be at its best. >> donald trump, he holds grudges, but he gets over it. he changes his mind. >> we all agree he has to be g magnanimous. there has to be a couple of quotes straight out of queens. that's what people voted abras. >> the best of queens. >> straight out of queens. i think i saw that movie. it was good. the cast not as good. i wonder, salena, when we talk about actions and what the new president will do and when, what the priorities need to be. >> i think some of his first actions will be on trade and also on tax regulation and you
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will see him speak about that early. i talked to several companies in the midwest. they met several times with the transition team. they talked about tax reform. they talked about regulatory reform. they felt positive about it and felt confident in getting inventories opening up and considering jobs. i think this is going to be a jobs and freeing up ability to start to create them. it will be one of the first things. >> stick around. the president a very powerful person in the world. one thing he cannot control, at least we think, the weather. what is the forecast for today because we all have been looking at vicious radar. stay with us.
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there is good news to report this morning on the condition of former president bush and his wife barbara. they are both in a houston hospital. bush family spokesperson says the two are quote on the upswing. bush 41 is in intensive care, but he is alert and in stable condition and may soon have his breathing tube removed. former first lady is treated with antibiotics with bronchitis. she is said to be feeling 1,000%
1:25 am
better. george w. bush will be at the inauguration. >> i bet you the former president will watch from houston. this type of thing is something he relishes in. what about the weather? we have seen rain in the forecast which is of serious concern to the hadhundreds of thousands of us standing outside. meteorologist derek van dam has the forecast. >> good morning, john and christine. it literally might rain on donald trump's parried. parade. we have a batch of rainfall that will likely impact the inauguration and parade taking place at 3:00 p.m. we anticipate cloud cover, low clouds and fog to settle in to the capital through the course of the morning. at the noon hour, right when we expect the inauguration to take place, a band of showers should move across d.c. and eventually move out in time for the parade.
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i expect cloud and drizzle to stick around. fog and perhaps impacting visibili visibility. rainfall totals should take under .50 inch. good news is that the national park service allowed collapsable umbrellas in the national monument. they updated rules and regulations because of the high chances of rainfall. timing things out. this is what you can expect if you are heading to the capitol or watching it on tv. low clouds and fog and mist. temperatures in the upper 40s. that is above average for this time of year. and you can see our chances of rain diminish as the afternoon and evening progress. back to you. >> you know, rain, the problem with rain is you can't have a big golf umbrella. all of the security concerns. >> i have my hair to worry about. let's be honest.
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>> john berman's hair is the third co- anchor. tradition unique to unfold on the steps behind us. donald trump will take the oval office in hours. "early start" will be back.
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donald trump's ascent to the peak of the political world. he is set to take the oval office in hours. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. welcome viewers in the united states and all around the world. just before dawn here in washington, d.c. just before the dawn of the trump presidency. the sun will rise this morning with one commander in chief and it will set with another. this is the peaceful transfer of power. one of the hallmarks of our
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democracy. at noon today on the steps of the capitol, donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. it happens at noon, not when he is sworn in. he may be sworn in before noon, but he becomes president at noon. this is the day with jam-packed schedules of events conducted with tight security. cnn's athena jones is with us. athena, give us a preview. >> reporter: good morning, john. the busy day at 8:30 a.m. at the church across the park from the blair house which is where the trumps stayed. the president-elect's selection of the pastor to preach is getting attention. robert jeffries. he has a history of inflammatory remarks. after that service, the trumps and the pences will head to the white for tea with the obamas. the swearing in at noon and the
1:32 am
inauguration address. then a lunch at the capital. the military review and the parade and a ball. all of it take ing place among intense security. 800,000 people expected to turn out to see president trump make history. the president-elect arrived in d.c. around midday. had a brief meeting with chief justice john roberts. he attended a welcome concert and private dinner. he talked about real change. here is what he had to say. >> so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. we all got tired of seeing what was happening. we wanted change, but we wanted real change. i look so forward to tomorrow. we will see something that is
1:33 am
going to be so amazing. >> reporter: the president-elect promising an amazing day today. i should mention the inaugural ceremony is not the only action on capitol hill. two votes in the senate scheduled on two of the president-elect's cabinet picks. james mattis for secretary of defense and general john kelly to head up homeland security. all of this is happening as you have been saying, the trump team scrambling to fill the open jobs in the government. also to decide what the first acts will be as president. president-elect trump promised meaningful action on day one. he hasn't been specific about that action. we will soon find out. john. >> it is day one. athena jones for us in washington. thank you. >> it is the day the world will be watching. inauguration of donald trump. watching carefully. foreign leaders wondering
1:34 am
whether he will stand on nato and russia or will he reach out a hand of reconciliation. senior correspondent clarissa ward is with us now from the moscow bureau. claris clarissa, what are world leaders saying? >> reporter: christine, world leaders are watching the inauguration more closely than they watched any inauguration before. while the inaugural address does not traditionally delve deep in foreign policies, you will be sure the leaders will try to find clues to what foreign policy in the u.s. will look like under president-elect donald trump. it is no secret there is a lot of anxiety from different countries after the explosive comments we heard from trump in the campaign. whether it is nato obsolete or talking about building a wall with mexico or banning muslims or the questioning of the one
1:35 am
china policy. there is a great deal of ambiguity of the foreign policy and what it will look like. i think there will be a lot of people watching closely wanting to see if there is anything to read in the tea leaves based on the inaugural address. we know mexico's foreign minister is scheduled to visit washington, d.c. next week. that could be an important step. a lot of reconciliation work to be done with president-elect donald trump and mexico. that is a sign there could be more reconciliation on the cards. and before everybody around the world very much watching this inaugural address with intrigue, curiosity and apprehension. john and christine. >> clarissa, thank you. we are joined by greg valliere and political reporter
1:36 am
eugene scott and salena zito. and cnn presidential historian tim naftali. we had athena jones talked about this being day one for president donald trump. andy card, the chief of staff, for george w. bush, he knows what it is like to walk into the building on this day and get right to work. he tauslked overnight with anderson about what donald trump needs to do on this first day. listen. >> the truth is, one minute after 12:00 when the president takes the oath of office, he is the president. there is no transition. you say, oh, good, i'll get a good night's sleep. the chief of staff's job is to understand that and make sure infrastructure is in place to
1:37 am
help the president with some of the impossible challenges he may have especially with national security policy. >> this is it, tim. 12:01.01, he is faced with all of the challenges and all of the responsibilities of being president. that has to be an awesome thing. >> yes. first thing he will do is sign an order so general mattis can be paid. the first thing is the cabinet confirmed and presumably mattis will be confirmed by then as secretary of defense. he will get what we call the nuclear codes or the football. he is our commander in chief. he is responsible for our nuclear arsenal. and everything that goes on in the world, all of those folks in all of our embassies and consulates will be reporting to a pyramid and he is at the top of it. he is responsible for our foreign policy.
1:38 am
we will see to the extent of the economy and that will happen immediately. what will be interesting is to see how his government fills in at the second tier. everybody in the cabinet. what about the deputies? or assistant deputies? we don't know those people yet. it will be interesting to see how much of washington keeps working next week with the old team. not the appointees, but the political government running things until the trump team comes into place. >> the under secretaries are important. that is a very a lot of importat work. the managing day-to-day is the under secretaries the that is the next level. we have seen the hearings under way here. who is in charge while you are waiting for the departments to get up and running in. >> right. that is still being figured out. sean spicer got push back because this is the first
1:39 am
administration in 30 years without a latino person in the cabinet. he tried on assure the people that some appointments down the line will be a more diverse administration. he said one that will go on record as one of the most diverse. as of now, that remains to be seen. these seats are vacant. >> agency, by agency, as they identify a career person who will run things until the cabinet secretaries are confirmed. you will have people who will be acting secretary of state. acting secretary of the treasury. in some cases, this could go on. >> you look at commerce. 40,000 employees. maybe 200 political appointees. the rest are career people. in the secretary's office, career employees to make sure. >> kathleen sebelius wasn't confirmed until april. this can go on for a while. obviously every administration wants it done quickly.
1:40 am
greg valliere, you run the nuts and bolts of finance. i imagine on trading floors and investment houses in new york and london and around the world, there will be a moment where everyone pauses and glances and takes in a majestic thing. >> absolutely. the markets are expecting talk about pro-growth policies and tax reform and tax cuts. one point i want to make quickly. i think he cannot do nothing today. i know the swearing-in is the big story. i think by evening, maybe as the parade is still going on, he will issue regulations or kill regulations. he may issue trade regulations. he won pennsylvania, ohio and michigan by running as a populous. he has to acknowledge these folks and do things like tariffs to appeal to the voters that got him elected. >> do you think all of his nominees get through? >> i wonder a bit about puzder.
1:41 am
>> you are talk about the message that the president-elect or candidate had for michigan or pennsylvania and wisconsin. he had a message for california as well where he did not win in historical portions. those people will be in the audience today. what will he say to them or what will he say to the world? we will talk about the speech where he says he has written himself when we come back.
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i do not mistrust the future. i do not fear what is ahead. for our problems are large, but our heart is larger. our challenges are great, but our will is greater. >> he is doing better today. i have to say, he is doing well today. >> great to see that. >> he is doing better from his family we are told. newly sworn in donald trump will give his inaugural address which he said he wrote himself. will he try to build a bridge to those who did not vote for him? let's bring back greg valliere and eugene scott and salena zito
1:46 am
and tim naftali. >> at noon today, he becomes president of everybody. not just the people who voted for him. he is the commander of chief of everybody in the military. one would hope he would build a bridge and speak to and for all of us. that's got to be our hope today. >> what and how, salena, you spent time with donald trump voters, but a shrewd observer, you have to manage the ties. >> i would argue from november 8th until today, the campaign is still going on. we have been litigating it every day. not only with the russia hacks and all those other things, but mr. trump does through his
1:47 am
tweets. i think today he must want to be president of everyone. he doesn't want to be president of half of the country. so, it's really important for himself and legacy and all of us that he projects this unity. not only america first which is incredible important into why people voted for him, but it is very important for the people who voted for him and who didn't, that we come together. we ultimately should all want that. >> we should definitely all want that. i want to listen to something last night. a dinner at union station for the donors for donald trump and for the people around him who helped him get where he was. he had a really interesting compliment for kellyanne conway. i bring this up because i'll play it in a second. this is the moment where people around donald trump are so
1:48 am
happy. the euphoria on team donald trump. listen to him compliment kellyanne conway. >> there is no den she will not go into. when my men are petrified to go on a certain network. i say, kellyanne, do it. no problem. she goes on and destroys it. thank you, baby. thank you. >> you just interviewed her. she has been a power house here for him. i think there are two things going on here. one, they are all really happy. and two, we talk about unifying. it could be tough to be a journalist in the next few months. donald trump is trying to get around the free press to use twitter to talk directly to the people. >> yeah. he has made no bones about the fact that he will do whatever it takes to get his message out and
1:49 am
not go through the press when he doesn't want to. when he feels he wants direct contact with the people, just as in the early part of the campaign or after the nomination. he was everywhere. 10, 11, 12 hits a day from multiple news networks. he goes around the press. he is trying to make it vexing. >> this is the main event today. this is the speech and moment that is not 140 characters. this is indelible and limitless in many ways. eugene scott, you grew up in washington, d.c. >> i did. >> donald trump will be sworn in as president of the united states. this is america's day. you have been part of it. i wonder if you can reflect on what it is like to be here on this day.
1:50 am
>> d.c. never gets old to me. i was thinking about the fact i was in school choir in 1996 singing at bill clinton's inauguration. i feel privileged not only to be an american, but a washingtonian and i can help communicate to the people why this matters and hopefully inspire other kids looking at the news at cnn this early this the morning to get involved. >> greg, we talked about some apprehension in foreign capitals. this is a president-elect who terrified free traders. do you think america first theme, do you think we will hear that? >> could be. he has a lot of smart people around him. i say the goldman sachs wing. i say cool it. there is the belacose trump we
1:51 am
saw on the campaign and then donald trump with kellyanne conway. trump the ceo and trump the politician say he is a great guy to work for. nobody says bad about him in his inner circle. >> will there be a third trump at 12:00 noon today? another thing we will look for. up at the skies to see if it is raining. let's get a forecast on the big day coming up next. take one.
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directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. good news to report on former president bush and his wife. they are both in the houston
1:55 am
hospital. the two are on the upswing. the former president remains in intensive care, but alert and in stable condition. former first lady treated for bronchitis and said to be feeling 1,000% better. george w. bush, their son, will be at the inauguration. we wicannot stop talking abt the inauguration and the parade. we have meteorologist derek van dam with the forecast. >> just under 1 million people to line the mall outside the capitol building to watch the inauguration of the 45th american president. guess what? you know there is interesting weather heading that way. take a look at the future radar. you see a band of showers expected to move across the region associated with an area of low pressure and frontal boundary. this will bring the possibility of rainfall for the inauguration and potentially into the parade that takes place at 3:00 p.m. timing things out for you.
1:56 am
low clouds impacting visibility and light drizzle with that moving through this morning. then the showery activity picks up midday. about the same time as the swearing-in ceremony. by 3:00 p.m. and evening hours, the heavy rainfall to move east. still low cloud expected, fog and perhaps light drizzle in and around the nation's capitol. we should be about 43 degrees this time of year with about a 33% chance of rain or perhaps 10% chance of snow. the good news is the temperatures will be warmer than the average. however, the bad news is we will need the rain coats and umbrellas. if you are at capitol, a good chance of rain expected in time for the ceremony at 12:00. dwindling chances of precipitation through the course of the afternoon. back to you. derek with the weather.
1:57 am
checking in on cnn money stream. stocks mixed. dow futures down a bit. stocks in europe are moving lower in the first hour of trading there. shares in asia closing mostly higher. the trump rally seems to hit a pause. with hours left until the president-elect takes office. here is where the averages stand. dow up 8%. s&p 500, bigger group of stocks, up 6.2%. the nasdaq up 7%. over the past few weeks, gains have slowed. investors want to see what trump does. they want to see what he does. i'm calling this the show me the money phase. the transition team claims priorities of nafta and cutting taxes andvestors want lower cor tax and less regulation. they want stimulus.
1:58 am
they want trade. they don't want to see trump kill free trade. they are worried about the protectionist angle. will trump continue to threaten companies on twitter or threaten tariffs to keep workers in the u.s.? investors want clues on that during the speech. >> it is interesting. the risk of owning gains in the market is that you need to own it when it goes down. the president-elect over the last two months is big about the trump surge and stock market. it is interesting to see if the market takes a turn down. "early start" continues on this historic day right now. >> history unfolds today on capitol hill. donald trump is set to become the 45th president of the united states. seven hours and counting. "early start" previewing right
1:59 am
now. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is friday, january 20th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. welcome to the viewers from the united states and around the world. look at the capitol all lit up. just before dawn in washington, d.c. before the dawn of the trump presidency. the sun will rise this morning with one commander in chief and set with another. this is the peaceful transfer of power. one of the hallmarks of our democracy. at noon today, right there, on the steps of the capitol, donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states. this is such a busy day. jam packed schedule of events conducted under the tightest of security. we have it covered for you. we will begin with cnn's sunlen serfaty who is live on the steps of the capitol. >> reporter: john, this is the historic moment and where it will happen where donald trump
2:00 am
will be sworn in office. as he takes the oath, he will use two bibles. one a bible that was president lincoln's and used by president obama in 2009 and also a bible that is personal in nature. his childhood bible which was given to him by his mother when he was 9 years old. he will give the most important address of his political life. the inauguration speech. aides say this is not an agenda speech. more of a philosophical speech outlining the vision for being an american. described as a sincere and personal speech. we saw hints of the tone he could bring today at the kickoff of the festivities last night. >> we're going to unify our country and our phrase, you all know it, half of you a


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