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tv   New Day  CNN  January 20, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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will be sworn in office. as he takes the oath, he will use two bibles. one a bible that was president lincoln's and used by president obama in 2009 and also a bible that is personal in nature. his childhood bible which was given to him by his mother when he was 9 years old. he will give the most important address of his political life. the inauguration speech. aides say this is not an agenda speech. more of a philosophical speech outlining the vision for being an american. described as a sincere and personal speech. we saw hints of the tone he could bring today at the kickoff of the festivities last night. >> we're going to unify our country and our phrase, you all know it, half of you are wearing the hat.
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make america great again. but we're going to make america great for all of our people. everybody. >> reporter: and this morning, donald trump will wake up at the blair house across the street from the white house where he spent the night. he will go with his family to st. john's across the street from the white house and over for tea with the obamas before coming here to the capitol. the kickoff of the pageantry and tradition of this day. john. >> it is an amazing thing to witness and wonderful thing we see every four year. sunlen serfaty, thank you. the end of the obama era hours away. the president and successor are scheduled to meet over tea at the white house. cnn's athena jones live in washington with details. it will be a very busy morning. >> reporter: very busy. good morning, christine. this is what we are talking about. the peaceful transfer of hour to the hallmark of our democracy.
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that is the what you hear about. here is how the last half day is shaping up. starting with welcoming the trumps to the white house and pences for tea. then the trumps and obamas head to the inauguration ceremony together. they ride over together. that is a tradition that dates back to 1837 with martin van buren and andrew jackson. after the ceremony, a farewell event at andrews. and then the obama jet off to palm springs for the long awaited and much discussed vacati vacation. in the farewell letter to the american people, the president called on americans regardless of party, to throw themselves in the work of citizenship. when the arc of progress seems slow, remember america is not the project of any one person. the single most powerful word in our democracy is the word we. we the people. we shall overcome.
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yes, we can. i should mention the president worked up until the last minute running through the tape as he has been putting it. yesterday, he commuted the sentences of 330 people. most nonviolent drug owe phenomenfen offenders. last minute action for the outgoing president. john and christine. >> thank you, athena. setting the stage for withhat w happen today. let's bring in our panel. greg valliere and eugene scott. then salena zito and then tim naftali. tim, this is a heavy day. no matter what has happened at this point, this is a heavy important day that only america does it like this. at that moment with when he becomes the president of the united states, he will assume control of the american military and get the nuclear codes.
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it is to quote joe biden, a big deal. >> a big day. a national civics lesson day. we are more than our presidents, but our presidents matter a lot. when you think of the moments that define presidencies, the inauguration is one of a handful. today, we get to see donald trump define himself as president. we also get to see the america that he twoonts creadi wants to shape. he will speak in more than 140 characters and not only america, but the world is listening. a lot happens today. >> of course, candidate donald j. trump was known for speaking off the cuff. known for improv. today, salena, is a largely scripted day. we like to see the incoming president walk across the street to have tea with the outgoing president.
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the fact they ride to the capitol together. that is important for us to see them together and look up at the skies and look at it. the rings of power signatutting around them and chosthose close. each thing matters to all of us. >> in every aspect of our lives, americans love traditions. we love all sorts of traditions. family traditions, sporting traditions. our government traditions, the act of governing our country is important to us. each one retaining them and starting -- every president does one little nuance that is new. john f. kennedy was the first to have the poet speak, if i'm correct. not every president has done that, but i'm sure that trump will bring one nuance to the day. i think he will respect everything that we have done in
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previous inaugurations. >> greg, you think he starts work right away or needs to start work right away with the promises he made to the people in michigan, pennsylvania and ohio who voted for him. >> the voters in pennsylvania want to see action immediately. i fully agree. a very profound experience. 12:00 noon, you have to get goose bumps. i feel by early evening, he will put in regulations or pull regulations and maybe acting on illegal immigration. i think he will do several things between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00. >> eugene scott, we are talking about the pageantry. ma mike pence will use ronald reagan's bible for the swearing
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in. and chief justice john roberts swears in donald trump with two bibles. >> the first black american to swear-in a president. donald trump sworn in on the bible he got from his mother in 1955 when he completed sunday school at a presbyterian church in queens. these selections tell you about the president's values. president obama during the second inauguration want sworn in on a bible that belonged to martin luther king jr. what we hope we see moving forward can be symbolized by the lincoln bible. >> yesterday, we saw the family come off the plane at andrews. so much attention on the tableau of the family. fascination with the trump family.
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you have the laying the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. the little grand kids are not there. the kids who are there to understand the importance of the moment. already the eyes of the world are on this family. >> it was a somber moment to see them standing at arlington. you could tell they were struck by the enormity of the moment. at arlington, you are there and faced with the treasure that presidents have lost before you. i think you saw the look on his face and on his family's face. i think it really sunk in at that moment. i am responsible for a lot of things, including the lives that protect us. >> today at noon. >> we have the countdown clock of the inauguration ceremony. a countdown clock when he is
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president at noon. then it is on. andy card, chief of staff to george w. bush, he was reflecting overnight of what it means. the moment you go from president-elect or a year and a half of being candidate to president. there is a big difference. listen to what andy card said. >> truth is, one minute after 12:00, when the president takes the oath of office, he is the president. so there is no transition. you don't say oh, good, i'll get a good night's sleep and meet the responsibilities. the chief of staff's job is to understand that and to make sure there is an infrastructure in place on minute one to help the president with the impossible challenges he may have. especially with national security policy. >> you know, every incoming president knows its coming, tim. every incoming president tries to get ready. everyone who takes the officed a office admits they were not
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ready. >> there is no way of being president without president. the vice president is not in chain of command. it is not a deputy position. until you take the oath of office, until noon, you never had experience as president. the first thing he will do is make sure his cabinet is paid and have a secretary of state or secretary of defense by then. general mattis. the next thing we will see. he will probably try to lay some markers down to say i work fast. unlike people in washington, i work fast. i work all the time as ceo. there are things he will have to follow. certain traditions. a lot of the government is going to be the permanent government. he hasn't had a chance to pick the assistant secretaries or under secretaries. a lot of washington will be managed by people he did not put in place. it will take a while for the trump team to come together. i think the rhetoric will change from the start. i think he will know from the beginning this is the beginning
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of the trump presidency. all presidents do that way. that is an american tradition. starting at noon, a new person, a new presidency. same america, but a new face and perhaps a new tone. >> it is so amazing to see the former presidents there. what is that feeling of the person who is walking away and get on the helicopter and leave here. do a last little look and leave. you wonder the emotions in that room. >> get to the bar as quickly as possible. that's what it must feel like. salena, among the people who are sitting there, not just former presidents, but former first ladies. hillary clinton. more than 50 members of congress is not going, but hillary clinton is. that is something. >> it is important she did that. it is important for the country. it was very graceful of her to attend this. it was a tough race. it was a tough campaign.
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at the end of the day, this is all about the country. and she knew that. she understood that. her husband was in the white house. she faced her tough times in the white house. i think it was a great decision on the family's part to be there. >> i agree. >> it can't be easy. >> definitely. >> you know the cameras will be on her face to see. stick around. what should the number one priority be for president trump? health care? isis? economy? tweet us one word usin using #newdaycnn. we will display results later. the transition team hoping seven of the members are confirmed today. only two look like a sure thing. up next, which trump picks will be challenged by democrats? but first, a look back at the 40th president's inauguration. ronald reagan. >> in the present crisis, government is not the solution
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all this power in one little pad. bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal skin expert, paris. people from across the country making their way to washington hoping to get a good spot for the festivities. so many waking up way early. some driving across the country to see history. cnn's brian todd is at a security checkpoint outside the national mall. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, john. we see a lot of enthusiasm and energy here. we have seen it a lot over the past year in primaries and rallies and campaign stops. the energy on the street is really what has driven the election. that translated here in washington as people are gathering. i will show you people who are dedicated. come on over here, guys. riley here who is 17 and his
2:17 am
mom. you drove four days from seattle. what drew you here? >> i just turned 17. this is the first election i paid attention to and it was cool to experience everything and see what it is about. >> kerry, you came a long way. your first snauinauguration. >> he said we the forgotten people are no longer forgotten. that spoke to me. i want to hear that message. >> reporter: how excited are you? it will rain later. maybe during the ceremony. >> yewe're used to the rain. >> reporter: have a great time. thanks for coming. we will take you guys up here. on the weather, the rain is supposed to start in a couple of hours. it will be heavy around the time president trump is taking oath of office. not too heavy all day. endurable rain for people here.
2:18 am
photo journalist john bennett and i will show you. a lot of energy here. people are gathering. it is early in the morning. less than seven hours away from the oath of office. a lot of enthusiastic people here. they have not started letting people through the security line yet. this is one of the security precautions. the result of the nice and berlin attacks. trucks along the roads blocking roads and blocking access for vehicles. you have two and a half miles of streets in the city closed off. again, not stopping people from really coming out here and taking in the scene here. this is what is fun about covering this. you have people like this coming from all over the place. i talked to people from texas, from new york, new jersey, who have come and lined up here at o'dark 30. they really want to take in the
2:19 am
atmosphere here and enthusiastic about getting through the checkpoint and getting as close as they can to the festivities. john and christine. >> brian, what are they allowed to bring with them when they go through security? i know there are issues with umbrellas. they were not be allowed. now most places they will be. it is welcome. what will coolers and refre refreshme refreshments? >> reporter: you can't bring that stuff in. it is too much to carry in for them to check. not letting backpacks in or bags or selfie sticks or long umbrellas. john, they have modified the rules for umbrellas because we are expecting the rain to start lightly in a couple of hours. you can bring a collapsable small umbrella. that is a nod to mother nature. people are allowed to do that. hopefully that will be enough for people and won't take them long to get through checkpoints with that. >> a small thing and welcome.
2:20 am
brian todd, thank you. the country comes together physically on the national mall to be part of the event. we will look over it in just a few hours. the newly sworn in president donald trump will give his inauguration address which he says he wrote himself. what does he need to say? greg and eugene and salena and tim are back here with our panel. the message carried through the transition. up until last night, when he was still speaking in campaign-like terms. if you are going to change and focus on something more than the campaign, this is the time, this is the place. >> this is his employmenmoment. this is the moment to put the campaign rhetoric behind. put behind the moment you beat someone. none of it needs to be at the inauguration. today is the day you bring the
2:21 am
country together. you are the president of everyone. you remind people that i understand you didn't support me. i understand that maybe you didn't like what i had to say. here's our moment to come together. here's where i want to take you and i want to take you on the journey together. he can't say that enough. those sort of tangible benefits are the kinds of things that can start to bring people together. >> we're told it may be 20 minutes. who knows? that is some guidance. we are told it is about making america great again. i'm sure we will hear that. eugene, making america first. that is the umbrella he is operating under. >> that is something. many people were paying attention to the issues that got attention during the campaign had to relate to international affairs and trade and immigration and terrorism. when he talks about putting america first, we have the global audience at cnn. many people abroad will watch to see what that means for them and how that impacts people beyond
2:22 am
our borders. >> greg. >> he will be majestic and bring people together. he is a guy from queens and ran as a populous. there will be two or three queens sound bites from donald trump. >> can i play something that wasn't a majestic sound bite from donald trump? it captures the issue of weather. last night, donald trump was talking about the possibility it might rain. you see his personality shine there here. watch this. >> tomorrow we have a speech. probably around 12:00. it may rain. it may not rain. i don't care. doesn't matter. i mean, the truth is, if it really pours, that's okay because people will realize it's my real hair and that's okay. >> that's a guy who hosted
2:23 am
"saturday night live." he knows how to deliver a joke. greg, beyond that, there is the business of governing which begins at noon. let's talk about priorities. let's talk about the priorities. i'm not talking about the first days or weeks. i'm talking about the minutes or hours. >> tim says he owns this stuff as of 12:01. he owns economy and owns health care. eight years ago, obama administration got bogged down early by health care. could we see a repeat? i don't think the republicans have a plan to replace obamacare. he has to focus as obama didn't on jobs and tax reform and getting the economy stronger. >> let me talk about the optics of the outgoing president and incoming president. this happens every time there is a transition of power. we are all witnesses to it. the letters were released. a letter from clinton to bush and letter from bush to obama where they give advice to the person coming in and going to be
2:24 am
sitting in that seat. this is from george w. bush. there will be trying moments. critics will rage and friends will disappoint you. you will have an almighty god to cover you and a family to pull you. god bless you. there is another letter from bill clinton to george bush. you are especially fortunate to lead our country at a profound and largely positive change. what is interesting about reading the letters is how different today is than eight years ago when obama was coming in office. the different tone of the country. we can talk about a divided country or whatever. we really thought the world was ending eight years ago in the depth of the financial crisis. when you look at the moment of donald trump, tim, what strikes you how different each transition has been? >> it will be very interesting to see how he describes america
2:25 am
in the inaugural address. in the summer, in cleveland, the america he described sounded just as bad as america was during the great recession of 2008. >> you're right. >> when barack obama came into power, he had just as franklin roosevelt had to do two generations. he had to calm us down and restore confidence. he had to calm the world's confidence in him and institutions. today, donald trump has to show the world that he is prepared to be an international statesman. he has to also show americans who are not part of his populous movement that they will be in the governing coalition. he is there president too. that is a tall order. it will be interesting to see how he does it. >> it is interesting in the letters. eight years ago, it is easy to forget how bad things were. 16 years ago when bill clinton was turning over to george w. bush.
2:26 am
bill clinton noting how good things were. he wrote, especially fortunate to lead our country in the time of positive change. that was written on january 20th, 2001. nine months later, when everything changed. no matter what the priorities or the agenda, there is the unpredictable. >> absolutely the unpredictable. i would argue the populous movement we saw this year had inkling at 9/11. that is when we all started to feel unrest in a very small incremental way and in the way our politics works, it built up over years. you saw the evidence in the waves of the election cycles we have. things can change dramatically, quickly or it takes a slow ease. you know, this is his moment to make his mark and to throw the
2:27 am
flags down and say this is where we are. this is who we want to be and i want to take you there. >> this is when the world slows down. today the world slows down and he loses control [ laughter ] >> this is his moments. he wants to set a tone. do it now sdplch. >> you cannot predict the future. each of the letters, those men could not have known. you are electing a leader you trust to guide the country through uncertainty. no question. >> greg valliere, there is no question. a battle with isis. i'm not sure of the par rameter about that today. watching the hours after the speech to see what that sends. >> i spent yesterday in new york talking to bright people. excited about the tax reform. the labor market is healing.
2:28 am
they worry about trade protectionism. if he starts out of the chute tonight, that is something the markets will worry about if he provokes. >> you don't worry about the goldman sachs alums will t alu? >> this is the team of rivals. lincoln with the conflicting views. i think he is a protectionist. he has to protect the voters in put him in office. of. crowds are gathering in the nation's capitol. they are ready to witness the history. keeping everybody safe is a monumental challenge. we will look at the security ahead. first, george h.w. bush at his swearing-in 28 years ago. >> i do not fear what is ahead for our problems are large.
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as huge crowds of protesters and supporters converge on washington, thousands of law enforcement on duty to make sure this is pulled off without a problem. we have the security plan in place to protect all of the
2:33 am
crowds. good morning. >> reporter: the masses will arrive by train, christine. it is steps away from the u.s. capitol. we can see law enforcement on deck here with k-9s. we have seen them at union station. on average day, union station tells me 10,000 people pass through here. some people waiting for a train. they expect the foot traffic today to morph the 10,000 number. when you have massive crowds, you have the security concerns. so we do know that nearly 1 million people will show up at inauguration. that includes protesters, so they will block off 100 square blocks of roadway around inauguration activities. we also know 28,000 security personnel from the fbi to tsa to
2:34 am
local police will all be out here. just yesterday, we noted thousands of national guard members deputized to help keep the calm on the street. i want to walk through here. union station. this is where the masses will desce descend. a police officer told me they expect to see the foot traffic happening at 7:00 this morning. already this is pretty busy for what they usually see. i'll send it back to you. >> rene marsh at union station. thank you. one change because of the weather. authorities will allow mini umbrellas on the national mall because rain is in the forecast. the big question is when will it start and how much will fall? chad myers has details for us. >> i think it starts soon. i think it gets heavy at 10:00 and noon with heavy showers. how much? .10 of an inch. not heavy stuff.
2:35 am
the rain is to the west. in west virginia all the way to roanoke right now. there are showers not far from damascus. we will see showers come in. 40 degrees for the temperature now. it will not change by 6:00. the clouds will be all day. we will not see sunshine. it is not going to warm up. by 10:00, you see the mass of rain showers if washington, dn . and by noon it is here and by 3:00, it is gone. i logged on the secret service web site. it says if you have a ticket and sitting and have a public ticket, you still can't bring umbrellas. if you are on the parade route, you can bring the umbrella. we will update you on that. still so far, don't take your favorite umbrella that your wife got you for christmas to the inauguration because they may take it away. the little mini ones are okay. 47 for the 12:00 temperature. rain showers, 90%.
2:36 am
3:00, 50%. the chance of showers will go down. guys, it will be wet. it is not snowing. it is not that 1841 inauguration. i think we are better than that one. >> i remember that one. i am still sweating that one. >> thank you, chad. president-elect donald trump picking a latino pastor to pray for him at inauguration. the same pastor who slammed the president-elect's campaign policies. that's next. one of the truly iconic moments in inauguration history. >> and so my fellow american, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. all right, here we go, baby! hey! we're doing the wave! taking off with me!
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president-elect donald trump will make history today in many ways, but before he takes the oath of office, he will attend church. president-elect chosen a latino evangelical pastor to speak for him. he spoke out about his policies during the campaign. here is cnn's kyung lah. >> the first latino evangelical ever. i was invited by president-elect donald trump. go figure! >> the moment you say i'm a sinner, go figure. change my life. >> reporter: astonishing position for sam rodriguez. one of the leading advocates for immigrants to condemned the rhetoric that insulted the parishioners in his pews. >> i want you to give the best shout of praise you have given
2:41 am
him today. >> reporter: he will pray for the new president at his inauguration. why would he accept? days after trump's election, the pastor led an emergency call with the leaders and trump team. >> will he deport 12 million? the answer is explicitly no. who will you deport? the rapists, murderers, gang bangers, drug traffickers? i say please, should children pay for the sins of their paren parents? they responded we will not harm kids. they issued the statement to the media. i said what's going on. >> reporter: that statement to "time" magazine appeared soften. trump said they got brought here at a young age. we will work something out. >> something is happening. i'm not here to justify what donald trump, the president-elect, stated during
2:42 am
the campaign. i'm not here to justify that. i do know that there has been a change in tone. >> what if this man similarly begins the deportation forces? what will you tell that child that you went to washington and prayed for this man on his inauguration day and he deported her mother or father? >> it will not happen. >> how can you say that. >> real is reality. really? this is a community that can be engaged by the republican party. it would be political suicide for them in any way, form or shape, to deport 12 million people. >> reporter: he did not endorse either candidate. torn with the hillary clinton abortion rights and the faith biased communicaas based community. >> republicans, don't blow it. you have this chance and this
2:43 am
chance alone. >> if you are wrong, pastor, will you bear any responsibility for the extra people that may have voted for trump? >> no. who would be at fault is republicans and democrats who sacrificed the immigrant community. >> he will pray for president trump and in a leap of faith for this man of faith. kyung lah, cnn, sacramento, california. >> you know, just part of the diverse mix of people and opinions here in washington today to be part of the historic moment. more controversy over the cabinet nominees. which will be confirmed on day one of the presidency? we will discuss the confirmation process next on "early start." first, the inauguration speech of 1933. >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. nameless unreasoning,
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2:48 am
that is far short from seven he hoped to be approved. let's bring back our panel. greg valliere and eugene scott and tim naftali and salena zito. let's talk about kellyanne conway and how she is concerned with the confirmation process. listen. >> every president tends to sign into law executive action. for example, i'm very concerned about the palatial pace of the confirmation process. i'm sure you are aware that they are on trial this week. some are incredible qualified men and women to serve the country. >> in the meantime, you have chuck schumer asking tough questions for the democrats. listen to senator schumer.
2:49 am
okay. >> chuck schumer basically said -- accusing republicans of stonewalling. the fact the committees have the ethics information late has held it up. and the length of time the senators have had to ask questions. c what schumer is saying you reap what you sow. you made it difficult for us, we will make it difficult for you. >> they wanted to have more done by now sdplchlt th. >> they wanted more done by now. the ethics committee communicated they did not have as much information as they would like. part of the sessions are asking questions they would have known had they gotten forms earlier. to be fair, i understand kel kellyanne's frustration. they want to reveal who the people are to the voters. they he want to know where they
2:50 am
stabbed. stand. one of the last things is, many stand in opposite areas of donald trump. >> the numbers here. eight years ago, seven appointments were confirmed on the first day. that is why the trump team pointed to it. they said we should get seven too. the two we know they will get is james mattis, secretary of defense, and john kelly. these are two important positions. you want someone leading up homeland security and the pentagon. you want secretary of state and secretary of treasury. one we knew was supposed to be today is cia director mike pompeo. that will be delayed until monday. the functional effect of that, donald trump would visit the cia, we were told, tomorrow, on saturday. which was going to be a very symbolic moment reaching out to the intelligence community after the transition. now it is unclear if that will happen. you have to imagine it will be
2:51 am
delayed. greg, what happens functionally beyond the visit delayed without these cabinet secretaries confirmed? >> the other people at the agencies will carry on. let me make this point. i think most of trump's nominees will win approval. maybe puzder could be in trouble. i think the democrats need to revitalize the demoralized base. they will have show trials. a few moore dew more days of sh for mnuchin. i think every one will be approved. >> mnuchin was on trial almost all day yesterday. people who worked on him with debate prep, they liked how he handled things yesterday. >> intriguing thing is rex tillerson. he may lose the senate vote and win on the floor. >> they have a majority. marco rubio could be the swing vote to lose in committee, but full senate and you have joe
2:52 am
manchin say he would vote to approve him. he would likely get through as well. you know, tim, historically speaking, the trump train insit is right. more cabinet secretaries approved more quickly. that was before a lot of the partisanship before we have seen on capitol hill. >> it is not just partisanship. this is what happens, good or bad, when you bring people in government who have never done public service before. these are people who have never filled out public forms or public disclosure forms before. these are people with complica ! complicated personal asset situations. it is not simply a case that congress is slowing it down. it is also a case that the nominees themselves are so unaccustomed to the ways of washington that this process is a lot more complicated now because of the group of people
2:53 am
involved. this is not the same as the bush transition or the obama transition. with few exceptions, these are people with no u.s. government experience and that matters. >> it is not like they have a mortgage and bank account. just yesterday, steve mnuchin was explaining there is $100 million of real estate not on the form. he did not have to put it on there. he was explaining offshore investment accounts and if they are tax havens. these are a complicated financial group of people. rich cabinet. donald trump says they have the highest iq of any cabinet in history. they have the highest net worth. >> they have really nice bank accounts. wherever they are. here or the cayman islands. that's the thing about mr. trump. he did say he would put different people in. >> winners.
2:54 am
>> big winners. the best. you know, as you said, they're complicated. this is not easy. if you look at our most simple tax forms, they are a pain. imagine what the forms they he are filling out now and trying to figure out if i should put this in or do i do that? you are right. they are all probably going to get through. >> i think so. >> it will be dragged out. the democrats also need to vet these men and women properly. they also need to get their message out about who they are. >> that is the business of governing which happens after the business of the transition itself which happens behind us in six hours. we will layout much more on the day ahead. the ceremony, the celebration that marks the historic day in american history. donald trump will become the
2:55 am
45th president of the united states. but before we talk more about that, let's look backwards at 1993. bill clinton's first inaugural address. >> our democracy must be not only the envy of the world, but the engine of our own renewal. there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured by what is right with america. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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we're going to have four incredible years. it's going to be something special. >> the truth is, one minute after 12:00, he is the president.
2:59 am
>> that was some big victory. i out-worked everybody. i out-worked anybody whoever ran for office. >> the job is to be ready on day one. >> the cabinet members are doing really fantastic. i'm very, very proud of my picks. >> inaugural address will be a personal and sincere statement about his vision for the country. >> world watches his transition of power. >> will unify our country and make america great again. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." chris and alisyn are working through security to get here. this is the big day. it is january 20th. 6:00 here in washington. inauguration day in america. we are just hours away from history. donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. capping the improbable journey
3:00 am
to the white house after an unprecedented campaign. >> the pageantry on display. it dates back 228 years to the nation's first president, george washington. sworn in, in new york. it happens at the capitol which is all lit up for us this >> behind us >> good morning, john. this is where the historic moments will that historic moment will happen. they're still making a flur ri


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