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tv   New Day  CNN  January 20, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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capping the improbable journey to the white house after an unprecedented campaign. >> the pageantry on display. it dates back 228 years to the nation's first president, george washington. sworn in, in new york. it happens at the capitol which is all lit up for us this >> behind us >> good morning, john. this is where the historic moments will that historic moment will happen. they're still making a flur ri of last minute dhachanges where
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will take the oath of office. i have the official program and official invitation for the festivities today. you can see the presidential code of arms in gold right there on the top. when trump is sworn in, he will have his hand placed on two bibles. one that will be president lincoln's bible also used by president obama in 2009 and also a more personal bible. one from his childhood given to him when he was only 9 years old by his mother and then he will go on to make the most important political speech of his life. one he largely wrote himself. this is more of a personal speech. they say a sincere speech about what it means to be an american and kicking off the festivities last night at the lincoln memorial trump gave a small hint on the tone he'll bring today. >> we're going to unify our country and our phrase you all
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know it, half of you are wearing the hat, make america great again. but we're going to make america great for all of our people. everybody. >> he'll wake up this morning at the blair house where he spent the night and then walk over to his family to st. johns church and then go to the white house to have tea with the obamas before they come up here to the capitol kicking off the festivities and the pageantry of the day. >> on the steps of the u.s. capitol we know that the president elect is an early riser so chances are that donald trump is already up and moving about this morning. this day which will be the most significant of his entire life and in just a few hours after going to church the president elect will walk across the street to the white house where the trumps and the obamas will have tea together and then they get in the same car and travel
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to the u.s. capitol together for the swearing in. let's go live right now with some of the details. >> good morning, john. this is what we have been talking about. this is what it's all about. the peaceful transfer of power. it's a hall mark of our democracy. here is how his last half day as president is shaping up. as you mentioned he and the first lady will host the trumps and pences here at the white house for a tea reception at 9:30 and then the trumps and the obamas head up to the capitol together. they ride together. that's a tradition that dates back to 1837 with martin van buren and andrew jackson. after there will be a fair well event and then the long awaited
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vacation. they called on americans to throw themselves into the work of citizenship. the single most powerful word in our democracy is the word we the people. we shall overcome, yes we can. so that's part of his final message and i should mention that the president has worked up through the very last minute running through the tape. he commuted the sentences of 330 people. many of them non-violent drug offenders. the most commutations ever in a single day. so outgoing action for the president. >> president obama will be former president by this afternoon. he could be on the golf course with no job within the next ten hours. >> he'll be okay. >> athena jones at the white house. >> a lot is going on before then and a lot of people are coming here making their way to washington.
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they want to witness this moment and this history and many of them have been arriving in the wee hours to get a good spot for the inauguration festivities. for several hours people have been gathering. we have brian todd out there live. how are the crowds so far? >> very enthusiastic. we talked to people from texas, from seattle, new hampshire, new jersey, you got an elaborate horn being blown right here. this is paula grant and jamie patton from tennessee. paula, you guys drove 8.5 hours from southern tennessee to get here. what drew you here for this? >> we want to celebrate, trump, his win and the new administration. >> what do you want to hear from the president when he speaks in about 6 hours? >> that we will stand be israel. >> thanks for coming and thanks for talking to us. hopefully they'll let these folks in and hopefully they're going to let them in soon at this hour. this is a big part of the
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security apparatus here. you can't bring selfie sticks or placards or long umbrellas. they will allow collapsible umbrellas because the rain is supposed to start here in an hour or two. some demonstrators indicated they may try to disrupt the flow of people coming in here but so far we haven't seen any of that. a lot of enthusiastic attendees. at least a couple of hundred people lined up here you have 2.5 miles of streets closed down for this event but it's not stopping people here.
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certainly not taking away from the energy here. these people are all happy to be here now. >> thanks so much chris and allison caught in the security. it's hard to move around. sometimes the best way to get from one place to another is to walk. >> let's bring in the chief strategist and eugene scott and cnn contributor and reporter for the washington examiner and new york post columnist and we're proud to have presidential historian, and former director of the nixon presidential library. this is awesome. it's awesome, not like a teenager awesome, this is the day we're known for they will be
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in the same car. it's just remarkable. >> it is remarkable and it's what defines us. we have a calm, peaceful transfer of power and we've had really difficult elections. the election between roosevelt and hoover was bitter. hoover didn't want his picture taken with roosevelt. hoover didn't even want to speak to roosevelt. they had to have their picture taken. they had to sit together. true man and eisenhower couldn't stand each other. they had to have a peaceful transition the constitution matters more than anything else today and as we watch one president leave and one president start a new era begins and donald trump has the opportunity to tell whaus the tone will be. he explained to us his tone before and now he becomes president trump. will that matter? will it change the way he
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communicates with us as people? >> what will it look like from the crowd? from back there from the washington monument all the way to the steps of the capitol? what is this moment like for them? >> this is an incredible moment for them. people travel from all across the country to witness this they liken today like opening day. all the traditions, all the passion, all the excitement, they were just soaking it up and they didn't even vote for trump. so it's very meaningful. especially if you voted for him. especially if you thought this could never happen. >> we're showing you on the screen the crowds.
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the view to the crowds. bill clinton, george bush, president barrack obama. today it might be a little cloudier eugene scott. there won't be any umbrellas because they're not allowed to bring umbrellas. >> not those surrounding the president or the people below the big podium. they don't get umbrellas but when you get down to the mall itself that's where you can bring the hand held umbrella. >> tell me about the moment and the bible and the little. we remember in 2009, president obama was sworn in on a bible that belonged to martin luther king jr. so that gave you some
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sense of where he wanted to take the presidency and the direction he wanted to move this country in but one thing that i find most interest as good that both of them will be sworn in on lincoln's bible and so there's quite a bit of division and at least the trump team is hoping this can show some sense of unity. >> and the vice president will use a ronald reagan bible. >> ronald reagan used it both times as governor and president but never used by anyone else. mike pence using that today. clarence thomas will swear him in. can we put up that graphic that showed the three different images from up there in the podium sort of as seen by the president as he delivers the inaugural address? because we heard before from presidents after the inauguration what it's like. they walk out of the capitol. it's like walking through the tunnel like an athlete walking on to the field of the game. you walk through the tunnel and that's what you see. that image is what you see
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before you. you see those people displayed on the steps of the capitol and on the national mall but what you see is the enormity of the task ahead of you and at noon donald trump will be president of the united states with all the responsibilities that come with that. >> watching the clips and hearing fdr and jfk, the enormity of the event so profound raises expectations. expectations are probably going to be higher so i think he has to move tonight and i feel strongly that between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 and 4:00 and 8:00 he's going to act on immigration and get tough on trade. i think he'll do these things almost immediately. >> what about rhetorical expectations? >> you're talking about sort of governmental expectation. what about what he says? what do you think the expectations are for that? >> he has to bring the country
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together. his job approval rating has dropped in the last month. i'm not sure if it's 37 or 38 or 40 but the direction is clear. >> it's not 60 or 70 or 80. >> no, it's not. >> he says he's writing his own speech and could be about 20 minutes. america first we think is going to be the theme but but the great lines. all morning. what will they be on the first day or days. health care, isis, immigration, the economy, tweet us one word using #new day cnn. we'll show you the results later in the show. >> up next president elect trump says he'll hit the ground running but how many cabinet picks will be confirmed on day one? our panel back to discuss but first a clip of president johnson, 1965 inaugural address.
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donald trump hours away from being sworn in as president but two cabinet nominees are likely to be confirmed today. that's far short of the picks barrack obama got and the picks the trump transition was hoping to get today so what do they plan to do with the rest of the nominees if they have their way? it has been interesting to see. the democrats more in the wilderness than they have been in a long, long time and yet they have been able to dictate a little more of the pace than people anticipated going forward. raising more questions about some of donald trumps picks than perhaps we had expected. >> politically they have been on
3:19 am
message. they have come out unified in their questioning and framing of what the potential problems are with some of the picks. for someone in the minority chuck schumer is almost having a little bit too much fun out there. but he does have a job to get done. >> let's play some sound and then we can talk about that. >> if republicans continue to stone wall and cover up the issue many of the nominees are trying to avoid they should be prepared to have those debates on the floor of the senate. >> having too much fun. >> yeah. i mean, he keeps saying -- making fun of not draining the swamp. he has a smile on his face but he's also being serious.
3:20 am
they need to draw a line and say this is who we are and this is what we stand for and we're going to put their feet to the fire and make sure that they do everything right. having said that, they're probably all going to get through. >> in these confirmation hearings you have seen the new guard and some cases the old guard of the democratic party. you have seen elizabeth warren and some of these coming out as the progressive fire brand but do you think most are going to get through? >> they aren't dead. they lost this election but they're looking toward 2018 even. not just 2020 and they're trying to determine what their mission will be. will they embrace more progressivism or rely on their establishment? what they want to make clear is the concerns about donald trump
3:21 am
administration have not ended and they want to make it clear to the american people. >> on nominees and tax reform and the big issues trump has the votes. that's what counts in this town and he has the votes. >> for the first time in ten years you'll have the president and both chambers of congress will be the republican party. >> and chuck schumer will be there behind us and the leadership will and the apparatus from both parties will. this is the day when they come together to witness this and while they're slowing down this confirmation process or some of the way donald trump's transition team selected these people or vetted these people, also today it's not about that. it is about moving forward.
3:22 am
but for a few hours today all eyes are on him and he has a chance to clear his throat and lay a path forward. the leadership of congress, republican and democrat will be there. the supreme court will be there. ambassadors will be there and the world will be watching and americans are going to be watching. not simply here but all over this great land. this is a time for donald trump to set an agenda he may not get this amount for awhile. this is his opportunity to set his course now. >> and his tone and his voice. his presidential voice. we heard the candidate and the ceo but this will be the voice we hear from him today. >> it's a really important part of this. his tone is everything. not only his words but how he con vase it. what his body language is to the
3:23 am
rest of us. all of that is really, really important. it sends a message to everyone that's there. sends a message to everyone at home and foreign countries. >> you have spoken about his body language. tim, i'm curious about everyone else that's up there. specifically, the outgoing president will be watching president obama and the first lady will be watching former president bill clinton and hillary clinton also. >> my god this is the terror of the split screen. everybody has to remember they're potentially on camera. everybody. lots of smiles. it's going to be fascinating and a little sad too. they're leaving and they're leaving their home. there is a very whisful moment for them. bill clinton on his last day, i don't think he slept at all the
3:24 am
night before he left office because he loved being president. for the first family that's leaving they're grabbing every last moment before president obama goes. >> there will be a tea this morning and one wonders what the conversation is and the chitchat is around the tea between these two couples. one family leaving the house and one coming into the people's house. >> and there's the young people, those two girls grew up in that house. that has been their home. that's another part of america's going to look at that and say we have a little boy coming in, 10-year-old barron. there will be another child running through there but the country is going to miss seeing the girls they have watched grown up since they were 7 and 10 years old. >> we have the moving company olympics today. the single greatest move in the history of the universe. 5 hours from when they leave in
3:25 am
that car together to when donald trump heads back into the white house before or during the inaugural parade. five hours to get the obama's stuff out and get the trump stuff in, eugene. it is a metaphor for what's happening today. it's one of the shortest moves. the obama will be in washington d.c. for awhile. while one has grown up one is still in high school and they want to stay around so she can complete that. >> president elect donald trump making history today in many ways but before he takes the oath of office he will attend church. using a latino evangelical pastor to pray for him at the inauguration. the same pastor spoke out against trump. why the change of heart. >> i'm the first latino evangelical ever invited and i
3:26 am
was invited by president elect trump. go figure. >> a historic yet astonishing position for pastor sam rodriguez. one of the nation's leading advocates for immigrants that condemned donald trump's rhetoric that threatened and resulted the paritioners in his pews. the pastor lead an emergency call between hispanic religious leaders and trump transition team. >> will you deport 12 million. the answer is no. who are you going to deport? the rapist? murders? gang bangers? >> should the children pay for the sins of their parents and they responded we're not going to harm those kids and they
3:27 am
issued that statement to the media and i went wait, what's going on. >> that statement to time magazine appeared to show trump softening on the 700,000 children brought illegally to the u.s. by their parents, the so-called dreamers. trump said they got brought here at a very young age we're going to work something out that's going to make people happy and proud. >> something is happening. i'm not here to justify what donald trump, the president elect stated during the course of a campaign. i'm not here to justify that. i do know that there has been a change in tone. >> what if this man, similarly begins the deportation forces, what are you going to tell that child that you went to washington and prayed for this man on his inauguration day and he deported their mother and father. >> it's not going to happen. >> how can you say that? >> first of all, here's the reality. really, politically speaking this is a community that can be engaged by the republican party.
3:28 am
it would be political suicide for them in anyway, form, or shape to deport 12 million people. >> he didn't support either candidate. >> the democratic party needs to have a strong faith outreach in order to engage the latino community and republicans, don't blow it. you have this chance and this chance alone. >> if you are wrong, pastor, will you bear responsibility for the extra people that may have voted for trump. >> no, who will be at fault is the republicans and democrats that sacrificed on the alter of political expediency. >> he will pray for president trump in a leap of faith for this man of faith. >> all right. the power of prayer always a helpful thing even on
3:29 am
inauguration day. >> we are here to tell you it works. security checkpoints are working to get people out and in in an orderly fashion. >> better to heir on the side of caution always. our thanks keeping you up to speed before we got here but now we're here and getting ready for a very, very big day. >> it's very exciting here already on the streets of washington d.c. millions of americans will be watching of course the pomp and circumstance of this day. members of congress are prepared to hit the ground running with mr. trump at the helm. here to discuss this historic day and what will be on the early agenda is the california congressman that's a member of the foreign affairs and judiciary committees. great to see you this morning. >> it's good to be here. of course i was there before i got here and it has been rather interesting going through various barriers and seeing the
3:30 am
combination of local police, obviously the secret service, federal people of all sorts. you know there's probably 12 different police organizations on the ground. >> is this different than other inaugurations? >> it's similar one good news sits a lot warmer. it's easier to take it when you're not freezing. >> how are you feeling? >> good. i have one concern which is that the vast majority of the cabinet has not been confirmed and that's very, very concerning. >> why is that? why haven't they --why was this process more stalled or delayed? >> well that's a good one because one side would say there wasn't enough information soon enough although that doesn't account for members of congress filing these things all the time but clearly there's been sort of a we're going to make sure it's absolutely right because we can't stop it and i'm disappointed in senator schumer
3:31 am
for not making an effort to get the gang of 6 or 8 through as was done. >> let's take a beat on this and we'll get into the other feelings of the day. president obama got a group through but if they vote today and vote tomorrow and get something done by monday they're not off in terms of that stall and you do have a different dynamic this time. you have ethical considerations and different complexion for who has been put up for cabinet positions. even members of your own party suggested there's real ethics questions here and those take time. >> ethics questions are always called by one side more than the other and there are concerns and that explains some of the individuals. some of them like congressman price there's no question that his trades were legal. you can have a discussion about it but the fact is he did nothing wrong. >> legal and wrong are very
3:32 am
different. one is about ethics and one is about legal responsibility. >> the house rules and rules for a member of the cabinet can be different but he complied with all the house rules. that's just an example. now it doesn't happen to be the critical one. that's a portion of national security and to that extent assuming. >> well, schumer said they want to get votes on those two. >> it's also equally important and getting through by the skin of his teeth and there were no questions on him but that's where i am concerned is we need both the line of succession and, you know, candided -- because if the president and the vice president for some reason for the first time in history something happens, we start looking at those issues. having said that we got enough and we'll deal with the rest of it over the next couple of weeks. this is 50% a normal cabinet and this is 50% i would say very, very interesting picks including
3:33 am
billionaires that you don't see willing to give up their private lives almost never. as a matter of fact i can't name one. this is a first to have multiple extremely rich people. >> helicopter overhead by the way just so people understand. you'll hear some unusual sounds today when you're watching television. it's a very intense secure environment and that should always come first. >> sure. >> let's talk about this day. already as chris and i were trying to get here to you this morning hundreds and hundreds of people, americans, already waiting in line at these gates because they want to be a part of it. what does this day mean to you? >> the ones that are here want to be more of a part of it. they want to get the best seat or the best standing but people are here before 6:00 in the morning lining up. they got tickets and they want to be cued at the front because there's a lot of excitement. now this is my fifth inaugural and i will say that this is very much like president obama's first one. those who wanted to be here
3:34 am
badly are here. they're excited. i have seen trump hats and pins that don't exist anywhere except where ever they had them made. a lot of excited people and this is also going to have protests. we have no doubt about it and that's part of america. >> how do you deal with this? we're dealing with it in the media and you on the political side and that is that you have the respect of the process. this is a fundamental tradition or transfer of power that is peaceful and done efficiently and then you have feelings about the legitimacy of at the election and feelings about the outcome of the election and those two are getting confused in the minds of many. do you distinguish the two and how so? >> i do because the joe bidens of the world who, he is no more happy about this than anybody else in the democratic party but joe when he said it at the -- in the house, the final vote for
3:35 am
the electoral college said it's over and i think as an adult in the room he reflects something where you can be quitely unhappy but it's now time to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power. i think that's the adult part of it. i'm disappointed in a number of people that are vocalizing things that i think go beyond what is fair to do and it destroys some of the confidence that we all have in the process. >> i was r struck yesterday watching the concert at the lincoln memorial. the majesty, the fireworks, the majestic moment. looking up at lincoln. it's hard not to feel patriotic when here in washington d.c. and watching the peaceful transfer of power. what do you think today is going to be like? >> it's going to be whatever donald trump makes it and that's the important point. we all have to see, does he set a tone that says i'm not a conventional republican. i'm certainly a former democrat.
3:36 am
am i going to make a speech that talks about bringing america together? . there's no american that disputes that we can do better. there's no american that fails to want america to do better and that was true of president obama so can he make that transformative speech? i don't have an opinion. i look forward to listening to it because that's what i want. >> what is your suggestion to the president, the incoming president, for whether or not to stay with what got him here which is an openly and unqualified aggressive disposition toward any descent or do you think it's time to let the office, the office of being president overwhelm some of his own natural inclinations and create a different sense of decorum. >> that's a great question. it doesn't matter what i want. this is a man who is going to talk in 140 characters to people. the same as you and i might do
3:37 am
back there in the make up room. that's not going to change. do i want him to give up what he has been doing since he wrote the art of the deal that he never, never, never let something lie? yeah. i would like once in awhile for him to let others respond on his behalf. but i think when it's really important to america, he is going to respond directly and i think that's just going to be the way it is. one of the challenges is, he is communicating with the american people in 140 characters. we have to figure out how to legislate with that same clarity. i was with the vice president and the secretary of state in davos switzerland at the world economic forum and they had two questions for me. why did donald trump say it was obsolete and how do we get to where nato pays their fair share. >> how did you answer those? >> well, i said, obsolete is what you do in 140 characters.
3:38 am
still relevant but needing an overhaul to deal with isis and the other global threats and the resurgence of russia just takes more characters. does donald trump mean obsolete means thrown away or does he mean it's time to overhaul nato to make it relevant. i take the latter. i think donald trump believes the latter and between nato that's now willing to pay more into their own defense and have a discussion about what nato's role should be in ukraine but also in north africa. >> the most powerful voice in the world needs to be as little a function of guess work as possible. always good to have you on the show. >> remember walk softly and carrie a big stick. the last guy that came into town like this. >> thank you congressman. thank you so much. >> inaugurations are a consecration in a way and it is sacred to us in our democracy. it will be interesting to see
3:39 am
what the weight of the office, when he actually holds it, what that will do to donald trump. there's no question that there are a lot of people anxious to see it. nobody knows it better than we do. we have brian todd outside the national mall near the parade route. how is it right now? >> well, chris and allison i don't need to tell you with your experience this morning people are having trouble getting in here. this checkpoint hasn't opened yet. it was supposed to open more than a half hour ago. the weather isn't too bad and there's a lot of energy and enthusiasm. this is what we love about covering an event like this. people coming in on the streets. we saw it at the rallies and the primaries and it's translating here today. this is historic and people are excited to be here. here's a family that came all the way from charlotte, north carolina. this is reagan brock. she is 3 years old. what's your name? >> corey.
3:40 am
>> he's 8. what's your name. >> richard. >> he's 14. >> and spencer. this is your first inauguration. everybody's first inauguration. >> it is. >> what drew you here? >> we have been excited for the republican party and changes in america to happen for all classes and so we have been following the campaign trail and we're just wanted to also be a part of history. >> how excited are you? your whole family here and kids here. you want to take in the spectacle of the inauguration. what have you been looking forward to? >> being part of history and having them experience it with us. i know she is only 3 but and i debate first degree she should come or not and i thought why am i debating this of course she should be here to experience something so amazing. >> good luck. she get misvote for the cutest inaugural attendee. she is darling. >> look at the crowd here. 300 people. they have been here. some of them since 3:00 in the morning. very enthusiastic to be here as are we and i'll throw it back to
3:41 am
you. chris and allison. >> brian todd a witness to history. you got a great seat there and we'll be joining you on the parade route later on. >> i wish we had big onsies like that. >> matching hats. those were american hats. donald john trump will be sworn in as the 45th president. mike pence will be the 48th vice president. those numbers are accurate. you can google it and find out why there is a discrepancy. find out what we can expect from his first few days in office. there's answers and the panel will weigh in. >> but first here's a look back at former president george h.w. bush's inaugural speech. >> i do not fear what is ahead for our problems are large but our heart is larger. our challenges are great but our will is greater.
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only hours away. president elect donald trump john will meet with president obama at the white house before the inauguration. the two men are going to ride together from the white house to the u.s. capitol.
3:46 am
wasn't always that way but is that way today. what will they discuss in this historic moment? who knows. let's discuss you knew what it was like. give us a sense of where the trump people are when they come to the meeting and then we'll talk about how you feel president obama will leave this day. >> i think people don't fully understand what it's like when we have a transition of power for the white house staff. they will see their boss give a speech accept the oath of office and they'll hop on a bus and go to the white house and walk in and be empty and be in charge of it. you know and international
3:47 am
incident. >> phrasing it that way and helping everybody understand the weight of the world literally. that is staggering. what happens this morning when the new president comes to the white house and the old president welcomes him and the first ladies what is that exchange? what do they talk about. >> the white house will be basically empty. almost all of the staff other than a tiny skeleton. they had their last day yesterday. it's mostly a social calling. if mr. trump wants any advice the president would offer that but give him the support george
3:48 am
h.w. bush gave president obama. >> where do you think the outgoing president's head is? it seems to be a feel of isolation. comes out and we're doing everything we can and then writes a letter. >> i had a chance to go to the white house for the last day and see former colleagues what he is saying privately he said publicly in chicago last week. he has little concerns about real threats to our democracy. donald trump is a symptom of the threats. not the exact threat, not the threat in and of itself but it's important that the white house work and government work. there's going to be battles on immigration and the affordable care act but when a disaster
3:49 am
happens and something happens in the world you need that building to work and government can't work if the white house doesn't work. he has taken that role with president elect trump. he has instructed his staff to take that role with their staff to try to give them the best start they can. >> it's hard to know i think where president obama's head is because privately he says things to you and he seems to be issuing an admonition and then pucklily he says it's going to be okay. he also says they have had very constructive conversations. it would be great to know what those are. >> i'm not going to talk about the president and president elect trump has. he's not talked about those publicly. they have been more productive and constructive that you would guess given the history of the two men you want america to succeed and president elect
3:50 am
trump to have the opportunities to lead the country but they went out of their way to do a transition in the most class sy way possible and he believes he owes that to president trump. >> what do you make of what's going on with the confirmation process right now? the republicans will say we gave you guys, the obama people, 7, 8 of their main ones within a day or two of taking office. your trying to delay ours. it's not fair. >> we had our paperwork in order. it's been bumpy at best. mitch mcconnell laid down a set of specific things he wanted. we adhered to that. the trump team has not done that and it's even more important in the sense that he has appointed
3:51 am
people very successful in business. they have a large number of potential conflicts of interest and that paperwork has not been done. >> look there's always politics in this town. >> a little bittersweet for you today. >> absolutely. >> thank you for the insight. appreciate it. >> when donald trump takes the oath of office he will do so without most of his cabinet in place. the senate is expected to vote today on the confirmation of defense and homeland security secretaries. >> great to see both of you. he won't have much of his cabinet in place. is that cause for concern? >> i don't think so. one of the things that works in his favor is the democrats cannot filibuster his nominees. they don't have 60 votes. >> remind people why.
3:52 am
>> a couple of years ago, 2014, then senate majority leader harry reid decided they were tired of what they deemed was unfair republican obstruction so they used what we called in town the nuclear option they used fewer votes to change the rules than what the rules said. and they changed the rules so it only takes 51 votes to confirm an executive branch nominee except for the supreme court. >> thinking the tables would never turn back. >> by the way, republicans were not any thinking no big deal they were angry about it and for the institutionalists they were very concerned. >> mcconnell did give them a you will rue the day. >> they are because had they not done that all of these nominees
3:53 am
they think are so dangering to the future of the country they would have had the votes to block them and hold them up and the republicans can't do a thing and most of them will sail through even though most of them have a couple of issues. >> sail is optimistic. democrats are going to try to delay this and that's the only thing they can do. they can make it harder and b p bumpier particularly with rex tillerson for example. you saw it with the nominee to be the cia head. senator has a problem with him so now they're kicking him to next week so it's prolonging it
3:54 am
and making it more difficult. inauguration comes from the word to kons rate. there is a sacredness to this. it's us coming together under a common law. could it change the dynamic once it becomes real and donald trump is the president of the united stat states. >> it is a very important day. people will see president obama just behind us with president trump as he is inaugurated and to get the families together and leaders together helps diffuse a lot of tensions. however it's back to business rather immediately. there are some unresolved issues both emotional and substantive from the campaign that are not going to go away. one area where trump becoming
3:55 am
the actual president today could make a difference is with his national security team. you want a president to be able to keep the country safe and have his national security team in place and that could move quicker. >> we will rely on you all day long. thank you very much. the stage is set on those steps of the capitol where donald trump will make history today. we're live with all the pageantry of the inauguration, next. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing, even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything!
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>> it may rain it may not rain. it doesn't matter. this is a celebration of victory. >> we are just hours away from history. >> we cannot get to 270. they were right. we got to 306. >> president donald trump is going to hit the ground running. >> we are going to make america greater than ever before. >> today a new era begins. >> this journey began 18 months ago. you had much more to do with it
4:00 am
than i did. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world, this is new day and what a day it is. friday, january 20th, it's already 7:00 in washington. >> it was 5:00 when we were supposed to be here and we were at a security checkpoint for an hour and a half. >> it's inauguration day in america and we are just hours away from donald trump being sworn in as the 45th president of the united states capping off an unprecedented campaign. >> the eyes of the world will be on the united states today and for good reason. this is the symbol of the freedom and free exercise of democracy the world over. we'll have our 45th president, we'll have our 48th vice presidenter


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