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tv   Inaugural Parade  CNN  January 20, 2017 11:00am-4:01pm PST

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all right. welcome back, to cnn's coverage of the 58th inauguration, we now have our 48th president donald j. trump and vice precedent mike pence. right now there are some pockets of protests. we have some pictures of what's
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going on a few blocks away from the parade route. if we can go to those pictures we will show you riot police are involved, many agencies involved state, local with military adjunct as well. you are hearing the sounds, also the deterrent devices by police. these are live pictures, we're not sure what it is. allison, some pockets of protests. >> reporter: yes, we have pockets of protests, we have rene marsh on the scene. rene, can you hear us? >> reporter: yes, i can tell you it is very, very kchaotic, we have people throwing rocks at police and pepper spray to try to get people to stop throwing
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rocks, riot police are essentially trying to get this in order. this started out as -- >> this is happening at the corner of 12th and kay street. rene is coming in and out. let's try to keep her going. rene, let's hear from you again. >> reporter: if you can hear me. all right guys, iep 'm at the corner of 12 and kay because people are running in mull tipl directions. >> we don't know the full details but riot police are equipped with what's called flash bangs, to deal with people who riot. rene reported there's some throwing of rocks and dispensing of pepper spray. we have brian todd nearby, brian
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can you hear us? let's see if you can hear us. >> reporter: i can. this is a very large crowd marching toward mcfiercen square. aside from what rene said there were severe damage to windows, buildings, the window of a starbucks was broken numerous arrests, right now we are about a block and a half away from the white house entering mccphersen square. we have had some arrests, police injuries, at least two police officers were injured. and numerous arrests have been made. chris. >> okay. brian, thank you for all of that. we're watching it in a split screen right now.
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now look, it's a very emotional day in dc, we have seen it since you and i have arrived. people are very excited about this idea of the new president and other people are angry, and when they clash, you can see this happens, rene marsh is in the middle of it. rene tell us what you are seeing. >> reporter: it's very unsettling in the sense that people are moving in multiple directions. we had a situation of people throwing bottles and rocks at police officers. it came to a point where they were "face to face" where they were at the intersection of kay and 12th street and police moved in and stay started to use pepper spray, despite that people continue to throw literally large chunks of rocks at police officers and of course that set off what was already a large crowd of people
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frantically running in multiple directions. where i'm standing right now, what i'm seeing is the same images that you're seeing which is riot police in the center of this intersection and individuals despite them using pepper spray, they continue to throw bottles at the officers. i bumped into a man that had a bloody nose. he said he tried to stop an individual from throwing objects at police and that's when an individual punched him in the face, so clearly emotions are extremely high at this point and we are seeing -- rene, monitor the situation for us. there are a lot of different pockets of activities. this is a nook and cranny city, d.c. so it's hard for them to create a perimeter and they have
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a fall line, this is an area they don't want the protesters to go beyond. we saw some were using paper, distribution cans, what you are seeing is the hold line, this is where they want the protesters to stay. there's no direct engagement, in between the two there's a line of media, that's a precarious place to be, we'll stay on monitoring this situation, but as long as it stays like this we won't dwell on it too long until there's something to report. >> we don't want this to eclipse all of the equipment for all of the people who came here for mr. trump's inauguration. people came here to exercise their first amendment rights but when it turns violent that's a different story. >> right. >> so, can you put this into perspective to us in terms of
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inaugurations past? >> well, there's always going to be protests an we're going to see big protests from people opposing president trump. there seems to be a lot more cops than media and protesters so far. certainly what i've seen are not a lot of excited people here, people who are excited. again you look at images of tear gas that can belie that, but where we are along the parade route there's a group of people that are extremely excited to see the president. >> if it were tear gas i can promise you people would be dispersing, so we just lost our live picture. we'll get back to it when we can, the reason we're showing you is because the main event hasn't started yet. it's a mall and a half expanse andrts about an hour from
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now and around the city there are pockets of protests. the police are holding their line, but overwhelmingly you have people here celebrating our new president. >> everywhere we've gone, we've been in coffee shops, on the street, traversing the city and people tell us how excited they are coming from all over the country and this is again horribly unfortunate. it is turning violent obviously people are here they said to exercise their first amendment rights so this is unfortunate -- yes, david? >> as you have you know covered protests around the globe at big globalsati globalization events, you have crowds of people that are there to really make trouble. i don't know they would have a
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coherent agenda about the president of the united states. >> it is kind of juxtaposed along side a lot of excitement here this morning. >> right. and so where we are there's people lining the streets, very peacefully. >> these are anti-war protesters, no allegiance to -- >> just to introduce you to what you're seeing if you're just turning on your screen right now we're looking at one of the pockets of protests as we are waiting the commencement of the official inaugural parade, you are seeing smoke deterrents being thrown by the police, we have protesters chanting behind us as they walk along the inaugural parade route.
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there are some people, how many? we're not sure, there have been use from reporters on the scene pepper spray, as a deterrent to use the crowd back, thus far what you are seen has been the extent of some 90 arrests that have taken place. >> rene marsh is on the ground and can give us a better perspective, rene. >> reporter: yes, despite them deploying the pepper spray, a few moments ago and all of the riots here they continue to throw large chunks of rocks and so this standoff is continuing where you have individuals who are essentially attacking police here. they are throwing large pieces of concrete at -- and it's causing just a frantic situation
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here in which people are running and knocking people over and there's a lot of disorder here. they clearly do not have this situation under control at the intersection of k and 12th street. >> rene, do you have any idea of numbers between them and the police? can you give us some numbers? >> reporter: it's really hard to tell from where i am. i can tell you that there's a lot of press here, but there's a lot of protesters as well. i think it's only a handful of people who are throwing the rocks that's causing all this commotion here, but obviously it's hard to pinpoint in this large crowd who are the culprits throwing these large chunks of concrete. right now i can tell you things are at a standstill in the sense that i do not see any rocks flowing through the air.
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riot police are standing with their shields on, telling us to move back a little bits but still nothing settled. it's unsettled in the sense that people are just on edge. >> the police have been prepared for this. they knew there would be protests and have been preparing for this inauguration for months, so they are obviously using their training here. brian todd is also now on the scene. brian, what can you tell us from your advange point? >> reporter: well, gu, the police are rushing this group of protesters here. a flash bang just went off. bricks and rocks being thrown at the police. they have rushed down 12th street trying to knock some of these protesters down that way, they fired flash round bangs and moving forward these protesters, many of whom have been throwing rocks and bricks. we just saw one gentleman down
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on the ground injured. he said he got sucker punched. he was dazed and helped down the street. you might have seen it as we were coming on there was a flash round bang being fired and these riot police have just driven a wedge in the protesters some of them down k street this way, and there's a very tense standoff between the protesters here, protesters on the other side and the police. there's some black clad protesters over here wearing black masks that seem to be more engaged with the police from what we have seen, so guys i can kind of narrate as we go, come on over here john, if you can with me if you can photo journalist john and i are going to move, protesters are starting
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to move closer as well. if you guys can still hear me -- >> we can, brian. >> okay, so the police are now kind of strengthening their line over here kind of shoring up their line here and we just saw a bunch of police run down 12th street that way, john, why don't you come with me over here, because we want to see where the police and protesters moved to the south but we have to be ready to move ourselves if there's going to be another confrontation here. we had numerous arrests earlier today. we had a couple of police officers injured -- sorry, guys, back to you then. >> all right. brian, stay safe especll with that pepper spray in the air. he heard rene coughcoughing.
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that voice of god that you hear, it's the warning information and a what to do if there's any problems, they're getting ready for the overall inaugural parade. military escort that are lining the avenue here as we get ready for the parade in about 45 minutes. >> but we also say it couldn't be a more stark contrast here where it's very peaceful where it's hundreds of thousands of people it seems that have come o out, lined the streets, everyone is very calm, orderly, so on k and 12, that's a pocket and so by what we have seen is by far peaceful and excited. >> and you can see the depth of all the people. all the way down the avenue, still some 45 minutes away.
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jim sciutto, you're out on the parade route what do you know. >> reporter: some of them here and just over here on 12 and k, you can see just a couple of blocks from the white house and all along the middle is that parade route from the capitol to the white house and that's in addition to keeping everything safe, running on time, u.s. police, secret service wanted to keep this flowing as west they can, speaking with them earlier in the day they had not had much trouble. now something ver different. i want to add one more detail. in red and yellow, these are the retri restricted areas, no vehicles. part of the intention of all that is to keep things flowing and people have been allowed to come in and a lot of protesters have known was trying to go
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after the security checkpoints and now focussing on the route of the parade. >> thank you. we want to bring in jonathan lock rro lockrou, a former secret service, can you hear us? >> yes, i can. >> you know everything that's going on. obviously police prepare for protests but they never can know exactly wa they'll confront. what do you see unfolding here? >> absolutely. just take a step back, the secret service has been coordinating with law enforcement partners an awful long time for this very moment. whenever you see civil disobedient issues right now these are rapid ininvolvivolvin events, but it is very systematic, to jim's point, it
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seems like they're at the boarder of some of these critical areas, law enforcement is going to want to systemically push them away a disperse these protesters out. >> when it comes to t security techniques that we're seeing in play, the loud sounds, we call them flash bangs, give us a sense of what are the different tool that is the riot police will use and at what different points? >> listen, first of all, the very first thing they're going to do is give the verbal commands for the crowd to disperse, let them know that the laufr law enforcement presence is here, that they're violating certain ordinances and once they become combative like now and violence ensues, the police has to start holding the lines and need to start moving on the offense to disperse the crowds
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out. your question was the use around flash bangs, it's a diversion n aary tactic used by the police, these protesters have one leg up on the police because they basically came into the situation organized. police come in and have to build a defense. as you see right now they want to disperse that crowd out and push them out, we're hearing flash bangs and this is a standard tactic, around this is something planned for for this inauguration for years. >> all right. so, let's hold it right there. we'll keep monitoring the security situation in and around the inaugural parade. we're still and 40 minutes away from the official start of the parade. when we come back, we'll give you more detail of the next historic phase of the inauguration of donald trump.
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stay with us.
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all right.
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here we are at the 58th inaugural. showing you live picture of this developing situation between protesters and riot police a couple blocks from the o initial inaugural route. we have brian todd on the ground nearby, what's the situation now, brian? >> reporter: chris, the police have just moved in on the protesters again s, pushed them half a block away, they are now 12th and k street west, they are trying to move metal newspaper dispensers to try to evade police, police are responding with tear gas and flash round bangs, police just rushes this group of protesters a few minutes ago, and people were running in many, many different directions. over here it looks like somebody
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is trying to light a trash can on fire and there are smashed windows of a limousine and police may move in if a fire starts here. we are monitoring this. this intersection is particularly tense. >> brian, it's so unfortunate the police are having to deal with this. i know you were also saying that police were injured. >> reporter: yes, there were a couple of police injured from what we were told earlier, we have also been told there were at least 95 arrests here, so the violence in d.c. has gotten worse since the inauguration. let me show you what's going on, people are gathering now more on mass. the police seem to have set up a human barrier on the other side of the intersection and they want these people to move back. now people are really running back toward where we are.
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>> those flash bangs can be very effective, they are what they sound like in their descriptions. loud sounds, a cloud of smoke, we also heard there's been use of pepper spray, it can disperse a crowd and be effective, the police moving the protesters back. let's try to get rene marsh. she has been on the op siposite side of this. rene, what are you seeing. >> reporter: i'm standing right behind -- the police are holding the line. they have gotten the control of the side i'm on. we see that the national guard has come in as well to get this situation under control. so the folks on my side were all lined up and we have again, police in riot gear with their
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shields who have been told to hold the line, we have not received any instructions from them yet, but as i look right across the street i can see the flash bangs, i can see the national guard, i can see as they were trying to push those protesters back and trying to get them to disperse. it looks like the protesters are extremely stubborn, it looks like they're moving but very slowly, as i look around the corner, i can see -- let me explain this to you, it's like four different roads that feed into this intersection and you have officers in riot gear positioned on all four roadways and essentially they are having people hold the line, so as i look around the corner i see the same situation where people are lined up and you're still --
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you're face to face with police in riot gear, they are trying to maintain order, i can tell you it was chaotic just seconds ago. >> yeah. we were just talking to jonathan wacro former secret service who just gave us context on how syemat t highly trained officers we're watching are. they knew this was a possibility. they have been training for months if not years as he said and they march in a line and systemically push the protesters back in a confined space where they can control them better an we have seen some of that in action and seen them moved as brian todd reported to us. >> the riots are not unusual and not unplanned for, they are going to try to take larger groups of protesters and disperse them down the different
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streets an that will carry on and we'll monitor the extent of it and even hear there are voices of protests behind us shouting at the media. it's not unseen at inaugurations past. >> yeah, i think it's important to keep some perspective. we have part of the city roughly ten blocks or so from the white house, but we have been walking downtown where the crowds have been under control closer to the capitol where others have gone a great job and it's been a really peaceful, enjoyable historic day, really the weekend is settli setting up to be a time of major protest. a women's protest, so along with celebration for a lot of americans there's a lot of d
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dissent. a lot of police, a lot of military. so it's kind of all in the mix. and even i have not discerned and i'm not seeing it here, you know, the sustained organized protests. you're going to see that that's planned. these seem a little bit more in coaid. >> just to give context to people just tuning in right now. yes, there are pockets of protests, but overwhelmingly the mood has been excitement, they have come from all over the country, they brought their parents, grandparents and there's been excitement from them for people who support mr. trump and are excited about the future and that's overwhelmingly what we have seen and of course there have been much more pockets of quieter protests.
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>> they are here not necessarily because they're big trump fans but because they support this democracy and transition of power. >> and it's history. >> they wanted to witness history and to david's point, you have to know the competition. who is there with an actual group with a real message of protests who are anarchists, who are just criminals who come to take advantage of the situation, so it's not as simple as watching the crowd and seeing these moving scenes. >> i've been to a lot of protests around the world where you see them show up and already wearing gas masks and may have black head scarves and stuff these are people who in it against the police, so it is what it is. so i'm struck by as allison was saying, i met a couple from
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scranton, pennsylvania, one is a doctor and one a nurse really liked the inaugural address from the president. and the weather is holding off so far, looks like about ten deep from the parade route and a great view from belinhind the capitol. >> from the capitol to the white house, it is majestic, people are now cheering along the parade route. it's a real front row seat in history and everybody here feels it that we have spoken to. >> we're showing you one of the many choppers over head in the sky. anderson cooper is with us, what are you seeing from where you are from, my friend? >> yeah, we are from the rooftop location from the capitol, i'm here with charles ramsey the
11:33 am
former chief of police from washington d.c., we continue to watch what you have been reporting on, chief ramsey, what to you see when you look at this, how organized do you think this small protest is? how much trouble is it for the police officers and the job the police officers are doing? >> it's relatively small, but nothing the police can't handle. i just got off the phone with the interim police of the metropolitan police department. the line that you see there is actually protecting the group -- >> sorry, we actually have chief nuchin, the interim police chief is with us. thanks for being with us, explain what's going on around 12th and k, now 13th and k. >> today we had a little over 90 protesters that came out intent on destroying property. they broke a number of business
11:34 am
windows, destroyedome cars, so tactically we were able to get them into custody, the line that you see formed right there is trying to protect those officers so they're safe while they're processing arrests. as you can imagine while you're processing arrests, those officers are trying to keep them safe while they do their jobs. >> so there are officers behind them while they're processing others arrested for damaging property you're saying? >> yes. it takes a little bit of time to get people's property and get them identified and get them transported for arrests and that's the process that's being under gogone right now. the thing that's important to point out in the grand scheme of things this is a small disturbance that we have in a small part of the city. we have had thousands of people
11:35 am
come here today and peacefully protest, but we anticipated there would be a smaller group intent on breaking the law and we're prepared for that. and for the ones throwing rocks at the officers you can rest assured that investigatively we will find them and arrest them as well. >> we have been pointing out all along that this is a very isolated incident and by and large everything is going peacefully and a lot of folks have come to the city to enjoy this historic day, not only the capitol but walking all around the city. >> chief, do you have a sense of how many protesters there are, i'm not sure protesters is the right word but throwing things at police. how many are in the group -- >> that's a small group. we have images from much better views. we have cameras all over the
11:36 am
city and i'm at the joint command center and literally we have thousands of others who are peacefully demonstrating in our city. so that's a very isolated instance. we expected this kind of thing fr this particula group. and you know, they're going to be held accountableecause you know what we say in washington d.c. is we agree to disagree, but we don't agree to you coming to our city an destroying our property or hurting folks. >> yeah, chief, i know you're business, i appreciate your time today and we're here with charles ramsey the former chief of police in d.c., it doesn't in any way, for those who want to see the parade in may way limb their ability to go see the parade. >> no, this is outside the perimeter, so these people lined up on pennsylvania avenue probably aren't even aware this
11:37 am
is going on, so this is an isolated incident. the majority of people here to voice their displeasure are doing so peacefully. the majority of people in d.c. are here to celebrate and we're trying to keep that balance. >> and the situation where you have folks who have lit some newspaper ky os koskyosks on fi that something that police would move in or try to stop it. >> well you don't let it happen but try to make a determination is it really worth moving in resulting in more arrests and just let that go because it's not really damaging anything else. we do what's called sterilize the area and get rid of anything flammable. >> it looks like someone has broken into an suv.
11:38 am
that's obviously another destruction of property right there. we appreciate it. we're going to take a break and go back to the pomp of the s ceremony. we have much more after a quick break.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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all right. we're about 20 minutes away from the inaugural parade here at the 58th inauguration of the president of the united states. up and down pennsylvania avenue. tens of thousands of people are waiting to see the new president of the united states, donald john trump. he's taken the oath, given the speech and now promising this day is all and the transfer of power to american people. we're back with the coverage. glad to have you with us. >> chris and i are here on the parade route. once the president wraps up lunch his motorcade wl travel
11:43 am
about a mile and a half to the white house. it will be followed by an array of military and school bands so we are standing by for the start of the parade. we have corresponds all across from the parade route from capitol hill, they'll cover the bands, the floats as he heads toward the white house. we have our roving reporter brooke baldwin, who we understand is on the back of a flat bbed truck. she will be in motion. tell us where you are right now, brooke. >> reporter: i've got my feet locked down, ready to roll. this is entirely cool. let me explain what we are doing, we are sharing this truck with our friends at abc news, we are just beyond the capitol outside of russell, in a moment we will start heading down the parade route heading to the
11:44 am
capitol white house. we will be in front of the president's motor case and it's called the dance, these four flat bbed trucks will be sort o switching positions to get in front of the motorcade so at any point in time if he desicide to jump out maybe in front of the hotel, we will be able to follow them along the parade route and we have correspondents throughout the parade route, they will be able to see you, we will see them and allison and chris, we're ready to roll. >> literally you're ready to road. at the other end of the parade route we have don lemon out there mixing and mingling. >> reporter: it's great, it's a very cordial crowd.
11:45 am
we're here an pennsylvania avenue just a block or two from the white house. this is the favorite part for me to talk about, it's usually where the president and the first lady gets out of the car and walk this route on pennlvania avenue, not sure they're going to do it this time, we hope they will, some walk a little bit longer than the others, an we're out here with the crowds and very excited that the rain went away and that we don't get the protesters on this side of the barricade. >> that is such a blessing, don. the rain has held off. there were some forecasts that it was going to be a really soggy day, it's cloudy, but that's okay and much warmer than inaugurations past so everybody is very grateful for that including john berman who he find on constitution avenue
11:46 am
somewhere. >> i see the army field band getting ready to fall in line behind president trump when he drives down pennsylvania avenue on his way to the white house. the only way anyone knows there's a protest here is by watching it on tv. we can't see it, can't hear it and i don't think president trump will see it or hear it as he drives down this route because not only are they separated by geography but by biologically, because these streets are lined by his people. people were trying to watch on their phones which was tough and missed most of it, one thing they did see was executive 1 that flew over hehead they chee,
11:47 am
these people not happy with the old and very happy with the knew and extremely excited to see president trump drive by. >> cheer versus jeer there. there are some organized events, what we were showing you earlier, those were riots. let's listenin. >> sitting right back over there by father sara was a young congressman who served one term who i believe was our finest president, abraham lincoln. [ applause ] >> i will give tours and when i give tours they stand on the tile and i tell them to look back at the clock and recite the
11:48 am
time and tell them to tell me the time and they ask me why and i said because that's the exact view that abraham lincoln had. the challenges were the greatest to our constitution ever in the history. our challenges today are different but we still have big challenges so today we have a gift for you, mr. president, today the flag flown over the u.s. capitol but mr. lincoln had very inspiring words, the times were different but in his annual message to congress, i thought these words menant the most, th dogmas of a quiet past are adequate to a stormy present. we must rise with the occasion, as our case is new we must act
11:49 am
anew -- mr. president, i wish you the best of luck. [ applause ] mr. president and madam first lady, congratulations on the inauguration, the american people pray for your family and the success for your inauguration. following up that mr. blunt started us on and mr. schumer continued and i follow our house republican leader mr. mccarthy, yes, in this room this was the original chamber, lincoln sat there and here we are gathered today in that old house chamber where lincoln served beneath the same clock that lincoln heard ticking but under the gaze of cleo, the muse of cleo, for two
11:50 am
centuries reminded that we are part of history that our words an actions will face the judgment of history and we are part of if long and honorable heritage of democracy, that is cleo's advice, we are determined to make a difference in lives of hard-working americans. i have the privilege of presenting the flag to the vice president of the united states. one of the house's own, right mr. speaker? [ applause ] >> we know that vice president pence is strengthened by his faith and family and by the experience he built here this these halls. he knows the territory. he knows the territory.
11:51 am
it is my honor to present one of the flags that flu aboew above capitol. we pray for you and all of your family, god bless you mr. vice president and remember that this flag we pledge for liberty an justice for all is our calling now it's my honor to present you with this flag. [ applause ] well, those of us who served in the house or still serve in the house think the senate is never quite as quick as the house but maybe when it comes to photographs we are, and my good friend chuck schumer is going to come an make that presentation.
11:52 am
thank you, roy, and first let's have a hand for roy. he did a great job, he and his staff, on this inauguration. [ applause ] earlier this year iris and i were truly blessed we watched our oldest daughter jessica marry the boy of her dreams, there's nothing official until there's a photo of it. so mr. president, now it's official. i present to you the photograph of your inauguration. [ applause ]
11:53 am
so, mr. president, vice president and mrs. trump and mrs. pence, you are going to have a lot more to look at over the years, this is a tradition that has started. now this is the eighth inauguration where the len nnox made this uniquely for you and this event. this year the company proposed an committee determined that the goal they had in mind was something that you would value for a long time. the one that the president has and the first lady has is a etching of the white house looking directly across at the jefferson memorial and the one that the pences will be presented with and have at their home would be the capitol looking down at the lincoln
11:54 am
memorial. the artist who was with us the other day talked about trying to capture lefans how this city came together. timothy carter was the designer, the glass master peter o roark made these and they also have a compass in the bottom of them, or an etched in compass, the president and vice president already knows it's not at the white house it's at the center of the capitol of the building and the city is laid out northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast, the other unique thing for the first lady and her
11:55 am
parents that would never have been such an important thing that the glass came from slovenia. [ applause ] >> the designer thought that the best glass in the world for this particular design which he began to work on last summer was glass from slovenia. maybe he kne something that none of us quite knew for sure at that time. i would like to now have the toast of the vice president and the president and the speaker and i both served with mike pence so it was a challenge for me to give up this moment, mike pence, the speaker of the house will bring that to host and the majority leader will come and toast to the president and mr. president if you have anything to say at the end of those remarks -- i would allegatiso l
11:56 am
say, thanks so much to the staff for all this effort that happened today. [ applause ] stacy mcbride the staff direct-of the rules committee and joint committee on the inauguration, maria low meyer who came to do this. the last event was the pope's visit, so that just got her ready for your visit. the captain of the police, sergeant of the house and senate, the cooperative effort of the d.c. police, our goal today was to be an event that when people came and left outside they felt like they had all the freedom they possibly could have and all the security they need. i hope they left that way and felt that way it was because of the great work of so many other
11:57 am
people. mr. speaker. [ applause ] thank you, roy. this is a great honor and privilege. to toast my dear friend and former colleague vice president mike pence. [ applause ] >> i just really saying that. that's -- i think about the times that we've walked back and forth just down this hall on the way to a vote but if memory serves more often than not we walked that way because we were hauled into the speaker's office being riled up. >> i know this job maykes you te center, but you my friend will always be a member of the people's house. [ applause ] we talk about our two bodies
11:58 am
quite a bit and if i had to use a sports analogy i say we play rugby, they play golf. just saying. [ laughter ] >> i'm reminded of something though that i think is pretty pro found that makes me think of mike pence. i'm reminded of the words of mike's favorite author, mark helprin. as long as you have life and breath, believe. as long as you have life and breath, belief. ladies and gentlemen, there was no one that i have served with who brings more belief to his work than mike pence. no one believes more deeply in our country and her people. no one believes more deeply in our capacity to do great things. he is a happy warrior. the president could not have chosen a better partner for this
11:59 am
work than mike pence. so, mr. president, mr. vice president, we raise our glasses to you to karen and to your beautiful family, may you have every blessing and success as the 48th vice president of the united states of america. well, the theme of today's inauguration is uniquely american. there are some words that come to mind when you hear that phrase. big. bold. energetic.
12:00 pm
enterprising. resi resilie resilient. always looking to the next horizon. sure sounds like our country, and it sure sounds like donald trump. [ applause ] our president has surmounted formidable challenges getting to this moment. he's been under estimated often, but he never let it stop him from succeeding. we're wishing him similar success as he turns to the charge of governing. we face many challenges, but we've been challenged before and emerge stronger. we live in changing times, yes, but some things endure. and we celebrate one of them today. this inauguration is a reminder
12:01 pm
of our common story as americans. and on this most uniquely american of occasions, i ask you to stand and join me in raising a glass. mr. president, may you find every success in the years ahead, may you unite our country behind a common vision and what makes our country so great. here, here. mr. president.
12:02 pm
thank you very much, mitch, paul, and our great vice president. i don't think anyone wants to hear me speak more today, right? so we'll keep it short. i see our generals are going to keep us so safe. they're going to have a lot of problems, the other side. they're going to look at a couple of them. if i was doing a movie i would pick you general. general mattis. even chuck likes general mattis and general kelly. and we had a very interesting talk. kiddingly he thinks we're doing great at the cabinet level but we're going to do just fine. we'll do just fine. i was honored when i heard that former
12:03 pm
president bill clinton and hillary clinton were coming today and i would like you to stand up. i would like you to stand up. [ applause ] and honestly there's nothing more i can say because i have a lot of respect for those two people, so thank you all for being here and we're going to have four great years hopefully of peace and prosperity, i will be working very, very hard, our cabinet is lined up and ready. i know chuck is eventually going to approve them. i really believe that. and we're all dealing together and all want the same thing, whether you're a republican or
12:04 pm
democrat, doesn't make any difference we're going to get along and it's an honor. and roy, you have done a spectacular job, and i want to thank you and your wife. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. [ applause ] two quick final things. two quick final things. you can remain standing if you want to. so quickly two things we need to do as we leave, one just to mention the gifts the mementos of this event. there are some note cards and a really great box put together by the government printing office but the note cards representing
12:05 pm
all three branches of government, were done by a st. louis artist ed fisher, and there's a little business in cape geaurardeau, missouri -- it would be appropriate to put on your desk or anywhere in your house. father conroy the chaplain of the united states house of representatives. let us pray. as we leave this place we give you thanks, oh lord for the meal we have shared and those who have worked hard to prepare and deliver it to us, may we always be grateful for the kindnesses we receive.
12:06 pm
t we thank you as well for the celebration of this day when our nation models for the world the grateful transition of peaceful power. we ask blessing on our new president, donald trump, give him an understanding heart to know between good and evil, may he work and grow in understanding as he proves ever attentive to the american people. we pray that he might become his best self. bless as well all in place to exercise power in our nation, save them from seeking those things as chewed by solomon. long life, riches for life and lives of enemy, and impel them to seek the gift of discernment so as to understand justice.
12:07 pm
lord, may the people of this nation stand with our president and all our leaders to face any challenge endure any difficulty without fear. learn how to accept every success and failure with grace and support our leaders with encouragement and prayer. now as we move forward this day and through all days, may all that is done be for your greater honor and glory, amen. ladies and gentlemen, please remain at your seats -- all right. we're hearing the benediction from father conroy, he asks to take those with failure with
12:08 pm
grace. let's bring in david gregory. we marked no mention of his opponent hillary clinton. yet here, an unusual discussion as well. >> perhaps there was some discussion of it. though you could have planned during the inauguration. i was struck by not mentioning her at the address. he and mrs. clinton, he said after clapping enthusastically that he has as a lot of respect for her. no doubt a respectful tone from our new president as he was wished well often times bio oppone -- by opponents, as he ends that piece of the inauguration and prepares for this festive part of the parade. one of the defining things
12:09 pm
for hillary clinton is being stoic, that has been required today and she has put on a p positive and brave face and i don't think she was expecting to be announced and being asked to stand and everyone stood up an applauded her. >> the definition of a brave face. and can you imagine how difficult this would have been and she's been here in support of her husband and successive presidents knowing that she was so close to being president herself to being the first female president in the country. and it was a rebuttal to even members of her own party. democrats who decided to boycott the inauguration. she was doing something really hard. she's the one who lost, who had to get through this sir moceremd did it for respect for power and
12:10 pm
that speaks volume. >> she's going to get into the fight, no doubt. but others who decided to stay away i think she oered a rebuttal. >> they say it was illegitimate. the victim in quotes, she showed up. >> i think that was interesting in trump's own way he took a little shot at chuck by saying i think chuck is going to confirm my guys i hope he does, he told us mattis, secretary of defense, yes, a vote. general kelly, ehe believes for homelands security, yes, he said mike pompeo, will get a vote, maybe not today. >> hillary clinton and bill clinton enter. >> i was watching the clintons walking right by us leaving the lunch. it looks like they may be
12:11 pm
talking to folks off camera. of course we tried to get them to stop and answer questions, but they would not do that. interestingly at this lunch they were sitting with members of the trump family, tiffany trump as well as his sister marianne barry, and steve mnuchin, along with the senator republican from texas and nancy pelosi, the house democratic leader. there was a brief interaction we are told between donald trump and hillary clinton saying hello, but they didn't really talk much more than that from what we understand. now at this lunch also chuck schumer and donald trump were engaged in pretty intensive discussions through the course of the lunch and afterwards when we heard there was mention of the nominees clearly there was
12:12 pm
discussion about whether to confirm members of the cabinet and is a big sticking point to deal with in a couple of hours. but we are expecting donald trump to step out here for the parade and headed over to the oval office. >> all right. let the deal-making begin. chuck schumer and donald trump negotiating even at the gural lunch. now come the big moments that history demands. we're going to have the fist family and the second family review the military units. will will be his first major act as commander in chief. >> the 45th president donald trump will be making his way along this parade route. momentarily the parade is about to begin. chris and i will continue coverage. we have lots of past parade history and trivia for you. stick around.
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
welcome to today's marketplace. i am jane king at the nasdaq market site in time square, and with me here today - anthony hendrickson, the dean of the heider college of business at creighton university. so, thank you so much for joining us today. thank you jane. so, what advice would you give a business audience on career advancement?
12:16 pm
is it a graduate degree necessarily? well, it's not absolutely necessary, but it certain does give you advantage to being able to move up quickly. one of the programs we have is our masters in investment management financial analysis - that's really the part of the cfa curriculum - that will accelerate your career quite a bit. alright, thank you so much anthony for joining us today, and thank you as well for joining us on today's marketplace, and for more information on the creighton university heider college of business, you can go to and welcome back for continued coverage of donald trump. there you see the parade route.
12:17 pm
tens of thousands of people lined up along the route waiting to see donald trump the 45th of the united states. as well as mike pence and his wife. it is a tradition that started with george washington, government officials, members of congress, prominent citizens escorting him to the ceremony and fireworks, we have military personnel. this is going to be shorter than in the past. about an hour and a half. they are starting a little bit late but expect the parade to get going. we have seen some small demonstratio demonstrations. there were a number of arrests, we saw that while at the lunch and for now it seems to be under control and isolated. there are folks who have come
12:18 pm
all around the country to witness this. david, it's fascinating to see you have the very public donald trump making a blistering attack on d.c. and then kind of schmoozing with chuck schumer. >> people in private tell me he does listen, but when he gets on public stage he turns into this entertainer and goes where the audience goes, so there are two sides of donald trump an i think people will be much more assured of seeing that more private side of donald trump. >> though the people who voted for him to drain the swamp, that inaugural address was exactly what the people wanted to hear. >> i think that inaugural address really gave heart to millions of people who voted for him because what they saw was
12:19 pm
he's going to be the same man in the white house as he was on the campaign trail and that's exactly what discouraged and stressed millions of other erican but that address i thk i going to go down in history as o of the angryest most biggest policy changing addresses we have had. to be sitting there with three former -- actually four former presidents behind him and denounce the elites of the countries. >> surrounded by -- david chalian, did it surprise you the tone of it as compared to other inaugural addresses. >> to other inaugural addresses, but he paints the picture as a dark world as he sees it, to your point it does reflect what his voters felt much throughout
12:20 pm
this campaign. i do think that talking about the deal-making. one thing i noticed in that luncheon anderson is paul ryan got up there and toasted mike pence, somebody in the house, knows so well, there was such admiration for him. when mitch mcconnell got up to toast president trump it was as if he was toasting a stranger. donald trump has so many relationships to form here. we know he's a deal-maker, the people with whom he's going to be deal-making i think we're seeing the beginnings of that happening today. >> it was interesting for him to call it in particular former president bill clinton and hillary clinton to stand up. no mention of them in the inaugural address. >> it was a nice moment, very unexpected an something we thought we would see in the inaugural address. but to have that i think was a
12:21 pm
special moment and such a hard moment for her, right? you can't imagine the pain in sort of the feeling in the pit of her stomach throughout this whole day and sort of the bravery to actually come here. i think most people would have had to have been sedated to make it through today, so i think it was a special moment for her. >> and apparently when donald trump shook hillary's hand he said thank you for being here, he acknowledged it was a difficult moment. i didn'tee his speech as angry or dark at all i saw a fourth of it as being unifying saying we all bleed red. we saw the beautiful words of unity and saw the manifestation of that when he gave hillary a moment to stand and the room clapped for her, not only because he stood in washington around denounced that america
12:22 pm
have felt very detrayed by and we have a real change coming. >> i have a feel for nationalism and populism that collided there. it was much directed to republicans as it was democrats. it was anti-washington and quite frankly, it was a warning to our allies an enemies. if you go into foreign policy how we're not going to interject our values on others, that we have spent too much time helping foreign businesses and foreign armies and it's time for us to come back an do that on our own. if you're other countries and other allies you're looking at that and wondering about us. >> at one point when he talked about immigration, we said we must protect our borders from the ra vavages of other countri
12:23 pm
and the language, yes, i think it harkened back to his convention speech and sometimes i do think his rhetoric don't match the reality. we do know wages are going up, and crime going down. i do think that donald trump actually went out of his way in his speech not to mention hillary clinton for a good reason not a bad reason. i think sometimes in your inauguration speeches you mention your opponents to give them grace and round of applause, but i think if he would have mentioned hillary clinton's name then the crowds would have cascaded boos and chants. think hillary clintonas very graceful and hp remind people she exhibited the strength that she's about. >> we're going to take a short break and be right back.
12:24 pm
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12:26 pm
12:27 pm
all right. the 58th inauguration, the big
12:28 pm
moment. the inaugural parade is going to start with the new, first and second families reviewing the military units. paul ryan and house majority leader mccarthy there talki after the luncheon where president trump was gracious left and right to his former opponent, hillary clinton and former president bill clinton. the next big moment will be the reviewing of the military troops. donald trump is about to follow in the footsteps of george washington who did the first inaugural parade. and first here in d.c. james madison. >> oh, you want to go trivia, what was the first televised inauguration? anyone >> i know. >> truman. >> harry truman 1949. >> first in color. >> john f. kennedy, 1961.
12:29 pm
>> first time women participated? >> 1916. >> the first tahe made his way back they wanted to escort him. all the military branches represented. law enforcement and later on you have floats that come on and marching bands but the idea that the president should be escorted to the white house. >> all right. here they come commander in chief reviewing the military units for the first time.
12:30 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:34 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ all right. so we just saw the first family and second family in the middle there the major of the u.s. army reviewing the troops, listening to some of the bands and now going to get into the famed beak "the beast." >> it is so heavy, adorned with
12:35 pm
all the security apparatus that it needs to transport the president and there goes the 45th president where they will take this for a ride all the way down to the white house. >> it's about a mile and a half. one of the questions david gregory is how long, when and if the president will exit with the first lady and walk during this route? it's been done different ways, president carter did the entire way about a mile and a half. we don't expect that today. >> this is a great thing to guess when and if the first couple will get out. i suspect he will. there's intermittent rain along the parade route. it's great pageantry for this west waward parade for the
12:36 pm
president and the first lady to review all of the military units that go by. interesting thing too aswere alluding to before it has marked social progress, 1865, first time african-american were included, women in 1917 and we read in some history as well, former president garrison came down on a white horse. i don't know if we'll see that. first in a car? >> harding. >> harding? interesting. >> who can forget that. [ laughter ] >> i want to bring in our new reporter kate bennett. thanks for being here. >> thank you. great to be here. >> you have reported on the first family at length, so let's talk about what a day this is for the first family. >> yes. >> there was a lot of family
12:37 pm
member. lots of trumps. >> i know you are a fan of fashion. they are a very fashionable family. let's talk and melania, and what a stunning figure she cuts. >> she comes out with this blue outfit and everyone immediately thought of jacque, and i think ivanka is very close behind, so melania's dress this blue outfit was made ralph lauren who also made hillary clinton's suit. so a very bipartisan fashion today. >> i think when eric trump came out, everyone saw them mouth the words, this is unbelievable, so for the family at large, it's a very special day, over wewhelov.
12:38 pm
donald trump junior has five children, we saw baron, he didn't go last night, but he did go to church this morning. >> look at the optics of the secret service now protecting the 45th president. this is breath-taking watching all of these men, their tasks with keeping the president alive as the president now makes his way to his new home the white house. >> amazing for the president, for the vice president but equally amazing for the tens of thousands of people lined up and down the avenue for us the first time to stee tee the president e united states. >> and to see him up close and there's a physical change that comes over anyone who assumes
12:39 pm
high office. i remember covering george bush and at the holidays there's more distance. look at the distance surrounded by secret service and this is very much of the people kind of moment to be on the parade route and in a modern era for all of the challenges, this still harkens back, with rough rider units, wearing a lock of abraham lincoln's beard here around his neck, so this is great for anyone and here president trump, who i think was influenced some by andrew jackson and that populism and that sense of return of the power to the people that something president jackson was very much about, this is a chance to reach out to people who traveled from around the country.
12:40 pm
washington is not a bubble. >> kate, you know from covering donald trump, he thrives on the energy and the applause of the people. so i assume that you're betting that he will get out and walk much of the way? part to have way? >> i think he's going to walk a good deal. he's got to get out. it's him, right? it's completely against his personality, everything we know about him. >> it's a magic moment for the crowdto >> i think he's also going to do it by his hotel, no dummy in the market sense. and that's what everyone is anticipating. >> robin is at hotel. robin a lot of people are anticipating that's where the president will choose to get out and walk around. >> reporter: right behind me is the hotel. the employees came out and
12:41 pm
practicing unrolling a banner that says "thank you, mr. president" a few minutes ago this was all blocked off i thought for security purposes but now it's all filled in and i'm told those are guests of the hotel. how wise because if he does get out and walk it's only going to be trump supporters. now behind me it's a different story. if you look over here, shoulder to shoulder, among them protesters. i don't see -- careful on the signs here, some are a little vile, there are chants, but we have a couple from pennsylvania, 79 and 80 in age, and we have bikers for trump here, along with a family on this side who
12:42 pm
said they bought tickets before they knew who was going to win to show their kids a lesson in democracy. >> i saw a guy walked by with a sign, it wasn't a for or against trump, it was a, are you single? >> there's a cross section, and if you are single come on down, that guy is looking. >> so it's a great opportunity for some people. poised for history as they begin the mile and a half track down pennsylvania avenue. >> you see part of the enterouge there. >> you are going to see school
12:43 pm
bands, amazing procession. the president and the vice president are going to move down an pick up a tradition started with president grant who of course was a general and started the reviewing of it all from the white house and they'll continue that today we expect. >> and think about what's transpired so far today. the humility, the awesome nature, the president, vice president now go to visit the former president and first lady, now he's the president and going back. the white house itself has been transformed by the wonderful staff. the people's house which of course with all the trappings of power of the white house, it is still the people's house. abraham lincoln used to let people come and visit him. he had a hard time getting his lunch because there was always people in the way and bothering him but now they're going to go back there and face that awesome task of what comes next.
12:44 pm
>> in the short time they have been having this lunch, the staff has transformed the white house to now have the personal effects, some of them, of the trumps and to make it homey and welcoming for the trumps. >> also to remember there will be on goigoing dialogue, some t of moving into the eisenhower executive building, i like to remind people that it is not the president's house, it is the people's house. and that's important for all to remember. again, as they are making this trek, what is going through their mind, how their life is going to change, the security changes, the public spotlight that is on them constantly how that changes all because of the awesome responsibility that starts at president. >> at noon today the problems of the world, that deal with america's politics are now on
12:45 pm
his plate in front of him. that began ready. >> and melania is not going to be living at the white house at first. >> that's right. she will be staying in new york and baron will stay in school, and her plan is very much for ivanka play a bigger role? that's a question. >> right now we're looking at a live picture of the parade route. we have a picture that we want you to see ofthe out going. president obama on executive 1. right now we're seeing -- right now we're seeing the parade route. we have president obama, outside the window, taking them away to
12:46 pm
air force base. >> mixed in, right behind us, i was trying to turn my neck, to see some of the protester signs. >> we're getting a look at -- >> nobody. i was going to say the president, but -- [ laughter ] >> i was going to say the president, but there are protesters mixed with with people who want to see the p parade. i'm sure they will make noise as they come by and they're all kind of mixed in. and of course the trump hotel, the old post office here in washington is also what maybe 500 yards behind us as well. >> the crowd behind us is about ten people deep and people already have their cell phones poised ready to get this
12:47 pm
monumental historic moment. brooke baldwin is our roving reporter. she's on a flat bbed truck behi us, traveling behind president trump, brooke, what are you seeing. >> reporter: we finally turned out on the constitution, been waiting, waiting, and patient. me just show you the beast is not this black car behind me. let me get out of the way so we can get a better advantage, but you can see secret service on either side and we got a quick glimpse so on the driver's side, we saw melania, and then we saw president trump and now we have this incredible incredible vantage point seeing some people. the parade is young, some people
12:48 pm
on either side of the barriers, but the secret service presence, the law enforcement, it is tremendous. allison. >> brooke, what a moment and what a vantage point you have, so you can see there and see the first couple and you're saying that the crowds down there are not as dense yet as they are up here, but you're seeing enthusiasm build? >> reporter: yeah, if you're still with me, we're seeing some people -- let me just be real. it's cold. we have been going through like some bouts of rain, so i think those who are probably a little more brave where the clouds are thicker are farther down but just the u.s. military on either side, it's almost -- you look at them and it doesn't matter
12:49 pm
democrat, republican, it is goosebumps, this smooth transfer of power. this parade has been going on since 1801 so the president and the first lady coming along. donald j. trump along constitutional avenue. it's pretty incredible. >> we're going to start hearing the voice of god, the announcer, announcing that the first and second families have reviewed the military units and that presidential escort is coming down abo a mile and a half. it's so eiting for t people here who have come and now you can see all the media that's trailing them. >> and now brooke. we can see her in the red coat. well played, brooke. there she is waving in the flat b flatbed truck. along with that battalion of black cars. >> she doesn't know how good she has it.
12:50 pm
this is nothing in terms of former inauguration, right? >> yeah, mrs. obama in 2009. that was a very, very cold morning to be sure, but this is really also a chance to reach the people. again, people who come from around the country. and i think the president talked so much about returning government to the people, so in the middle of a highly organized rather orchestrated choreographed circumstances about pomp and circumstance, he stood up saying they were all part of the problem, it is part of the problem and now back in touch with the people. we have run into people throughout the day who have been so enthusiastic about that message who like the idea of this disrupter is coming in and now this president is going to disrupt it and this is just sheer excitement i think for the
12:51 pm
first couple to be able to reach out and not quite touch people but get pretty close as they enjoy a day that's really in celebration of them and the presidency. secret service knows he will get out. they know. >> one of the things he's going to have to learn is that he doesn't really belong to himself anymore. he belongs to the american people. his safety is paramount to the security of our democracy, so he's not going do anything if they don't let him. but this is a >> and, kate rngs what do you think? how is melania just absorbing all of this? this isn't what she signed up for originally when they got married. >> can you imagine sort of living your life and getting married? i don't think she ever had any idea she would one day be first
12:52 pm
lady of the united states. and we haven't seen melania publicly since new year's eve at mar-a-lago before she arrived in washington last night. she has laid low in this transition period. >> she took some lumps. >> she certainly did. >> with the speech and the plajerrism, how it was handled by those in the campaign. by all estimates she exceeded expectations with her delivery. but how the campaigned handled the writing of the speech, she disappeared after that for a while. >> she certainly did. i think her first priority is barron, her son. we saw her parents as well, she's very close with her parents. she's a home body for all intents and purposes. this is her moment to shine. i think people want to welcome her to washington. they want to make sure she feels this is home when she moves here. this is overwhelming. >> she didn't sign up to marry a po politician. he wasn't a politician when they got married. she will stay in new york.
12:53 pm
that's unprecedented. ever single aspect of her life will change come pet pleatly. >> the president thelz a so far i, though, that when he was talking about running and he was saying maybe i'll get in there and see what happens, he says that melania, his wife said, if you run, you're going to win. so, make sure that you want to be president if you run. she was right. >> he you know, often in campaigns we talk about how vote ersz take the measure of politicians and they imagine, try to imagine that candidate in the oval office. i think for a lot of supporters of donald trump, that was tough. even supporters thought well he doesn't have the qualifications, doesn't have the temperament. and yet they wanted enough change he was ultimately the change agent. i think what is significant about this beautiful part of our transfer of power is that americans and citizens all over the world who are watching us are really getting a look at now president trump. they are no longer having to imagine him in this ro.
12:54 pm
they are tryg it out. this is him in the role. it's going to provide a lot of excitement for some, a lot of opposition for others. but they're seeing him in that role for the first time. how he wears the presidency, saw a little bit at the luncheon. i thought the inaugural was a lot like his republican acceptance speech at the convention. but again these are the trappings of office we start to see him in and let wash over us. >> here you see people not just along the streets, but you see people in buildings, at windows looking out and watching the 45th president go by. someone with a great vantage point is brook baldwin. she is on the move with the president. she's in the -- on the back of a flatbed truck. brook, where are you now? >> i did get past you. i see cnn, waiving at you all there. s we've been making our way down constitution. if you want -- i don't know what the shot is, but i am in a truck, two trucks ahead of the
12:55 pm
beast. and we saw the secret service. one thing that is so incredibly notable beyond all these, you know, quarters of donald trump, the u.s. military represented either side of the street and as you watch each and every one of them saluting 45th president. as the president continues to pass by, every single one of them saluting. john berman is somewhere near me. where is john berman? i see you somewhere. >> i don't see you along the route yet, brook baldwin. you're waiving at some other handsome person you think is me but isn't. [ laughter ] >> i'm out here in front of some bands -- i'm seeing a bunch of bands waiting to get into the parade. i've seen a number pass by already. we also saw tom barak chairman of this entire inauguration
12:56 pm
drive by in one of the lead suvs waiving to the crowd. i'm not sure they know who he is, but he knows who they are and he is certainly appreciative of them all being here to be sure. so, while we keep waiting to see brook baldwin, that's when i know it is getting very, very real. piering over the corner here to see if they come around. >> i'll keep my eyes open. >> look for the red coat on the truck. >> assuming berman is in the middle of that. >> interesting. i'm looking for you. i'm passing third. >> i'm on fourth. you're a block away. you'll see me soon. >> it's amazing, though, how much the crowd changed now that we're down here. at least 20 people deep lining along the curb. all right. we'll be back with you guys in one second. yes, david. >> if you look at the parade route, one of the things that's so interesting in washington is who has a great view of pennsylvania avenue? who has a great view of the west
12:57 pm
front of the capital? and along the parade route? the canadian embassy has an unbelievable view of both the parade route and the west front and, of course, they just recently passed by the federal court house which is where district court judges sit, too, for the d.c. circuit. who was will? that was mer i can garland who was of course president obama's pick f the supreme court and that's now a moot point as president trump will name a supreme court justice. but you have obviously government office buildings. you have law firms and others. and they gather in the windows to look. >> nobody has a better seat than we do. we have brook baldwin on the back of a truck and berman mixing with the crowd just as the president is coming his way. how is it looking from there, brook? >> the crowd is getting louder and louder. we're still making our way around the curve on constitution. you have the president and the beast about, just two cars behind me. as we noticed earlier as they had pulled out from the capital,
12:58 pm
if you get a glance close enough, melania and her blue, she is seated in the back left of the car. john berman, i'm told you're near me. >> brook baldwin, i see you waving right now. if you look to your left i'm way down. i'm a block away. i'm still a block away here waving over railing up here. i see you. i also see all the security here just lining the streets, getting ready to see donald trump, the president of the united states as he drives by. these crowds have been here for several, several hours. moment of these people here had to wait about two hours to get through security. as you can see right now, the crowds about 10, 12 deep at least. there was a band playing here until just a short time ago. and this is the moment. this is the moment that they have been waiting for. no doubt. now, some of the security lining the streets here -- some of the security here told the people this is not likely where the president will get out of the car and walk. this is not usually where it
12:59 pm
happens. not this early in the parade, but still, you know, i think people here are hopeful at a minimum a wave would be nice. there you are, brook baldwin. you're still not to me yet. there you are. i just got a kiss blown from brook baldwin. right back at you. you have a better seat than i do. >> this is called the dance. we're doing the dance. we're going to shift. there's four of us on these flatbed trucks full of media and now we're giving the other folks a chance to get a little closer to the beast. berman, my man, how are you doing? >> brook baldwin,ere we go. how are you? >> look at all those media. listen to the chants. trump, trump, do you hear that? lots of red hats. we notice the last couple of days you've been walking around all the red hats? >> i think they're cheering brook because they see you there. everyone there waving. everyone here is lined up. that's for sure.
1:00 pm
>> i don't think so. >> usa is what they're chanting right now, tremendous 00 did you say, tremendous amount of excitement. and i can see the limousine, the beast, driving by right now with the president inside. >> we want to tell you what we're seeing here from our vantage point. if you guys can hear us, the motorcycle provision of the washingt washington metropolitan police is passing us. pretty spectacular sight. all the lights are flashing. almost like a mini fire works show. that's parked right behind us. everyone here where the crowd is really dense and it's really crowded, people are excited and waving to them. >> they're like the tip of the spear, they're in the arrow formation. the beast stopped. i wonder if the president is going to get out. the pace of the inaugural parade is slow. it is a mile and a half long. they want to give exposure to as many people as possible and also a chance to review so many
1:01 pm
different divisions. there we see the new president of the united states, donald trump looking out the window of his vehicle at all of the people who have come here from all over the country to see the man who is the leader of the free world. >> do you know how long grover cleveland's parade was? >> how long was it? >> six hours. it took six hours for grover cleveland's parade. ours will not be that long today. >> can you imagine jimmy carter and ros lin carter walking this entire length? >> no. that took a long time as well. >> inaugural balls tonight. they'll be settling into their new digs at the white house. there are all of these major institutions of america that they passed. the fbi which was a rather controversial role. >> waving to us as they come back. >> i'm not sure. >> the justice department. this is all the import of the fbi and, of course, as he gets
1:02 pm
closer to the white house he'll pass by treasury as well. >> a lot of them are empty met for cli in terms of these guys being in charge. his men and women with the cabinet, all of them are not in place yet. we're going to have some votes today. we believe general mattis, secretary of defense, head of home land security, general kelly, mike pompeo, congressman who will be taking over the cia, his confirmation scheduled for monday. so, there's a lot of work to do. >> you made this reference to senator schumer that there were some negotiations today. i think for democratic leaders, they want to be careful to make sure that national security posts get filled for the good of our security in this country. some of the others, they're going to make a decision about where to really take a stand. we're not sure if they have the votes and whether it will matter. >> by the way, it's not just the cabinet posts. it's something like 690 positions that need to be filled. none of which have been, all the ancillary positions, they have their work cut out for them. >> they have a lot of holes in the obama administration.
1:03 pm
>> we have pamela brown 0 ut there. what do you see? >> i'm here near the museum on 6th and pennsylvania. we're seeing the president of the united states passing us by right here in the beast. the crowd around me mostly trump supporters all trying to catch a glimpse of president donald trump in the car. of course it's too early for him to get out of the car and start walking, but there's a lot of excitement and anticipation for this very moment. in fact, many of the people i'm standing by right here have been waiting for six, seven, eight hours just for this moment that is happening right now. >> yeah, we know that. we know that six, seven, eight-hour wait. we saw people at 3:30 this the morning when we were heading to work, we saw people already who were dolled up and ready. they came here from around the country to have this moment that you're watching unfold live on television right now. and they wanted to see it
1:04 pm
firsthand with their own eyes. and you see -- you can hear people cheering already with the anticipation of the 45th president about to come by and come down. >> we have stands here behind us so this place is going to really erupt in applause when the pro session comes closer this way. i mean, we've been hearing brook say, hey, they're 10 deep, 20 deep, it could easily be 50, 100 deep with these different layers of crowds we have here and the bleachers. you see a lot of those signature red hats. you all know what they say on the front. make america great again. that was a big part of the inaugural address. now it's about the ability to realize that promise. brook baldwin in her signature red coat i think is a canada goose coat, a bit of america can't there. she's on the bank of the trunk. where are you now? >> i'm keeping warm. we passed, i think we passed dan
1:05 pm
brown. i'm missing pamela. i just want to show you, trump is a couple, maybe two cars behind us. let's show jay, show everyone what it's like to be, like we are in the parade, part of the mot motor cad and the trucks getting louder and louder as we pass them trump chants, usa chants. swing around the other way. we passed the museum. hang on a second. we passed the museum. we passed 6th street. we're getting a little bit closer toward that trump hotel. i see that famous post office clock tower just down the way. and you know the question, guys, has been does he get out, as many of the presidents and first ladies do and walk. might it be just a couple minutes at the hotel, we'll see. the media is out in full force covering this historic day and the celebration. and as i keep pointing out which i think is a beautiful thing, a lot of respect to our men and women in uniform just continuing to line the parade route. and as the beast gets closer to
1:06 pm
them, each and every one of them very slowly with such dignity saluting. >> okay, brook, thank you very much. kate, i want to bring you in as well. this is an overwhelming transcendent moment for anyone who becomes president. but it's been pointed out that donald trump is used to riding around in a limo. he's used to riding around in his private plane. he's used to going too big fancy balls. for him maybe it won't be all that stuff, all the trappings. >> right. >> maybe it won't be as overwhelming as, say, jimmy carter or even barack obama who was a senator. these luxury, the sort of the staff, the residents, those things are going to feel probably a little more normal to donald trump, to president trump. however, you've added security. a much bigger plane. you've added sort of the perks
1:07 pm
and bells and whistles that i think he's going to be used to, but he likes doing his own thing. so, it's going to be interesting to see how he sort of maneuvers in this new parameter. i mean, michelle obama famously said she couldn't wait to just go back and go to a cvs and go to a target. i don't know if mrs. trump would say the same thing, but there is -- my point being there is some sort of feeling a little bit trapped in this life-style. >> the fish bowl, we hear about it all the time. and that will be hard for anyone. >> right. >> they're coming down now. we're starting to see the military parade behind us. a quick story, you talk about being comfortable in the house and what michelle obama said. president bouye canaan told the man who was succeeded him if you're as happy to be in this house as i am to get home, you're the happy est man in the world. it is not an easy place to be. the weight of the world is now on his shoulders. so, the parade is coming behind ups, we're seeing the marines, we're seeing each different division of the military come past with their own honor guard and they're all leading the way
1:08 pm
to the new president of the united states. >> they are, as the announcer has been saying, this is the traditional escort for a president. the military is and has been since the beginning. and you have all the branches represented. it's an impressive sight and great music, great bands and steeped in history. >> and the weather is cooperating. it has stopped raining. people were very worried that it was going to be a very soggy day. everyone along the parade route, they would have stuck it out anyway. but they're very grateful that they don't have to be drenched because they were banning so it would have been much less pleasant for everybody who is cheering now on the route. >> so far so good. the inauguration went off basically without a hitch. dissent is part of democracy. we'll see that, we'll see more organized protests throughout the weekend. there has been some violence, there were rioters as opposed to peaceful protesters. the police have dealt with that. it has not bubbled up in a way worth showing you since we
1:09 pm
showed it to you earlier. now the main event. the president of the united states making his way down pennsylvania avenue towards the white house. >> gosh david, you've covered a lot of these. so, how does this one strike you? >> well, i mean, i think they're all different. for me, covering president bush back in 2001, it was a wonderful event, but there was also the division after the supreme court decided the election. it has the contrast in 2009, president obama who was a history-making president, of course our first african-american president. but also represented a lot of change in the country. this has a different kind of excitement that we talk about, this kind of return of the official power to the people. and i just think in our conversations as we've walked around, that's been palpable for me. people feeling it, like, yeah, this guy may not live like me, but he represents me and he
1:10 pm
represents something totally foreign to washington. he is not of this place, he's not part of the establishment. it's very powerful. and for opponents of trump who think he is an extreme version of that kind of change, they have to pause and think about how we got here. got to a place where the electorate would want this much change, even though we know hillary clinton won the popular vote and tens of millions who supported her. a close election. we're going to see some of that division again on display here in washington tomorrow, the women's march. we're seeing both of it. her campaign energized we haven't seen and his victory energized the resistance which now he's going to have to deal with as well. >> i think it's entrench muched. the left has made a decision in washington in congress to say -- i think they made a decision they'll cooperate where they can and where they feel they must, but i think they're laying the groundwork to really build a resistance towards the mid terms. you're seeing if on issues like
1:11 pm
health care. you sherd chuck schumer say to you today if he wants to talk about repealing it he's going to have to negotiate with us. i don't think he's going to have takers to get to 60 votes to get a replace plan through. i think there is friction where people are digging in because of that, the resistance that's in the country and the division that's in the country. why did so many democratic congressmen and women boycott today? because they're in districts that do think trump is illegitimate. and that is part of the backdrop of this wonderful ceremony today. >> all of the people i spoke to today, the trump supporters from around the country, i sat down with them, we'll air it tomorrow, they talk about everything you're saying. they like that he is breaking the mold. they like that he's shaking it up. they like -- the idea that he hasn't named all the 690 people who have to be part of this administration, they say, good, get rid of the sort of dead weight. get rid of the lard that might have larded up some of these things. they like everything they've seen so far.
1:12 pm
they see good signs that he's doing things in such a different way and you can see the enthusiasm in all of them. >> it is also expectation among his supporters, among middle of the roaders and among opponents. president trump now owns it. he's responsible. he says today that the carnage will end here and now, that he sees in america. he is going to bear responsibility for some of those changes. >> all right. so, the beast, which is of course holding the vice-president and the president of the united states, making its way down, getting close to the trump hotel. so, let's go to robin mead, she's there. what's the guesswork like now? are you still getting the feeling that could be the stopping point where the new president gets out? >> oh, yeah. and right behind me, though, you can see all the employees are out and now that area is really filled in behind me. i put my glasses on because i wanted to see how far away brook may be and then the new president of the united states. so, brook, i see the truck with a bunch of people standing on
1:13 pm
it. are you on the truck? she may not be able to hear me. >> we ha an amazing -- robin, i can hearou loud and clear. so, the motor cade has just stopped and we are assuming now as i can see a stone's throw from the trump hotel which is kind of where we thought. let's wait to see. we have secret service swarming the beast right now. back door opening. there he is, waving to the crowd. >> i can tell you that the crowd is getting excited here because they can see and there is cheering. >> there's melania. here they come. here they come towards us. [cheering and applauding] >> waving to all the on lookers here. truck trump's new hotel here in washington. look at that.
1:14 pm
thumbs up. robin, can you see them? >> i can -- >> can you see the president? >> i cannot see the president. i do see a bunch of people walking around in their suits, though. i imagine he's right there. can you guys -- >> they're coming towards you. you're on the opposite. we're really close. i mean, both sides of the street are flanked with people, and in between all the people running along you have every bit of law enforcement, secret service. >> i'm having a hard time -- >> family members. go ahead, robin. >> i'm looking for you. i have a hard time understanding what you're saying. it may be because of how many crowds are cheering -- >> oh, i see you. >> how long has he been basically walking out on the street? is that what's going on here? they approached and we see all the media members here and the crowd is --
1:15 pm
>> i see barron. >> i see him. >> do you see him, robin? there's barron trump in the middle of the street and there's his dad and melania holding hands as they're approaching. i see you in your red jacket. look across the street to me, robin. there we have the president and barron and melania. just listen to the crowds. the cheers. [cheering and applauding] >> let's pickup this moment by letting you listen to how the people in the streets are regarding the new president of the united states. you see his son there, barron. he's ten years old. that is a tall, good looking young man right there. let's listen to the crowd. [cheering and applauding]
1:16 pm
>> as we've been saying all along, chris, for mr. trump this is a family affair. it has been throughout the entire campaign. it will be throughout his presidency. and you saw his wife, melania, get out in her beautiful robin blue suit there and his very as you pointed out, tall, handsome
1:17 pm
ten-year-old son barron get out, who seemed overwhelmed and excited. >> he started waving. >> absolutely. that's a lot, the enormity, yes, for the son. >> there is a dynamic that's new for us. the kids, the children of the president are adults. >> most of them. >> they have their own families. but barron is really the only kid that they have. this is such a world changer for him, even with all the money that the trumps have, he's never experienced anything like this. >> of course. >> 11-year-olds, they don't like all the attention the way that his father does. and how much poise, and how overwhelming it must be. having said that, barron is a tall young man. >> he is. >> and there is no better youth basketball than the dmv. i can make some good recommendations for a top team. >> i was struck also by mr. trump's grandchildren.
1:18 pm
one of his grand daughters was there in the arm of eric or don, jr.'s wife drinking her bottle. >> let's get over to robin at the trump hotel. maybe we'll see the president stop there as well. robin. >> hi there. so, we can see all the different motor cads and the family gone by. there are some boos and protests, but all in all such a warm reception, too, especially across the street and the fact that he got out right here. can you see some of the motor cads behind us? obama administration different limos that we had? wow. you can also see that we have the protesters behind us, but nobody has made a skirmishere's moment of excitement here, especially as mr. and mrs. trump got out and walked around for such a good long time to greet the crowd here. so, will they get out again? i wonder because now they're getting closer down to where you guys are at the reviewing stand where they get to sit and then watch the rest of the parade and where everyone else gets to be
1:19 pm
nervous as they march on by them. so, you're probably getting a glimpse right now from the television trucks ahead and then the crowd as they get very excited to see them going on past. nobody is out of the car just now, though. it appears to be back in. >> yeah, we're watching them come this way. this parade of lights behind us. we have all the different parts of the military escort. you have trucks filled with media and of course the entourage that surrounds the president and first family and second family. >> people around us know that he is just yards away. you can feel the excitement here building. people are getting excited and starting to yell a little bit more loudly and we can see from our vantage point all of the blinking lights as he heads here and makes his way down pennsylvania avenue. of course, to the white house. and now the announcement that he, the president of the united states, is on his way and the crowds going wild.
1:20 pm
>> wish i could see. >> okay. now, here come some of the flatbed trucks past us. >> you're going to hear a mix of applause, you're going to hear a mix of boos. again, dissent is part of democracy. this election has created a lot of strong emotions in the base that got trump elected and also those who opposed him, and he's hearing both of those here today. but i'm sure on balance this is one of the best days, if not the best day, of donald trump's life, president of the united states. >> okay. the beast is right behind us. of course, the huge armored vehicle. they are slowly creeping up the street towards us. we'll see if they stop here. the crowd is certainly cheering him on and wanting him to stop, make a stop here. i don't know if you can see, but the car is right behind us there that is carrying the 45th president of the united states d e vice-president right now. the crowd is waving, taking
1:21 pm
pictures, holding up signs. all right. secret service is moving at a pretty steady clip past us. >> he's waving, but they are speeding up a little bit here. it doesn't appear that he's going to get out. >> he's waving through the window, but they are walking at a pretty brisk clip. >> barron waving, too, certainly into the flow. you have more cars than usual because you have more family than usual. >> remember malia and sasha obama were 7 and 10 when we visited them. and they were wearing the easter egg color clothes. it was a fun moment. >> laid eyes on them the first time. >> as barron just drove by here in the beast, his face was pressed up against the window and he was waving to the crowd. >> so, they're going to make their way. and remember, this is just the beginning of what's going to happen here. the president makes his way down to the white house. he'll then get into the reviewing stand with the second
1:22 pm
families. and they will watch all of this come by them again. so, it is a long day. >> as don lemon is right now. don lemon is there in the crowd. let's see what's happening in the crowd. don. >> he's just passing by right now. we can see the president of the united states and people here are going crazy as he walks by. you can see barron sticking his head out of the window just like any 10-year-old would. and people are screaming. one side of the street screaming donald, the other side screaming trump. and, so, this is usually the spot, though, guys, where he usually gets out at the reviewing stand. but it's interesting because he chose to get out in front of his hotel. but usually they get out here and they walk to the white house. but they kind of just sped by and you see the motor cade now going by. and again as you guys said, he'll go here. the white house is just one block away. we're between 14th and 15th streets on pennsylvania avenue and the entrance to the white house, if you've ever been there
1:23 pm
especially to the east wing as you're going in to go to any reception or the holiday party or something, is right here. and that's where we are. i think they just announced that he's not going to get out and people started booing. but anyways. >> no, don, you know he what that was? >> what was it? >> don, you know what that was? they're announcing the different leadership that's here. and when they announced nancy pelosi, the democrat minority leader, that's when you heard the boos. >> oh. >> this is a trump crowd, this is a republican crowd. >> yeah. so, yeah, i can barely hear it's so loud, chris. but the people here really wanted him to get out here at the reviewing stand, and he didn't. he got out earlier so the folks down there got to enjoy it. but now the cheers are back up again. so, no nancy pelosi. it's all trump cheers now out here on pennsylvania avenue. [ laughter ] >> well, what a sweet, sweet image that we just saw.
1:24 pm
as the president went by in the beast, there was barron's face pressed up against the window waving to the crowd. and i could see it from here. he was looking out at the crowd and he seemed happy and overwhelmed and excited. and they were cheering him. and i won't forget that image. that was really special. >> you know, it's something completely new for him, but also for donald trump. i mean, just imagine, you know, for everybody else here, this is a celebration, but for him it is the introduction of the biggest moment of his life. not just the paj entry, not just the pomp, but the circumstance, the leadership, the issues, the responsibility. i mean, it is hard to calculate what it means. david you, you said earlier and it stuck with me. you cover presidents. when the office descends upon them, there is a grace in that but also a realization of the weight of the world. >> yeah, and how they can be tested, how much responsibility they have, you know. when he was then president-elect
1:25 pm
visiting arlington yesterday and the tomb of the unknowns, he now is the commander in chief, right now. and he will make decisions that sends our men and women potentially to their death. that's an awesome responsibility. >> not only that, that which will most likely define the trump presidency has not happened yet. that's a fact. and we have recent exales of that, and that realizaon is tough, too, because you can make a lot of plans. you can campaign on thing, but it's what happens when you're in office that is unforeseen that defines for history your presidency. >> the test of the signature motto. we're hearing from one of his biographers this morning that one of the philosophies, if you want to call it, that trump loves is from mike tyson, the heavy weight fighter. and he said that everybody's got a strategy until they get punched in the face. to your point, something that trump has lived with as a motto will be tested in a way he never imagined. he just doesn't know when and doesn't know how. >> when president busch h 43 ca
1:26 pm
into office, he came in talking about tax cuts, education reform, and 9/11 happened and his approval went through the roof, 80 plus percent. and the iraq war and everything is history. everything he campaigned on even the controversy was then displaced by a major change for america and the world. president obama didn't expect to have to deal with rebuilding the economy as he came into office. so, president trump is talking about returning power to the people, trade deals, restoring a manufacturing base. but again, it's what awaits the president in the world that we can't anticipate. >> kate, you've been covering him so much recently. i don't know if you felt the same way, but i thought that last night at the lincoln memorial, today at the inaugural, all of the inaugural events, that he did have, to me from watching for the past 18 months, a different demeanor, his facial expression looked heavier. >> yes. >> and just more serious. >> he's feeling it.
1:27 pm
even president obama said you don't really know what the job is till you sit behind this decks, right, in the oval office. and maybe this is starting to set in. he's also surrounded by his supporters. he's in washington. he spent a lot of time in new york these past few weeks. remember that, too. he's now physically here and that's got to sort of set in with the way he talks and his delivery. exactly. >> so, is brook back out there? what's it look like from her vantage point? are we able to get brook on the back of the truck? >> are you with me, chris, are you with me? >> what's it like mou? >> yeah, yeah, we're nowaking the turn and the white house ll be on my left in just a moment. wow, i'm looking -- this is the final stretch before essentially the president goes home. can you flip your camera around? i'm talking to jay right now. we're not quite at the white house just yet. we can show you we just passed treasury to my left, your right.
1:28 pm
treasury there. a lot of people in ponchos waiting for that glimpse. john carl, our friend at abc news. good enough to share the flatbed truck with me. and we can see some of the scenes for the premow seeds for the white house. we're almost there, we're almost there. we're making our way. i promise as soon as we get in front of the white house, it's been tremendous watching everyone along the parade route and all of our crews and seeing you guys sitting there over by the hotel and watching everyone with the red and make america great again hats. everywhere in washington right now. >> yeah, yeah. >> there were a lot of exciting moments for us covering the parade, but one of them was when you went by, brook, because your electric red jacket and you and i actually made eye contact and waved at each other. >> chris was too busy. >> i know, because he was
1:29 pm
looking for the president and that was also another very exciting moment. as the president went by here, everybody erupted and the crowd cheered and it was just a really electrifying moment here on pennsylvania avenue. >> look, that's part of the motivation, david, of the pomp and circumstance of the pagentry, of the weight of the tradition. all of these things are geared toward reminding people it's bigger than the man, it's about the process. it's about the democracy, it's part of our institution. if you like it, or you don't, you're happy with the out come or you're not, it's bigger than all of that eventually because it's -- winds up being about what the country stands for at its best. >> okay, the president has gotten out again, or is about to. >> no, i think he's aut to. now, this will be the part where the first and second families enter the white house for the first time together and then take to the reviewing stand and watch the rest of the parade come through. and as he walks along on his right is lafayette park which is
1:30 pm
a scene of perpetual protest, often audible when you are in the white house and the residence at different points. he'll now get used to that. >> and he'll go to the stands they've been building in front of the white house and lafayette park for the past eight weeks getting ready for his arrival. >> barron has found his groove. he has his inaugural groove. he has a wave, so much poise from this young guy. >> you know what's so funny? chris dated, both you and i have a 10-year-old. we know what it's like, i have a 10-year-old boy who often looks like the expression barron is wearing right now. and, you know, this is just -- it's hard to imagine what is going through barron's mind and how he's trying to process what is happening to his family today. >> it's a lot, too, because depending on how -- what decisions they make as a family, he's probably going to come down
1:31 pm
to school here. there are private schools where most of his family send their kids that are particularly accustomed to accommodating the children of presidents or congressmen and women and senators. so they're used to that from a security point of view. but it's still a huge adjustment and he's going to have to make the adjustment. chris, what you were saying i think is so important. institutions in our country that are in disrepute, that are under fire, including the media, including the presidency, including the establishment of washington, this ceremony is, in part, to remind people that those institutions matter because they're part of our continuity as a people and as a country. david axle rod, our colleague has talked about the importance of those institutions. it's part of what is about. >> this group, a lot is security, a lot isn't. it's their sons and wives and kids. have we had another family -- i'm thinking maybe the ken
1:32 pm
difficulties. they weren't as populous bac then as they are today. in recent history this is the biggest clan we've had get in. >> and little children. >> yes, grandchildren. it's nice to see that. of course, ivanka and her whiteout fit stands out boldly. she has three kids, a five-year-old, a three-year-old and a baby. there's the little baby there being held by jared we can see. there is a new energy. ivanka obviously and her family have moved to washington so they'll be here more. you know, there's some excitement when you see some families at the white house. >> these kid are going to be able to visit grandpa and grandma and have a movie theater in the house. >> right. >> they can bowl and holiday parties, it's going to be a big time. >> i don't know if melania goes by grandma. >> okay, well, fair enough. >> i'm not sure she likes being called grandma. >> they stayed at blair house last night, the trump family.
1:33 pm
so, they're already getting a taste of the pomp and circumstance, their new roles sort of started last night. >> so, the president got out once the last time, they're not at the white house yet. they're going to take this final stretch up to the white house and, again, president grant, general obviously, liked to review the troops, made that part of the parade. they will celebrate that today on the first and second families. >> it's worth remembering, too, andrew jackson, that was such a power of the people. it was so rowdy, he had to sneak out of the white house because the party goers trashed the place and he had to crawl out one of the windows to go to a nearby boarding house. that's how out of control the party was. the you know how the jacksons roll. it's crazy. [ laughter ] >> kate, back to what it will be like for americans to watch this family grow up in and around the white house, and, you know, michelle obama, obviously well known for her fashion style. >> right.
1:34 pm
>> people really enjoyed watching the dresses that she would choose for special events. she became a fashion icon. i think it's safe to say that melania and ivanka will do the sa. >> exactly. now, will they be as strategic? michelle obama's goalas to wear every american designer and shine a light on up and comers. we've seen two iconic fashion designers, michelle was unique. she wore tom brown for the last inauguration. j. crew belt that sold out like that. her first inauguration, michelle wore bright yellow, that set the tone the way melania is wearing light blue. everyone is keeping an eye on -- we have a double dose of glamor, inc. >> yeah, they store up on the positive energy to deal with the negative energy. there is dissent as david said, we're not immune. there are people, not trump supporters, not happy with the media, people here not happy
1:35 pm
with the new president. he's going to have to deal with that and it's a different job for him now. he can't -- well, i shouldn't say can't. he probably shouldn't if he wants to advance his agenda. he probably shouldn't stop at every situation that happens that's negative. we'll have to wait and see. at lafayette park which is a huge part of this tradition, we're going to have wolf blitzer is there. wolf, are you there now? they just announced overhead the president's on his way. start looking. >> all right, the presidential limousine is approaching the white house on pennsylvania avenue, right behind us right now. [cheering and applauding] >> we are seeing the president-elect -- president of the united states. we see him right now. there he is inside the limo, walking, surrounded by secret service officers, secret service agents. they are pulling in front of the reviewing stand right in front of the north lawn of the white house. the president and the first lady, they are literally right in front of us right now as
1:36 pm
we're looking down on pennsylvania avenue as the president in his motor cade is right there. dana bash, you're on the street, you're right in front of the president as well. i don't know if dana can hear me. >> i can hear you now, would have. i couldn't hear you before. >> you see the president's limo has just stopped. now it's moving again. right in front of the reviewing stand, people are standing as the president -- let's see if he gets out and walks t rest of the way or if they continue to move. let's see. it looks like they have stopped and it looks like they're going to get out right in front of us. we're looking down, and we're seeing the presidential limo. they're going to open the door and the president is going to walk out of this limo. they call it "the beast." it's an armored vehicle. here he is.
1:37 pm
[cheering and applauding] >> so, wolf, you're down there at lafayette park. you've covered many inaugurations. what's it like to see donald trump as president of the united states? >> he's walking. >> wolf, can you hear us? >> very, very excited to see the president and first lady, their son barron walking down pennsylvania avenue in front of the reviewing stand, moving towards the entrance. they'll be making a left turn into the north lawn of the white house, going past the -- where the tv cameras are normally going toward the west wing. he'll be going to the reviewing
1:38 pm
stand i'm sure to watch what is going on. this is a moment a lot of presidents have thoroughly enjoyed the history of these presidential parades as they wind up this first day as president of the united states. when i saw the president walk out of that limo, he had a huge smile on his face as he looked at the crowd, the crowd was very excited to see him and the first lady as well. you see all the members of the family walking behind them right now. let's see if they continue to make a left turn into the north lawn of the white house or they continue past the old isenhour executive office building next door to the white house. they're moving along and clearly they're very happy. the presidential historian is with us as well. this is history, tim, unfolding. >> yes, he's on his way to his new home with the first lady. and everything is new for him. he has been commander in chief
1:39 pm
just for a few hours. the military bands are out celebrating that fact. they are parading in front of us. and now he is about to go home with the help of many people here wishing him well. >> you know, it's interesting. last night he stayed right near where we are right now, across the street from the white house in blair house. that's where the new first family stayed. but now he's going to be staying at the white house tonight, the first night in the white house. >> it's all about geography, wolf. blair house is where foreign heads of state stay. there were guests of the u.s. government stay, and now he's crossing the street to the white house where the president lives. >> yeah, you can see that he's waving there. obviously a very happy moment for the new president of the united states and the new first lady of the united states. chris and alison, back to you. >> all right, would have, big moment for you as well. we know you've covered many inaugurations, but we've never seen one like this before.
1:40 pm
our new 45th president of the united states, donald trump, 48th vice-president of the united states, mike pence, and boy, we've been through it all today, alison, starting this early with a harsh introduction to the new security measures and what a day has followed from then. >> it has been an incredible day. it's been incredible to our jobs, our front row seats on history. often never more so than today. we just watched the 45th president of the united states drive by us. we heard the crowd erupt. we watched everyone wave and how excited they are still here. people were clapping, taking pictures, and it was just an awesome experience. and awesome day to watch the peaceful transfer of power as donald trump walks into his new home, the white house. we're going to wrap it up for mine and your coverage, chris. we thank everyone for joining us. >> david and kate, areciate it. >> thank you very much. >> ando think, this is just the beginning, the first day of
1:41 pm
the trump presidency begins. jake tapper, we turn the coverage over to you. we are looking for oel mans of how the world will meet this news of the inauguration. the market closed up 90 points. i'm sure the president will tell the nation about that. >> i'm sure he will, chris. thanks so much. great job out there. and we're just watching as president trump just got back into the car known as "the beast." the secret service around him, he is right in front of the white house and i'm sitting here with my panel and we're taking this all in. the majesty of the event, this uniquely american ceremony every four years, celebrating the transfer of power or the continuation of power if a president has been reelected. a tradition, the presidential inaugural dating back to 1789, to george washington one 245 has gone on every four years, during times of war, during times of peace. the cnn political director, when you watch this, what comes to
1:42 pm
mind? you and i have been through a few inaugurations together. >> we have, jake. and you just said back to 1789. it is uniquely american. and i know that we live in very partisan times, very divided times. i understand how bitter the election was. but it's impossible, i think, even if this is not a president you supported, to watch these pictures of the family arriving at the white house for the first time and it's the house that they will all sleep in tonight, what that does to them, these pictures of this new tableau of american leadership, of this first family. we're going to learn how they sort of wear this presidency on them day in and day out. and these first initial image, it's hard not to get goosebumps. >> president trump obviously very well known by the american people for decades. not as well known, members of his family, many of whom who have stayed behind the scenes.
1:43 pm
melania trump was not a hugely -- she didn't campaign a tremendous amount. she tended to her son barron who we saw there, very handsome, very tall 10-year-old. the american people are going to get to know these individuals, the first family. >> right, little by little. the first thing they're going to get to know is today donald trump has two twitter accounts and he's using both of them. [ laughter ] >> he is still using at real donald trump, and he is now potus. look, melania trump had a tough coming out because of that first speech at the republican convention. i think we all know that this was not something she was particularly comfortable with, and she's going to be living in new york so barron can finish the school year. but look at her, she's absolutely elegant. jake, you asked if that looked like jackie kennedy. that looks like jackie kennedy. >> while everybody was watching at home, i was demonstrating my
1:44 pm
cluelessness about women's fashion. i knew it looked like jackie kennedy. the question was, was it an omage, a purposeful omage. >> i think it definitely was. everything from the boufant hair style to th sof pastel dress with the bare ro on top and the gloves. everything emoted camelot, that whole era of the kennedy presidency. i think she looked amazing. >> emily jane fox from vanity fair, your thoughts? >> well, i think if you look at the family in total, especially what ivanka has been posting, the images are very camelot-esque. they are very stylized. ivanka is a master brander. that's why we knew her before all this. she built an incredible brand around just ivanka trump. we're seeing how they will build a brand as a first family. it is a strong american, very
1:45 pm
camelot brand. >> there is the pence family with their daughters, and a son in the marines. that is why i believe he's not here today because of that requirement that he be in the marines. david gurgen, you've been through a number of inaugurals. obviously there is so much tradition that is part of this. this is a very untraditional presence. >> say that again. but i do think, jake, hearing from people around the country today, so many divisions still remain. but unanimous acclaim for melania trump. i mean, she handled herself in a way, she dressed in a way, very stylish. and people are just stunned. i think she and barron coming on the stage really gave a lift to this after what was a firy speech. and i think he set off some alarm bells, has energized a lot of his supporters, but also left
1:46 pm
a lot of people pretty angry and stressed. >> you've been following and covering trump's supporters for the last year and a half and you were telling me that some of them are just moved to tears. this to some of them is the best day of their lives. >> yeah. up know, a lot of people, their reaction to the speech, it was dark, it was too populist. for them it gave them everything they were looking for. he brought to the dais the speech that had spoke to them through the entire campaign. he said he was there for them. he said he was there for everybody. and he talked about the things that were left behind. >> all right. we're going to take a very quick break. when we come back, more of the inaugural parade. stay with us.
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welcome back t cnn's coverage of the presidential
1:51 pm
inaugural of the 45th president of the united states, donald trump. we are being told that donald trump is going to go into the white house. that right there you're looking at right now, that is the reviewing stand. and president trump and his family will be going out there to watch the parade from inside the comfort, but he's in the white house. right now our conversation continues. and bacari, you have said this is donald trump's day. it is a difficult day for democrats such as yourself to watch, but you saw during that congressional lunch donald trump single out president bill clinton and hillary clinton and thanking them and everyone applauded for them. i thought that was a very nice moment. >> i think there's 65 million people that today feel some sort of angst that hillary clinton represents. i thought she was very strong and very graceful. i actually think donald trump
1:52 pm
actually did a good deed by not necessarily mentioning her during the speech because it would have been chants of lock her up or boos that i felt would have been disrespectful for the moment. but yes, i think the democrats today and many people around the country who may be depressed or angry or fearful are looking at this and celebrating an american tradition, the peaceful transfer of power, giving donald trump his due for being the victor in this race. and we can have a question about all of those other things at a later date. but tomorrow, you know, the resistance begins. people will begin to raise their voices in protest and many times in unison. people of good will are coming together. but today i think that, you know, his family, him, vice-president pence and his family, people are actually watching this in awe because win or lose -- sometimes this is even difficult for me to say -- but win or lose, this is what our country is about. it is about the fact that around the world people cannot do this. people cannot celebrate these moments in certain parts.
1:53 pm
we can. a democracy is not always beautiful, and you don't always win, but this is what our country is bui upon. >> let me correct myself from earlier. i was talking about vice-president pence's son. i believe his name is rick, he's a marine. he is here. that's him on the right waving to the crowd. so, he was not in the shot earlier, but there he is celebrating with his father and his mother. >> if i can, just one more thing. one of the things that everyone around this table had said was bragged about donald trump's family and from the beginning of the campaign, i think that myself and many others always said that although we didn't give donald trump a lot of credit for policy, although we didn't give donald trump a lot of credit for anything, he was a good father. and you can tell that in eric, you can tell that in donald. you can tell that in barron. you can tell that in tiffany and so he deserves credit for that. mike pence, you know, a beautiful family. and these two families deserve that respect in this moment to wave to the crowd, to their supporters. they're going to be pressed.
1:54 pm
they're going to be pressed by at least 65 million, if not more beginning very, very soon. >> people talking about how the first lady or second lady didn't ask for any of this. the children of the president and vice-president. congressman marcia black burn of tennessee, you were telling me something earlier about the good seats you had to the inaugural. i kind of assumed ignorantly, all the people who won, the republicans got good seats, and the democrats less so. you said that's not how you're seated. >> we convene on the house floor and gavelled to order. we moved to grouping by our class that we came in with, whether it's the 105th or 107th. i led our class from the 108th and we all signed the placard that says 108th congress. and we were standing there -- i sat next to madelein bordelo who is a democrat and has become a good friend through the years.
1:55 pm
we have traveled together, supported our troops together, and we just had a delightful time. i will say this, since we talked fashion, she's the one that was wearing nancy reagan red. [ laughter ] >> what are you wearing? [ laughter ] >> that's a lovely story. more of that, please. [ laughter ] >> as a voter. chief ramsey, you were the chief of police here in washington, d.c. during the bush inaugural and others, but that was a contentious election, especially after the fact considering it didn't end for 32 days. the challenges for a police chief, for the u.s. secret service are considerable. it looks so smooth and effortless, but it takes probably literally years of planning for something like this. >> well, the planning actually starts about 18 months out. when you first start having discussions around the inauguration. it doesn't matter who becomes president. you don't worry about that until later on. but you know you're going to
1:56 pm
have the event. so, all the parties come together and begin the planning. now, we do it every four years so there's not a lot of difference, but the process does start fairly early. but, you know, security not only along the parade route. when i had it, i wasn't as concerned about this part of it, although it was a concern. i was more concerned about things that happen outside of the hard perimeter if you were going to have protests. that's where you were going to probably have the biggest challenge. >> we're going to take a very quick break. when we come back, the parade and the president will be in the reviewing stand. stay with us. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4.
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and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. live pictures coming in at the inaugural parade here in
2:01 pm
washington, d.c. honoring the new president of the united states, donald trump. we're here right across the street from the white house. dana bash and i, we're covering this inaugural parade. we're literally right in front of that reviewing stand where the president, the vice-president, their families will be. they will be reviewing all of these parades, representatives who have come from all over the country to honor the new president. dana, this is a tradition. it goes back to george washington actually. he started the inaugural parade tradition when government officials, members of congress, army units, prominent citizens simply came in for the swearing in ceremony and it's obviously overall of these years become so much mori lab rat. >> absolutely. although this is not as elaborate as parades that we've seen in the past. certainly that you've covered, and that's intentional. donald trump actually surprisingly perhaps for some didn't want to have an over the top parade, actually limiting the number of inaugural balls tonight as well.
2:02 pm
for this parade he wanted to focus on specific themes, including the military and war veterans. and, so, you'll see a lot of themes and a lot of participants in this parade that bolster that theme. one thing i have to tell you, if you saw this, sara murry, our white house correspondent, reported earlier that one thing that donald trump really wanted in this parade was a tank. he said, can i have a tank as part of the parade? and the source told sara murry no, that's not feasible. he didn't get one thing he wanted. i think this is pretty good for celebration. >> what he did get is a lot of representatives of the united states military. he has often wanted to honor the veterans, the u.s. military personnel, a lot of unit from the u.s. military from across the country. they are marching, they are walking in this parade right now down pennsylnia avenue. theytarted up on capitol hill and they' making their way to where we are right across from
2:03 pm
the reviewing stand, the north lawn of the white house. that's where the president will be, the first lady, the vice-president, mrs. pence as well as their families. and you can see the parade beginning to move. they're running a little bit behind schedule. dana, but they've built in some time. what's interesting is some of the reviewing stands pretty empty right now. maybe it's because of the rain earlier in the day that deterred some folks from coming. you've been speaking with some of the organizers and it's a little surprising to me to see some empty reviewing stands. >> that's right. i actually was going back and forth with tom barak in charge of the stands closest to the reviewing stand. his answer was that these were reserved for cabinet and families of cabinet, they hope people will be cabinet, v.i.p. and they were interesting trouble getting across town. we'll see if that remains the
2:04 pm
case as motor cade is now here. the president, president trump is now in his new home inside the white house. if people can make their was closer, because right as of now, the stands closest to where he is going to be reviewing the parade, are not entirely full. >> the ones on the north lawn of the white house. they are inside. they walked up -- they were right in front of us. you were down on pennsylvania avenue as the car pulled up right in front of you. >> i tried to get them to come out. obviously i wasn't successful because we didn't get a brand-new interview with president trump. he was waving, he was happy and we did see them get out as they turned the corner onto pennsylvania avenue. and obviously before that as well, not surprisingly in front of the trump hotel -- excuse me, also on pennsylvania avenue. >> tim naftali, senior presidential historian is with us as well. there is a rich history, tim, to these parades. >> yes, like so many things in
2:05 pm
our history. george washington established this precedent. but it was thomas jefferson who made it in washington. as we know, the very first inauguration was in new york city. it's theodore roosevelt we have to thank for the magnificent level of parades. theodore roosevelt took the parade, it became much larger under grant. i want something magnificent, for old rough rider. our concept of the inaugural parade on the day of the inauguration, that's p.r. >> tim, it's interesting that some of the units that are participating in this inaugural parade, it's been controversial for their schools, universities. some critics sailing they should not be here, but these folks decided they wanted to be here. this is an important day in american history. >> american citizens have this internal debate. some of them say, look, the inauguration is a matter of our constitutional system, and others say, no, it's a
2:06 pm
celebration of the man who is elected. those who feel it's a celebration of the man who is elected and didn't like him, didn't want to participate. those who felt, no, this is part of the peaceful transfer of government, it's what makes our country so different from others, i'm going to participate because i'm a citizen and this is part of our constitutional system. >> the celebration of that. >> that's what i'm celebrating. again, each citizen makes up his or her own mind. >> dana, the president was sworn in almost exactly five hours ago. he's already done some business. but the u.s. senate is doing some formal business even as we speak and as we observe the inaugural parade. >> that's right, wolf. you mentioned that he wants this to be a hat tip to the united states military. the person who -- the civilian, announced civilian he wants to be in charge of that, the defense secretary, there is a vote going on for his confirmation as we speak. the expectation, given the fact that he only had one no-vote in
2:07 pm
committee, is that he should pass pretty easily. >> general james mattis. >> general james mattis should pass easily to become president trump's defense secretary. and when it comes to national security, he will probably be one of maybe two or three people in place by the end of the day. donald trump is hoping that it would be more. in the past we have seen more than a handful. president obama had seven by the time his inaugural day was over. >> at least general mattis will be the defense secretary of the united states within the next hour or so. and general john kelly, the retired general, he will be the secretary of home land security. his nomination will come forward. and it's interesting, dana, that the first piece of legislation that president trump signed onto law just a few hours ago is legislation, a wave era loug general mattis to become the secretary of defense. he's only been out of uniform
2:08 pm
three years. the law says you have to be out of uniform seven years, but congress passed legislation, a waiver authorizing that he could serve as defense secretary and president trump shortly after he became president, signed that legislation into law. >> that's right. and many democrats, although there is only one democrat who voted no in the committee, kiersten of new york. she did it she said because she didn't like the fact that he had so recently been in the united states military. and many democrats said generally we think that's an important law to keep the civilian leadership of the military. however, in this particular case, this particular individual in general james mattis, they think he is an important person to be in this role for this president. and i'm talking about many democrats and some republicans who were very unsure about the fact president trump doesn't have any national security experience because he couldn't because he has never served in the military or united states government. >> the first time, tim, that
2:09 pm
there is a president who has never served either in the military or in government service. >> that's right. we've had presidents before who had never been elected, hoover, and were not military. we've had a military officer. dwight isenhour wasn't elected, but served. >> this is a new development in american history right now. dana, the third individual that they're really hoping he could be confirmed today, congressman mike pompeo to be director of the cia. he will be confir the question is will it happen today or monday? they really wanted him to be confirmed to take over the cia today, but apparently ron widen of oregon has put up some resistance. >> that's right. i'm looking at some notes from our exceptional hill team, ted barrett and manu raju talking about already things are pretense on the senate floor over this issue. i guess now former cia directors, they're gone, thee
2:10 pm
resigned. this administration wanted to have their guy in place, their guy in mike pompeo in this critical role as cia director immediately on day one, today. and it looks like that might not be happening, but things are fluid, as they say in the united states senate at this moment. >> we know that at the luncheon today after the swearing in ceremony, the president was there. had a little time to talk with the democratic leader, dana, in the u.s. senate, chuck schumer. it seemed like they had some good conversations and i'm sure that this issue came up, get some of these non-controversial candidates approved so that the government can proceed quickly, rapidly with its business. >> one of the most fascinating relationships that i'm going to watch, you're going to watch, we're all going to watch develop, or not develop, is that of president trump and chuck schumer, his fellow new yorker who is the democratic leader who could make or break a lot of things that he wants -- he,
2:11 pm
president trump, wants to get done. >> tim accosta, senior white house correspondent, you're getting news. what are you learning? >> we are waiting on the senate to finally confirm donald trump's pick to be secretary of defense general james mattis. we did see donald trump sign that legislation earlier today. essentially allowing general mattis to have that waiver so he can serve as secretary of defense being a retired general. one thing we also should point out is that donald trump has already started to undo the obama agenda. earlier today he signed an executive action essentially eliminate thing cut in the mortgage insurance premium that president obama announced at the end of his administration. that is a sign right there that donald trump is starting to go after and undo what pside had done, obama had done in office. but just to paint a picture of where we are right now, wolf, we're standing -- we don't do this very much. you can appreciate this. we're standing in the middle of
2:12 pm
the north white house lawn. if you try to do this any other day at the white house, you would be escorted rather quickly by secret service out of this area. donald trump is going to walk out of the white house where he is inside right now, which we should mention, this is a very historic moment. donald trump as president of the united states, inside the white house right now. but soon he'll come out of the white house, that north entrance and come right past this honor guard. he has a taste for military pomp and circumstance. this honor guard which has been standing here the last couple of hours in this position, wolf, really a testament to their dedication. they will be greeting donald trump, the president of the united states, as he comes through here with the first family. but this has been an extraordinary past few hours here at the white house, wolf. we've seen senior officials with this new administration sort of kicking the tires inside. steve ban on, who is going to be the chief political advisor to president trump, he was just inside the white house briefing
2:13 pm
room which is very interesting. obviously there's been a lot of talk as to what might happen to the white house press and the white house briefing room in this new administration. sean spicer, the incoming now white house press secretary, he's inherited the at-press-sec twitter handle. he was inside the press briefing room talking to reporters earlier today. and, wolf, from what we expect to hear from donald trump shortly is that he's been inside this white house, has looked around, and really gotten a sense of where he is at this moment. the scope, the magnitude of the presidency is now resting on his shoulders and, he may even have had a chance to read that letter that president obama left behind in the oval office. the outgoing obama administration officials wouldn't tell us what was in that letter to donald trump. perhaps we'll get a sense of that from the new president here in the coming hours. i mean, just to really paint this picture, wolf, it hasn't been that often today where the
2:14 pm
press has gotten this close to the new president, but he's going to be walking just about ten or so feet from where i'm standing right now. this is going to be quite a moment when he comes out of the white house and walks right past us, wolf. >> he's going to be walking past you towards the reviewing stand. right behind us here on pennsylvania avenue we're in lafayette park, directly across from the north lawn of the white house. jim, while you were speaking, we got the official word from the united states senate. the senate has voted to confirm general james mattis as the next defense secretary. overwhelming approval for him, the cabinet, the senate now taking up the confirmation of retired general john kelly to be secretary of home land security. dana, he will be confirmed overwhelmingly. they're still fighting whether congressman mike pompeo, whether his vote to become the cia director will happen today or it will be delayed until monday. he'll be confirmed as the cia director. the republicans and the president really want him to be confirmed today. they want that operation to go
2:15 pm
forward. >> that's right. and as you said, the democrats are resisting. this is the way the united states senate works. get used to it, president trump. there are times when one senator can use the power that each senator has to hold something up, even when perhaps -- i'm not sure if that's the case now, but all 99 others say, okay, we can move something quickly. and this is a power that senators use to barter and to trade. so, in that sense perhaps donald trump is well suited for that because he knows how to do the trade, the deal. >> i want to go back to jim accosta. jim, you're there on the north lawn of the white house, not your usual position as you point out, right in the center of the north lawn. they've allowed you to go there. pretty soon momentarily, we're told -- in fact, looks like they're beginning to walk out, at least some folks from the white house going towards the reviewing stand. looks like that's barron trump and looks like jared kushner and ivanka trump, dana, we're seeing
2:16 pm
the family coming out first, don, jr., eric trump, their family, the kids, the president and the president's grandchildren are there as well. this is historic. they're going to be walking, jim accosta, right nea you. i don't know if they'll want to stop and say hello. go ahead as they walk past you. maybe some will come and say hi. >> we're going to give it a is shot, wolf. we have this honor guard in front of you. you can see eric trump. they're making their way down this walkway that they put in the north lawn of the white house. then behind tiffany is ivanka trump and jared kushner, her husband who is going to be a senior advisor to president trump, as you know. and don, jr., and all the grand kids are in toe. we've been talk about this all day long. there is don, jr., nodding to us. how do you feel, john, jr., about the day? >> feel good.
2:17 pm
>> good, good. i said, how's it going there? it has felt like to a lot of americans watching this as sort of a new camelot and other officials are making their way here, wolf. we expect to see the incoming or new president very shortly. here comes reince priebus and his wife. they're starting to come down this walkway. of course reince priebus being the new white house chief of staff. he's brought a lot of his folks over from the republican national committee. mr. priebus, how are you today, sir? how did it go? very good, got a thumbs up from mr. priebus. good to see you, sir. everything's good. dan who will be in charge of social media. making his way, walked past the camera. wolf, you're going to be seeing a lot of pictures, instagrams and tweets from him througho. we saw that throughout the campaign. don't see donald trump and melania -- >> we see the vice-president and
2:18 pm
mrs. pence right now, jim accosta. they just walked out of the north porticoo of the white house. they'll be walking towards the reviewing stand, walking right past you very, very shortly and eventually the president and the first lady, they will be walking past you as well to the reviewing stand. and then all of those units in this inaugural parade, they'll be coming right in front of the president and the vice-president, their families. they'll have an opportunity to see this special event -- >> how do you feel about the day, sir, mr. vice-president elect, how do you feel about the day? >> very humbling. >> thank you, sir. i don't know if you heard that, very humbling, very grateful, asked to describe this day. obviously the weight of the world is now on both donald trump and mike pence as this new administration gets moving. >> i think those are appropriate words, dana, very humbling to see yourself in his particular case as the vice-president of the united states, now the
2:19 pm
former governor of indiana, former u.s. congressman. >> that's right. i actually had a chance to interview him a couple of days ago just on the mall down the mall from the capital. and he was looking at it saying, i really can't believe that this is going to happen, that i am going to be the 48th vice-president of the united states. certainly this has been a roller coaster of what, three, four months for him. >> let's listen in. the president of the united states is about to be introduced. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice-president of the united states. >> and mrs. karen pence. ♪ ♪
2:20 pm
>> and here comes the president of the united states and the first lady of the united states, dana. they just walked don down the north portico. they'll be walking along the north lawn of the white house towards that reviewing stand. jim accosta, you're there. maybe he'll stop by and give you a word. >> that's right, wolf. you can see the president of the united states and the first lady making their way towards us right now. it's n just me out here, wolf. we've got a lot of other reporters asking questions and we'll give it a shot here. just gave a thumbs up to one of my colleagues. mr. president, how would you describe the day, sir? >> unbelievable, beautiful. >> thank you, sir. there you go, he says unbelievable when asked to describe the day, wolf, as he's walking past us.
2:21 pm
>> it is unbelievable when you think about where he was only, what, a year and a half or so ago, and now all of a sudden he's the president of the united states. >> it is, and wolf, justify think about what has happened in the past hour, less than an hour. he came up on his parade route, went into the white house, and likely sat in the oval office for the very first time probably, opened the drawer and read the note, the traditional handwritten note from his predecessor, president barack obama, former president barack obama and sat there and said, wow. >> listen in. he's going to be introduced together with the first lady as well. then we'll be going down those stairs into the reviewing stand and see this parade unfold. ♪ ♪
2:22 pm
>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the 45th president of the united states. donald trump and the first lady of the united states, melania trump. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] [cheering and applauding]
2:23 pm
>> there you see the president of the united states and the first lady of the united states surrounded by their family, surrounded by close friends, surrounded by some top officials who will be serving in the trump administration. and they will now have a front-row seat, dana, as this -- in the reviewing stand as this parade, all the various units who have come, military, civilian from around the country, to honor the new president of the united states and the new first lady and the vice-president is there as well. >> and it really is remarkable. and i don't think we can say it enough on this day. donald trump is president of the united states. and he he decided he was going to do this, and he's the first
2:24 pm
to say, nobody took him seriously. you know what? he's not wrong. not a lot of people did take him seriously. and then he obviously start today -- look at that, he's having a great time with his son barron. >> 10-year-old. he's been with the president all day at all the events. >> i don't know if the viewers can hear. there are people down below us chanting for barron. he's been having a blast today, hasn't he? >> he certainly has. >> that's the wonderful thing about these events. you really get to know your leaders as human beings, as parents, as grandparents. and that's what we got to see today. >> all right. the various units in the parade, they're going to be marching right in front of the reviewing stand, right in front of the president, the vice-president, their families, their close friends. we're going to take a quick break. we're going to watch all of this unfold on this very historic day. the special situation room unfolding. we'll be right back.
2:25 pm
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or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. welcome back. special coverage here in "the
2:29 pm
situation room." there you see the 45th president of the united states and his top aides, the vice-president saluting the u.s. military units parading in front of the reviewing stand, right in front of the north lawn of the white house. we're here, the special situation room, dana bash with me, as we watch the units, military units, there will be civilian units as well from universities, other institutions all marching on this historic day, january 20th, 2017, 2017, the first day of this new presidency, dana, and it's a moment that the trumps, the pences, they will always remember. >> no question. and this is one coming up that's near and dear to the new president's heart. city of new york police department. >> he is a new yorker, born and bred. >> absolutely. he is all new yorker, and he's standing up and he's saluting.
2:30 pm
>> you see his family there. there's ivanka and jared right in front of your screen. and the first lady melania right in the middle of the screen, the vice-president there in the front row as well. let's just listen for a moment. ♪ ♪ >> you see them saluting. now you see the presidentev served in the military, like the former president, president obama, never solved in the military. they were making sure the military experts there he is saluteling properly. >> he's got a lot of people around him. you remember, you covered bill clinton. he got a lot of flack for not saluting properly. >> right. >> especially given the context of the fact that he hadn't served and that was an issue in his campaign. now, donald trump has not served in the military, but he was sent to military school.
2:31 pm
>> in high school. >> in high school. so, i'm guessing they did a fair bit of saluting there. but that was a long time ago, wasn't it? >> yeah. there he is. he's saluting the u.s. military. he's obviously very, very grateful for the service of the united states military. he's there with his family and right in the front of the screen once again, that's his 10-year-old son barron. for a 0-year-old, dana, he's pretty tall. >> barron? yeah, he's got tall parents. that's what happens. >> that's happens. it's an historic moment. the presidential hiss taure-- historian is with us as well. give us a little history. >> well, right now president trump is enjoying one of the benefits of being president because america is coming and marching in front of him. and presidential parades just like the rest of the inauguration, reflect the personality and vision of the president.
2:32 pm
and the themes of this parade echo some of the themes of president trump's campaign, some of the things he wanted to focus on, law and order and the military. >> i want to add one thing while we see the new president saluting. reporting from our jeff belamy, he did practice, actively practice with a member of the military to make sure he knew how to do it right, not obviously for this parade, but commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces. >> president obama did the same thing back in 2009. now you see he another unit beginning to walk in front reviewing stand, another unit close to the president's heart, the wounded warrior project as well, the men and women who served in iraq and afghanistan and unfortunately so many of them came home wounded. this is a subject very, very dear to this new president of e unitedtates. >> that's right. more than one veteran group. >> near and dear to the departing president of the united states.
2:33 pm
>> no question. >> and also the vice spent a lot of time working with wounded veterans. >> these are the paralyzed veterans of america, as you see followed by the new york military academy. we're going to continue to watch this parade unfold. we're going to watch the new president. we're going to watch the new vice-president, their families as they observe. they're right across the street from us in the reviewing stand on the north lawn of the white house. we'll be right back. ♪ audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪
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2:37 pm
port you're looking at the view from the reviewing stand, president trump watching the inaugural parade in his honor during this celebration of the 45th presidency and the peaceful transition of power in american democracy on this day that ended up having much nicer weather than we thought it was going to. but while all this pagentry is going on on this end of pennsylvania avenue, on the other end there is actually work being done in the u.s. senate. and for that we go to our own
2:38 pm
manu raju. i guess the first order of business, we have a new secretary of defense. >> yeah, that's right. general james mattis actually in the process of being confirmed by the united states senate as the next secretary of defense. overwhelmingly, right now there are 98 senators in favor of mr. mattis, former general mattis to take that position. only one voting against mattis, that's the new york democrat who is concerned about having a former military officer take that top civilian post at the pentagon. but right after that, the senate is going to move to confirm general john kelly to be the next home land security secretary, also expected to be done by partisan basis. but it's not all kum ba ya in the isn't that. in fact, there is a big fight that is happening right now over the cia director nominee mike pompeo and whether or not he should be confirmed today or next week. there are some democrats who, like oregon senator ron widen, who want to hold that fight over
2:39 pm
to next week because they believe there are some questions that mr. pompeo has to answer about key surveillance programs. but republicans are dead set on getting the cia director nominee confirmed tonight and they're trying to push very hard, force democrats to cave, get mr. pompeo into the post, and jake, some tempers flying as well, some republicans accusing chuck schumer the minority leader of breaking his word by not allowing a word happen tonight, something schumer aids deny and confrontation on the floor between tom cotton, the two republicans and schumer over this topic. so, some tension happening after that very bipartisan day. but we'll see what happens with pompeo. it's uncertain exactly when he will be confirmed to the post, jake. >> and, manu, pompeo will almost certainly be confirmed, if not today, monday. so, why are democrats delaying it? what's the issue discussed specifically? >> well, oregon senator ron
2:40 pm
white took to the floor and said there are a number of issues pompeo has not fully explained. they're concerned the committee did not have an actual vote in the committee, intelligence committee before the floor vote happened later. so, he says there are things he needs to respond to particularly with regard to the domestic surveillance on americans. that is of course an issue that civil libertarians like senator widen himself have raised concerns over. republicans say that he has answered those questions and they say that the country cannot afford to not have a cia director now given that john brennan, former outgoing cia director resigned his post at noon today. so, there are some questions going forward about whether or not democrats will allow that to happen tonight. but that's the issue that's coming to a head here on capitol hill, jake. >> all right, manu raju, thank you so much. back with our panel. jeff, we were just talking about this a second ago.
2:41 pm
at this .8 years ago -- >> i think when nominees are confirmed, there are many differences in this case. one, a lot of these nominees were put up after the fact. president obama was clearly more prepared for his transition. he had a lot of the vetting done beforehand as opposed to after the election. so, i think so many differences. and the ethics office here is also going through a far different array of people. there were a lot of governs, a lot of cabinet -- elected officials in the obama cabinet. in this canet there aren't. a lot of billionaires, a lot of billionaires so it's much more complex. some of them have not been forthcoming with their paperwork. so, if the shoe is on the other foot this time and in the obama cabinet, billionaires who hadn't completed their ethics report, i think republicans would be doing the same thing.
2:42 pm
this is one of those things that will work itself out. i don't think we should get too stirred up about this. the worry i hear more is the cabinet. >> deputies, assistants. >> yes. monday morning those offices will be dark. those positions haven't been filled yet. >> and david gergen, i think it's fair to say that in the same way that donald trump, the president, was not confident he was going to win. this transition got off to a slow start. >> it did get off to a slow start, and especially in this case because he had chris christy running the transition time it started awhile ago, well before the election. this whole team was decapitated and they had to start all over again which i think really slowed them down. i want to go to jeff. i think the substructure is a critical point because we live in a dangerous world. cnn has been reporting north korea may be firing missiles to threaten us, challenge us.
2:43 pm
donald trump deserves to get someone like pompeo confirmed as quickly as possible so he has people who have security clearances. secretary of state, would-be secretary of state should be confirmed. he's not going to have a security clearance if something happens here in the next few days. the national security is particularly important and to get that substructure and i think the trump team needs to build a far stronger team of their own to get these people processed, get the names up there and get it done. >> one of the big concerns i've heard from republicans talking about this also is this is a vulnerable time. donald trump is new to politics. much of his team is new to government. and, so, someone like pompeo, they really would like to have in there as quickly as possible. the other thing is to what david said was, not only was chris christie decapitated, but let's face it, donald trump didn't think he was going to win. and, so, a lot of these things
2:44 pm
simply were not ready to go in the same way as barack obama or other past presidents. the whole thing is way behind. >> one of the other things about pompeo, though, the major story line of this transition was this whole russian intelligence and the war that donald trump was having with the intelligence community. i think that is another reason we're seeing republicans are eager to have a new head of the intelligence of the cia so donald trump can really begin to put that behind him. i know we are all very interested in the business of the trump administration getting underway. out of the corner of my eye, i'm still watching these pictures of donald trump and his family from the white house. i don't know about you guys, i'm a little surprised how much donald trump seems to be relishing this parade. >> parade for him. why wouldn't he -- >> he is not usually, i don't think, somebody who like loves ceremony like this. he certainly loves his own p.r. on his terms. he's having a ball. >> he love it.
2:45 pm
it doesn't surprise me donald trump likes it so much. >> he so much enjoyed the celebration at the lincoln memorial. he was swaying with the music. he was singing. i've seen him before his rallies. if the music is playing, he'll just stand back and watch and sort of sway with the music. i think he's really into this. yeah, and really into the people. not only seeing the parade, i think he loves seeing the people there. he he feeds off of that. >> andre, i think this is one of the things when donald trump talks about how he's here for the people, he doesn't care about the stars. he wants these -- well, we can debate how much he does care about that. but his public position is, i don't care about that. i care about the forgotten men, the forgotten women. you can look at these people participating in the parades, police forces, high schools from all over the country and say this is who he was talking about. >> this is a patriotic guy. when you see pictures of him
2:46 pm
hugging the flag, with the troops, in his heart of hearts he's benefitted from the american system. he loves this country no matter what you personally think about donald trump. this is a day for him. he's getting to see the country that he loves so much and to come together. he's getting a little of the past today, it won't be like that tomorrow. but today he's feeling every bit of it. he gave a speech that i think eloquently stated that. that this is about the people. >> all right. we're going to take a very quick break. when we come back, more in the situation room and the inaugural parade. stay with us. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. inaugural parade continues in front of the reviewing stand. there you see the reviewing tanned, the president and the r
2:51 pm
smiles as they see these units go by. >> mike pence is especially ecstatic it be the marching band marching by now is his alma mat mater, who raised $115,000 to raise money for this inaugural parade. this group, tragedy assistance ogra this is a fantastic program. that we have actually done a number of stories on at cnn where you have kids and spouses of service members who have been lost either in training, or in war, and they help out the families. so you're seeing just the gamut of all of these groups that are participating, the thousands of people that are participating in this parade. >> they were really happy, not just the family, it's not every
2:52 pm
day you see the entire family of the president and the entire family of the vice president. but when the marching band went by and they performed in front of the president and the first lady, their smiles, you saw the president moving, and reacting, so positively. >> they're called the marching tornadoes, and i think we saw why, so much energy that they brought to this and they were also a group that faced a little bit of backlash coming here, they said, look, we're representing our school, this is about something very big and we're going to be here for this and they came and they put on quite a show. >> and you saw the president reacting very, very warmly. you see the first lady in blue, you see if ivanka trump, and barron, who at 10 years old sees his dad become president of the
2:53 pm
united states. >> you look at him, he's so tall, it's easy to forget that he's only 10 years old and he's showed amazing attention span throughout the day, enjoying all the various festivities that we have been seeing, including this parade here, hours and hours of pageantry, it's a lot to ask of kids and we're seeing him go through that today, wolf. >> he's clearly watching these participants in front of the reviewing stand. he stayed at the official guest house for visitors of the white house, and tonight he'll be staying in the white house. and melania and barron will be staying the weekend. >> they willot be moving to the white house, until school is out, but we are told by trump sources that they will be
2:54 pm
moving, the first lady will, and barron will be moving into the white house after the school year is over. >> these first days, january 20, these are long days for a new president. >> by the way, they're going to balls tonight, too. >> the problem is they're supposed to relax and have a good time but they have a lot of work to do. so at a certain point during the balls, a lot of the folks, members of the administration are going to have to wonder, i have to get to bed because i have a heck of a lot of work to do tomorrow. so there's a lot of celebration and a sense of we have to get started. >> and we have heard from other administrations, this isn't a day that begins at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. because they had a late night, this is something they hit the ground running early in the morning. >> james mattis, the retired general has now been confirmed
2:55 pm
as defense secretary of the united states. there was a waiver that the president signed into law today after the house and senate approved that waiver. but the first member of the new trump cabinet, it's official now, james mattis is the defense secretary of the united states, now they're going to take up general john kelly, retired, he's going to be clearly the next secretary of homeland security as well. there you see the president, you see the vice president. our special coverage here in "the situation room" continues right after a quick break. ♪ it's an important question you ask, but one i think with a simple answer. we have this need, you and i. from the time we were little. to peek over our neighbor's fence. and once we do, we see there is wonder waiting on the other side.
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2:59 pm
welcome back. the inaugural parades continue here on pennsylvania avenue here in front of the white house. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the
3:00 pm
situation room". a special situation room. brianna keeler is what ith us a well. we're directly across the street from where the president and his family and the vice president and his family are there watching. he's getting a briefing, because amount of the military units are marching in front of the president. >> we also saw presentation from the naval academy. and first, wolf, as you know, this is just part of the day as obviously we're getting into the evening here, there's so much ahead here with the parade still going on, and going into the evening with the inaugural balls. >> it's been a long day already, and it's not over by any means, because they're going to three balls, inaugural balls, but it started early in the morning, it started with a church service, right near where we are right now, they had coffee and tea
3:01 pm
with the outgoing president and the first lady, then they went over to the capitol hill for the swearing in ceremony and the luncheon. it's been a long day already. >> and now the parade and as they move into going to these balls, the big question is going to be who did melania trump, the first lady decide to wear, right? that's what everyone wants to know, who has dressed the first lady, as we get to see them for their first dance of the night. >> on the bottom of the screen, onhe right-hand side, th's ralph lauren and we're told you're very familiar with ralph lauren. >> a wonderful designer and so far i would say she's getting rave reviews for what she did choose to wear, a lot of people say it evokes a jackiesque imagery with the color and the cut that she chose. we have been seeing her throughout the day, and really what we're noticing right now
3:02 pm
with donald trump is how much he is enjoying the marching bands, whether you see them coming from high schools, we have seen the boy scouts go by. and we have seen representatives from the military. >> this is going to first night the president and his family will be spending in the white house. jim acosta, you're there on the lawn of the white house, not the traditional north lawn of the white house you're close to the action where that viewing stand is? >> reporter: we're right by the walkway that donald and melania trump just took a while ago to watch that parade go by, we'll have a chance to see them return inside the white house shortly. we have also seen some of the picks go by, steve mnuchin, the commerce secretary, and that big news that we just had in the last hour, that james mattis has
3:03 pm
been confirmed by the senate to be the new defense secretary, donald trump as one of his first acts as president today he signed the bill that grants that waver to allow him to serve in that role, being newly retired from the military, he had to get that waiver. one of the things he did was to begin undoing the obama agenda, he signed an executive order basically rolling back a premium insurance cut on mortgages that the obama administration announced in their last days, donald trump basically undid that as one of his first acts as president of the united states. we should point out, sean pie spicer, the white house press secretary walked by and one of the questions, they did the
3:04 pm
parade, they went into the white house and came back us here. and sean spicer said no, president trump has not been inside the oval office yet. >> the moving out and moving in, happened very rapidly, and it was an amazing moment, jim acosta, tell us how quickly president obama left the white house with the first lady and how quickly the new team moved in? >> reporter: that's right wolf, just a few hours, the teams here moved mr. obama and mrs. obama's belongings out of the white house. and it's an amazing sort of extreme makeover of 1600 pennsylvania avenue, that we'll be seeing carried out over the next several weeks, but, wolf, one thing we do not know yet is
3:05 pm
that donald trump has not been in the oval office yet, is what he is going to make of that letter left behind by president obama to his successors, it's one of those amazing pieces of history that we see play out every four years, or eight years, in the case of president obama and george w. bush, the outgoing president leaves a letter for the incoming president. it's the people's white house, but this is going to be donald trump's white house for the next four years and he's going to get a chance to take a look around here later on this evening and settle into his oval office. it's his oval office now. we want to point out, a few moments ago, steve bannon, the white house political advisor, and reince priebus who walked out a little while ago, he went back inside the white house. so a lot of comings and goings of these whiteouse officials.
3:06 pm
>> and we have word that president obama before he left did write a letter to president trump. maybe the president will share that with us, from the rose garden, a camera there, you see president obama walking from the oval office out and then later he walked down the colony. >> you would say that's not part of the moving out. but that was part of the logistics, that is pete souza, the white house photographer, which i believe we actually have a picture of that to show, he took a number of pictures today that were there are sentimental and here's one of them. the president with his last exit from the oval office.
3:07 pm
>> that is a tradition for the outgoing president to write a note for the incoming president. >> yes, it's also tradition for there to be a final photo as the president leaves the oval office for the last time. you can see that from previous presidents. by the way a few of the notes were just released by a couple of presidential libraries and bill clinton's note is interesting, number one he says that george bush, burdens are heavy, but this job can be fun. >> he loved it more than any president i think in modern times. >> that was a moment i'm sure he didn't love. but there you see the now former president of the united states, he's heading for some well deserved time off, with michelle obama, they'll be getting in some well deserved time off. meanwhile, the marching bands
3:08 pm
continue in front of the viewing stand here on pennsylvania avenue, outside the north lawn of the white house, the president and the first lady, the vice president and mrs. their families are enjoying as well. it's only 6:07 here on the east coast. they're going to be leaving fairly soon, they're going to go back inside the white house, change and get ready for these three inaugural balls. >> right now they're enjoying this group, the little ringlers, they're called from the great state of texas, but they're hours and hours ahead of the the president and the vice president and their families as they go to these balls, but there's still a number of interesting groups that we're seeing here in this inauguration parade. >> and we're seeing the boy scouts of america, the boy scouts represented here in this inaugural parade, we know that
3:09 pm
rex tillerson has been nominated for secretary of state. and he was the national leader of the scouts and he's very, very proud of that. >> we have been talking about some of the controversies there has been with some groups that are critics of president trump, have questioned some groups coming here to participate in the inaugural parade. the girl scouts, one of the groups that got that criticism but of course they responded and they said this is about something bigger than endorsing a certain person for president, but it goes beyond that, and a lot of these groups feel that it's an honor, and it's also a chance to represent themselves on a national stage. >> this is the united states air force, the united states air force band representatives from the u.s. air force academy, the u.s. air force color guard, the u.s. air force national guard. let's just listen in for a minute.
3:10 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> the united states air force, presenting the active duty air force and the united states air force color guard. representing the united states around the nation since 1948. follow that is the united states air force color guard. proudly a lly carrying the colo the nation and the united states air force, and the united states air force honor guard.
3:11 pm
starting in 1948, the honor guard performs in a variety of ceremonies. >> one of the things i love about these parades, you have the marching bands, the representatives from all branches of the u.s. military, and when they come by, you can't help but be moved. >> and the cool fact that the first future president of the united states to participate in an inaugural parade, was a young cadet, his name was dwight d. eisenhower and he paraded in fro 1917. >> the representatives from the u.s. military as they observe the u.s. air force earlier we saw the army, we saw the navy, pretty soon by the way, you can see the coast guard as well. they are fully represented here on this important day. >> it is so important to president trump, this is
3:12 pm
something that he talked a lot about on the campaign trail, that he was trying very much to be the candidate of folks in the military. we saw this after he had been elected. he went to the army-navy game last month. to quite a reception, i actually happened to be there and he was received very well at that game. and he's been trying to carry that message through here to the parade. >> were you army or navy, brianna, we wanto know. >> i am a new army wife, i actually has part of my vows, pledged during good times and bad, and there's been some bad ones, but i will always cheer for army. >> i got a chance to be at her wedding, on behalf of all of our viewers, congratulations, and you met a really nice guy who serves in the united states
3:13 pm
military. >> i sure did, he's a lieutenant colonel in the army. >> there we see the new first family of the united states, the man in the front of the screen, that's jared kushner, jared kushner, married to ivanka trump, jared kushner is going to be playing a very significant role in the west wing of the white house. >> he is someone who repeatedly, we have seen the president talk about being key to the most difficult of all problems that any president or secretary of state will attempt, and that is the mid east peace process, we think he's going to be instrumental in other areas as well. but this is somebody that donald trump has relied on for months, during the course of his run for the presidency and we expect that to continue in the white house. >> mission impossible, so many have tried, so many have failed, but clearly president trump
3:14 pm
wants his son-in-law to be involved in at least starting to talk and work out a deal. that's a tough, tough assignment. >> ivanka trump in her role, as a first daughter, will be so influential, i don't want to say a defactor first lady, very much i think in her own role, but perhaps taking up some of these duties. >> a first daughter has not play as prominent a local since margaret truman, but julie nixon eisenhower was involved in a lot of ideas with her father. but jared kushner will be the most prominent son-in-law of a president since dwight eisenhower. so very interesting.
3:15 pm
we had the kennedy brothers who helped each other, but this is a cross generational situation. and we have had it before in american history, we just haven't had it that often. >> it is sort of unusual for the president to be so reliant on his son-in-law for these critically important decisions and he really relies on his daughter, ivanka as well. >> we don't know how the trump organization actually operated in the last few years, in terms of how the sons and his daughter has shaped his approach to business these last few years. >> manu, we know that general mattis is now the defense secretary of the united states, he's been confirmed by the united states senate, what are you hearing about johnny --
3:16 pm
>> two of trump's nominees are confirmed on his first day in office. that is probably the only nominees he's going to get confirmed on day one. because right now there's not a deal in the senate in order to confirm more of his nominees, there needs to be a bipartisan agreement. one question is what to do about mike pompeo, to be trump's -- the civil libertarian who had concerns about some of in trump's views about surveillance matters, republicans have been pushing very hard for pomp to be confirmed here. therwere only two confirmed
3:17 pm
whenark obama was nominated in 2009. and having just two on his first day is actually the least amount of nominees confirmed since george h.w. bush in 1989 and republicans are saying democrats are not being fair and trying to slow down the trump agenda. but democrats are saying that these nominees need more vetting and there is concern about their record. so this is still going to be a fight over the next few weeks over what to do with the rest of trump's cabinet. but for now, two are in place, general james mattis for homeland defense, and john kelly as defense secretary. >> he did not vote, but the person who voted no was kristen
3:18 pm
jill gillen brand who had been nominated to take that top civilian post at the pentagon. she actually had a waiver that would allow this situation to happen. she was obviously in the minority of the minority, every other member disagreed with her, they voted to confirm general mattis clearly one of trump's nominees that is overwhelmingly supported in the senate, others however, much more controversial. >> we're going to continue to watch the parade, the military parade, the civilians in front of the reviewing stand, brianna keeler is with us, our special situation room continues right after a quick break.
3:19 pm
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3:23 pm
these are some helicopter pilots from the vietnam war, driving by. president trump having made a big issue of improving the va, making conditions better for veterans in this country. a few blocks away from this display of pageantry, there have been protests and riots. we were just told by the d.c. police that there were with 217 arrests, and six officers injured. luckily none of them seriously. we have with us the former chief of pole here in washington, d.c. and other cities. chief ramsey, 217, that sounds to me as a civilian, that sounds like a big number. >> well, it is. an event like this, you go into it hoping you have zero and it's unusual to have anything like this. in fact during the entire time i served here, we never had any numbers that approached this in terms of an inaugural event.
3:24 pm
>> i remember some tough world bank protests. >> that was a little bit different. but you've got some of the same people, i don't want to call them protesters because this has nothing to do with the first amendment, there are some that come with the intent of causing problems and things of that nature, and it does a disservice to those protesters who want to legitimately express their views. >> is that general jim mattis there? that is the first member of the trump cabinet to be confirmed, retired marine general james "mad dog" mattis. very well regarded in washington, d.c., very well regarded by civilians and the military, he was confirmed by a vote of 98-1. that's an overwhelming majority. in the u.s. senate, general jim
3:25 pm
mattis, who's only been out of the military for three years. normally the regulation is you have to be out of the military for seven years to become secretary of defense, because civilian control of the military is important. but a waiver has been signed. you've been making the point that people have not turned out for president trump as they have for -- >> i think it's fair to say that president trump comes in with the lowest approval rating of any president in modern history. i don't think it's fair to make the comparison to today and barack obama. barack obama was the first black president. you can see the metro even tweeted out the statistics of those who are riding the metro here, so i think that may be an unfair comparison.
3:26 pm
but when you look at george w. bush's second inauguration, it still pales in comparison to that. but at the end of the day, this may be surprising, jake, but none of that really matters, because although they may not have come to the inauguration, enough of them came to the polls for him to be president of the united states. so that damage is done, some of us call it damage, but that is done. so i think his voters may not show up for the pomp and circumstance, as much as my good friend david chalise enjoys it. >> he's a patriot, what can you say? >> donald trump can take some solace that people didn't fill up the mall behind us, and they didn't fill up the bleachers along the parade route but they did fill up the voting booth. >> it is interesting because donald trump was somebody who prided himself, he was so proud of how big the crowds were that
3:27 pm
came to see him and in retrospect, obviously those crowds meant a lot more than the media and pollsters suggested they did. at the time, it's not necessarily that more people voted for trump, because they didn't, but the enthusiasm for trump in rural areas, place like pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, et cetera. but it's not surprising that the turnout is not as high. >> he took such great pride, every time he had a rally, look at the crowds, these are the biggest crowds every, of course he says that about everything. but this is not something people gravitated towards, this is not something they attended, when i went to obama's inaugural in 2009, i was on an amtrak train and i took it from chicago in just for the experiencend i
3:28 pm
mean it was just is filled and people were dancing and singing and it was very joyous, but there also probably wasn't the planning in place to set up churches and community centers for people to stay. there wasn't that sort of infrastructure as part of the planning for this inauguration. >> is it fair to say also, that the tone was doesn't, nthe tone was different because there was such promise about barack obama, the oceans are going to recede, and all of our problems are going to go away, whereas donald trump has painted, i don't want to say darker, but he's painting a tough picture of america right now, things are broken and we need to get them fixed.
3:29 pm
>> donald trump has such a diverse crowd that people feel better watching it at home. obama broke the glass ceiling, there's no question, that people that felt that they had been left out of the process for so long saw barack obama and they felt like they were part of that movement and they turned out eight years ago. a lot of trump folks are working today and happy about the new movement, but you're right, it was a bitter race between two very tough opponents and mccain and romney both of them elections were not nearly as divisive or as bitter and nasty as this last election. >> trump doesn't have a g geographical base. donald trump's support is spread
3:30 pm
out far and wide, and it is a big drive to come here and a big commitment, but also it speaks to his approval rating as david was saying earlier, he has a 40% approval rating, you voted for change, you didtry clinton, you didn't necessarily fall in love with donald trump. those people who wanted change now want him to deliver. >> he also didn't have a traditional republican base, let's remember, former president bush 41 voted for hillary clinton, former president bush 43 did not vote at all. we can line up so many other republicans who were never trump and didn't vote. so he didn't have that base either, along with it. although i think it was very impressive that all the former presidents came today, except former president bush was in the hospital. but i'm told he watched, he and barbara holding hands watched the entire inauguration in the hospital. >> this is the first time i'll
3:31 pm
ever say this, on the right side of the screen, you you see president trump talking to general jim mattis. this is the first time that the president has sat down and spoken with a member of his cabinet. we're told that retired general john kelly has been confirmed as secretary of the department of homeland security. >> i agree with everything that cory said, the obama inaugural was a one of a kind, i don't think we'll ever see that again, it's just unfair, i thought trump had a very sizable turnout, he clearly has mobilized millions in this country. i think if you were black, latino, you might have looked at this screen today and said where are people like me in the crowd? it was a sea of white faces and i do think that over time i hope
3:32 pm
the trump administration and people who are minorities will feel more embraced and there will be more healing on that front. >> and one of the things we haven't seen in this country, but i'm only 32 years old. and people around here who's seen these things a few times over. but tomorrow, you're going to have 200,000, 250,000 people come to protest in the women's march, the day after you inaugurate a new president of the united states. >> we'll see what the numbers actually are. >> you do have that movement coming in, i don't recall in reading the history and having not necessarily lived it that you have that type of movement immediately after you have a new president gets sworn in. >> we're going to take a quick break, we'll have more coverage of the donald trump inauguration. there's general james mattis. we'll be right back.
3:33 pm
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welcome back. the parade, the inaugural parade is now over, you see the president and the first lady walking on the white house lawn
3:37 pm
to go back. jim acosta, you're right in front of them as they lead this procession of their family and friends? >> reporter: just a few moments ago, i asked donald trump, president, what he plans to do first now that the inauguration, he said hi he's going to get about the business of running the united states. he's going to have a swearing in of general james mattis. another reporter who was standing alongside me said what are those orders and he said you'll know soon enough. he started heading into the white house, but right behind him was vice president and mrs. pence. they are headed inside the white house, now that all the pomp and circumstance is over of the trump administration, and you're watching it live as it unfolds. >> two members of this cabinet have now been confirmed about the united states senate, james
3:38 pm
mattis who will be the defense secretary, and john kelly who will be the secretary of homeland security. it looks like mike pompeo will be overwhelmingly confirmed on monday. they hoped he would be confirmed as cia director. >> that means that trurp has a lot of work to do. that is really the work that i think they are going to start back up with tomorrow morning, pretty early we would expect, but for the rest of the evening, the pomp and the circumstance is going to continue because the first family going inside the white house and they have three inaugural balls that they are going to be attending tonight. these are huge galas, coming over here, i came over here on the metro and i was walking through downtown and you could see people who are going to these events and they're already in their gowns, they get there hours and hours before the
3:39 pm
president and first lady, and they're just hoping to catch a glimpse of him on this very special evening. as they're going inside, we have some reports of whether donald trump has been the oval office. he has not. >> according to sandeean spicere white house press secretary he says he has not been in there yet. >> why doesn't he just open the letter. >> the letter from president obama, the letter that he left there, i'm sure he will at some point, he's had a lot going on today, he's been a very busy guy. these balls are special for this new president and the first lady. >> they are special. and this is -- it's really the first moments that you see them. and there's almost this first act in a way, where we saw the as of this morning, the president-elect, and the soon to be first lady melania trump, and you catch your first glimpse of
3:40 pm
them. and you're going to see that in the evening and you're going to see what designer melania trump chose. >> over at the convention center, the site of one of these balls, kate snow, set the scene for us tonight. >> reporter: there are three balls, two of them are here at the convention center, the crowd is starting to fill in. we heard them practicing some frank sinatra music. so some very traditional frank sinatra tunes later on this evening. this is really the night that is kind of the pageantry of the day, it kind of caps off the day, i do think melania's dress is going to be the center of focus. we'll see if she's wearing ralph lauren. and dating back to 1961, when
3:41 pm
president kennedy insisted that the lights about on inside the limo so everyone could see jackie. and melania is kind of coming into her own as first lady. and also ivanka, we saw her wearing oscar de la republicdde. >> are we going to see the president and first lady dance at these balls tonight? do we know, kate? >> i'm sure, it would be unprecedented if they didn't. there are three balls, there were several balls, the obamas, you would only see them 20, 30 seconds at each ball. and the tickets for this ball were actually only $50 and they were made available to the public, and the inaugural committee has said this is a ball that's open to the american people. and then there's another ball
3:42 pm
that's a military ball, that's open to invitation only to military veterans. >> these balls, they are black tie, right? >> tuxes and ball gowns, this is a celebratory atmosphere here, these are all trump supporters and they're looking forward to celebrating trump's victory. >> brianna and i will be right back.
3:43 pm
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welcome back. the first family there in the white house right now, following the parades, brianna, the parades were nice, i enjoyed them thoroughly, now they're getting ready for these three balls that are being held tonight. kate snow, you're at the convention center, there will be entertainment at these balls as well, right? >> t >>. >> reporter: that's right, the rockettes are going to be here, it's not as star studded as beyonce, but it's like what we
3:47 pm
sue with the buwith the bushes, of country music. ball gowns, men in tuxes and this is all part of this day of festivities. and there are only three balls, compared to obama's ten, so i think we might see more of the trumps at one of these three balls. >> and the first family is getting time to spend in the white house as president and first lady. you wrote the book, the residence, you talked about how as presidents come and go, actually the staff, they stay for decades and decades, these are really esteemed position and they're in the position of helping the first family become accustomed to life in the white house. tell us what that will mean for the trumps? >> reporter: right now they're
3:48 pm
probably having a snack that the resident staff has made for them. it's the resident staff that makes sure that everything is unpacked within a span of five hours since they left this morning. their toothbrushes are in their toothbrush holders, their family pho photos are out on dressers and there's no visible sight of the obamas. that's the point of the resident staff. these are maids and butlers, there's a very emotional goodbye that happens between president obama and michelle obama and the staff. but they stay on from one administration to the next and i think that's really a wonderful part of our democracy. you know, they will be -- they're staying, i have talked to some folks who are there who say they are staying on and whether or not they support donald trump's policies doesn't
3:49 pm
matter, they're there to serve whoever is president. so that's a really beautiful thing, i think. >> i spent seven years as a white house correspondent, kate, i got to know some of these members of the resident staff, they are so lovely, so dedicated, so devoted, and brianna, the trumps are really blessed that the folks are staying for the new administration. >> that's right, and as you hear kate talking about it, there is not a need that is not attend d to. i had a friend who said they could see the moving fe ing van. you talk about a logistical day here, the resident staff there another the white house is performing this logistical feat of moving one family in and the first family n. >> they know what they would like
3:50 pm
>> exactly. they had their freshly baked bagels ready the morning after. they bough hillary clinton's favorite brand of shampoo and she bought 20 bottles of it. hillary clinton said who told you i like this stuff? i don't like it. they always try to please the first family. sometimes it doesn't work. but they know the family is comfortable when a butler can walk into the oval office during a high-level meeting and nobody stops talking. that's when they all breathe a collective sigh of relief, that they are really invisible, and that's why, you know, they don't like to share a lot of personal stories, and when they do talk about the family, they do it in a really respectful way. and they just really -- they're very close to them, especially to bush 41 and barbara bush, very close. >> this is the final picture of president obama in the oval office, his official photographer pete souza took him walking out of the oval office. there is a tradition, kate, that even the oval office, the decor,
3:51 pm
the furniture, that potentially could change with the new president. >> yeah. it usually does. president obama -- former president obama got into some trouble when he switched out that winston churchill for the martin luther king jr. bust that he put in the oval office. people scrutinize what's done in the white house. there are certain rooms they can't change like the yellow oval room, the lincoln bedroom, the queen's bedroom on the second floor. and then a lot of the rooms on the state floor like the red room, the blue room, you need to get approval from the white house curators. as you know, they guard the white house. they're art historians. they know where every piece of furniture is in that house. you can't really go in and make huge changes, especially not to those public spaces. >> we'll have special coverage throughout the night of these inaugural balls. our viewers will be interested. we will watch very carefully. everybody stand by. much more right after a quick break.
3:52 pm
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welcome back.
3:56 pm
the president and the first lady there now inside the white house, briana, getting ready to go to these three inaugural balls. everybody can't wait to see what the first lady will be wearing. he'll be wearing a tuxedo. i'm sure they will be very excited then when they do their special dances at these balls. what a day it's been. went to church, met with the outgoing president, had the swearing-in ceremony, went to a luncheon, paid special tribute to hillary clinton, now the a parades and the inaugural ballings. >> these are iconic moments we have seen today that we are going to be seeing over and over again here in the days to come, in theonths come, in the years to come, and in the decades to come, be honest. and not only is this a busy day, but tomorrow they get down to brass tacks here at the white house. it is going to be getting to work very early. we know, tim, even when you're just talking about -- the white house staff rises very early.
3:57 pm
this is something that some people may not know. a lot of them are getting up at 4:00 a.m., starting their days in the 4:00 a.m. hour to really get a jump on things. we don't necessarily think tomorrow will be an exception. this will be the breakneck pace that is continuing. >> donald trump has a lot of energy. he's 70 years old, the oldest man ever to be inaugurated as a president in the first term, but he has a lot of energy. >> about six months older than ronald reagan when he was inaugurated the first time. yes, a lot of energy. one of the challenges for the residential staff is to get to know the new family, what they like and don't like. i want to put in a plaug for th national archives staff. when george w. bush left office in 2009 he took 800,000 pounds of official gifts and clothes and books and papers. it took three planes to move
3:58 pm
everything to texas. and i don't doubt that the obama library is about to get three or four planes worth of materials. all of that was moved out today. quite remarkable. >> you were telling us that the gowns that the first lady will wear tonight, wore earlier, will wear throughout the next four years, they will go into the national archives? >> i can say it now for the first time, the donald j. trump presidential library museum, just as michelle obama's went to -- will go to the obama library and we at the nixon library had pat nixon's dresses. yes. they belong to the american people. and they will be on display eventually. >> everybody will be looking closely at the first lady to see what she's going to be wearing. >> that's right. she chose ralph lauren for her day wear. >> she looked fabulous. >> phenomenal. i think she received accolades
3:59 pm
for what she chose. some would say that's the frivolous part of the day but it's not necessarily, right, tim, because there is a message that is being sent by who she chooses to wear and what she chooses to wear. >> you know, what's frivolous? the point is the first lady and the president of the united states represent us and what they wear represents us and how they conduct themselves represents us. so it's part of the package. so the dresses matter. the gift apparently that the trumps gave to the obamas as they said good-bye to each other, that will go to the -- i suspect to the obama high british prime minister tony blair. -- the obama library. all part of history. >> we were very lucky to be able to cover this historic day, whether or not you like donald trump, don't like him. this is a special day. we saw a very smooth, peaceful transfer of power. >> we sure did.
4:00 pm
it will continue into the evening as we see the final phase of the evening with these inaugural balls. >> our special coverage is about to continue with a very special "erin burnett out front." >> and party is just getting started in the nation's capital. we are live at the inaugural galas which begin this hour, honoring the new president of the united states, donald j. trump. i'm erin burnett and we are out front tonight. we are at the armed services ball, everyone gatherring here already. the trumps are about to hit the town for the first time as america's first family and it will be a family affair. we are waiting to see president and mrs. trump make their big entrance. they'll attend three official inaugural galas tonight. mr. trump will be speaking at all three events and


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