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tv   Inaugural Ball  CNN  January 20, 2017 4:00pm-10:01pm PST

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it will continue into the evening as we see the final phase of the evening with these inaugural balls. >> our special coverage is about to continue with a very special "erin burnett out front." >> and party is just getting started in the nation's capital. we are live at the inaugural galas which begin this hour, honoring the new president of the united states, donald j. trump. i'm erin burnett and we are out front tonight. we are at the armed services ball, everyone gatherring here already. the trumps are about to hit the town for the first time as america's first family and it will be a family affair. we are waiting to see president and mrs. trump make their big entrance. they'll attend three official inaugural galas tonight. mr. trump will be speaking at all three events and they will
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dance at all three events as well. we know the couple's first dan will be to the frank sinatra song made clear over the campaign trail that he love, "my way." we don't know the answer to one of the burning questions, what will the first lady wear, what will melania trump have on tonight. we'll see if she can top that ralph lauren suit she had on earlier. a performance tonight by the legendary rockettes. anderson cooper at another ball, the freedom ball. you'll have tens of thousands of people where you are tonight, anderson. >> yeah. it's a huge venue here at the convention hall and there is something new for the trump administration to celebrate tonight, the full senate, we should tell you, voted a short while ago to confirm two of president trump's cabinet nominees, general james mattis as defense secretary and jon kelly as homeland security secretary. so that already a big move for the trump administration.
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this just hours after the new commander in chief took the oath of office, delivered what many called a dark, very populist inaugural address, echoing his campaign theme of america first, offering a pretty gloomy view of certain parts of the country right now. >> for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists. mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. an education system flush with cash but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. and the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this american carnage stops
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right here and stops right now. >> it has been a long day for the trumps. they're heading into the final round of inauguration events with the parade wrapping up a short while ago. there were some pockets of protests, clashes with police. more than 200 people were arrested. but the crowds for the inauguration appear to be smaller than they were four years ago, certainly, but certainly a lot to celebrate for the trump family, for all of america today, as hundreds of thousands of people came to washington, d.c., to take part in this historic and peaceful transfer of power. i'm here with john king to talk about the day that we saw, the speech that we heard. an inaugural address unlike any i've ever heard or know about. >> it was trademark trump and he was unlike any candidate in our lifetime and was consistent in
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that speech. time for the president, his family and supporters to celebrate. what was written off as possible, a trump election victory, he's now the 45th president of the united states. tonight is a celebration of that change for the president, family and supporters. all day we've seen the first evidence of that change. you mentioned two of the first cabinet picks being confirmed, the republican president getting two of his picks through the republican congress. he says he told our jim acosta earlier he'll work on some orders tonight. we don't know what those are yet, dramatic executive orders or tinkering at first. we've been told throughout the weekend we will get more. the trump justice department has delayed action on a couple cases around the country, saying they need time to get their team in place. will they change the course the obama administration set or need a little time to study the paperwork? we don't know. we could go on and on. some of this change will be swift, some incremental but make no mistake about it, as they party tonight, we live in a new washington and a new america after that speech that you mentioned. it was kind of dark and pez
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mystic. throughout the campaign democrats complained donald trump was painting a harsher portrait of america that exists but it was one of the reasons he won, especially the hollowed-out factory, not a republican speech ark populist speech. >> a lot to celebrate tonight, three official inaugural balls that the trumps will be visiting. we'll bring all of that to you. derrick glassburg from cnn style is with us as well. we'll talk about what melania trump wore today. looked amazing at the inaugural during the parade. we'll see her tonight as well. right now let's go back to erin burnett. >> all right, anderson. one thing we know is she'll look amazing no matter what she wears. that's just the way it is with melania trump. we're about half an hour away from the beginning of these formal balls. people are gathering, having a good time. everybody is dressed to the nines. it is floor-length ball gowns.
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even we are in those, which is a special and neat thing. >> you always wear that on "out front." >> that's the way it goes. dana, there were a couple moments today that stood out to me. one as he was walking down the capitol steps, looking so serious, but then he saw that camera and he turned to it and he gave it a smile because he knew -- he was playing to the cameras then. what is this day for him? has it truly sunk in for him? >> i just came here from the parade and i was across from viewing area right in front of the white house. and he certainly has had fun on the campaign trail, but i've never seen him having as much fun as he seemed to be having watching him as the parade went by. it was really remarkable. surrounded by his family, his children, his grandchildren, and getting up as often as he could to give the salute, which he practiced to make sure he didn't mess it up, and so of course.
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i mean, this is a remarkable, unbelievable day for any human being to become the leader of the free world, especially somebody as unlikely as donald trump. you covered him when he was a businessman. can you imagine that he was president, he would be the 45th president? >> looking back there were always moments i think he wanted to be and had a dream but he certainly didn't ever think he would follow through on that dream. don, seeing people getting ready to go to the parade, they were dressed. make america great hats everywhere in this town. in the hotel. yes, there were pockets of protests, but most people here were here to celebrate him. >> they were here to celebrate him. itas interesting because everyone talked about the crowd estimates and what have you. it didn't matter how many people showed up to the people who were out there. they were happy they were here. but what stood out most to me was this moment right here when they got out of the car, which
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is in front of the trump hotel and tower in washington, d.c., and with their son barron who people have been so interested in. tall, handsome, 10-year-old kid you don't see that much of and of course melania trump will stay in new york to be with him because they don't want to uproot him from school, which a good mother would do. but what that sort of exemplified was how much of a role family is going to play in this particular administration from a 10-year-old child on up to his sons in their 30s. >> he's all been about his family. talking to tom barrack, the chairman of the inaugural committee, before it started i said how involved will they be? he said let me make this clear, erin, this is a family affair. donald trump sees it that way. he doesn't see he was elected as donald trump. he was elected as trump and that includes his chirp, very much so, and of course his son-in-law. >> absolutely. and i think one of the many fascinating things we'll be watching and studying and learning as he does over the
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next weeks and months is how he transforms the way he operates as a ceo from ceo of a very intimate not very large when it comes to staff business that you're so familiar with, that you covered for so many years, to the biggest business on the planet, the united states government, the united states economy, with people far and wide that he's never met, never mind that they're not related to him with the last name trump. and that is going to be, you know, quite an -- it's an adjustment for anybody but somebody who thinks he knows and genuinely does have the experience as a chief executive, it's going to be quite a -- >> one of the big differences with this is accountability. when you're the ceo of your own company -- >> especially a private company. >> -- you can pretty much do what you want. the whole ball field is yours. this ball field actually belongs to american people and in many ways the world and he's accountable not only to himself, the american people, and to the world.
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point he made in his speech. you think when you're president of the free world you can do whatever you want. that is not how it works as president after president learns. we're less than half an hour away from the formal beginning of these balls as they're gathering where we are, where anderson is. we're covering the excitement, the glamour and the fashion as president trump and first lady melania trump visit tonight's inaugural balls. they don't have a lot of time to change. you'll see entertainers like the world famous rockettes and the first dance by the first couple. we'll be back. america's beverage companies have come together to
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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. welcome back. our coverage of the inaugural balls honoring donald trump tonight. we're joined by the presidential -- excuse me, the presidential inauguration committee chair, tom barrack, a longtime personal friend of president trump, the man responsible for planning today's events. first of all, congratulations. how do you feel everything went today? >> thank god we avoided disaster and so i'm really -- no, it went beautifully. that moment, it's so impactful
4:15 pm
and emotional i think for viewers too. as you're looking down the mall and you see this transition from one great man who was president, president obama, and 30 seconds between the hope and aspirations of another great man, president trump, and you look at washington and lincoln and jefferson and the passages. in the meantime, you have to be emotional. >> using the lincoln bie, which donald trump did. you' known donald trump since the mid 80s. as you saw him, you know, up on the west side of the capitol, taking that oath of office, what went through your mind? >> what wept through my mind is the compassion that president obama must have felt as that power, the heaviness of that just rotated to him and the
4:16 pm
responsibility of president trump saying i'm now the president for all of the people. this is no longer candidacy, no longer a campaign. and that's a huge responsibility. i think it first set in on him at arlington yesterday. >> i was going to ask, because a lot of past presidents have talked about kind of a moment when the weight of the office or the reality -- obviously, he's been preparing for this, but you don't know what it's going to feel like until it's happening. you think at arlington there was something that -- >> for sure. in spite of what people think, he's very sensitive, he's very soulful, but he's been in trump tower. so this president-elect cycle is a little odd, right, because he doesn't really have any power or prestige. he can't lobby with congress and he's sitting in the environment in which he was a candidate. and i think rotating into that setting and when he went to
4:17 pm
arlington and thought of the lives and the souls that went to sacrifice for this moment of contested contest, it got him. i know it got him. >> also i keep thinking of, you know, reviewing the troops today and just going down that parade route and seeing all those military personnel, service members, standing at attention, saluting him, that has got to be such an extraordinary moment for someone who, you know, one of the historic things about donald trump is that, you know, he hasn't served in government, he hasn't served in the military unlike every other president in one way or another. and so to have that experience it's got to be an extraordinary feeling. >> you know, i think when he looks at that and you look at these young men and women right, i went and wanted to enlist. do you take old guys? because i'm ready. their cadence, their character, their courage. >> extraordinary. >> structure. amazing. and on the other hand, his feeling when we talked about this, you know, these balls are a tribute to the donors and the
4:18 pm
supporters and as it should be, and with his touch being elegance and bringing back a touch of sophistication to washington and it's all his fingerprint. but the thing that he was the most concerned with in telling me what to do is, look, the people who got me here are the people who are not at this ball. they're the people who are on the third shift working for $14.50 someplace that have two jobs, four kids, four people in the house, and that's who we need to tribute. figure out what we can do for them. and i thought, you know, it's all going to be okay. the difficulty of going from candidate to governing is complicated. he hasn't got his teammate yet. i think we have two confirmed appointees tonight, which is terrific. so i think it's about let him get his team in order, let everybody celebrate the moment of democracy. i mean, this is a celebration of an inauguration, not of a man but of really the people in the
4:19 pm
process. give him a chance. let's all communicate the point of view that we have, good or bad. i was running along the parade route and the most amazing thing to me of the day, the protesters, most of them were great. and to say you can have a country where somebody just took power and you're going down the street and there are protesters and supporters side by side not fighting, not arguing, having abusive signs, some dialogue, this is america. it's a beautiful thing. it's not a troublesome thing. >> and to see melania trump, not only did she look extraordinary today, but that's got to be such a huge shift for her. she probably never expected, you know, when she first met donald trump that this is where it would lead to. but that is a huge -- she has big shoes to fill, and she's certainly doing it with elegance and grace and in the months ahead like many first ladies she
4:20 pm
will determine what she wants her role to be, what she wants her causes to be. it often takes first ladies months to sort of figure out what they want to focus their attentions on. >> yeah. and she's an ultimate class act. and remember, it's kind of against all odds that they got here, so they weren't building up a reservoir of talent that was available. she's so good and she's her own person. i mean, michelle was fantastic. at the beginning camelot to a lot of people and carved her own sculptures to who she wanted to be, but melania will do the same thing in a different way. she's so capable and so competent, such a good partner to him. by the way, her common sense is a very toning voice with him. so people think that she may remain off in the shadows, that's not how it is at all. she's very influential with him. she's very smart. >> what should we expect tonight? you're in charge of all of --
4:21 pm
the's three official balls, berty ball, freedom ball where we're at, a a ball for service members and first responders. what are some of the highlights? what do you hope people get out of this tonight, watching and who are here? >> what i hope they get is that this is the first global fingerprint of this president-elect on how he does things. right? so making any sort of venues or entertainment is like building a necklace. you have diamonds and rubies and sapphires and you don't want to concentrate on any one of them. you want a seamless chain in which you look at necklace. i think yesterday in the mall the concert rocked it. of course both west coast celebceleb celebry -- celebrities, everybody said they denied play, turned us down, we never offered any of them that venue, so there was this kind of edge. >> i talked to a lot of folks there who had a great time. >> i think it was beautiful,
4:22 pm
appropriate, and seamless for everybody. i think you'll find the same thing tonight. so, you know, celebrity -- we all love celebrities and most of them are all of our friends and this will die down. he'll reach out, they'll reach out, it will all be fine. but the real celebrities are washington. if you come here and just ip ha inhale what's around you, it's overwhelming. president obama, president trump, there's not much else that you need. the stage is pretty good. i think what you'll see is a seamless display of a necklace that's perfectly appropriate for where we are tonight as wrapping it up for him. he's had a very long day. >> are you tempted at all to dip your toe into politics? >> i'm so anxious to get back to my day job you can't believe it. >> pleasure talking with you. >> thanks, anderson. >> stay with us as we bring you the celebrations at the three inaugural galas tonight after a truly historic day. excitement, dplam mile an hour, see the first couple dance to the song frank sinatra made
4:23 pm
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4:27 pm
their first dances at each of the three balls. we are at the armed services ball. one of the three formal one where is they will do that dance. the entertainment getting under way soon. right now we have some breaking news because while it is about celebration it is also now about policy. let's go to our senior white house correspondent jim acosta. the president getting ready to come to the balls, stopping to do some business. >> reporter: he wept right to work, right into the oval office shortly after departed from the reviewing stand after the inaugural parade and signed the commissions for general james mattis, retired general, to be the new defense secretary and retired general jon kelly to be the new department of homeland security secretary. in addition to that, seeing a picture on screen tweeted by sean spicer, president trump also signed an executive order, not many details to it that quote/unquote is to direct
4:28 pm
agencies to ease the burden of obamacare. that is all we know at this point from the white house. when it comes to that executive order. the directive to agencies of the federal government is to ease the burden of obamacare. the affordable care act, the signature legislative achievement of former president barack obama. now, what we understand is going to take place in the next several minutes is that general mattis will be sworn in as defense secretary and then i think at that point, erin, you should start to see the president and first lady show up at some of these balls later on tonight. >> all right. thanks, jim acosta. what does all this mean when you talk about these orders and memos? jake tapper and his panel have more on that. >> let's start with david axelrod. david, the idea that one of his first executive actions would be to ease the burden of obamacare as the transition takes place, i
4:29 pm
suppose it's not a surprise. this was one of his primary -- >> and one of the first initiatives of the congress. but theirs has yet to be defined and we need to see what this order is because i think they want to suggest they're going to ease the burden of obamacare but they don't want to alarm people, millions of people who have been the beneficiaries of obamacare that they will be eased out of that program. so it will be interesting to see if there's actual teeth to this order or whether it is for purposes of signifying that he is at one with this effort to repeal obamacare. >> one of our reporters in there just to add a little bit more information, sean spicer, the white house press secretary, announced this. the quote that president trump would be signing these executive orders, one for the
4:30 pm
confirmations and this executive order for obamacare, to ease the burden of obamacare as we transition from repeal to replace. the press asked what does that mean. sean spicer did not responsibility. instead called the pool into their first briefing in the white house which is where you saw president trump in the oval office signing these documents. >> the reality of the situation is it is not easy to do what they say they want to do, essentially to keep all of the things people like about the affordable care act and yet repeal it and put it back together again in a way that preserves those feature, keeping people with pre-existing conditions, keeping people with 20 million covered, kids under 26 and all the features that people like. there's a rp they haven't moved quickly with are we placement. >> they have promised repeatedly they would not pull the rug out
4:31 pm
from anyone, and i think maybe what we're going to see in this executive order is a way to kind of let people know that things won't change until x if so-and-so is approved or maybe they can do something on the regulatory side. you know, obviously this is something congress has to deal with. but i think they're reading between the lines here. they may be trying to do something ease voters. >> one second. i want to show you the picture, retired general james mattis being sworn in as the secretary of defense. you see vice president pence holding the bible there. that photograph having been released. sorry, senator santorum. >> one example is having to do with deductibles. there's a key provision that the government -- pays insurance companies to underwrite the cost of these ever increasing deductibles. it's in the law. the congress has never funded it.
4:32 pm
obama has always funded it to provide that support. i can't imagine -- it's his voters, working class vofolks. that could be that provision, i don't know if it is, but that's an example of many of the bells and whistles attached to obamacare that you have to sort of leave in place until you have something to be able to replace it. >> they probably want to do something to make sure that the insurance industry is okay so that people are not -- >> how many states, 17 states with only one insurance company right now? >> exactly so, they want to make sure that people are not going to lose their insurance no matter what congress passes. >> that's right. >> i was going to say i think there's probably a limited amount he can do with an executive order. it has to be done by the congress. but it's significant it was the first executive order. >> here's video from the oval office. let's listen in.
4:33 pm
>> all right. the commissions of general mattis and general kelly. >> you guys look good. >> thank you. >> wow. this is for general mattis, who was approved today, as you know. where would you like the -- okay. general kelly. >> take a different pen. >> all right. >> next is an executive order minimizing the economic burden of the patient protection and
4:34 pm
affordable care act pending repeal. >> okay. >> all right. >> that's it. thank you very much. >> have a great day. >> there we have president trump signing his first signings at the resolute desk at the oval office, signing his secretary of defense into office, his secretary of homeland security into office and some executive action we are not sure what it does or what it is that is supposed to ease the burden as obamacare is repealed and replaced. if anybody at the white house is watching, it would be great if you could inform us on what
4:35 pm
exactly it is. we'd love to report on it. >> in any hierarchy, you have people like axelrod in the hierarchy. i was in the low-archy. i was a work bee. you can't do stuff like that. if you put some general thing out there with no guidance, it hurts the staff because nobody knows what to do. this is somebody who's a worker bee guy in the white house trying to do a good job every day, the executive orders are everything to you. and so to do some kind of symbolic, interesting, i'm playing to the base -- do a perez press release, a speech. don't do an executive order. you have 1 million employees in the federal government and you need more than -- >> can i say one thing, senator santorum, you were an opponent of obamacare but you also have expressed bafflement, if i may -- >> that's the word. >> i believe it is. you've expressed bafflement that the republicans in congress were
4:36 pm
not better prepared for this moment when obviously this was going to happen. that obamacare would be repealed and replaced. >> yeah. no. and they're still working on that up on capitol hill. i've been up and talking to folks up there, and they still don't have a plan. i think one of the reasons is ultimately it's not going to be a plan. ultimately it's going to be a series of steps. but one of the things they don't want is a comprehensive plan here in washington, d.c. so it makes it really hard to take something that is a comprehensive plan and do it piece by piece. >> we'll take a quick break.. when we come back, back to some of the inaugural balls. stay with us.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. welcome back. we are right now -- there are three big balls. we were at the armed services ball. entertainment is starting to begin. i'm joined by don and danand
4:41 pm
kate, the author of "everyy icon," a book about michelle obama and her fashion. let us start with interior design. this is important. >> i love that she turns to me. thank you. >> as donald trump is signing memos, his executive orders, there he is, they always change the carpet. he changed the carpet. it's a sun burst pattern. the curtains were a maroon red, they are now gold. >> shocking. everything's gold. >> okay. and there are new couches. they are brocade, no longer gray suede. >> what color are the couches? can we see? are they gold? >> a goldish hue. >> he loves gold. >> he wants to be comfortable. >> he wants to feel at home. he's been in his office in trump tower for how many year, many, many years, where he feels comfortable surrounded by the decor, which is gold.
4:42 pm
would you expect anything different? >> new carpet is a sun burst pattern and a bust of winston churchill on the side. >> exactly what you would expect, kate. >> exactly. >> as dana and i were joking when we learned this he was literally measuring the drapes but he wanted to go in and they made these changes, putting in the couch, everything, just during the parade this afternoon. >> moving day. it's moving day. this is the emotional tone of the white house. he's using style to set the emotional tone of the white house. that's what the first lady usually does. that's the first lady's job usually with her style. but the president is going for it. >> i will say knowing a lot of people who have worked with donald trump on his projects over the years, donald trump cares about this stuff deeply, cares about the design, the carpet. this is not -- these were his decisions, what he wanted to do.
4:43 pm
>> his office at trump tower, it's a really nice -- the view is amazing, but it is -- it's not as neat and tidy as one would think because he has mementos and things all over. >> all right. the color guard is starting at one of the inaugural balls. let's listen in to that. ♪ ♪
4:44 pm
>> you just heard the festivities kick off with national anthem. the night as begun. we'll hear the rockettes later tonight. the first dance will be "my way" by frank sinatra. >> i want to see that dance. look at just the staging here. it's so beautiful. it's like the oval office here. the flags. look at what's behind us. spectacular and magnificent to look at. you can't help but be patriotic with that. >> you could see that with mike
4:45 pm
pence today, how emotional he was. one thing i know from an impeccable source on this topic, donald trump did not want to practice his first dance so he did not. >> now i want to know the source. >> he was bopping a little bit to the music last night -- was it last night? at the lincoln memorial. he's got it. >> god bless america, right? >> yeah. >> she can walk down the red carpet. she's got the steps down. >> she's walked the whole day in four-inch hemos. anybody who can do that -- >> the heels in washington just went up by about three inches. >> i don't know if you caught this but when the former first lady mrs. obama and the former second lady, if you want to call her that, walking down the stairs and her heels are clicking and mrs. obama made a
4:46 pm
quip about heels. i don't know exactly what she said but she said something about heels. it's so easy for us guys, right? you just go to brooks brothers or somewhere and say give me a black tuxedo. but the ladies have to really change every single time. >> in service to and respect -- >> the fes tichies are beginning at the armed services ball as well. let's listen in. >> vice president mike pence, let us pray. our father in heaven, look down upon this most significant occasi occasion. look upon this assemblied brotherhood and lay your divine blessings upon each and every soul. without consideration of rank, office, or privilege. and our father, supreme overall, patron of order, fountain of justice, protector in all ages
4:47 pm
of the world of virtuous liberty, continue your blessings upon this nation. we ask you, father, to include those absent in death from this gathering, those who freely answered your call as we read in isiah 6:8 -- and i heard the voice of the lord saying whom shall i sinned who will go for us, then said i, here i am, send me. in that most holy assembly, i include my son, an army ranger. i include every soul for whom a gold star is worn and for whom tears are are daily shed. i include thoseallen heroes wh responded first and gave the last full measure of themselves, those fearless men and women who run into the storm of tribulation, not from it. into your peace we commend them one and all.
4:48 pm
almighty god, bestow your blessings upon those we honor who are with us still but have sacrificed a portion of themselves by injury or wound. heal the heart first and then comfort the body. father god, we hold up for your blessing, your grace, forgiveness and guidance our commander in chief, his family, and their protectors. the vice president and his family and protectors that this great nation may prosper in your glory, remain at peace through your strength, and be ever vigilant in your righteousness. and finally, from the depths of our heart, father, watch over every man and woman in uniform who hold the line between peace and chaos. bless every first responder, every police officer, every
4:49 pm
firefighter, every santiago upon whom the army rolls, every gunning in the heart of every marine, every seaman standing watch and every chief in charge for the coast guard and the navy, and every airman and pilot who touch the face of god. we ask these things in christ jesus' name and everyone said, amen. >> an emotional beginning to the armed services ball. only about 2,500 members of the military, fist responders, will be here. with balls are beginning. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ after becoming one of the largest broadband
4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
and welcome back to what a day it has been. we're back to cnn's coverage of the trump inaugural ball, a glamorous grand finale today. this is a special edition of "ac 360" live from the freedom ball.
4:54 pm
there's also the liberty ball and the armed services ball. john king, kate andersen bower, and also the host of cnn style. let's talk about some of the styles we saw today. we have to start with melania trump, derek. >> i think we all expected her to look gorgeous but i can't emphasize the sort of pressure it was for her to do somethi american and fabulous and memorable. i think she did a great job, a real pillbox hat tipoff to jackie kennedy today. >> a first lady she's said she admired. >> it doesn't come as a surprise. we thought she was going to emulate that. it was a surprise she went with ralph lauren, who hillary trump had worn several times through the election cycle. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton wore through the election cycle.
4:55 pm
michelle obama tried to usher in new design ier, jason wu. and today as she depart on the helicopter. it was unexpected for melania for her to go for a tried-and-true designer but not off brand for the trumps. >> ralph lauren an iconic american designer, has exemplified america through his fashions through the years. >> he is the american dream, which i think a lot of people have sort of compared donald to on this election cycle. ivanka trump looked fabulous today as well. a cream oscar de la renta pantsuit. people were speculating if there was some schiymbolism in the id of ivanka who's made it known she'll be involved in this presidency, wearing a pantsuit. i did some research and jenna bush wore pants to her father's inauguration in 2005. >> where does one find that research? >> you don't know the places i
4:56 pm
go to find things. >> feel free to chime in at any moment talking about fashion here, john. >> i don't know much about fashion but to the point about ralph lauren, this is a bit of a throwback generationally. donald trump is an older president than obama, clinton, or george w. bush. we had younger presidents. i think that's part of what we'll see in the culture, in their mannerisms, in the way they communicate and that's something washington will have to get used to and i think the world of style and culture will have to as well. >> your point about lawmaker laur ralph lauren is interesting, he's created this iconic brand from nothing. one of the great brands in i should point out i'm wearing ralph lauren tonight as well as i usually do. but i mean he really has in many ways that sort of donald trump mold. >> ralph lauren was born ralph lipschitz in the bronx. he never played polo. he invented this iconic brand. >> i worked for him and his
4:57 pm
brother jerry when i was a kid. >> did you ever play polo? >> no. >> never too late. >> there's polo money. that's all i have. you focus so much on how the white house works and first ladies. >> getting to her outfit, i was take within the suede gloves she wore because that is going back in time. we don't see that anymore. jackie kennedy wore them all the time. lady bird johnson would say it looks like they were painted on her, it was so effortless. i think it will take melania some time. i know she's feeling pressure following michelle obama's footsteps, not easy. >> even michelle obama, it took her months to figure out her role and what kind of a first lady -- >> it did. >> it's impressive she's choosing to stay in new york. >> she's drawing a line in the
4:58 pm
sand for herself and her family. i think some would say it's about time a first lady be able to decide where they live and what they're doing with their lives. i think tonight i'm really curious to see what message she sends with this dress. if you go back and see rosalynn carter rewear the same dress she wore to her husband's inauguration. >> i think she wore it six times. maybe melania -- >> she will not do that. no, that she will not do. >> the photograph that was on the front page of "the new york times" today and also "the wall street journal" was of donald trump and melania trump getting off i think it was an air force plane arriving in washington and melania trump looked amazing. i don't know what she was wearing. like a dark outfit. but she knows what she likes. she has a very good sense of hersel >> i don't want to underestimate the per of style in the role as the first lady. in new york city billions of dollars of commerce are
4:59 pm
generated by what michelle obama wore. she could make or break a designer's career. so i think melania's smart to acknowledge and respect that sort of power. >> in terms of how a first lady goes about sort of detifining their role, how have first ladies in the past done it? >> i think the outfit you're talking about from yesterday is sbretsing because the designer was the daughter of a vet who was injured in service. that signaled she cares about what she's wearing. i think right now we see someone who's a reluctant first lady, not moving here, the first time we've had a first lady not move to the white house since the white house was built, since abigail adams. i think by signaling that she does care about what she's wearing shows she thinking this through. >> she's a strong woman. i've interviewed her a number of times. she said people should not feel sorry for me. i'm in control of things. she know what is she wants and what she's doing.
5:00 pm
>> a successful brand in her own right. people say she's donald trump's wife. she's had a successful career as a model. i think the most fascinating question is she is winning applause for saying my son's in school, he's 10, the youngst child in the white house since john kennedy jr., i believe. let's see what happens next year. >> right now the liberty ball, the gospel performance by travis green singing "intentional." we'll take that as soon as it happens. the liberty ball is happening just above where we are in the -- we're at the freedom ball. let's listen in. >> please welcome your hosts for this evening, dale reslow and his big band. ♪ well, well, well those who love the lord
5:01 pm
according to his purpose. whatever's happening in your life is not happen to you but for you. hands up like this. you ready? celebra celebrate! lord jesus christ. it's intentional, y'all. santa anita all things are working for my good because he's intentional never failing ♪ ♪ i know that all things are working for my good because he's intentional never failing ♪ ♪ all things are working for my good because he's intentional he's intentional ♪ ♪ hey, he's never failing never failing all things are working all things are working for my
5:02 pm
good ♪ ♪ because he's intentional he's intentional he's never failing never failing ♪ ♪ all thing all things are working for my good all things are working ♪ ♪ for my good all things are working for my good ♪ ♪ all things are working for my good all things are working for my good ♪ ♪ all things are working for my good, yeah ♪ all things are working for my good because he's intentional he's intentional he's intentional ♪ ♪ he's intentional don't you know he never fails don't worry ♪ ♪ never failing he's intentional nhl he's intentional ♪ ♪ never failing
5:03 pm
all things are working for my good guess what ♪ ♪ he's intentional yes, he is never failing ♪ ♪ all things are working for my good he's intentional he's intentional ♪ ♪ never failing never failing never failing ♪ ♪ all things are working for good all things are working for my good ♪ ♪ all things are working for my good you got to believe it tonight all things are working for my good ♪ ♪ they're working all things, all things all things are working for my good ♪ ♪ y'all ready, hands up let's go liberty ball, put your hands up ♪ ♪ put your hands up if you're free, put your hands
5:04 pm
up oh, oh, oh that's right ♪ ♪ ohhhh i don't have to worry because it's working for me ♪ ♪ it's working for me and i believe it's working for me you got it ♪ ♪ i don't have to worry sing it out ♪ ♪ i don't have to worry because it's working for me it's working for me ♪ ♪ it's working for me it's working for me he's intentional intentional ♪ ♪ he's intentional he's intentional he's been doing it for a long time he's intentional ♪ ♪ he's intentional he's intentional
5:05 pm
he's intentional ♪ ♪ never fail iing i like that be open to his good be open to his good ♪ ♪ you don't have to worry it's working it's working for you ♪ ♪ it's working for you it's working for you it's working for you ♪ ♪ come on, everybody you don't have to worry you don't have to worry ♪ ♪ because it's working for you it's working for you it's working for you ♪ ♪ it's working for you somebody make some noise for jesus! ♪ god bless america. love you. >> ladies and gentlemen, introducing your musical host for the liberty ball, the jim gray strooshg with special guest
5:06 pm
er erin boheme. >> how y'all doing? ♪ ♪ oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, clear and it shows them pearly white ♪ ♪ just a jackknife has old macheath, babe, and he keeps it out of sight ♪ ♪ you know when that shark bites with his teeth, babe, scarlet billows begin to spread ♪ ♪ oh, if fancy gloves, though,
5:07 pm
wears old macheath, babe ♪ ♪ so there's never, never, never a trace of red ♪ ♪ on the sidewalk sunny morning lies a body just oozing life ♪ ♪ someone's sneaking around the corner could that someone, someone, someone be mack the knife ♪ ♪ there's a tugboat down that river going slow where a cement bag's just a drooping on down ♪ ♪ but that cement is just, it's there for the weight, dear ♪ ♪ five will get ya ten, old mackey's back in town ♪
5:08 pm
♪ now did you hear about louie miller he disappeared, babe ♪ ♪ after drawing out all his hard-earned cash and now macheath spends ♪ ♪ just like a sailor tell me, did our boy do something rash ♪ ♪ look out, it's lucy brown yes, that line forms on the right, babe ♪ ♪ now that rima maktamacky's ba oh, sukey tawdry oh, miss lote lenya and lucy
5:09 pm
brown ♪ ♪ yes, the line forms on the right, babe ♪ ♪ now that macky's back in town ♪ look out because donald is back. >> and the balls have begun. there are two balls actually in this building here. we are at the freedom ball. right above us is the liberty ball. we'll be switching between the two. the armed services ball is where erin and don lemon are with dana bash. coming up, the rockettes will be performing. there was some controversy,
5:10 pm
john, some members of the to perform here, that they had to. a l of that seems to have blown over, though. they are here tonight. they'll be performing a number of acts. >> it's been a recurring theme, some of the parents and children in one of the national ka need rat parks didn't want their children to be here and sent a firm message, it's tradition, we do this for every president, and we're going to do this. normally this is a weekend when politics gets turned out. this has not been a normal election or transition. so we see doses of it, i would say. i don't want to overblow it. but there have been some -- another form of protest, if you will. we've seen a number of protests take place about this inauguration, some democrats boycotting it, protests in street today and from the world of music and culture we've had some dissent as well. >> as we wait for the rockettes, extraordinary the turnaround that has taken place in the white house today, not only have all the obamas' possessions been
5:11 pm
moved out but donald trump and his family have already redecorated in the oval office. they don't redecorate all the rooms but they do have a certain latitude for some. >> i'm amazed he redecorated the oval office so soon. i think president obama did it in 2010, so to do it right away i think sends the signal that he's there. it's unusual to do it the night of the inauguration. but, yeah, the residence staff, about 100 maids, butlers at the white house who do everything to make the family feel comfortable. so they have five hours to move the new family in and the departing family out. the goal is when the trumps arrive tonight there's not a trace of the obamas, you know. their photos are on the dressers. they do an amazing job. they find out the shampoo they like, you know, the toothpaste and the food they want for breakfast. and they stay on from one administration to the next pip think that bond that they form is very real. and i think it's a really great
5:12 pm
thing now to have in such a polarized election. >> not sure at this point if melania trump will be staying in new york, her son barron going to school, at least until the end of the school year. but do we know how much time donald trump will spend in the white house? will he be going back to trump tower in new york? >> we expect him to go back to new york for the weekends quite a bit. we don't know what quite a bit means. he wants to get things moving in washington quickly. it will be fascinating to watch how often he does go home but they've made it clear his political organization is keeping space in trump tower. the secret service has had to take a lot of space in trump tower. no question he will be going home more than we have seen other presidents go back home. new york also very close. >> the rockettes about to be introduced. let's listen in. >> the piano guys.
5:13 pm
♪ ♪
5:14 pm
♪ ♪
5:15 pm
5:16 pm
♪ >> the world-famous rockettes. that was an irving berlin medley. it's interesting, you the point, when you think about it, not a lot of focus. maybe you mentioned this. donald trump is the oldest preside president ever to be inaugurated. you made the point earlier today when ronald reagan ran age was a factor. it hasn't been for donald trump but went you rlize he is from a different generation than president obama was. >> he'll have "my way." obviously donald trump ran his way.
5:17 pm
he's almost a full generation older than president obama. some of that is the way he communicates politically. >> yet he has been able to capture this time and this place and so much of the country. a short break. our coverage continues. we're expecting the first appearance by president trump and the first lady, melania trump, and the first dance as well. we'll bring that all to you coming up.
5:18 pm
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delivery of precision cancer treatment. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. welcome back. celebrating the inauguration of donald trump, 45th president of the united states, multiple balls going on in washington, d.c., three official balls that the trumps are going to be visiting, dancing at each of those. obviously going to bring you each of those dances. the first one we anticipate very shortly, they're actually running a bit behind schedule, but we'll bring that to you. also the next act we'll bring you is called pelican 212, a band made up of seven brothers and sisters who have honed their skills on the sidewalks of nashville and new orleans and
5:22 pm
pensacola. i'm told they're actually quite remarkable so we look forward to that shortly. this is a tradition, the idea of the inaugural balls is something we've grown used to. doesn't date back for generat n generations but certainly each time we've seen -- i think there were more balls in the past, i think three in fewer balls that we've seen but it's certainly important for the first family. >> first inaugural of 1989, george h.w. bush and i was a kid. one of my jobs was to go around to the parties and the balls to get quotes from celebrities for the associated press back in the day. they're a tradition. i think there were 10 or 11 barack and michelle obama went to. not a criticism at all. culturally, the backgrounds are different, ages are are different. beyonce said to the obamas, i believe "at last," you get the
5:23 pm
symbolism, the first african-american president dancing to that. stevie wonder was here for that inaugural. the clintons had official balls and that was also mtv, which played music back then. they had big celebrations. >> bill clinton went up on stage in '93 and played the sax. i don't think we'll see that from this president. but i think it's an interesting ball because it is very open, $50 ticket. >> ticket is $50. >> and anyone could get a ticket. and that's part of his kind of message. i think the live coverage of this ball is longer than we've ever seen before. the. >> service members ball, third ball, invitation only, service members, wounded warriors, fist responder ps. >> that's exactly what he's going for. this is a nod to the military. i think i can see his sort of
5:24 pm
footprint and he's definitely involved in the balls and the planning and trying to bring glamour back in a reaganesque kind of way. >> tom barrack earlier tonight, when you were talking to him, the liberty ball, the freedom ball, the armed services ball, they're trying to make a point. today in the speech, some people won't like it if you don't like donald trump politically but play to patriotism, play to america first. big dynamic of this first day. >> donald trump knows who he wants to be as president whether anybody know who is his governing style will be like, maybe he even does it until he actually begins. we certainly heard in that speech today a president who in staying true to his campaign message, to the dismay to many conservatives who didn't like the america fist, a more protectionist trade message, the
5:25 pm
free market conservatives generally stand for, or neocons who look to the united states. >> to them it sounded like donald trump was pulling back from america's big role in the world. i shouldn't read too much into his speech. we'll see what happens as he addresses the challenges. the biggest lesson every outgoing president tells the next president is i know what you ran on in the campaign, i know that's what you believe and your priority, but in this job you must expect the unexpected because you never know what's going to cross your desk. >> derek, there has been some controversy for some designers saying theyeren't interested in being involved with the first lady in this administration, donald trump shot back, talking about tom ford, saying melania does not like -- >> doesn't like you anyway. >> doesn't like his fashions. >> get used to that. >> an amazing designer but --
5:26 pm
>> which is why a big deal that ralph got off the bench and made dresses for melania and hillary. hillary was a suit. there are a few websites tracking which designers have said they would and would not dress melania as a first lady. it's fascinating to see mark jacobs, for example, said he would not, cynthia raouley, some of these others said they would. i'm sort of curious as the sort of good will we feel tonight if that extend into tomorrow and next week if those names on those lis may flip. >> it is interesting because you get criticism on this, we all do, there are democrats that are liberal who is say, look, if you are just -- if you are reporting on this as the 45th, you know, inauguration of the 45th president you are normalizing this, which they feel is somehow inappropriate. we'll talk about that. the group pelican 212 is starting. let's listen in.
5:27 pm
♪ ♪ i'm a believer without a trace of doubt in my mind i'm in love oh, yeah, i'm a believer i couldn't leave her if i tried ♪
5:28 pm
♪ hey i thought love was more or less a giving thing ♪ ♪ seems the more i gave the less i got ♪ ♪ what's the use in trying all you get is pain when i needed sunshine i got rain ♪ ♪ then i saw her face now i'm a believer without a trace of doubt in my mind ♪ ♪ i'm in love, oooooo yeah, i'm a believer i couldn't leave her if i tried ♪ ♪ then i saw her face now i'm a believer without a trace ♪ ♪ of doubt in my mind
5:29 pm
i'm in love oooooo yeah ♪ ♪ i'm a believer i couldn't leave her if i tried yeah ♪ >> thank you! >> thank y'all! ♪
5:30 pm
♪ when the saints go marching in when the saints go marching in yo know i want to be in that number ♪ ♪ when the saints go march in ♪
5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
chance ♪ ♪ oh, darling, i was blind to let you go let you go, baby ♪ ♪ now it seems i need you ♪ yes, i do now oh, oh, baby yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ na, na, na, na all i want all i need all i want ♪ ♪ all i need oh, is one more chance to show you that i love you, baby ♪ ♪ baby, baby i want you back ♪ ♪ ♪
5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
whooo ♪ ♪ so good, so good i got you so good so good ♪ ♪ i got you >> hey! >> the band is pelican 212. we're at the freedom ball, one of three official inaugural balls. awaiting the first dance with president trump and melania trump, the first lady. that's coming up. stay tuned. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall.
5:36 pm
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5:39 pm
welcome back to the freedom ball here. we're in the convention hall where above us actually is the liberty ball and there's also the ball for service members where erin burnett is. wael be bringing you all three of the inaugural balls tonight. the first family, president trump, first lady melania trump,
5:40 pm
will each be appearing at the three balls. let's listen in. these are the piano guys. let's listen in. ♪
5:41 pm
♪ ♪
5:42 pm
♪ >> thank you. it's an honor to be with you here tonight. we're the piano guys and we like combining classical music and pop music. we'd like to play for you our tribute to superheroes, but not the kind of superheroes you might think that comic books have concocted. these are ordinary people in all
5:43 pm
of our lives that use superhuman spiritual strength to overcome extraordinary challenges. instead of leaping tall buildings in a single bound, these superheroes rescue us from searing heat of self-pity and hopelessness with their example of tremendous faith and fortitude. and i'm any thinking, you know people like this, don't you. i'm thinking of my father. he's my superhero. hae's a patriotic guy so he's proud his son is here tonight. my father raised me and five siblings, six kids, while caring for my mother as she suffered from a brain tumor for 18 years. he taught me a great lesson. he taught me when the fights of our lives grow too fierce, we turn them over the grace and let grace do the fighting for us. this is our version of "fight song" with "amazing grace." thank you so much.
5:44 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
5:45 pm
♪ ♪
5:46 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, once again, please welcome to the world-famous radio city rockettes. ♪ one one one ♪
5:49 pm
♪ ♪ new york, new york, new york hey, hey, yeah hey, hey, yeah ♪ ♪ new york, new york, new york ♪
5:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
5:51 pm
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> and the rockettes performing radio city's musical.
5:52 pm
that the second appearance. they were at one of the other balls and now here. it is interesting, there's three official balls. there's also other parties happening in washington, d.c. tonight. >> yeah, i think it's interesting that president reagan went to ten. obama went to ten. and we're seeing this pairing down. it does kind of strangely feel like a harder thi carter thing . in a strange way, it's having a republican go to so few balls is striking to me. in 1913, president wilson canceled the inaugural ball and it didn't come back for several years. and the reagans came under fire for nancy's gown costing $20,000. >> there was that great moment after she was criticized for that dress, she went to -- i think there was a debate or
5:53 pm
something dressed in an -- >> like in the secondhand rose thing, making fun of herself. >> a ticket to this ball, $50, it's really for those to celebrate that worked and supported the campaign, for those that want to celebrate this day. >> it's one of the -- i don't know the word for it, but one of the layers of the trump presidency we're going to have to go through. at the end of a week where democrats criticized his cabinet of millionaires and billionaires. they say donald trump is a faux populist. he says he's for the little guy, he only knows a sheltered life. but anybody who wants to be here can be here. he says he's a populist that's going to help the guy who works with his hands or the man or woman that used to work in a factory that is now shut down. his speech gave a pessimistic view of the american economy
5:54 pm
than many others would, but it's a trade park of mhis presidency. this is trademark trump, whether you like it or not. >> and there are thousands of people here, so many people waiting to see the president, waiting to see melania trump. we expect them to be arriving here shortly. we'll bring that to you. great variety of musical performances. we'll be right back. i've been on my feel all day.
5:55 pm
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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. welcome back to the freedom ball in washington, d.c., celebrating the inauguration of donald trump, the 45th president of the united states. the crowd here, very much wanting to see president trump and the first lady dance the first dance to frank sinatra's "my way." michael gladly will also be performing. we'll bring that to you. we're here with john king. just in terms of what happens next. already we've seen president
5:59 pm
trump tonight sign an executive order, not really clear on what it really means, though. >> it's an executive to all federal agencies telling them any way they can, as the congress moves to repeal and replace obamacare, if a federal agency perceives they can do something to help a state, an individual, or a player in the health care marketplace to ease the burden of obamacare. to ease the burden of the affordable care act. what does that mean? we'll have to watch as it plays out. presumably the department of health and human services to give states waivers, and to give insurance companies more leeway. so it's largely symbolic, until we see the effects of it. but the first executive order signed by the republican president -- a huge debate about the replace part.
6:00 pm
the other thing was to get general mattis and general kelly going. so it does send a signal to his supporters. tomorrow morning he'll attend the national prayer breakfast, which is the big post inaugural event, then we're told to look for more executive actions. >> we saw already donald trump has changed the oval office to suit his style more. they're also able to change some of the state rooms they don't get changed. but their personal quarters, the private quarters, that is something over time they're likely to change. >> they can do a lot on the second and third floor of the white house. it's a 132 room mansion, six floors, much bigger than it looks. >> it does not look that big if anybody has visited washington. >> it looks like it's three levels and two basement levels.
6:01 pm
but the idea that the trumps can come in and just bling out the white house, they can do a lot on the second floor in their bedrooms and sitting room, but in the blue room, the state floor that the public sees, they can't do much with that, the east room for instance where we see press conferences. and the lincoln bedroom, not much changed either. so it's a process, and it's a slow-moving process, too. >> i think it's interesting to note that donald trump hasn't really updated his own house in three or four decades. so you can't imagine he would go wild in the white house. there seems to be a sense of complacency. and melania, too. i don't think she's changed much. >> michael flatly is performing. >> i am proud to introduce the greatest team of dancers in the world, the cast of "lord of the dance."
6:02 pm
>> they've come with me all the way from ireland tonight to celebrate the election of america's new president, donald trump. [ applause ] may god bless him and guide him. i hope you enjoy the show. ♪ ♪
6:03 pm
♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪
6:04 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
6:05 pm
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
6:06 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
6:07 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
6:08 pm
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
6:09 pm
♪ ♪
6:10 pm
♪ >> usually successful dancer from "lord of the dance" which is seen around the world. we're going to take a quick break. told donald trump will be here any minute. we'll bring that to you live when we come back. at godaddy, our goal is to make you look awesome online.
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♪ sam moore singing his 1967 hit "soul man" with pelican 212. here they are. ♪ ♪ i'm a soul man, i'm a soul man ♪
6:15 pm
♪ soul man, soul man ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm a soul man, soul man ♪ soul man >> you know, i'm looking out there, and you're looking at me, put your cameras down.
6:16 pm
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6:17 pm
you've got to shake. come on, shake. ♪ come on, shake around ♪ soul man ♪ soul man ♪ do you feel it ♪ soul man ♪ do you feel it soul man ♪ ♪ how about you over there ♪ soul man ♪ feel it ♪ soul man ♪ soul man, soul man, soul man,
6:18 pm
soul man ♪ ♪ soul man, soul man, soul man, soul man ♪ >> thanks, everybody. ♪ soul man, soul man, soul man, soul man ♪ ♪ soul man, soul man, soul man, soul man ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
6:19 pm
>> that was the legendary sam moore from the group sam and dave. that was his 1967 hit that got a grammy in '67 "soul man." backed up by some of the kids from pelican 212, who we heard from earlier. incredibly talented kid. we're seeing a huge variety of talent. it makes me feel exhausted and completely without talent. here's the band from the u.s. navy. let's listen in. ♪ ♪
6:20 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
6:21 pm
♪ ♪
6:22 pm
♪ [ applause ] >> and we are anticipating donald trump's arrival any moment. not sure if he's already in the hall. we are told that -- a while ago that he was on his way. he will make an appearance first at the liberty ball which is right above where we are. we'll bring that to you live. it is certainly what so many of the thousands of people who are here at the freedom and the liberty balls are waiting for. they want to see melania trump. they want to see the 45th president of the united states dancing the first dance with the first lady. another historic moment of what has been an extraordinary day. and john king, i mean, the amount of energy that those two must have, because i'm exhausted
6:23 pm
and i've only been on air since 8:30 and doing nothing other than talking on air. they've been walking and interacting with people. it's been a very long day. >> it started right and early in the morning when they left at 8:00, 9:00 to go to st. john's, the president's church. then to the white house and the capitol. all the activity, plus all the tension and energy of the moment becoming president of the united states. but he proved during the campaign, we talked earlier, donald trump is the oldest man to be inaugurated president of the united states. age much less of an issue, people are living longer than when reagan had that occasion. but he proved during the campaign that he can go. >> no doubt about that. he ran circles around a lot of other candidates who were opposing him. derek, we're obviously waiting to see what melania trump, what she's going to wear. she really cut an extraordinary,
6:24 pm
striking figure out at the inauguration today, wearing ralph lauren. i don't know if it's robin egg's blue or baby blue. >> there's been powder, powder blue. >> has this been hotly debated? >> mainly with this guy. >> he's a big robin egg blue fan. i had to convince him not to wear the robin egg blue tux tonight. >> maybe not with the ruffles. >> we're waiting to see what melania and the president will wear. she will be weari inin ining ca herrera, i just got that word. >> a lot of people have been waiting, not only at the liberty ball but just one floor below here at the freedom ball. that is where they will come afterward and end the evening at the service member's ball, which
6:25 pm
unlike these balls are open to the public for $50 tickets, that is for wounded warriors and service members only. but certainly, this is -- you can't underestimate how kind of watched this first dance is going to be. it certainly was for the obamas, it certainly is going to be for donald trump. >> it can be a very romantic moment for the president and the first lady. i think the caralina herrera, there is a lot of pressure to pick an american designer. she's definitely dressed other first ladies. even though this isn't the first lady, this is the president's daughter. it shows again that they are really putting a lot of emphasis on what they're wearing and going back to the people who dressed hillary and nancy, and
6:26 pm
paying homage to the women who came before them. >> and a presidential daughter who will have an unprecedented role in her father's white house. if you think about this, the two obama girls, we saw the bush twins before that, college age when they were in the white house. chelsea clinton before that. donald trump's daughter, who is a businesswoman in her own right, is going to be such an influential figure. they're already making calls to capitol hill about she wants to change child care policies. she will be a fascinating figure because of her style and also because of the separation from her brand. there's some controversy attached to this, as well. there will be constantly questions for the trumps. >> and her husband is a senior adviser, a former role in the white house. >> we saw him in the picture today when the president was signing his first executive orders. reince priebus was handing and
6:27 pm
taking the paperwork from the president, but standing to the right was the son-in-law to the president who is without a doubt part of the power center. you have steve bannon, you have jared kushner who donald trump has said he wants to take a role in trying to negotiate mideast peace. this is his son-in-law. he's been in the real estate business. never been in politics like donald trump. we'll see what happens. we'll see how the words and the talk of a campaign turns into action as they govern. policy president, with key members of his family, is one of the new twists of this new administration. >> while tonight is a celebration and a remarkable celebration for the country, for the 45th president, for the peaceful transfer of power, for
6:28 pm
donald trump, i mean, whether day one he counts as monday, for the president, every day is a workday. >> every day. he did really run as a republican. he's a republican president in an all-republican washington today. but even in his speech, he railed against all establishment politici politicians. he promises to move quickly to keep his promise to the little guy. you have a billionaire president who says he's here for the little guy. we'll see how the nuts and bolt also work out. very important action number one on obamacare. now we're waiting to see, what is his first move on immigration? what is his first move on a jobs program, some sort of a stimulus plan. we were told, we have some today, the rest of the day will be spent celebrating. we're also told expect more tomorrow as the president gets back to work. >> while i was watching his inaugural address today, there
6:29 pm
couldn't be any politician on that stage, republican or democrat, who could have felt comfortable in a donald trump administration. he was blasting washington as a whole, republican and democrat. >> and yet, i think the complexities of this presidency, and a lot of people watching, the complexity of this president are a long list of questions. in that speech, he trashed the people he was standing with right there. he said that they had enriched themselves, they put themselves ahead of the little guy. and he didn't make a distinction against republicans and democrats. he ran against washington with that outside message to the country. then he went inside and signing the papers, he was yukking it up, joking and bantering, the negotiator. >> with chuck schumer and democrats. >> he's going the have to play that outside game to keep his
6:30 pm
base is absolutely critical. if he loses that support, we know the democrats will look for an opening. but he played the outside game directly to the people who made him president of the united states. but we're showing the part of donald trump that is critical, if he is to get anything big done. the republicans control the house and the y narrow majoriti. >> we're told the 45th president of the united states donald trump will be appearing within a minute or so at the liberty ball, just above us. we're told he will make some comments, obviously, and also i think so many people around the country are looking forward to seeing him dance with the first lady, the first dance of his administration to frank sinatra's "my way." frank sinatra who performed at ronald reagan's inauguration, singing to nancy reagan, if
6:31 pm
memory serves me correct. >> i believe that's right. i missed that one. >> i watched it on satellite. i remember that. and obviously, the reagans had a very close relationship with frank sinatra. >> i think your point is interesting about ivanka. we're conditioned to have the first lady be the wife of the president. but in the 19th century, life expectancies were shorter and daughters and nieces filled that role, and sisters. harriet was president buchanon's niece, and she was the first woman refed to as the first lady. >> melania trump is going to clearly be fulfilling that role.
6:32 pm
she's going to be staying in new york because her son baron was 10 years old and still enrolled in stool. but the white house is saying she will be there for important events. >> remember during the campaign, she gave one speech in philadelphia, and she was ridiculed for this, because she said she wanted to deal with cyber bullying as first lady, and critics said, what about your husband, you've got to start at home. she felt a little burned by that experience. she didn't feel she had been protected properly by the campaign staff. but we'll have to watch as this plays out. people think of michelle obama and the garden in the white house. for the first year, she was feeling her way. she made some missteps during the campaign that critics turned on her. part of this, when you say things, democrats are going to say, there they go getting in the tank. he's the president.
6:33 pm
he's already being judged. 234er in terms of a first lady, people should have a little patience and grace. because she's made clear -- >> as we await for the appearance of the first couple at one of these inaugural balls tonight any minute now, she's not hired -- the first lady has her own staff. how large a staff is it, what is their role? >> upwards of 20 people. press secretary, social secretary, chief of staff. and they're looking at interviewing social secretaries. among them is a man, which would be interesting. the obamas named a man to the position, the first man to be social secretary. if the trumps did it, it would be the first time a republican administration named a man to the position. a social secretary runs all the public events at the white house, and has traditionally been a job for women.
6:34 pm
i do think that melania, people should have some sympathy since she didn't want this life. >> i'm told the first couple is about to appear. let's go to the liberty ball and watch. [ cheers and applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the stage for the arrival of the president and first lady. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
6:35 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, it is our honor to present to you the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump and the first lady of the united states, melania trump. [ applause ] ♪ [ playing "hail to the chief" ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
6:36 pm
>> that is what i call great tale talent. thank you very much. great talent. thank you. well, we did it. [ cheers and applause ] we began this journey and they said we, we, and me, we didn't have a chance, but we knew we were going to win. and we won. [ applause ] and today, we had a great day. people that weren't so nice to me were saying that we did a really good job today. [ applause ] they hated to do it, but they did it. and i respect that. i respect that. but i have to say, the crowd was unbelievable today, you know. i looked at the rain, which just never came. you know, we finished the
6:37 pm
speech, went inside, it poured. then we came outside, the helicopter scene was an incredible scene, an incredible scene. so beautiful. like from a movie set, so beautiful. and then, and then amazingly, it rained, and then we -- it's like god was looking down on us. i will tell you. [ cheers and applause ] i want to thank all of our supporters. my number one supporter, melania, what she puts up with. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, honey. we really did something that's so special, and this evening is so special, and this whole day, and yesterday so incredible. so many people made such a difference. vice president mike pence, no more elect.
6:38 pm
[ applause ] he was incredible. you are going to see things happening over the next few weeks oh, you're going to be so happy. you're going to be -- [ cheers and applause ] >> because they're very elegant people tonight. but they're also very political people, right? we want to see great things happen for our country. we want to make america great again. and we will. [ cheers and applause ] and we will. so now it's a tremendous honor to have the first dance with melania. and we're going to be joined by our vice president. we're going to be joined by some very wonderful, wonderful children, as we go along, they happen to be my children and mike's children. and i just want to, again, i want to thank everybody.
6:39 pm
we always felt we were going to do it. it's a movement like they've never seen anywhere at any time, anywhere in the world. this was a movement. and now the work begins. now the work begins. there's no games, right? no games. we're not playing games. the work begins. i want to thank everybody. we love you. we're going to be working for you. and we're going to be producing results. thank you, everybody. have a great night. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> and now the president and first lady of the united states will take their first dance. ladies and gentlemen, the first couple, donald and melania trump. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ now, the end is near and so i
6:40 pm
face the final curtain ♪ ♪ my friend, i'll say it clear ♪ i'll state my case ♪ i've lived a life that's full, i've traveled each and every highway ♪ ♪ and much more than this, i did it my way ♪ ♪ i did what i had to do,
6:41 pm
♪ much more than this, i did it my way ♪ ♪ yes, there were times, i'm sure you knew ♪ ♪ when i bit off more than i could chew ♪ ♪ but through it all, when there was doubt ♪ ♪ i ate it up and spit it out ♪ i faced it all and i stood tall ♪ ♪ and did it my way
6:42 pm
♪ there were times, i'm sure you knew ♪ ♪ when i bit off more than i could chew ♪ ♪ but through it all, when there was doubt ♪ ♪ i ate it up and spit it out ♪ i faced it all and i stood tall ♪ ♪ and did it my way ♪ ♪
6:43 pm
♪ yes, there were times i'm sure you knew ♪ when i bit off more than i could chew ♪ ♪ but through it all, when there was doubt ♪ ♪ i ate it up and spit it out i faced it all and i stood tall ♪ ♪ and did it my way ♪ yes, there were times, i'm sure you knew ♪ ♪ when i bit off more than i could chew ♪ ♪ but through it all, when there was doubt ♪
6:44 pm
♪ i ate it up and spit it out ♪ i faced it all and i stood tall ♪ ♪ and did it my way ♪ ♪ ♪ and did it my way [ cheers and applause ]
6:45 pm
[ applause continues ] >> the 45th president of the united states, the new first lady, and the new first family. our first look at them all on a stage together with the vice president and his family dancing to frank sinatra's "my way." i cannot think of a more appropriate song for this 45th president, donald trump, who became the 45th president by doing it his way.
6:46 pm
there were buzz words all along the way. they said you can't do this, you can't do that. many said it doesn't work this way. it's not going to work out. he did it the way he wanted to do it. what do you make of what they were wearing? >> everyone is on bated breath to see what they were going to wear. ivanka is wearing herrera. we're waiting still for what melania wore. but i think they looked fantastic. it was a little bit subdued. it was a little bit -- it was more conservative. there wasn't too much -- they both looked very elegant. >> much of what she wears is sort of subdued. it's sort of refined and there's
6:47 pm
not a lot of frills. today, the ralph lauren outfit she was wearing was haesrkening back to jacqueline kennedy. >> they're really drying to drive home this idea of american designers. there was a lot of hesitation and there was a lot of worry that one of them were going to choose to wear a european designer. a lot of european based designers understand what the big controversy was about dressing melania and ivanka. so i think there's a sense of relief from the new york fashion community that we're not celebrating sort of an outsider, a non-american designer. i'll be curious to see who made melania's dress. >> oscar delarente has been worn by other first ladies.
6:48 pm
>> oscar dressed gloria bush in 2005 and hillary clinton in 1997. help me out. >> i was thinking -- >> he passed away last year. >> he passed away in 2014. >> was it 2014? wow. >> ivanka's blog, she made a tribute to him. >> he was a lovely man. such a gracious guy, incredible gentleman. born in the dominican republic but an american through and through. >> we saw obama didn't wear his clothes for seven years, and he got in some trouble for that. she had designers like jason wu. i think it's interesting to see
6:49 pm
this modern look that melania is pulling off like only a former supermodel could. this is their moment to shine. i think you can't stress how important it is to wear an american designer, like you were saying. jackie kennedy got into a lot of trouble for going to europe and spending so much money. she would even have labels sewn into the suits by american designers. >> the idea of dancing in public is one of my greatest fears, so i give them huge props for pulling that off. i thought it was lovely to have all the kids come out and join them. you really get a sense of the family, the history that is now part of this administration. let's go back to erin, who is standing by. erin? >> all right, anderson. obviously we're sitting here talking about the fashion, the dresses. obviously, melania looks
6:50 pm
gorgeous in anything she wears. anything can wear white, especially that with the sticking out part in the front, she's stunning. it >> we don't know the designer but know it's an american probably because wearing american designers all day and paying tribute to the american fashion business. but it's a beautiful dress. and white symbolizes new beginnings and a kind of fresh start and michelle obama also wore white on first inaugural. it feels very much like a wedding or prom. you know, it's very -- it's so modern and elegant. >> very modern. >> very modern. >> and all clean lines. >> i love doing this. never get to do this, with my girlfriends on the couch
6:51 pm
watching red carpet. >> and when all of the rest of the couples came out, as strange as it was in some ways, it did sort of look we were saying a bit like a wedding. all with gorgeous dresses and ivanka was wearing caroline ferrara and the others had similar looks. wondering if coordinated it. >> i'm sure they did. it's like a tableau. saying it yesterday. oleg kacassini who designed jackie's clothes designed her like she was in a tableau. he was a fashion designer for paramount so it made sense. this is like that too. a set piece. >> wore hair down, wore it up earlier. thought into all aspects of this. you're not wearing sleeves, i
6:52 pm
am, there's different styles this year and two of the women wearing sleeves. ivanka with the sheer sleeve and one of the others as well. >> the trump family are nothing if -- top of the style. they are the creme de la creme with fashion forward. it's who they are, their brand. be au currant as possible. >> and bringing new york glamour to washington much in the way that nancy reagan brought hollywood glamour to washington. >> we welcome that as washingtonian, come on down. >> and dress itself -- slimming tuxedo on donald trump, not the usual style of bigger jackets. >> absolutely not. have we ever seen him without
6:53 pm
the long red or blue tie? i guess casual the jacket and tieless, but jackets are always very large, very sort of trumpian 1980s and this was different. i guess in a tuxedo it's difficult to do that. this was more modern than we've seen. sleeker. >> talk about the dancing. >> the swaying you mean? >> the stepping. i told you didn't want to practice but a good sway. >> you were right, good source on that. if that was practiced -- want to be respectful, beautiful and wonderful moment but as 70-year-old man, would think he had practice in his life. probably danced before. >> taken up the dance floor. >> and we don't know the designer but this big moment in front of her. lot of controversy. some designers, caroline ferrara
6:54 pm
said would be thrilled to dress her. tommy hilfiger too, others said absolutely not. lot of people in the new york fashion community probably be here tomorrow marching in opposition to trump. but melania trump has the ability to move millions of dollars. can wear absolutely anything. this is a big opportunity for her. could pick a designer no one had heard of and turn him into something if she chose. >> which is what michelle obama did. >> yes but also wore clothing from ja crew and target more accessible for larger audience. >> but picked jason wu out of obscurity. >> many others. isabel as well.
6:55 pm
both of them. >> could you see her doing that mix of high and low? doesn't seem to fit with what we've seen so far. always perfect looking but clothes always expensive and often european. >> i don't know if she can do it but tradition of the white house going back to dolly madison, first first laid who wore grand european clothes, silk turbans and outrageous things and mixed with more accessible clothes. >> really? >> she was famous for that. known as queen dolly. beloved first lady who entertained a lot and close to the people and also the first lady who began the inaugural ball tradition. >> and the other thing of course was when they all appeared on
6:56 pm
that stage. >> yes. >> how unusual that moment was. and did bring the pence family out as well. but as i said earlier in the evening, as i was told, these events, parties are a family fair. doesn't view as donald j. trump only but family affair. >> and if you think about the last few presidents we've had going back to reagan and then george h.w. bush, did have adult children to come up and do this, but i don't remember them doing it, correct me if i'm wrong. clintons had a young daughter, 12 or 13. and same goes with the obamas, young girls at the time. this is the first opportunity we've had in a long time to see a large family like the trumps. but the fact that they chose to bring everybody out on the stage like we've been talking about all night is because that's who
6:57 pm
they are. they're a unit. and that is true here at the balls, it is true in the governing, in the campaign. the fact that jared kushner for example dancing up there with his father-in-law is coming in with official title as senior adviser to the president with an office in the west wing and a staff tells you everything you need to know. >> it does. of course we're waiting for them to go. have another first dance at next ball and coming to the armed services ball. send back to where you are, anderson. >> thanks very much. a few minutes from now expect to see the first couple, first family coming out. make some remarks to this crowd at freedom ball, one floor below at liberty ball at same building. then make way to third official inaugural ball where erin is to
6:58 pm
end out the evening. less than have been in the past inaugurations, that's the way it is. certainly are thousands of people in this room alone. i imagine in the liberty as well. >> i'll stay out of my lane and not go to the fashion conversation, but as the president and first lady made the statement, interaction with the crowd. he loves them. learned to love them in the campaign and rallies. he loved the interactions and rallies. talked before about how "my way" was the perfect song because smaller controlled events, not always big rallies because afraid the big crowds excited him into the rhetorical flourishes that got him in trouble. even dancing took arm off
6:59 pm
melania to wave to the crowd. that's who he is. like many politicians feeds off the room. >> i stand corrected. frank sinatra popularized "my way" but paul anka wrote the melody. want to give anka his due for writing the lyrics to the song which epitomizes donald trump in sm so many ways. if you look at overall style of this first family, what we've seen so far, what do you make of it? >> first thing that comes to mind when i saw this is donald trump's pageant history came in handy. there's presentation that's very polished. and paired up and coupled and beautiful dresses. evening wear. one important thing about
7:00 pm
ivanka's wardrobe, oscar de la renta, dominican republic and now caroline ferrara- spanish and latino designers on the ceremony. >> and american designers as well. american citizens. and each first family puts their imprint in terms of style on the white house. >> and this is a very big family and very involved family. we'll see how they end up defining the role. it's interesting too if you look back at someone like laura bush, chose michael -- a dallas designer. they can make someone's career. this isn't a career making thing. i don't think ferrara needs someone to do that. doing pretty well. >> and ralph lauren.
7:01 pm
>> but when michelle obama wore jason wu at first inaugural that was a big -- >> evolved into a special relationship between michelle and jason wu. first and second inauguration dresses together. and this afternoon when she left wearing a jason wu dress and jacket. >> waiting here at freedom ball anticipating donald trump any moment now. this crowd very much -- able to watch on monitor the first couple dance. clearly want to see with their own eyes in this hall as do all the folks at service member's ball as well. >> listening to entertainment but not seen a lot of dancing. trump and pence families can dance, people in the audience just mingling. >> it's so packed. stage is on one side of the room, enormous cavernous hall here that is packed hundreds
7:02 pm
deep. we're in the center of the room. there are people really packed on all sides of us as we said, $50 i think admission for each ticket, something which a lot of people who wanted to take part were able to. >> if you're walking down the streets in washington now you hear people from all over the country. >> it's such a great thing. nothing like that feeling whether you're republican or democrat no matter what, to see presidential motorcade passing by is extraordinary sight. first time you see it. it's just so -- the beast that the president rides in, sheer number of vehicles and security, you have the sense this is the most important powerful person in the world. >> and in this town where you had the now former president leaving with his detail. all the military bands and helicoppers, trappings of the
7:03 pm
presidency which i think donald trump will enjoy. president's own marine band. "hail to the chief" he's had. saw when he walked in about to begin remarks and realized i need to wait until they finish. presidency is majestic office and some presidents blow through that stuff and others enjoy the ceremony and circumstance. >> now donald trump finds himself inside a bubble the likes of which never been in. obviously had security for a long time, now has a level of secret service protection unprecedented for him. it's wn of the things that former president obama talked about looking forward to getting outside of that bubble. >> every president kplancomplai even though cherish the secret
7:04 pm
service and the heroes to put their lives on the line but president can't walk across the street, go out for a beer or burger or walk. every once in a while a first lady it sneak out. hillary clinton did, michelle obama did. leave it at that. president can't. and donald trump is used to having personal security, big chief executive of business. had security around him, angered the media a few times not taking protective press pool around hem, litigate that another day but can't look out and go it's sunny, i'm going to golf. can go in an hour but can't hop in a car. >> and can't make a phone call. president clinton day after the inauguration made a phone call and thought would get a dial tone. he got the operators.
7:05 pm
he was upset, just wanted to dial out. and melania bringing the tiffany gift for the first lady, michelle obama did the same with laura bush and took aides by surprise because it's notice part of protocol. it's learning the protocol. >> it was interesting to see today, handed over the gift which appeared to be in tiffany wrapping, no aide to take the gift and ended up with president taking it and walking back into the white house to give to an aide. marines standing by but not going to hand to marine or secret service. telling moment. >> not their job. marines. when you cover the white house, one of the clues, we show the west wing, marine is outside, president is inside, not, not. it's a cue as reporter.
7:06 pm
>> donald trump being introduced. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen it is our honor to present to you the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump, and the first lady of the united states, melania trump. ♪ >> thank you. thank you very much.
7:07 pm
hello folks. our first lady. well, we just want to thank everybody. this has been an amazing journey for all of us. not just me and not just melania, it's been an amazing journey. and now the work begins. we have to get it done. and we'll get it done. there is so much spirit in our country, this is such a great country, and we are going to do things. we will not be taken advantage of anymore. okay? we will not. we're going to have those companies come pouring back in. you see what's been happening over the last four weeks. and we're going to have a lot of
7:08 pm
things happen and you're going to read about them and i don't know. let me ask you, should i keep the twitter going or not? keep it going? i think so. i think so. you know, the enemies keep saying oh, that's terrible, but it's a way of bypassing dishonest media right? wah, wah. but i just want to thank you. we started out -- we weren't given a great chance but we knew we were going to win. and it took two weeks before we went to number one, not a long time. and the first week was composed in terms of the phony polls, of two days. so we were at number one and we stayed there the entire route during the primaries, and then boy did i work, those last four
7:09 pm
weeks i worked. that was some job. we did a good job together. and i'll tell you what, many of the people in this room went to those rallies with us right? they went to those rallies. i saw one person on television tonight, incredible family, her and her husband, she said we've gone to 42 trump rallies. i said 42? 42. but we did have a lot of people that went to a lot of the rallies and it showed up -- and you know when we went in, i really felt, that last week in particular i said, how are we going to lose? how can we lose? it's just too much. there has never been a movement like this anywhere in the world, never been anything like this. so i am so looking forward --
7:10 pm
i've already just -- i just left actually the oval office because -- because our great general "mad dog" mattis was approved tonight. senate approved. he was first. and i went to sign, and mike pence who is coming out in a second -- you saw what happened right? he just swore him in. and general kelly, the border, the border, we're going to have a border again. and he was approved tonight by the senate. so we're starting to work and we're going to do a great job. we are not going to let you down. remember the theme -- make america great again. and -- make america great again -- i'll tell you what, i've added since i got to know
7:11 pm
so many people in this country, greater than ever before. it will happen. so i want to thank everybody for being with us and for sticking with us and it's been an amazing experience, and now the fun begins. okay? now the fun begins. we're going to do a really good job, and i will be fighting every single day for you. thank you everybody. thank you and have a great time. thank you. and now the president and first lady of the united states will take their first dance. ladies and gentlemen, the first couple, donald and melania trump. ♪
7:12 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ and now the end is near and so i face the final curtain ♪ ♪ my friend, i'll say it clear,
7:13 pm
i'll state my case for which i'm certain ♪ ♪ i've lived a life that's full, i traveled each and every highway ♪ ♪ and more, much more than this, i did it my way ♪ ♪ yes there were times, i'm sure you knew, when i bit off more than i could chew ♪ ♪ and i through it all when there was doubt, i ate it up and spit it out ♪ ♪ i faced it all and i stood
7:14 pm
tall, and did it my way ♪ ♪ for what is a man, what has he got, if not himself, then he has nought ♪ ♪ the -- feels and not the way the world he -- let the record show, i took the blows and did it may my way ♪
7:15 pm
♪ ♪ yes, i did it my way [ cheers and applause ] >> and that is the moment so many of the thousands of people in this crowd in this room tonight at freedom ball have been waiting to see, the 45th
7:16 pm
president of the united states, first lady melania trump and entire first family as well as vice president pence and his wife and his kids. that is the moment. and it's not over yet. one more official inaugural ball for the first family to go and visit and to dance at as well. it's interesting, we saw about 15 minutes ago donald trump's first appearance, now speaking a little bit more casually and longer, be interesting to see what he says at service members ball. >> and first question is should i keep the twitter going? i think he knows the answer but needs a different device to do it. president of the united states needs secure environment. but he's comfortable with his supporters. talking about how so many people including allies and friends not
7:17 pm
such a great idea but it's clear, it's his way to keep in touch with his supporters and combat what he believes is inaccurate reporting. >> donald trump is still talking about the campaign, laitigating the election and the polls. not going to stop. >> incredibly successful in the business community, don't get there without healthy ego. he wears his more openly than many politicians. this is part of his brand. we have to get used to it. there are still some people thinking he's going to change who he is as he becomes president. i wouldn't put money on that. >> i don't think people in this hall think that or want it.
7:18 pm
they love what he said tonight and i'm sure at next ball will as well. washington has been full today. probably saw some -- i think more than 100 or so people, not sure exact number were arrested, throwing rocks at police, confrontations. by and large though overwhelmingly peaceful and hundreds of thousands of people came here to take part in this experience. >> seen little tastes of his style, way of going about business. inaugural address was lecture to professional p professional politicians but then shrewd talking about the deals and change pens. can he take the art of the deal from the business world to the political world? communicates in different way. uses social media different way
7:19 pm
than any other elected president. even though 70 years old. he's been a disruptive force and that will continue. >> john king wondering about the designer of melania trump's dress all night long. you have the answer. >> i have the answer. herve perrer, worked for caroline ferrara for many years. interesting to note this was the first time he struck out on his own. in a we're way perhaps see something similar to what michelle obama did with jason wu, maybe trying to foster a relationship with a new name on the fashion scene. >> and something like this for a new designer or striking out for first time, it's game changer. >> 100%. this guy will be on the front page of every newspaper
7:20 pm
tomorrow. what's interesting is lot of fashion fans misidentified that dress as caroline ferrara when she walked out. lot of the hallmarks of that house were there. beautiful, simple elegant. >> only the beginning of her scrutiny about everything she wore. michelle obama wore a dress to state dinner designed by alexander queen's house and came into criticism because said should have picked american designer instead of a british house. this is just the beginning of melania of state dinners and public events where everything she wears will be scrutinized. >> as donald trump and mike pence are heading to the next ball, we're bringing you
7:21 pm
silhouettes, were on "america's got talent" season 6. here they are. ♪ ♪ everywhere around the world they're coming to america ♪ ♪ every time that flag's unfurled, they're coming to america ♪ ♪ got a dream to take them there, they're coming to america ♪ ♪ got a dream they come to share, coming to america ♪ ♪ they're coming to america,
7:22 pm
they're coming to america ♪ ♪ they're coming to america, they're coming to america today ♪ ♪ my country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty ♪ ♪ of thee i sing, today, of thee i sing today ♪ ♪ today, today, today ♪ ♪ i'm red and white and blue,
7:23 pm
these are colors that ring true ♪ ♪ to all i am and feel and love and do ♪ ♪ i tand proud and brave and tall, i want justice for all us ♪ ♪ color me america, red, white and blue, but i see red when evil speaks, spilling red blood on our streets ♪ ♪ and i feel blue great with sorrow that can brings ♪ ♪ but the white, the light of love, god's own spirit like a dove ♪ ♪ lifts us up and hands to us an olive branch ♪ ♪ i am red and white and blue, these are colors that ring
7:24 pm
true ♪ ♪ to all i love and feel and see and do oh, i stand proud and brave and tall ♪ ♪ i want justice for us all, color me america, red, white and blue ♪ ♪ america, america, sweet america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace, won't you shed your grace on me ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining
7:25 pm
sea ♪ ♪ america, color me america, red, white and blue ♪ ♪ color me america >> that is the group silhouettes, probably saw them on "america's got talent" season 6, placed second overall. take a short break, come back, waiting for last dance from donald trump and melania trump of the evening at the next ball. be right back. as a control enthusiast,
7:26 pm
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7:30 pm
balls. liberty and freedom. this is special and unique. about 30,000 people at other two balls this is much smaller and more intimate. about 2500 people here from the armed services and first responders. donald trump will come here, do the first dance, then he and first lady will dance with service members and he will have a chance to speak to your -- in iraq and afghanistan, a two-way camera. they won't see him but hear him. a poignant moment at the ball. on the stage they'll dance and stage will recede and fountain come up in the middle of it. i had a chance to see it behind-the-scenes. goes away and fountain comes up? >> i have the bellagio in my
7:31 pm
head. >> it's not quite but knowing donald trump with the gold, do that. and melania trump will come wearing as we know now, hershve pierre gown. he's liv he's lived in united states for 20 years. >> born in french but american in many ways. >> but also french in he's a real dress maker. went to acouture house in paris and designed for -- for many years. young as he appeared there. he's talented dress maker. and that dress is very beautifully made.
7:32 pm
i mean it falls perfectly. that's a real couture dress. >> and made for her. he put out a statement in "women's wear daily," it's honor to dress the first ladies. in united states i dressed all of them. so i feel lucky and honor to dress melania trump but this time under my name. as we were joking it's trumpian way to take credit. it's gorgeous but it's first time his own name on the ensemble. >> and i defer to you on how unusual it is to release a statement like that. if i were caroline ferrara, not sure how i would feel about it. but not like everyone doesn't know her lead designer. >> and he dressed them as head designer, measuring and creating
7:33 pm
dresses with seam tresses so fair to say he dressed him and it's first under his own name. >> and said worked on this personally but it's one of a kind item just for her. >> until we see the knockoffs tomorrow. >> amazing experience, she knows what she likes. our conversations easy, she knows about fashion as former model. this is something they worked for some time and personal collaboration. >> and he probably dressed her before and they know each other. >> you knew him. >> i knew him for years, wrote about him. he's charming guy. >> did you think when you met him young and starting that he would be dressing the first
7:34 pm
lady? >> i didn't think that back then but i'm not surprised. he's very talented. >> and another big question of course is what does it do for him? talked about michelle obama and incredible power in fashion with j crew or target or jason wu. people she made into designers. he's famous in his own right but now his own name is out there. but price point for a gown like this, i don't know what it would be but not something any regular normal person could wear even if they could pull off a white skin-tight dress. >> but puts his name on the global stage in a major way. even if he was well-known before in the fashion industry or new york circles or america, now he's globally known. i remember when michelle obama began wearing jason wu and all those designers, all talked
7:35 pm
about how exciting that moment was when the first lady appeared in their dress. life changing moment for these designers no matter what. it's exciting. i love that. >> and we understand donald and melania trump are now in the building. should be coming out momentarily for the dance. i remember the last time when i was doing this exact same job for cnn, and president obama and michelle obama came out, and just sort of the awe that hits the room when the president walks out, it's hard to explain it when you're at home watching dance after dance. >> air in the room changes. >> you feel it. there is a real awe. >> no question. >> and then all the smartphones go up. >> and obviously because of the way you described where we are, at armed services ball, it's different level. they'll see commander in chief
7:36 pm
for the first time. intimate group and spouses and dates see in person, very close. it's very small. brand new commander in chief. you know. pretty remarkable moment to witness. >> and already been obviously here. now secretary of defense james mattis taken the oath of office, secretary kelly. interesting to see if they play a role. but secretary mattis said he would work closely with the intelligence agencies that keep the country safe. donald trump has made comments at other balls. will they reference -- i'm sure mattis but we'll see with the controversy with the intelligence department. >> you're right it's hard to imagine him not talking about his wonderful, fantastic, amazing defense secretary, using his terms. he's well respected.
7:37 pm
flew through the senate, confirmed swiftly because of the deep respect he has on both sides of the aisle. but for the first two speeches that donald trump gave as president in these balls, festive occasions, you know, there were certainly still references to the campaign, some biting words with the other side, enemies, people who didn't support him. >> media. >> media. which i guess we're just going to have to get used to unfortunately. hopefully we don't. maybe he'll change his mind. but i think at end of the day the question is whether he gets used to the idea that that's the past and he's now the leader of the free world and it's time to move forward. it's not enemies versus the people who supported him. he's president of everyone, all of us, every american citizen. >> we'll see about his tone. and talked about his twitter
7:38 pm
account to a roar of applause, preaching to his choir there. that was donald trump on the campaign trail and past two balls, very much that way. dana the other question of course, when he comes out, response here may be different. there's a lot of emotion. when he -- >> no question. >> speaking to troops and see the screens. he will be able to talk to men and women currently serving their lives on the line in iraq and afghanistan tonight. poignant moment and amazing to see how he handles it, what he says to them. >> and speak to people in the room and also to people actually deployed, actually his responsibility now, in war zones. even though president obama, former president obama pulled troops back from iraq, out of
7:39 pm
afghanistan, american servicemen are still abroad and serving this country and very much in harm's way, no question about it. that's not going to end. now looking to him for guidance because he is their commander in chief. >> we're waiting for donald and melania trump to walk out on the stage. they'll be coming out in just a couple of moments. take a brief break and be back with the first dance at this very special ball. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
7:40 pm
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7:43 pm
welcome back to "cnn tonight," you're watching continuing coverage of the inaugural galas. donald and melania trump are in the building. momentarily coming out on the stage. dance and then -- this is one of the special things about the armed services ball, smallest and most intimate. armed services members only and first responders, 2500 people, donald and melania trump then dance with members of the military and mike and karen
7:44 pm
pence. that's special tradition they'll honor, and cake cutting. and then donald trump will have opportunity to speak with american men and women serving, their lives on the line in iraq and afghanistan, embassies. all going to happen momentarily. as i mentioned before, stage shaped like the silver dollar after the dancing will be removed and fountain will come up. here with dana and kate. this is final ball, been a lot of entertainment, people waiting here all night. it's packed. most of the people incredibly young and some visibly injured, served, sacrificed and lost so much. it's emotional place to be when you realize so tangibly what this country has gone through
7:45 pm
and people who sacrificed for this country in the iraq and afghanistan wars. >> lot of wounded warriors here and veterans and service people in general were honored at parade today across from the viewing stand at the white house. watching them come by and watching the new president salute over and over the different groups of servicemen, not necessarily military but from the police in new york to indiana and so forth. but this is different. look the new president has made very clear and made a very specific promise he's going to do whatever he can to change the care that veterans get. that's going to be one the things we're watching to see how he does that. you know, his most immediate predecessor barack obama tried to do it.
7:46 pm
there was certainly a lot of problems. broke a lot of stories about the horrible unacceptable problems at the va, and that was -- out on the campaign trail with donald trump and i know you were too, he spoke passionately about fixing that. and there's no question that's something that everybody in this room heard and will listen for tonight. >> and going to be a crucial question. as he's talking to people he's going to serve, talking about va secretary and made the decision, someone democrats like as well as republicans. i'm behind you, changing va is hard. barack obama did try. had a committee, and not able to get the changes through. and think about what has to happen with congress, it's easier said than done. will be challenging and say a lot about donald trump, the level of detail he's willing to
7:47 pm
go to to make changes to the va, something that matters so much to the people in this room. >> va could be the classic case study in donald trump's clash between washington moving at such a frustrating glacial pace even when there's a dire need for change such as va and donald trump just do it, do it, do it. those two will clash and let's hope in this case if donald trump finds a better way to help people who are wounded and retire from the military and need medical care can get it in a better way. >> mood in the room is celebratory, talk about the weighty issues but find interesting, giant columns all lit up.
7:48 pm
i had a chance to talk to the chairman of the inaugural committee when he was getting ready and i saw the fountain. used to be pensioners location. after the wars didn't have way to get pensions to the soldiers. built this to get pensions. side doors wide for the horses to come in. other balls are lovely but this is a part of american history. you can see from the decor. >> feels historical and grand with the columns and lighting and rose bouquets on the tables. >> i've been in a lot of buildings in the city but this is my favorite. >> your favorite really? >> first of all because of the history, and it's hard to see with the beautiful stage, but architecture in the building itself, if you look at column, it's absolutely gorgeous. and even when there's nothing in
7:49 pm
it, and it's very large, even when its cavernous, you come in and look at building itself, there's nothing in here, just because it's so well done. >> scale is beautiful. >> and also when they come out on the stage, other ball locations had 25 or 30,000 people there. this stage is very small. can literally from where we're sitting to where the stage is is what 30 feet? everyone attending the ball is between us and the stage. >> pretty much. >> when donald trump comes here, not talking to big black room where all he sees is lights in his face. >> everybody here is lit up. he can see everybody. >> it will be intimate and will make it different than anything else that's happened tonight. >> that's right. they're going to dance and
7:50 pm
follow the protocol of past presidents at this ball, dancing with the service people and the cake, but again it's speech that i'm -- we've seen the dance, know about the dress, all of the other pomp and circumstance, we saw a couple of vintage donald trump speeches, how he addresses people in this room who are so important to this country and to him, can't wait. >> i can't wait to see it. also think that he does things his own way but fact he's -- >> i think he danced to a song like this. i did it my way. >> a motto that he had. among the many traditions he's keeping is they will be dancing with -- he dances with someone from the u.s. navy. melania trump from the army. >> lucky him. >> air force with mike pence and marine with karen pence. then the cake cutting.
7:51 pm
these are the things always done they're going to do. >> we know donald trump is not someone who loves pomp and circumstance in some ways. going to go in and get it done. and only doing three balls. for a normal human, three balls is a lot. one is a lot. most do. >> reagan did nine. >> a lot. he said nuh-uh, shortened the parade, cut the number of balls to three. enjoys the show but wants it to be a tight show. >> he wants the show done a certain way. again they were saying donald trump cared about every detail. he said leave the place settings to me. he cared about the flowers, decorations, wanted the balls done just so. when you talk about melania
7:52 pm
trump and her dress, how redecorated the oval office today. he kard. wanted the shades and brocade. >> and wanted the columns to be gold i'm guessing also. >> probably. doesn't surprise you. when did you start covering donald trump? >> i don't know at this point about 12 years or so. >> you've known him in "apprentice" world and business world. >> and never in all those years changed. and some of the issues he talks about now, military, some of the things about oil and china and currency, unchanged for over a decade. some of the things he says are new, but when people say does he mean these things? some of them yes and some of them relevant to the people in the room no question. they're behind stage.
7:53 pm
we don't know what the delay, there's a little bit of a delay. we had speculated, we don't know, whether the secretary of defense would come here. he was sworn in. and secretary kelly and mattis, we don't know but would get a very positive reception. secretary mattis is a real hero to everyone in the room. >> no question. he's one of them. part of the -- it was brief question, a little bit jarring, that president trump nominated somebody who has only been retired from the military for a few years. just breaks with the tradition and now the law of the country is the military is civilian run but because general mattis well respected and democrats and republicans understand that donald trump has no experience in national security and mattis is literally a historian and scholar of national security, obviously military history as
7:54 pm
well, they did away -- they gave him the waiver. said it's okay and he could become the civilian head even though in uniform a few years ago. >> and donald trump talked about links to military, gone briefly to military school, but it's mike pence who really has a tie. we saw today when he was passing the guards that he -- i saw visible emotion. his son was in the military. you just interviewed him yesterday, did you talk to him about the importance of that to him? >> i did. i asked because his son is a marine in training in pensacola to be a pilot, whether when he was taking the oath and sitting with his son, now a marine, whether thinking about the weight of the responsibility that he and of course the commander in chief, the president, will have on the fate
7:55 pm
of his own son, never mind his own son's brothers and sisters in the military? you know, mike pence likes to deflect on issues like that and make clear as he's right about, that it is really the president's decision. but you're absolutely right. i saw that he was very emotional with regard to all the pomp and circumstance and military aspect. and there's no question that is because he has son who is a marine. >> and you realize that it is people his son's age. as you point out, lot of people here are veterans, some of them older but majority are young, so young. you're struck by that at events like this. how young they are, people who are fighting and making huge sacrifices for this country. >> that's right, volunteers. it's country over everything else and will do whatever it takes for country and they make
7:56 pm
a lot of sacrifices and looking at spouses here, sacrifices in very, very different ways. long distance -- long times, not seeing their spouse. perhaps the person deployed or off in training or wherever they are, not seeing their kids. >> huge sacrifices. >> and when we talk about the dancing, see if the whole families come out again, trump and pence families. it's nice after a nasty campaign for americans to enjoy a night like this. looking at all the dresses which stands out the most as a favorite? >> i think ivanka's dress was quite beautiful. didn't see it as much as melania's but the gold sleeves and detailing was quite beautiful. >> and had the princess waist, whatever -- i'm not good at
7:57 pm
words on fashion, but the bottom of it. >> i thought that was very romantic. melania's dress is beautifully made but not as romantic as ivanka's. >> it had the wide bottom, princess style i would say for lack of better term. different from the daughters-in-law, both wearing the sequinned style as ivanka but more traditional fitted gown. >> all wearing gold. >> you were saying that was planned. >> theme is recurring. >> why do i think he was involved in this? >> i'm sure that he did. because he doesn't want -- god forbid see in the same dress or conflicting where the colors don't look good together. >> and like i said early, it's
7:58 pm
tableau like a painting. want to see them in harmony and look their best together. >> other thing i was thinking as we were watching, talking a lot about the trumps and pences but about them together. because for the past eight years we got used to seeing obamas and bidens together. saw the long goodbyes about obama talking about their bromance and calling him brother but wives, first and second lady, and also the kids. very different generations. but the pences and trumps couldn't be more different in terms of background. knot be. pences are genuine salt of the earth midwestern people and trumps are new yorkers. and everything that goes with that. so the melding of those two families will be really interesting to see how and if that happens. >> and there was a moment as you
7:59 pm
start to see them together -- look it's early but it appears genuine. donald trump reached out -- i don't know if you saw during the inauguration -- reached over and touched mike pence just for a moment. seems like really starting to build a camaraderie, it's not easy. nobody can say they have a camaraderie with donald trump in that way because he doesn't usually invite that. if they can build that it would shock many and be very significant. and my sense is as donald trump has gotten to know what he doesn't know, national security aspect in particular, he's relied on mike pence for ideas. who should be the cia director? maybe my former colleague in the
8:00 pm
house, mike pompeo, or other ideas. >> moments way. going to come out any moment. handing off to don lemon for the continuing coverage of the inaugural gala at armed services ball. >> thank you erin. appreciate that. i'm don lemon. this is "cnn tonight." watching live coverage, awaiting donald trump and mike pence at armed services ball taking place there. festive evening with men and women in uniform who serve overseas. and a date for the history books as we await the president and vice president from the oath of office making donald trump the 45th president of the united states to inaugural address to the parade to the inaugural balls all with millions of people watching from coast-to-coast all around the
8:01 pm
world. discuss with the panel who is here. henderson, axelrod, powers, santorum and madden. waiting for the talk from the president and believe we're getting the music. president coming in now. playing "hail to the chief" there we go. let's listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, we welcome the president of the united states, donald trump. ♪
8:02 pm
♪ well thank you very much. what a great honor. these events are going on all over the city. we're having a lot of fun tonight. and i want to tell you, what a day it's been. our first lady has been working very, very hard. very, very hard. but i just want to thank you on behalf of melania and myself and the family. and really millions and millions of people all over the world, the job you've done is absolutely incredible. absolutely incredible. because this our military, this is our law enforcement, this is our first responders. you're amazing people. you're amazing people. and i like you for a lot of
8:03 pm
reasons. also i like the fact that you all voted for me. you all voted for me. i just met your joint chiefs of staff. and they are incredible. and i'll tell you what, they know what to do and they know what to do and they know what to do fast. and we're going to see what happens but we have a great country and we want to do what's appropriate. we've been pushed around by a lot of different people, lots of bad things are happening, but i think you're going to see a big improvement, really. and i just want to tell you that general mattis was just approved by the senate.
8:04 pm
first one. general kelly was just approved by the senate. and isn't it something? two generals were the first ones with all the people and all the politicians, the generals get approved first. maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. maybe that's the way. now we have some folks right now in afghanistan right? and think they hear me. there's about a six second delay but think they hear me. do you guys hear me i think maybe? let's see how good we're doing. yeah they hear me. they hear me. how is it over there? how is it going? good. go ahead. what question do you have? don't be like these people, too tough on me.
8:05 pm
go ahead. >> hi sir. first salvery division, u.s. army. on behalf of everybody here in afghanistan would like to say congratulations to your new position. >> thank you very much. that's so nice. thank you. thank you. that's very nice. thank you. we couldn't hear too clearly but i believe she just congratulated us -- not me -- us on this victory. and i want to thank you. >> on behalf of -- air base. congratulations. [ inaudible ] >> go ahead. >> on behalf of the air base like to congratulate on being
8:06 pm
elected as new president of the united states. >> thank you very much. so nice. thank you. by the way, i have to tell you, it's a ten second delay but i like them much better than i like the media right? these are much finer people, nicer people. that's great. thank you. thank you very much. go ahead. thank you. >> my name is sairjts first class philip cavil with the illinois army national guard out of chicago. congratulations on becoming the president of the united states sir. >> thank you very much. that's really, really nice. thank you. i will tell you i'm with you all
8:07 pm
the way. you have somebody that's going to be right alongside of you. we're going to do it together. we're going to do it together. and honestly not only the support you've given me, the courage that you show is incredible. and it's going to be appreciated. it's appreciated now but it's going to be appreciated more than ever before. you're going to see. okay. thank you very much. go ahead. go ahead. take one more. i love these ten seconds delays. gives you plenty of time to think about an answer. such nice questions though. go ahead. >> good evening mr. president, i'm gunnery sergeant robert gallup with the liaison team advising and assisting coalition partners in afghanistan, on behalf of all the marines here in afghanistan like to say congratulations.
8:08 pm
and good luck to you in your term. >> thank you very much. really nice. thank you. and we're going to have some people going over and seeing you soon. and you're doing an amazing job over there. how about taking one more. go ahead. take one more. go ahead. think he heard us right? got it. want to do one more? so far i love these questions because everybody is i want to congratulate you. nicest questions. go ahead. >> yes, sir, united states army. satellite communications operator maintainer and would like too congratulate you on your inauguration sir. >> you are the nicest people. but they're only nice right now to me. they're probably definitely not
8:09 pm
so nice in other ways. i want to thank you all, you're amazing people. we're with us 1,000, 1,000, 1,000%, and you're doing just an incredible job. so thank you all very much. we will see you and keep fighting. we're going to win. we're going to win, we're going to win. keep fighting. thank you. thank you all. thank you all. so why can't all people be like that? six questions and six congratulations. right? so this is very special. we've done two of these and we had big crowds. 10,000, 12,000, and i guess two
8:10 pm
more that i'm supposed to go to. i'm booked, going to -- first of all, did you hear the speech today? and actually even the media said the crowd was massive. so finally. that was a big -- that was all the way back down to the washington monument, and that was what was supposed to be rain turned out not to be rain. it was beautiful. it was beautiful. so let me just say this, you are special people, you are great, great people, i have your back, we are going to do great things for our country. i ran -- the journey started 18 months ago and people said we don't have a big chance. we went to number one about would you say two weeks or three weeks into the polls? we went to number one in the
8:11 pm
primaries, and then we just stayed there and we did well. and it wasn't so much me -- it was me, i did a good job as a messenger but i'm your messenger, just remember that. i'm your messenger, i'm your messenger. but it all began with a theme, and the theme is make america great again. and i've gotten to know the people of our country so well. i've been all over. i've been all over. and we had tremendous victories. and i will tell you, we have the greatest people on earth. and we're not only going to make america great again, we're going to make america greater than ever before. so i want to thank all of you, you're very, very special people. honey. thank you. say something. >> thank you all for your
8:12 pm
service. i'm honor to be your first lady. we will fight, we will win, and we will make america great again. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ if i should stay, i will only
8:13 pm
be in your way ♪ ♪ so i'll go, but i know how you every step of the way ♪ ♪ and i will always love you, i will always love you ♪
8:14 pm
♪ bitter sweetest memories that i take with me noets some and dreams don't, we both know i'm not what you need ♪ ♪ and i will always love you,
8:15 pm
oh, i will always love you ♪ ♪ ♪ i hope life treats you kindly, and i hope that you have all dream of ♪ ♪ and i wish you such good and
8:16 pm
happiness, but above all this, i wish you love ♪ ♪ and i will always love you, yes i do, i will always, i will always love you ♪ ♪ i will always love you babe
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
8:19 pm
[ applause ] very nice moment there at salute to armed services ball that's happening at national museum building here in washington, d.c., very nice scene over there, especially with the first family dances with members of the military and second family as well. as we watch the celebration continue, looks like cake cutting ceremony. it's festive scene. after speaking with members of the military via satellite, the president and vice president and
8:20 pm
members of the family danced with certain members of the military. president with navy petty officer second class kathryn cartmel, mrs. trump also danced with army staff sergeant jose medina. as they cut into the cake here. and vice president pence danced with air force master sergeant tiffany bradbury and mrs. pence with marine sergeant angel r rodriguez. very touching moments happening there. i want to get to some folks in the room. just there with them.
8:21 pm
dana bash. and erin and author. big night for the president and first lady and entire families. must be feeling tremendous. what was it like being in the room. >> you were here as everybody was gathering before you went across town to where you are. dana and i saying there is this moment, felt it with barack obama four years ago, felt it with donald trump tonight and air changes how dana put it. came out with melania, spoke, some references to the media which were slightly better natured than the prior one. someone came over to us and said don't worry, we've got your back. >> lot of love in this room for the media, i have to say. defending us. >> melania speaking got a cheer
8:22 pm
and everyone watching them dance and lovely to see. i have to say. >> not sure if they caught it on camera but stars of the dance here were karen pence and -- the name of the serviceman who danced with her was? >> marine sergeant anbel r rodriguez. >> he has serious courage, not just in the battlefield. he was twirling her around to the point the vice president looked at him like dude really? >> we were watching the panel and saying the young service members doing a better job dancing with the spouses than the spouses did. >> it's true. and when you see, talking about the outfits all night but came out, beautifully choreographed,
8:23 pm
complemented each other. you've been using the word tableau. it was beautifully done. >> it was. i kept looking at ivanka's dress tonight. right there behind us on the stage. glittery and gold, recurring theme this evening. and i can't help but say this, that was the first lady dress in my mind because it was very shiny and beautiful and almost ethereal and romantic. >> you think better off in the other -- >> it's not her style. and looks beautiful in the white dress which is sleek and simple and beautifully made as we said earlier, but it's also sleek and sophisticated and perhaps not as romantic. >> for people interested in such
8:24 pm
things up close, as close as we -- not that far away. >> 30 feet away don. >> ivanka's dress, i don't think the cameras can do it justice, it's absolutely spectacular, gorgeous, sparkles and design -- >> that is the right word. spe spectacular. >> almost thinking and mean this with respect, perfect disney princess where you have the perfect dress. really remarkablement a. all looked stunning, trumps and pences. >> and don when you say what it's like to be in the room, fact it's so intimate. 30 feet from where we are, and all the people between us and donald trump. >> and dana, you may have picked up giggling because senator rick santorum who didn't think you
8:25 pm
were capable of fashion analysis, just stood there on the hill and talked about congress. >> very obsessed with this ball is rick. >> doesn't know how much reporting i do on sweater vests. >> eye for fashion. >> i will tell people what you said about -- anyway, you know your fashion center. leave it there. we have our little secret. >> we're going to get to all of that. dresses were beautiful. people that sit in this room said everything was gorgeous, liked ivanka but thought could have been a little bit sleeker and chiccer and not so princessy. we're used to stunning and sleek. we'll talk about that. >> everybody can have an opinion. >> it was amazing. >> we'll talk to you soon. david gergen, henderson,
8:26 pm
axelrod, santorum and kevin madden. we'll talk about the day but talk about what just happened with the service members david axelrod. what did you think of it? >> first of all, let me just say when you talk about the military, one of the things so moving to me about this day is at stroke of noon, when that oath is taken, "hail to the chief" is played for the man who takes that oath or the woman someday may be the case, but the guy that took the oath today and power transfers not by fiat or coup but by will of the people. president has ever right to be exultant because this is his day too. i was disappointed about what i just saw however. when i was working for president
8:27 pm
obama i had a chance to go to afghanistan and iraq and meet these young people who put their lives on the line to protect us and our freedoms. i wish he would have spent more time talking about them and less about himself. he is no longer just a candidate. it's not about polls or crowds. he's commander in chief. it seems to me he should have used that opportunity to thank them. and melania trump did and i think she deserves credit for that. he said i'm glad to be here because you voted for me. how about you're the best of the best and we're proud of you. that's what should have been said and missed the opportunity. >> he even brought up said the crowd stretched back to the monument. i know i wanted to give him his day today and not discuss it.
8:28 pm
crowds not the same as 2009. >> and not supposed to discuss it. >> he brought it up. they didn't stretch that far and big holes in the crowd. those are the comparisons. go on. >> would have been better off leaving it. i think president obama's first inauguration was one of a kind. nobody should be compared to that. >> exactly what i said. >> donald trump had a sizeable crowd and people very charged up. want to make a point about the military. from president truman on through george h.w. bush senior, every single president served in uniform. since then had a string of presidents that didn't serve and had deferments or one thing or other. question is what relationship can they build with the military. important to have mutual trust. bill clinton got off to rocky shape with don't ask don't tell
8:29 pm
but got around it. barack obama had distrust with he know thought trying to pin -- got ahead. had great respect. and i think donald trump has shown a lot of respect for the military and that's positive thing. i hope for the country's sake he continues to deepen that relationship. >> and rick, we were watching we think we know what he means. he's not a politician, maybe cut him some slack because he at least brought the military into the inauguration at inaugural ball and tried to speak to them. >> special ball, folk frds afghanistan, talks continually about rebuilding the military and how proud he is of military and how great it is. david i think picking a little bit by saying he talked about himself. this is his day. i understand be more magnanimous
8:30 pm
and focus more -- >> appreciative. >> he thanked them repeatedly. >> revelled in the attention they gave him. should have replied in kind. they deserve you are 0 thanks. >> wish would move on from the election. >> this is his day. let him have his day, congratulate himself, this is his day to celebrate that he won. fact you're saying he talks about how he won throughout the night, that's right, but if a month from now talking about donald trump saying you voted for me and i like you, then maybe should have intervention but at this point i think we're pretty good. >> the day to celebrate the selection, i disagree is the night he won or day off or the
8:31 pm
thank you tours. again this is his day. i have to give him that. i was on the parade route today and didn't talk about the sizes because it's third or fourth i've been to, not nearly as big as others i've attended but people enthusiastic to see him and happy. give him his due so i didn't discuss it. but he brings it up and simply not true. >> to david's point when he talks to soldiers overseas and says you know, ask me any question you want, first of all, no soldier in his right mind is going to ask a difficult question. we know that's true. should have been scripted better. to david's point should have said this is a celebration about you all, not about me. then says things like you're the nicest people. they're really nice to me.
8:32 pm
insinuating that folks who didn't support him are not nice to him. as president and commander in chief he's got to move on. he just can't seem to. >> we have to move on. and then we're going to talk about and discuss the speech and break it down, stick around. coming back, president donald trump's inaugural address, what it tells us about the country and what's going to happen in the next four years.
8:33 pm
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we're back live from washington, d.c., almost 12 hours since donald trump became president of the united states officially. there's his motorcade streaming through washington, d.c. just left the armed services ball where he had touching moment with members of the military overseas and also in the room dancing with the first family, second family, members of the military. there's the motorcade making way back -- vice president is going not to the white house but president will be staying in the white house. trump's first night in the white house. so there you go.
8:37 pm
wait a minute. is that -- that's not white house. is that trump hotel? >> i think -- >> probably a late dinner or more dancing. who knows. part of the motorcade is pulling into the hotel. get official guidance on that to see what is going on. in the meantime continue on with conversation. back with my panel. everyone was wondering what donald trump would say in his speech. let's listen and discuss. >> americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families, and good jobs for themselves. these are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous public. but for too many of your citizens a different reality exists. mothers and children trapped in
8:38 pm
poverty in our inner cities, rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our country. education system flush with cash but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. and the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this is american carnage stops right here and stops right now. we are one nation, and their pain is our pain. their dreams are our dreams. and their success will be our success. we share one heart, one home,
8:39 pm
and one glorious destiny. >> american carnage, strong words and tones. your thoughts as you heard it? >> scathing indictment of america's political elites and in effect a decree that under his leadership the country will throw them all out and transform things. energizing for his supporters. good news is he hasn't changed since the campaign. for his critics, bad news was, he hasn't changed since the campaign. i think it was polarizing speech. i was surprised with four former presidents on the stage, so many leading political figures in the country on the stage, he was as critical, tough and insulting as he was to people who have been leading the country. >> heard from a number of people who thought it was offensive to
8:40 pm
the living presidents still there. >> it was. if there's a situation of american carnage than obama and clinton and bush, they were presidents. it was indictment of what they didn't do while they were in office. obviously had echos of his campaign speeches, his rnc speech. dark in tone, simple and easy to understand, very much his story of america which is dark and different from morning in america, the uplifting tones we've heard from ronald raine reagan, obama's rising sun, that imagery. for his supporters will rally around him. very emotional. his supporters are like obama supporters i think in that they are attached to his message and him as well. it's going to be hard for him to build bridges and reach out to folks and expand his coalition
8:41 pm
but for now he's got a coalition that won him the white house and i think is bound together in some ways by race and in some ways by religion, and the notes he sounds very much resonate with that audience and will continue to. >> not toenonly to the president democrats and republicans and libertarians sitting with him on the stage. >> if donald trump's people were here, they would say they don't care, because their basic message is the political establishment has failed. i got elected to challenge the political establishment and i will. if they took umbrage would say that's fine with him. but i'm sure president obama was sitting this thinking, when i stood her eight years ago, economy shrinking by 8.9%, losing 800,000 jobs a month.
8:42 pm
talk about carnage, that was carnage, we did a lot to turn that around. >> can i ask you something? in the documentary, unprecedented, called each of the candidates from the republican side john mccain and former president barack obama to the white house for a meeting because things were so bad? >> during the crisis when lehman brothers collapsed in the campaign. >> and they weren't -- >> representing each party with the legislative leaders to chart a course to save the country from collapse. >> that's carnage, no doubt. >> we don't sometimes remember pain. that was crisis we haven't seen since the great depression so confusing to someone who remembered that. by the same token in inner cities and factory towns around this country, there is a lot of pain and recovery hasn't caught
8:43 pm
up with those areas. so that's one of the reasons why donald trump is president today. so he was speaking to the people who sent him here. i want to point out one other thing because we just saw the military ball and announced that general mattis was confirmed. other stunning part of the speech is the degree he announced to the world that america was turning inward and not going to play the leadership role it had in the past. >> let's play that. >> we assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capital and in every hall of power, from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first,
8:44 pm
america first. every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families. we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs. protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. i will fight for you with every breath in my body, and i will never ever let you down. >> david go on. >> he also said no longer subsidize the armies of other countries while allowing for the
8:45 pm
sad depletion of our military. this is consistent with what he's said about nato and other international institutions. his view and i think there's support out there among his supporters for this, he wants to turn inward, focus on our country but -- and you know, general mattis who got almost unanimously confirmed today was confirmed because he sat before the senate and said yes nato is vital, russia is adversary and yes america has to play a leadership role in the world. how to reconcile those views will be interesting moving forward. >> how you reconcile -- you haven't talked about what he didn't say. talked about borders and terrorists and trade and immigration and nato but not anything else. you say he's turning inward, a
8:46 pm
lot he didn't mention. to suggest he's going to turn inward on everything i don't think it accurate. >> what do you think our allies are thinking watching this? >> there's a lot of pause but to what senator santorum is saying, still a lot of policy making to be done. our job is to analyze these speeches but shouldn't overanalyze it, much more than just of the executive, will involve the legislative and that's going to be immediate challenge, balancing some of what he said today, direct defense of economic and national security nationalism with folks on capitol hill more hawkish about our standing around the globe and what we ought to be doing. something we'll see. >> he >> hear from you after the break.
8:47 pm
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we are back live from washington. a beautiful shot of washington. a little drizzly and chilly tonight and today. donald trump spending his first
8:51 pm
night in the white house has america's 45th president. back with me is my political dream team. the president using some very strong language, different language today on the campaign trail. listen to this. >> we will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining, but never doing anything about it. the time for empty talk is over. now arrives the hour of action. do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done. no challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of america. we will not fail.
8:52 pm
>> the time for empty talk is over, but nobody thought he could get elected. a lot of people didn't. with the help of republicans, he has a republican house and a republican senate and he's in the white house. maybe he can get stuff done? >> i think so. i think the person who showed up today is donald trump. the person that ran for president and won. i don't know why people expected him to be different today than the rest of the time. that's a workman-like speech. a lot of people thought it was dark, but the washington examiner interviewed all these people in the audience and they loved it. they thought it was amazing. they didn't think it was dark or they found it to be unifying. this was a speech that was directed to the people in the audience and the people who elected him. we can quibble, but that's clearly what he wanted to do. the things he just said about washington, that's something that bernie sanders could have
8:53 pm
said and a lot of people agree with. he got here his way and he is going to continue to do things his way and maybe he will be able to fix washington. it's what people want to see. >> it's not what people are used to seeing when it comes to an inaugural address. he is a different candidate. i didn't think he would be different, but every single surrogate who is on the donald trump support page said he is going to pivot and change. once he becomes president. he became president at 12 noon and gave that speech and it was exactly the same. am i wrong? where is the pivot? >> we have been waiting for the pivot since he got the nomination or before and everyone said it's going to happen. at some point you have to think why he is not pivoting. to me donald is a man who is deeply concerned with his own success and doing well. he has been successful with this
8:54 pm
message. this is something that is unknown territory and he doesn't know if he will succeed. whether or not he will succeed in governing the country and he is sticking close to a message he knows winning for him. that's why he stuck with it. >> authenticity is one of the things that worked well for him. this is his message. it's true. every time people say now he is going to pivot, he doesn't want to say what he doesn't want to say. his supporters very much appreciate that. >> listen. we sat here for two years talking about this. that's right. the people in the crowd wanted to hear. even when i love someone or admire them, i want them to lift me up and make me better and smarter. you shouldn't be the same thing for everyone all the time. you have to evolve. you can be authentic and yourself and you have to evolve
8:55 pm
and bring people up and bring them along with you and at some point educate them and move on. the world doesn't stay the same and people don't stay the same. >> the most frustrating thing for me with donald trump is he has so much ability to enact change and so much ability to pull people together. he obviously knows how to do business deals which is something we haven't seen here in washington as a whole. whether it's in the building behind us or down the street. however he can't seem to get out the rut he dug on the campaign trail. it didn't play well for me, but in folks in little america. there is no question about that. when he said don't let anyone say it can't be done. i agree. that's manage we all should agree on. the time for empty talk is over. i agree. that could be an uplifting
8:56 pm
message. the problem is that he takes that and weaves that with inflammatory comments and it doesn't lift it up. when he said the politicians are all talk and no action and complain all the time. who is he? >> he is talking to you. >> before he answers, he only had been an elected politician at that moment for about 2 minutes. >> 120 seconds longer than i have. >> who is he to say. >> you thought what he did out there taking them on was a brave thing to do. he had to turn around and shake barack obama's hand after hitting him. >> he gave to to everybody
8:57 pm
there. >> he made the mistake of judging them. >> you saw him afterwards. he was yucking it up and kissing nancy pelosi's hand and doing all the things. >> he comes in with the lowest approval rating of any president in modern times. we will start seeing people who disagree with him. tons of women are coming to this city and are here now. you can shake your head and say they are irrelevant. they are relevant. >> it never affected barack obama. >> you made good points, but whoever took that oath of office would come in with the lowest approval ratings of anyone on the pure nature of the politics. >> i say the people who are traditional politicians are also saying today is donald trump's day so they are being nice. tomorrow they won't be so nice and you know that.
8:58 pm
>> i was defending him as a former politician. >> we'll be right back.
8:59 pm
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care.
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it's life care. and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. midnight here in washington. day two of the trump
9:01 pm
administration. day two. it's past midnight. don lemon, thank you very much for joining us. back at the white house after pageantry and parades. capped off by the first dance to frank sinatra's what else, my way. could there be any other choice for president? pretty much everything has gone his way so far. what happens as he really gets down to the tough business of governing. sarah, good morning to you. give us an update on where the president is and the first ahead. >> looks like they wrapped up what i'm sure was a very long and obviously a very momentous day for them. they finished up the third inaugural ball and returned to the white house. there was speculation and sources heard he was going to be stopping by the trump international hotel here in
9:02 pm
washington to greet friends and family. it looks like they had axed that from the potential agenda and capping it off with the three balls where he danced with melania and other members of his family. they are back in the white house for their first night there. >> what's on the agenda. >> they will kickoff with the prayer service and we will see him and his staff begin to get settle and set their agenda for next week. they put out a couple of executive orders and actions from reince priebus, the chief of staff. what you will see is them start to lineup what they want to do in terms of executive orders on monday. it is possible we could get more of this over the weekend. even donald trump's team is sort of trying to figure out where they want to go from here and what they want to put out over
9:03 pm
the weekend and or take a second and get settled in the white house and take a breath and roll out the big things on monday. >> sarah, for you as you are watching this and covering this what was the defining image of the day? >> we always think of donald trump as an irreverent guy and he gave an inaugural address that is different from what we have seen from past presidents. there were two moments. one was talking to a friend of his as donald trump was leaving the church service and this friend was telling me donald trump was openly emotional and teary eyed as he was leaving the church service. the reality and the magnitude of this moment was hitting him. we saw that for ourselves when we were waiting for donald trump to give his address. he was sitting out there on that and he was fiddling and clinching his hands and rocking back and forth and visibly
9:04 pm
nervous in a way we don't usually see from him. that was the best indication. to go to the white house and reinvent himself and all of a sudden a pivot is not coming. it is clear he began to understand the enormity and the task he will be faced with as the president. >> sarah murray, thank you very much. kate anderson brouwer, the author of first women. emily jane fox. donald trump had a message. take a look at this. >> should i keep the twitter going or not? keep it going? i think so. i think so. you know, the enemies keep
9:05 pm
saying that's terrible, but it's a way of bypassing dishonest media, right? >> it's part of who he is. twitter should just pay him. >> he's calling us the enemies. the bottom line is donald trump doesn't like to be criticized. he gets criticized by the media for the ridiculous statements he makes and he is never going to like us. when you say nice things about him, he loves us. when that happens. it just so happens he steps on himself often. >> there are reports that he is resisting using the potus handle. his team wants him to use that handle. anyone want to wage pets? >> he is the president. he can determine what he wants his twitter handle to be. donald trump is 70 years old. he is the oldest president ever elected in the history of this country. i think ronald reagan was 69.
9:06 pm
he's a grandpa. grandpas don't really change. like that play, waiting for goodell. he doesn't show up. >> billionaires are not used to being told no. you want people that you can fire. you can't exactly fire them. you know, there is early signs and talking to republican who is worked in white houses before. listen, so far, so good in terms of what his personality and approach to politics has ended up. it ended up at the white house. >> at the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the united states of america. and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other.
9:07 pm
when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live in unity. we must speak our minds openly and debate disagreements honestly and always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. there should be no fear. we are protect and we will always be protected.
9:08 pm
>> so kate bennett. and his remarks are not going to heal. >> everyone is taking it in. that may not be the word we are looking for, but it's divicive. still divicive. look around the city. we had riots and pockets of it. there is still going to be people opposing him. day one. >> actions will speak louder than words on this particular issue. >> i think that's right. it might be unrealistic we will have s'mores or something. people had expectations of obama in terms of bridging the racial divide and talking about racism and not something he felt comfortable doing all the time.
9:09 pm
and i think it was alliteration, but it made no sense. >> donald trump himself and his team, they would vigorously dispute the charge that they're being divicive. at the same time i don't believe he in his speech today sees himself as a uniter in chief. he sees himself as a doer in chief. that is exactly why, the appeal he tried to offer in his speech. he said like don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. a lot of frustration you see is largely because people believe there is a canyon that has grown between washington and people around the country. he is here to close that gap and get things done on behalf of them. >> shouldn't he try to unite?
9:10 pm
he will get a bunch of deals done. he will be a divicive force where nothing got done. donald trump doesn't have that. it is to go and get things accomplished. >> this issue is not just about the city when it comes to especially race and healing in america. the foundation of america is part of the foundation and the fabric of america. as the person who heads this country, it's at the top of his agenda to deal with that and try to unite the people of this country. it's not just about being the
9:11 pm
deal maker. that's not what being president is about. it's also -- >> it's about understanding all people and the history. >> many people in this country have been closing factories left behind. his policies if you look at them are specifically designed to try to help the people. let's look at who disproportionally are people who are not doing as well. disproportionally, minorities are not doing as well as the white majority. that's just the statistic. >> even when the factors were running. they could not even get jobs by the factories. the people in the factories are hurting and they want to be
9:12 pm
heard now. the people who couldn't even get a job to go into the factories and working for the people who own the factories could not get a job there. they weren't heard from. they are suffering and want to be heard as well. where is the healer for them? where is the deal maker for those people? >> you are asking a lot here. we don't need a program, we need a job. he will provide the opportunity for the 74% of american this is this country who don't have a college degree to be out there and get good paying jobs. that's what his focus is. he may or may not be able to focus. he will get bipartisan support to do it. it's not just white people who live in the rust belt. it's also women who haven't been given opportunities for a long
9:13 pm
time and also hispanics who haven't been given opportunities and muslims who are discriminated against and african-americans who bear the burden of slavery and a lot of folks who need help this this country and want to be heard. >> that's true, but i'm going to have to agree a little bit with senator santorum. you don't go to the hardware store for bagels. you can't ask him to be something he is not. we can ask it, but he is probably not going to be a person he is not. he doesn't view himself as a person to unite the country. he is supposed to save us from what he described as a distopian disaster. i don't see this country as the distopia he described, but a lot of people do. a lot of people feel that is the america. it's what he thinks and the supporters think. it would be great if they came around to a point, but i also
9:14 pm
have to say that they want to look at the country. i don't know how much speeches you can give that were better than barack obama gives and look at how divided we are. >> ivanka appears to be a little bit more center and maybe even left. >> she humanizes him when you see something with his grandchildren and there is something human and real about that, listening to him, it reminds me of president 96 nixon and i wonder what's going to happen. trump's appeal is the populous appeal. when you are no longer in the minority, you lose that appeal. even with the people who voted
9:15 pm
for you. >> and you think ivanka can help him with this? >> all my sources said ivanka disagrees with her father all the time and voices that and he doesn't always listen to it. a lot of other people are voicing their opinions to donald trump and at the end of the day, he is president and she is first daughter. it's not our responsibility to save us from our president. >> we will talk about fashion. don't go anywhere. ♪
9:16 pm
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9:20 pm
what did you think? >> it was glamorous. she wore white which is always a symbol of new beginnings and fresh -- like a wedding or a prom. michelle obama wore white at her first inaugural ball. i thought ivanka's dress was beautifully romantic and in many ways a first lady dress which i thought was an interesting message to send. i thought the whole flecked with gold was an obvious theme for the evening. >> what is this? >> he worked for carolyn. >> the lines were so similar and a very similar silhouette we
9:21 pm
associated with her. it's interesting that on the first inauguration. it will be a fresh name to those of us in the industry. pierre, his life will be different. he will wake up with a bunch more e-mails in the inbox. >> she helped him design that dress. >> it's a collaboration. >> i don't know if it's called an application? >> the good news is melania is a former model. she will look good in a lot of options. i do think there was a lot of speculation earlier that she was going to wear non-american designer. he is not american, he's french.
9:22 pm
ironically none of them were born in the united states. oscar de la representa is from the dominican republic. it's interesting that all the american designers are not actually american. >> we are all american. we are a country of immigrants. there is no bob williams design. or tim johnson designing the gowns. president trump spoke at the first ball of the evening. let's listen to that. >> you are going to see things happening over the next few weeks. you are going to be so happy. you are going to be -- because they are very elegant people tonight and also very political people, right? we want to see great things happen for our country. we want to make america great again and we will.
9:23 pm
and we will. so now it's a tremendous honor to have the first dance with melania. >> in a classic black tuxedo. >> from start to finish, you saw the trump that his supporters know and love and the rest of us know. i think that from top to bottom when you heard at the end of the night him going to service members and asking them to congratulate them over and over. it was classic trump. it's fitting. it was his day. >> they wanted to ask you about ivanka and jared. ivanka converted to judaism and today is the sabbath and they are out and about. how did that happen? >> believe they got special permission from the rabbi. they are observant jews and you are not allowed to drive in a car from sundown on friday
9:24 pm
afternoon until sundown on saturday. this is against what they do as a family every week. this is obviously extenuating circumstances and the rabbi gave them permission for security reasons to take a car. it was not safe for them to walk. this is a matter of family and that's important to the jewish faith as well. the rabbi understood for security reasons and this was important to their family. this was an okay exception. >> president obama and the first lady michelle went to a whopping ten balls in 2009. george w. bush attended eight balls. the trumps only went to three. why is that? >> it was a tightly edited evening. >> that's it? simple as that. >> trump is 70 years old and he's a billionaire. he does what he wants to do and he wanted to go to three balls and that's the way the evening went. >> other balls that had been
9:25 pm
happening all week. we saw most of the liberty ball. there were big acts or what have you. it wasn't just what was happening with the cameras. other things that were happening throughout the week here. >> yes. there is a lot of festivities and a lot going on in the street too. a lot of protests and a lot of marching. to answer the question about why they only went to three balls. they were a big group traveling around. they would be able to make it to or 10 balls. the pence family. that might have been a logistical thing. >> every once in a while, i will
9:26 pm
see you at a fashion show and i noticed that everything has been european koif and tailored. i have been asked what happened to classic american style. that sort of thing. this family may bring that back into fashion more so. >> do you think the trumps are going to bring style -- >> classic american style. you don't think? >> of a ralph lauren or a tommy hilfiger? >> she was wearing that today? >> she was classic american style, but if you walked around outside during the inauguration, there was interesting style choices i think in the streets of washington, d.c. that i wouldn't necessarily have heralded for america. >> that's not what i mean. >> i hope that they -- the good news is that melania and ivanka
9:27 pm
are beautiful and elegant women. elevated ralph lauren is the american dream. he's not coming out of left field for the first lady to wear. >> many first ladies have chosen one designer to dress them. michelle obama was the first in a long line of first ladies to use many, many different designers. and to do high and low and more accessible fashion. it will be interesting to see if melania has all of her clothing designed by him. >> nancy reagan was really expensive. >> that was it for her. >> did she pull off the jackie o that people were comparing her to? i didn't see it, but maybe you did? >> it was a modern version of jackie o, yes. especially with the gloves and the jackets and the double fist
9:28 pm
wool. she had a very jackie look to her. >> she forgot the hat. >> she forgot the hat. >> people would say is she was trying too hard. thank you. i appreciate it. coming up, donald trump making history, but what do historians think of the first major speech. we will talk to two of the best when we come back. bl the end zone. the goal of every team. we know you have goals. like getting exposure for your idea or business. with godaddy website builder, you can easily create an awesome mobile-friendly, get you more exposure website. we call that...a website builder touchdown. get your free trial of website builder now.
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how will history remember president trump's first big speech. let's discuss with the historians. a former director of the nixon presidential library. franklin d roosevelt and the land of america. so, how did he do? what did you think of his -- how did he stack up. >>. >> it was very short and it was serviceable, but it was just the golden oldies from the campaign that could have been delivered anywhere in 2016 by donald trump. it trimmed the ragged edges off. overall i think it was a missed opportunity for more civility. he needed to have addressed hillary clinton and heal the
9:33 pm
nation. he made a little effort at unity that bought him a day, but nothing more. >> he said he was going to write his own speech. to me it sounded like steven miller. >> it sounded like steven miller and donald trump. it's not going to be remembered by people. it's not a memorable inauguration. his election is memorable and what's about to happen with hundreds of thousands of protesters from across america. we are still very divided. today was a day of transition and i think it worked. >> timothy? >> i want to build on the team of missed opportunities. donald trump clear has sensitive antenna. he knows his approve ratings are lower than any. at that time president-elect. he knew there would be demonstrations today.
9:34 pm
this was an opportunity for him to show that the movement, the populous movement included people who didn't vote for him. including bernie sanders people. one of the things he made clear is it's not about party. he was as critical of republicans and leaders as democratic leaders. he didn't seem to try to show that his movement is the american movement. that's the first missed opportunity. second by focusing on america first, he left open those vague descriptions of the international system that has made so many people nervous. you could say that today's speech was a populous manifesto and also a trump doctrine. a doctrine of a more selfish approach to international relations. there was a time when america saw a real interest in collective security. he is now saying if it doesn't immediately help us, we are not
9:35 pm
going to do it. >> let's talk about -- i was wondering as i was listening to it what our allies must be thinking. everyone looks to america. it seems to me and maybe i misread it, we were turning inward and going to be myopic. if you look at the phrase he used it was american carnage when he talked about the crime and gangs and drugs in the inner city. do you think that was a dark tone or a reality? >> it was dark and should have been crossed out. i didn't like the american carnage. i like we have problems in the inner city and drug problems and american carnage sounded like a bad b movie. in some ways this was like a first draft. a second or third draft. he needed a couple more to achieve something. he really wanted to keep it short. he achieved that. he is getting marginally -- >> for phrases like american
9:36 pm
carnage, that's where i saw a speech writer. >> yes. it was the tone of the cleveland speech which was his most important speech up until now. that negative tone about it. i thought to myself, what is president carter, what is president clinton and president bush thinking of their successor saying that everything they did has been a failure? one more point that is important. he never mentioned history. he is the first inaugural that i read that doesn't refer to a single historical event. not a president or a principal. it was as if america's history will begin on january 20th, 2017. that's a very revolutionary approach. normally -- >> i think that was on purpose. >> and the soldier said about black, brown, and white. >> why? what do you think he wanted to do?
9:37 pm
>> i don't think that as i sat here with rick santorum and kevin madden and the other local pundits, they said that donald trump was elected so that he could make deals to help and not for unity. part of his mission has to be to unify. you have to look at the history of the country in order to do that. you have to accept it and acknowledge it to do that. >> exactly and he didn't. >> there was one bright spot for democrats today. i think it talks about infrastructure. most of these are platitudes. they have a lot of platitudes. they talked about infrastructure and the interesting thing if he puts forward a bill that he might get democrats to do that. >> i want to play that. the idea of america first.
9:38 pm
i wonder if it suggests a foreign policy for the president. listen. >> every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families. we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies, and destroying our jobs. protection will lead to great process tsperity and strength. >> music to the ears of the many americans. is it too myopic? >> i know we agree on that, but there is an anti-nafta movement in the country. that is what got him elected. that protectionist talk.
9:39 pm
it's very dangerous and will hurt states like ohio and michigan if we cutoff global trade and start just doing this sort of hyper protection and taxing imports and all. i was nervous about it. him going forward with that. i really feel today that our allies have to be shell shocked. what is going on in the united states. particularly nato allies. >> i blame policy elites for not making the case for free trade. the emotional case is to stay protected. you start protecting jobs and government has to pick winners and losers and the cost to society is enormous. of course it's much easier to say to the steelworker i will make sure you never lose your job. trade benefits the united states and other countries. trump made a case that is very emotional and we will see if republicans can believe in tree
9:40 pm
trade and democrats have the other argument. >> two nominees confirmed so far. how does that stack up against other presidents? happy anniversary dinner, darlin'
9:41 pm
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president donald trump said he is ready to get to work, but is the trump team ready? let's go to the team. congratulations. you look beautiful, by the way. >> thank you, don. >> i can see you guys went to the balls. which did you go to? >> the freedom ball. >> liberty ball. >> i went to the black power ball. >> you bought a power ball ticket. >> exactly. >> and i went to the armed services ball. i got to thank all the men and women who were there. they were so classy. the best of the best of america. thank you for your service and the ball was fantastic. >> how did the day go sf. >> from start to finish to have someone stand and say i'm here to change this and not back
9:45 pm
tracking on my promises. it was a victory for the average everyday america who feels like washington has left them behind. >> i love the fact that he made everyone else in that rotunda uncomfortable. he made washington uncomfortable and not be part of a chummy club. that's what he speech accomplished. it felt like you could feel it. that's good. >> that's the sentiment of all the pundits who were here and the historians. i thought maybe it was insulting to the people who were there. the people and his supporters, that's what they want. >> part of the problem too is that politicians who go out and campaign and talk about building factories and they come to washington and talk like politicians and we abroad them for being uniters or for being above the fray, but the message
9:46 pm
to the american people is this is politics as usual. that didn't happen with donald trump. i give him credit, you like him or not, he did start off his first day saying the same things he said in iowa and pennsylvania and michigan. >> was this the right platform for the speech? what did you think? >> it sounded very much like campaign part 2. one of the more interesting moments that my former boss talked about and that was where he didn't name names, but he talked about politicians being about all talk and no action. a lot of members of the cbc felt like it was a side swipe at john lewis. you don't have to unite with everyone, but you should try to extend an olive branch here or there particularly when you insulted so many people to the trail. it makes it difficult for him to do anything on major priorities including obamacare which he
9:47 pm
designed an executive order for today. >> maybe he is saying i'm not here for you. >> it's clear he is not here for me. that's why i have on funeral clothes today. >> we have to give him credit for giving hillary clinton a standing ovation. >> that was at the luncheon. i'm talking about the inaugurati inauguration. >> in 2009, the night before barack obama got sworn in, he had a dinner and ball in honor of john mccain and people he ran against. to tell people just to stand up and give you a round of applause is pittance compared to what we have seen. >> what do you think for the people around here? >> i think the address was i a campaign speech in pageantry. it wasn't meant for the entire country. it was meant for his supporters which is fine and dandy. that is the horse he rode in and that's the horse he is going to
9:48 pm
ride. listen, there were two points i want to talk about. the first is that the ravages of other countries was a quote from donald trump's speech in which he was talking about the immigrants who come to this country and he alluded to them taking our jobs the same way he talks about immigrants in his speeches, but to talk about them as ravages was disrespectful. two, i thought that he point about the patriotism in our heart will have no prejudice. that was just lunacy. people just have prejudice and many times they display prejudice based on the patriotism. >> that was alliteration like pride and prejudice. >> it's more than alliteration. let me explain. it's more when the fbi investigates. >> someone who was writing that didn't understand that. this rhymes and sounds good.
9:49 pm
>> they could have done better. >> there is a lot of prejudice. >> when he said look, white, brown, black, we all bleed the same color and that color is red. a lot of americans feel like this president, president obama has divided us further. for the first time it's police against the average citizen. donald trump said we are one america and we bleed the same color. >> i think that's very rich to say that the first african-american president after slavery and degradation and oppression, it's all of a sudden the first african-american president's fault. >> obama's fault. >> that are is the height of hypocrisy. i appreciate the sentiment and the approach to saying that -- it gives us something to chew on as americans and something to think about. i don't think donald trump intended that, but when i go out and speak around the country, i think that we have to understand that there are many people who give off this vibe of prejudice
9:50 pm
in honor of patriotism. i believe i'm a patriot, no doubt, but people say i don't belong this this i don't understand how we've gotten to a point where donald trump said let's all be patriotic and eliminate prejudice and somehow that is divided. >> bakari, hold on. because you're fill bussering tonight. >> the challenge is, that's also not what he said. it ignores the fact that this country was build upon a system of oppression and racism by thinking that others just like the other barack obama going into the 2012 campaign, being other means that you're less than. being other than means i can buy you for value but your opinion, your vote, your body isn't as valuable as mine. i think his continue ability to ignore that is the epitome of white privilege. >> i think we're making too much out of this. this is one line. >> no, no, no, no.
9:51 pm
>> this is the presidential inaugural speech. >> i love you to death but what you cannot do. >> mutual. >> -- is tell me i'm making too much out of something where i am searching for, where i am searching for -- i'm not talking to you. >> hold on. >> that's fine. what i'm saying is, you can't tell me that something where i'm trying to search for an opportunity for unity in this country for him to finally be a bridge for him to finally demonstrate leadership, you cannot tell me. >> flowery talk. people want to work. they want to work. >> racism is. >> we all agree with that. >> he didn't say that in his speech. no, we don't. >> let's get this economy back. >> does it matter? >> i'm not saying it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter in this context. >> my only point was that this is an inaugural event and an inaugural address. i think that donald trump could have smoothed -- i think this was a rough draft of his speech that could have made some of
9:52 pm
these points and been edited and smoothed out better. >> i agree. >> you're not the first person to say that. >> but i think. >> i thought it was the best ever. >> there was good stuff in there. but i think that this is -- i'm giving -- i'm giving trump leeway. this is an inaugural address. i do not think he meant anything. i think he was trying to be a peacemaker. >> you guys are partisans, right? i know it's hard for some people to believe i'm not. >> i am. >> this is my fourth inauguration. >> this is the first time i've been called a liberal because i have to challenge. >> everything trump says isn't true. >> you liberal. then the liberals are like, oh, my gosh you conservative trump supporters. i must be doing something right. bush, it's been so long ago. bush had more diversity at his inauguration. barack obama's first inauguration, there were people from all over the world, all
9:53 pm
different colors. the second one the same thing, all over the world all different colors. as i walked out today at the parade ground and at the mall, i did see -- you saw spots of people but mostly it was a sea of white faces. i'm being honest. so if this president and his supporters don't believe there has to be some sort of uniting of the world, of the country and the people in the country, they are highly mistaken. and they are -- you're kidding yourself if you don't believe that. hang on. give me two seconds to finish my points. >> he did better with african-americans. >> i'll let you finish. so if you don't believe that, then you're kidding yourself. ure deluding yourself. is he the leader of this country. it has to start at the top. it does not start at the bottom. and go up. trickle up. it trickles down from him. go on. >> i would say that to your point, can we always do better
9:54 pm
with race relations, of course we can always do better. but donald went to the african-american communities to the inner city. he had a message that resonated. that's why he got 13% of the african-american male vote. >> he got 8 total. >> 8% total. >> i thought you said the polls were wrong. >> these are actual results. >> i'm just messing with you. >> hispanics who said these are going to go for hillary. hispanics will tip it in her favor. in actuality, he did better than mitt romney. this idea that he doesn't speak to minority groups is incorrect. he did better with these groups. if you talk to people on the ground, they love donald trump's message of jobs. the working class loves his message. >> i understand your point. i mean, your point is well taken. i don't think it's totally accurate because i think if the republicans are proud of having 8% african-americans vote for their nominee, then so be it. >> it's a start. >> it's not a start. george bush got higher. george w. bush got higher.
9:55 pm
there's such a thing called diversity when you get invite the to the dance and then you have inclusion which is when you get asked to dance at the dance. i think that donald trump has a hard time with this. one of the most amazing things that one of the most amazing discussions that angela and i are attempting to get across is there are so many people that now he is the 45th president of the united states. we want a level of empathy so you understand the struggle many people have gone through. more importantly, we want to be part of this process. there are many african-americans, friends of mine. paris denard has been on the show many times who support donald trump. the large amount of african-americans and gay americans, there's a large amount of hispanic americans, a large amount of people who were otherized in this campaign that are afraid. there are a large amount who are just. >> they're just turned off by his rhetoric. >> you also have to want to hear a message of unity. about a fourth of his speech was
9:56 pm
devoted to saying messages of unity saying we're stronger in america when we unites. to say all children in the inner city of detroit and on the plains of montana wake up and have the same dreams. if you wanted to hear a message of unity, you would have heard it. >> this is inauguration day. why aren't we talking about. >> nug ration day was yesterday. >> i gave him that. >> technically you're right. >> the entire day. >> i swear. >> if we were to look past the campaign which is what -- really? let me finish this one point. >> the computer is going to cut you off. i'm not. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'll see su back here at a special time tonight at 10:00 on a saturday. stay with cnn for live inaugural coverage with poppy harlow in just a moment. good night. ♪ ♪
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