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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 21, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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[ speaking in a foreign language ] [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> oh, humankind, i have created you from a single male and female, adam and eve, and made you into nations and tribes and communities that you may know each other. really the most honored view in
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the sight of god is the most righteous of you. and god has full knowledge and is well acquainted with all things. [ speaking in foreign language ] and among the signs of god is a creation of heaven and earth and the variation in the languages and your colors verily that signs for those who know.
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>> the reading from the -- [ speaking a foreign language ] [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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♪ be peace on earth ♪ and let it begin with me ♪ let there be peace on earth a peace that was meant to be ♪ ♪ with god as our father father ♪ ♪ brothers all are we
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♪ let me walk with my brother in perfect harmony ♪ ♪ let peace begin with me let this be the moment now ♪ ♪ with every step i take let this be my solemn vow ♪ ♪ to take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally ♪
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♪ let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me ♪ ♪ with me
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>> let's pray. our father in heaven and god of compassion, our prayer today is that you would be near to all that call upon your name, that is the name above every name. we pray that in their daily life in work and service that whatever form of service they're engaged in, that they would be devoted to our nation. almighty god, our heavenly father, we commend to your
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gracious care and keeping all the men and women of our armed forces at home and abroad. defend them day by day with your divine protection in places of danger. give them courage and loyalty. and guide those also who represent our nation as members of the diplomatic corps, that they may be ambassadors of hope working for peace and goodwill among all people, give us grace to do your will in all that we undertake. almighty god, we also pray that you instill in the governors of states and the mayors of cities and towns the and civil servants those that serve on school boards and councils and all administrative and governmental authority, that they would have the spirit of wisdom and love and justice and compassion. that with steadfast purpose, they may faithfully serve in
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their offices to promote the well-being of all people. give us the grace to do your will in all that we undertake. i pray this in the name of jesus christ. amen. >> pray with me. o, god, and our save your, one who is the way, the truth and the light, the fountain of all wisdom, enlightened by your holy spirit all teachers and educators, give them a spirit of grace and compassion that they may have the strength and endurance to instill a love of learning. new discovery. and the pursuit of wisdom in those they teach. give us grace to do your will and all that we undertake.
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god of health and hope, surround with your loving care all first responders, police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and all health care workers. those who devote their lives to helping others. grant them courage when they are afraid and strength when weary that they may serve you and their neighbor. in jesus' dear name, give us grace to do your will in all that we undertake. >> give to all the people of our land a god of help and hope and love. the desire to serve you.
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deliver us in our various occupations from the service of self-allure, that we may do the work you give us to do in truth and beauty and love and for the common good. for the sake of him, who came on us as one who serves your son, jesus christ, our lord. >> amen.
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♪ ♪ kyrie eleison ♪ kyrie eleison
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♪ christi eleison ♪ christi eleison ♪ kyrie eleison ♪ kyrie eleison
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>> a reading from the new testament and paul's letter to roman church. therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with god through our lord jesus christ. by whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of god.
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and not only so, but we glory in tribulations also knowing that tribulation works patience and patience experience, and experience hope, and hope makes not ashamed because the love of god is shed abroad in our hearts by the holy spirit which is given unto us. >> may the power of god's word be our source as well as our shield everywhere we walk today.
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from psalm 23:1, the lord is my shepherd. i shall not want. we maketh me to lie down in green pastures. he leadeth me beside the still waters. he restoreth my soul. he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake. yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. thou prpepareest a table before thee in front of my enemies, my head anoint with oil, my cup
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runneth over. surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever. and may the lord add his blessing to the reading of his holy word. >> the word of the lord as we find in it the gospel of matthew chapter 5:1-10. when jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. then he began to speak and taught them saying, blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. messed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
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blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. blessed are the pure at heart, for they will see god. blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of god. blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. this is the word of the lord. amen.
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♪ may the lord bless you and keep you ♪ ♪ may he make his face to shine upon you ♪ ♪ to shine upon you
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♪ may the lord bless you and keep you ♪ and make his face to shine upon you ♪ ♪ to shine upon you ♪ and be gracious to you ♪ ♪ ♪ may the lord lift up his
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countenance upon you ♪ ♪ and give you peace ♪ and give you peace ♪ and give you peace ♪ and give you peace ♪ amen ♪ amen ♪ amen ♪ amen
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truth is god. as we embark on this journey on a path of justice, freedom and equality for all, under our true leaders, president donald trump and vice president mike pence, i would like to recite a prayer from the tenth of the six. [ speaking in a foreign language ] which means almighty god, give me a boon that i do not deviate from the path of righteousness, good deeds, justice and equality for all. amen. o, god, whom we cannot love unless we love our neighbor, let us pray for the most wonderful in our community and lead us to be president with them in their
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suffering. lord, you have taught us that we are members of one another. hear our prayer for all who do the tedious, dirty and dangerous work which is necessary to sustain our life. bless those who work for the fields and grant that all who depend upon their service may remember them with thankful hearts. bless all whose lives are closely linked with ours. >> we remember before you the poor and neglected, the unemployed and underemployed,
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the homeless and the destitute, the sick and the suffering, the rejected and disempowered. give them the blessing of your presence that all in need may be relieved and protected. bless all whose lives are closely linked with ours. >> look with compassion, o, heavenly father, upon the widowed and orphans, outcasts and refugees, prisoners and all who are in danger, that they may find you and be comforted.
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bless all whose lives are closely linked with ours. >> our heavenly father, we pray you start a fire in every heart the true love of peace and guide with your wisdom those who take council for this country and the nations of the earth, that in peace your kingdom may increase until the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love, through your son jesus christ, our lord, the prince of peace, the king of kings and the lord of lords, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit, one god now and
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forever, in jesus' name we pray. amen. >> now we invite the entire nation and people all over the world to join outloud in agreement as we sum up all our petitions, let us pray each in our own language the prayer that jesus has taught us. our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will he done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass
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against us. lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. amen. >> almighty god, you have given us this good land as our heritage. make us always remember your generosity and constancy so that we do your will. bless our land with honest industry, sound learning and an honorable way of life. save us from violence, discord and confusion, from pride and arrogance and from every evil way. make us who come from many nations with many different
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languages a united people. defend our liberties and give those whom we have entrusted with the authority of government the spirit of wisdom that there might be justice and peace in our land. when times are prosperous, let our hearts be thankful, and in troubled times do not let our trust in you fail. we ask all of this through christ jesus our lord. >> amen.
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♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountains' majesty above the fruited plain ♪
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♪ america america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ o beautiful
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♪ o beautiful for heroes proved ♪ ♪ in liberating strife ♪ who more than self their country loved ♪ ♪ and mercy more than life ♪ america america ♪ ♪ god mend thine every flaw ♪ confirm thy soul in self-control ♪ thy liberty in law ♪
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♪ o beautiful for patriot dream ♪ ♪ that sees beyond the years ♪ thine alabaster cities gleam ♪ undimmed by human tears ♪ america america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea
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>> look graciously, almighty god, upon this land, where it is in pride, subdue it. where it is in need, supply it. where it is in error, rectify it. where it is in default, restore it. and where it holds to that which is just and compassionate, support it. in your holy name we pray. >> amen. >> now go forth into the world in peace. be of good courage. hold fast to that which is good. render to no one evil for evil.
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as far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all but make no peace with oppression. strengthen the faint hearted. support the weak. help the afflicted. honor all people. love and serve your god whose spirit working in you can do infinitely more than you can ask for or imagine. and may the blessing of god almighty, our creator, sustainer and giver of life, be with you and remain with you this day and forever more. amen. >> go forth from this place in
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peace, be watchful. stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong that all that you do be done in love. god bless you. >> thanks be to god. ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. you've been watching the president attend the national prayer service. this is a presidential tradition. we just learned that the president will be heading to the cia this afternoon. that is a big moment after a contentious couple months with the intelligence community. but there is a remarkable moment happening right now behind us in front of us, all around us, from every direction we see streams of people, thousands and thousands of protesters descending on washington for the women's march.
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you can see the pictures right here. it isn't just here. we'll talk about that in just a second. this march will travel down independence avenue, past the washington monument, ending at the ellipse just in back of the white house a few hundred yard off the oval office. as i said, as you can see, it's not just here. more than 600 sister marches planned all across 50 states with huge crowds and many of them already -- and it's not just the united states either -- a lot of cities around the world having similar marches. we'll take you to several of the demonstrations in just a moment. >> let's go first to cnn's national correspondent kyung lah who is in the middle of it. what are you seeing? we can see from our vantage point, the crowd is huge. >> certainly seems that way. we're in the middle of it. we had to get out because it's very difficult to show you some of the perspective from down below. it's remarkable, as john just said, to steal his word. if you look behind me, it's a
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sea of pink hats. you can see just in this one little section how many men and women are standing here. it's a variety of ages, a diversity of background, people from across all 50 states leaptleapt -- represented as far as i can tell all regions of this nation. they've been reacting to the various speakers who have been speaking for the last hour or so. michael moore, the documentarian, the activist is speaking right now. but michael moore, let's listen to his speech right now. >> if the federal government comes to take our mexican brothers and sisters away, 30,000 people say i will do it. you have to be willing to put yourself on the line. it's that important. the next thing on the to-do
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list, you! have to run for office! you! yes, you! now, i can see your faces. no, no, mike, not me! i'm shy. this is not the time for shy people! shy people, you have two hours to get over it. if you knew me seriously, if you knew me personally, you have no idea how shy and what an introvert i am. i know it doesn't make any sense me saying that, but if you knew me, anybody know me back there? how true is this? when i was 18 years old, i was a senior in high school and i couldn't stand the principal or the assistant principal and their backward ways. i decided to run for school board. i was 18. i called up the city clerk, i said, what do i got to do to run for school board?
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he said, well, you need to get names on a petition. oh, uh, um, how many names do i need on the petition to run? 20. 20? to run for school board? 20. i'm like, i know 20 stoners who will sign anything. i got the 20 signatures. i ran. i won. i became the first 18-year-old in the state of michigan to win public office. i did this. i'm shy. i only went on two dates in high school. i did this. you can do this. who is going to run for office? run for city council? run for school board? hey, okay, okay, okay. wait, wait, wait. shy people, there is an office for you. precinct delegate. run for precinct delegate.
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you only have to go to the county convention once a year. who is going to run for precinct delegate? all right. next on the to-do list, when we take over the dnc -- >> michael -- >> ashley. >> my name is ashley judd. >> ashley judd is here. >> and i'm a feminist. and i want to say hello to independence avenue in the back, all the way down to 17th street. >> wow. >> and i bring you words from nina donovan, a 19-year-old in middle tennessee. and she's given me the privilege of telling you what she has to say. i am a nasty woman. i'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in cheeto
8:41 am
dust, a man whose words are a death trap to america, electoral college sanctioned hate speech contaminating this national anthem. i'm not as nasty as confederate flags being tattooed across my city, maybe the south actually is going to rise again maybe for some it never really fell. blacks are still in shackled and grave just for being black, slavery has been reinterpreted as the prison system in front of people who see melanin as animal skin. i am not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag. and i didn't know devils could be resurrected, but i feel hitler in these streets. a mustache traded for a toupee.
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nazis renamed the cabinet, electoral conversion therapy, the new gas chamber. >> hello, women of massachuse s massachusetts. and hello friends of women of massachuset massachusetts. i love you, too. thank you, mayor walsh. i am glad to have this chance to stand shoulder to shoulder, to fight alongside the mayor of boston for the people of this country. thank you. so we're here today because of the power of women. the power of women to come up with good ideas like this rally.
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the power of women to organize like this rally. and the power of women to make sure that it's our country enters a new political era, that the voices of the people will be heard. yesterday donald trump was sworn in as president. that sight is now burned into my eyes forever. and i hope the same is true for you. because we will not forget. we do not want to forget. we will use that vision to make sure that we fight harder, we fight tougher and we fight more
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passionately more than ever not just for the people whom donald trump supports but for all of america. people are worried. donald trump's campaign was about attacks on women, attacks on african-americans, attacks on latinas, attacks on religious groups, attacks on immigrants, a trump/pence supreme court could overturn row versus wade and dissolve marriages of lgbtq citizens. a republican congress is eager to rip away health care from millions of americans. america's hard working families have taken one punch after another. decades of trickledown economics
8:45 am
and attacks on unions, attacks on wages, attacks on pensions, attacks on health care, attacks on social security, attacks on education, attacks on infrastructure and financial regulation have gutted america's middle class. a broken criminal justice system, a broken voting rights system and decades of systematic racism have kept people of color from having the same opportunities as other americans throughout this country. the fact is that the playing field has been tilted badly in favor of those at the top for a generation now. and now president trump and the republican congress are ready to ram through laws that will tilt it even harder.
8:46 am
now, we can whimper, we can whine or we can fight back. me, i'm here to fight back. i'm here to fight back. and that is why we come together today. hundreds of thousands of people in boston, in washington and across this country. we are in marches to say we are fighting back. that's who we are. we come here to stand shoulder to shoulder, to make clear we are here, we will not be silent, we will not play dead, we will fight for what we believe in. we have a vision, and that
8:47 am
vision defines who we are as a people. first, we fight for basic dignity and respect for every human being, period. no compromise, no backing up. and second, we fight for economic opportunity. not just for those at the top, but for everyone, all of our kids deserve a fighting chance to get ahead. respect for everyone. economic opportunity for everyone. that is the american deal. and that's what we fight for. those core principles call out the best in who we are. for too long american families
8:48 am
have seen a government and an economy that isn't working for them. and trump and the republicans promise to make america worse. but we're here because we are ready to fight for the people who want to build a country that works for all of us. that's why we're here. we come together to give each other strength. we come together to give each other courage. we come together to remind each other of our values. as we get ready to march, let us remind each other what we believe in and why we fight and yes we will keep right on fighting. we believe that no one in this country should work full-time and live in poverty.
8:49 am
and that means raising the minimum wage. yes, it does. paid over time, sick leatime, s will fight for it. we believe that workers have a right to come together and to bargain together. unions built america's middle class and unions will rebuild america's middle class. we believe that every young person is entitled to get an education without getting crushed by student loan debt. we believe in debt-free college. now, i'm going to say something that is really controversial in some places in washington. we believe in science.
8:50 am
yeah. we know that climate change is real and we have a moral responsibility to protect this earth for our children and our grandchildren. we also believe that immigration makes us a stronger country. we will not build a stupid wall! and we will not take millions of families apart, not on our watch. and we believe that sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry have no place in this country. black lives matter.
8:51 am
diversity make our country stronger. we believe that equal means equal. and that is true in the workplace, it's true in marriage, it's true every place. we will never stop fighting to ensure equality for all of our citizens. you know i could do this all day. but we got to march. so just one more that i cannot believe i have to do in 2017. we believe in equal pay for equal work and a woman's right
8:52 am
to decisions over her own body. yes, this is what we believe. this is what we will fight for. this is what we will march for. are you ready to fight? are you ready to march? are you ready to make sure today and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that that our voices are heard across america? we will be out there every day. let's go march! >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator ed markey. >> that was elizabeth warren speaking in boston. huge crowd there. we are also looking at huge crowds in chicago. a march that began at grant park there. people there and people here in washington just coming out by
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the thousands and thousands. there is chicago right there. also huge demonstrations in new york right now. that is where we find jessica schneider in with the people. jessica, tell us what is around you, what you're seeing and what they're saying. well, a lot around me. thousands of women and men and children and mothers and fathers stretching as far as the eye can see, several city blocks. and the juxtaposition is quite apparent. we are right near the united nations, but we're also just across the street from trump world tower, if we can move over to it, you might be able to see it. the gold trump world tower there. and of course this march moving about ten city blocks up, a few avenues west. it will end the trump tower where people will be protesting, but of course the people out here stressing this is not just about women's rights, this is about human rights. this is about reproductive rights. this is about civil rights and maintaining those rights as they
8:54 am
believe may be a threat moving forward in the trump presidency. what is interesting is there are celebrities, your every day people spanning from the tri-state area, i talked to people from connecticut, here in new york, new jersey, delaware, a lot of those people saying they didn't want to go to washington, they wanted to be right here in new york city. a culturally diverse city. the speakers include cynthia nixon, we saw also helen mirren out here. and whoopi goldberg says she's been working her entire life fighting for equal rights and she won't stop now. interestingly as well, i got the chance to speak with a few families out here. i talked to one mother who brought her two young boys, 10 and 6 years old, and when i asked her why she came here, she actually pointed me to her 10-year-old son and said let him tell you. so i did talk to her 10-year-old son. and just being 10 years old, he had just turned 10, he said that he was most concerned about
8:55 am
climate change and also immigration. so a lot of these issues not just touching the adults and the people you see out here today, but also children out here. they also want to make their voices heard. the rally happening right now. they will shortly march up to trump tower where despite the fact that the president is in washington, they still expect to get their message to president donald trump. >> thanks for giving us what is happening on the ground from new york. now to boston where we were just looking at elizabeth warren speaking and the massive crowd there. miguel marquez is there, as well. what are you seeing in boston? >> reporter: organizers were preparing for a small to medium sized march and turnout here. and they have a supersized march. i want to show what you this being looks like. this is boston common. people who are from here who have never seen crowds like this in the common, literally every
8:56 am
square inch is filled. from the him over all the way to the other side, all the way into beacon street on the other side of us is streetly filled up. elizabeth warren just fired up the crowd. they say this is at beginning of a movement putting the trump administration on notice that they are watching. back to you. >> our miguel marquez in boston common. i can confirm, this is not the type of crowd you see for n demonstrations there. you can see chicago on your left which is growing by the minute. there is another look at boston from the sky. >> we can see here in d.c. as the crowds continue to stream in behind us. we'll continue to watch this. our special coverage ticontinue after a break. the irs announced
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welcome to inside politics. we'll take you straight out to a demonstration here in d.c. van jones speaking to a big rally on the national mall. day two of the trump administration, day one of the opposition. let's listen. >> get off tinder and get off grinder and get some real love because real love is the strongest stuff in the universe, am i right? re l


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