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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. >> thanks for joining us for the second hour of "360." the president is focusing on the size of his crowd at the inauguration yesterday. we'll have more on this in this hour, but we begin with different crowds, those protesting mr. trump and his policies. they were bigger than even the organizers expected.
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this was the women's march in washington. massive crowd of women, men and kids of all ages and races and believes stood together. it is a scene that played out in cities around the country. los angeles, new york, chicago, many cities in between in in denver, memphis, nashville, hundreds and hundreds of cities, large and small. masses of people gathered, rallied and marched for women, against racism, homophobia and unity. it wasn't just in the united states. >> we will not be silenced. . >> reporter: from berlin to barcelona to mexico city, protesting the politics of america's new politics and urging him not to turn harsh rhetoric into reality. >> it was a sad day yesterday. i was at blaumarack obama's inauguration eight years ago. and yesterday was just a completely different feel. and i don't want that for my
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daughters. i want a much brighter, more loving future for them. >> we are afraid of the big got withed rhetoric that is happening within america, transferring to australia and becoming normalized and legitimatized. we don't want that to happen. >> reporter: between the signs and speeches, slogans of solidari solidarity. and a sea of pink knitted hats. in britain, even the pets had a message and women's rights were top of the agenda. >> people think of it as a zero sum game. if you take more equality, it diminishes somebody else. . a lot of men, as a lot of women understand the opposite is trout. >> i'm here to stand up for equality and against bigotry and hatrtre hatred. i'm here to show that we can be angry but also funny. >> this may have been a women's march, but it was also about so much more. here in london, people took to
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the streets despite freezing temperatures and stayed on them for hours to make their views heard. their message to the new u.s. president -- we may not have been your electorate, but your decisions will affect the whole world. >> i'm here amongst all these thousands of people because we're concerned the rights that are being fought for and rights that we have been used to are under attack now. >> worries are being echoed the world over as donald trump takes his place in the white house. cnn, london. >> planned parenthood president said it was an honor to be there among the 1 in 5 women in america who have been to planned parenthood for health care. listen. >> i wish every single one of them can have see you.
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you are a beautiful sight. for some folks in congress, you're a terrifying one. we are here today to thank generations of organizers and troublemakers and hell raisers who formed secret sisterhoods, who opened planned parenthood. and today we are here to deliver a message. we are not going to take this lying down. >> and cecil richard joins me now. was this what you expected to today? >> it was overwhelming, anderson. i think it was more than anyone expected. not only in washington, d.c., but as we're seeing around the world and of course around the country. really, literally millions of people marching for women's rights. and it was incredible spirit, too.
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i thought that was the thing that really truck me, how positive it was. >> in terms of what impact it has, obviously huge crowds as you said, six months from now, does it -- how do you translate this into an actual turning point, if that's what it's supposed to be. >> i think folks definitely the spirit today, this is not the end. this is the beginning. and i think the folks were very clear that this is about sending a message to this administration that women have made enormous gains in the country and they are not going to go back. it was generations. it was women who marched in the '60s and young people who had never marched before. it was so wide-spread. people from every walk of life. it was amazing. and folks are committed to standing up. >> in order to make change at the ballot box, there are women you need to reach who voted for donald trump in a number of
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states. how do you go about that. >> it's interesting. a lot of women who voted for donald trump are planned parenthood patients and they are very deeply concerned about any agenda that would take away their right to go to the health care provider of their choice. they voted for him to shake up things in washington, not to take away their right to health care. >> the defunding of planned parenthood is high on the agenda. are you prepared for that? >> today is an opportunity for members of congress, including paul ryan, who said he wanted to defund planned parenthood. today was a time to listen to women and men who care about them saying don't take away our right to health care. that's why you're seeing the people protesting today and also protesting about the repeal of the affordable health care act, which will take away the rights of millions of women to birth control. >> how do you adjust if planned parenthood has been defunded. >> we've been around for 100 years and we'll be around for 100. we're not a line item in the federal budget. what it means to saying on women
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on medicaid, you can no longer go to planned parenthood for family planning, cancer screening. it has nothing to do for abortion because federal funds don't go to abortion. i would note even in paul ryan's own district we have three health centers that provide family planning and cancer screenings that keep women healthy and safe and i hope paul ryan is paying attention to the needs of women in his district. >> when you look at the tea party, what began as protests did make change at the ballot box two years later. i guess i'm questioning how you go about doing that. i mean, beyond just -- it's one thing to protest, but a lot of the people that came out probably voted for hillary clinton, and that wasn't enough. so what really will change? >> i think this is an absolutely -- this is the biggest women's march any of us have seen in our lifetime.
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i think this shows that people are willing to not just sit back and see what happens in this administration but take an active part in influences congress and influencing the administration to protect women's healths and rights. i belief we are already seeing hundreds of thousands of people sign up for planned parenthood, sign up to work with organizations that they believe will stand up for their rights. >> coming up next, the trump administration wants you to believe that the crowd in the photo on the right is bigger than the one on the left. in fact, as you'll see pushing that notion kind of took over the agenda of the white house today even to a fence mending trip to the cia. we'll talk about that when 360 continues.
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sean spicer came into the room, delivered a statement and left. that is very unusual for a white house press secretary. a president could come into the briefing room and give a statement and leave. but typically the press secretary takes question. that didn't happen today. but just to back up a little bit, what sean spicer did was basically echo what his boss, the president said, that he's outraged at his coverage of the protesters and crowd coverage. here's what sean spicer said earlier today. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period, both in person and around the globe. even "the new york times" printed a photograph showing that a misrepresentation of the crowd in the original tweet. in their paper showed the full extent of the support that existed. these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. the president is committed to unifying our country, and that was the focus of his inaugural
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address. this kind of dishonesty in the media is making it more difficult. there has been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. i'm here to tell you that it goes two ways. we are going to hold the press accountable as well. the american people deserve better and as long as he serves as the messenger for this movement, he will take his message directly to the american people, will his focus will always be. >> and what's incredible about that statement, anderson, is that while sean spicer is accusing all of us of being -- spreading falsehoods and misrepresenting what occurred yesterday, he laid out a series of facts that just didn't add up. >> they were not true. he talked about the crowds. he also mentioned the floor covering. i mean, again, i just got to say it is surreal that we are discussing this on day one of the trump administration.
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but we are discussing it because it is what donald trump has focussed on today, first at the cia and then at this press conference. again, they're presenting stuff that is not true, so now we just have to counter it. they talked about floor coverings never being used before at the mall that were white and made it look like there were fewer people. that is not the case. those floor coverings have been used to protect the grass in the past. >> not true. and it really didn't take much more than a google search anderson to ferret this out. take a look at these pictures that we unearthed. you see crews laying out these white ground coverings on the mall to protect the grass. when sean spicer says these have never been used before, a google search will tell you that is not the case. he also talked about metro ridership numbers, and we could put that graphic up on screen. he was tryinto say that the metro ridership numbers were better for trump than it was at the second obama inaugural.
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that is not the case. there you have ridership from 4:00 a.m. to midnight. and 1.1 million back in 2009. anderson, even went as far as to say well, magnetometers were used around the national mall and that slowed people from entering the mall. the u.s. secret service is usually not in the business of contradicting the president of the united states. they told us they were not used around the mall during this inauguration. so again another fact that was -- or another line from sean spicer that was easily fact checked, anderson. >> and, again, incredible that we are discussing magnetometers around the mall, but this is what the president of the united states apparently is very concerned about today. >> this is what he chose to talk about. >> and tell mistruths to the
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american people. not just reporter, who cares about that. but to the american people. john king is here. david, you made the point earlier about, you know, lying to reporters, not telling the accurate numbers to reporters. more importantly, it is not telling to the american people. >> right. when the press secretary stands at that podium, he's speaking to the country, not just to the reporters. so, jeff, when you say, well, people are -- they don't trust reporters anyway, so it doesn't matter -- >> no, i didn't say. >> you sort of did. >> i said they don't trust them. that's a fact. >> but then you implied -- so, you know what the calculation of the president is that because they don't trust reporters that he can say what he wants to say. but there is a certain obligation on the part of the press secretary and the administration when they stand in front of a podium and they're talking not just to reporters but the american people to tell the truth. >> donald trump has said i will never lie to you. he said this during the campaign.
10:18 pm
he made a big deal ant about saying this. has donald trump lied? >> perspective. >> is sean spicer? >> donald trump has now lied. >> no, no. i just was reading the statement. he said here and around the globe. >> again -- >> what about the magnetometers? >> the fact that people believe somehow -- i have given donald trump this leeway to say it is not fair to compare yesterday. >> by the way, we were not even comparing. >> i'm just saying -- >> okay. let's talk about -- >> remember sean spicer is making a future reference. i don't think it's fair to compare yesterday to what happened with barack obama. >> there were hundreds of thousands of people excited, happy from all around the country and came here and had an amazing day. >> what i'm trying -- and it was already in the press a week or
10:19 pm
two ago, that some anonymous trump person had said that we view the people in the west wing press room as much as activist democrats and we want them out of the building. or what have you. i'm trying to communicate to you that's the view out there with a lot of people. and the coverage given to this, how many hours upon hours upon hours, david, were spent saying the president of the united states, president obama said if you want your doctor, you can keep it. >> that's a lie. >> people could keep their doctor quite a bit, actually. it is the first full day and everybody is tired. and, so, let's hope this is a first full day of everybody is tired and the president is particularly sensitive to crowd size. i'm sure he saw the pictures of the protest today and maybe that got under his skin because he's tired. but i'd rather address the bigger point. what sean spicer said today is simply not true. what the president said at the
10:20 pm
most hallowed ground at cia today that the media made up his feud with the intelligence community. that's not true. >> don, let me ask you. >> wait. let me finish. to every trump supporter out there, god bless you. you voted for him. he's your president. please look it up. he will not be able to pass his infrastructure plan. his support else love when you beat us up. you have a 52/48 majority in the senate. you have a smaller majority in the senate. he will not be able to do what he wants to do if he continues to get into these fights about mog. >> does it make sense for him to pick these fights? >> i think he thinks he does using the rationale that jeffrey is using, that the media has a low approval rating and the republicans have always gotten a lot of approval from attacking the media. but this is moving into another area, i think. where he's trying to delegitimize the media, which is very dangerous. when you look into this statement, it is worth focussing on because it is so easily
10:21 pm
proven. that would have shown up on the pictures. hundreds of thousands of people standing trying to get in? we would have seen that. how could sean spicer go out and say something. >> right. >> but it's -- it is his job to say that. >> can i ask for clarification. >> you can't do this. >> you're saying he couldn't get into the ceremony because of the magnetometers. >> they couldn't get into the maul. 3. >> right. >> let me just tell you a personal experience. i tried to get into the parade and couldn't get in. >> that's not the mall. that's not the mall, though. >> no, jeffrey. they said hundreds of thousands of people could not get into the mall. that would show up in the pictures, right? >> and the secret service said that is not the case. >> could we stop talking about the president and the media for the second and talk about the president's thin skin here and what this tells you about how he's going to react every day to -- >> but the fact he woke up today and turned on television of coverage of what happened yesterday, that's amazing to me.
10:22 pm
>> to what a foreign leader says about him? to what somebody on this tv show will say about him. to what somebody tweets about him. i have to believe that, let's take ourselves out of this. >> please. >> remove the media from this. but take a look at this clinically about a thin-skinned president who, on day one, going to the cia, spent most of his speech talking about himself. >> did he get applause from these folks. >> in front of the hallowed wall. >> he said at the cia no one feels as strongly about the cia as donald trump. speaking about himself in the third person, which i think is a little interesting. i don't know what that means. do you believe that no one feels as strongly about the cia as donald trump? >> he's trying to communicate he has great respect for them. >> but he lied about what he has said in the past. what he said was not true about what he has said in the past.
10:23 pm
he has -- well, he claims that it is the media trying to pretend as if he has been antagonistic. >> anderson, today, today, i love this whole -- i guess i'm a part of the media now or whatever. i love this whole media bashing thing because it is as if we created this today. we did not. the press secretary of the united states of america chose to speak about this. >> he was told to speak about it. >> in fairness, i think that's right. >> that's very true. to be accurate, he was told to speak about this. from the briefing room, words that embodied and represented the president of the united states. this is not something that anderson cooper and the left-wing media came up with and said we're going to discuss today. this is not how that was created. >> there was no plan to reporting on the size or the magnetometers on the mall. >> to your point, anderson, i think that is an excellent, excellent point. taking aside all the back and forth and the very important reality that sean spicer was
10:24 pm
asked to, told to, whatever happened go to the white house briefing room and say things that were not true, put all that aside. donald trump has historically been a marketer and has been very, very good at changing the subject to his bep fit. i actually don't necessarily that that was the case. even though if you want to give him the benefit of doubt, maybe he was trying to do to change the subject away from the marchers here. this is a situation where this is a thing for him. it gets under his skin. it's about crowd size and ratings, everything. it is unfortunate because what we talked about from 8:30 in the morning until 11:30 at night was the majesty of the day and about the fact that he did something that was and is awesome. he's never been in elected office. he's never been in the military. he is the president of the united states. following the pomp and circumstance, the substance of what he said, the balls, what his wife and everybody is
10:25 pm
wearing, all that stuff. and then today the story should have been he went to the cia to make amends with them and not this. >> we have to take a break. we will have more including president trump's visit to the cia and the fallout of what he said in front of a memorial to the agency employees who died in the line of duty.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. president trump spent part of his first full day in office. in langley, virginia, at cia headquarters. he spoke on what is hallowed ground to members of the intelligence community standing in front of a wall dedicated to
10:29 pm
each employee killed in duty, and made a commitment to the agency. >> i am so behind you. and i know maybe sometimes you haven't gotten the backing that you have wanted and you're going to get so much backing. maybe you are going to say please don't give us so much backing. mr. president, please, we don't need that much backing. but you're going to have that. and i think everybody in this room knows it. >> that wasn't all he said, of course. the president spoke for exactly 15 minutes and 23 seconds in which only 2 minutes and 14 seconds were voted to intelligence officers memorialized behind him. he spent another two and a half minutes on his nominee. the rest went like this. boasting ability the inaugural crowds and complaining ant the media coverage. >> it looked honestly looked like a million and a half people. whatever it was, it was. but it went all the way back to the washington monument.
10:30 pm
and i turn on the thing and by mistake i get this network. and it showed an empty field. and it said we drew 250,000 people. now, that's not bad. but it's a lie. we had 250,000 people literally around, you know, in the little bowl that we constructed. the rest of the, you know, twenty block area all the way back to the washington monument was packed. so we caught them. and i think they're going to pay a big price. >> as you saw a moment ago, his press secretary came out late today and tore into the press core what he says what his reporting. cnn doesn't give crowd estimates. we want to focus on what he had to say around people around the world.
10:31 pm
he's jim sciutto. >> from this day forward, it's going to be only america first, america first. >> minutes after taking the oath, president trump defined a foreign policy focussed very much at home. >> every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families. >> reporter: taking particular aim at china and mexico. >> we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries, making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs. >> reporter: now reaction from allies and adversaries across the world. allied germany pushing back against a new american isolationism. >> i believe firmly that it is best for all of us if we work together based on rules, common values and joint action. >> reporter: mexico's president gave a diplomatic to mr. trump, tweeting icon garage late
10:32 pm
president trump for his inauguration. we will work to strengthen our relationship. while former mexican president pledged to make mexico pay for a border wall. saying speaking of allegiance, trump, speaking of success, america was already great and successful. then you happened. chinese newspapers predicted a trade war. one newspaper writing it is also highly probably that his u.s. might clash with china over trade. even russia, which has praised russia, making clear that moscow has its own interests. vladimir putin saying the acting administration will have to be introduced to all the nuances of our bilateral times.
10:33 pm
>> jim sciutto joins us now. jim, i know you have been hearing from folks about the president's comments at the cia. does this mean -- in more important terms that his relationship with the intelligence community, which he now says is fine, are they all of a sudden now on the same page. >> there is places where intelligence communities did not like the obama administration or disagreed. you know, there was frustration with decision-making, concentration of power in the nsc. so donald trump -- and you heard
10:34 pm
some oblique references to him saying i am going to give you backing. so he has a message there that he kind of wedged in, but crowded out perhaps by the other stuff. but at the same time, you have this running public dispute over its assessment that russia hacked the election, right, and his tweets and many public comments. despite what he said today, he has repeatedly accused the intelligence community of being flat-out wrong and that's difficult for them to take. he certainly didn't solve that problem. >> and the cia director just stepped down, john brennan who has served over a very long career. he sent out a very strong criticism of the president today. >> it was a blistering statement. i think he could put it up on the screen. but the former cia director is deeply saddened and angers at donald trump's despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of the cia's memorial wall of agency heroes.
10:35 pm
he served under george w. bush. he served 25 years in the agency under presidents of both parties. trump is portraying him as obama's guy and he was obama's guy as the head of the cia but he was also george bush's guy. >> what did you make of what you heard from the president in front of that wall. clearly, it was a crowd with a number of -- a couple i think 300 cia personnel who could come if they want. it was on a saturday so they could choose to come. there was some applause. what did you make of what you heard? >> that's not the forum to do it. 117 dead cia officers to get into politics makes the cia nervous. they look at trump as unpredictable. what he said today, you know,
10:36 pm
wasn't completely reassuring. we have to remember, anderson, that the cia currently is investigating the president for russian links and his advisers and his connections with the ukraine and on and on. it is unclear how that's going to go. the new cia director still hasn't made up his mind whether he's going to ask the cia to go back to using torture and water boarding. it is all up in the air. demoralize, i'm not sure i would call the cia that, but war wary of the coming days. >> general, you served in iraq over your long storied career. you make the point that there are a lot of moving parts in the world right now, military, intelligence and around the globe that could come into play sooner rather than later. is that where the president's focus should be on right now, rather than crowd size and attacks in the media and stuff like that. >> i think probably sometime within the next 30 to 60 days
10:37 pm
we're going to have some type of crisis. and if we don't have a crisis, we will have some business and usual in interesting places. the president keeping talking about isis, and certainly that's true. but we also have an ongoing war in afghanistan and north korea threatening some things and continued action in ukraine. we have russia expansionism across europe and we've just bombed several bases in libya of isis and al-qaeda. so all those things are known right now. those are the things we know about that could certainly confuse. the unknowns, the things that normally happen or the things we don't predict, anything from south china sea, to the philippines to nato allies, to the gaza strip, we could sit
10:38 pm
here and name them, all of those things will come upon mr. trump as a surprise. leadership matters. words are important. the kinds offer things he's saying today are being heard all over the world and allies are reacting. and alliances are fraught with challenges. i think it was winston churchill that says the worse thing that being in an alliance is not being in one. and this is not a business deal. these are not binary operations. it is complex and a lot of things are going on the world and the world looks to america to be leaders. that's what we have to see our president as, a leader, and in order to do that, we have to trust him. some of the things that have been going on in the last couple days have generated a lack of trust or an erosion in that trust. >> what about that? >> well, look, i think his appearance here today was designed to say to the intelligence community, and he said it, literately. i love you. i want to give you as much backing as i have. i want to give you so much backing that you say stop backing me.
10:39 pm
i have heard him do these kinds of things in other settings with other people. and what he's doing is trying to communicate who he is and his style to people he ses a his employees, which is what they were, to relate to them on a personal basis. i understand the point about the wall and all this and we're standing behind it. clearly, i don't think that was his intention. i mean, i think what he's trying to do is say, okay, i'm here. i'm in charge. let's get to know each other. i want to tell you some stories and i want you to know a little bit about me. they did. they laughed. they applauded. >> in terms of wasting any time today talking about crowd size, as opposed to the important business that general is talking about, the myriad of things in crisis around the world. >> one of the things we're talking about, and this is all anecdotal. i have never friends in the cia
10:40 pm
and in stations around the world and i received several messages today, as jim did as well. they were appalled by that. i have been in the cia headquarters six or seven times during my military career. every time i go in i stopped at the wall because one of our cia operatives was killed during that time and his star is on the wall. we stop and say a prayer. it is at the entrance to the cia as you well know because everybody passes by and remembers the solemness of that part of the headquarters. if mr. trump did not see that as a critically important place not to do the kinds of things he did today, then he is very much lacking in situational awareness and a leader needs to have that. >> well, i mean, i'd ask the question. if all of this is to believed, i'm not doubting anyone here, but there were 300 cia employees sitting there in front of that wall and they were laughing. is that appropriate. >> they didn't laugh at the wall. there were a couple lines that drew applause. we had a poll reporter inside there and some were applauding and some were not. >> these are people who chose to come in on a saturday. >> i understand what you're saying. but if it was inappropriate to say these things -- >> according to the poll report, the senior leadership sat stone faced and really just applauded at the end. >> all i'm going by is what
10:41 pm
we've heard. >> a reporter said -- >> that is right. our reporter was there and in fact is. you heard it on the tape and some laughed for some lines, right. others did not, right? and i suppose -- and mark has got a lot of friends. i've got some friends in the community of people who ideal with and you heard the former cia director appalled. you make the point that some chose to be there. but let's be clear. no one was applauding him not revering the wall, right? i mean there was some rally like applause lines there. >> i'm just saying that if that's the case, then you need to apply the same standards, and the cia employees shouldn't be laughing in front of the wall and they were. >> there is something more important, richard -- >> i'm sorry, bob. go ahead. >> yeah. i mean, he said he should have taken iraq oil in the same speech, and maybe we will. is he going to re-invade iraq? that's something we used. words are important. >> he did talk about maybe we'll have another chance to take iraq oil.
10:42 pm
i also want to talk about yesterday with the tom barack, who was responsible for the inauguration ceremonies. we'll be back in just a moment. we've been talking tonight about the issue that took over the day, mainly because donald trump and his press secretary made it the talking point. hey, ready foyeah. big meeting? >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent,
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we've been talking tonight about the issue that took over the day, mainly because donald trump and his press secretary made it the talking point. joining us now is the chairman. first of all, you must be exhausted. looking back, you are happy with
10:46 pm
how everything went? >> i loved it. i'm especially happy that everybody went smoothly and for six days and 22 events, nobody got hurt, expectations were exceeded and it was a great tribute to the american democracy. i was proud of everything. >> i am going to ask you what happened on day one today. donald trump and sean spicer focussing on the crowd size. is this what you expected day one to be like? >> i had no expectations of day one, okay? look, the issue -- and it probably is my fault. it started with me because the president was elated with the inauguration. and i think truly -- >> last night he was praising media coverage about it at one of the balls. clearly, today he woke up, saw something on the news and was
10:47 pm
less than elated about what he believed was reported about crowd size. >> i think really the issue for him was he was elated about the media coverage. he was elated about the event, about the partisan passage about this unbelievable governance. you can imagine, you don't know whether you can looking at 300,000 or a million. but the power of that position and the humility of that responsibility took over. but what happened is not counting. it was from his perception and when we could spend hours going through the details of what it looks like. but from the platform when you're looking out. >> right. >> you're looking all the way to lincoln. >> right. >> and i was sitting, you know, seven rows behind him. and i was looking and i said, wow. >> it is a different vantage but from the platform when you're looking out, you're looking all the way to lincoln. >> right. >> and i was sitting you know, seven rows behind him. and i was looking and i said wow -- >> it's a different vantage point, the vantage point from there, it looks packed, the vantage point from the rear back
10:48 pm
because of the perspective it is not packed. and that is not a criticism, it's just the reality. i mean, the photos the white house show today are from that vantage point he saw. and it's wall to wall, when you look at it from another way you know it's not that way. >> exactly, so the issue with him -- it was on my watch. it was my fault. because as we were going through this, there were mags. so the reporting that there were no mags, or the secret service saying there were no mags, what they were saying were the mags were on the parade route. so to go from north to south you had to cross the mags, and for the viewers, mags, mags are magnotometer, we had 99 of them.
10:49 pm
so along the boundary of the parade, you had 100 mags basically. so if you had 400 people per hour, that is 400,000 people per hour that it could process. so to come from the parade in the cross, the problem was because i was communicating with our team we had backed up. we started an hour and a half late and police had a difficult time getting in place, they started late and the crowds were backing up from the parade. the protesters were larger, so the blockades were about five times more. everybody was kind of right. as people were trying to get into the area, the mall filled up later. so the president's speech was supposed to be at 11:27 and didn't go to 12:02. so the important thing is nobody is trying to do anything
10:50 pm
inappropriate. it started with twitter, really it was not the counting. for sure, i take responsibility. i'm sure there were a million and a half to a million 7 people in the viewing vicinity. when you look at what happened, this was the first year in president obama's regime and both of the inaugurations, there was no fencing around the mall. now the mall is fenced in a designated area. >> we have to take a quick break, i want to ask you about the larger -- this is not something we planned to report on today nor did we even talk about crowd size yesterday, since the president brought it up that is why we were discussing it. it goes to a larger issue about the president, what he focuses on, how effective he can be about media coverage, you know him very well. we're going to take a quick break.
10:51 pm
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we're talking tonight with tom barrack, the president of the nominating committee. donald trump praised the committees, seemed to be trying to mend fences. he also made the comment that the cia director has come out and been critical of him doing it in front of the wall like that. i guess the crowd size to me, frankly doesn't matter. people had an amazing experience. it was an extraordinary day and seemed a very successful day yesterday. is the judgment on whether or not -- is this the best use of the president's time, particularly on day one. what do you think about that? >> look, i think the issue that really caught him was not the
10:55 pm
count. and it was not self-gratification for himself. the way he viewed it is the tweet, which started with "the new york times" reporter tweeting those pictures. and again, i'm not inspector clouseau, but when you inspect the pictures and the time and the cadence, so very difficult to verify all of the facts, we had apples to apples. >> right, it's apples to apples. >> that was not what bothered him. what bothered him was that tweet was then re-tweeted at the national park service. >> which they i think actually apologized for, took down the twitter account. >> he viewed it and said look, i'm held accountable every day on my tweets and criticized on
10:56 pm
everything that is accurate, i would just like parody, and if the tweet is going to be accountable. i told the president, i took responsibility for the numbers. i said here is the estimate, if there was a problem, it's my problem, it's not the president's problem. and here are all the facts that went into it, including by the way, the white turf cover -- >> we've seen pictures of it during i guess the last obama inauguration of them unveiling white things to cover the grass. >> i don't think the picture was at the inauguration, it was used before -- >> this picture was not accurate because it's different times? >> no, at the time he was taking issue with the tweet, saying what is the accuracy of this, and the presentation, the point
10:57 pm
of view of this picture seemed to be for the purpose of saying that this president is less worthy or less celebrated. >> so you're not taking issue with the fact of this picture, just the intent or as -- it's the president how he perceived the intent of it? >> yes, we don't have enough information to take issue with the picture. >> he is viewing it as yet another attempt to delegitimatize him or -- >> he said i just want parity, i don't want the press attacking me. >> as you said it began with a tweet, hillary clinton one of her lines was during the debate, and i'm misquoting because i don't remember the details of it. somebody who can be thrown off with a tweet, do you want them to have the nuclear codes? doesn't donald trump playing into this go into what the democrats have been saying? >> look, my point of view, he
10:58 pm
was not thrown off. in other words, he has a consistent view that a new mechanism between this presidency and the press is going to be that he always has an option to equalize the playing field. because now with social media and tweeting -- >> no doubt about that. >> was 144 characters, he can equalize the playing field. it's not that he is off, he is saying i want to be on. i think his message is let's bury the hatchet, let's start a new deal. let's give him 100 days. say get your team in place, get the democrats on board and say guys let's stop playing games. >> that was not the message that sean spicer -- we got to go, cnn tonight starts with don lemon after this quick break. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead.
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