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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 22, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. it is early and we are so glad you are still awake to keep us company. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. live from washington, the nation's capital. a beautiful look. a little foggy. we are here to wake you up. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> welcome to "new day." a very, very new day at 4:00 a.m. we want to talk about donald trump saying he is ready to get to work but he still doesn't have a cabinet in place to work with. so far, just two members have
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been confirmed, a historically low number for a first day in office. >> here is the slate. rex tillerson up for approval, secretary of state, congressman, mike pompeo. president trump stopped by langley to speak with the intelligence community and his comments left ex-c.i.a. director, john brennan, deep saddened and angered. >> there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. the wall behind me is very, very special. i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth.
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they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. i want to let you know, the reason you are the number one stop, is exactly the opposite. they understand that too. >> the president there to share his support and show his support for the cia. the president does not have the support of many of the people you are seeing on your screen on his first full day in office. more than 1 million people marched in washington and other cities across the country in solidarity for women's rights. >> we heard donald trump lashing out at the media. his press secretary, sean spicer, he had a lot more to say about that. >> cnn's senior white house correspondent, jim acosta, has details for us this morning. >> reporter: donald trump has gone right back to attack can the news media, this time, as president of the united states during a visit at the central intelligence agency in virginia. he lashed out at the news media
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of falsely reporting the crowd size numbers at his inauguration and later in the day, his new white house press secretary, sean spicer, did the exact same thing and maintained donald trump's inauguration was the biggest of all time. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period, both in person and around the globe. even "the new york times" printed a photograph showing a misrepresentation of the crowd in the original tweet. in their paper, it showed the full extent of the support, depth and crowd in intensity that existed. these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> sean spicer was insisted president trump's was the largest ever witnessed. he was making excuses as to why the number wrs not bigger saying the u.s. secret service p prevented hundreds of thousands
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from witnessing his inauguration. they said it is not the case. >> here to talk about trump's attack on the media and so much more. it is about so much more than that. cnn pol ti cnn politic reporters. >> we are in the first 24, 48 hours of the presidency, did anybody see this would be the topic of conversation. >> i think people who have been paying attention for a while know that the trump team and the administration are really concerned with optics and how they are perceived. i think they were hopeing that something more significant would have been pledged at the cia luncheon luncheon, such as the cyberattacks and the hacking and the fact this could go forward as the rest of the world goes about elections.
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to see that he spent such significant time talking about this disagreement with a group wasn't the primary focus was discouraging to some of the people. >> when you think about all the promises made in the campaign, on day one, i am going to, the first full day despite what the administration said was going to be monday was yesterday. none of what they said they were going to do actually happened. >> we have to be ready for the unexpected with this one. this is going to be a wild ride. to think the president of the united states. he is no longer the president-elect or the nominee. this is the man in the white house, the most powerful man in the world is concerned that we report the number that he wants say showed up to his inauguration. there were a lot of people. this is funny. this is why the national park service does not give out crowd estimates anymore because of the intense politics behind it. you have the white house press secretary, sean spicer, walk out there and blast the media, blast
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journalists, reporters for reporting what we saw. >> his first news conference. there are no grand pronouncements of making america first, trade deals, jobs programs. >> immigration. >> anything that they talked about even. this is, i don't want to say, petty. it is certainly not sweeping. there is not a lot of vision behind it. >> in case anybody missed it, let's listen to sean spicer yesterday, a little bit more from him as to what he said in that, as victor pointed out, very first news conference. >> photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed to minimize the enormous support that it gathered on the national mall. no one had numbers, because the national parks service, which controlled the national mall, does not put any out. >> eugene, look. he is a smart guy. we have talked to sean spicer. he knows what he is talking
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about. do you get the sense that he did this for donald trump under some sort of orders? do you think -- he sounded quite combative there. is that the sean spicer we know. >> we do know that sean spicer can be xcombative on his own. he does work for donald trump. donald trump would normally give us something like that on twitter. i think perhaps he is trying to be a bit more presidential and leaving that type of work to other people. >> is sean spicer the extension of twitter. we would have seen this in 140 characters and now he has a press secretary he can send out as he did yesterday to give a statement and walk off the stage. >> i was looking at the list of new hires that i believe that came out and i noticed i don't know if this is completely true, it seems there is a broader digital team than there was before. we might see a larger expansion of twitter and people in this administration as the whole.
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regardless of the ad tension at the inauguration, we know that donald trump has the historically lowest approval rating of any president of the united states. it would be wise of the team to focus on how they can improve those numbers and get more americans on the trump train. >> let's talk about those numbers, because it is not something we thought we would be talking about today by any means. >> specifically, the numbers of the attendance are not the most important element. this is what they focused on. many of the things they presented as facts are not facts. >> are not facts. what does this tell you about what is important to donald trump? that he go to the cia and the first thing he is talking about is the numbers of people who were there and how they have been misrepresented. that shows what his value is, does it not? >> it is not presidential. worrying about your image like that is the type of thing you
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expect to see from the chief executive. it is really something. it is incredibly stunning. part of what john brennan was saying blasting him with this comment was not just that, okay, there is this battle behind the scenes over the russian hacking and whether trump would acknowledge this or not but also that you stood in front of the wall of people who died in the service and said that you were concerned about how many people showed up to your inauguration. i think that was the -- he never said anything like that. that was listening it, per se. that's kind of the concern. it is not a pronouncement of we are reengaging isis with a new tactic. it is not a new announcement of we have a new program on drones or anything like that. it was an announcement of how many people were there to see me. >> if the intention there was to
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mend fences with the intelligence community, why weren't there prepared remarks? his team knows him. should they have set him up with some prepared remarks instead of letting him speak extemporaneously and does he need to go back and fix what a lot in the community were angry about? you stay with us. we have a lot to talk about. >> we are going to talk more about president trump as he is facing one of the first big tests as commander and chief. why a fight is brewing over some of his cabinet picks also, celebrities, activists, pol iiticians took t the streets to protest donald trump and we should say this gathering was about much more than just women's rights. there were people there for other causes. why they wanted their voices heard. that's coming up next. >> i respect that you are our president-elect and i want to be able to support you but, first, i ask that you support me.
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president trump gears up for his first full week in office. first up, getting lawmakers to sign off on his cabinet nominees. >> we have, by far, the highest i.q. of any cabinet ever. >> so far, only two of trump's pick vs. been confirmed. secretary of fense, retired general james mattis and retired homeland security and betsy devos facing fierce resistance over concerns about her qualifications. >> all eyes will be on rex tillerson on monday. that's when the senate foreign relations committee is expected to vote on his nomination. >> republican senator, marco rubio, who has expressed concerns about tillerson's ties to russia is still on the fence. a vote could potentially hold up his nomination.
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>> mike pompeo who has been tapped to lead the cia is expected to be confirmed tomorrow. >> back with us, eugene scott and tom lobianco. there is this question of timing and schedule. on the first day of 2009, president obama had seven of his nominations confirmed. only two for donald trump. democrats will say republicans are rushing them through. republicans will say democrats are dragging their feet. the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. what's the truth here? >> what the democrats are also saying, at least the watchdog group that monitors much of this is that many of the forms have not been vetted or came in very late. so democrats are asking a lot of questions they would have had answers to had these forms been in on time. the watchdog group presents
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itself as nonpartisan even though it is run by an obama appoi appoi appointee. these are basic how to get to know you questions. many of these people are being asked questions that they aren't used to being asked and are offended and put off and shocked. sometimes they don't know, because they are so high up they are not dealing with the wes. this is going to take a lot longer than someone who was in a previous administration or has been vetted because they were an appoint t appointee or a lawmaker before. >> tom barack said that these are business people who are successful and, yes, they are in a different position so they are answering different questions that they are not particularly used to. people are complaining but they want successful people in the cabinet. who do you think is most at risk or may take the longest time?
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>> tillerson looks like he is in the most trouble right now of any of them. i don't want to give the indication that anyone will get shot down. remember, republicans still have the majority of the senate. at the end of the day, they do have the most. maybe not block a filibuster. they do have the votes for this. what's interesting, however, you have three republicans in particular who are still holdouts on tillerson, foreign policy hawks, senator john mccain, senator lindsey graham and senator marco rubio. we have this critical vote coming up tomorrow in foreign relations. i was talking about the senate of foreign relations commission, bob cochran tennessee, who was considered himself for secretary of state. he was saying maybe if they don't get the vote the way they wanted, if they can't get the votes, he might kick it out to the floor, using a procedure, kicking it out to the full senate and try to get a final vote there.
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it is not looking like he is going to go down in flames, tillerson but it is going to be rocky. there is no doubt about it. >> he could survive even if marco rubio votes with the democrats. >> let's go through betsy devos, the nominee for the department of education. there was that round of questioning, a single round, which we heard a lot of protests from the democrats on the committee just five minutes per person. that's even before the report from the ethics report came in. we now know that that ethics report has been submitted. the chairman, senator alexander, will allow there to be another round on the 31st. we are expecting to hear a lot of questions about her finances. >> one of the reasons is because we have data now that shows that the majority of students in america's public schools are students from low income families. so the democrats are going to want to use this time to show that they are the party that can win more of these working class voters back that they lost to
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donald trump. these are voters that they usually would have won. so they are thinking that this is one of these areas that we can convince people that we are on their side. a lot of this is for show. a lot of people are trying to figure out what's the next direction for the democratic party. people are wanting to step up and say, i know we are going to make sure it is about this person and about 2020. >> eugene scott, tom lobianco, stay with us. we still have more obviously ahead. listen to this. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> oh, nobody could have predicted these numbers. the women's march on washington flooding the national mall with pink in support of women's rights. it wasn't just in d.c. their message to president trump just ahead.
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women will be hid no more. we will not remain hidden figures. we have names. we are complete human beings and they cannot police us. so get off our ariolas. >> that will wake you up in the morning. >> good morning. the women's march. there were celebrities,
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activists, politicians to send a message to incoming president, donald trump, on his first full day in office. their message, this is what democracy looks like. they will not be ignored or have their rights eadvice sore rated. >> tens of thousands reported to the streets to galvanized support for not just women's rights. the numbers, tens of thousands, that's really low considering the displays we saw in washington, new york and chicago. towns like new orleans, smaller cities across the country. let's go global. we have london, barcelona, paris, sydney. they have several sister marches in solidarity. >> in one of the largest organized gatherings against president trump and the women's march so more than 1 million people in the streets in protest. >> it has sparked what some could call the start of an enduring opposition. we'll see if that happens when
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we get further down the road. ken lie is in weelgs with the latest. >> reporter: christie, victor, the heart of the protests here in washington, d.c., a simple facebook post exploded with a new message. >> we are america. >> reporter: a battle cry from a sea of pink on president donald trump's first full day as president. why did you want to come here? >> we wanted to let him know that i am not going to stand for it. i'm going to make a difference myself. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, people from coast to coast descended, filling almost every inch of the path of their way to the white house's backyard. scenes playing out across the
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country. st. louis, the marchers filled the streets towards the gateway arch. in boston, new york, chicago and around the world, more than 600 marches. the crowds were exponentially larger than expected. >> we come here to stand shoulder to shoulder to make clear we are here. we will not be silent. we will not play dead. we will fight for what we believe in. >> reporter: some of the protesters came driven by fear. >> i'm afraid of anybody who lacks the empathy to see their neighbor who is different than them and not treat them as equally american as anybody else. >> we have to say to trump that we are not afraid of him that, we are together. >> reporter: was today's march about donald trump? >> today's march is about creating a brighter future
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despite who is in office. >> reporter: sentiments shared by celebrities headlining the events. >> if we come mimit to what lin us, stand together and step back and determine that we stand a chance at saving the soul of our country. >> we are here to be respected. we are here to be nasty. i am nasty like susan, elizabeth, eleanor, amelia, rosa, gloria, condoleezza, sonia, michelle, hillary. >> good will win in the end. >> marchers pledging to remain united as a loud opposition voice for the next four years. an incredible showing. so what is next?
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we spoke with many of these marchers. they say that they are going to take this back to their communities and begin their grassroots opposition just as this was day one for president trump. it is day one of their opposition. christie, victor. >> kyung, thanks so much. donald trump promising to roll back obamacare. what will he replace it with in working with congress. we will explain next.
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welcome back. beautiful view of washington, d.c. here this morning. we're proud you are waking up
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with us. i know it is early. 4:30. coffee is already brewing. all right. we'll take it. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning. president trump is starting his first days in the white house, of course, with just two cabinet members confirmed. that's a historically low number. mike pompeo, no, ma'am fminee f director is up tomorrow. >> president trump attacked the media's report of the crowd size at his inauguration during his first visit to the cia headquarters as president. >> i get up this morning. i turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. i say, wait a minute. i made a speech. i looked out. the field was -- it looked like a million, million and a half people. they showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there. >> plus, more than 1 million people marched in washington and other cities in solidarity of
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women's rights and other issues. >> one of the first official actions that he is tasking as president is signing an executive order that sets the appeal of obama care in motion. they don't seem to have a plan in mind to replace it just yet but they are working on it. >> what they are suggesting sounds a lot like the affordable care act. i want you to watch the speaker of the house, paul ryan, and what he said at the cnn town hall earlier this month. >> we want to instead have tax credits so that everybody can have a shot at buying, take their tax credit and go buy a health care plan of their choosing. that's the other thing. we don't want to make people buy something that they don't want to buy. we don't want to force them to buy all these different benefits. >> the cast over at "saturday night live" took this opportunity to take a dig at this.
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watch this. >> yes, mr. trump, you and the republicans want to appeal obama care but why would you do that before coming up with a replacement plan? >> because obama care is a disaster and i actually do have a replacement plan, okay. i just read about it this week. it is a terrific plan, just great. it is called the affordable care act. >> that's the same thing as obama care. if you repeal it, 20 million people will lose their health insurance. people could die. >> listen, sweetheart. i'm about to be president. we are all going to die. >> bringing in cnn politics reporter, eugene scott and tom lobianco. i wanted to ask you, do we have any indication what is in this plan, this replacement plan that we are talking about. medicaid, i know, is at the crux of this and people that do have obama care are most concerned about what would happen if it helps them thus far. >> we don't know.
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that's the key point. we haven't seen them playing from the white house. granted, they have only been there 24 hours. >> certainly, they have been working on a replacement. ryan was talking about it a couple weeks ago. >> what's interesting, i talked about senators on the hill, trying to get an idea. do we at least have some broad strokes here. are we talking about block grants for medicaid, for instance. is that one of the moptions the are looking at? >> they don't know. they haven't been given indications by the white house. it is a very precarious situation in terms of how you shape this thing and what you end up with as an actual replacement. there is a big question whether or not the white house is driving this train or senate and house republicans are driving this train. we will find out a little more later this week when house or senate republicans and donald trump and mike pence go to philadelphia for their retreat and try to work on this behind
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the scenes. >> let's talk about this executive order, the first one from the new president. i want you to watch what donald trump, then candidate trump, told our anderson cooper, would be his first executive order, his first issue out of the gate. let's watch. >> my first day in office, i am going to notify law enforcement authorities that all of the bad dudes, and we have a lot of them, that are here illegally, that are the heads of gangs and drug cartels and all sorts of people, and there are probably millions of them but certainly hundreds of thousands, big numbers, they are out, first hour, first document i will sign will say, get the bad ones out of this country, bring them back where they came from. >> it's going to be a very busy first day. i am going to instruct the department of state to immediately suspend the syrian
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refugee resettlement program. >> so the president there, then candidate trump, said the first hour, first document would be on immigration. that has not happened. we have not heard of any executive order down the pike that's coming on immigration. what did this executive order on obama care do. >> it made it easier for the republican party to roll back obama care and the issues they had a problem with but roll it back for what. they have had about seven years to come up with a replacement. they still don't know. one thing that's very interesting. i believe it was last week. everything is mixed up now where donald trump said he was close to finishing his own plan on the replacement. we have multiple republican lawmakers say i would like to see it. i have no idea what it looks like. what type of communication is happening isn't clear. what is clear is that yesterday there was not an executive order to send millions of bad dudes
1:36 am
back to mexico, nor was there an executive order signed to stop the refugee resettlement program from syria. how his supporters will respond will be interesting to see him renege on promises so quickly sgchlt wiquickly. >> tomorrow is the first official week. >> the presidency is not monday to friday. >> absolutely. for all other people out there that are wondering what's going to happen with obama care, how does v.p. pence play into this? he has been tasked about leading it. some congressmen haven't seen the replacement plan. surely, he has seen some of it. >> yes, we believe so. he has given us an idea that there will be a plan soon. he has not talked about the details of that yet. what mike pence is doing, kind of what he is best at here. he is working the halls of the
1:37 am
capit capitol, getting a feel for what's possible around there. it is a different beast than the campaign, obviously. what you can do and what you can get take, for instance, planned parenthood. on the surface, you might think that republicans have the majority of the house and senate. anything dealing with that, rolling back that, dealing with abortion, a tougher take wouldn't have a problem. remember, that in the senate, you have two prochoice republicans, p suslisa brakowsk susan collins of main. that's just one of them. how do you deal with the insurers? we are going back over all the same questions we did eight years ago with obama care when it was created in the first place. >> there are still those discrepancies even before we see it on paper. >> the president is saying
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insurance for everybody. we heard from warren hatch, we can't do all of that. there is only so much you can do. >> we are going to continue the conversation. eugene, scott, stay with us. we have a lot more to come. first week in the white house. it officially started two days ago. let's face it, tomorrow is the first day of the new week with with president trump. we are going to tell you what world leader is crossing the atlantic to meet with him and how the globe is reacting to him officially taking the helm. >> on the president's big day, iranian hard liners continued their chants of "death to america." hear iran's reaction to the new president trump.
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from africa to antarctica, women protested donald trump and the rights they believe he is
1:42 am
threatening. >> there are a lot of people that are feeling disenfranchised or disillusioned by the current state of affairs in america. >> we just cannot sit at home. we need to be out there. >> as the world adjusts to the new world order with the american president, there is going to be an important meeting between donald trump, with one of washington's most prominent allies, the new british prime minister, theresa may. she will be here in washington. it is clear both of them share a like mind about putting their respective nations first ahead of the world. that's something that really came into play when you looked at some of the headlines around the world and how much donald trump talked about in his
1:43 am
inaugural speech, america first. there are other global leaders. germany's angela chancelor making a call for nation's to work together. >> here is the national security correspondent, jim sciutto. >> from this day forward, only america first. america first. >> reporter: minutes after taking the oath, president trump defined a foreign policy focused very much at home. >> every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families. >> reporter: taking particular aim at china and mexico. >> we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries, making our products, stealing our countries and destroying our jobs.
1:44 am
>> reporter: now, reaction from allies and adversaries across the world. ally germany pushing back against a new american isolationism. >> i believe firmly that it is best for all of us if we work together based on rules, common values and joint action. >> reporter: mexico's president gave a diplomatic welcome. >> i congratulation president donald trump for his inauguration. we will work to strengthen our relationship with shared responsibility. while former mexican president was an outspoken critic of his pledge to make mexico pay for a border wall delivered blistering criticism. speaking of allegiance and greatness and success, america was already great and successful. then you happened. chinese state newspapers predicted a trade war with its largest trading partner, one state newspaper writing it is also highly probable that his
1:45 am
u.s. might clash with china over trade. even russia, which has praised trump, making clear that moscow has its own interests. russian president, vladmir putin's spokesman saying the acting administration will have to be introduced to all the nuances of our bilateral ties. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. let's take a deep dive on the world now in the trump administration. back with cnn politics reporters, eugene scott and tom lobianco. >> eugene, i want to start with you. we heard some of the america first trade policy and american first foreign policy. i read over the inaugural address several times. this line stood out. >> we will seek friendship and good will with the nations of the world but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put
1:46 am
their own interests first. we do not seek to oppose our way of life on anyone but rather to let it shine as an example. we will shine for everyone to follow. >> we do not seek to impose our will. how does that correspond with the rest of the inaugural address? we know that there were leaders that aren't buying that phrase. >> people are very interested globally about what this administration will look like. i was just on the white house american foreign policy page. there is not a lot of detail about what that means, what america first means. there is some fear from people around the globe, including some of our allies about whether america first means america only. details related to putting their own interests first regarding issues like trade and immigration and national security are very much connected to the united states and what trump will mean by all of that.
1:47 am
>> i want to tell you something that was said by russia's alexi yesterday. after mr. trump's inauguration, his meeting with president putin will be the most important event in world politics. kremlin spokesman, dmitry pezkov says he will be calling donald trump right away. will he bring up hacking. what has to be in that first conversation with putin? >> you have to think that's going to be brought up at least once. it is hugely important. that question mark still hangs out there. that's what's so fascinating about this transition from the election to the actual election. we don't have a final answer on that. it is a big concern politically for trump and also the relationships out there.
1:48 am
it is fascinating to see some of these responses from russia in particular. the spokesman for putin out there saying, downplaying some of the criticism and how they handle it. they can't rush to his defense. they can't rush to our president's defense too much. it looks like they are supporting him, which goes counter to what they want to happen. so this whole dynamic is very fluid. it is very fascinating. isolationism/nationalism, whatever you want to call it, there is an interesting dynamic in play. if the u.s. retracts and he is going to be talking with angela merkel and theresa may. that could play better for russia. they have to think that's going to be a big topic of discussion. >> play better for russia, for china. we have divided our show to talk about topic segment to segment. there is an overlap on this
1:49 am
issue of trade and national security and foreign relations. this begs the question, who phils th fills that vacuum if the u.s. pulls off the stage? >> it looks like russia benefits. >> absolutely. russia and china, major manufacturers, global superpowers. it is. it is a massive question. this sort of global retrenchment that we see happening. i was listening on the way in about some of the international elections we have coming up. france has a big election coming up. there has been a lot of talk about how this affects what's going to happen. do you have another trump? do you have another marine lapen in france come up. huge questions still hanging out. our election hasn't settled it at all. this has stirred it up. >> when we were listening to that sound bite about how donald trump said we are not going to
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impose essentially our values on anybody else. that contradicts everything he said about building a wall with mexico and making mexico effect for it. >> p it shapes everyone's polic. we saw a clip of protesters in sydney saying issues related to immigration, national security, trade, racism affect people in every aspect. what america does matters and our relationship with everyone has a big impact as well. we were talking about earlier if we step back, who steps up. one of the issues we have seen senators like john mccain and marco rubio, russia is not who we want to step up. >> eugene, tom, thank you both. >> do stay with us as we move forward. donald trump has said he wants to renegotiate the iran nuclear deal. now that he is in power, how are iranians responding to that. we are visiting the streets of one town where some iranians
1:51 am
tell us what they think and what they like about donald trump.
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as president trump took the oath of office, hard liners in iran called for the death of america. >> here is fred pleitgen. >> reporter: as donald trump was sworn in as the 45th president
1:54 am
of the united states, hard liners in tehran were chanting death to america. many of them saying they expect more an mossity from the u.s. commander and chief. america's policies have been hostile. it makes no difference which president is in power. president trump says he wants to renegotiate the nuclear agreement between the u.s., iran and several other countries to curb iran's nuclear. hassan rouhani says that won't happen. we traveled to one of the holiest and most conservative cities. iran's powerful religious concern has made clear they are waiting to take a wait and see approach. they are not going to back down even if it means further confrontation with the united
1:55 am
states. at one of the big religious schools, you even find something like appreciation for the new president's straightforward style. >> translator: trump seems to be clear. what he says seems to be what he thinks. you can see the animosity in his appearance. >> reporter: there are those hoping for better u.s./iranian relations. we spoke to this man and his wife who just brought chicago style deep dish pizza there. >> it is a dream that everybody has that the u.s. and iran would improve its relations so that even trade could increase. iran has a lot of things that could be exported to western countries. >> reporter: while no one would dispute those words, maybe hearing donald trump believe that donald trump's anti-iranian
1:56 am
rhetoric on the campaign trail will make future relations between america and iran more difficult. so much more to talk to you about from here in washington, d.c. thank you for starting our morning with us. >> we have a lot more ahead. coming up next hour, president trump addressed members of the cia, an effort to mend his relationship with the agency. some parts of his visit seem more like a campaign style. we'll have that next hour after a short break. ore coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the
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i have a running war with the media. >> i have never seen a president that unhinged. >> they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> donald trump is the most effective when he sticks to the script. >> they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. >> if donald trump feels like he has been attacked, then he is going to do something to try to attack you back. >> these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm with the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> one of his main gripes about the news media was about our reporting about his crowd sizes. >> we are here to be respected. we are here to be nasty.


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