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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 22, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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you are seeing a new face, president trump wrapping up an event in the blue room of the white house. he met with direct james comey at an event honoring the first responders. this morning he swore in his top advise sorries, as trump's
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administration is beginning to take shape so are his priorities. here's what he said this afternoon. >> we have set up meetings with the prime minister of the united kingdom and prime minister may will be coming over to the united states shortly. we're also meeting with the prime minister of canada, and we will be meeting with the president of mexico. >> president trump will also receive a call from his russian counter part in the coming days, that's according to the crekrem, but trump says his chief of staff will continue following through to reverse many of obama's executive orders by signing more of his own. >> i think we're going to talk about trade a little bit more tomorrow. i think we're going to talk about immigration this week and we're going to have a time for
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national security, a conversation about that, obviously with general mattis. >> will he undo some of the obama executive orders? >> i think you'll see more of that coming perhaps this week, executive orders on those three topics. >> meanwhile a pivotal week for some of trump's most controversial cabinet picks, including his choice to head the cia. one demand from democrats that will not be met over the next four years will be trump's tax returns, his top aide today saying that even after the audit is complete, he will not be releasing his tax returns. the friday executive order on obamacare, it wasn't an instant
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all over repeal of obamacare. do you think that some of these executive orders on trade will have more teeth? >> obama care is affordable care act was such a complex piece of legislation, which is one of the reasons it will be so difficult to replace it. the order he signed on friday was more of an intent, more of a statement to his agencies and officials of what's to come, but specifically on immigration, he could do much more here alone at the white house. think book to all the executive actions that president obama signed. enough to the consternation of many members of congress, particularly republicans. donald trump is eyeing some of those exact executive orders and can unsign them, undo them, if you will. and immigration is a top point of that, i do not expect that specifically tomorrow, but we do expect it here in the coming days. i'm also told by a senior administration official, they simply have not yet decided the order in which they're going to do all these executive actions,
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they certainly want to have as much flexibility here as possible. but some of the ones he signs in the coming days, certainly will have more teeth than the obama care ones he signed on friday. when we saw him on the east room yesterday, we really saw a different tone has we saw yesterday at the cia, he was talking about sort of the gravity of this, and how this is not about a party anymore, as he swore in his senior anothdvisor. >> this is not about ideology, this is about country, our country. and it's about serving the american people. we will face many challenges, but with the faith in each other, and the faith in god, we will get the job done. we will prove worthy of this moment in history and i think it may very well be a great moment in history. so, be proud. be very proud.
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>> saying we will prove worthy of this moment in history, probably that sounds like a night and day from what he was saying, exactly 24 hours ago at this time, at the cia and after that. you could tell he was reading every word he spoke, clearly his advisors trying to get him back in a more presidential frame work. >> i mean just settling into this job, the biggest job in the country, it obviously takes some time. stay with me, jeff, i want to get to phil who just broke some news for us. i understand you have learned a little bit about congressional leaders that are going to come to the white house tomorrow? >> reporter: just learning that the bipartisan congressional leaderships, republicans and democrats in the house and senate will meet with president trump tomorrow night. it's just a reception, but it's almost a certainty that the congressional agenda of president trump will be discussed, obviously a lot of
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ground to cover, a lot of issues to focus on. one of those issues, nominations, obviously president trump is heading into this week with only two of his cabinet nominees confirmed. and on capitol hill, this has kind of devolved into a divisive negotiation between republicans and democrats. tomorrow, mike pompeo, the nominee for drive director is expected to be confirmed. republicans wanted him to be confirmed on friday, a key piece of the national security team. what's most important is looking forward to other nominees, secretary of state pick, rex tillerson, he will get a committee vote, obviously a step before the senate vote, he likely will be confirmed by the senate, still a lot of questions what marco rubio, a crucial vote in that committee will come around and support that domination. on tuesday, there's expected to
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be committee votes on betsy devos, a number of different picks, ben carson for hud, these are obviously very key players to a trump administration, this is kind of the step before the step, but they will give an indication that some of these controversial nominees wrr nomi those od those-nominees stand. republicans can confirm them just with republican votes, isl it's how long it will take for president trump to get his picks into place to run those crucial agencies. >> and right now he has only two of these picks so far confirmed. thank you gentlemen, we have a lot to get to this hour, because the president will begin meeting this week with world leader, we know that he spoke on the phone with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on what trump is saying was a very nice call. he is expected to hold his first
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foreign face-to-face meeting with british prime minister teresa may, who will travel to washington. oren lieberman says that the white house is in the beginning stations of one of the beginning stations, and that is to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. some people love that idea, some people hate it. do you know if that was discussed today? >> reporter: i may not have come up in the conversation. the answer we heard from sean spicer was leaving open any possibility that it was just at the very beginning stages, an announcement could come in the coming weeks, he really left open every possible there. what prime minister netanyahu left open in today's
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conversation, and in the bead after the conversation, the prime issue for netanyahu was the iran deal. he effectively went quiet because he saw very little he could do. now he sees a chance with mr. trump to repeal or renegotiate that -- prime minister netanyahu spoke to mr. trump this evening in what was a very warm conversation. the prime minister expressed his desire to work with president trump to secure peace and security in the region with no daylight between the united states and israel. the two talked about the peace process with iran and the palestinians, and other issues. netanyahu will come to the white house for a visit and that will be set in the days ahead. it looks like it will come right after the meetings with the
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canadian president and the president of mexico. >> thank you very much, nic to you now, prime minister of britain, teresa may, she will travel to washington, she will meet with president trump on friday, what is she hoping to get from the meeting and by the way, this is fascinating that she is now the first that he will meet with, given the fact that some saw it as a dis to her that he meet with nigel farad and that that's already happened. >> and that she wasn't the first through the eighth person in line to get the phone call. this is very important to teresa may, hugely important. she wants to get a better agreement with the united states, she wants to get a trade agreement with the united states, why? simple for her, she wants to take britain out of the european union. she wants to back it up with what she may get with president
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trump. but here's the real power for her in building a strong relationship here, she is -- she has told the european union leaders that no deal is better than a bad deal, she will essentially turn britain into a tax haven if she doesn't get what she wants, but she needs something in her back pocket before she begins those talks with 27 european leaders. those talks begin in a couple of months, so getting some promises, some understanding with president trump is going to go a long way to do that. she's framing this as strengthening the special relationship, this is what she said. >> yes, i'm going to go at the end of the week and i should be meeting with him on friday and talking to him on friday. there will be many issues for us to talk about. because obviously the special relationship between the uk and the u.s. has been strong for many years, we'll have opportunity to talk about our future trading relationship, but also some of the world's challenges that we all face, issues like defeating terrorism, the conflict in syria.
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>> reporter: so she sees eye to eye with president trump on brexit, on defeating terrorism, but there's other issue where is they're not sort of seeing year to eye, nato would be one of them and the relationship with the european union. >> we have a lot to talk about with my panel, cnn commentator, cnn political analyst, and senior congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. thank you guys for being here, nice to be in your house this time. i was listening to the president's remarks let's listen. to chuck schumer. >> i'm worried he's using a hard
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line agenda, if you look at his cabinet, so many of them are not populist, but hard right, dr. price wants to end medicare as we know it. mulvany wants to cut research into health care. pudz e puzder is he secretary of labor. >> i guess i would quibble with the idea that they are hard right. betsy dev to chuck schumer, it's hard right, they're more to the right of donald trump, there's no question, and i think we have all been waiting with baited breath to see what's going to happen when he finally has a
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cabinet r they going to institute what he has said on the campaign trail, or are they going to be listening to the views they are expressing? >> mike pompeo, they're expecting to vote on him tomorrow. this is someone who has been supportive of waterboarding. he said i would never be asked to do that by the commander in chief, he's been talking about metadata, obviously scaling up what president obama scaled backs after the snowden leak. so go we know where some of these picks really stand? >> on pompeo, those two issues are what's caused a lot of democrats to say, wait a second, we need to pause here. in his hearing, ron widen, the metadata program is really important to him. he really pressed pompeo on that. and at the end of that exchange, he got a satisfactory answer. but pompeo had written some
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statements, they're posted on the senate website right now. and two things are bothering the democratic senators. one he appeared to leave the door open for enhanced interrogation, the euphemism for torture, said he would talk to the cia agents and ask them if the current system is working and suggested that if it weren't, he would maybe asking for something more. on metadata, he said he would leave the door open if it seemed like the cia needed further authority, he would consider that. >> he would have to go back to congress on both of those issues, but that is what democrats seized on and pushed that vote up a little bit. it looks like he's going to be confirmed, because i don't see any republicans opposing him and they only need 51 votes to push them through. >> it's not just about do the numbers add up, it's where does
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the opinion of the american people lie. i want to talk more about what the president has talked a lot about and that is crowd size, his white house spoke person, sean spicer came out and said you're wrong, there were more people at the inauguration, but here's what our jim sciuto tweeted that a lot of people are talking about today. forget crowd estimates, what happens when something happens that actually matters, north korean missiles fired, because the facts do not back up what sean spicer said and they are not alternative facts, they are just facts. what do you make of jim's point here? >> i think jim makes a very good point. i think in this case, you would probably see a different case within the white house.
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when americans die in battle, it's very hard to cover those things up. we saw in iraq, once a war is fought. and you cannot get away with hiding those things from the american people. i think we need to understand what the trump administration is doing here and what trump did throughout the campaign, if you question every fact that may undermine your standing, then nothing's true and then your partisans, the people you need to support you, never have a reason to doubt you, because the press has so little credibility among so many people. i am not defending it, but i'm complaining the political calculus behind it. and i don't think it works in a real world situation when we talking about what the u.s. is actually doing swroeoverseas, w kind of figures are coming out on jobs reports. playing games with crowd size is one thing, if they want to start messing with actual statistics n that come out of the government, i may be wrong, but i don't
2:18 pm
think it will work. >> all those leaks about national security, that we were not getting the full story, for example on nsa spying. there's insert lying and there's actual lying, when you can pull-up the pictures and look at them and when you say there were hundreds of thousands of people on the mall, we can see the mall, we can see that -- the people who believe trump, they need to look at these pictures, and realize that it's just not true, there are not hundreds of thousands of people trying to get n and sean spicer stood on the podium and said that. if i was ever asked to do something like that, i would quit. >> we're going to get a quick break in and we'll talk about it a lot more. coming up next hour, the
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welcome back. a top advisor to president trump said he will not release his tax returns, even after the audit he cited during the campaign is complete. >> the white house responded that he's not going to release his tax returns, we litigated this all through the elections, and people didn't care.
2:23 pm
let me make this clear, most americans are focused on what their tax returns will look like when president trump is in office not what his look like, and you know full well that president trump and his family are complying with all the ethical rules, everything they need to do to step away from his businesses and be a full-time president. >> trump is breaking campaign promise that he repeated time and time again, let's go back in history. >> not releasing tax returns, because as you know they're under audit. >> every candidate since the '70s have released their tax returns. >> the only ones who cares about my tax returns is the reporters. >> donald trump has every intention of releasing his tax returns. >> hopefully i can release them before the elections, but if
2:24 pm
not, then after. by the way, you can tell very little about tax returns anyway. >> my democratic strategist and clinton supporter maria cardona and superdelegate and maria sedano, thank you for being here. one point of fact, it's not true that the american people don't care about the tax returns, a poll was just done by cnn and orc, 74% say they want trump to release his tax returns, 23% say no. they do want to see their own tax returns, but they also want to see trump's. what do you think about the assertion that the american people don't care? >> i personally don't care. i agree with kellyanne, i'm more concerned about my taxes, my family is concerned with their
2:25 pm
taxes more than donald trump's personal taxes. >> let's talk about what else you learn from a tax return, because every president since jimmy carter released their tax returns. you learn charitable contributions, you learn about any possible business ties, questions about whether he has any ties to russia. so we're not going to know that otherwise. >> we also know that the president has no conflict of interest. >> no we don't. we so don't know that. >> the constitution said there's no conflict of interest when you're president. >> i'm not going to debate the constitution for this panel, but the law you're referring to says the president can make a lot of money while he's the president, he can run businesses et cetera. there's another part of the lew, th law says that you cannot have any ties with foreign
2:26 pm
governments. >> and if he does, that will be donated to charity. >> maria? >> this is something we have seen throughout the campaign, he doesn't care about this. and yes, he lied saying he was going to release his tax returns, but we know that he is the candidate that has said and talked about things that are just the biggest lies in modern history. >> maria, you may have believe what he said he would release them, he was absolutely liying. >> my opinion, i don't think he ever had the intention to release his tax returns. that's fine. let's all accept he's not going to release his tax returns. they already told us. the american people do care about it for i think very good reasons because we don't know what is in there, we don't know what possible conflicts in there, i think the emollument's
2:27 pm
clause. there are very good people that have filed suit. so well see. but this, i think, underscores that this is a man with the lowest approval rating in american history. >> we had that big front page story a couple of months ago, he released his 1995 tax returns, do you think giving these statements that we'll see more of that? >> maybe. i think trump has had to give his tax returns to various entities over the years, especially when he was in the gambling world, so there are copies theoretically out there that aren't just under his control. if anyone wants to leak them, go to the strong box and you can leak those to me. to me one of the questions it
2:28 pm
raises is through the entire campaign, he promised he would do this once the audit was over. and a lot of people went on our air and on other shows and said don't worry, he's going to do this when the audit is over, trust us. what are all those people going to do now? for his vice president, he's made liars not only out of himself by breaking this promise, but all of those people who said he would two this. so i think this is going to be an interesting moment do all those same folks go out and say we didn't mean it? if any of you have every read r orwell that's something that's not okay in a democracy. >> what about keeping your word, what about the fact that you did tell people you were going to do this, and the reason he's not doing it is because nobody cares, i mean you do need to take seriously that you made a
2:29 pm
promise to do something and to stop saying that nobody cares when every poll actually shows that people in the country do care. and kellyanne said you know they're complying with all the ethical standards. how can we possibly know that? >> there's an investigation that says there's nothing to indicate that he has done everything that he said he was going to do to separate himself from his business. >> what do the american people sitting home, it's sunday night for them, they're sitting down at the dinner table and they're saying what do i do with this information? >> i think we need to understand that there was one candidate in the race that released 30 tax returns and one that released none. the american people care about a lot of things and there are plenty of republicans that i have talked to that would prefer him to release his took returns but voted for him anyway and
2:30 pm
would vote for him anyway again. there is a couple of issues here, there is the issue of whether or not our democracy is healthier and the system is healthier if you have candidates release tax returns so we can understand where their financial ties are and things of that nature, especially wheith trump and his worldwide business ties, but there's also the political element. american voters tend to make decisions based on their choices. >> you remember the columnist that wrote this line, and of course i can't exactly quote it right now, during the campaign and it said, something to the point of trump supporters take him seriously not literally, those who oppose him take him literally not seriously. is there a bit of that here? >> maybe, there's no way for any of us to know what single issue the voters decided was okay with trump and what wasn't. your argument is greatly complicated by the fact that
2:31 pm
there's 3 million people more that voted for hillary. >> the system runs on the electoral college. >> you're saying a majority supported one element of one of -- >> this only matters in a political context of winning the election. >> i'm just saying if you're going to use the election as decisive as any candidate's platform, it's irrelevant that the losing candidate got more votes. >> it's this notion that anything that he does is okay. every time he did something, if democrats just said, he won the election. >> he said in the campaign he would release the taxes after the audit was over. so if you're saying thfls a referendum on that, the rev republic referendum is that he was going to release his tax return.
2:32 pm
>> if you won after you didn't release your tax returns, of course you're not going to release your tax returns. >> why not? >> because any candidate who wins the presidency always assumes that whatever i did must from worked. that's how they all operate. >> what about they believed me so i'm going to do what i said i was going to do. >> the voters have more faith in us than in the system. >> final thought, because i think the question becomes many people will, you know, be asking why not release them once the audit is over? is there anything to hide? >> poppy, i think you're absolutely right, and i think we need to dial back this conversation and talk about the question that was posed to kellyanne, that was in response to this online petition -- >> which has 200,000 signatures. and he said in response to that petition, the white house response is, we're not going to release it because of this petition. >> i have the quote right here. the white house response is he's
2:33 pm
not going to release his tax returns. >> but it's in context of that petition. she did not aaft aftsay after t is done the president is not going to release his tax returns? >> do you think this wasn't a period statement, not releasing them, period, end of story? >> that's how i took it. we have not heard from the president himself about that statement. but this is in response to their petition. >> we very often hear trump advisors say one and he contradicts. >> thank you all very much, we appreciate it. coming up for us, the white house today defending false statements delivered in press secretary sean spicer's first official briefing. >> you're saying it's a falsehood and they're giving se sean spicer, our press secretary gave alternative facts to that.
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>> reporter: alternative facts, all certa we're going the dive into all of it with brian stelter. ♪ ♪ after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast.
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2:38 pm
don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood, and sean spicer give alternative facts to that. >> wait a minute, alternative facts? alternative facts, four of the five facts he uttered. look, alternative facts are not facts, they're falsehoods. >> and that's a fact. let's talk it over with brian stealther, senior media correspondent and host of "reliable sources." you have been talking about this all day today. i smile, but this is not funny at all. >> what is the alternative to facts? alternative to facts is fictions. we're going back to the definitions of words here. but kellyanne conway is talking about something important when she talks about alternative facts. >> we're talking about the crowd size at the inauguration and the
2:39 pm
points that sean spicer made, some of which were true and some of which were not true. >> i went to birthday parties and i could take a picture of the crowd and feel really popular or i could take a picture that makes me look pretty weak. there are pictures of trump's inauguration that makes it look very ill preimpressive. there's also pictures that the crowd size was not the same as president obama's. the crowd size was not a big story until donald trump made it a big story. now we see a couple days later kellyanne conway bringing up alternative facts. i think americans live in different echo chambers with different versions of reality. it's been true for a while and it's becomingmorerue. >> you brought something that sean spicer said just a few
2:40 pm
weeks ago, he talked about the importance of his being trusted in his new position by the press. >> he was actually with david axelrod in chicago. i think it's worth seeing what he said. >> the one thing whether you're republican, democrat, you have your integrity. i'm not able to discuss that. but i have never lied and i don't intend -- i would argue that anyone who's an aspiring communicator adhere to that. because if you lose the respect and trust of the press corps, you got nothing. >> he says he's got nothing, that if you lose the trust and credibility of the press corps, right now he does have a credibility problem, and monday will be a pivotable day. >> a correct problem with the press corps or a credibility problem with the american public, because the argument can
2:41 pm
be made that you think it's a big issue and the american people do not. >> compared to all the issues that you were talking about earlier this hour, that said, spicer stood at the podium and read from something that was written by someone else and said five things in five minutes that weren't true. >> to maggie hagerman that you quote, she side this is no longer a campaign or the rnc spokesperson, this is a taxpayer funded briefing room in which several falsehoods were told. are we approaching a post factual situation that we're going to have to deal with as the press? >> post fact, it's one of those new phrases, aclike alternative facts, i don't think we're in a post trust, post fact world unless we as american citizens let it happen. some people reject the facts
2:42 pm
that are reported on cnn and elsewhe elsewhere, it doesn't make them any less true. maggie is right, this is about the credibility of the government spokesman, he's the top government spokesman, it was only day one, but it was a difficult day one. we'll see what happens. >> president trump says he has an ongoing war with the immediate yoochlt. new data says that western countries are only starting to realize that the cold war has moved online. what are we talking about? we're going to dive into this next. 4 lines. 40 buck each. all unlimited. all in. switch your family today and get 600 bucks.
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russian hacking, something discussed quite a bit during the election and in affront to an american democracy, a new cold war of sorts being fought online. russia's interference in the election is nothing new. a specialist in all of this, hacking, security, privacy, his latest book is called "the emergence of the online cold war." you pose the question many of us are asking, are we at cyber war? are we? >> we need to redefine what that term means, the conventional way of thinking in the hacking and online security field is that cyber war is war. but what we have seen russia do during the u.s. elections have forced people to redefine that,
2:47 pm
cyber war is really manipulation of public perception, when you break into somewhere and you get the information, you -- we're in a cold war, we're spying on each other, we're positioning for further attacks and things could really escalate from here. >> and this is not something that the united states abstains from? this is something that every country partakes in, the difference here is that russia used it to try to influence the u.s. election. you reviewed a nato assessment of a decade of russian hacking operations, going back through georgia, through astonia. >> this is really just a re-emer re-emergens of the cold war. in ukraine, we saw what looked
2:48 pm
very much like a poor legal in the united states. when the protests started protesting against the pro russian leadership there, russian hackers started to hacking the sites of protesters, when the troops entered crimea, the hackers started posting fake news, they hacked into government offices across europe to buy the soldiers time so that the hackers teamed one a propagandi propagandist -- the third point here is that the russian hackers also tried to hack into the election systems there, posting fake results, something you saw here, where hackers broke into election commissions to steal voter database rolls and the hackers also targeted politicians in ukraine and leaked embarrassing e-mails there. >> we have got some big elect n elections coming up in the next
2:49 pm
few months in europe. and there is concern that russia will do the same thing to try to influence those elections, for example in france to help the far right, candidate le pen and others. years what former vice president joe biden had to say about it. >> with more countries slated to hold elections today, we should expect further occasions of russian attempting. >> this is the insidious sort of nature of cyber attacks, there isn't any evidence right now, but in fact you just have to look back to 2015, when russian hackers broke into the german parliament, you wonder what they were doing there, stealing information from that. hackers will steal things and release them years ahead in order to influence an election.
2:50 pm
>> it's an interesting read, go to and you can see it there. coming up, for many people here in washington, so many people came in to witness this historic inauguration, it was that very special moment for many of them and now comes the hard work for president trump who has promised amount, like every presidential candidate does to his base. you're going to hear next from the people who supported him most and what this all means to them. >> you got to take action, you got to do what you said you're going to do, so like him or not, i think you're going to see a lot of activity and you're going to see a lot of things happen. [john] what if instead of waiting weeks for your tax refund, you can get an advance on that refund? [zombie] an advance on my tax refund. [john] doesn't take brains to see the value in that. [zombie] ha! [john] arghh.
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welcome back to our special live coverage from the nation's capitol. a beautiful, rainy sunday evening here in washington. a a live look at the white house roigt there as you see it all lit up. with a new occupant and there you have the capitol. here in the nation's capital, we witnessed another piece of history. the peaceful transition from one president to another.
2:54 pm
what they want to see from the new president in his first 100 days. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president-elect of the united states donald john trump. >> how does this compare to other inaugural occasions? >> this has been unbelievable. i have been to every inauguration since ronald reagan. just the crowds and the people, you have to have goose bumps every time you come to one of these things. >> i donald john trump. >> what do you expect in the first 100 days? >> i think you're going to see a lot of activity. that's what he's sort of promised through his campaign and what he's promised since the election. that he's going to get to work.
2:55 pm
he's a businessman and knows you have to take action and do what you said you're going to do. so like him or not, you're going to see a lot of activity and a lot of things happen. >> this moment is your moment. it belongs to you. >> he said this moment belongs to you. what was your interpretation of that? >> i just think like he said throughout the campaign, sort of the government left the people behind and it's like he's giving the government back to the people when it belongs. it was like a murmur through the crowd. that's what people want. they want to take our government back. that's what he's doing is giving it back to us. >> what are you hoping to see in the first 100 days? >> just the first 100 days what he's promised as far as bringing work back here to the united states and all of us working together. >> you are live in the cnn newsroom. we have a lot ahead tonight. president trump seems ready to
2:56 pm
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here. a beautiful night in washington. you're watching a special edition of cnn newsroom live from washington tonight. . i'm poppy harlow. president trump is is getting straight to work. . he spoke to the media today before vice president mike pence swore in the senior staff. then president trump met with the fbi directr ats an event honoring the first responders in the blue room. the two men shaking hands there. this is the trump administration is beginning to take shape. so are his foreign policies. here's what president trump told reporters this afternoon. >> we have set is up meetings with the prime minister of the


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