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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 22, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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hello and welcome to our viewer in the united states and around the world. we are live in atlanta. >> this is cnn newsroom. >> donald trump's first week of president of the united states is about to kick in high-gear. he meets to kiss abodiscuss abo issues like tax reforms and the affordable healthcare. >> the senate likely to confirm
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as head of the -- >> i think this week we are talking about trade and a little bit more tomorrow. i think we'll talk about immigration this week and we'll have a time of national security, a conversation about that and obviously with general mattis. >> will he undo some of president obama's? >> i think you will see that coming and executive orders and those three topics. >> on sunday, he says he will meet with the leader of canada in order to re-negotiate the nafta agreement. >> the president has spoke with
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benjamin netanyahu and invited him to washington, d.c. lets go now to ian lee in jerusalem. >> donald trump and benjamin netanyahu spoke today in the phone, they did not get deep in the substance of the issue during the initial conversation. from what we know, they seem to locked lock it. >> we heard president trump that he will have an unprecedented level for the commitment of the state of israel. they talked about a wide range of issues going from conflicts and the palestinian conflict and the iran nuclear deal. the talk of the town here in jerusalem is moving that u.s. embassy to jerusalem. in the newspaper today we have
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heading towards jerusalem, that's the headline here and in israel, it has the upcoming meeting of -- trump invites benjamin netanyahu for a meeting in february and here in the jerusalem post saying the trump administration of beginning stages of talks are moving the embassy. so that is really the focus, although that being said, there is strong resistance of the palestinians as well as the the other arab bleeders in the region >> we are getting a sense of what the new u.s. relationship is going to look like by this information. israelis authorities approved constructions of hundreds of these new houses in jerusalem. >> reporter: that's right, 566 to be exact. this is been a very controversial issue which will be some thing that we'll have to wait and see how the u.s. will
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react to that moving forward most likely after the meeting between trump and benjamin netanyahu in early february. we heard the un security council has called these settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem have no legal virilialidity to . this is a difficult issue with that un resolution for the trump add minute --administration, warm to the idea of settlement and trump hopes of the next ambassador to israel as a man that supports the settlement's movement. this will be something will be a bit of a thorny issue of the international community so strongly against any sort of
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settlements in east jerusalem or the west bank. ian lee reporting live, thank you very much and throughout the next two hours we'll continue to go to our correspondents around world to get a sense of a global reaction to mr. trump's presidency. >> now to some questions of the new president of conflicts of interest. a lawsuit will argue mr. trump violating the constitution bicepsing payments from foreign government through his business empire. the president denies that allegations a and taking the necessary measures to avoid any conflict of interest. >> we did not want to get to this point, it was our hopes for president trump to take the necessary steps before he took office. he did not. his constitution violations are immediate and serious so we were forced to take legal action.
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the trump's white house is doubling down on sean spicer. however, areal photos contradicts what sean spicer said. here on the right, section of the national mall are vacant and showing white protective ground cover. compare that with barack obama's inauguration, eight years earlier shown on the left even though there is no ground cover possible. the mall in the same area was clearly filled with people. on sunday, senior adviser defended sean spicer's comment. >> i don't think president are judged by crowd sizes, they're judged by their accomplishment. >> why put him out there in front of the podium to utter a falsehood. >> if we keep on referring to the secretary to that type of term, i think we have to rethink
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of our relationship here. >> you did not answer the question, why did he come out for the first time and utter a falsehood? why did he do that? it undermin mines the creditabiy of it. >> don't be so dramatic and you are saying falsehood. >> wait a minute, alternative facts? >> kellyanne conway told cnn that it was mr. trump directed sean spicer to talk about the size of the inauguration crowd. lets bring in our republican john thomas. he's joining us now, listening to that and one observer -- is this what trump's voters want the white house to be focusing on right now? >> i don't think any americans, republicans or democrats want to white house to be talking about
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crowd sizes. first of all, that clearly was a rat hole that the white house's spokesperson should not have gone down. if he want to automatbout size e rating system that he had a bigger audience than bill clinton had and barack obama. those a i think all of this is a side show. the real issue is the economy. that's what voters put donald trump in office to fix and the more we get off on this, is just noise for everyday americans. >> many voters will agree with you that this is noise and a lot of these twitter wars that we have seen leading up to this presidency were also side shows and that's why people voted for mr. trump because they felt that he will deal with jobs with the economy. this whole concept of alternative facts, potentially coming out from the white house,
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is it not just about the praise? do you think there will be more responsibility on republicans to stand up to say it is not true when there is some perhaps alternative factoring going on. >> well, fascinating, when i k watched that interview, i wondered if kellyanne conway misspoke when she used the word "facts." facts coming out of the white house of the only information they only know. white house have to and republicans have to challenge the white house if they think they are incorrect or in truth full facts. >> this is not the first time that a white house spokesperson has put the spin on the truth. lets not kid ourselves here. >> i think you make a good point here. this is the first weekend and one presidential historians has said though this is the worst start of a presidency for a long time.
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again, to your point of this is a side show, thas overly pis the show. >> well, yes, there is a reason for caution and lets give them at least a week to see how they do. right, if everyday goes like saturday did, they're in for a world to hurt. i this i think the challenge is, americans know when you poke donald trump, he cannot help poke back. that's when we saw over the weekend. he cannot help but to punch back. it is going to require a level of discipline out of the white house more than what we saw on the campaign trail, that's also a talk in order. >> what do we know about taxes? it appears that the white house is sort of walked back the statement that the president won't ever release his tax returns or have they?
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>> that is a great question. i have a feeling that they're not going to release the tax returns and trying to move pass it. your guess is as good as mine. i think he should release his tax returns because there is no smoking gun in there other than the fact that he's not worth as much as people excepect he's worth. knowing trump and his administration, they're going to try and hope that we forget about it. >> mexicans and canadians are looking at the next week or so. >> mr. trump wants to re-negotiate nafta. when does that begin when the mexican/canadian governments don't want to re-negotiate. trump understands leverage and he claims to be a great negotiators. what he's going to do is if they
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don't want to negotiate, he's going to in fligt other points of pain if they don't go along with this. hey, here is what i want and we can do this the easy way or the hard way. it will be interesting to see how the other countries go along. trump did lay it out clearly on the campaign trail that he wants to re-negotiate nafta. >> john thomas, thank you very much for skrojoining us. >> thanks. >> we'll take a short break, coming up, donald trump will have his first meeting with the world's leader this week, what you can expect as teresa may visiting washington. >> and mr. trump can expect a phone call. that's all coming up next. stick around, you are watching cnn. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing.
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russian president vladimir putin is going to phone u.s. president trump in the coming days. >> speculations of ties between u.s. and russia will improve during mr. trump's presidency. sanctions on the country would be lifted any time soon.
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>> all right, lets continue to go through our correspondents around the world find out what they had to say and what their countries are saying about trump's foreign policy. cnn's matthews is joining us now. >> vladimir putin and donald trump are yet to speak but there is already so much baggage of the russians hacking and the elections, is there trump over turning on u.s. policy? what do you expect of these two leaders. >> they got a lot of baggages between them. >> the annexation of crimea, that's a major and the issue of nato expansion. they got no shortage of topics that stood between the two
9:18 pm
countries that can be discussed over the past 24 hours and as the kremlin says. >> and you know another issue they'll discuss potentially is when the first face to face meeting maybe between these two figures. you know the idea that these two leaders particularly with donald trump are going to be turn around of a rocky relationship between united states and russia is something that's widely debated and here in russia and elsewhere as well. one prominence -- that first meeting will be the most important events in world politics. >> and on the other hand, kremlin has been down playing that. we have the country's prime minister says russia should not
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be looking at foreign elections to over turn the sanctions and that's another issue by the way between the two nations. the kremlin says it will be a big mistake to have illusions of our ties. he's not our man is what the kremlin says about donald trump. again, trying to play down these expectations, the presidency of donald trump is going to lead to a dramatic turn around. mathew chance. >> thank you very much. the british prime minister is set to be in washington on friday for talks with the u.s. president. it will be mr. trump's first face to face meeting with the foreign leader. >> cnn's robertson has more.
9:20 pm
>> reporter: may wants to show the people that britain has a strong relationship with the united states and highlight the two relationships between the two countries. this is going to be part of the topic of her conversation. >> yes, it is going to be at the end of the week and i should be meeting him on friday and talking to him on friday. there will be many issues to talk about because obviously of special relationships between the uk and the u.s. have been strong the past years and also some of the world's challenges that we are facing, issues like defeating terrorism and conflicts in syria. of all the things they talk about, trade will be the most important to theresa may. any loss of trade there could be offset and made up by improved
9:21 pm
trade with the united states. that's what she's looking for there. donald trump and may don't see eye to eye everything. he thinks nato is obsolete. i think we can expect may to say look, nato is important that she can encourage other members to pay that gdp towards defense as they are expected to do. donald trump feels that the united states should not be supporting the security and paying for the security of other countries. donald trump supports brexit and relative lily ambambivelant. i think we can expect her to express some of that speculation here in britain.
9:22 pm
theresa may is speaking and something for buckingham palace to say and their part saying they don't have a meeting between donald trump and the queen on their box yet this year. >> nic robertson, cnn, london. severe weather across the u.s. have killed 14 people in georgia. >> the governor declared a state of emergency in seven counties. a rare high risk alert for southern georgia and northern florida. this is the first high risk alert since june 2014. >> our meteorologist is joining us more on this deadly weather. >> incredible pattern over the last several days. some of the images occurring southern georgia and homes flattened and trees debarked and you look at such damage, once
9:23 pm
the dagsnational service makes way there, we can see the damage anywhere from ef 3 or ef 4. it tells you of the significance of such a storm system and incredible rotation of our water imagery here. when across into the state of georgia traditioncentral -- a l thunderstorms and some 300 lightning strike s over the pas 24 hours. a tornado watch in effect for 7 million people fort lauderdale and miami, and napels. the storm system migrates to the
9:24 pm
north and south. >> as we track the storm system to the north, we expect gusty winds and wet weather around northern areas of the country. i want to show you what transpires this early in the season. 41 reports of thornados coming down in the united states in the past three days alone. we had 100 reports of tornados and theirnearly 300% and the mo quiet time of the year. the number of fatalities, 22 fatalities in 2017, this is coming off of the quietest year in 2016. we only had 17 fatalities and 2011, the alabama outbreak of tornados there sent the number well above 500. it shows you what we are dealing with across the region of the
9:25 pm
southern part of the united states. we are k llooking at winds to b0 or 70 miles per hour. >> baltimore and washington, flight disruptions could be expected. follow this in the next 24 hours. >> pedram. >> thank you very much. we'll be following this and cnn's security precautions need to be taken with these dangerous weather. thank you very much. >> everybody stay safe. >> we are watching cnn. donald trump will start his full week in office, coming up, what to expect after a controversial first weekend as president. >> plus, some shiny state newspapers say the new u.s. president may bump head over trades.
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welcome back to our viewers around the world, you are watching cnn newsroom. >> here are all the stories we are following. samsung is blaming batteries for the phone to catch on fire. the problem is due to poorly designed of battery supply. former french prime minister will face the french socialist. whoever wins will be the last candidate. >> the socialist do not have
9:30 pm
much chance after the fr-- >> its ambassador to kazakhstan will be an observer over talks organized by the russians in turkey. and united airlines have resumed its flights in the u.s. after a glitch in their communication system ground departures earlier on this sunday. the airline is apologizing to customers for any inconvenience. and u.s. president donald trump is beginning his first full week in office after a weekend of celebration and in coming questions for the white house. >> our senior reporter has more. >> so help me god. >> moments after he was sworn into office. president trump and the leaders of congress were all smiles.
9:31 pm
>> but now you will have to navigate the land mines that are set for him on capitol hill. he's waiting for the senate to confirm most of his cabinet which is two of his nominees confirmed on his first day in office. >> at the cia on saturday, he complained that democrats were holding up a final vote on his nominee to run the agency. >> congressman mike pompeo who's expected to be confirmed on monday. >> they are doing lit political dpam dp games. >> mike pompeo is proposing a brand new system, collecting an enormous amount of data on americans including lifestyle information. that's the kind of information you ought to take out a ilittle bit of time to examine >> trump is facing cabinet
9:32 pm
positions. >> my concern is that candidate trump talked at every rally at any state and elsewhere in clearing the swamp and one nominee after another looks to be a white house full of go goldman's sack retreat. >> on monday, tillerson faces the vote in the committee. that's where marco rubio is considering voting with democrats to try to stall the nomination over his concerns on tillerson's views on russia. >> rubio is still on defense >> i don't have anything to announce on that >> later in the week, trump will
9:33 pm
travel to philadelphia to meet with shous and senate republicans a t a party retreat. >> at the top of the agenda, getting on same page over plans to repeal and replace obamacare. some republicans are pushing back on trump's recent call to provide everything with health insurance. >> the problem is you cannot do it and make over promise on everything. we have to be careful because there is a limit to what we can do. >> the healthcare fight a lot of way ties to the nomination. one of his first moves as president, trump signing an executive order giving price if he's confirmed more discretion. price however continues to face ethic questions of some of his financial transactions.
9:34 pm
he will under go questions by senators. democrats can solely slow down the process and tie up the senate before they get their jobs. manu raju, cnn, washington. ron, i would like you to look ahead this week that donald trump repeated many time that monday is his first real day of work. one of the first orders of business for him is he going to be meeting on monday of the leaders of congress from both parties, republicans and democrats. now, this is going to be an important meeting. what has he got to say to them to pave the way, you know, for good relationships going forward. >> the first 72 hours of the trump presidency is showing us that there is little about this presidency that fit in the normal parameters. we see so many extraordinary
9:35 pm
things happening. it is going to be of a ride. the question for donald trump and as he works through congress, think about trump's agenda and the republicans' diagram. they are two vin diagrams. the challenge is there is a lot that's outside of the vend diagram of his protectionism and infrastructure and some edgy proposal on the immigration side and it is not clear that republicans are going to come along. this is the relationship that's going to be a working process and few republican members in congress supported during the campaign of not a lot of deep loyalties on either side and we'll see how far that can extend. >> how much does he need to reach out to democrats if at
9:36 pm
all? >> well, on many of the things they want to do, they'll try to do that through the reconciliation of the process in the senate that does not require him to reach out to the democrats, that could be cast of 51 votes and support of the vice president mike pence where he will meet democrats is anything that does not have a physical implicatio implications. he needs 60 votes from all of that. he has one big asset and ten democrats in the senate in 2018 will be running in states that donald trump won. they'll be looking over their shoulder at trump voters. it is not going to be easy on many of these fronts. some of the trade initiatives, perhaps, for example, on obamacare the intersectidirecti he's going does l not have many appeals.
9:37 pm
>>. >> ron, i want your take on some of the back and forthcoming out of the way and how kellyanne conway regarding the tarx returs of donald trump. we'll play your short clip of earlier. >> the white house response that he's not going to release his tax returns. we litigated this and people did not care and they voted for him. most americans are very focused on what their tax returns will look like, while president trump is no office. you know full well that president trump and his family are complying with all the ethical rules and everything they need to do to step away from his businesses and be a full-time president. >> later in the day on sunday, kellyanne conway says this. our position from the campaign has not changed, donald trump is under audit and has been adviced
9:38 pm
adviced -- advised from lawyers and accountants that his tax are not to be released. >> is this something that's going come back and bite the white house sometimes down the road. >> first, if you can have a standard of the results of the election of any issues, he lost the popular vote by almost, nearly 3 million votes. so if that's the standard, it is hard to say that you know most people are not concerned and polling, most people have said, they want to see the taxes. the second half of her statement is also very debatable and most ethi ethics analysts do not believe he's going as far to clear out
9:39 pm
the potential conflict of interest of him and his sons still running company and the taxes are becoming an irrelevant understanding. >> already, cnn, ron brownstein. >> thank you very much for your insights >> thank you for watching. you are joining us here on cnn. >> george h.w. bush is feeling much better and could be out of intensive care in a day. the 92-year-old was hospitalized in houston, texas stemming from pneumonia. >> his wife was admitted for bronc bronchitist. she chose to stay one more night and stayed close to her husband. still to come here on cnn newsroom. >> things could get messy between the u.s. and beijing if
9:40 pm
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welcome back, u.s. pickresit trump is getting mixed reviews. in china efrl states warned that mr. trump could clash with his trade over beijing. >> cnn's david mackenzy is joining us live from beijing. >> hi there, it is really all going to be about trades, is it? >> reporter: well, i think that's the primary concern here in china, robin, yes, good to see you. i think the real concern is there will be some sort of executive actions of president trump of the early days of his administration potentially using
9:44 pm
the power that the president has to unilaterally waive tariffs on certain good. certainly during the campaign, trump was specific on china and the possible of fix on jobs. i also spoke to a policy expert here in china, a chinese expert inside some of those meetings ahead of the inauguration, there is a real concern here in china that president trump could spark a trade war, something that the chinese's economy and politicians certainly would not want. >> robin >> how a? >> he's talking about concerns of executive orders, is what they are focused on and that maybe the trump administration and more importantly what will
9:45 pm
be the chinese's response, retaliations perhaps? >> certainly, if they are raising tariffs of negotiations happening will be that china will retaliate against the u.s. and many economists of any kind of escalating war will be bad for the u.s. and chinese economy but also for the global economy. there is another option that president trump warns that they maybe raise tariffs. that's something that chinese experts or a chinese government would want. they seem perfectly happy to sit down and hammer around these trade deal and what they would not do is have any discussions on the one china policy of the state of taiwan and that's something that trump hinted at in the campaign and since becoming elected as president-elect trump, china
9:46 pm
says it is not on the table and the same expert in those meetings they bring that up, china will retaliate in a big way and they are happy to talk business but not necessarily politics with taiwan >> thank you very much, excellent point. it is great to have your perspective from beijing, david mackenzy, thank you very much. stocks in the asian markets are a mix. andr andrew stephens are joining us live in hong kong. how does it look? >>. >> reporter: well, as you say it is mixed. -- the mood is caution at the moment and a real concern as david mackenzy was saying that trade war scenario of the world two biggest economy is weighing heavy on investors and not just here in asia but around the world.
9:47 pm
ni nikkie is down 1% now. >> we already heard from donald trump and his administration after the inauguration. they would kill off the u.s. party participation in the trans pacific partnership. that's now -- it is being formaliz formalized, the administration documents saying they want to pursue that and that hurts japan. this links in with the bigger trade picture. so still, a lot of caution and we see donald trump's tweets and we have not yet seen the details and policies which does suggest that's going to be a volatile ride as this policy is formulated. >> and as we all try to make our assessment of donald trump's administration over the next few days, what kind of things stephen would we see as positive
9:48 pm
signals from the markets? >> well, what they want is obviously, trump to back away from these threats that we have been hearing on the campaign trail to slap these 45% punitive taxes on chinese importing into the u.s., that would spark retaliation. china has been clear about that. once you get in that frame, you end up quickly and escalating into a trade war which will have ramifications right. maybe the tweets that we have been hearing from donald trump and statements as president-elect trump, of an opening short in negotiations rather than final policy. that would be the hope. it is difficult to read at the moment, we are just not getting the details of the moment. donald trump has always been very anti-global trade and globalization and depending on
9:49 pm
how far he rejects the organization as to what damages it can do to the global economy. >> thank you very much, it will be interesting to speak to you throughout the week. >> lets turn to the sports world. >> we have some exciting people here in atlanta. >> certainly does. >> the stage -- >> we are next to the georgia dome where the falcons are playing and for one tea team -- that's them. >> thit is their second appearae at the super bowl in two weeks. we'll have the highlights just ahead. >> stay with us. y282uy ywty america's small business owners. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes, who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered.
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well, you know this already. the atlanta falcons and new england patriots are headed to the super bowl. it's set for february 5th in houston, texas. >> the patriots reached the big game by beating the pittsburgh steelers on sunday. the falcons crushed the green bay packers right here in atlanta. cnn world sport's patrick snell has more on that. >> well, for just the second time in franchise history, the atlanta falcons have reached the super bowl. on sunday they produced a dominant display to see off the
9:54 pm
green bay packers for an emphatic nfc championship win on what was a truly emotional occasion at their own georgia dome, which after 25 years was hosting its last ever game before the team moves to a new state-of-the-art home right next door. led by their inspirational quarterback matt ryan, the falcons, who were the nfl's highest-scoring team this season meant business. 30-year-old ryan doing his talking with his feet this time as he runs it in for the 14-yard touchdown score. the host just continuing to dominate, going into the halftime break with the 24 points and nothing advantage. julio jones outstanding as he fends off two would-be tacklers up the sideline for the 73-yard touchdown. no one is going to stop him there. transmit so much to the atlanta players who seal a resounding victory, 44-21. >> i'm happy. i'm happy for everybody in our organization. i mean, we have worked hard to get to this point. but the challenge is still in
9:55 pm
front of us. what we set out to accomplish is still in front of us. and we'll enjoy it because it's hard to get to this point. i know that from experience. it's really difficult to get to this point. and we'll enjoy the buildup in the process leading to it. but our ultimate goal is still in front of us. >> meantime steelers legend and our own cnn sports hines ward the honorary captain for pittsburgh on sunday. but his former team falling short against the new england patriots 36-17. star quarterback tom brady picking out chris hogan for the 16-yard touchdown. the pats were in dominant mode with brady excelling again as he links up with hogan for the 34-yard touchdown. new england powering its way to a ninth super bowl and that is an nfl record. brady throw for more than 900 yards for the 11th time in a postseason. >> it's a lot of hard work. it's only two teams left standing. and i'm happy we're one of them. that's what our goal. and it's nice to be able to
9:56 pm
achieve that. >> proud of the team. happy for the team. happy for all these guys. they all deserved it. it's good hardworking group. and we're excited to move on. >> so super bowl li is set as the falcons look to win it for the first time in their 51-year history. they'll be facing four-time victors the patriots in houston on sunday the 5th of february. patrick snell, cnn, atlanta. >> thanks to patrick for that. and that wraps up this hour of "cnn newsroom." thanks for joining us. i'm robyn curnow. >> and i'm sister-in-law vanier. we'll be right back after another break with cnn news around the world. do stay with us. boost it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up.
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hi, everyone. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, we're live in atlanta. i'm cyril vanier. >> and i'm robyn curnow. this is "cnn newsroom." >> now donald trump is about to embark on a busy first week as president of the united states. he is going to meet with congressional leaders on monday to discuss key issues on his legislative agenda, like tax reform and replacing obamacare. >> on monday he is also big for two of mr. trump's two cabinet nominees. the sfat will likely vote to confirm mike pompeo, though some democrats disagree with him on surveillance and other issues and they'll also vote o


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