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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 23, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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now with president donald trump at the helm?ç well, a possibility of moving at the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, george, has publicly the best chance it's ever had underç a president trump. and when you look at local media today it is the talk of the town with many newspapers talking about moving theç embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. we also heard from the mayor of jerusalem who says that he looks
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forward to that move and thatç he'll make all the necessary measures possible to make it as smooth transition as possible. but, from the trump administratiní, we heard from sean spicer, the white house press secretary saying pump your brakes a bit, saying "the beginning discussion -- they're beginning to discuss this move. it does seem to be in its infancy. usually when presidents do come here or when their administration takes over they get a better lay of the land. they usually reverse course, we'll see if that's the case. >> whateverht happens with this it will send out very important signals to surrounding countries there. what is the expectation? what is the reaction fromç the simple suggestion that the embassy could move? >> well, not good. if you look at the surrounding air çcountries, donald trump i riding a bit of a wave of
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popularity. egyptian president what the first foreign leader to congratulate donald trump onç winning the presidency, but we need to remember that egypt was also a part of that security council resolution that took place last month thatb condemne israeli settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. so it's going to be a fine line. we also heard from thev: king o jordan who was speaking with palestinian president saying that he will work with regional and international partners to make sure that moveu! doesn't happen. so, you know, also israeli also has fairly cordialok relationss with arab neighbors that things are getting better. if this move takes place, expect a strong reaction on the arab÷ú street. this will be deeply unpopular and a lot of these various countries in their population and that sentiment is likely to be reflected at the highest level. this is going to be a í of a gamble if the united states
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decides to move forward with moving its embassy. >> cnn international correspondentç ian lee live towards this hour. thank you so much for your reporting today. >> we'll take a short break. donald trump and vladimirç put will speak to each other for the first time as president. what the kremlin is saying about it, that's next. plus falcons' fans they are celebrating in the city of atlanta, their team headed to the super bowl. you'll hear from players who will face off in the big game, as newsroom continues. y? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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latest attempt to end syria's brutal civil war is underway. >> turkey and russia are sponsoringáqp(q talks where delegations from some fashion have met. representatives from rebel groups and the u.n. are among those ÷úattended. >> for more on the talks and the war syria, we're live in neighboring jordan this hour. first of all, what canv: we expt from these talks? >> reporter: well, george, the expectations are not very high. m
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here is that nationwide saes fi -- cease fire, as you recall they brokered a cease fire that went into effectson december 30th. this has really been a shaky cease fire. there have been reports on a near daily basis ofko violence different parts of the country, both sides accusing each other of violations of this cease fire. the main focus of these talks, "uz officials publicly saying that it is going to focus on trying to consolidate this cease fire agreement and also discuss the issue ofç humanitarian aid. as you mentioned, of course, we're looking for the first time here at the syrian fighting groups are the ones representing the opposition, we're not talking about the political representation we've seen in previous ÷útalks, but, of cours there are some groups that are
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missing÷ú include some of the mn fighting groups and you also fighting groups and you also have the syrian curds who thea turks do not want to be part of these negotiations. they are a main fighting force on the ground and they're not present. of course, as you would expect, not÷ú taking part in any talks the group that is considered to be terrorist organizations that is isis, in additionç to that thele k the al qaeda affiliate. these groups a main player there and they'rezv not present. so many different players, so many competing agendas and interest we'll have to wait and see what comes out of this, george. >> the u.s. has been÷ú involvedn the years past, this has been seen as potentially the first tip on go politics for the trump administration, you know, the u.s. wasç invited to this trum administration saying, though, it will not send a delegation to these peace talks instead
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sending its÷ú ambassadors to ben observer, where does this leave the united states in the big picture with thisç situation. >> really, the scene is really changing when it comes to the syrian conflict and who the real keyç players are. when the united states was busy without political transition, you saw other key players emerging on the scene, that isy turkey, of course, and russia. russia involvement in syriaç h been a game changer in the conflicts there with their backing of private and effort. when you look at these talks, they're reallyp taking place toa different backdrop to what we've seen previous talks taking place. you're looking at the regime lookingç stronger than it ever has as it does to the backing of
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russians and other allies on the énd like the iranians. you're looking at the change in relationship between turkey and russia. we're moving closer to each other. these are two countries thatzv back two different sides in this conflict. we're seeing the united states really absent from these talks, so we're going to have to wait and see something that you hear from opposition forces. there's a lot of nervousness. they're anxious to see what president trum%-l policy is going to be when it comes to syria, especially as you indicated, probably closer ties, as we've seen, with ÷úrussia. he's praised the president. so they're really anxious he might be cutting back on the support we've seen that limited support to the syrian opposition in the past. we havey)= wait and see, of course, george. >> i think that is the phrase, we'll have to wait and see as times are changing and these new alliances that are being formed. many groups that aresnot part of
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this process, again, as the peace talks continue. live for us, thank you. ment vladimir putin will call u.s. president and donald trump in the coming days. kremlin say. >> there's between ties between united states and russia will improve during the trump's presidency. on sunday theyzv downplayed the possibility that sanctions on the country could be lifted at any time soon. >> matthewç joins us live with more on this. matthew, we don't know when president trump and putin will speak with each other, but when theyym do, how difficult and ho significant will it be given to reset the relationship with÷ú russia. >> it could be later on today.p
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we'll get some word on that shortly. and the subject are going to talk about the well-known in the sense that there are alsoç sor of issues that have been standing between the united states and russia over the past couple of years, the conflict.ç undoubtedly these two leaders are going to want to discuss donald trump throughout his whole campaign, one of his most consistent platforms was this talks with russia. he wanted to restore the relationship or prove the relationship between these two formerht supervisors. wouldn't it be great, he said, for us to get along with russia. this has been a consistent theme that's been heard in russia, at least,c!c%uzughout his campaign and since he was elected president of the united states, as well. great deal of anticipation in this country about what this:# o phone call and about what that first meeting, moreover, is going to mean.
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the senator here says yesterday that this first meeting÷ú will the most important defense in world politics and this is a quote, a defining moment in history. so such as the anticipationç about what this trump era is going to bring from a russian point of view. the russian prime minister, as well, have beenp trying to play down expectation as kremlin saying, it would be wrong to assume the relationship -- relations are going tomy get mu better, significantly better just because the new president in the white house. but, you know, behind closed ìác russians, including inside the kremlin, you're know, they're quietlyzv competent, it's on th brink of getting much much better under donald trump. >> reporting there live from moscow asu! we await to find ou more information on when this phone call will take place.
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many thanks to you where it is 11:3@ t morning. still ahead, donald trump is set to have his first presidential meeting with the world leader. what he and the british prime minister will talk about÷ú toda to come live from atlanta to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, this hour, you're watching "cnn newsroom." know when you hit a home run. that's how i feel about blue-emu pain relief spray. odorless and fast-acting. it soothes all my muscle aches and pains. and it's convenient for those hard to reach places. and if you're like me, you'll love blue-emu super strength cream. it's made with real emu oil, it's non greasy, it's a deep penetrating formula that works itself down into your joints. take it from me. it works fast and you won't stink. blue-emu, it works for me it'll work for you.
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. welcome back, all aroundht e world, i'm rosemary church. >> i'm george howell. this is "cnn newsroom" with the headlines we're following for you this hour. the new president of the united states donald trump during his
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second full day at the white house in a speech given before his senior staff was sworn in o: sunday, mr. trump said his agenda was not about party or etiology but rather about the country and serving the american cf1 o >> israel is improving construction of more than 500 new homes in east jerusalem. that will be built in existingi settle. he had delayed it until after trump's inauguration. a spokesman condemned the çwor >> yet, another attempt is tending serious long running silver war had started up. russia and turkey organized the new peace talksç in that natios capitol representatives of the syrian government and rebel groups are taking it. >> is set to become the÷ú first world leader to mix with president donald trump since his inauguration. >> the british prime minister will be in washington friday for talks the new u.s.ç leader. they told the bbc they will
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discuss trade relations, they'll discuss nato and the syrian conflict. >> and for more on the expected álks and the view from london, cnn international diplomatic editor joins us now live from÷ú downing stret et. they're seat to meet on friday with many issues to discuss, perhaps the most important thing, trade, what mightu! come out of those discussions? >> reporter: it's not quite clear yet what may come out, what she would like is to get a solid understanding fromzv president trump that she can expect after britain leads the european union to have an improved trade relationship of the united states. there are two reasons for this, one is the expectation of leaving the european union those talks begins just about two months' time. leavingsthe european will cost britain and cost trade they can make up the trade with the united states, but very importantly for her, is knowing when she goes intomy those talk
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and she's got a strong negotiating position. she's told the european no deal is better than a bad deal. if they won'tç play ball with her, she's -- then she is prepared to essentially turn britain into a tax haven to be competitive with europe. if she's got÷ú some commitments from president trump that she can expect a good and strong and profitable trade deal with the united states, but herv: negotiator go into the rooms to meet with those 27 eu nations to hammer out the terms of the agreement, the terms of the exit, then,ym perhaps, they go a stronger position knowing that they have something potentially to fall back on,ym that's over simplification, in essence, this is why it's so important. >> and, nick, the two leaders don't agree all the issues, of course, what my÷ú prime ministe might tell minister trump when it comes to nato. >> sure, i mean, they agree on
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brexit.ç theresa may have -- for six years worked hand and hand with u.s. territorial official there is's a lot of understanding there. has called it obsolete just yesterday she was speaking with both the head of nato saying that sheç potentially, when sh talks to donald trump, can be a go between between him and other nato nations. she can explain to÷ú him the importance the way that europeans feel that the importance and the rest of collective security and his concern thatç nato nations don pay that 2% of gdp for defense spending the way they're suppose to. she could help them encourage other murpian nato nations to do that, we're standing -- going through brexit and isç another issue. she also believes the european union should be strong.
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she said that a week ago.ym donald trump is am b-- they're g more cautious about the strength of the nature of the relationship that donald trump will form wit$! russia and vladimir putin at this time. there are a number of issues that they don't see eye to eye on yet. >> all right. we'll have to waitç until frid to get more details. joining us there, it is 8:37 in áñ thanks. >> back here, many people in parts of the southeastern part of this country will be very focused on ÷úrecovery, monday, after week unseasonably severe weather. the storm killed 14 people right here in the state of georgia. >> four other people were killed in theç region, cnn paula wento a georgia neighborhood this was hit very hard. >> authorities have now been and recovery efforts yet because
12:38 am
of that on going threat for severe weather, as a result what is, perhaps, the hardest hit neighborhood, you may be ableço make out behind the remains closed off because of the darkness and distance you may not be able to see too much. take a look at some of the pictures that have been shot in àd around the region. you can see the widespread devastation, the acres neighborhood, a mobile home park according to authorities where at least seven people lost theiç lives. the owner and manager of that property posting a statement online for his residents say "it is with deep sorrow i write this. the majority os! sunshine acres is no more due to tornado, the majority of sunshine acres was destroyed, most everyone is okay. tiuz still some missing. that manager referring to at least five people that are still unaccounted for. there is concern that death tolú could rise and we're hearing some of the remarkable stories of survival, including a 24-year-old husband and father i spoke to here he said after he road out the storm aot he helped
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rescue at least three children from the rubble. cnn. we do want to getç the latest, the unusual deadly weather. we turn to harry, of course, what's unusual is the time of year that we're seeing this è>> absolutely. it's the time of year, you know, what's important to know as well the severity of the storm, not just any tornado, we see about÷ 36 tornados among the quietest time of the year, we take a look since the first of january, almost 100 reports of tornados coming downsacross the united states, 260% increase what is considered normal for this time of year. there's the culprit the p center of the system beginning to move out of this çregion, we want t show you what occurred on into the southern united states, the severe weather helmet in place if we have it for you, we'll show you exactlyç what is goin on as far as the line of active thunderstorms, about 800 mile stretch there, left and right,
12:40 am
300 strikes per houru! being reported across parts of florida and tornado watches still in effect around the southern tier where we have about 6 million people in line where the conditions are favorable for÷ú these storms tornados as we've had a history of them doing so, and since thursday alone over 300 severe weather reports also to tell you about÷ú with the 40--year-old deemed related tornado. the storm system itself parts off the northeastern corner, we expect this to produce÷ú tremendous winds across the new england area of the united states, very heavy rain fall across the mid-atlantic, as well, we're talking about winds 100 kilometers per hour, you noted right off of long island, 80 mile per hour wind, seas can be asym high as 27 feet across e region, certainly, a hazard as well with this particular storm system across that region of the united states. but, again, going to see thisb begin to push off to the north as unseasonal as it gets and the
12:41 am
national weather service rosemary and george will make their way out there and look at the tornado damage and make a survey estimate of how strong they think it can be. anywhere between ef 3 and÷ú ef and just to put it in perspective since the year 1950 in the month of january only 11 tornados have been ranked that strong. it shows you it does not happen very often that is of this magnitude in the heart of winter at allç times and this is happening right now, guys. >> yeah, exactly. terrifying on their own without it being unseasonal like this. >> and, you çknow, that warnin the particularly dangerous situation, i've learned to take that very seriously, that's something all need to keep an eye on andç stay out of troubl >> absolutely, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> another round of voting for french socialist, coming up, the uphill political battle.ç the winter we'll see and the
12:42 am
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the u.s. president donald e will soon meet with the leaders of both mexico and canada. his goal to start renegotiating the free trade agreement otherwise known assnafta. >> changing nafta is a big part of mr. trump's protection of message ofç america first. >> we will be meeting with the president of mexico, who i know. and we're going to start some negotiations having to do with nafta. anybody ever hear of nafta? i ran a captain somewhat based but we're going to start
12:46 am
renegotiating with nafta on immigration and on security at the border. >> now, theym french socialist e headed for a primary run off. >> former french prime minister will face in the nextzv round o january 29th. now, whoever wins will be the less candidate in the presidential election later this year. let's turn toç melissa bell no she joins us from the french capitol with more, melissa, who will likely and end up being the presidentialç candidate. >> the interesting thinght abou the first driver, again against what the poster have predicted did not come out onç top. behind and they will now face off next sunday and you are really looking at two very different wings of the frenchç
12:47 am
socialist party, who represents really the right of his party, former prime minister, of course, rosemary who had expected to come out onç top. will have been very disappointed, really represent the far more left wing version of the social party, what you're going to see isv: these two ver different wings of the party, take one another on next sunday, of course, whoever wins that will make a difference to whether theht candidates to the right of the party, and i think, you know, they're serving as independent, and to the left of it, i'm thinking they're standing for the farp left of te left of the socialist party. their fortune can be likely voted, they'll be able to hope to take, they'll be decided by party comes out on top next sunday. >> and when it comes to the french election, the presidential election, that will take place at thezv end of the year, at which side is likely to come out on top here, because it seems to be a push across moving
12:48 am
more÷ú to the right? >> what's really interesting about this whole process, just a look ahead so÷ú that vote this spring, is when you with the republican party, this time it seems that the parties have gonç for the more extreme and their own political grouping. there is this tendency to shy away from the center. of course, that benefits÷ú mostf all tens of the far right candidate to represent the national front. she really believes that her m areas after brexit, france will be the next to go in the way and she'll benefit, clearly, the main stream çcandidates, the ones tt are representing the republican party, whoever ends up representing the socialist party, eitherç will hope they' be able to capture to prevent that from happening. for now, though, the poll
12:49 am
suggest that we're likely to see in the second round of the presidentialzv election this ma not even depend on one hand that is what the poll suggest. it seems every time, so far,ç they've got it wrong. >> joining us there from paris, thanks to you. well, the secret is out,ç now know super bowl 51. >> two high powered defenses and or their first ever title. we'll have the action from sunday just ahead.
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>> everything we've ever bought. >> hello. u.s. president donald trumpzv dominated the news headline this is weekend, but a share with vladimir putin, stole the show on saturday night kolive. >> it's all about this guy, right, he had some opinions about the inauguration, let's listen. >> u!donald, let's -- you're
12:54 am
gotten off to a great start, man, i thought you would be better at this, i'm glad to see so many peoplemy showed up to yr inauguration, oh, wait, that's the woman's march. one day your country can be as we're not divided, you know, like you because all ourç peop are so glad for their freedom. >> very clever, no aleck÷ú baldn this week. >> putin. >> all right. well, the atlanta falcons and the new england patriots areko headed to the super bowl. the patriots reached the nfl championship by beating them on sunday. >> they crushed the green bay packersç right here in atlanta. here is more for us. >> for just a second time in franchise history, the atlanta falcons have reached the super bowl on sunday they÷ú produced
12:55 am
adom gnat display after green pay packers after emphatic win on what was truly emotional occasion after the÷ú georgia do after 25 years was hosting its last ever game before the team moves to the new state of the art home right next door. for theym inspirational quarterback, the falcons who were the highest scoring team this season meant business, 31-year-old doing his talking eet this time as he runs it in to the 14-yard touchdown score. the host continuing to dominate going into the half time break withç 24 points-0 advantage. just outstanding as he spins off would be tackled here on his way up the sideline with÷ú 73-yard touchdown, number one is going -- this is so much to these atlanta players who feel resounding victory,p4wájzts to 21. >> i'm happy. i'm happy for everybody in our organization. we've worked hard to get to this
12:56 am
point, the challenge isç stilln front of us, what we set out to accomplish is still in front of us m we'll enjoy us, it's hard to get to this point. it's help to get to thispú÷poin. we'll enjoy the build up in the process leading to it. but our ultimate goal is still in front of us. >> meantime steelersç legend, e hon ri captain for pittsburgh on sunday, but against the new england patriots, star÷ú quarterback tom brady taking out chris holden for the 16-yard touchdown. they were in dominant mood 39-year-old as heç links up on more for the 34-yard touchdown, new england powering its way to ° record brady throwing for more than 900 yards for the 11th time in a post season. >> it's a lot ofzv hard work. it's two teams left standing, i'm happy we're one of them and
12:57 am
it's nice to be able to achieve that. >> proud of the team, happy for eam. happy for all these guys. they all deserved it. it's good hardworking group and, you know, we're excited to move >> so, super bowl 51 is set. the falcons look to win it for the first time in their 51-year history they'll be facing the÷ú patriots in houston on sunday fifth of february. pay trick now, cnn atlanta. >> and÷ú thank you for joining i'm george howell. >> and rosemary church, early start. >> for other viewers nextç liv in london. >> have a great day. . . .
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