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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 23, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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alternative fact. it not take long for the first lawsuit to be brought against the new commander in chief. reaction over truppresident tru remaining business ties. this will be a good one. super bowl li. the match up is set. two phenomenal quarterbacks make it for the big game. >> did you put in for the day off? >> i'm doing a special for cnn. i'm going to be -- i might happen to be there for the game. good morning. welcome to early start. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is monday, january 23rd. 5:00 a.m. in the east. one adviser taking heat for defending a false claim calling them alternative facts. a reporter showing crowds at the inauguration compared with mr. obama's inauguration in 2009. a source with the knowledge says trump was outraged with with th
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comparison. he sent press secretary sean spicer out for a news conference. >> intentionally named inframedy to minimize the support it gathered on the mall. this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. both in person and around the globe. >> white house counselor kellyanne conway was asked by chuck todd about the claims. >> you did not answer the question of why the president asked the white house press secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time and utter a falsehood. why did he do that? it under mines the credibility of the white house press office on day one. >> don't be dramatic, chuck. you are saying it is a falsehood. they are giving sean spicer,
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gave alternative facts to that. >> wait a minute. alternative facts? those are not facts. they are falsehoods. >> sean spicer set to give the first official press briefing at 1:30 this afternoon. there was more news overnight from kellyanne conway. conway walked back remarks she made about the tax returns of trump. she seemed to say the president would never release tax documents. conway told abc the issue was litigated through the campaign. she returned to the campaign's position that the president is under audit and advised by lawyers not to release the taxes. she did not indicate after the audit is complete whether the documents will be released. you can release your tax returns under audit. there is nothing that prevents
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you. it won't be long before the first lawsuit is filed against trump. the group citizens for ethics and responsibility in washington or c.r.e.w. is filing suit. the group claims the president violated ethics laws the moment he was sworn in. we turn to laura jarrett in washington for us. >> reporter: good morning, christine. a couple hours, we will see the lawsuit filed. the clause is a revision in the constitution you don't hear about often. it prohibits the president from accepting an item of value from a foreign official without congressional approval on. as we know, president trump has a stake in hundreds of businesses and partnerships all over the world. in the months leading up to election day, experts called on him to divest. he refused. he opted to keep the ownership
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stake. now trump is president, they say he is illegally receiving cash. by virtue of keeping that ownership stake. when someone stays at his hotel, that violates the constitution if a payment is received. >> the trump team said they will give profit to the u.s. treasury so that is how they seem to want to attack this. i wonder, laura, is a judge likely to let it go forward? >> reporter: the emoluments clause doesn't come up every day. there is a debate how this would apply. some say fair market transact n transactions say this doesn't violate the constitution. other lawyers say any foreign payment is forbidden because it goes to the heart and purpose of the constitution. the framers were worried about
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this exact issue of corrupting influence is what the plaintiffs say. the hurdle is the plaintiffs have to show they have standing to come in to federal court. you have to show you have been harmed in some way. that will be a challenge. you know, the other thing to watch is the plaintiffs may try to get their hands on the president's tax returns. you know, they will claim they need to examine what income trump has received from foreign governments. >> we know the white house issued no comment. eric trump said this is political harassment. he called it a sad lawsuit. >> that's right. >> laura jarrett. >> and the group claims that its standing is as a watch dog group, it diverted too much attention to this as opposed to other things it wants to look over. that may not be persuasivpersua two cabinet meetings today.
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one for mike pompeo for cia director. and by 9:00 p.m. tonight, mike pompeo will be confirmed. also growing support for secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. his nomination will get a vote in the senate foreign relations committee this afternoon. republicans john mccain and lindsey graham now say they will support the nomination of the former exxonmobil ceo. that should give the republicans the votes they need when he comes before the full senate. we don't know how marco rubio will vote. the fact that most of the nominees seemed to be getting more support has the trump administration turning up the heat to push through the nominees more quickly. chuck schumer has other ideas. >> this cabinet is unique and a lot different than others. we call it the swamp cabinet
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billionaires and bankers. they all get, many of them, the controversial ones, will get very, very thourough discussion on the floor. >> only two have been confirmed. james mattis and john kelly. all of this caps a tumultuous first weekend for the president. he started at the cia headquarters in virginia and gave remarks that he would focus on politics as well as intelligence. >> i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. and they made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. i get up this morning. i turn on one of the networks. they show an empty field. i said wait. i made a speech.
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i looked out. the field was, it looked like 1 million or 1.5 million people. they showed a field where practically nobody was standing there. >> the president is denying he is in any feud with the intelligence community despite harsh words. a few weeks ago, he accused officials of acting like nazis claiming they were behind a smear campaign against him. the remarks about the crowds were spoken in front of the wall of stars honoring cia officers killed in the line of duty. fact the president gave the statement he did where he did brought on a tough response from former cia director john brennan sgrchlt . >> he is sad and angered about the self aggrandizement.
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and president trump is starting with a central motion of the campaign. meeting with leaders of canada and mexico to discuss nafta. let's break down the first weekend in office. we brought in the political reporter eugene scott. he is here in new york after being here with us in washington. i want to listen to the president a little bit in the east room on sunday. this was a moment after the weekend of events. a moment that felt like an evolution of president trump. listen to him talking about who he is here to help. >> and as i said during my inaugural address, this is not about party. this is not about ideology. this is about country. our country. it is about serving the american people. we will prove worthy of this moment in history.
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i think it may very well be a great moment in history. so be proud. be very proud. >> it's not about me. it's about the people. that is, to me, that is the period on the sentence of the weekend. a tumultuous weekend. >> i noticed quite a few times even on inauguration day and day after while i was covering the campaign, he often said i'm the only one who can fix it. when he was inaugurated, he said we. we will help take this country to where it needs to be. there are concerns since he got in the white house about who he is talking to exactly and which people he is for. you may have seen he removed the civil rights page shortly after the inauguration. the women's page was removed. i mmigrants page was removed. there was a lot of concern over
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who he is here to serve. >> the weekend was messy for him. he got in the fight over crokrc sizes. that is not something voters care about. >> if he had just allowed that 30 seconds or that tweet to go by, that would have been the end of the story. he made it the news story of the weekend by being angry about it. >> he is president. he has an opportunity to make everyone forget what happened this weekend. he just has to do stuff that voters care about. and he will be signing executive action today. they may be controversial. they could be about trade or immigration. he needs to start delivering on some of the plans proposals. >> he does. we covered the campaign and the first hour he will sign executive order deporting people. he said on the first day he would sign executive order with the resettlement program from syria.
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it is interesting to see how he explains to people him not signing some of the things he campaigned to sign. >> what do you expect from sean spicer? he will take questions. the first time he went out in front of the press was a lecture. veteran reporters were stunned. >> he said things weren't true. >> stunned. what do you expect today? >> hopefully facts. not alternative facts. addressing issues that american voters said they cared about. obamacare. they want to see the confirmations go forward or understand what the people that the trump administration have put up will accomplish. also, you know, tonight there will be a meeting with the democratic and republican leaders and president trump. they want to know the topics the group will focus on. >> you will come back and we will talk about why the white house came forward and said these things this weekend that aren't true. there are explanations for it.
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we'll talk about that. thank you. >> see you soon. the president's approach to diplomacy. he gets his first test this week. a lot of firsts. meetings with key leaders. big phone calls this weekend. we will tell you which leaders he is speaking with first and why. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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(other languages spoken) look abbot, i got it. it's a miracle. ♪ this is a week of firsts for the president. theresa may will build on the special relationship with the united states and the united kingdom focusing on trade and nato. let's go live to london and bring in diplomatic editor nic robertson. nic, this meeting is interesting. both leaders need something from him. >> reporter: absolutely. for trump backing brexit and
2:17 am
theresa may. he wants to defeat isis. he will find that with theresa may. she wants something. particularly trade. she wants to know when britain leaves the eu, they can have a stronger trade relationship with the u.s. she told the eu no deal is better than a bad deal. she will turn britain into a tax haven to compete with the eu. that question of nato, they don't see eye to eye. donald trump says it is obsolete. theresa may called the head of nato to discuss what message she could take to trump. clearly trying to serve several interests here. one of those is connecting with trump on trade, but also saying nato is important to both of us.
2:18 am
>> we will watch that meeting closely. nic robertson, thank you. president trump invited israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house next month. the president called the conversation sunday very nice. the new administration restating commitment to relocate the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. officials say it won't happen anytime soon. let's get the latest from ian lee live in jerusalem. it was a campaign pledge from then candidate trump, to move the embassy, but a lot of allies and neighbors saying that should be done in the broader context with peace with the palestinians and israelis. what's the latest? >> reporter: that's right, christine. in jerusalem, it really is the talk of the town with the local newspapers of the move of tel aviv to jerusalem. we heard from the white house
2:19 am
press secretary sean spicer pumping the brakes. saying they are in the beginning stages of discussing this subject. the palestinians are against it threatening they could revoke. president muhammad abbas will organize against this move. there is something crucial here. trump is riding a wave of support in the arab world. president sisi was the first to call trump to congratulate him. >> ian lee. thank you so much. we have encouraging news about former president george .
2:20 am
h.w. bush and barbara bush. doctors now say the president is recovering well from pneumonia. they hope to move him from the icu in the next couple days. mrs. bush has chose ton to stay the hospital to get more rest and stay close to her husband. we are down to the final two football teams. new england patriots going to the super bowl for a ninth time. the atlanta falcons going for a second time. can anyone beat matt ryan and julio jones? gosh, i hope so. coy wire, i think he feels differently. we will cover that in the bleacher report. that's next.
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this is your read. i'm so excited. i want to read. >> the match up for super bowl li is set. new england patriots. you see why he is jumping in. >> i need to recuse myself from the patriots story. we will try. we have former falcon coy wire to bring his non-partisan view to the bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning, guys. if this super bowl is anything like the conference championship games. we are in for a quarterback battle. matt ryan never been to a super bowl versus to the patriots tom brady who has been to seven. 39-year-old tom terrific picked the steelers apart. torched the steelers for 384 yards. two touchdowns to chris hogan.
2:25 am
chris hogan played one year of college football. he was a lacrosse player before that. dominated. 36-17. hines ward caught up with the unlikely hero after the game. >> everyone buys in. this locker room, you know, defense, offense, special teams. we want to win. we do everything we can throughout the week and throughout the season to win. >> all right. earlier in the day, the atlanta falcons rise up and beatdown green bay packers. matt ryan showing why he is the frontrunner for the league mvp. four touchdown passes and running for a fifth. i got to play in atlanta. this was the final game to be played in the georgia dome. the only facility in the world to host the olympics, final four and super bowl. it ends with an nfc championship and super bowl berth. i got catch up with some of my
2:26 am
former teammates after the game. >> good way to send it out for sure. we need to make our statement two weeks from now. that's where our mind set is. >> we are going to the super bowl. whoever. >> the falcons have been to a super bowl. they never won woone. they will get a shot after 18 years. that is something worth dancing about. falcons' 74-year-old owner arthur blank showing you how to get down. this was a surreal moment for me. my last game to be played in the nfl was in the georgia dome against the packers in 2011. here we were yesterday. final game in the georgia dome in the playoffs against the packers. i know that john berman will be at the super bowl. i apologize in advance. you will have to deal with a lot of this. the biggest super fan of them all. the super day in many ways.
2:27 am
i cannot wait for all of this, john berman. >> you earned it, coy wire. the guys yesterday earned it. is there any way to defend julio jones? >> if there is any team that can do it, it is the patriots. they take the most potent weapon and shut you down. you saw that with antonio brown. if there is a way, bill belichick will find afingers cr. >> is there a bet between you two? >> we would not do that. if the patriots win, i smile. if the falcons win, it's cheating. >> you can get his haircut. >> let's go to break. trump's senior counselor says alternative facts are guiding the administration. i'll take you through the surreal events next. li0 buh. all limited. all in. switch your family today and get 600 bucks.
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a stunning admission in the first weekend of the trump administration. admitting the white house is using its own set of facts. the first lawsuit set to be filed against the new president. targets money paid to his hotels and businesses from overseas. get ready for the inn sufferable john berman. two weeks of this before the super bowl li. >> i can be insufferable. when i say it is monday, you call that a fact. if i called it tuesday, you could say that is untrue or if you are the white house, you call it alternative fact. new questions about the trump administration's relationship with veracity. the president not happy after a photo tweeted from the inauguration showing the crowd
2:32 am
smaller than 2009. he sent the white house press secretary sean spicer to the briefing room to complain. >> photos framed in a way in one tweet to minimize the support it gathered on the national mall. this was the largest audience to witness inauguration period. in person and around the globe. >> several of his claims were false. kellyanne conway has a different way of describing them. >> you did not answer the question of why the president asked the white house press secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time and utter a falsehood. it undermines the credibility of the white house press office. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it. sean spicer gave alternative facts to that.
2:33 am
>> alternative facts? those are not facts. they are falsehoods. >> people watched the inauguration. that's for sure. it is for sure. this is not something that matters to the american people. sean spicer is set to give his first official briefing at 1:30 this afternoon. he will, we think, take questions. kellyanne conway made more news overnight when she walked about remarks about the tax returns. she said president trump will never release tax documents. she said the issue was litigated through the election. she said quote people didn't care. last night, she revised that. she returned to the campaign's position that president trump is under audit and has been advised by lawyers not to release the tax returns. what she did not say is if he will release the returns when the audit is finished. and in a pfew hours, the citizens for ethics
2:34 am
responsibility in washington is filing suit. the group claims the president began violating the constitution the moment he was sworn in because the businesses accept money from foreign governments. we turn to laura jarrett in washington. >> reporter: good morning, john. the emoluments clause is something you don't hear about often. it prohibits the president from accepting any item of value from the foreign official without congressional approval. as we know, president trump has a stake in businesses and partnerships all over the world. in the months leading up to inauguration day, ethics experts asked him to divest himself. he refused. he opted to keep an ownership stake in the trump organization. now he is president, the plaintiffs will say he is illegally receiving cash and favors from foreign officials by virtue of keeping that ownership
2:35 am
stake. when a foreign diplomat stay notice d.c. hotel or bank of china, that violates the constitution. we have not heard anything from the white house on this yet. eric trump spoke out yesterday saying this is purely harassment for political gain. frankly, i find it very, very sad. >> what about the legal possibilities here? is a judge likely to let it go forward? >> reporter: the clause is not something you hear in federal court every day. there is a bit of a debate going on among legal experts on how it will apply in the context. some say that paying your hotel bill doesn't violate the constitution. others say this is exactly what the framers were getting at because they were woirried abou corruption infiltrating the u.s. government. the main issue is something called legal standing to come into federal court. you have to show you have been
2:36 am
harmed or injured in some way. that would be a challenge for the plaintiffs. it appears the goal is to get the tax returns. something we heard about. that will be something to watch. >> this will be interesting to see over the coming days and weeks to be sure. laura jarrett, thank you. all this caps a tumultuous first week in office for president trump. he started with the cia headquarters on saturday in virginia focusing on scoring political points and intelligence. >> i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. and they made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. i just want to let you know, the reason you are the number one stop is exactly the opposite. i get up this morning. i turn on one of the networks. they show an empty field. i said i made a speech. i looked out.
2:37 am
the field was it looked like 1 million or 1.5 million people. they showed a field where practically nobody standing there. >> the president denying the feud with the intelligence community. he denies. he said the media created the feud with the intelligence community. he is on the record with harsh words during and after the campaign. a few weeks ago, he accused officials of acting like nazis. claiming they were behind a smear campaign against him. the president's remarks saturday about the media and inauguration crowds spoken in front of the wall of stars honoring cia officers killed in line of duty drew a furious response from former director john brennan. >> brennan said he is saddened and angered of the self aggrandizement in front of the cia wall of agency heroes. back at the white house, the
2:38 am
president is talking about policy this week. starting with the promise of the campaign. he wants to renegotiate nafta. he has meetings planned with leaders of canada and mexico. the president is scheduled to sign executive orders. they don't know what they are yet. later today, he meets with congressional leaders at the white house. let's talk about what we saw this week and what we will see today. we are joined by political reporter eugene scott in new york. eugene, a lot of people are wondering why sean spicer would come out and say the things he said. say things that weren't true about the crowd size. reince priebus was pressed on this over the weekend. what he says provides some light on this. let's watch. >> on the left, you have the obama inaugural crowd. on the right, the trump inn
2:39 am
augu >> that picture was taken before he was speaking. >> ridiculous conversation. there were huge areas. he said crowds all the way to the washington monument. >> there was. yes, there was. there is an obsession by the media to delegitimize the president. we are not going to sit around and let it happen. >> that at the end is the key pard part. they will not sit around and let it happen. what they do is they, you know, fight every little thing and create a benchmark that is not necessarily where the facts are. >> that is true. you will not delegitimize the media by telling things that aren't true. you put out statements that say this is what happened when it is not what happened, you are not helping your argument.
2:40 am
the reality is ever since it became clear that more americans voted against donald trump, it became clear that russia was involved in the 2016 election. there has been great sensitivity of them being in the white house. they are there now. the american people want to hear what they will do moving forward. this was an interesting take to take in the first weekend in the white house. >> it got in the way of the policy things. it got in the way of sort of acting presidential when you are righting over crowd sizes. a tweet or 20 seconds on television in a sea of coverage in his speech with the first day in office. the confirmation hearings may be slow walked by the democrats. focusing on the one small thing just derailed so many ovther things. there are critical votes today. mike pompeo for cia and rex
2:41 am
tillerson. >> committee vote for rex tillerson. he is looking more likely to get through. there is progress on the confirmations today. >> there is. we have seen mccain and graham come around. two critics of triillerson. they were concerned about the relationship with the russian government and vladimir putin. he received the order of friendship, i believe. they want to get this person through not cause anymore trouble for the trump administration and just move forward with developing policy that will put america first. >> and he has an opportunity this week to show he is getting things done. sign executive actions this morning. every day this week, we will see something. some form of action which presumably is what americans want to see. >> absolutely. we know when he campaigned, he said on day one and technically this is not day one. he would sign executive order deporting undocumented immigrants and ending the
2:42 am
resettlements of refugees from syria. i don't expect him to follow through with that today, but some people want to know why you did not do what you said you would do. >> i think the first things are important with theresa may and the meetings he has scheduled with canada and mexico will be clear that realigning america's trade trusts will be interesting. so nice to see you. time for an early start on your money. trump called nafta the worse deal in history. one promise is tariffs on imports. a 35% border tax on companies that manufacturer in mexico and send goods to the united statmp.
2:43 am
an estimated 6 million jobs depend on trade with mexico. while both canada and mexico are open to modernizing nafta, mexico said it would retaliate if hit with a border tax. a majority of republicans support free trade. a bill on friday by the congress would force the president to get congressional approval before renegotiating nafta. a big week of firsts for the president. the first meeting with the foreign leader and other key conversations to tell you about. we will give you the diplomatic agenda next. wi hi of eering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. the 2017 e-class.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. trup plapresident trump pla to theresa may when she visits on friday. the prime minister says she wants to build on the special relationship with the u.s. focusing on trade and nato. let's bring in cnn's nic robertson. >> reporter: for theresa may, an important moment. she wants to improve relations with the united states so she can look forward to getting a better trade deal with the
2:48 am
united states when britain leaves the european union. if she can get some sense of that from president trump, she can at least send her negotiators into the negotiations to leave the european union with something in their pocket. she had told, eu leaders no deal is a bad deal. getting on with president trump is important. there will be issues that they don't see eye to eye on with nato. she believes nato is important to the security of the united states, europe, britain, et cete cetera. president trump believes nato is obsolete. she will try to convince him otherwise. people here are talking about the special relationship. they talk about ronald reagan's relationship with margaret thatcher. now a similar relationship with theresa may. >> this is all beginning.
2:49 am
thank you, nic robertson. president trump invited israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house next month. the president called the conversation over the weekend very nice. the new administration has restated commitment to relocating the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. white house press secretary sean spicer seems to suggest that may not happen anytime soon. let's get the latest from cnn's ian lee. this is something people are watching closely. >> reporter: that is right, john. if you look at israeli newspapers today, it is on the front page. we heard from the mayor of jerusalem saying that he would help smooth the transition of transferring the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. sean spicer, pumping the brakes a bit, saying they are in the beginning stages of discussing
2:50 am
this subject. the palestinians obviously against this. they have threatened to revoke recognition of israel and all agreements with israel. president mamoud abbas will rally international leaders to prevent it. they believe it should be determined in negotiations. this could have consequences for trump. he is riding a wave of popularity with arab leaders who thought the obama administration neglected them. this could translate badly on the arab streets if this move goes forward. we need to remember, many presidents have made this promise before. none has done it. we will see if donald trump can change that. >> he made his position clear before, during and after the campaign. ian lee, thank you. time to take a look at what is coming up on "new day."
2:51 am
alisyn camerota soijoins us. >> good morning, we have loot to talk about on "new day." we hahave trump's plan for isra. then a group of former white house ethics lawyers today are suing president trump because they accuse him and his businesses of taking money from foreign interests. we will have one of those ethics lawyers on. also, we will bring you all of the developments about what has happened since the contentious exchange between the press secretary sean spicer and journalists and what alternate facts mean. it is hard for me to talk over chris' monunching on breakfast. >> pomegranites. >> we saw his fleshy arm in your
2:52 am
shot. >> fleshy? that's not nice, john. that hurts my feelings. i know you feel good about yourself because your patriots won yesterday. >> go back to your seeds. see you in a little bit. remember the smoking samsung phones? the company figured out what caused the flames. we will get a check on cnn money stream next. ae... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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super bowl li is set. this looks like a good one. new england patriots will be at the super bowl for a ninth time. that say recois a record. they are playing the falcons who will make their second trip to the big show. tom brady threw for 384 yards and 3 touchdowns. 36-17 win over the pittsburgh steelers. that throw to chris hogan. he set a record for receiving.
2:56 am
this was my favorite play. the pitch back for a touchdown pass. 39-year-old tom brady looking for his fifth super bowl ring. that would be a record. brady was suspended for the first four games of the season. roger goodell did not seem it necessary to go to foxborough. and the falcons just annihilated the green bay packers. this was a blowout. matt ryan threw for 4 touchdown passes. he could have had eight the way he was playing. that game will be february 5th in houston. let's get an early start on your money. the morkt markets are lower. awaiting the first week of president trump in office and the priorities on trade and growth policies.
2:57 am
wall street on friday closed higher after president trump's speech. also a slew of earnings from at&t, microsoft, starbucks, ford and mcdonald's today. friday, we will see how healthy the economy was in the last few months of the obama administration. the u.s. futures are lower. samsung knows the cause of the galaxy fires. batteries. they blame the poorly designed batteries for overheating the phone. this announcement was the result of months long investigation. the battery suppliers were to blame, but a recall failed to stop the phones from burning. essentialheventually the compan the product entirely. it wiped out billions of dollars of profit around the world. yahoo! facing a government probe over the data breaches. according to the wall street journal. sec investigating if the hacks should have been reported sooner. last year, yahoo! announced 500
2:58 am
million users compromised in 2014. they have not made it clear why they waited two years to announce that. >> the wall street journal had a piece saying the uncertainty you think of in a transition, that hasn't seemed to effect the markets. now with the markets, they want to see what happens. >> show me the money phase. the markets have been enthusiastic about president trump for the economy. now they wait to see the policies. thanks for watching. i'm christine romans. >> i'm burnjohn berman. that is all for "early start." "new day" starts now. >> i have a running war with the media. >> the largest audience to witness the inauguration. period. >> that certainly is not the case. this was not the biggest atte attendance of the inauguration in the u.s. history. >> i'm optimistic.
2:59 am
>> be aware of the teddy bear. vladimir putin will change his tone. >> never had a cia director confirmed on the first day. >> will be getting a total star. a total gem. >> plenty of people. you saw the march yesterday. >> the constitution does not begin with i, the president. it begins with we, the people. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." 6:00 in new york. today, president trump plans to focus on the agenda as he begins the first week in office. this after the top advisers had contentious changes with the press over the size of the inauguration crowds and trying to blame alternative facts. >> here is a fact. the president will get his first
3:00 am
legal challenge. ethics lawsuit gaclaiming he is hiviolating the constitution. the president refuses to release his taxes and now there's a question about whether to release them eventually is just a sham. we have it covered. let's start with athena good morning. president trump has a jam packed first monday in office starting with a business session with leaders and later meeting with union workers in the afternoon and tonight he hopes congressional leaders at both sides of the aisle at the white house. this at sometimes a rocky first weekend. president donald trump has a lot on his plate this week. from getting his cabinet nominees confirmed to signing a series of new executive orders. the president also prepping for his first meeting with a world leader at the white house. british prime minister


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