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tv   New Day  CNN  January 23, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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>> it's partly because some people went in the streets. and there's an interesting moment like that. >> international viewers thank you for watching us. cnn newsroom is going to begin for you in moments for our u.s. viewers. new day continues. let's get after it right now. >> there is an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president. >> looked like a million, million and a half people. they showed a field where there was nobody standing there. >> he went on to say trump's swearing in was the largest audience to witness an inauguration period. that is not true. >> he gave alternative facts to that. >> you have somebody coming on that is extraordinary. >> even the cia. >> people watching us don't be weak when it comes to russia. >> he's not going to release his
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tax returns. >> good morning. welcome to your new day after a combative first weekend in office. donald trump says he's ready to work on his vision for america. top advisors have been clashing with the media over the size of his inauguration crowd and the use of his phrase alternative facts by the white house. >> one top trump advisor is stirring up a hornets nest for claiming the president will never release his tax returns. this as the president gets hit with his first lawsuit as commander and chief claiming his business conflicts violate the constitution. we have it all covered. what's the latest. >> good morning. well the president has a jam packed first monday in office starting with a breakfast and listening session with business leaders. he will later meet with union leaders and workers in the afternoon and tonight he hosts congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle here at the white house. this after a busy and sometimes
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rocky first weekend. >> president donald trump has a lot on his plate this week. from getting his cabinet nominees confirmed to signing a series of new executive orders. the president also prepping for his first meeting with a world leader at the white house. theresa may on friday. after setting up meetings with mexico's president canada's prime minister and israel's prime minister. >> i've never seen anyone work harder and have more energy than this president. >> but the president and his senior staff distracting from his ambitious agenda by fixating on the size of his inauguration crowd. side by side comparisons to former president palm balm's inauguration in 2009 upsetting the new administration. in his signature campaign style the president blasting the media. >> you have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on there. >> congressional democrats criticizing the president over
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his visit to the spy agencies headquaters saturday. at issue, his political comments made while standing the cia's memorial wall honoring those killed in the line of service. >> i made a speech. i looked out, the field was it looked like a million, million and a half people. they showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there. >> continuing the fight, trump's press secretary grossly exaggerating the inauguration crowds in a combative statement for the press. >> his claim totally false. >> answer the question of why the president asked the white house press secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time and utter a falsehood. >> the president's counselor defending his fabrication. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it. you're saying it's a falsehood
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and our press secretary gave alternative facts to that but the point -- >> alternative facts? >> conway also saying trump will never release his tax returns. he is not going to release his tax returns. we litigated this all through the election and walking back the comment. >> he's advised not to release his taxes but still doesn't clarify whether they'll ever be released. this as a prominent ethics group says they're going to sue the president. they allege mr. trump is violating the constitution by receiving illegal payments from foreign governments. now president trump also addressed the massive protests across the country and sent mixed messages on twitter. he first tweeted watch protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election. why didn't these people vote. celebs hurt cause badly. then an hour later and even if i
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don't always agree and i recognize the rights of people to express their views. we'll be watching to see what he tweets today. >> let's bring in the panel and washington bureau chief for the daily beast. and cnn political analyst and offer of how's your faith. david gregory. we see what happens here. we all know her. we know that she knows there are facts and then everything else but they were in spin mode because he came out and went strong and wrong. what was the message to the media. >> this is a different animal than we ever had to deal with. basically we cannot cover this administration like we covered other administrations because on opening day they tell us
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something that isn't true. if you've been around something long enough someone will tell you something that isn't true but this is false. and just a willingness to not really have a whole lot of judgment and just follow what -- and really the thin skinned person we saw during the campaign. it's going to be an interesting four years if it continues. >> the new press secretary will have his next press availability six hours from now. the regularly scheduled one at the white house. what is going to happen? where do we go from here? >> i don't know. there's been some arguments that maybe the press core shouldn't show up if his credibility has been undermined this way. and in fact this will be a big show down between the press secretary and the white house press core and the wider media for no reason whatsoever. the president set up a situation where there is this show down over his press secretary's
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credibility. the president's credibility and what they're not talking about is the president's agenda that's what matters. calling the president's performance in the cia where he talked about the war on the press is unpresidential and the president is saying not only does he have this war with the media but that the media is going to pay a tremendous price. what does that mean? president trump needs to leave the country and focus on problems and not sweat the small stuff and the fact that he is obsessed with issues that are so small like how many people showed up to the inauguration i think is going to be troubling to the supporters and to the public at large. >> he has to learn to be the biggest man in the room because he is the biggest man in the room now. >> are we making too much of what happened at langly? are we caught up with the imagery and he is complaining about the biggest enemy being the media and talking about the
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size of his crowd? >> no, i don't think that we are as long as we realize we're in our own silo here and in some segments of the country the speech he delivered played very, very well. >> during the course of saturday while the march is taking place one day during the inauguration and on the crowds that cnn was showing and yet chris when i went over fox news i couldn't find the story so, you know, donald trump is playing to the 46% responsible for his election. not the 73 million who voted for someone else and i'm sure the combativeness against the media suits those folks just fine. don't overlook that. >> it's worth pointing out something i think is important. we have to focus on accountability and vigilance and hold the press secretary accountable. i believe that every day of the
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week but we have to recognize what he is illuding to. i think the divisions in this country are social. more than they are political. that's what donald trump is tapping into and that's what the campaign is about. that's something to be very cautious about. >> so let's start focussing on accountability right now. there's a lawsuit that is filed today by a group of former white house attorneys ethics lawyers that say at the moment that mr. trump took the oath of office he began violating the constitution because his businesses do accept money from foreign governments and foreign interests. now what the trump administration will say is that money is going, donating that money to the u.s. treasury and that said, we have talked about this as long as donald trump has decided not to release his tax return. this is going to continue to haunt him and there is this
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unknown. there is this question mark and yes, he technically transferred that over to his sons. that said again, exactly. >> that is the what if is going to be out there. until we know what he has and what he doesn't. >> and it's also i'm a lawyer. it's interesting to me because this has never been tested and litigated. it will be interesting to see what a payment is versus what's fair trade. my room for your money but nobody cares about that. this is to david gregory's point. is this something where they're fine with it because they know he's a big business man or is a core and uniting principle among americans we don't want to be cheated. we want things on the up and up. we want to see his taxes even if i'm going to vote for him anyway. >> well, let me first say like you i reach for my copy of the law dictionary for the first time in several years and i am
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not convinced this is like the founding father hearsay in mind. >> it's a legitimate question. >> as it's defined it seems to be fee for a service tied to your capacity in office. not a hotel bill but here's something to keep an eye on. i don't know whether the litigants will have standing. i don't know if they suffered an injury but entirely possible is that this litigation could force him to release his tax return because if they get through an initial hurdle or two, i think they can fairly argue that to understand his tentacles and the reach here they need to see where he is deriving income. >> really. david gregory, do you agree that there is somebody that could force president trump to release his tax returns. we heard this weekend that's not in the plan. >> i wouldn't counter him there. i don't know but i think it's really -- it's an incisive point
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because we could be in a situation where some lawsuit forces his hand to release part or all of those tax returns. the media has got to keep a lot. we understand a huge business man's ties financially around the world and he is the country's president and the fact that we still don't know keeps the public in the dark. we don't care. they care when they care. if there's a reason to care and that's why information is important. >> we have never seen a measurement of whether people want him to release his taxes that did not show convincingly people want the transparency. >> panel, thank you very much. great to talk to all of you. >> president trump begins his first week in office with only two cabinet secretaries. the president is hoping that will change today but the senate votes on the confirmation of secretary of state nominee rex
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tillerson and mike pompeo. live on capitol hill. what have you learned? >> it's very likely that president trump by tend of the day today will see the third cabinet nominee confirmed here on the senate. they'll have six hours of debate and then will hold a vote and mike pompeo to be cia director and it's expected that he will pass later tonight. the senate foreign relations committee is focussing on rex tillerson. the controversial nominee for secretary of state. still tbd undied ecided at this point is marco rubio. he has not said how he will vote, yes or no on rex tillerson but regardless of how the committee votes and senator rubio votes leaders indicated they will bring him before a vote in front of the full senate and that's very important because we just heard some support by senator lindsey graham, senator john mccain. both of them were skept car
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length of rex tillerson. they are now saying that they will indeed vote for him before the full senate so this paves the way for him likely to be approved eventually. >> thank you very much. 19 people lost their lives in just 48 hours. live in hard hit adele georgia with more. what's the situation there and what is coming. >> 7 of the 15 deaths have been in the neighborhood that you may be able to make out behind me. the sunshine acres mobile home park which is still closed off. still sealed off as the recovery efforts continue. just some severe weather but today they are expected to resume. let's take you behind the police line with the daytime photos that give you a better pick of the damage and the devastation behind here. people losing more than just their property with well over half a dozen deaths reported
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here in southern georgia alone. we're also hearing remarkable stories of survival. i spoke to a father and husband that grabbed his wife and toddler and basically road out the storm in the bathtub yesterday in this neighborhood as the storm swept through. after that happened he then went outside and joined in some of the rescue efforts. several people pulled from the rubble today he will return back to the neighborhood hoping he'll be able to make his way in there to find out what if anything was left behind. some still can't get back in the neighborhood of course the concern is they could perhaps find more than just their belongings. back to you. >> you nighted airlines is back up and running. the problem centered on the communication system that transmits information from the plane. this only effected planes that
4:16 am
have not yet departed. the airlines is waiting for the flight to reschedule between now and wednesday. >> a good samaritan killed in an armed robbery in a san antonio shopping mall. two people tried to rob a jewelry store sunday. the victim tried to intervene and was fatally shot. another customer had a gun and shot one of the robbers. the other suspect fled shooting six people as he ran through the mall. he was later arrested. >> a quick thinking police officer in washington doing whatever it takes to pull a woman from her burning car over the weekend. you can check out this dramatic video but when he could not force open the lock he had to remove the entire window and we
4:17 am
are happy to say the woman is getting out here and the officer and the neighborhood are okay after being treated for minor injuries. >> i love these examples. one because everybody turned out okay but two the car is on fire. everything in your human instinct base is saying go away. run away. this man stands there because there's a woman that needs help and that is who he is. >> they do god's work and we are happy to show it to you whenever we can. >> up next debate and confirm. approval for two of president trump's top cabinet picks so we will talk to a democratic senator about whether he is on board, next. thanks for loading, sweetie.
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4:22 am
important foreign relations committee. good morning, senator. >> it's good to be with you, thank you. >> how will you be voting on secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. >> i will not be supporting his confirmation for secretary of state. during the confirmation hearings he raised many questions as to whether his business interests would compromise his ability to speak out for u.s. leadership on human rights and good governance and particularly as it relates to russia he was very indefinite about additional sanctions against russia for their activities against the united states. >> so you will not be voting to support him as secretary of state. do you have a sense of whether or not your other colleagues will be? >> each senator has to make their own judgment and many have already announced their position so we'll find out this afternoon when the committee is scheduled to take a vote but each member has to make their own judgments. i have come to my conclusions. many members are troubled by the
4:23 am
fact that mr. tillerson refused to comment as to whether russia's activities should be considered war crimes and approached violation of human rights. his lack of clarity on those points are troubling many members of our committee. >> have you talked to many of your democratic colleagues that planned to not move. >> several of my colleagues already announced their position about him on the republican side but it will be up to each senator to make their own judgment. >> that was the deal breaker for you that you felt he was too cozy for russia not strong enough. i thought that his business background and the way he responded to questions that he would allow the business interest to have too much influence on whether america needs to leave on human rights
4:24 am
to governance and basic core values. and he would compromise that for other issues. secretary of state he has to be the principle leader for american values globally. there's other issues. they are concerned about maintaining sanctioning and strengthening sanctions against russia. one last point that had me concerned several times about events going around the world and he talked more about military response than using diplomacy and military response should always be the last option. i was concerned as to whether or not he understood the importance for him to advocate for diplomacy. >> how about congressman mike pompeo. individual information about
4:25 am
americans will be called bulk data issues have me concerned about invading the privacy of americans and i'm concerned about some of the other positions he has taken previously so i'm going to listen to debate this afternoon and obviously we'll be voting this evening. >> senator there's also today a lawsuit being filed by a group of former white house attorneys and they're filing a lawsuit against donald trump because they believe that at the moment that he took the oath of office he began violating the constitution by accepting money from foreign countries to some of his businesses. what do you think is going to happen there? >> have been cautioning about this. i think that mr. trump should have followed the precedent of every other formal president or set up a blind trust. he didn't do that. there is a question because he has so many foreign interests as to whether he is getting favors.
4:26 am
they're trying to give favors to his business enterprises in order to curry favor with the trump administration. you've already seen statements made about using the trump hotel so i think that is very troublesome and the constitution pretty clear that you cannot accept every government. he is putting ourselves and country by the way he is managing his personal wealth. >> you introduced legislation or a bill at least about this. what is going to happen in terms of how this is going to be handled in congress. >> we are still hopeful that mr. trump will recognize the vulnerability here and take additional steps to die vest or set up a blind trust. we'll see how this plays out. you expect transparency from the president of the united states
4:27 am
and we need to understand this. to a large extent we don't know whether he is accepting gifts or not. it's possible to believe by allowing his children to run a business that's truly independent from their father. it raises serious conflict issues. real conflicts. the appearance of conflicts and the president of the united states needs to put our country first and needs to divest and set up a blind trust. >> thank you for breaking the news here on new day. >> president trump definitely taking heat over his political speech at the cia headquaters. critics calling it a quote display. how will the president improve his rocky relationship with the intel community? that's next. these birds once affected by oil
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after weeks of ugliness with the intelligence community president trump paid a visit to
4:32 am
the cia headquaters over the weekend. with the president speech in front of the agency's memorial wall quickly turned very political. take a listen. >> we were unbelievably successful and probably almost everybody in this room voted for me. as you know i have a running war with the media. they have among the most dishonest human beings on earth. i made a speech. i looked out. the field looks like a million and a million and a half people. they showed a field with nobody standing there. >> it's proof of why you need the intel community because you need somebody to find out what the truth is in a situation. the man that lead the cia blasting the president saying he should be ashamed of himself. he served on the homeland
4:33 am
security committee. what was your reaction to the speech. >> it was the great one. it was important he was there. telling them how much they love him and there is a shared enemy in the press sometimes with folks in the intelligence community and because here in washington d.c. everybody always likes to kick the cia because the cia doesn't kick back. and in the room people are clapping but it's important that this is an attempt to show the media and the rest of the world that there is no wedge between the president and the intelligence community. he went on to talk about how great mike pompeo was and was the most important pick and
4:34 am
because this was a russian covert action campaign. it's because of the wedge whether real or received that it created against the president and the intelligence community and the american public. this was -- i'm glad he went there first to show his commitment to these people and i'm ready for mike pompeo to get approved so that he can start helming such a great organization. >> so you think the past is simply, quickly forgotten. the president comes who had clearly disparaged the brothers and sisters in your former community at the cia. he blamed it on the media. you should be smart enough to know what this is about. that would be good enough for the men and women in that room. >> i spent 9.5 years as an undercover officer in the cia.
4:35 am
i served three presidents and the president whenever they come into office has a very different relationship with the intelligence community as when they leave. his commitment has shown in selecting mike pompeo. general mattis is the most well regarded person. so he's going to trust these folks and we need a chief executive that's going to make a decision rather than ring their hands and i don't think anybody would say that president trump is unambiguous. >> well said. so you put out your taxes. >> i have. >> do you think your president
4:36 am
should put out his taxes? >> i think it would be a good move. >> do you think he will? >> i don't think i have an indication either way on that but that will solve a lot of problems. >> there's lots of questions about whether there be sufficient and there's all the different issues that get caught up in lawsuits but this fundamental question is driven by a lack of transparency. everyone would agree on that and it seems that the president is content to not have people know. we don't even know if any of the folders that were on the table are real or executed who will do what they say. >> there's always political motives behind what people are doing and the lawyers bringing this suit. i haven't looked at the details. i haven't scrutinized president
4:37 am
trump's plan. i do believe he was putting his shares in a blind trust which is contrary to what previous guests had on and this is something that there's going to be a lot of lawyers on both sides doing this and i think being transparent is important. being the most important person in the world. >> the most powerful person in the world. doesn't that status demand more scrutiny as to whether or not any of these things took place. don't you think that you should know the answer to these questions because this man is the most powerful person in the world. >> but we also have to realize that a lot of reviews have gone on. other lawyers have seen this. this is why we have a legal system. >> have seen what congressman? only his lawyers have seen this stuff. he is a private citizen. not anymore but he was a private. there's no public company.
4:38 am
there's no filing recommendations he had to do. the stuff he gave was volitional. he only put out what he wanted. nobody has scrutinized anything as far as i know. do you know differently? >> i don't know differently and again i do believe in transparency and that always wins the day. >> congressman you are always good to have on this show. you have a lot of insight to what matters. you're welcome back any time. >> thanks, chris. >> president trump's national security picks taking center stage. what can we expect with the president's new defense secretary and cia chief when they take the reigns? we'll discuss that next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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many are still talking about the presidents very political remarks in front of the cia's memorial wall. so phil i want to start with you. what did you think about what mr. trump did at the cia. >> nails on a chalk board. that is a painful performance. you're standing in front of a wall and they're known by the generation including people like me. jennifer matthews a mom that died in afghanistan in a suicide attack and you talk about how many more time magazine covers you have than tom brady. your fight with the media.
4:43 am
and how many people showed up at your speech on the mall. that's it? the story should have been where we are as america in terms of things like the fight against isis and what the way forward is and the man can't manage to check his ego at the door. >> he said he picked mike pompeo that shows that he supports the brothers and sisters in intelligence. he told them that he supports them. the past is the past. they're good going forward. do you buy that? >> i'm halfway there. the past is the past depending on what mr. pompeo does. he's respected among democrats and in the future. and that's going to be a problem. i think the officers will see and president trump said this during his speech.
4:44 am
they'll believe this segment of it. and an indication of the president's intent toward the cia but he can't continue. that is the president can't continue to mock the cia and he can't continue to show up at cia headquaters and talk about how many times he has been on time magazine. >> the congressman also said in his series of responses to lawmakers during this confirmation process that he would be willing to revisit the interrogation tactics such as water boarding. how is that revelation as well as what mr. trump did in the cia going over in the halls of the pentagon where you are. >> he has convinced him that torna torture may not be the best way to go. the u.s. military and
4:45 am
intelligence community in the ranks very much knowing that law has been changed. how all of this is going over and in the u.s. military certainly full of american citizens that voted for the candidate of their choice but these are nonpolitical organizations for a very good reason because any president should expect non-political advice from the cia and non-political military options from a pentagon and so taking politics out of it is going to be key and i think what may be of concern in the pentagon is could there be a potential repeat performance. could the president of the united states come to the pentagon and stand up here in front of television cameras and make a political speech because the bottom line is this.
4:46 am
the only crowd size that matters is hum enemy troops are firing that. >> a fair point barbara and there was no small irony. the same man attacked the intel community for whaktly what he did yesterday. being political. having him points higher lit size and then stood in front of him at langley and talked about we're sure most of them voted there. the pentagon there seems to be a little bit more than a sense of confidence that i picked up from with former secretary ash carter. and the cia about who wanted that in there. are they against trump. what do you make of that? >> well it start with the fact that it's his first full year on
4:47 am
the job. there's no question one of the most serious minded people in washington but he is going to have to make his own transition. he is no longer in the field. in command of troops and this is going to be a challenge not for him but to ensure it for him. north korea, iran, russia. just on one point secretary mattis is very concerned about russia. and while the president says nato is obsolete. it could be setting everything up for a lot of coten shs security council meetings. >> we only have 15 seconds left. what are you keeping your eye on most closely with the relationship between president
4:48 am
trump and the intel community? >> within the first week or two does he say anything that forces his new cia director to the agency? we have to move on. that's it. >> we saw a powerful display of resistance and solidarity not just in washington d.c. or not just around this country but around the world. what will be the residenmassive marches. we have two organizers joining what they want, next. is isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement
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relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. historic turnout by just about any metric you want to choose at women's marches across the country and around the world, the day after donald trump's inauguration. they were trying to voice their support on equality of issues, a big sample of issues. primarily it was about women's rights being equal to all human rights. where do we go from here? bryane butler global coordinator of the women's day march and jessica rogers, one of the
4:53 am
creators of the women's march on denver. good to have you both here congratulations on the perceived success of your efforts. we're in this effort. one is measuring and numbers, using photos trying to prove something as silly as how many people went to the inauguration. how big do you believe your delivery was and what does it mean to you? >> well, we still don't have a final count of how many people were actually there, but our message was very effective. we went global. we were all seven continents including antarcticantarctica. >> did you have the penguins out there? >> yes, seriously, the march of the men gi the pen agains. we maid it very clear. people banning together, religions, races, ages.
4:54 am
you were seeing grandmothers marching that were granddaughters. husbands marching with their wives. >> jessica, chris and i were there at the beginning of the march and got to see all the disparate signs, some of them very creative. is there a way to condense it down into what the overarching message was? >> i believe the overarching message is that people around the world are really unifying against the idea of populism. i believe the message is that a diverse community makes us all better. >> it's not that -- i hear you. it's not that populism doesn't like diversity. it's that the strain of populism i think, that you're seeing now -- correct me if i'm wrong -- but that's what you
4:55 am
bristle at. >> yeah. the reality is we're really trying to make us as inclusive as possible, too. our focus is making sure we're securing the rights of the most marginalized communities. if we can secure the rights of -- if we can secure the rights of a black woman, then the black man's rights are secure, and we believe that. >> now, it's interesting. this is going to be politicized, of course. you did have various agendas out there. there was an umbrella event. but you had lots of different people out there for lots of different reasons. jessica, one of the things that came in the aftermath is it was seen by definition as being anti trump. the white house then said, you know, these organizers, these groups, they never asked to meet with the incoming president, they never asked to include us in their efforts. if it's us versus them, it's on the organizers, not on us. what do you say? >> wow, i don't even know how to
4:56 am
respond to that. that's such an aggressive statement. i think at this point -- i can speak for myself. i would love to sit down and talk with the administration and see what their plans and points are on certain topics and issues. i'd gladly take that offer. >> look, they're doing outreach now. weave seen that. they're meeting today with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. they've met with police officers. they've met with kanye west and business leaders, et cetera. maybe they would be open to that. brianna, where do you go from here? >> three words, educate, mobilize. if we can educate people how to get involved in their zip code and make a change where they live, then that's going to trickle down onto pennsylvania avenue. we really believe that. we're seeing voices that have been -- not been vocal for many, many years, standing up and having a say.
4:57 am
we're the voice of america. we really believe that if we can break down these barriers that have been put up between these communities and help them lift up their voices, then we're going to create change. >> so is there a defined next on the agenda, jessica? is this about when your next global, international or just domestic march is? or is there another effort at play as well? >> there's other efforts at play. we in denver have set up a meeting for next saturday for about 200, 250 people, and we're really pulling from community organizers, a few elected officials, and specifically people that have started small groups on facebook and within their own cities and counties. we're trying to get members of these groups to come under one roof so we can talk about what we want to do next. we really feel in colorado since we're a little island of blue in a sea of red, we need to be very strong in what we do moving forward because we'll become the
4:58 am
regional representative of a lot of the mountain states. >> ladies, please keep us posted on what all of your plans are. bryane butler, jessica rogers, thank you for being here. >> sbreresting. marchers and the president say they want to do the same thing, return power to the people. what do you think? tweet us at in day. you can tweet me at my name, alisyn at her name. we're following a lot of news. let's get right to it. >> i have a running war with the media. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> this was not the biggest attendance at an inauguration in u.s. presidential history. >> the president gets hit with his first lawsuit claiming his business conflicts violate the constitution. >> i'm optimistic we'll get every member of the cabinet. >> beware of the teddy bear, president trump. putin will change his tone. >> never had a cia director confirmed on the first day.
4:59 am
>> you will be getting a total star, a total gem. >> there are plenty of people try to delegitimize this president. >> the constitution does not begin with either president. it begins with we the people. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." it's monday, january 23rd, 8:00 in new york. up first, president trump begins his first full week in office where an ambitious political agenda. the president and his top aides got off to a combative start, sparring with the press over the size of his inauguration crowds and trying to pass off false claims as, quote, alternative facts. >> here is a fact, no qualifier, the president will face his first legal challenge. it's an ethics lawsuit claiming he violated the constitution with his business conflicts the moment he took the oath of office. what is driving this? transparency, requests for information. why? because the president refuses to
5:00 am
be transparent with his taxes and other business relationships. the question is are we ever going to learn more, or was that promise that after the audit we'll see the tax, was that just a sham. >> let's begin with athena jones live at the white house with the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the president has a jam-packed first monday in office, kicking off with a breakfast and listening session with key business leaders. he's also going to sign some more executive orders, later will meet with union leaders and american workers, as the white house puts it. this afternoon or this evening he's hosting congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle for a meeting here at the white house. all of this after a very busy and sometimes rocky first weekend. >> president donald trump has a lot on his plate this week, from getting his cabinet nominees confirmed, to signing a series of new executive orders. the president also prepping for his first meeting with a world


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