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tv   New Day  CNN  January 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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because the president refuses to be transparent with his taxes and other business relationships. the question is are we ever going to learn more, or was that promise that after the audit we'll see the tax, was that just a sham. >> let's begin with athena jones live at the white house with the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the president has a jam-packed first monday in office, kicking off with a breakfast and listening session with key business leaders. he's also going to sign some more executive orders, later will meet with union leaders and american workers, as the white house puts it. this afternoon or this evening he's hosting congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle for a meeting here at the white house. all of this after a very busy and sometimes rocky first weekend. >> president donald trump has a lot on his plate this week, from getting his cabinet nominees confirmed, to signing a series of new executive orders. the president also prepping for his first meeting with a world
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leader at the white house, british prime minister theresa may on friday. after setting up meetings with mexico's president, canada's prime minister and strael's prime minister. >> i've never seen anyone work harder and have more energy than this president. >> reporter: the president and his senior staff distracting from his ambitious agenda by fixating on the size of his inauguration crowd. side by side comparisons to former president obama's inauguration in 2009 upsetting the new administration. in his signature campaign style, the president blasting the media. >> as you know, i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> reporter: former cia director jorn brennan and congressional democrats criticizing the president over his visit to the spy agency's headquarters saturday. at issue, his political comments made while standing in front of the cia's memorial wall honoring those killed in the line of service. >> i made a speech.
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i looked out. the field was -- it looked like a million, million and a half people. they showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there. >> reporter: continuing the fight, trump's press secretary sean spicer, grossly exaggerating the inauguration crowds in a kpotive statement to the press. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> reporter: his claim totally false. >> answer the question of why the president asked the white house press secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time and utter a falsehood? >> reporter: the president's counselor kellyanne conway defending spicer's fabrication. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood. they're giving sean spicer, our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> wait a minute. alternative facts? >> reporter: conway also saying trump will never release his tax returns. >> he's not going to release his
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tax returns. >> reporter: late sunday walking back her comment, asserting the president is still under audit and has been advised not to release his taxes but still didn't clarify whether they will ever be plealeased. a conflict of interest lawsuit alleges mr. trump is violating the constitution by receiving illegal payments from foreign governments. we have a first 100 days alert, learning what will be the first executive order we expect the president to sign today. it will be to withdraw the u.s. from the transpacific partnership. that's the 12-nation trade deal so important to the obama administration but president trump ran on a promise of drawing from. a clear promise of trade on this first monday in office. >> athena, thank you very much. as an expression, will what got you here get you there? the president's lack of transparency helped him during
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the campaign, but now it may be a problem. a lib rath ethics watch dog group planning to file a federal lawsuit against president trump. it claims the president is violating the constitution by accepting illegal payments from foreign governments through his vast business ties. the president's lawyer denies the allegation saying trump has taken the necessary measures to avoid conflicts of interest. let's bring in richard w. painter, part of the legal team filing the suit and a former white house ethics lawyer under george w. bush. mr. painter, always a pleasure. >> good morning. >> counsel, the pushback from the white house is basically twofold right now. one is, we did all the things that the law demands in terms of the president separating himself from business interests. and two, there are no 'em molements at play here as the constitution lays out because
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this is bartered for, the hotel room in exchange for the room, not a gift, not in exchange for his role asment. what are your points? >> well, first of all, i want to make it clear, there's nothing liberal about this. there are millions like myself sicknd tired of big government and the concentration of wealth among a very few people who want to control our government and take away jobs from ordinary americans. we're not for big government and government spending and the rest of it. millions of conservatives are sick and tired of corruption, and there's nothing liberal or conservative about this. what this is about is the president who has an enormous amount of wealth overseas, who promised to release his tax returns, clearly promised that over and over again, is refusing team. his spokes people now saying he's not going to release the
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tax returns. furthermore, he's in violation of the constitution if he's receiving payments from overseas, from foreign governments or corporations controlled by foreign governments. this goes right back to the intent of the founders. what was the point of having a tea party and throwing king george's tea into boston harbor who is buying tea from keng george, whether or not it's of fair market value, according to the trump organization. that's not the rule. the rule is no benefits from foreign governments and companies controlled by foreign governments, no profits therefrom and we've been talking about this for months. we've asked the president over andover again to solve the issue. he has refused to. we're tired of diddaling around with this. this is going to have to be resolved in court. >> he said he did resolve it. that was the big stack of papers he put in front of us all at his press conference.
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second, they say this is not a lawsuit, this is a political argument. you don't have any standing, you haven't been victimized, you have no damage. this is a political argument, not a lawsuit. your response. >> first of all, whatever is in that stack of papers, he wouldn't let anyone take a look at it, just leak the tax returns. we have no idea what's in the envelopes. all we know is he has not divested himself of his business interest all over the globe. we have no idea where the financing is coming from with these business enterprises. we know he didn't pay back the american banks in the 1990s. he borrowed a lot of money overseas, we have no idea where from. the american people are entitled to know their president is complying with the constitution, and the prohibition is very clear. we cannot have any foreign government money coming to anyone holding a position of trust with the united states government. the consequences are dire. he is talking over and over again about buy american,
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america first. he's going to renegotiate all these trade deals. who do we negotiate with? foreign governments. there's money coming under the table from foreign governments to the president of the united states in violation of the constitution. we are fed up. once again, this is not about liberals i'm conservative. i'm sick of big government. >> i get you on that. that was our description of the group as it identified itself online. i take your criticism and push back on that. >> i would never have anything to do with a group identifying itself on liberal. if that's on that web page, that's going to go off pretty fast. >> i got you. i take you at your word on that. why do you not take the white house at its word on its promise to turn over the taxes after the audit is over? >> well, kellyanne con way, as soon as she takes off her $3600 gucci jacket from the inauguration, she starts talking about how he's not going to hand over tax returns. >> she says the position hasn't
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changed, that after the audit, we eeld turn it over. she was saying we're not turning them over now because of the audit. >> well, that's not what was said the first time. what's going on with this audit? why can't he turn them over? how about the prior years? is every year under audit going back for how many years? i mean this is something that he promised to turn the tax returns over. it is time. and it's also time to guarantee to the american people there is no money coming into this organization from foreign governments or corporations owned by foreign governments. >> will the lawsuit stand, and why would it? >> well, that's for the court to decide. i'm not going to tall talk through the points that will be made to the judge. my point here is this is a critically important issue for the american people. liberals rchls conservati liberals, conservatives,
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moderates. our president was elected to comply with the constitution. he's in violation of the constitution if he's receiving payments from foreign governments or corporations controlled by foreign governments. it's going to stop. >> one quick question for you. we only have a little time left. you're an ethics expert. let me ask you something. what is your definition of when it is correct to call something a lie? >> when it's not true. when somebody says something that's not true. we have heard untruths over and over again in this campaign. >> if i say two plus two is five, that's not true. maybe i did the math wrong. that doesn't show an intent to deceive. that's not a lie. when do you call something a lie versus just being wrong? >> if you're intentionally lying to people or recklessly make up facts which has been going on over and over again. i used to fight with the left wingers in the academic world
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about this, where they talk about there being no objective truth and other crazy nonsense. it's amazing we're getting this out of the white house. we're talking about alternative facts. what does that mean? that means lies, alternative facts, lies. the american people are not going to put up with it. least of all are those of us who want small government, limited government going to put up with an enormous federal government that is lying to us, and the first week in the white house they're talking about alternative facts. that is going to stop. >> richard painter, thank you for making the case on "new day." appreciate it as always. >> thank you. >> alisyn? >> chris, president trump begins his first week in office with only two cabinet secretaries in place. that will likely change today when the senate votes on rex tillerson and mike pompeo. cnn's sunlen serfaty is live on capitol hill with more. what are we expecting today? >> by the end of the day today,
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president trump will likely get his third cabinet nominee confirmed in the senate and potentially in place by the end of the day after a lot of delay and back and forth up here on capitol hill. the senate will vote on cia director nominee mike pompeo. he's expected to pass right on through. the senate making movements on another one of donald trump's most controversial nominees, rex tillerson for secretary of state. the senate foreign relations committee will hold a vote today on his nomination. the last holdout republican senator marco rubio, he has not yet indicated how he will vote for tillerson, whether he'll be a yes or no on his nomination. regardless of what happens in the committee, senate leaders have already said that they will move to bring tillerson before a full vote in the senate and certainly tillerson getting a big boost with the announce of senator lipid say graham and
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ja john mccain. they now say that they will vote for him. that paves the way for him to' vice presidentially be confirmed. >> president trump is beginning his first full week in office. he had a tough 48 first hours, including a new front in his war with the media, as he calls it. is this going to take the president's attention off his agenda? the answer has to be yes. so let's discuss our future next. heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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donald john trump's presidency is off to a combative start. the president and his top advisers blasting the media over reporting of the inauguration's crowds. while the president's administration is defending their false claims about those crowds as alternative facts. can president trump focus on his agenda? here to discuss, republican congressman steve king from iowa. congressman, always good to have you. i'm going to throw you a curveball. we'll get to the politics of the situation, but let's talk about the basis of the fight on immigration. because we know that's important to you and it's going to be coming to you now, often marginalized to just being about a wall. but let's talk about the condition. the president has set a basis for what the problem is that defies the numbers. he has said millions of people get thrown out of here every
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year. there is nothing like that number anywhere in the homeland security's report year over year over year, and he has said that they're coming through the wall, they're coming through this porous border. 95% of people they catch they catch at ports of entry. can we agree on the facts? how do you see the problem? >> if you're going to say millions of people, you have to leave off the part every year. the cumulative effect are millions. >> he didn't say that. >> i understand that. but the peak of our illegal immigration, we were up to 4 million attempts a year by the border patrol. that's part of the testimony in the hearing. it's important to cite that in a way, but it's more objective to roll this thing down and understand this has slowed down over the last ten years, for economic reasons, lower birth rate in mexico reasons. it's also been accelerated with regard to the illegal drugs
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coming into america. 80% to 90% of the illegal drugs consumed in america come through mexico. >> you know and we learned in our documentary about el chapo that most of the drugs that come across the border go underneath it, not across the top of it. a wall would be a misapplication of a prophylactic. but for the president to say million every year and they don't get rid of any of the cals, you know 90% of the people they throw out are for crimes. we have to agree on the facts. can we do that? >> i think -- a couple of them i don't agree with. i don't agree that high a percentage comes through the tunnel. i've been down tlp to interdict. i have been there to help arrest people smuggling drugs into america, backpacking marijuana into the united states. >> i'm not saying none come.
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i'm not saying none. this is about the facts. to say you build a wall and we'll be fine, that is not really agreed with by many people in the border security business as i'm sure you know. they're not saying they don't need a wall, they're saying the wall is not the answer. >> i'd say this, the wall is the central intrastructural component that we need to build, and then the rest of it are things we need to add on as vibration sensors, sensors in the urban areas where they are tunnelling. out in the open desert they're not tunnelling like they do in the urban areas. they have to have ways to get rid of the dirt. we'd see that happen. we need cameras, night vision equipment, sensors. if we don't build a wall, they will continue coming across the desert and that's the way they bring in people that are criminals and are terrorists. you have those coming here that want a job in america. that's part of it, too. if we don't build a wall, we'll have the mess we have today.
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barack obama refused to secure this border because he called it prosecutorial discretion. walls don't have prosecutorial discretion. >> president obama bad when it comes to immigration, that's your case. the numbers have gotten better year over year. to the extent more deportations are a good thing, he's done more deportations. it seems like there's a flawed premise here about the nature of the problem. i'm not saying there is not a problem. but it's not millions every year. it's hundreds of thousands, off by about 50% his number. the number has been going down during obama's tenure and they've been throwing out more criminals. i just don't understand what the premise is here. >> chris, i would say obama's focus on criminals and the most violent of criminals, that's a good and right thing. by the way, that's donald trump's focus as well. but obama changed the character -- characterization of
5:22 am
deportation. we have a category called voluntary return. if they're picked up at the border and agree to go back to mexico, we haul them back there, open the side door on the van and walk back to mexico. >> that's an interesting metaphor -- >> that was mott the deportation under bush -- obama called it a deportation. >> the homeland security dhs releases at the end of 2016. here is how they categorize it. you can, like the president, say this is all politicized and everybody is lying. an increasing percentage of those deported from the interior were convicted of serious crimes. over 90% in 2016. guess what the number was in 2009, the period you just reminded us of? >> i don't know. >> 51%. it went from 51 to 90, congressman. i get you want to build a wall and see it as a good thing. but the problem doesn't stand up to what has been introduced as the reality. >> let me suggest another component of this that's not been brought up, and that is that the border patrol and
5:23 am
custom gore dborder protection those they interdict, might count those they see, sf they're not having a full effort out there, these numbers of illegal immigration coming into the country will go down because they didn't observe as many and didn't interdict as many. that's an equation we've watched for a long time. i go down to the border and watch what's going on there, i ride with border patrol sometimes at night and get a chance to really listen to what's going on. they don't ever think they can shut this off across the border. to them it's about going to work for eight hours, do what they can do and punch out. we can't get prosecutions -- when you have a border patrol agents that has a straight truck of marijuana with $2500 pounds on it, open and shut case, he can't get a prosecution, we need more rujs and prosecutors. we need a full-court press on the border. that will be the deterrent. we've got to build a wall. if not, the next president will let them go through the border
5:24 am
the way this president has. >> the numbers are going in the right direction. you have to have the facts -- >> let me add another piece here if i could. we're spending $6.7 million a mile to protect that southern border, that's $13.4 billion, 13.4. we're building expensive interstate through iowa corn fields for $4 million a mile. we can build a wall and a fence for around $2 million a mile. that's one-third of one annual budget for controlling the border. you know the security of that border will go up dramatically if we put the infrastructure in place. >> check the numbers, we'll keep talking about it. congressman, thank you as always. alisyn. >> up next, the man who might have had sean spicer's press secretary job if hillary clinton had won. what does he think of sean spicer's first press conference
5:25 am
and al ternive facts? he's here next.
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president trump's new press sake tear held his first press briefing on saturday. he didn't take questions but instead admonished the press for what he said was deliberately false reporting over inauguration crowds. >> no one had numbers because the national park service which controls the national mall does not put any out. this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both inperson and around the globe. >> joining us now, brian fallon, the former press secretary for the clinton campaign, also a spokesman for the obama justice department and chief spokesman for senator chuck schumer. hi, brian. >> good morning, alisyn. >> i know you spent 18 months as a political foe of mr. trump's and his team, but today we're hoping to separate you from that and talk to you in your role as a press secretary, if that's possible for you to do. what did you think of that first
5:30 am
press briefing? >> i'd be the first person to tell you that i think sean spicer has an extremely challenging job, and i'd also just mention i know he's a new england patriots fan so we share that and they had a big win last night. what he said at the podium on saturday was just not true. to me there's no defense for that. i've heard only a couple points made in the last 48 hours to try to sort of excuse what he did. the first was that, oh, it was his boss donald trump that sent him out there because it was donald trump, thin-skinned as he is, that wanted his press secretary to go out and make this false argument about crowd size. to me that just makes sean's sin more egregious. your job as press secretary is to have the utmost fidelity to the truth. if his boss instructed him to go out and lie before the cameras, what yu eyre told to do in those circumstances and refuse to do it. if it comes to it, resign rather than go out and give a lie from the podium where you're not just speaking for donald trump
5:31 am
anymore. you're not just a campaign spokesman. you are a spokesman for the u.s. government. what you say from that podium moves markets, affects what other nations do diplomatically and your salary is paid by the taxpayer. he had an obligation in that instance, if donald trump was the one telling him to do it, to refuse. >> brian, it's not as easy as you're making it sound. look, as press secretary, you know as well as anybody you are tasked with giving the narrative of your boss, and that may be different than the narrative of the press. obviously, i don't want to relitigate everything that happened when hillary clinton was running for president. there was times that she said things that turned out to be falsehoods and you had to support that. your job is always to defend your principal, but you do so within the parameters of what's true. for sean spicer to go out and say that this was the most watched ininaugural is a demonths strably false
5:32 am
statement. he said there were magnetometers that the secret service set up up and down the mall and that's what prevented a larger crowd from forming. here is the point that bears repeating. a lot of people said who cares about this, this is an argument about crowd size. it may bother donald trump because he's so insecure. why do the rest of us spend time talking about crowd size at the podium. that's a good point. i think this is the tip of the spear from the trump administration. they have declared war on the press, donald trump actually said so at the cia appearance he made earlier in the day on saturday. the reason they're going after the press is because it's the press's job to stand up for objective truth. donald trump and the trump administration is not interested in allowing there to be an objective truth around wisconsin can all agree. if we can't agree on certain fundamental facts, we can't agree on solutions to the challenges we phase. the trump administration is dead set on creating a bubble to
5:33 am
allow their supporters to continue what they want to hear. this is what breitbart did over the years and now steve bannon is inside the white house trying to promote a false reality. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. i want to hear what you think is going to happen next. sean spicer is going to have another press briefing. ari fleischer had a suggestion, some advice for him. just come out and say you made a mistake, say you got it wrong, simple as that. what do you think is going to happen? >> i groo agree with ari that would be the right course. i would be skeptical that's what's going to happen. i think this is going to be the new approach. you heard kellyanne conway on sunday. she had a chance to go out and clean up what he did on saturday. she instead doubled down and came up with this term alternative facts. to me that is a signal that they are intent on creating this orwellian atmosphere where they're refusing to admit the sky is blue.
5:34 am
in trump's alternate reality he's not entering the white house as an unpopular president, it's just the media's way of saying his favorability is rigged. in his alternate reality he's going to be able to replace obamacare and still insure everybody even though he can't tell you what the plan is. this is a concept they're committed to nurturing. it's up to all of us, including the press and the white house correspondents who will finally have an opportunity to ask sean spicer to not roll over in the face of this. >> brian fallon, thank you. great to get your perspective on all of this. >> thank you. >> let's get to chris. >> all right. we're just learning president trum's first executive order will be withdrawing z from the tpp, transpacific partnership. what else is the president planning to do? what will be the reaction from this. we'll get to "the bottom line." our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience
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5:39 am
at least 19 people were killed after a deadly tornado outbreak in the south. president trump promising federal aid for those devastated by the violent storms. out west, heavy rains cautioning floods killing at least two people. officials ordered hundreds to evacuate in santa clarita. united airlines up and running after a computer glitch forced the airline to ground most of its domestic flights sunday night. united is waiving fees for those rebooked between now and 51. tom brady and the new england patriots ending the steelers' dreams. the pats will face the the atlanta falcons who crushed green kba 44-21. >> what's your favorite super bowl food quickly? >> nachos. come on. that's easy. >> for more on the five things to know, go to for the latest. president trump is off to a
5:40 am
combative start directing his press secretary to reprimand journalists for what he called deliberately false reporting. let's get the bottom line with cnn political director david chalian. hi, david. >> good morning. >> it was a rocky start with the press as well as with the cia. mr. trump's visit there. what do you make of everything? >> there's no doubt it was a rocky start. there's no doubt that, as you said, the relationship with the press is off to a bad start because the credibility now is in question of official words coming from the white house podium. that's something that can be corrected. we'll see when sean spicer comes out today, at 1 doo 30 i think, for the first white house press briefing when he takes questions to see if they can get back on course. i think the president's trip to the cia may be more troubling because he clearly just was sort of winging remarks while standing in front of that
5:41 am
memorial wall. that raises the larger question of how donald trump is going to manage the messaging of his presidency. we'll see if that has tightly controlled the way they want which led to headlines they didn't want. you'll see a much busier day, a more former schedule. we'll see if the white house can put the rocky weekend behind him? >> is what got him here the same thing that will get him where he wants to be as president? that will be a pressing political question. on the policy side, executive orders will be the demonstration of what he does as president. he wants to sign an executive order to get rid of membership in tpp. this is something paul ryan, the speaker of the house has to disagree with. how is this going to play? >> you remember, this is one of the currents coursing through the entire election on both sides, bernie sanders, donald trump, even hillary clinton stepped away from tpp. this was one of the an mating features of the 2016 electorate,
5:42 am
getting rid of these kind of trade agreements that many people across the country felt were hurting them economically. you were right, chris, this is going to be one of the divides with if republican establishment, but it was exactly exploiting those kinds of divides with the establishment and we heard it again in the inaugural address that brought donald trump here. i think this is an early win with him for his supporters to get out there, be able to show he's serious about the trade stuff. we learned he's talking with the leaders of mexico and canada to start the renegotiation of nafta, another promise from the campaign. this gets to the heart of what i see voters are most hopeful and expecting from this white house, is on the economic delivery. so starting out of the gate with that as your first executive order, that's a strong place for donald trump to be, i would say. >> remember when republicans railed against executive orders, they were end runs around democracy. i guess now they're okay.
5:43 am
>> he's undoing them. >> is that the difference, if you undo the executive orders of president obama, that's okay. but if you create your own executive orders, that's an end run around congress and legislation? >> i think that is a distinction. if he puts out executive orders to get around congress and not have to deal with wreck leadership on the hills, you'll start to see real battles take place. in terms of dismapting the obama agenda by executive order, i think the republicans will be just fine with that. >> broccoli alert. the executive order is only as good as the legislation underpinning it. congress technically with the numbers the gop has can win this battle nine times out of ten if they want to oppose the president. true or false? >> i don't know if the numbers add up exactly that way, chris. your assumption is that republicans on the hill all vote lockstep. there is a divide between the leadership, mitch mcconnell and
5:44 am
paul ryan, and a lot of the rank and file who are completely there because of the sort of primary electorate, the same one that delivered the nomination and the presidency to trump that helped them get to congress. i don't know we're ever going to see every republican in congress join forces and stand against president trump. >> it's expected rex tillerson and mike pompeo will be confirmed today. two more of mr. trump's picks. are there any cabinet nominees that you think will not be confirmed? >> right now it looks like i think most of them will likely get confirmed. i do think we're going to have a little bit more of a fight here over tom price and his history and the stock trade that we've all been talking about. i know the democrats have circled him as somebody they want to battle over. but right now, again, the votes being where they are in the senate, i think donald trump is likely to get the cabinet of his choosing. >> all right, david chalian,
5:45 am
thank you very much for the bottom line. >> thanks guys. >> how is the world reacting to the first days of the trump administration? we'll get perspective from our cnn international correspondents around the globe next. whitening toothpaste?you u i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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as president trump begins his first week in office, he's reaching out to world leaders. the president said he had a nice talk on sunday with israeli prime minister benjamin
5:49 am
netanyahu. the kremlin says president vladimir putin plans to call the u.s. president first. let's get the global perspective from nic robertson, cnn enter nant correspondent clarissa ward and correspondent oren lieberman. nic, let's start with you. what is the prediction about theresa may's visit? >> the prediction is she thinks, and this is based on what donald trump said in a newspaper interview last week, that she can get a trade deal, an improved trade deal with the united states. she wants that because she wants to be able to go to the european union. as she's told them already, no deal is better than a bad deal. she's told they'll made britain a tax haven if they don't give her the exit deal she wants. she believes she's going to get the type of support from donald trump that will allow her to be
5:50 am
tough with the european union. of course, donald trump says he supports brexit and wouldn't be surprised if the european union doesn't split up. not quite the way tereheresa ma sees all of it, but they're seeing something eye to eye on something important to her. >> let's talk about nafta, renegotiating. he's going to be having talks with the president of mexico as well as the prime minister of canada. what are the thoughts about that? >> alisyn, obviously we're here in moscow where the focus is very much on when president putin will actually have a conversation with president trump. for several days now they have been saying it should happen imminently, any day now, that it was on the cards, that president putin is even ready to meet with president trump. but we still have not heard that that phone call has yet taken place. i do think actually the kremlin is, if anything, kind of
5:51 am
throwing cold water a little bit on any expectations that a detant may be happening in the feature. we saw dmitry medvedev saying don't expect sanctions to be lifted soon. we heard the kremlin spokesperson dimitri peskov saying they will meet, but won't happen in the following weeks, more than likely the following months. i think there's quite a bit of optimism, but officially it's cautious optimism. >> that takes us to strael and oren. there's such divisions where you are and here even among the jewish community in the united states. the move on the table is of course moving the u.s. offices into jerusalem. how does that issue play where you are? >> reporter: israeli leadership is calling on trump to move the embassy as soon as possible. one of the most vocal voices is
5:52 am
the mayor of jerusalem who launch add campaign days before the inauguration calling for trump to follow through on that promise. netanyahu and his read of the conversation with president donald trump as well as the read from the white house didn't focus on the embassy move. if that's a priority for the city of jerusalem, it's not netanyahu's priority. he wants to go back to the iran deal. he sees president trump as a new opportunity to fight that deal again. he sees a chance at repeal, change, revoke, in some way change the iran deal. that he says is strael's number one priority. that was a big part of the conversation between these two leaders as well as talking about the israeli-palestinian issue. president trump says he'd like to see if he can solve or find a solution to what he calls, quote, the ultimate deal, as well as other concerns in this region. all that part of these conversations. the white house says these two leaders will meet in washington in early february. knelt yeah hugh says he's looking forward to this meeting and made it clear even in the
5:53 am
last weeks of president obama's administration, he'll have his chance very soon. >> nic, what is the feeling in britain and beyond and the european union about the shifting sands, the changes in relations that mr. trump already telegraphing here. >> there's unease and concern. we talk about donald trump and theresa may seeing eye to eye in brexit. and there's concern in germany and france that trump will encourage other country, perhaps hungary or italy or even france to leave the european union. there's real concern that his dynamic, that president trump's dynamic in all this can shift the balance of strategic strength and partnership in europe. there's a concern that the dialogue he may get into with vladimir putin in the future, a sense that this will undermine
5:54 am
european unity, undermine his economic strength and undermine or make it more vulnerable to potentially russian expansion into some of the baltic states. there's real concern. there's concern about trade, concern about economic future, concern about sort of political integration that europe has gone through. there's a sense that this may be up for grabs, that it may change. that uncertainty worries people. >> clarissa, that takes us to this evolving relationship between president trump and president putin. it seems the one common area of interest would be isis. what is the expectation where you are that that would become a major effort for the russian government and military fighting isis around the world? >> reporter: well, russia has been talking about fighting isis for a very long time. but the reality is the majority of their efforts in syria have
5:55 am
been focused on wiping out the rebellion against bashar al assad. it's actually had very limited success in its fight against isis. we have heard president trump talk several times in the past about the possibility of russia and the u.s. working together to fight isis, to tackle this broader issue of what donald trump calls radical islamic extremism. it's possible there could be some type of military cooperation. there are also larger sticking points. the issues of syria, the issues of ukraine, major differences of opinion between russia and the u.s. that will take some time to fix. >> all right, appreciate the world perspective from you guys. thanks as always. we'll check back with you soon. how about some good stuff on a monday. >> let's do it. >> done, next. built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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6:00 am
dana pugmeyer. he stayed on the phone for 20 minutes. help came. a few days later he visited in the hospital and brought her some flowers to brighten her day. he's shy to take credit saying he was just in the right place at the right time. >> that is so wonderful. usually wrong numbers don't go that well. but that was luck and grace. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> speaking of luck and grace. >> that's me, the very definition. get out. have a great day. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump kicks off his first full week in the white house. it begins with a jam-packed schedule that gets under way. any moment now the new president trying to get back on message, meeting with business dealers. a new lawsuit set to be


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