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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 24, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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41,500 jobs, that was one of his top priorities, so he's -- >> right. it's a freeze -- hold on, part of it is to get our v.a. secretary in there an figure out -- hiring people when you have a system that's not working and then just going out and hiring additional people doesn't seem to be the most efficient way of solving the problem. what we need to do whether it's the v.a. or any other agency is making sure we are hiring smartly and effectively and if you look at the v.a. the problems that have plagued people, hiring more people isn't the answer, whether itself health care or mortgages, we need to make sure our veterans get the services they deserve and have earned. it's not just the v.a. even though that's high ton the
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president's list, but making sure that all are done in a way that respects the tax payer, but gives them the benefit they truly deserve. >> if 3-5 million people voted illegally that's a scandal o of tof of astronomical size. why not investigate something that is the biggest scandal in american history, 3-5 million people voting illegally? >> we'll see where we go, but right now the focus that the president has is putting americans back to work. it was a comment he made on a long standing belief. >> he talked a lot about banning
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muslims from coming from the country and extreme vetting, when can we expect action on this. >> when the department of state rex tillerson gets confirmed and other departments in homeland security trying to put in place access of extreme question, but the thing about the question you're asking is we are sitting here with two -- three cabinet with mike pompeo last night, asking whether the president's agenda is moving forward when the senate democrats are holding up this cabinet. >> do you think they're doing it purposefully? >> no question about it. let's walk a minute. chuck shumer said they had an issue with eight or nine of them so that leaves 13 they didn't have a problem with. they were consensus candidates and while i think every one of the people is qualified, even
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the democrats admitted 12-13 of them were what they called consensus candidates and they wouldn't hold up on them. let's get it done, our country's economy and safety is at stake. to make sure we can continue to protect and serve this country and move forward but the reason that you have a secretary, director or stradministrator is make sure they can act on the what the president campaigned. >> on. i'm anthony harper on behalf of the christian newspaper association. and israel leaders are concerned about the misuse of u.s. tax dollars are going toward violence against the jews, how would president trump respond to the leaders, sharon has kkalhas
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others, i reasonably met with them, their concerns are very serious, they want want to know how president trump would respond? >> i would go back to what john asked, he has tremendous respect for how dollars are spent. but we need a u.n. ambassador, and secretary of state, things that are being held up right now. >> is the president open of choosing a maine street candidate like the congressional leaders are asking him to do today? >> for what? >> for a supreme court nominee? >> i think he's been very clear about his priorities. he's put out a list during the campaign that he would consider. i think it's pretty mainstream to support the constitution, pretty mainstream to follow the
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law and not to create laws from the bench. that's what i think the majority of americans would agree and when it comes to the candidates he's put up for his candidate look at the quality and caliber of these individuals, he's looking for people of high quality and caliber that fit the philosophy he campaigned on. april. >> a couple of questions one starting off with sessions the delay in a vote primarily because of concerns of civil rights as well as voting rights. yesterday you talked about issues of race dealing with congressman john lewis and his statement and also the bust, what do you say when people are once again bringing up the issue of race and voter fraud when it comes to -- president trump has so much faith into lead the justice department? >> i think his record on voting rights is exemplary, he fought
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on voting rights, civil rights, minority, so when you look at his entire record, the people he prosecuted, alabama and attorney general, he's been very forceful to ensure when it comes to voting rights and civil rights are enforced and protected when the voting rights came up for renewal he was a huge champion of it so it's not just his record as an attorney but as a united states senator he's been a very forceful advocate of the continued wa continuation of the voting rights act. >> yes. >> sorry, i wanted to ask you a couple of questions. i know we're knew together, so on the issue of race, you talked a long time yesterday on the issue of race and i wanted to ask you a couple of things and talked to the current head of
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the naacp accusing this administration of something called staereo typintyping omisy sayi saying the president has met with celebrities, but not -- what is the agenda, what are you planning when it comes to -- >> april, just the other day he sat down with martin luther king junior. >> his dad was the civil rights leader. >> i think he's done a lot for that, that's a lot he's done with the pastors he's met with, a lot of individuals, they have come up and down the tower, during the campaign and in the transition. the other day during the prayer service there's a ton of individuals that he's met with to talk about this issue and i don't think it's something that
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he takes lightly. he's talked about it tremendously because it's important to him both in terms of where this country moves forward and what are some of the issues that face it, small business and access and learning. >> what about an area of a plan. >> we're on day two, i know you're all anxious. >> he made this statement during the inauguration. >> i understand, and we're on day two, but when you look at the jobs program, the dakota pap lin -- pipeline, those benefit every american regardless of the color of your skin, we talked to leaders about apprenticeships, and trainers, these benefit every american, and he's looking
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at the educational piece to transfer people out of one job to another for people who might have had a blue collar job to transfer into a technology based job but there's a lot of things we can do in terms of training an retraining, vo tetech what tr background or not and that's the kind of stuff that i think will help move forward. >> there was a report that came out this morning that said if the current spending levels where they are it's going to put the country in another $10 trillion in debt over the next ten years, does that reinforce the need to cut spending? >> absolutely. >> where in the government can he cut spending enough to make a dent? >> i think the american people elected the right guy at the right time. this is somebody who understands how to cut a good deal, how to negotiate a good deal and how to manage a budget. you look how he has managed his
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projects, under budget on time or ahead of time, that's the philosophy he's bringing to this government and this white house is not only do we respect tax payers and talking about the hiring freeze, or how much business or we send in aid that we make sure the money we are using is being spent well, the programs we are implementing are done in a effective and efficient way. look what he did with boeing and lock eede on planes, he wanted make sure we could insert -- if we can get a better deal for the tax payers, if someone is getting use in a way to profit for it can we find a way that the american tax payer can
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benefit for this? whether it's the money coming in or going out, how do we get a handle on it but i think we have the right guy at the helm right now when it comes to our spending and our deficits it's not just about energy, or about finding now ways of growth, to bring money into the treasury to reduce the gdeficit. there's new ways of thinking that he's em powered his team to look at to create jobs, grow the economy and bring the deficit down. >> two questions and i know you love us but if there are protests again if this pipeline goes through, last time during the protests there were infinite journalists arrested an detained
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would this administration at least support reporters trying to gather the facts. >> we are huge fans. >> i would like that on the record. >> and -- sponsored legislation for the shield law. would this administration support a national shield law for reporters? >> i know congressman pen was on that, i would be glad to follow-up on that. >> on keystone, the initial process took up to ten years. >> yeah. >> how fast does the president want this -- >> as quick as possible, that's why it was done the day it was done, it's too important for the jobs and economy of our country. >> did they talk about keystone? >> they talked about setting up
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an agenda that would include nafta. the call they had was more of a congratulatory, i'm sure when they sit down and the teams meet that will be on the agenda. >> the first trip outside the country for a new country is mexico and canada, so will this position be maintained? >> we're excited to have teresa mai come, president netanyahu isis coming. when we have an update on the president's fist foreign trips we'll let you know. >> a couple of photo ops, first between the leaders of russia -- has it been scheduled? >> not that i'm aware of. >> second you were also asked about the -- in syria and you
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referred us to the pentagon who said there was no such -- is there any new guidance? >> no, i think the pentagon has read that out -- come on that was too. >> no, no, my final question -- my real question is a basic one. >> i just want an easy one. >> the president had been what i can only describe as viciously, viciously attacked toward his attitude to russia by his opponents here, he has with stood those attacks but i'm from russia. >> i can tell. >> please explain to us why? what's his logic? why is he doing this? standing firm on wanting to improve -- we are happy that he stands firm on that, but please explain to my audience his
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reasoning for believing we can do it together? >> because i believe he's a great deal maker and he's going to do what he can to fight on behalf of this country whether it's fighting for the american tax payers or working with other countries to protect our economic progress, he's going to make a deal with another country. >> you were with the national republican committee at the time, and reince priebus was of the rnc, if you believe there was voter fraud are you can you feel comfortable? >> look, jeff, i've asked and answered this question twice, he believes what he believes on the information he's provided. >> what does that mean for democracy, what does that mean for democracy.
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>> it means i've answered your question. >> have you? >> the president's been meeting with business leaders are there any plans to target international -- >> i think our automotive industry has as a lot of plans overseas, the first prior to is jobs he's trying to bring back, johns johnson & johnson, dow, you take ford, chrysler, g.m., they all have massive overseas investments and i think part of the problem he was talking about is greater market access for them, to not get into markets they may have trouble with. >> are there any plans -- the
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prime minister of ireland to come here for the official saint patrick's day celebration? >> no, but i will right away. write that one down. >> blake. >> yesterday the president met with ceos, broad based union leaders, today though he specifically met with auto leaders, why was that his choice as the first industry to meet with and taking it broader from that what is the criteria or policy that the president or administration has or might develop that will determine which leaders are brought here to the white house to meet with the president? >> look, i appreciate the question. i think again, we're on day two, we can only have so many meetings in a day, just stop and remember what you said for a second. yesterday union leaders, executive order action, i mean
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his day one is pretty darn robust, i've gotten out of the quantifying game, but i think when you compare that to the past we probably put that up there the amount of action he took, folks, that's what you're going to see a lot more of today, he wanted to sit down with the auto industry because he thinks that's vital to our manufacturing base, but he's going to have a lot of meetings and meet with a lot of folks with a lot of backgrounds with folks he think are interested in working with him, to your point on the criteria, that's what it is. >> does the president have any plans to change u.s. policy towards cuba? there were a lot of changes in the last administration, any executive orders that relates to u.s.-cuba relations? >> not at the point. >> are there any plans to meet
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with the congressional black caucus or congressional hispanic caucus. >> i think it might have been april that asked this yesterday. the president started with the leadership, today i think the group is part of advice and consent with respect to appointing a supreme court justice, so he's going through the motions on that, but you are going to see a lot of meetings with a lot of individuals, he welcomes the meetings and advice, this is something these really enjoyed not just during the transition but in the last few days of his administration, is the feedback, the president has largely just sat and listened, asked questions, tried to elicit their ideas about what barriers they're facing to hire
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more people, what the regulatory or impact is on their ability to keep more jobs or keep manufacturing here in the united states, you're going to see a lot more of that whether it's governors or different groups in the house or senate to come down and get their ideas and advice how to work together and move an agenda. >> you mentioned that the president is reviewing the islamic state strategy, can you tell us who exactly is involved in that review, how long is it's going to take and what are options being considered? >> i think there's a lot not to get back on my high horse but i think a lot of individuals are going to be part of that, he's got some of his senior press, secretary of state, u.n. ambassador, a lot of folks that have not been consulted because they haven't been confirmed, they have been in private but
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they get to get in their respective a respective agencies and provide feedback. >> first one, and really not to belabor a point but you said the president believes his belief that there is widespread voter fraud but only four days ago did he get the power to do something about it so why not definitively say that he will investigate if he believes there was massive voter fraud. >> the comment he said was 3-5 million people could have voted illegally based on the is studies he's seen, but he's very clear based on the electoral votes. >> if he lost would he be upset. >> of course he would be upset.
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he won but the electoral votes, he is very comfortable with the depth and breadth that he got from the people, the battleground states. >> just quick on the pipeline, on keystone with you look at the dakota p dakota pipeline, it did show he did have some stake. >> he sold it. >> at least from the last disclosure there's still thousands of dollars he has. >> thousands of dollars for a guy that's a multibillionaire -- i don't know if that's true, but. >> to those concerned about potential conflicts. >> by law he can't have conflicts and i think the president has gone above and beyond as outlined at the press
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conference a couple weeks ago that his focus is on the american people and bringing back jobs and increasing the economy. >> -- washington has a -- commitment to the alliance? >> i think the president is very clear as it is structured now in terms of the output of nato he doesn't feel it's doing what its mission was set out to do, i think secretary mattis haves ideas how to make it more effective and how it is putting into nato or the u.n. but i think he's not pleased with the terms of the u.s. contribution and the outcome it's getting. >> senator collins and senator cassidy, would obamacare allow -- would the president
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support that type of legislation, if he did would that go back on his promise to have a full repeal? >> i think first and foremost let's get back to his goal, we're working with congress. staff has been working on a plan to repeal and replace. his goal first and foremost is to make sure we give the american people a health care system that's affordable, more accessible, more doctors, more plans. whether a state chooses to implement that, but right now having a mandate, it's driven out competition and cost is not a health care system he's pleased with and wants to repeal it. >> i just want to be clear about this investigation because seems like you potentially opened a door for one. >> which investigation are you referring to? >> possibly investigating this voter fraud. >> no, i did not. >> you said it's possible. >> anything is possible.
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>> i think at some point -- look, i was asked a question, there is no investigation. i said it was possible. anything is possible. it was a hypothetical question. my point to you is to ask us on day two, he made a comment last night on something he has believed an said for a long long time and the question asked, it's been asked and answered. >> and on foreign policy, does he support israel. >> israel continues to be a huge ally of the united states. he wants to grow closer to israel to make sure it gets the full respect in the middle east and as i mentioned yesterday, we're going to have a meeting with president netanyahu to discuss that. we'll have a conversation with the prime minister. >> during the campaign president trump said he wanted to fill up
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the guantánamo with bad dudes and i'm wondering if the white house has a plan to do that to start arresting terrorists overseas. >> we have nothing on that right now. >> i have two questions with regard to the supreme court and senate leadership. first can you talk to us about what the goal is, will he be sharing with them a short list of hi fins final choices. >> one quick kwcorrection, the only daattendees, and the whips are not going to be attending. the idea is how far they want i think he wants to hear what they are looking for in a judge and any ideas they have. >> when senate democrats changed
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the filibuster, they exempted the supreme court nominations from that. would the president encourage republicans to consider lowering -- >> i think he's going to appoint a quality associate justice that hopefully will achieve overwh m overwhelming support, his goal is to choose i think everybody recognizes is a jurist who follows the constitution. >> but with the frustration as far as is that something that he could consider? >> i think he's going to hear from them tonight. i'll see you all, take care. have a good one. >> all right. so as sean spicer walks out of the briefing room. that was stunning. let me reiterate what secretary of press sawn spicer just said
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that the president of the united states vis'a vis believes that millions of votes were cast illegally which begs the question what evidence does he have? is this an alternative fact? we'll get to you jeff zeleny. but david chalian, if true, this would be the biggest presidential election story in history. where is the evidence? >> well, shawn did not provide any evidence other than to provide some studies that they are not aware of in the past that have been thoroughly debunked. no other question mattered in this room today. this is not some bright shiny object that the press is going to obsess about. this is on behalf of the president just said that he continues to believe that there's this massive voter fraud
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of some 3 million illegal votes cast this the election. he won, by the way, and that he continues to believe this and it is -- to me it is just the president of the united states thoroughly under mining the very small d democratic foundations of the country, thereat's a threshold question, and now i think the burden is on the president to put proof if any exists of where these claims are. >> yes. david, you just said this would under mine democracy, can you hear me? >> yes. >> you thank goodness stayed on this and continued to press on. remind us our question following up on voter fraud an his time at the rnc, what was his response? >> indeed, there are so many
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questions to ask this new administration, the fact that sean spicer the new white house press secretary doubled down and said the president in deed still believes this as other reporters here asked, it would be a scandal of epic pro portions so i asked sean spicer who of course is now the white house press secretary, but he was the chairman of the republican national committee, so two of the top official strategists if you will, if they believe that, and sean did said he did not believe that. >> does the president believe that millions voted illegally in this election and what evidence do you have of widespread voter fraud if that's the case? >> the president does believe that. i think he stated his concerns
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of voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign based on studies and evidence people have present today him. >> paul ryan today says there's no evidence, the national secretaries of state say they don't agree with the president's assessment. what evidence do you have? >> i have said the president has believed that for a while based on information and studies he has. >> you said that the president believes there was voter fraud. i wonder if you believed that, you and reince priebus were -- how can you comfortable with his win, maybe he didn't win it? >> no, it's an electoral based system, 33 of 50 states voted for him. >> if he does believe that what does it mean for democracy?
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>> it means i've answered your question. >> have you? >> brooke, there you go, that was the exchange with white house press secretary sean spicer and there are many other questions to be asking him but this is something that many republicans believe and on capitol hill believe that this is a central issue here, senator lindsey graham told manu raju earlier on capitol hill that if the president believes this, he needs to point to evidence or it threatens his credibility. so you also if heard if they would support some type of investigation. sean spicer did not close to door, but i think they opened something here, brooke, they had hoped they closed. this is one example of things you say before you're pretty
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matters much more because of this podium. >> okay, you brought up manu, let's talk to him, who spoke with senator graham, but you tell me about that exchange. >> yeah, i caught up with senator graham, a senior member of the judiciary committee who would look into allegations of voter fraud if they were happening if the president of the united states believes, but he does not believe it is wise to be asserting it saying it would erode the pillars of our democracy. >> if the president of the united states is claiming that 3.5 million people voted illegally, that shakes confidence in our democracy, he needs to disclose why he believes that. i don't believe that. it is the most inappropriate thing for the president to say without proof.
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al gore walked away based on 5 or 600 votes, richard nixon lost by a close election, we're talking about a man who won the election and seems to be obsessed that he lost on popular vote, you won, people are going to start doubting you if you keep making acquisitions against our justice, he is going to erode the democracy of this country if he does not stop it. >> senator tim kaine reiterating that as well. the vice presidential candidate
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saying it is a quote obvious lie that trump was saying that, but also some republicans are distances themselves, not embracing what donald trump but not wanting to criticize a senate majority leader, paul ryan suggesting that he does not believe there was voter fraud but didn't really want to expand on his line of thinking, so a line of rank and file members not believing this so donald trump putting his party in a difficult spot but some willing to push back like senator lindsey graham. >> abbey, let me go to you, we know that the trump team kept pointing to the source from your paper from this blog in 2014 posted the "washington post" and it was a study that had been contested by the experts who actually gathered the underlying
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data, so more or less this had been refuted, yes? >> it has been and there were studies of the 2016 election that found less than a handful of verified cases of people voting when they weren't supposed to be voting but beyond that even if there were 3-5 million people voting illegally that means at the congressional level, state level would be suspect. that's a really serious claim -- >> that's a great point. >> and one we're not hearing donald trump making, that's what is so dangerous about this kind of claim is that there is really no evidence of anything of this magnitude went on that would have changed the outcome of the i election and as lindsey graham pointed out, donald trump won the election so it's even more perplexing that this has become such an important issue to him
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even that he's willing to bring it up in a closed door meeting with leaders, not of public consumption, how important it is to him personally. >> abbey, thank you, and brian stelter turning to you, care to comment? >> i want to choose my words as carefully as possible, brooke. we talked about before donald trump talked about how the election would be rigged and would under mine the election, but the only thing i can think of for the right word is crazy, it's crazy to think that 3-5 million people voted illegally, it's just a dark fact. we heard about alternative facts by kellyanne conway, the fact is that many americans believe there is illegal voting.
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so "the new york times" reached out to the appropriate authorities in each state and the times found that all 50 states except kansas found no indication of widespread fraud. i think the question is does donald trump want to be remembered as the fake news president? does he want to be remembered as the conspiracy theory president? i don't think he does, so he's either got to present evidence and acknowledge that the election was successful and he won, what's next, brooke, is nasa going to say that the moon is made of green cheese? >> you're looking at me with a straight face, so you're not jokin joking. >> i am not. >> david, what does this say for his presidency? you outlined how this could
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under mine democracy. >> let's go with microa and macro, that 14% figure based on a study in 2010, a study a couple folks did that who did a study in 2014 said they got it wrong. i urge everyone to read it that figure cited is something now that the authors have rejected. the macro is -- of what we are to believe when we go cast that ballot in voting booth that then our representatives speak on behalf of us make laws, enforce those laws. how can any of that happen with the confidence of the country of the people that those in
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washington are supposed to represent? how can there be confidence in their work if the very head of that government says that it is all fraudulent? it just simply can't work. so this really is something that the trump white house is going to have the right in the country overall is going to continue to have faith in the system. >> david chalian, thank you. we have to continue this conversation. i do need to take a quick break. also on the fourth day of his presidency, the executive actions he signed including the meeting with the three big automakers -- american automakers. we'll be right back.
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all right. the men and women who will help lead the country, two cabinet choices add vovance, chao, and , dr. price is trump's pick to
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lead health and human services and he was grilled today whether he is profiting from his position. let's go to m.j. lee, the administration is quote committed to -- the spending, that's a mega promise, what else was said? >> reporter: we certainly saw sparks fly, the second hearing that tom price has had, the first was on the financial investments and ethics about his decision to invest where his companies and congress may have been related and democrats are saying his work may have helped him benefit, reap financial benefits and he reiterated as last week that he didn't do anything illegal. on obamacare he obviously received a lot of questions from
11:46 am
democrats basically asking the question do you stand by what donald trump the president has said on obamacare making sure that everybody has insurance and you could tell that was a tricky round of questioning for tom price because we did want to get ahead of congress. republicans are currently trying to work on a replacement plan as they get moving on repealing obama and he didn't want to make any promises that he couldn't keep or that donald trump couldn't keep, i wanted to share a piece about this replacement plan that president trump said he is working on, let's play a little bit of that. >> thank you. president trump said he's working with you on a replacement plan for the aca which is nearly finished and will be refevealed after your confirmation hearing, true. >> it's true that he said that yes. >> did the president lie about this that he's not working with
11:47 am
you? he said he's working with you. i know we don't use the word lie when presidents say statements that aren't true, but did he lie about working with you. >> i've had conversations with the president about health care yes. >> do you commit to maintain the protections for those ohio aans you committed to in the replacement plan? >> our commitment is to make sure that every american has the highest quality care coverage possible. >> i'm still not sure whether the president not lied to you but to us on whether or not he's working with you. sounds like he did. >> a burst in laughter was certainly uncomfortable for tom price, so even if the nominee
11:48 am
has details on this plan that donald trump says he is working on. back to you. >> that communication on the details. m.j. lee. thank you so much. >> the white house briefing that just wrapped moments ago suddenly now the story here, president trump according to his press secretary still believes that there was voter fraud in the election. what evidence does he have? is there an investigation? and the trump administration is withdrawing from ttp, but is china now entering into a trade partnership all of its own? stay with me.
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no ttp central pitch for donald trump who claimed it was harmful to american workers and manufacturing, he signed an executive order today to withdraw from former president obama that made waves to reduce trade barriers a deal which the chinese government has been a long time critic, so china is responding with a new trade deal of their own. sara murray is reporting on this today china is responding. we know president obama checked
11:54 am
on china on the ttp to keep china in check, what is the deal? >> he talked about how to put ameri american interests first and then pulls out of ttp, and now china says they're moving forward with their own yesterday. the president said yesterday he wants to pursue buy lateral agreements and relationships with the country, that can be a very long process if you're trying to do bilateral agreements, you have just offered china the runway to exert power, and missed the option to keep power in check.
11:55 am
what happened in the south china sea? >> i think we saw sean spicer the white house press secretary come out with a muscular response when he was asked about the south china sea and spicer said we are going to defend our interest against any country trying to move in and sort of take over. they're referring to china and that drew a very sharp response from china, telling the trump administration to maintain caution if they wanted to maintain it. they don't think anyone including the trump administration is looking for a trade war but it puts it in a sharper corner with the trump administration.
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>> back to the white house briefing, sean spicer, the white house press secretary said that the president still believes that there was voter fraud, cnn pressed him on why he thinks that, we'll have more when we come back.
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top of the hour, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin, we have been watching press secretary sean spicer, reporters grilling him on the dakota pipelines, to the pick for the supreme court will be decided on this week, but reporters in the room did