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tv   New Day  CNN  January 25, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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trump administration. >> do you think there were illegal voting this time around. >> what he said was completely false. >> why do you think he's saying it. >> we heard about alternative facts. those sorts of things again. what is central for the american people is to get information where you have some evidence in respecting your view. that's what we did yesterday when we were questioning congressman price and we couldn't get a commitment from him. a specific commitment to make sure that working families wouldn't be worse off. so when a president makes these kind of claims. >> should congress investigate these claims of illegal vote something what congress ought to
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do now is look at moving forward constructively. the best way is to pick up oregon's idea. let's make sure that every american gets a ballot in the mail that there's a paper trail to ensure integrity and election systems and be concerned about hacking. that's a way to go forward. >> can you tell us about the proposal you put forward for every president? president trump and have to present their taxes to the american public. >> every democrat and every republican who fought the presidency disclosed their taxes. in effect that closure was almost the lowest ethical bar that we expected and this president was unwilling to do it. so on sunday we had a very
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significant development when one of the presidents leading staffers said the president had no intention whatever to disclose his taxes. we began to mobilize and we reached out to the ground troops with a white house petition on it and by monday they changed. my proposal is very straightforward. shortly after a convention disclosed their taxes and if they're not doing that you essentially go to the treasury department and arrange to make sure that they're disclosed. lead some effort to make sure that that would apply to residents as well. >> senator, thank you for taking all the time for new day. >> thank you. >> thank you to your international viewers for watching. for our u.s. viewers newday continues right now. >> president trump is making good on a number.
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>> the president will announce an executive action ordering the construction of the wall along the mexican border. >> we still don't know how he intends to get mexico to pay for it. >> everything i did was ethical and legal and transparent. >> i'm asked to be a character witness in a felony trial. >> it's a nonsense car lengical. >> the president ought to realize he's president. >> good morning, welcome to your new day in just hours the president will announce executive action ordering the construction of a wall along the mexican border. no mention of mexico paying for it which is always part and parcel of this promise until president trump got elected. >> president trump also plans to make sweeping changes to
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immigration policy limiting the number of refugees coming into the u.s. posing a ban on travel to terror prone countries and punishing sanction ware cities. we're now on day six. >> good morning allison, the white house is look at this as another day, another promise kept. the president hinting at his big plans late last night. telling his 22 million twitter followers we will build the wall. >> we are going to build a great border wall. >> president trump said to take his first steps in executing his signature campaign promise. in just hours the president will sign an executive order to begin the construction of a wall along the mexico border. >> we are going to build the wall, okay. don't even think about it. >> the order will direct federal
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funds toward building the wall but we don't know how he intends to get mexico to pay for it. the president also expected to announce a second executive order on thursday seeking to eliminate sanctuary cities and restrict visas from terror prone countries and the flow of refugees entering the u.s. >> 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. the orders follow a blitz of executive actions in the president's first week. >> i am to a large extent an environmentalist. >> he is to revive construction of two controversial pipeline projects. but his policies are overshadowed by his conspiracy theer risk. defending his unfounded claim that millions of illegal ballots cost him the popular vote. >> he continues to maintain that belief. >> numerous independent studies refute his claims.
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>> he continues to demand proof of the president's assertions. >> he believes what he believes based on the information. >> what does that mean for democracy. >> republicans and democrats unified in opposing the president's baseless claims. >> i would urge the president to knock this off. this is the greatest democracy on earth. you're the leerd of the free world and people are going to start doubting you as a person. >> now the president heads to the department of homeland security today to sign a first immigration action. meanwhile mexico's foreign minister is here in the u.s. beginning preparations for the meeting on tuesday between president trump and the mexican president. >> senate democrats spent hours grilling the president's health secretary and budget nominees over ethics concerns. they confirmed four of mr.
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trump's nominees. >> good morning to you. likely a lot of fireworks next week. we know that nikki haley was confirmed as the u.s. ambassador and meeting that president trump now has four members of his cabinet firmly in place but you have many of these no, ma'am niece up here on capitol hill and continue to battle over the pace of these nominations. >> tough questions on president trump's pick as health secretary. tom price refusing to promise that no american would be worse off or lose health care if obamacare provisions get rolled back. >> yes or no. under the executive order will you commit no one will be worse off. >> working with you and every single meeting of congress and making sure that we have access to affordable coverage.
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>> when asked if the president will replace it. >> president trump said he is working with you on a replacement plan for the aca which is finished and revealed as confirmation. it's true that he said that, yes. >> defending himself against ethics concerns and could have benefitted from legislation that he proposed during his time in the house. >> everything that i did was ethical and above board and legal and transparent. >> i feel like have been asked to be a character witness in a character trial. he's a female man and he's an honorable man. >> he's also in the hot seat admitting he failed to pay taxes on a babysitter for his triplets. >> it's a mistake. how do we fix it. >> and getting grilled by
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senator john mccain and cutting expense spending and backing with draw of troops from afghanistan. >> with draw all troops from afghanistan. it's crazy. don't you know where 9/11 came from? >> other nominees took small steps yesterday toward confirmation all clearing their respective committees. and a full senate vote and there will be no more action on capitol hill this week and republicans and democrats are heading out of town today for their annual party retreat and work on these confirmations. we'll restart on monday. >> he's the co-chair of the president's house leadership committee. a bunch of issues. let's start on the wall. you understand construction very well. is this a redo of all the existing fence area right now. is that going to be replaced for
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a wall or is this going a follow through on that early legislation and finishing this line of the huge steel fence. secure the border and he has clarified after he was sworn in and during the time he was respect elect and a wall is a wall. securing the border is securing the border. you're not going to have spots where they will be sneaking through. he's going to get that done. obviously there's different construction methods and parts and water and different type of terrain. and it's just that it is secure. >> it just matters from a cost perspective because if you want to redo all of those miles of fence with a wall, that's going to be much more expensive than
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just continuing with what is already there and looking at options in what are now the open spots. >> i can assure everyone as a private sector ceo president trump is not one to waste money at all. you have seen it with his new hiring freeze for federal workers. he's going to reduce the cost to the federal government. he's never going to throw money at a project that's not needed. he doesn't do it in construction of his own buildings. he builds great buildings but he's not going to throw money away need leslie. >> no mention of mexico paying for the wall. more and more all the time from his surrogates and gop. >> president trump has said he is going to get mexico to pay for it through negotiations. of course we're building it. we have to pay the cost. no different than a county putting in a bridge. they pay for it and turn around and get reimbursed from federal
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highway funds. president trump has all the cards relevant to negotiations with mexico. they depend on access to our u.s. consumers and the products they make are going into walmart and stores going into china and that is the negotiations that he can have from china and mexico. >> we have new information on a very important topic where he said he is going to call for a major investigation into voter fraud. the president as you know continues to insist that millions of people voted illegally and that's why he lost a popular vote. there is zero proof of that scale of fraud. the research that is cited by him is erroneous and either doesn't go to the point or has
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been debunked. >> i think it's always important to make sure that we don't have illegal votes. we know we have them. we don't check i.d. when somebody comes to vote. illegal immigrants can get a license and automatically be signed up to vote. we should have american citizens voting and know who is walking into the voting booth and i would support anything we do to make sure that our elections are secure that it's only citizens voting and if we do an investigation and sounds like we're going to i'm all in support of that. every state has different rules but what we need to make sure that folks voting are citizens that have the right to vote. >> if i said to you that 95% of congress is dirty and therefore we should investigate and there's no basis for what i just said in terms of that scale of corruption or unethical behavior you'd be okay with that because it's always good to know for sure.
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>> i don't think that's the same. >> i would say that integrity was a straight line. matters as much as anything. he has no basis in fact for this scale of fraud. you know that. you've never seen anything of any legitimacy that in anyway would have suggested anything of that scale. is it true or false. >> we can tighten down. >> it's not about tightening down. do you have a shred of proof of that suggestion? >> no, i don't. that's his opinion but i'll say there are illegal votes cast and if we can tighten down we should do it. >> i understand that but that's not what the president is suggesting. now he's going to have an investigation into something only he believes. does that worry you on any level? >> well, the president has certain prerogatives and when he
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says investigation i don't know the scope of it but i am all in favor of tightening down and getting the illegal voters out of our system whether it's -- however many it is. >> it's something like this. my money is going to go to an investigation on something we don't have a shred of proof and what this opinion hasn't been based on is called out by the people that did the studies. >> look at local election. >> we have local election. we at local elections when 300 votes determine whether they're true. we tighten down on getting rid of the illegal voters. we have the presidency with 120 million votes. we have folks winning and losing by one vote, five votes, let's make sure that the people going
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to the poll are citizens entitled to vote. >> the president is never anything like what you just said. the integrity down ballot. he is talking about his popular return and what happened there and this is not an open area of discussion where there's a great unknown. there's been studies about this and they have looked at over a billion votes congressman. it's almost exhaustively to be honest about it. they found a handful of prosecutable cases. a hand full of cases that mixed determinations. this is a fools errand and is it something we should tolerate? >> i look at the down ballot. >> that's not what he is proposing. he is talking about himself and what happened in his race and legitimacy that only the president seems to be questioning. >> when an illegal vote is cast for president that illegal vote is also cast for a city
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councilman so the president is entitled to his opinion and i'd like to get rid of all of the illegal voters and it does impact down ballot. >> everybody has their own opinion. and he's entitled to his own opinion and that's what he is expressing. >> sits investigation into why president trump lost the popular vote. >> people have provided him facts. this isn't something i'm focused on in the least. >> one last thing, we know that you have been in the cross hairs. there's a lot of ethical evaluations going on with tom price and his investment and the push back has been extreme. tom price has been very strong as well. there is no direct allegation of anything that was done for that
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specific company. i stipulate all of those facts as you played them out as well. should one have such profound business interest of their own. let alone in a sector that will be legislative. >> we adhere to the requirements. and if there is a chance for any kind and we question whether we should cast a vote at a particular issue or recuse ourselves. disclosing if we do purchase a stock. but we are just like every american we have 401k and our own finances and we have to disclose what they are. and open to public scrutiny. when we're working on policy if
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there is an area. >> it's about having a different standard. we appreciate you making your case on all of these issues. >> great to be with you. >> we have more on breaking news. how do democrats feel about president trump ordering that investigation into his false claim that voter fraud cost him the popular vote? we'll ask the former dnc chair, next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car
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president donald trump tweeting that he will ask for a major investigation into voter fraud. vowing to strengthen voting procedures. joining us is the former chair of the democratic national committee. thank you for being here. i know you haven't had a chance to read it yet. what president trump tweeted about voter fraud. he says i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud including those registered and even those registered to vote are dead and we will strengthen up voting procedures. >> well, i mean, what is more frightening is that this is an
4:24 am
investigation that the department of justice the president can conduct without congressman's authority. he had the ability to launch investigations and we can always stop them. that's quite unlikely. what's the most disturbing about it is the president's intention for like and also known as alternate facts now from the trivial in terms of how many people showed up to watch his inauguration to him perpetrator the lie that 3 to 5 million people fraudulently voted in his presidential election. anything that makes him look bad or doesn't make him look good is something that he is willing to just tell bald faced lies. >> there's no possible way that there is rampant cases of dead people voting. >> or maybe even any case of a dead person voting.
4:25 am
>> i mean for the simple fact that when you die, eventually you are purged from the registration. >> so there it is. so i think what you're saying is that there are still names of people who are deceased on the voter registration polls. that is correct. >> yes. >> there would be people that may have recently died at a would still be registered to vote. i'm talking about a few months ago. >> but no evidence that those dead people could look. >> no evidence. >> there would have to be massive fraud being perpetrated. and there's is very serious checks now on whether you are who you say you are. if you show up at a voter registration, voter poll. you have to have a signature
4:26 am
that matches the person's signature on file and by the way there have been massive investigation, large scale investigation into this. one of the studies authors has weighed in on this and says that mr. trump and it's david becker on twitter and he says as the primary author of the report. i can confirm the report made no findings regarding voter fraud. due to people moving or dying but no evidence that voter fraud resulted. >> the same thing happened during the george w. bush administration when they also kept going to the idea that there was voter fraud and that's why they needed to clamp down on
4:27 am
voter access. we were so critical of them. their own investigation in the george w. bush administration came up with no voter fraud. >> so the larger picture, the larger issue here is that if the president of the united states believes that voting was tainted then the outcome is illegitimate. >> i keep getting asked this question. he seems to be questioning the legitimacy of his own election all while for the last couple of months touting how huge and historic sit. it can't be both. what is the most deeply disturbing about his pension for lying is if he is willing to lie about the trivial like crowd size or the significant like voter fraud then what if we go to war and we have our troops
4:28 am
lives on the line and there are causalities. is he going to send sean spicer out to lie about the causalities that have taken place? are our allies going to be able to trust us? how are we going to sit across the table from other countries and negotiate when you have an administration that cannot be trusted because they lie every day willingly. >> i want to ask you about the president's executive action about immigration. he is passing a flur ri of them in the next 48 hours. what is the future as you understand it for the so-called dreamers. the children that are brought here to this country undocumented through no choice of their own. >> well, i certainly hope that he is not going to cave in to the extremists in his party and deport millions of young people who have been in this country their whole lives through no fault of their own are brought
4:29 am
here and have no criminal record. >> at the moment you believe they're safe. there's nothing he has specified about that. >> they're only as safe as his pen. and the other thing here is the sanctuaries that he has issued. $14 billion at a minimum that a fence would cost. the republicans haven't shown a pension for spending a whole lot of money or paying for it through increasing revenue so there's no doubt that in the homeland security budget they start spending all of this money on walls and we are going to be taking money away from real national security. i'm a member of the appropriations committee. >> president trump pressing forward on his false claims of massive voter fraud. why is the president lying about
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president donald john trump making news this morning peddling a conspiracy theory of widespread voter fraud. the president tweeting i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud including those registered to vote in two states. those that are illegal and even those that register to vote that are dead and many for a long time. depending on results, we will strengthen voting procedures so why does the president of the united states, by the way, those were all legitimate questions. many found answers in reports but his basic notion is a lie which is that he lost the popular vote because of widespread fraud between 3 and 5 million people. let's discuss with cnn political commentator and former senator rick santorum. thank you for being with us this morning. rick, we got to button down the
4:35 am
system no question about it. it's weird because it's a patch work of different states and laws and localities and we all know it but we also all know there is zero proof of the scale of fraud he is peddling. why does he continue to go down this road? >> what we're looking at is what the president identified the potential for fraud and it is vast. >> he doesn't say potential. >> i understand that. >> between 3 and 5 million voted illegally. that's why i lost the popular vote. >> there was large scale voting fraud but as you know in the city of new york four years ago during the election for mayor, the department of investigation did a scam operation. 63 people went to vote at the election and 61 of them illegally using names of dead
4:36 am
people and 61 of the 63 were allowed to vote. the two that weren't allowed to vote only got caught because they were using the name of someone at the polling place they knew wasn't there. the idea that this doesn't happen or couldn't happen and that was the important part. we have laws in place and allow people that are dead and move and remain on the voter polls. >> market this is a very different question. arguing the possible. take a look at it. when they did the follow up study you had about 2,000 all over the country that fell into that category. >> exhaustive studies done again and again. do we need to do better? yes. that's not what the president is saying. he is saying i lost because 3 to 5 million people just like those
4:37 am
people celebrating after 9/11, that's what took it away from me. it's a dangerous lie because if people try to validate an untruth like this, where does it lead us when the truth matters to the american people over time. what the numbers are aboard. what's the realities of our economic situation. if you'll lie about something this small, what does it mean later. >> this president has a propensity to peddle conspiracy theories. have you ever heard of birtherism? ted cruz's dad being involved in the assassination of jfk? that was a big thing during the primaries. you could just chock this up to your learning on the job and you're new at being president and every president is the learning curve and words matter more than ever. and there is not a fair and free
4:38 am
process and when you're doing good thinks frankly. >> he's able to be productive in the office and he's going to have to learn to bite his tongue like that. >> don't make something up, rick. your encouraging the problem here because you're redefining the issue to make it more acceptable. it is voter fraud. it's not what he's talking about and you know that. >> i was clear that i don't agree with the president and if you look at what his tweet says and look at what he's going to investigate there's legitimate things to investigate and we need to clean up our voting process. and these voter id laws are out of jim crow. this is ridiculous. the bottom line is we do need
4:39 am
voter i.d. in this country. we do have a responsible system and accountable system of voting and as someone that lost the iowa caucus vote by 8 votes i can tell you that every single vote matters on election day. >> right. you can say that all the votes that came in against you are why you lost because you didn't have any proof to say that, right? >> i'm not defending his statement. he lost the election. >> that's why we have these good discussions but you did excuse it right off the bat. i came back at you to make you talk about this specific issue and then you said it but your inclination was to defend it by deflecting it into something more simple. >> my inclination was very clear. i wasn't going to defend he lost the election by voter fraud but i said the potential exists for him to do so and i cited the study in new york where 97% of the people -- >> there's no study that's ever
4:40 am
been done that suggests you could have 3 to 5 million people vote illegally in this country. >> millions and millions and millions. over 5 million people on the rolls in this country that shouldn't be on the roll. 1 in 8. >> people having multiple registrations have been found but there's been never a follow through of any commitment. >> that doesn't equate. >> it's very hard to do by the way. very hard to do. >> to your point, here's what they should do, rick. i think absolutely look into how you clean up the voter rolls but don't spend public funds on investigating whether 3 to 5 million illegals are voting or made the difference in this election. that is a waste of public funds. what he should do is clean up the voter rolls in every state. that will be productive. and maybe he lost the popular vote which he did. >> i agree that the focus of the
4:41 am
narrative is not the narrative, the focus of the narrative that i would put forward but i think that the narrative that the fraud potential exists and that there is lots of evidence and i point to that, again to the new york study, there's lots of evidence that if it were follow through it could happen and could happen very easily is enough of a threat. >> a little bit of it is apples and oranges. there's no question that it's potential fraud. there's probably no question. however that new york study and the national studies and forensic studies none give any basis to a recognition of the possibility of the scale of fraud is suggesting and for you to say that rick is enhancing a deceptive position. >> i said the potential exists.
4:42 am
i won't agree with you. >> for fraud. not on the scale of millions of people voting illegally. >> well, of course, if you have millions of people who are out there and on list that shouldn't be on the list, the potential exists. do we have any proof that that scale has never occurred. but we do have proof that there has been fraud and it needs to be cleaned up. >> there's 24 million people that are registered and it doesn't mean that 24 million people voted illegally. we all have the data that improves that. we shouldn't send public funds investigating what we already know. >> decisions have to be made about what we decide to defend and what we decide to criticize in our political dynamic now. that's why we're having this conversation. rick santorum always appreciate your input. you're always welcome on this show. what is your take. tweet us at new day and post your comment on new day.
4:43 am
>> president trump calling himself an environmentalist. he took action that sounded alarm bells through the epa. that's next.
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4:45 am
4:46 am
>> days into his presidency donald trump is seasoneding chills down the spines of environmentalist and epa employees. he put a freeze on regulations and also ordered a freeze on epa
4:47 am
grants and contracts to states. >> this is what we were concerned about in the beginning. it's a war on terks pa. >> but a transition source says the free will not impact all epa grants. we're told the $4.1 billion the agency gives to states to implemented clean water and clean air regulations will not be touched but other grants will be frozen for review. >> the states their budget has been cut so much that i don't think that many of the safety programs will continue without federal funding. welcomes the approach. >> it's a good idea for a new administration that is thinking about a new direction for the epa to want to take a pause, a time-out and just look at all of these things first before spending the taxpayer's money. >> word about the agency
4:48 am
freezing grants comes as details of an epa action plan was leaked to the media. the plan considered a wish list calls for more than $800 million in cuts to state grants, climate and environmental programs. the action plan targets regulations that limit carbon emissions from power plants, green house gases from automobiles just as scientists declare the warmest year on record. >> we're reducing unnecessary regulations. we want regulations and real regulations that mean something. it's out of control. >> the trump transition source tells cnn the guidance has been revised and it is possible elements of the original plan. but nothing will be decided until the senate confirms who will lead the epa. >> the senate is considering
4:49 am
scott pruett to lead the epa. a agency he sued at least a dozen times as oklahoma's attorney general. and democrats are resistant to this particular nominee. they say he is not qualified to lead the agency he once tried to dismantle. back to you. >> thank you very much. president trump's every move is being watched by the world. how will a call to investigate voter fraud motivated by this fallacy of what determined the popular vote matter abroad. we'll talk to a former under secretary of state, next. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. . president donald trump this morning calling for a major investigation into voter fraud after falsely claiming millions of people voted illegally. joining us is ambassador wendy sherman, former u.s. undersecretary of state for political affairs. thanks so much for being here. >> good to be here. >> the idea that the u.s. president is basically questioning the underpinning of our democracy of free and fair elections, how does the world see this? >> what's so sad about this is
4:54 am
the world looks to the united states as the strongest democracy in the world. we go all over the world urging people to create a system that allows their people to have a voice. when the women's march happened last saturday, there were similar marches all over the world because there's a sense of solidarity and purpose. so when the president of the united states questions his own legitimacy, not others, but questions his own legitimacy by saying there was voter fraud, then we're giving license to authoritarian leaders all over the rest of the world to say that the united states isn't such a great country, isn't a strong democracy, that their authoritarianism isn't the right way to go. it undermines ourselves. i don't understand why he's heading down this world. >> it's not speculative. during the election vladimir putin said we are willing to send election monitors to the united states. he was picking up on what trump was saying then.
4:55 am
the irony is, this situation could be a positive for the president of the united states. he could say, look, i came through an election, our system isn't perfect, that's what we're about, a complete democracy. we're going to investigate and make ourselves better and look at the real fraud in our system, voting suppression. we have a problem with it right here. that's not what he's doing. we've already seen with putin they're taking advantage. people will say, i don't buy what sherman is saying, the rest of the world doesn't care. what's proof to the opposite? >> what's so interesting is to watch putin, whoever one thought would embrace donald trump, not yet having a phone call with donald trump. his spokesperson and the official news agency saying, well, it may be months before it's a summit. i think putin is very smart. he's going to wait and see what donald trump does, not just what he did in the campaign, and he wants to be asymmetric, wants to
4:56 am
keep donald trump on the hot seat a little bit because putin is trying to really regain a dynasty, regain the greatness of the soviet empire from the past. donald trump helped him to take progress in that regard. it is very dangerous for europe. theresa may is coming here tomorrow, the prime minister of great britain, to talk about how important nato is, how important it is to push back against russia. she's not a shy person, to say the least. it will be very interesting to see how that relationship evolves. >> president trump also announce add flurry of executive actions during these next 48 actions on immigration policy. i'll read some of them to you and our viewers. he's going to build the wall along the mexico borders, taking actions to end that, end catch and release, 5,000 additional border patrol officers. ban travellers from terror-prone country, end the syrian refugee
4:57 am
program, end sangt aair cities, triple i.c.e. enforcement agents. >> i think what he's saying is countries like yemen, somalia, iraq, iran will not be able to come into this country. >> how do you define it? those would be the easy ones, although plenty of good people from there trying to travel for legitimate reasons. how do you not put france on that list? i haven't been running to yemen recently to deal with terror, but i have been to france a bunch. >> the truth is there are people in yemen whose lives are at risk because of what's going on there. we're here in new york city. this is a country of give me your tired, your poor. i understand the american people want security. i want security. trying to have some kind of broad ban, you're taking small steps towards something that is incredibly undemocratic, to go back to the beginning of this conversation. quite frankly, it's not clear what the rules are.
4:58 am
this executive order is just the first step in what we think will be a series of steps to really say our doors are closed to everybody else and there isn't a single person in this country except native americans, indians, who are native to this country. we are all immigrants. >> what do you think the ripple effect of that is on our reputation? what he said in his inaugural address is basically make the ufrmt s. an aspirational country, make people see it as a beacon so they want to emulate it. but by closing the doors, not everybody, obviously, will get a taste of that. how do you think other countries -- >> i think other countries are going to say, as we heard theresa may say this morning, if there's going to be a u.s.-u.k. trade deal, it's going to be britain first. i think everyone will trout what donald trump has said, we're going to take care of ourselves and not anybody else, and the generosity of the american people, what we stand for, that
4:59 am
kind of openness and inclusivity is out the door and other countries will close the door to us, to our trade, to our exports and ensuring that american workers have what they need in a world that's pretty complicated. >> despite the president's best efforts to cloud over the progress he's making in the early days by forwarding these silly notions about voter fraud in terms of what proof is available, rex tillerson said in his hearing the other day, what russia is doing in ukraine is wrong and that i would be for tougher moves there. as we all know, president obama would not give heavy equipment to the ukrainians to defend themselves against russians, controversial. does that give you optimism for rex tillerson as secretary of state sf. >> i certainly prefer he said that than repeat what the president said about the greatness of president putin, but we'll have to see. the proof will be in the actions that rex tillerson takes, whether he will talk truth to power --
5:00 am
>> should he be confirmed? >> i would have voted as the democratic members of the senate foreign relations committee did with great skepticism. they didn't vote him to proceed forward. he will get confirmed. i have no doubt about that. senator rubio, senator mccain, senator graham are going to vote for him. he ran a great company, did a good job as ceo. but being the secretary of state is a much more complex job, quite different. for 41 years he's only cared about the bottom line of exxonmobil, now he has to care about the bottom line for american security. that's a complex undertaking. >> ambassador wendy sherman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. we're following a lot of news. let's get right to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. good morning everyone. welcome to your "new day." breaking news, president trum tweeting he's calling for a major investigation into voter


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