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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 25, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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probably embarrassed, he was going on and on about how great elway was and he's sitting in the back. >> it's a good thing he didn't say peyton manning. thank you, andy, you made my day, as usual. thank you for joining me. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. this morning, a major investigation into voter fraud. that's what president trump is promising after continuing his fixation on the widely-debunked claims that millions of people voted illegally in november's election. this started back up again of course when trump made this claim in a private meeting with congressional leaders this week, that three to five million illegal votes cost him the popular vote. white house press secretary sean spicer defended trump's claims, without providing evidence to back it up, likely balk it
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doesn't exist. >> president trump's white house counsel, in a court filing objecting to jill stein's michigan recount petition, wrote, "all available evidence suggests the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake." the president's own guy says, nothing to see here, or at least said nothing to see here. all this on a busy day that was supposed to be about immigration, just a short time from now president trump will sign executive orders that include instructions on his prized border wall. let's go to cnn's sara murray at the white house. a lot going on, sara. >> reporter: they have a way of keeping us busy here. trump is upping the ante on these voter fraud allegations, saying he's going to ask for some kind of investigation or report on this. it's worth noting once again, there was no evidence that there was voter fraud of the magnitude that donald trump has talked about, 3 to 5 million people voting illegally, no evidence of that.
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when people have looked into this before, there are very few cases where someone impersonates someone else to vote. what donald trump could find, as he enlists a study like this, is that there are voter registration fraud instances, where people are registered to vote who shouldn't be allowed to register or people are registered in multiple places. that's the kind of thing that could give republicans fodder to crack down on voter registration rules and add restrictions. this is the kind of thing they've lobbied for in years past that has caused ire among some democrats. we'll see if that's the direction they're going. once again, no evidence that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally. it does not exist. >> voter registration is not actual votes. that's the big distinction that's gotten blended together in these conversations. >> reporter: exactly. >> on the other big topic of the day, sara, what exactly do we know about these executive actions the president will be signing? >> reporter: this would have
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been the big news, the banner headline, donald trump is moving forward quickly on some of his key campaign promises. he's going to head over to the department of homeland security later today and we're expecting him to sign executive actions to essentially get moving with building this border wall along the border with mexico as well as adding 5,000 new border patrol agents. this is something that's going to play out over the next two days. we're going to see immigration action and the border wall today. but we're going to see another round of immigration actions likely focused on vetting and refugees. we're expecting most of that to come tomorrow. this is going to end the syrian refugee program. it is going to stop all refugees from coming in for four months. it's going to take a much stricter look going forward at refugees and visas for a number of countries where the trump administration right now feels like you can't get sufficient vetting done. these are changes that are going to immediately impact people's lives. there are people who haven about wa have been waiting for years to come to the united states who will likely not have the
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opportunity to do that now. these are big actions that we're expecting from president trump in the next two days. real ramifications, interesting to see that the president has opted to create this dual narrative with his voting fraud allegations as well as all of his sort of campaign promises playing out. >> by design or not? we'll leave that for everyone to get on that one. sara, great to see you, we'll come back to you, a busy day. we'll talk about those executive actions in a moment. but let's drill down on the president's continued and ill-founded claims of massive voter fraud in the election. alex padilla, it's worth noting california is one of the states that donald trump singled out for voter fraud. two months have passed, have there been any credible allegations of voter fraud in your state in the election? >> good morning, kate.
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it was around thanksgiving weekend where president trump started alleging millions of cases of voter fraud around the country, but naming specific states, california among them. we pushed back at the time, saying we take allegations of voter fraud seriously, if you have any information or proof, please bring it forward, we're happy to investigate. months have passed, zero proof, zero evidence. so here is my concern as he's repeating these allegations. first, my concern, as elections administrator, is he's simply setting the tone for any policy changes that will go further backwards as it pertains to voting rights. we already have needless barriers to voter registration, needless barriers to the ballot box for eligible voters not just in california but around the country. we see what's happening in texas, north carolina, ohio, et cetera. in california we're trying to show a different way. but calling for a massive investigation when there is no basis for it is dangerous.
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it's not productive. it's a distraction, as you've said. and my fear is that it sets up, you know, changes in law as it pertains to access to the ballot for americans. >> mr. secretary, you called the investigation dangerous. will you cooperate with the federal investigation? >> look, we cooperate with federal government as we're required to. and we're happy to do so. i think it's also our obligation to push back and say, hey, this makes sense, this does not make sense. just as alleging voter fraud on a rampant scale without proof or without any evidence is harmful to democracy. so is an investigation that's not based on anything other than somebody's ego. >> to put a fine point on it, mr. secretary, when you say there's zero proof, there is zero proof that -- have there been any allegation of voter fraud in california that your agency is looking at right now? >> to my knowledge there is no
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cases of irregularities in voting. i can't say something won't come forward in the future. but when you make allegations f of 3, 4, 5 million cases of voter fraud across the country, that's impossible. >> again, you called it dangerous. i think you're questioning the motives, i think, of president trump on launching what he calls a major investigation. do you anticipate that this will be a fair investigation? >> well, if the first couple of days of the trump administration, how they played fast and loose with the truth and facts, i have cause for concern. look, not just myself in california, but my colleagues throughout the country. we pride ourselves on free and fair elections. an elections process that is absolutely transparent and true to our small "d" democracy. when you start questioning it, when you start creating doubts, that's taking a jackhammer to the bedrock of our democracy. >> that's a strong statement,
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saying a jackhammer to the bedrock of our democracy. he's called for a major investigation, a serious investigation. on the state level, because obviously this is going to come down, even if it's a federal investigation, it will come into your state. what would a major investigation into voter fraud look like on the ground for you guys? >> in my opinion, a major investigation should start with the white house, including the president himself, reading the reports that are already out there. there's stuff from loyola university, the pew center for the states, the brennan center for justice. there's been report after report, study after study, investigation after investigation, for years on these allegations of voter fraud. and what does each and every one turn up? does it exist? yes, but virtually nonexi exise. >> one study said 31 cases in a
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billion over ten years of voting. thanks so much. >> lotus know whet us know when from the justice department. >> will do. joining us, david chalian, you were on yesterday after the white house news conference when the press secretary sort of dodged questions or said the president said what he's going to say, i'm not going to question that. you called that astonishing. now that the president has said he's going to launch a major investigation into what he calls voter fraud, if yesterday was astonishing, what's today? >> actually at least donald trump is now trying to follow through here to get his own set of facts from an investigation. i'll give him some credit and not just relying on the already debunked facts. the problem is he's now committing taxpayer dollars to investigate something that every expert says doesn't exist. that's a problem that i think taxpayers may have with this investigation. listen, donald trump is proving
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that he simply cannot let go of the notion that he didn't win the popular vote, and that that somehow really hurts him deeply the way it would hurt him if "the apprentice" was no longer number one in the ratings. what that does is, it gets in the way of what has been an unbelievable frenzy of activity in terms of delivering promises out of the gate on this administration, that i can't believe he doesn't want that to remain the focus. he just seems totally incapable of not moving beyond something that is completely based in falsehood. >> that's what is confusing to a lot of folks, as you look at the current situation, abby. this was supposed to be, to sum up, this was supposed to be immigration day coming from the white house, something you would think the president would be more than happy to have all of the focus on, or is the white house somehow happy to have this driving the day? >> there's no question that the
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white house wanted this week to have a sense of purpose and focus. every day was supposed to be focused on something new, some new action. but every time donald trump is left to his own devices, at the dinner with lawmakers earlier this week and this morning on twitter, he has continually brought up this issue about the questions about his legitimacy. that is not part of a grand plan from this white house. they are in a position now where they have to reverse engineer policy from his statements, which is what you do when you work for the president of the united states. and it's tough because even members on the hill are being left in the dark about what this is all about. not to mention that secretaries of state from all over the country, most of whom are republicans, have continued to maintain that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. so the question is, who are they going to investigate? and what kind of cooperation will they get even from republicans on this issue? i suspect the white house is
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trying to trying to figure that out right now, after president trump has already made these proclamations on social media. >> the california secretary of state just told us he'll cooperate but has concerns whether the investigation will be on the level. david chalian, there is a theory that the president is a mad genius when it comes to twitter, that every time he tweets something, it's to divert your attention from something else and he's trying to focus you on something specific. but i don't know if that applies today. i'm racking my brain to try to figure out why on earth he would want towards attention away from this fairly meticulous immigration rollout. >> yeah, it makes no sense to me. this was one of the bedrocks of his candidacy, the immigration issue. we're talking a lot about the wall in this order, but it's also the ending of sanctuary cities and trying to defund them, which is at the heart of the kate steinle case, the murder case he talked about at
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length on the campaign trail as sort of a life force behind this. john, i agree, i am confounded by this. i do not believe this is some sort of grand strategy to distract us because all it's distracting us from is his very own agenda that he's quite proud he's delivering on. >> abby, you hit on this, i want you to elaborate, the dilemma that republicans are facing now in light of donald trump's comments. you've got mitch mcconnell, he wouldn't even really answer the question if he thinks that widespread voter fraud happened yesterday. lindsey graham things this is pure crazy pants, if that's a technical term. john mccain says he just won't focus on it. listen to this. >> i obviously have seen no evidence of illegal voting. but my focus has been on national security. a long time ago, honestly, i've stopped reacting to everything that the president has stated and try to work on the issues and the people that he's going
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to surround himself with, whom i'm very pleased with as far as national security is concerned. >> john mccain can say that, but can republicans dodge this question? >> i mean, let's just put this all into context. republicans are in literally their golden hour. they have control of the house, they have control of the senate, and they have control of the white house. and yet, they can't get the focus to be on their agenda, on national security, on health care, on immigration. there is a lot of frustration on the hill. they want to move on from these questions. not to mention the fact that allegations of widespread voter fraud in u.s. elections calls into question every single republican and democrat who is up for election in the 2016 cycle. and, you know, they don't believe it themselves. so it's hard for them. and i think that this is the position they've been in from day one with trump. they've tried to compartme compartmentalize him and focus on their own thing.
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but they have often failed, because the questions keep coming and they keep having to answer them. and i think that's going to continue for a while longer. >> republicans did pretty well in this election that the president says was fraudulent. just to conclude, again, there is no evidence that 3 to 5 million people voted illegali i it does not exist. coming up, when will the u.s. take the step of getting mexico to pay for donald trump's wall? and extreme vetting. what countries are on the list. details ahead. and a former cia analyst going public for the first time with her role at the cia. she'll tell us why the president's remarks at agency headquarters over the weekend forced her to speak out.
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of course he also announced that mexico would pay for the wall, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards just yet. >> just yet. joining us now is congressman castro, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> as john said, if there was one campaign promise, it would be building the border wall. isn't this donald trump making good on a campaign promise? >> well, i think most of all, it's bad policy. we already spend about $18 billion securing our border. net migration from mexico to the united states is at zero. also 40% of undocumented immigrants are not people who crossed any border but folks who came here on a visa and overstayed that visa. donald trump is also going back on the main point of building that wall, which was he was going to get mexico to pay for it. the mexicans have been clear that they're not going to pay anything to build a wall. and so the american people are going to be stuck with a $25 billion bill to build a wall that most likely is going to be ineffective and then $700
8:21 am
million a year that could go to roads and schools and many other things in this country just to maintain that wall. >> so $25 billion is the high end of estimates, others say it would be $1 $14 billion, i've s 9. it's a lot of money. the president says he doesn't want to wait, he wants to start now and he'll get mexico to pay for it later on. it's not just the wall we're hearing about this week, there's also new border patrol agents. there will be some new policies in place. what measures would you like to see? do you think these will help? are there other things you should do in order to make the border more secure? >> what we need to do is pass an immigration reform bill. remember, in 2014, the congress got close. the united states senate passed it overwhelmingly. but the speaker of the house refused to put it on the floor for a vote, even though it had the votes because reven though e votes between republicans and democrats. it would make it clear who gets
8:22 am
to stay and who has to go. it also included a border security element. rather than doing something like building a wall which is mostly symbolic, he ought to be doing real policy and working with the congress to really solve our immigration challenge. >> i call it bad policy, the border wall. but it's one of the things that got him elected. elections have consequences. >> you won't get any disagreement from me about that. it also doesn't make it good policy. in fact 59% of americans disagree with building a wall along our southern border. >> one of the things the white house seems to indicate is not a priority right now, when white house press secretary sean spicer was pressed about it, was the issue of dreamers. during the campaign then-candidate trump suggested they might be deported, he said he would overturn daca immediately. now that doesn't seem to be a priority, we don't know when or if that will happen. are you encouraged by that? >> i am. the fact is you have over
8:23 am
700,000 young people who were brought here through no fault of their own by their parents who find themselves in a legal limbo, really who are not legally or morally culpable for their situation, who are as american as you or eyi, are in e united states, they've only known this as their home, and wish to stay and build a future and a life here. i'm glad the new president has not repealed daca. >> congressman castro, thanks so much for your time, we always appreciate it. >> thank you. joining us now, cnn national security analyst and former department of homeland security official juliette kayyem and the founder of latinas for trump, iliana garcia. you've just heard congressman castro saying the wall won't work, it's a waste of time and money. your response? >> i don't understand how he can make that type of comment, considering that it's not symbolic at all. it's about protection. we can say that there is a big immigration situation, not necessarily all because of the
8:24 am
security situation, there is a wall there now, there is a fence. it needs to be -- it needs to be fortified. it needs to be extended. it needs to be symbolic only for the people to understand that there are a set of laws you need to follow in order to come into this country. there's also a wall between guatemala and mexico, which i was told, and once i did the research, that at a given moment, obama gave mexico $75 million so they can secure that wall between guatemala and mexico. so why not then secure the wall or make things better for this country by fortifying the fence, the wall, and helping people understand that there is accountable. it's not just about immigration, it's also about protection. it's also about the drugs that come through. it's about human trafficking amongst other things. >> so juliette, the president is going to be making this announcement about this executive action at your former agency, at dhs. what does it mean practically
8:25 am
speaking, this border wall? will the border wall be built, do you think? if it is, what does that mean for security? >> well, i think that it's fair to say, i agree with iliana that this is more symbolic than anything else. the wall, there's about 850 miles of wall already across the southern border. the reason why there's not more is because there's water and there's mountains. and also tribal lands. finally, red states like texas, arizona, and sometimes new mexico, often don't want the wall for a variety of reasons, commercial tustin commercial activity would be limited. it's not that there's no activiac activity, there's drones, there's surveillance. unless it has places where we're actually going to build the wall
8:26 am
where there's no wall, i think this is more bark than bite. >> what about mexico, iliana? because i don't think mexico paying for it is part of the executive order today. it absolutely was part of the campaign promise from then-candidate trump. >> i think that you guys are making too big a deal about who is going to pay for it. >> why? hang on. he made a big deal of it during the elections. i didn't make a big deal of it. donald trump -- >> good. i'm glad that he did. and that's why he won. that's exactly why he won. and it's not just about immigrants. it's about protection. it's not just about protection because of the whole conspiracy theory that's going on with regards to mr. trump. it's about isis. it's about people who are not collapse ent complacent with the way things are in the united states. >> john is asking you about the
8:27 am
payment method. >> what difference did it make? obama prior to leaving office gave to palestine $200 million. you guys are -- it's going to be happen whether you like it or not, you guys can sit here all day and discuss it, it's going to happen. how it's going to happen, i don't know who's going to pay for it, it doesn't matter. the fact of the matter is it's going to happen. we're so happy that right after that, the biometrics will kick in and finally we'll have accountability in this country. >> i don't care who pays for it, if it's the american people, you don't care? >> we were paying forst for sterilizations and abortions overseas. >> juliette -- >> oh, you don't want to talk about that. >> donald trump said during the campaign that mexico was going to pay for the wall. we're just asking, is mexico
8:28 am
going to pay for the wall. it's not part of the executive action today. juliette, how complicated would it be to get mexico to pay for the wall? >> so as everyone who has served in government knows, an executive order can only essentially direct the executive agencies that are under donald trump's control. that would be the department of homeland security, customs, i.c.e. you don't direct mexico under an executive order. and i think, you know, the payment is relevant. what i'm looking for, obviously, for reasons related to taxpayers, but what i'm really looking for is where in fact this wall will be built. i think anyone who has worked operationally like myself, and i'll be honest, like the new secretary kelly who in his testimony said border controls are a combination of walls and surveillance and drones and border professionals, there's water, big rivers and mountains.
8:29 am
i'm really curious to see if this executive order will actually have geography, will actually say where the wall will be built. and i think what we'll find is that the executive order just reiterates the campaign promises but probably doesn't do any changes operationally, simply because those changes are being done every day. the border is a very fluid area in which security is being put forward. on the payment issue, you know, look, i'm your national security adviser, but you can't direct mexico to pay through an executive order. >> iliana -- >> drugs continue to come in. >> littiliana, thanks so much, l have a lot more time. >> and we'll continue to ask about campaign promises and statements made by the candidate and continue to be made by the president. that's what we do. >> thanks, guys. coming up, donald trump won the election. could someone please tell donald trump that? his fixation with losing the popular vote and how that might get barack obama to come out of retirement earlier than he thought. john king joins us next.
8:30 am
a former cia analyst blasts the president for what he calls his publicity stunt while standing in front of the memorial wall at the cia. she calls it a terrifying display of the dangerous way he'll govern. some provocative words. we'll talk to her, coming up. take one.
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8:35 am
major investigation into voter fraud. >> let's bring in the man who can explain it all to us, john king, anchor of "inside politics." john, this was really interesting regulatory over the last 24 hours or so in "the new york times" and "the washington post" about what's been going on inside the white house over the last few days. do you get the sense the people working for president trump are pushing for him to do this or trying to keep him from doing this? >> reporter: most would be in the latter category, they want him to focus, as he has been, let's give him some credit, on fulfilling his campaign promises, like building a wall. but we saw this in the campaign, we saw it in the transition, and we're going to see it in the trump presidency, there are some things he places great importance on, and his stature is one of them. if he feels like his stature is being questioned, he says things like this. there is zero evidence of this.
8:36 am
nancy pelosi said she prayed for him after his meeting with congressional leaders. she's making light of it, but to say 3 to 5 million illegal undocumented people voted in the presidential election, there is zero, zero, zero evidence of that. you guys just talked to the secretary of state in california, the ohio secretary of state says that. if you go around the country, if these 3 to 5 million people allegedly voted illegally, where? why won't somebody stand up and say the president is right? nobody is doing that. >> john, former president obama did promise that voter suppression would be one of the things that would get him back out of retirement, get him back in the game if he saw that happening. here is what he said, just a reminder, just before inauguration. >> this whole notion of voting fraud, this is something that has constantly been disproved.
8:37 am
this is fake news. the notion that there are a whole bunch of people out there who are going out there and are not eligible to vote and want to vote. we have the opposite problem. >> he probably didn't think he might be called to get back in the game so soon. do you think there's pressure on obama here? what do you think of this? >> reporter: i think we need to see where this goes. one of the things we learned in the campaign, and again we're learning in the early days of the trump presidency, is we should not necessarily focus on everything he says and tweets, we should focus on what they do. so let's see what this investigation he tweeted about this morning, let's see what it is. does he ask the justice department to do this? democrats already say they'll reach utiliout to the states an prove there is no case. democrats see this as a way to push tougher voter i.d. laws that they say suppress the vote. let's see how this plays out. the one thing we know today is that it's reckless to say such a thing. he's delegitimizing essentially his own election by saying there was such massive fraud. but there was none, no evidence of it, simply none.
8:38 am
>> and he has us talking about that instead of things he is doing like his executive actions today. he will announce his nominee for the supreme court vacancy next thursday. it seems to me, john, he's reminding people of that on purpose, almost a message to republicans out there to say, look, on the important things, the things you care about a lot, you know, i'm with you, i've got your back, and this is coming, so stick with me. >> reporter: if you think this town has been in a tizzy since doesn't took the oath of office on friday, just wait until we get a supreme court fight. it's always a big deal anyway. it's to replace antonin scalia's seat on the supreme court. democrats are still furious at republicans for not approving president obama's choice, they wouldn't even give judge merrick garland a vote. we're about to go to defcon 50 or 60 when we get a supreme
8:39 am
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! in just over an hour, president trump begins rolling out his immigration plans, among them a temporary ban on refugees and the suspension of visas from some countries including iraq, iran, syria, yemen, sudan,
8:44 am
somalia and libya. >> donald trump proposed the ban during the campaign, then dialed it back, calling for extreme vetting of people from terror-prone countries. what will that look like as actual policy? what's the impact on national security? christopher hill is the former ambassador to iraq under president obama and he also served as an ambassador under president george w. bush. ambassador, thank you so much for joining us. again, this is a campaign promise, this is something that donald trump talked about at length on the campaign, dialing back from his original complete and total ban on muslims from entering the country. but what is the impact, the effect when he does put this in action? >> first of all, i'm not convinced this has really been studied. i think we're going to see a lot of unforeseen consequences. that's the first problem. understandably, he made a big issue of this during the campaign. certainly the wall was a big issue. and certainly keeping out undesirables was a big issue. i think there's also a
8:45 am
reasonable proposition that when you have failed states, and many of those listed there would fall under that category, your ability to vet people coming in as refugees is limited. and so he wants to have another look at this. i understand that. but first of all, when you try to do things on these executive orders for 120 days, there's a lot of chaos in the system, no one knows how to implement these kinds of things, you cause all kinds of ripples. at the end of the day, are we really going to make ourselves safer or are we going to drive all kinds of unintended consequences overseas where people readjust their views of the united states? >> again, this was an election issue and people did vote on it. also again, it does say something about the united states of america if there is a ban, albeit only temporarily, at first at least, on refugees. what do you think it says about the country? >> you're quite right. they're the words of this thing, which is very limited, very -- you know, an effort to kind of get a handle on what's really going on, those are the words.
8:46 am
and then there's the music. i think the music is pretty clear that the u.s. is making a very important pivot in how it handles foreign immigrants. and so i think this is really going to have some impact. it's going to have some impact among allies who are struggling with these issues, trying to have some decent flow of refugees, at the same time keep themselves safe. this will obviously impact some of those domestic debates. this will be a kind of polarizing factor. i'm not sure all those things have been thought through. like a lot of things in life, it depends on how much you plan for things ahead of time that will ultimately determine whether you're successful. >> on the point of how has this been thought through, the standard or kind of the limited amount of detail on what the standard would be, which country falls into the category of terror-prone, which country would face these extreme measures, or some kind of a limited ban on people coming into the country because they're
8:47 am
terror-prone, if that is the standard that we know that they offer, does that also mean, in your view, that france and belgium will be added to that list? >> you could certainly make the case. one can only imagine waking up in the morning at a consular office, a consular section in a u.s. embassy, hastily-doing hand-made signs that say something like, somali citizens please report to this or that desk to be explained that they're not going to be eligible. i mean, there's just so much ad-hoc-ery, it's going to chaotic. where is the congress on this? it has a look of executive orders that seem to be sort of not engaged with the full government. so i think there are a lot of problems here. i understand the desire to move with energy, to really try to show that things are happening. i understand that desire. i think it's also important to show we have a government, it's
8:48 am
a government of the people, by the people, for the people, not just being carried out by one person doing executive orders. >> ambassador christopher hill, always great to hear from you, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. coming up for us still, a delusional and shocking publicity stunt. those are the words from a former cia analyst after the president's visit to the cia, compelling her to go public for the first time with her role at the country's top secret agency. she'll join us, next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx.
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>> we were unbelievably successful in the election with getting the vote of the military. probably almost everybody in this room voted for me, but i will not ask you to raise your hands if you did. but i would guarantee a big portion. we're all on the same wave length, folks. >> that was president trump on saturday speaking before the cia memorial wall at cia he headquarte headquarters. those remarks prompted one cia
8:53 am
operative to go public in a op-ed. >> she also serves as special advisor on national security to former vice president joe biden. she's here with us right now. so you wrote this op-ed in the "new york times." no one knew. your friends, other people, the world didn't really know you were a cia analyst before that. why did you decide to come forward now? >> so i had, you know, hinted at my intel path to some friends, but generally i don't speak publicly because that's what most of us from the cia -- we don't talk about it. we do that job because we believe it's right, and we don't need to be in the public limelight, but after hearing his comments at the cia in front of a wall full of stars that represent two people who have died serving this country and died quietly serving this country, i just couldn't. i had to write how i felt about it. hence, the big piece yesterday. >> in that piece you write about one of those stars was one of your friends. >> correct. and the irony there is that
8:54 am
friend wouldn't want to be in the limelight, i suspect. i'm pretty sure he wouldn't love the fact that i wrote about my feelings about his star being behind trump yesterday -- in the piece yesterday. i couldn't. this is a guy who gave up everything. he gave up a career. he went and joined the cia after september 1 1th. his star is on that wall. i felt the need to honor a friend. he highlighted some of the big concerns about politicizing a moment in front of the cia. >> one of the things we've been hearing from the white house is, yeah, well, but there was the flaws there. there were cia employees, whether they be analysts or what not, who obviously, they say, approved of what the president said. >> and that's fine too. that's the point of the cia. they're americans just like everyone else. there are democrats and republicans. they're from across the spectrum, but at the end of the
8:55 am
day the most important part is their work is where they leave their political ideology behind, and so, i'm sure there are quite a few people that were clapped and were happy. he is president of the united states. they want to respect that. they're going to stand when he walks in the room, but at the end of the day it doesn't mean that so many -- i have spoken so many of my friends who still work there who are horrendously offended by the way he didn't talk about the cia or the wall behind him. he talked about himself. >> if he had given the same speech and in a different venue in front of cia staff, would it have been different? would you be reacting different to it? not in front of the wall? >> possibly, but even then, i mean, i was there when vice president biden gave his speech to the work force, and that wasn't publicized at all. you know, president obama, yes, i believe some pictures were taken, and there was a little bit of media about it, but both of their speeches and george w. bush's, you can find them all on-line. the entire speeches were about how thankful he was for the work that these men and women do for
8:56 am
him every day, and they weren't -- the speeches were not about himself. >> appreciate your perspective. >> thank you very much. very uncomfortable for you. >> yes. >> we appreciate it. >> people do know, and we respect that. all right. very soon the president of the united states will take action on a couple of his biggest campaign promises and this will cause quite a debate, no doubt, about the u.s. immigration policy. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler
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