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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 25, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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breaking news, president donald trump sitting down for first television interview since becoming commander in chief less than a week ago. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon, touching on a wide range of topics, including his claim of voter fraud, executive order to build a wall on the border and claim that waterboarding techniques produce results. turn to jim acosta, dana bash
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and gloria borger. thanks for joining us. dana, let's tloirch whlisten to said about the cia. >> you took some heat after the visit to the cia, in front of the hallowed wall of stars of those lost at cia. talked about other things but also crowd size at inauguration, about the size of your rallies and covers on "time" magazine. just want to ask you, when does all that matter a little less, let it roll off your back as president. >> glad you asked. went to the cia, i have great respect for the people in intelligence and cia, not in particular for one of leaders but that's okay. lot of respect for the people in the cia. that speech was a home run. that speech, if you look at fox, mention -- see what fox said. one of the great speeches. showed the people applauding and
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screaming. and all cia. nobody -- somebody was asking sean were they trump people? no cia people. that location was given to me. mike pence was given to me. mike pence paid homage to the wall. i went up and paid homage to the wall and spoke to the crowd. standing ovation. >> and would give the same speech. >> loved it. standing ovation for a long period of time. never even sat down during the speech. you and other networks covered it very inaccurately. i hate to say this to you and you probably won't put it on but turn on fox to see how it was covered and how people responded to the speech. that with as a good speech. you and couple of other networks tried to downplay that speech. >> dana seems like asking us not to believe what we saw and heard because we aired it live.
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also asking us to pander to a certain narrative, which journalists don't do. we put out what he said. we played it live and reaction is what it is. >> right. he's talking about the reaction in the room. and look, he might be right about that. this was a saturday, not a work day. it was lottery based audience. people who worked for the cia who wanted to go got their names into a lottery. by definition a self-selecting crowd. regardless if on their feet cheering and whistling doesn't answer the question about knowing that the place and knowing the moment and playing to the moment despite the interact he clearly had a lot of supporters in the room. and question about whether or not that was not just presidential but also respectful to the 117 people who lost their
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lives, whose stars represented lives they lost in duty for the cia. that is the complaint that many people in the intelligence community had. period. >> and gloria as jim sciutto, that's his beat. he's been reporting that many not in the room didn't have favorable reaction. >> as it was going on, i was getting e-mails myself from people who served in the intelligence community who were completely offended by the fact that the president was giving what amounted to a political speech or campaign speech in front of that hallowed wall. they said it felt it was completely inappropriate and that he should have known better. it's one of those moments when you have to decide whether you're still a candidate or president of the united states. and so for them it was quite
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disappointing. i agree with dana, people were in the room applauding. that's fine and also by the way, people i heard from were taken aback by that. they didn't feel the applause was appropriate either since it wasn't a campaign rally. >> jim, it got a lot of attention at cia on saturday, talked about maybe having another chance to take iraq's oil. listen to what he said about that tonight. >> well we should have kept the oil when we got out. it's altruistic. if had tang the oil, wouldn't have isis. fuel themselves with the oil. >> you believe we should take the oil. you've heard the critics saying break international law. >> who are the critics who say that, i call them fools. >> we -- >> we should have taken the oil. if we did, wouldn't have isis
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and we would have had wealth. we have spent right now $6 trillion in the middle east and our country is falling apart. >> what got my attention mr. president is when you said maybe we'll have another chance. >> don't let it get your attention too much. we'll see what happens. we're going to see what happens. >> international law he downplayed. said would have no isis and maybe another chance. everything that comes out of the president's mouth should be heavily weighed and thought about and not only are the american people but people around the world looking to him to figure out what happens next with the country that leads the world. >> that's right don. keep in mind donald trump during the campaign talked about this idea of taking the oil in the iraq war. back up to paint that picture. united states goes into iraq in 2003, based on the premise of
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weapons of mass destruction, u.s. doesn't find them, what the president of the united states right now is saying, is that during that military operation, the u.s. should have seized iraqis' oil and basically made it part of the u.s. treasury. that's the kind of conversation that i can tell you right now lot of republicans on capitol hill don't want to hear the president talking like that. especially after spent last few days involved in damaging distractions about the inauguration crowd size or baseless allegations of voter fraud that occurred in 2016 election. don, the idea of taking the oil in the iraq war sounds like something the british empire would have done in the 19th century and why the president feels like he has to relitigate the arguments that occurred in the campaign, nobody is having these arguments except donald
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trump. nobody else. he's saying republicans on the hill are fools for not thinking it's good idea. >> you're right and what david muir said about international law is right. this isn't just about law but morally right and who -- you know, americans are and what they stand for. and the leader of the american people right now, president of the united states saying that, you know -- he said to the victor goes the spoils. that's not morally the way the united states has acted both domestically and internationally more importantly, in modern times. it happened when the pilgrims and others came to this country and we know what happened with native americans. and we have been apologizing rightly so for the last several hundred years for that.
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why would we act like that in modern times in a place like iraq? >> i want to talk about refugees, you want to weigh in? >> follow up on dana, it's the same thinking talking about torture. this is not something this country does. it's something that has been debated vociferously since 9/11 and laws have been pat passed about it. we now know it is against our laws to torture. and yet donald trump raises it again and says i'm going to pay attention to general mattis and pay attention to mike pompeo, new cia director, but i believe we should do it. as president of the united states he needs to acknowledge
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the country has had a long debate about it and it's not what we do. >> let's talk about refugees, listen to what he says. >> you're about to sign a sweeping executive action to suspend immigration to this country. who are we talking about? muslim ban? >> no it's countries with tremendous terror and countries that people are going to come in and cause us tremendous problems. our country has enough problems without allowing people to come in who in many cases or in some cases are looking to do tremendous destruction, look at what's happened, i have a list. you'll be thrilled. looking at people that come in some cases with evil intentions. isis coming with false pretense. i don't want that. i'm going to be president of a safe country. we have enough problems.
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absolutely do safe zones in syria for the people. i think europe has made tremendous mistake allowing millions of people to go into germany and other countries. all you have to do is take a look. it's disaster what is happening over there. i don't want that to happen here. that said president obama and hillary clinton and kerry have allowed tens of thousands of people into our country. fbi is now investigating more people than ever before having to do with terror. and it's from the group of people that came in. so look, look, our country has a lot of problems. believe me. i know what the problems are. even better than you do. they're deep problems, serious problems. we don't need more. >> he should know better than news anchor, leader of the free world now. but is he accurate in his assessment? >> this is something we heard
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from him throughout the campaign. talked about extreme vetting and says the fbi is now doing more investigations. that's because intelligence and the systems are better and because the vetting is getting better. of course as we all know, it is not perfect. the one thing we did not hear him say and we're waiting to see what the executive order looks like, didn't hear him talk about religious ban when he talked about in the campaign and recanted on it. he is talking about not letting in refugees from countries that want to do damage to us or something to that effect. so we're going to have to wait sa and see what that is and who is on the list. not everyone from every country wants to do damage to us as we all know. we have to take a look at specifics here but none of this actually surprises me. >> jim at white house what are they saying?
8:13 pm
>> i think this is a debatable point. if donald trump wants to get away from talking about taking oil in iraq and talk about what to do about syria, that's a conversation a lot of people want to have an capitol hill and will have a lot of willing participants in that conversation. issue of creating safe zones in syria, he is wriquite right thas a potential solution that a lot of people are recommending on both sides of the aisle. whether or not that would have prevented humanitarian scast after theify we're seeing is another question. expecting this executive order, it's going to deal with this idea of suspending the refugee program, really stopping that syrian refugee program and
8:14 pm
putting new restrictions on visas for people coming from parts of the world that are predominantly muslim. whether there's muslim ban or registry lite, that's a conversation we're going to have in this town. at the same time it is something this president is very serious about. these are the things talked about during the campaign. elections have kwoeconsequences seen it all this week. he said he would do them and delivering on his promises. >> thank you very much. >> this was completely litigated in the general election, whether people voted on it or not, it's up to each voter to decide but now president trump was extremely clear on views of the refugee crisis and campaign.
8:15 pm
he changed from overall muslim ban to specific countries and regions. as he said in the interview tonight. that's what he waplans on doing. >> doing exactly what he said would do. we'll be right back.
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president giving his first network interview since becoming commander in chief last week. bring in kay lee mcenany kevin madden and bakari sellers will be here. welcome new folks. gloria and dana were here
8:20 pm
earlier. what will the president do about dreamers? this is what he said. >> ask about undocumented immigrants here in the country right now protected as so-called dreamers brought by their parents. >> shouldn't be worried. they're here illegally. i do have big heart. going to take care of everybody, have a strong border and solid where you have great people that are here and have done a great job, should be far less worried. coming up with policy over the next four years. >> how do you think dreamers are feeling. >> shouldn't be very worried, just a little. what does that mean? i don't know. let's be clear, 75,000 young people in this country who fall into this category of dreamers,
8:21 pm
people allowed to stay, to have education, most of them in universities and colleges around the country. many are graduating now, looking forward to jobs. and they're in limbo. this program needs to be renewed on ongoing basis. first round of these so-called dreamers are up now for renewal of their visas. if they don't get them, not going to be able to find jobs. notion they shouldn't be worried because people aren't going to come after them doesn't exactly help them. they have to get permits renewed and families deserve to have certainty. i think the president in that interview was trying to have it both ways instead of being concrete. >> this is a broken promise to trump supporters? >> i don't think so, donald trump said was never his intent to harm anyone.
8:22 pm
i think that's right. with barack obama, he didn't get all thiz agenda. you have to set priorities. he set them. number one is getting criminal illegal aliens out of our country who have taken the lives and right to life of hundreds of american citizens. he's got priorities. confuse the fact that because republicans support the rule of law we're intent on harming children. donald trump is right to make it last priority. >> asked about replacement for obamacare. >> what my plan is, i want to take care of everybody. i'm not going to leave the lower 20% that can't afford insurance. just so you understand. people talk about obamacare, and i told the republicans this, best thing we could do is nothing for two years, let it explode and go in and do a new plan and democrats will vote for it, believe any. this year 150% increases.
8:23 pm
last year in arizona and minnesota. except one problem. i want to get it fixed. best thing i could do as leader of this country but wanting to get something approved with support of the democrats, if i didn't do anything for two years, would be begging me to do something. i don't want to do that. obamacare is a disaster. it's too expensive, it's horrible health care. it doesn't cover what you have to cover. it's a disaster. >> but yet kevin, since obamacare has been enacted, republicans wanting to repeal it but still nothing to replace it with. >> right. this is one of the challenges that the president is probably going to realize now in first few days of office. rhetoric of a campaign is easier than the reality of actually governing. he's right in the sense that --
8:24 pm
he ran on and won because of promise to repeal obamacare. had a negative impact on a lot of health care populations around the country. costs and premiums spiking towards the election and had a critical impact on how people voted. and as result, we have republican congress that's now ready and poised to repeal it. challenge now is where the president says wants to cover everybody, details on how you do that are quite difficult. trying to achieve universal coverage is very different from trying to give people universal access to coverage. and that is going to be a continuing challenge for them in these first 200 days as they work towards repeal and replacement. >> dana is that what democrats wanted in the first place for everyone to be covered? >> sure.
8:25 pm
and donald trump as businessman wrote a book thinking about running for president the first time as independent that he was for single payer. which is something that even some democrats think is too far to the left. so sure. absolutely. and i think like kevin said, i interviewed then candidate trump towards beginning of his campaign about a month in, and he was very clear, i want to make sure that people are covered as much as possible. i think he fundamentally believes that and fundamentally believes that obamacare is broken. figuring out how to do the former and latter is about the hardest thing you can possibly do at this point. >> and you know don it's worth pointing out his new secretary of health and human services, congressman price over the last couple of days of testimony on capitol hill refused to make the
8:26 pm
same promise that president trump made tonight about covering people and not letting them thrown off the rolls because frafrpgly congressman price knows more about the policies and how hard it is to keep that promise than president trump knows. will be ongoing conflict. they won't be able to help -- >> i have to get to the break and talk about how he's comparing major american city to afghanistan. be right back.
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bakari sellers, had a technical problem and couldn't get to you first block. ask you about this. president weighed in tonight on the violence in chicago. listen. >> in my speech i got tremendous from certain people, the word carnage. it is carnage. horrible carnage. this is afghanistan is not like what is happening in chicago. people shot left and right. thousands of people over a short period of time. this year, which is just started, worse than last year which was a catastrophe. they're not doing the job. now if they want help, i would love to help them. i will send in what we have to send in. maybe not going to have to be politically correct. maybe being overly politically correct. something is going on. can't have killings going on in chicago. chicago is like a war zone,
8:32 pm
worse than some of the people and places you report about every night in the middle east. >> bakari? >> i think first and foremost, donald trump actually got something right but not on micro level just dealing with chicago but we do have a gun voiiolence problem in the country. chicago has 1/3 the rate of new orleans. others ranked above. we have a problem with gun violence but didn't hear a solution. that's troublesome. send in feds mean militia? martial law? what needs to happen and what people have been talking about, we need to treat gun violence, especially in places like chicago, as public health crisis. need the cdc to do research and studies and see the root cause and rebuild communities and while rebuilding communities across the world as one of
8:33 pm
donald trump's tag lines, rebuilding communities and giving many times young african-american males something else. i'm not a fan of rahm emanuel. i've asked him to resign before. if we're going to tackle this, need real solutions. sick and tired of donald trump's red meat rhetoric used to gipt the base. >> isn't it important to stop the killing and violence and then the other parts? >> that's inverse. can't stop violence on one side without addressing school to prison pipeline, drugs ravaging the community, no extracurricular activities for kids to do. in the summer there are no jobs or opportunities. can't say going to stop the
8:34 pm
violence without addressing the underlying problem. gun violence in this country is a public health crisis and we need to treat it as such. >> rahm emanuel has plenty of problems in the city of chicago. now he's got some more, president of the united states going to send in the feds. last thing i would think he needs right now. and also the city of chicago like many major cities feel under assault on immigration and question of sanctuary cities and what happens to immigrant population and federal funding with sanctuary cities. so it's not just chicago. although the president and rahm emanuel seem to have something going on there back and forth. it's a lot of major cities that feel this way. particularly with immigration. and this is something the new
8:35 pm
president is going to have to deal with with big city mayors. >> i'm encouraged to hear donald trump pointing out huge problem. here we've had 25 days in january but more killings in chicago than days in the new year. it's oreenedous. i agree with bakari you have to address the underlying problem and first republican nominee to my recollection who presented inner city plan and wants to correct this. i hope he takes it seriously. i agree, when you address the underlying problem, that's how you solve a lot of the violence. >> can i make a point on that. >> let kevin go ahead. >> the answer to this question was essentially a case study in why donald trump is actually probably winning the public policy debate on this.
8:36 pm
when he used term political correctness, setting up world view that he had that he thinks lot of the country has, against problems ailing inner cities. when you hear people say we have public health care crisis, what most americans will say and what donald trump articulated, no we have law and order crisis. that's where i'm coming in with degree of clarity and better solutions to some of the problems. there's more technical and complex underlying public policy debate but i think that's why he wins day in some of these arguments. >> don if i may -- >> raise one quick thing. there is a law and order crisis but also a community crisis as bakari said. donald trump has to look at both. can't take on rahm emanuel and community, he has to do what law
8:37 pm
and order in chicago want, what the police unions want, take on the nra. his campaign supporters and contributors to focus. >> i'm out of time. bakari one point. >> i need to say this, chicago and young people who feel they have no place to go, it's not afghanistan, to castigate young people and many people of color as terrorism is not right. that type of language may rile up the base but alienates those of us who want to work together to fix the problem. >> rahm emanuel was at trump tower in the transition and had a conversation about a lot of things but it's hard to imagine violence in chicago not being one of them. wouldn't be surprising if it's -- counterintuitive if the mayor of chicago wouldn't mind donald trump getting involved because takes heat off him the mayor and puts focus on the
8:38 pm
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donald trump sitting down for a network interview as he finishes first full week as president. going to talk about that with brian stelter, cnn's senior media correspondent and paul bernstein.
8:43 pm
good evening gentlemen, this interview getting a lot of attention. what did you think of it? >> going through the 20 page transcript. at least a dozen clear falsehoods, not debatable. continuing to say the crowd size was largest ever, voter fraud is rampant problem with millions of illegal votes. shocking material and david muir to his credit pushed back in some points. impossible position to fact check in real time. >> nothing substantive to you? lot of executive orders. if not for self-inflicted wounds that's what we'd be discussing. >> it's a big if. self-inflicted wounds as you put it. subtext here unlike anything i've seen in 50 years of being a reporter. that i'm hearing from republicans and other reporters as well, that there is open discussion by members of the
8:44 pm
president of the united states's own party about his emotional maturity, stability, saying his psyche is driving the news cycle, it's uncharted territory and ought to talk to some of our colleagues about what they are hearing. it's fruitful area because never heard talking about a president the way this subtext is now talking a -- a talking point. >> after six days. >> and it's hard thing to discuss and don't want to go there. >> trump's minister of propaganda, kellyanne conway, talked about alternative facts. we're seeing alternative universe that we've never been in this territory where trump's statements are so out of sync with existing fact. >> what he has said and mentioned in the interview -- and what kellyanne conway has said, and what sean spicer both
8:45 pm
said, that they don't get deference, that's their words, media tends to look at them with critical eye starting from negative point of view. >> you mentioned with the cia speech with headquarters. listen to this. >> i'm glad you asked. went to the cia, first stop. i have great respect for the people in intelligence and cia, don't have a lot of respect for in particular one of the leaders, that's okay but for the people in the cia. that speech was a home run. if you look at fox, okay. mention it. read -- see what fox said. said it's one of the great speeches, showed people applauding and screaming and all cia. there was nobody -- someone was asking sean, where they trump people? don't have trump people they were cia people. that location was given to me. mike pence went up before me and
8:46 pm
paid great homage to the wall. i went up and paid great homage to the wall. i spoke to the crowd and got standing ovation. >> you would give the same speech if you went back? >> absolutely. >> what is he saying? asking us to pander. >> giving us alternative to the facts. >> and asking fox to do it. >> fox has responsibility in this environment. they can say what they want about fair and balance and have philosophical agreement with the right wing, there are some really good reporters on fox and it's incumbent on them to call out lies about the president of the united states and his spokes people. when fox starts to do that with regularity, restore all of the media -- >> said was no voter fraud.
8:47 pm
>> fox has special responsibility as does cnn to some degree. knowing that the president is watching all the time, these outlets he's consuming. special responsibility to get it right and make sure he has the facts. why focused on chicago? bill o'reilly talking about chicago. remarkable moment, i hate to say this to you, covered inaccurately. you probably won't put it on. preferring the sugar coated fox coverage. also said about the cia speech. biggest standing ovation since peyton manning had won the super bowl and said it was equal. i got a standing ovation, happened for a long period of time, it probably ran -- >> this is why republicans are talking about his emotional maturity and stability. we have a situation here where
8:48 pm
today the president of the united states told david muir our country is falling apart. this is extraordinary. this is a broad brush, a tar brush, the likes of which i've never heard of. >> the last president left the country in pretty good standing. >> said it's easy i to get into the country. it's not. >> said it was falling apart. one. things that people like about donald trump and remarkable victory we have to acknowledge he pulled off, spoke a different language that connected with people without a lot of politese on top. appealing. but go to places an talk about the country as falling apart without any leavening about the situation, strength we have, where our economy actually is with its weak pss.
8:49 pm
where our people are. this is not what the president of the united states ought to be saying in terms of the people in the country, foreign leaders, way we're pictured. it's wrong and it too is a lie. >> what the president said about the popular vote when we come right back.
8:50 pm
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abdominayou may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and riteaid. back now with brian and carl. the president was asked about voter fraud claims today. here's what he said. >> i said it and i said it strongly. because what's going on with voter fraud is horrible. that's number one. number two, i would have won the popular vote if i was campaigning for the pop cingularular vote. i would have gone to california and new york where i didn't campaign at all. i would have gone to a couple of places i didn't go to and won
8:54 pm
that easier than the electoral college. as you know it's all that matters. >> what's your reaction? >> i'm not going to say my reaction. i'm going to quote a senior republican i talked with this evening. it's delusional. that was his word. that is what the conversation is about. among supporters of this president. he is saying things that they regard as delusional and lies. they are perplexed. they are bothered. mike pence, a republican right wing flame thrower is now regarded by the republican party as the way to moderate this president. that's also being discussed. there is something going on here. it's about the personality and ways of donald trump. maybe we will get used to them, maybe we won't. right now there are a lot of people who are disjointed by what he is doing and they tend to be in his own party.
8:55 pm
>> i have a question for you. >> i appreciate trump confirmed his beliefs about this. now we have the president in his own words talking about this experience theory. he also said their words matter more now. i can hear the people don't care about this. he may be pushing away from people who support him if they keep lying and going to delusional ideas. >> we're should not be concerned about what people think. >> as reporters? we need to do our job and we particularly need more investigative reporting on this conflicts of interest and business holdings and trips and
8:56 pm
where he has been. in the russian-speaking world. we have a lot of work to do as well as we need to fairly cover his programs. his speeches. the accomplishments. we have to give them the benefit of the doubt in cases where he thinks he is being effective. we need to cover him like reporters. >> like bernstein. it has a ring to it. that's it for us tonight. i will see you right back here tomorrow. [john] what if instead of waiting weeks for your
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anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. >> welcome to the messy truth. here we are. we are still inside the very first week of something. i don't know what it is. it's either week one of the trump presidency or it's


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