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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. president donald trump escalating tensions with mexico and threatening to cancel the highly anticipating meeting with his mexican counterpart in the ongoing fight over building a wall and who exactly is going to pay for that wall. minutes ago we heard republican leaders at a congressional retreat in philadelphia. they're gathered to discuss their agenda. at least some of the focus shifted to the wall. mr. trump is due to speak to lawmakers in just a couple of hours. cnn's manu raju is live in philadelphia. leyla santiago is in mexico city. >> reporter: we're seeing tensions between the u.s. and mexico simmering in recent days. you saw president trump moving to finish this border wall that he touted during the campaign. president nieto addressed his
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country yesterday and said essentially we're not in favor of walls and we're certainly not going to pay for it. donald trump walk up this morning and shot back on twitter. this is what he wrote. "the u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mexico. it has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of nafta with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting." the two were slated to meet next week. the mexican president is catching plenty of heat in his own country for agreeing to this meeting. we'll see if it still comes to fruition. as for donald trump, today we are expecting him to take some executive actions on trade. he's also going to be heading to philly for that gop retreat, carol. >> sara murray, thanks so much. i want to bring in cnn's senior political reporter manu raju in philadelphia. >> reporter: republicans actually broke some news here, the republican leadership saying how much it will cost to build that wall, saying it will cost
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between 12 and $15 billion. that is the first time we have heard a price tag from the republican leadership. but also republicans now wanting to get into an it with donald trump, not raising concerns about this increasingly tense relationship between the new president of the united states and the president of mexico. i had a chance to ask the republican leadership about that. here is the exchange. as you know, the president has demanded that mexico pay for the wall. the mexican president said they will not pay for the wall. and donald trump just said that the mexican president should cancel the upcoming meeting if mexico does not pay for the wall. do you think the president should tone it down to salvage this relationship with mexico? >> i don't have any advice to give to the president about that issue. we are moving ahead. as the speaker pointed out to our group yesterday, with -- what is it, roughly --
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>> 12 to 15. >> 12 to $15 billion. so we intend to address the wall issues ourselves and the president can deal with his relations with other countries on that issue and other issues. >> reporter: are you concerned about the relationship with mexico? >> i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: so not wanting to pick a fight with the new president, not raising concerns, even as this relationship between the two countries gets increasingly strained. but also later in the press conference, carol, the republican leadership not saying whether the 12 to $15 billion will be offset by spending cuts or whether it would add to the deficit. they said that this is something they'll deal with later. the administration is going to actually put together a proposal to send to congress to vote on this. so as we know, donald trump has insisted that mexico will pay for it. but a lot of concerns here, carol, that if mexico doesn't pay for it, will taxpayers get stuck with a rather expensive bill. that's a big question still going forward, carol.
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>> manu raju reporting live from philadelphia. i want to take you to mexico city. donald trump tweeted out this morning that maybe mexico's president shouldn't meet with the president of the united states if mexico won't agree to that i pour that wall. leyla santiago, has that tweet made its way to the office of the president in mexico? >> reporter: it's absolutely made its way to the president's office. i checked with them minutes after the tweet went out, they're very much aware of that. now it's very much a wait and see, let's see how he responds. let's go over the sequence of events, what led up to this. a few days ago, the mexican senators called on the president, enrique pena nieto, put out a three-minute video saying, we don't believe in walls, we're not paying for the wall, but we believe in
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friendship and we want to be friends. all along pena nieto has said that, his message has been that we need each other. we've got nafta, that's huge trade, $1.5 billion in goods that cross that border every single day between the two countries. and the mexican government is also very quick to point out how much u.s. jobs depend on mexican trade. 6 million u.s. jobs depend on mexican trade. that's some of the big talking points they've been putting out to create that awareness of how much the countries depend on cho each other. those were the talking about points sent with the delegation that's in dc right now. the economic minister as well as the foreign minister, scheduled for a series of meetings today, and yesterday as well. now pena nieto will be waiting to hear what they report back. the office of the mexican president has yet to say we will or will not cancel this meeting
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today. carol? >> leyla santiago reporting live from mexico city. ryan lizza, epolito costa, manu raju, thanks to all of you. ryan, if you were a betting man, is that meeting going to take place between the mexican president and president trump next week? >> i've stopped making predictions shrike thatlike tha time ago in the current political environment. this is a new way to engage in international diplomacy, by publicly tweeting threats to one of the united states' closest allies. so i don't know if it's going to happen or not. one point i will make, as manu has already pointed out, this number, the house and senate leadership has thrown out 12 to
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$14 billion for the border wall, is a pretty big deal, i think. this shows that donald trump is controlling the agenda on capitol hill right now. he has turned the republican party on this issue of immigration into his image. remember, paul ryan was someone who always supported the comprehensive immigration reform, that was a sort of bipartisan compromise, he was not someone who was big on building a wall. just for viewers to put that in perspective, 12 to $14 billion, immigrations and customs enforcement, their annual budget is like 6 to $7 billion. so that is an enormous amount of money to build that wall. >> so manu, is president trump controlling the agenda? are lawmakers, for lack of a better term, slaves to him at the moment? >> reporter: he is really driving the agenda, ryan is absolutely right. on a separate issue, on obamacare, initially republicans
7:08 am
wanted to repeal the law and then deal with the replacement later, maybe two years, maybe three years. but donald trump tweeting and saying publicly that the replacement needs to happen at the same time. and that also shifted the agenda rather quickly. now the republicans are trying to figure out how to time it together so a repeal will happen at the same time as a replacement. similarly with the wall, funding the wall. this was something that was not at the top of the agenda going forward. they were looking at dealing with obamacare, dealing with tax reform, killing regulations. but the fact that the president of the united states campaigned on this issue, now wants to make it a major issue going forward, and is going to send his own proposal to congress to fund upwards of $15 billion to pay for the wall, it is going to be a huge debate on capitol hill. it just shows that their best-laid plans can be upset rather quickly when donald trump decides he wants to assert himself on this issue, and the republican leadership is still trying to figure out how to manage that relationship, carol.
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>> matt, remember back in the day not so along ago when people were saying, donald trump just said stuff but he doesn't really mean it. can you say that anymore? >> in some ways, he's still a little bit unpredictable. take the executive order that he's looking at in respect to waterboarding, for example. during the campaign he talked about waterboarding. it was certainly one of the things he brought up with crowds. he sort of backed off of that with "the new york times" and with general mattis and his comments, sort of saying that waterboarding was not effective. now we're getting word there may be an executive order on waterboarding. so i still think that he is unpredictable in his policies. but what's different now is that as president, he's filing legislation, he's going to name a supreme court nominee. you have actual actions that he's doing, which is different from the campaign where he was sort of talking and backing off
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of things and stressing things and sort of different given each week. so now i think, you know, you're starting to really see, and we'll see over the next couple of weeks, what develops, what is his core, what ideology does he try and push, what things does he care about. so i think that's still a work in progress. but we're starting to see some early signs of it. >> okay. so lots of questions, you're homeland security, right, let's talk about the wall first off. $12 billion, taxpayer money will probably be used to pay for it at least in the short term unless mexico really does agree to pay for the wall. from a safety perspective, from keeping people out of this country that shouldn't be in this country, is that the best use of our taxpayer dollars? >> well, i think, carol, one of the important things about president trump is that he's sending out a strong message, he is serious about immigration
7:11 am
enforcement. realistically, the wall is just one of the things he's bringing forward. number one, that wall is not going to be entirely across the border. he's going to take advisers who are keen on what border security is, they're going to determine where the wall is actually needed. i think the components coming down the line are the catch and release, sanctuary cities, criminal aliens. he's talking about enforcing the laws that we have on the books already, which haven't been done for decades. and that's the important thing, increasing, tripling i.c.e. agents throughout the country is an important measure for exterior enforcement. when you combine the measures that president trump has brought forward, it's going to be effective. the cost is a different matter. is it important for the security of the country? i think the securing of the border is a big priority for the
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president. and that includes interior enforcement. >> i want to ask you about mexico too, i understand your point, very good point. i want to ask you too about the relationship that the united states has with mexico, because i'm sure you've worked with mexican authorities on homeland security issues. so how important is it to have a good relationship with mexico? >> well, you're entirely right, i worked in mexico for eight years with our diplomatic core. it's very important day in and day out, we ran operations together with mexican authorities. i expect that operation will continue at the field level. it's been going on for years. >> maybe at the field level, about what about at the top with the president of the united states? what do you make of what appears to be a growing rift between the
7:13 am
two countries? >> well, president trump is very clear about what he wants to do for the country, securing the borders, making america first. but the relationship between president nieto and president trump, the mexican president still has to be concerned about the 8, 9, 10 million people of mexican citizenship there are in the united states. so, you know, it's sensitive matter. i think the relationship will continue, the topics are going to be covered. the president of mexico is not going to forget he has a large number of people in the country, in the united states, who originally came from mexico, whether they're here undocumented or not, they still have a responsibility to certainly represent them in the best way he can. >> i have to leave it there, thanks to all of you. coming up in the newsroom, president trump still repeating those debunked claims of widespread voter fraud. now democrats are taking matters into their own hands. ie
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all right. you're looking at a live picture of air force one, that plane awaiting the arrival of president donald trump. he will depart the white house on his first official trip on air force one. he's going to fly to philadelphia to address the house and senate republican lawmakers. they're having that retreat in philadelphia. he's expected to speak around noon eastern time. perhaps mr. trump will answer a few questions as he boards air force one. we just don't know. but we will of course be eager to hear what he says to republican lawmakers in philadelphia. we'll keep you posted. president trump has also been steadfast in his false claims that millions voted illegally. but he has not garnered much support within washington, even from within his own party. the response from democrats: prove it. congressman robert brady is one of three house democrats who sent a letter to election officials and attorneys general in all 50 states asking for
7:19 am
evidence of voter fraud. congressman, thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> so what specifically do you want from these attorneys general? >> we want to find out whether it was voter fraud, whether people voted illegally. we sent a letter, it comes under my committee, the house committee on administration, we sent the letter to attorney generals and elected officials in every state. we want them to report back to us just what they know. we want to make sure the integrity of our election process is still intact and still has the confidence of the american people, that hey, it's not a rigged system, there are not people who voted illegally. the people who report to us will probably say the same thing. probably why republicans don't support it or don't want to have anything to do with it, they have said they don't think anything is wrong, but president trump made an accusation and it's incumbent on us to follow through and see where the chips
7:20 am
lie. assess sa >> he says he's going to pull the together this task force, i'm talking about president trump. so -- >> that comes under our supervision on house administration. and we've done this before. many, many times. we've investigated voter fraud throughout the country. and we're going to do it again. myself and elijah cummings, ranking member of the oversight committee, the assistant to the minority leader, mr. cliburn, we're going to do that for him. we'll do our job. >> what is the underlying reason that you're so amenable to this? >> he's the president of the united states. he made an accusation. if anyone, a member of congress or a member of the news media, come to us and say we think there's voter fraud somewhere, it's incumbent on us to do our job and investigate it. that's what we're doing. i don't think there's anything there. but we'll find out. again, it's the integrity of the voting process.
7:21 am
we can't investigate russia, that we feel there was some tampering there. but we can investigate the united states and ask our attorneys general to help us to do that. they're the major elected officials in the state. >> there is a move in the senate, several senate committees are going to investigate the russian hacking. so those are already under way. >> that's fine. we want that to happen too. but i can't do that, i can't send a letter to russia. but i can send a letter to our attorneys general in the united states of america to cooperate with us and find out whether or not there was any voter fraud. let's talk about 3 million popular votes that president trump did not receive. i served under judge bush who also didn't receive the popular vote. but he moved on. he didn't bring it up. he just moved on and did what he wanted to do as president. i don't think he worried about that. i don't think he worried about the amount of people who came to his inaugural, who had more
7:22 am
people, who was watching it, streaming it. i mean, there's more important things. we've got infrastructure, we've got to hopefully do some things to tweak, not get rid of, the affordable care act. now they want to build a wall for 12 or $15 billion, it will probably turn into $20 billion. i would like to see how our conservative colleagues are going to react to that. >> let me ask you about that. how do you think eventually the wall will be paid for? >> i hope not by the american people's taxes. >> in the short term it appears like the american taxpayers will. >> well, they're going to pass that. there won't be any democratic votes for it. they have to go to their freedom caucus, their ultraconservatives that don't want to spend any money on anything, and let's just see what they do. >> and i also want to pick your brain about the meeting between president trump and the mexican president. that's up in the air now. the mexican president says he's thinking about not going.
7:23 am
since donald trump is insisting the president of mexico pay for the wall. do you think that meeting will happen? >> i don't know. i mean, i don't know. i know that the president of mexico has been saying through the campaign that he wasn't going to pay for the wall. and he's saying now he's not going to pay for the wall. i don't know what can happen or what they can do to make him pay for the wall. i don't know. i just know that -- you jui jus that the american people, that money can be much better spent on infrastructure and other things we need to do. people in my district and districts throughout the country need jobs. we need to create some jobs. they're worried, naturally, about their health care. they're worried about how they're going to pay their bills. to spend 12 to $15 billion, and if they do approve it, they'll probably have to go back and spend more than that. i think it would be best served doing other things with that money than building a wall.
7:24 am
i doubt whether or not mexico is going to pay for it, unless there's a new president coming, i don't know. of mexico, that is. >> we'll have to wait and see what happens. congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. still to come, donald trump prepares for a big meeting with one of the united states' top allies. a preview of british prime minister theresa may's visit, ahead. nice and kind but they're different... nice tells you what you want to hear. but kind is honest. this bar is made with cranberries and almonds. so, guess what? we call it cranberry almond. give kind a try.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the united states' special relationship with the uk will be
7:29 am
on full display this week as donald trump hosts british prime minister theresa may tomorrow. may, who is attending the republican retreat in philadelphia today, will be the first foreign leader to meet with mr. trump since his inauguration, at a time when mr. trump's proposals are raising eyebrows with counterparts around the world. nic robertson joins us from washington, hi, nic. >> reporter: hi, carol. theresa may is bringing with her the hope for a trade deal with the united states in the future. she'll talking about strength that special relationship, how britain and the united states together have helped win wars. more than that, she's expected to say that britain and the united states helped build the world, really dip and dig into history here to create that common narrative, that common thread. this is an opportunity for her to show britain's closeness with
7:30 am
the united states. but it doesn't come without its challenges. back home in the uk, she's facing questions about what else she's going to talk to donald trump about, not just raise, but will she raise the issue of terrorism, of torture, rather? this is something she's said she is very firm on, very clear, britain is opposed to torture. but there are implications attached to that, of course. britain's position is that it can't have security cooperation with any country involved in torture. and the security cooperation is one of the key things that theresa may wants to develop with president trump. so, you know, she's facing pressure at home in this relationship over what she says here. but of course pressure to be seen to be get on with president trump and to be seen to be able to develop closer and better trade ties in the future, carol. >> nic robertson reporting live from washington. let's talk about this some more. robert tuttle, former u.s.
7:31 am
ambassador to the uk, welcome, sir. >> thank you. >> so what do you suppose that meeting between president trump and theresa may will be like? >> i'm very buoyed that they're going to have the meeting. the uk is our best friends and our best allies in the world and have been for years. and although i don't know theresa may well, the prime minister well, i've heard wonderful things about her. i think this will be a good chance for actually not only the president, but the citizens of the united states to get to know her. and i think it's so important that the first meeting that the president has had with a foreign leader is with our best friend and best ally in the world. >> but this topic of torture could come up, right? because president trump yesterday, when he talked to abc news, reiterated his support of things like waterboarding. listen. >> president obama said the u.s.
7:32 am
does not torture. will you say that? >> well, i have a general who i have great respect for, general mattis, who said, i was a little surprised, he said he's not a believer in torture. i have spoken to others in intelligence. and they are big believers in, as an example, waterboarding. >> you did tell me -- >> they say it does work. >> okay. so you heard what nic robertson said, i'm sure you're aware of it as well. that would present problems to theresa may when it comes to security issues, for example fighting isis, along with the united states. does that topic come up right away? does she get it out of the way right away? >> i think we'll have to leave that up to the prime minister. i'm sure it will be an item of discussion. what's more important is their discussion on the nato alliance and how important that is. we've seen that russia, the first country since hitler did
7:33 am
it in the '30s to check cze czechoslovakia. the uk is one of the largest contributors to nato. they're one of the few nato members that contribute over 2% of their gdp to defense. that's what's really important here, the discussions about nato and the security and the importance of standing up to the russians. >> okay. so if you're a world leader like theresa may, and president trump, the president of the united states, is telling you one thing, and his defense secretary, for example, is telling you something else, who do you believe? because general mattis said absolutely no torture, he belongs strongly in nato. but president trump does not. so you're theresa may, who do you believe? >> well, that's something that they're going to have to work out between the president and
7:34 am
the prime minister. and i'm sure they will come to a satisfactory conclusion. i would hope, just personally, that the president would pay attention to the secretary of defense. but we'll just have to wait and see how they work that out. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks so much for joining me, robert tuttle, former u.s. ambassador to the united kingdom. still to come, a live along the u.s./mexico border. how president trump's attempt to reshape u.s. immigration is bringing new challenges at our border. it's red lobster's big festival of shrimp and for just $15.99 you can pick 2 of 6 new and classic creations on one plate new flavors like sweet bourbon-brown sugar grilled shrimp and bold firecracker red shrimp are too big to last so hurry in. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing.
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7:39 am
he's going to go to that republican retreat. all of the lawmakers, of the republican kind, are meeting in philadelphia to talk about strategy, unity, and other things. president trump will be making remarks at noon eastern time. of course if he speaks live from the podium, we'll take that live for you. president trump, as you know, is attempting to reshape u.s. immigration, with border walls, and ending sanctuary cities, signaling concern for legal immigrants and new challenges for those protecting the border. cnn's ed lavendera joins us live from arizona. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. here in arizona, nogales, arizona, you see the border fence behind us. this is one of the most busy areas for human smuggling and migrant crossing. and it's a game of cat and mouse that never seems to end.
7:40 am
♪ >> reporter: on the border's edge from nogales, arizona, several dozen migrants gather for breakfast inside a shelter known as the border initiative. jesus garcia is trying to figure out how to get into the united states. over a map he recounts how far he's traveled since the left home the day before donald trump was elected president. he started here in san pedro, in honduras, made his away across guatemala, and this is where he crossed into mexico? he says he hasn't been able to cross, he left home november 7th of last year and has tried three times already to get across but hasn't been able to. garcia says it's the first time he's ever tried crossing the border illegally and says it's harder than he imagined.
7:41 am
he says, i've made it this far, i'm going to keep trying. on the other side, a legion of border patrol agents, cameras, barricades, ground sensors, are waiting. even some private citizens working on their own to stop migrants like jesus garcia from getting across. >> this is the scene in "the matrix." >> reporter: in this man's world, the border crossing is a dangerous place. he leads a volunteer group called arizona border reconthat patrols the border around a town on the u.s./mexico border with less than a hundred people. >> i've been called everything in the book. i've been called a domestic extremist. >> reporter: the southern aborti poverty law center says foley's group is made up of native extremists. foley sees the border as the country's biggest threat. there is already 700 miles of
7:42 am
fencing and barricades already in place. here in this town, this steel see-through fence stretches for several miles. but as you approach the end of town, it abruptly comes to an end, like these border fences often do. as it stretches out into rugged, remote terrain in the arizona desert. >> we put cameras five minutes from the road. >> reporter: foley relies on cameras he hides in the brush to capture the movements of drug smugglers. he often shares that information and the videos with border patrol agents. >> you need boots on the ground. >> good thing we have this up here. >> reporter: foley voted for donald trump and wants to see all undocumented immigrants in the u.s. deported, and additional border patrol agents moved closer to the mexican border. but he's not convinced trump or anyone else can change the reality he sees. >> when you're reactive to a problem, you're always going to be hyped the solution.
7:43 am
>> reporter: for many, like 18-year-old maria ramirez, they try to come illegally from mexico. she was caught with a group of migrants by border patrol and quickly deported. she wanted to find work in the u.s. to help support her elderly parents. she trembles as she recalls the experience of being smuggled across the border. i asked her if she was going to try to cross again. her brother is still being detained in the united states. she's waiting for him to get out. and she's not really sure what they're going to do next. she's waiting for him to be sent back here, and they'll figure out what they're going to do next. it's the cycle that never ends on the border. carol, we've spoken with one of the leaders of the border patrol union who say border patrol agents, the force is down to about 1600 agents. you see the border patrol agents in nogales who work along that
7:44 am
border fence. as you travel along this region, carol, you really get that sense of the divide between humanitarian groups helping migrants navigate that difficult journey and people who are much more strident who want to see the crackdown on immigration status. there's a real divide among people on how these issues should be navigated and solved. >> i've been watching your reports and they've been fascinating, ed. i can't determine whether most people are excited that a wall might be built along the border or not. >> reporter: well, you know, what you hear repeatedly, the focus of our series here is to talk to the people who live on this border, from brownsville, texas, to san diego, california. when you talk to people in this path, in this region, it's much more nuanced about how they view a lot of these things.
7:45 am
so, you know, they say -- a lot of people will tell you they've seen the wall, it doesn't necessarily work. they view that the rest of the country has a far different opinion. the wall plays better in ohio and michigan than in these border communities. >> interesting. ed lavendera, thanks for those fascinating reports. before i head to break, mary tyler moore, the legend dead at 80. i have never met her but she's my hero. funny how an actress playing a part can have such a profound impact on your life. mary tyler moore as mary richards made me believe i could do anything. mary richards is a huge reason i am sitting in this chair today. i've always wanted to be a tv reporter since i was 12 years old. i cannot tell you the sense of excitement. really easy to feel the hope and the love. i watched mary tyler moore. she worked in the news business
7:46 am
and i loved her. she was independent. she was strong. she was sassy. she was everything that i wanted to be. i grew up in a traditional family. while my parents urged me to go to college, they and my extended family wanted me to get married and have kids, all fantastic goals, but as a young woman i yearned for independence. silly me, i had no money and tv reporter wasn't an attainable goal for a girl from minerva, ohio. but in the back of my mind, i knew i could do it because of mary richards. >> you know what? you've got spunk. i hate spunk. >> the first time i watched "the mary tyler moore show," i watched her throw the hat in the air and i was suv fffused with wonder. she had an apartment, she had a job, she used her brain and not her beauty.
7:47 am
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7:52 am
>> reporter: the dramas downtown abby, game of thrones, stranger things, and west world will face off against the crown. >> you don't think i would have preferred to grow up out of the spotlight? >> the crown, the crown, the crown. i think that's going to be a big, big showing here. >> reporter: as for comedy, it's between the big bang theory, black-ish, more than family, orange is the new black, and veep. >> nobody can appreciate what you've been through. >> reporter: in film, manchester by the sea leads the way with for nominations. casey affleck, who won a golden globe for his performance, is expected to walk away with his first s.a.g. award for best actor. other nominees are andrew garfield, ryan gosling, viggo mortensen, and denzel washington. >> it's not easy for me to admit i've been standing in the same place for 18 years. >> i was standing with you. >> reporter: after her win at the golden globes, viola davis is a favorite to win best
7:53 am
supporting female actor for fences. other nominees are lucas hedge, and mahershala ali. >> mahershala ali is a true supporting performance and it's brilliant. >> reporter: amy adams for arrival, emily blunt for the girl on the train, natalie portman as jackie, emma stone for "la la land," and meryl streep for florence foster jenkins. which film with win best cast? and with actors making up the largest voting bloc in the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, the screen actors guild awards are a good indicator of who may go on to win an oscar. stephanie elam, cnn, hollywood.
7:54 am
>> it's going to be an all williams final at the australia open, serena and venus face off for a grand slam final. andy scholes joins us, hi. >> reporter: both have been so good for so long. this actually will be the first time the two square off in a grand slam final in wimbledon since 2009. that was the last time venus made it to a grand slam final. serena has gotten the better of venus, winning 16. one more final win for serena and she'll pass steffi graff for the most grand slams in the modern era. she's excited to be playing her sister in saturday's final. >> she's my toughest opponent, no one has beaten me as much as venus has. she has a pretty good record against me. we have a good record against each other. so it's -- you know, i just feel like no matter what happens, we've won. >> reporter: back to the future
7:55 am
theme continuing this morning at the australian open as roger federer beat his fellow swiss to make it to the men's final, trying to win his 18th grand slam title at the age of 35. he has won a grand slam title wins wimbledon in 2012, he's the oldest male to make it to the grand slam title since 1974, an incredible comeback after taking six mondays off to rehab his knee. we've been tinkering with ways to make the week more interesting for fans. as part of the skills competition which is making its return tonight, players will compete in the drone drop. it can take a football up in the air 200 yards, then drop it to receivers down below, carol. they're also having a dodge ball game between players. just trying to find a way to spice things up. i think they should keep this theme going, maybe have a hot dog eating contest for the
7:56 am
linemen. >> maybe matthew stafford, andy, that's the only way i will watch. you know what i'm talking about. >> reporter: i do know what you're talking about. the lions fan at heart, carol. >> thank you, andy. thank you for joining me today. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" after a break. look, anyone who thinks you gotta make a truck heavier to make it stronger, has been workin' too long without a hard hat. meet the all-new 2017 ford super duty. they cut weight with a high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body and reinvested a big chunk of it to beef up the high-strength steel frame. forging the most capable heavy-duty pickup in america. time to punch work in the face. this is the all-new ford super duty. 2017 motor trend truck of the year.
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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm johner about p berman. we have breaking news all over the place. president trump is scheduled to leave for philadelphia to speak at the retreat for congressional republicans. the president is set to speak to republican lawmakers who are keenly interested in everything he is doing and saying right now. and he has been saying an awful lot. we'll


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