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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 26, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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going forward. british prime minister theresa may will be in the same room. my colleague wolf blitzer takes over my coverage right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello. i'm wolf blitzer. we begin with breaking fuse this hour. we want to welcome our viewers around the united states and the world. president trump will step in front of that podium to speak. this as a world leader cancels plans to meet with him here in washington. look at these live pictures coming in from the annual republican congressional retreat under way right now in philadelphia. we're going to bring you the president's speech live as soon as it begins. in the meantime, the war over the wall with mexico intensifies. just a little while ago, the mexican president enrique pena nieto canceled plans to meet with president trump here in
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washington next tuesday. his announcement followed this tweet from the u.s. president earlier this morning. the president tweeted, quote, the u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mexico. it has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of nafta with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting. let's bring in our reporters who are covering all of this from philadelphia. jim acosta is our senior white house correspondent. he's on the scene at that retreat in mexico city. cnn's leyla santiago is joining us. here in washington, nia-malika henderson, dana bash, chief political correspondent gloria borger, jim sciutto, chief national security correspondent. jim acosta, you're there in philadelphia momentarily. we'll hear from the president of the united states. any idea how the president will respond to the breaking news that mexico's president has
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decided to cancel the meeting here in washington with president trump next tuesday? >> wolf, no word yet from white house officials on whether or not president trump will respond to the mexican president in these remarks here in philadelphia, which are going to be happening shortly. but the president is finding out that walls come with consequences. and it was a stunning development just as president trump was stepping off of his first ride as commander in chief on air force one. he essentially landed in his first diplomatic controversy. this one with mexico after the mexican president enrique pena nieto tweeted just as the president was arriving in philadelphia that he is not going to be attending that meeting at the white house next week with president trump. that came after a video that he posted on twitter last night saying that mexico will not pay for a wall on the u.s./mexico border. as you mentioned earlier this morning, president trump was tweeting, if mexico is not going to pay for that wall, then we might as well not have this
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meeting. it sounds like the mexican president did call that bluff. this is a very abouting development in this relationship which, as you know, between the u.s. and mexico has been very, very peaceful and sound for decades. there really hasn't been much in terms of diplomatic controversies between these two countries. but over the summer, president trump met with enrique pena nieto down in mexico city and it seemed at that time that then candidate trump was sort of keeping this insistence that mexico pay for the wall on the u.s. border sort of on the diplomatic sidelines. they talked about it behind the scenes but not in front of the cameras. it was in that back and forth even at that time when mexico's president pena nieto told president trump they are not going to pay for this wall. so the new american president has known about enrique pena nieto's stance on this for some time but president trump, perhaps thinking this diplomatic controversy might work to his advantage politically, decided to keep on push with this. with that executive order
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yesterday, authorizing the beginnings of construction of a wall on the border. and it is certainly making an impact at this gop retreat. earlier this morning, mitch mcconnell was asked about this. and he said, well, we're going to be looking into how u.s. taxpayers will be paying for this bill. the $12 billion to $15 billion estimated in terms of the produce tag for that wall. but he said it will be up to president trump to deal with the diplomatic fallout and diplomacy of deal with mexico on this. >> i want you to stand by. momentarily we're going to be hearing from the president on a whole range of issues. we'll have live coverage of that coming up. i want to go to mexico city. leyla, what are you hearing from mexican government officials about this really extraordinary development. two close allies, the u.s. and mexico, all of a sudden, the first few days of a new administration, the president of mexico who was invited to be among one of the first foreign leaders to meet with the president of the united states deciding to cancel the visit. what are they saying in mexico
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city? >> you know, this is something that a group of mexican senators called for yesterday saying we don't believe our president should be meeting with president trump. and now it's sort of come to fruition. but this was a sequence of events that led up to this, wolf. last night, the president of mexico, enrique pena nieto, a three-minute video on twitter, and he said, i don't believe in walls. never going to pay for one. oh, but i do believe in friendship. and then this morning, donald trump tweeted that if mexico is not willing to pay for the wall, maybe they should meet. and then came the tweet from president trump pena nieto saying, i don't plan to meet with president trump. what isn't clear right now is which one happened first. the call to the white house or donald trump's tweet saying maybe you shouldn't come. so as far as reaction, a lot of
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those senators that were calling for that cancellation, obviously, happy today. the people that we have heard on the streets today have been talking about trump. a lot of people wondering if this was going to happen. there was also a bit of egging on from former president vicente fox who is from the right leaning party here in mexico saying, yeah, let's stand our grand. and for president pena nieto, this would be a way of protecting his legacy. there will be a presidential election next year. and, you know, the last time he invited president trump, then candidate trump to mexico, that didn't go over so well and the approval ratings right now show he's at 12%. this could be a way for president trump opini president pena nieto to do what he says, to protect mexico's interest, but also a way of standing firm with the people of mexico in making sure dignity is
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restored for them and this new relationship with the united states of america. >> leyla, stand by. the president's trip to philadelphia is being met by protest. those demonstrators are gathered outside the hotel where the president is meet with gop leaders. br brynn gingras is at the site. set the scene for us. what's going on? >> wolf, an enormous crowd really shut down the streets around philadelphia's city hall. i want to go this way because you can see some of this crowd. this is actually what you were just talking about, where president trump is meeting with the gop retreat. this is as far as the crowd is going to be allowed to go because of the secret service security. but actually if we turn around now, you can see some of this crowd is moving in the opposite direction. and that's because we were just told that now they're going to head to one of pennsylvania's senators office. we're hearing a number of
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protests subjects. we're hearing about the repeal of the affordable care act. we're hearing about immigration. we're hearing about gay rights. all of the things we've been hearing about before the inauguration last week. and those protests continuing. i think i talked to you several times where i've talked to people over the last few days who said they're going to continue protests like this during the trump administration. at least the first 100 days. and that's exactly what we're seeing in downtown philadelphia right now, wolf. >> we're going to get back to you. you'll update us on the protests unfolding in philadelphia. i want to bring in our panel. gloria, this is extraordinary. this setback in u.s./mexican relationships. the relationship right at the beginning of president trump's administration. i don't remember a time when a new president has come into office, invited an ally, a leader of a close country like mexico or the uk or canada, to come to washington and within a day or two, all of a sudden, it explodes.
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>> a twitter war between two leaders? no, i don't remember it either. sean spicer, the president's communications director, just apparently said on air force one the white house wants to reschedule this meeting. we'll have to see whether that occurs. but you, you know, the president of mexico's popularity was just pointed out is at 12%. he didn't do himself any favors when he met with donald trump the first time around. i think donald trump used him pretty well in that meeting. the wall did not come up in that meeting and paying for the wall did not come up. so i think now that this was the only decision the president of mexico could make and no one should be surprised that he canceled the meeting having received that tweet this morning from the president of the united states. >> think of this contrast, wolf. you have u.s. ally mexico, a neighbor, long cultural and economic history there, no question.
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historic ties with this relationship really in bad shape. and with russia, which is very much not an ally. an adversary on a thousand different fronts, including interference in, the leelection. you might have a situation where president trump meets with president putin before he meets with the president of mexico. this is the thing. this is a true upheaval in principle u.s. relations. u.s. foreign power relations. principal ones. n the idea you would be blowing up the one with your neighbor while looking in very unfavorable times, trying to rekindle a relationship with russia is a remarkable contrast. >> but so in keep with the politics of 2016, now 2017. these are two leaders playing to their political constituencies and bases. donald trump is very, very fresh off a campaign where he was
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railing against illegal immigration. going after the mexican government for not doing enough to stop illegal immigration. the cartels on and on and on. despite the fact, or probably because of, as you said, the fact that then-candidate trump went to mexico. had this meeting, the president of mexico has to show that he's got a backbone, that he can stand up to the new president. and the new president here has to stand up to the president of mexico to show his constituents he's not going to take it when he understandably says mexico is not paying for the wall. so you have that going on, kind of like a continued campaign across the border as opposed to diplomatic relations that we've been used to. weship t shouldn't be surprised. we'll have a lot of things we're not used to. this is just -- >> there is a reason why foreign policy is not set by votes or
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polls. >> i think it all proceeds from an unrealistic idea and campaign promise which is that donald trump over and over again claimed that a foreign government was going to pay for a very expensive american infrastructure project. now you have congress really scrambling to figure out how they are going to pay for this wall. it looks like it's going to be the american taxpayers who are going to pay for it and the details will be worked out later. but it's really extraordinary to see this and to see it happen on twitter and to see this president of mexico stand up and try to, obviously, show his constituencies that he's not going to be pushed around by donald trump. but again, donald trump has said he's a master negotiator. trying to play hardball but in this situation, it seems -- >> it's important, and, jim, you've been looking into this. over the past tay day or two, t
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foreign minister of mexico has been in washington meeting with top aides at the white house, including jared kushner, the son-in-law, a senior adviser now to the president. we're getting closer and closer to the remarks from the president in philadelphia at this republican leadership retreat. we'll have that. paul ryan, i think, will be introducing president trump. but presumably in these preliminary talks, the foreign minister of mexico meet with senior advisers to president trump was told, mexico is going to pay for the wall. you'll have to accept that. that's a nonstarter, if you want to not think about that. and that presumably, in my estimate, led to this explosion, this decision by the president of mexico to cancel the visit. >> those meetings are going on and have to go on. those relationships if not at the presidential level, the lower level because mexico needs the u.s. and the u.s. needs mexico. in a dozen different ways. so mexico, while the president of mexico is making a point here
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of saying i'm not going to dance to this tune, mexican officials, mexican business leaders, et cetera, they know we can't cut ties. and that's not good. and american leaders in the white house know that as well. it's not good for either side. >> all of our tvs are made in mexico. you can get a large tv for $400 because it's mexico. >> is there a trade war coming with mexico? >> it's not just the wall, too. president trump wants to renegotiate nafta, the northern american free trade agreement. that's a huge issue as well. >> pressuring u.s. companies to not make stuff down there, right? which is part of another central part of the economic relationship with costs, no question, but also benefits. >> obviously, mexico is the united states' neighbor. i'm sure you had this experience covering the white house. i remember covering george w. bush going down for a meeting with then president vicente fox. it wasn't all roses and dances. there have been tensions
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continuously in the past. and the two leaders try to work out at it in a diplomatic way that we are used to, which is not happening now because that's not the way the new president operates. and, clearly -- >> people thought george w. bush was going to be a u.s. president for mexico. and vicente fox, that great personal relationship they had. and it didn't -- from the mexican point of view, george w. bush didn't deliver in that sense. >> now you have, and we're looking at pictures of mitch mcconnell, the republican leader here. you have republicans in the congress wondering just how they're going to pay for this wall. >> gloria, i want to go -- it looks like he was just introducing the president of the united states. let's see. there he is. donald trump is at the philadelphia congressional retreat. we thought paul ryan would be introducing the president, but it was mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader introducing the president, so
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let's listen in. >> thank you very much, mitch. so nice. thank you. [ applause ] thank you very much. thank you. thank you. so nice. nice to win. do we agree? it's been awhile. it's been awhile since we had this position. nice to win. and i want to thank everybody in the room. so many friends. thank you very much. sit down, everybody. let's enjoy ourselves. it's great to be in philadelphia. i went to school in philadelphia. there's a very special place in our nation's history. it's the place where we launched our american independence. the state of pennsylvania is very special to me for lots of reasons, especially from a couple of months ago. remember? pennsylvania cannot be won.
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remember? pennsylvania cannot be won, right, congressman? there is no path to victory for trump in pennsylvania. except we won. it has been a long time since you guys did this, but it was just a great victory. it was a great evening. i will tell you. but it sort of started in pen. they all said that pennsylvania was the bride that got away. that it was the state that everybody from the republican party that ran in pennsylvania for 38 years thought they won, except they never won. and i thought i won, too, but i was afraid to say it, mitch, because it just seemed it wasn't working out. so i just said, i think we did great but let's see what happens. great things happen. so we love this state and we'll see it many times again. now is the dawn of a new era of american independence, a
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rededication to the idea that the people are in charge of their own destiny. i want to thank majority leader mcconnell. great guy. and speaker paul ryan. very, very special. and he is writing his heart out, right? and we're actually going to sign this stuff that you're writing. you're not wasting your time. [ applause ] he would write it and send it up and nothing would happen. but now it's going to happen. for their leadership and for inviting me here today, thank you very much. and thank you, leader mccarthy, senator cornyn, congressman scalise, congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers and congressman messer, for your leadership as well. it's been terrific. this congress is going to be the busiest congress we've had in
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decades. maybe ever. maybe ever. think of that. and think of everything we can achieve and remember who we must achieve it for. we're here now because tens of millions of americans have placed their hopes in us to transfer power from washington, d.c., and give it back to the people. now we have to deliver. enough all talk, no action. we have to deliver. this is our chance to achieve great and lasting change for our beloved nation. since taking office, i have taken major contractual steps to restore the rule of law and to return power to everyday
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americans. [ applause ] even though it's only a few days, we've done it in record numbers. we've issued executive orders to build the keystone and dakota pipelines. and issued a new requirement for american pipelines to be made with american steel and fabricated in the united states. so i was sitting at my desk and i'm getting ready to sign key stone and dakota. i said, where is the pipe coming home? i won't tell you where but you wouldn't be happy. why is it we build pipelines but are not using pipe that's made in our country? i say, let's put that little clause in like it's a one sentence clause but that clause is going to attract a lot of people. and we're going to make that pipe right here in america.
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okay? if people want to build pipelines on our land, we want the pipe to be manufactured, and not only that, manufactured here but you'll see a level of quality that you aren't going to see when they bring pipe from far distances, have to bring it in small chunks and then fabricate it on the land. give me a break. we're going to do it much better and it's going to end up costing less money. believe me. we've reinstated the mexico city policy, a longstanding policy -- [ applause ] isn't that nice? by the way, on friday, a lot of
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people are going to be showing up to washington, right, mike? a lot of people. you know the press never gives them the credit that they deserve. they'll have 300, 400, 500, 600,000 people. you won't even read about it. when other people show up, you read big time about it. right? so it's not fair, but nothing fair about the media. nothing. a longstanding policy to ensure taxpayer dollars do not fund abortion services overseas. [ applause ] we've issued executive orders to remove wasteful regulations that slow down commerce and delay infrastructure. the massive effort to reduce the crushing regulations on our economy. and we are going to reduce
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regulations big time. we've also withdrawn from the trans-pacific partnership, paving the way for new one on one trade deals that protect and defend the american worker. and, believe me, we'll have a lot of trade deals. mitch, don't worry about it. but they'll be one-on-one. they won't be a whole big mash pot. they'll be one on one deals, and if that particular country doesn't treat us fairly, we send them a 30-day termination. notice of termination. and then they'll come and say, please don't do that and we'll negotiate a better deal during that 30-day period. the other way you can't get of it. plus very strong concerns over monetary manipulation and devaluation which they didn't have in tpp. so this will be so much better and we're already on it. i would like to have my commerce
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secretary wilbur approved because i hear he did fanta fantastically well, but they're not quick with the pen on signing these people because we'd like to have him approved as soon as possible. so, i know. mitch says it will be done, and it will be. they could move faster on the other side. i will say that. could move faster. i mean, i'm meet with the prime minister tomorrow, as you know. great britain. so i'm meeting with her tomorrow. i don't have my commerce secretary. they want to talk trade. so i'll have to handle it myself. which is okay. we've put in place the first steps in our immigration plan ordering the immediate construction of the border wall, putting an end to catch and release, expediting the removal of criminal -- this is so important to me.
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from day one, i've said it, and i mean the immediate removal of criminal aliens. they're going to be gone, fast. and finally, at long last, cracking down on sanctuary cities. [ applause ] it's time to restore the civil rights of americans to protect their jobs, their hopes and their dreams for a much better future. congress passed these laws to serve our citizens. and it's about time those laws were properly enforced. they're not enforced. the hour of justice for the american worker has arrived. border security is a serious, serious national issue and problem. a lack of security poses a substantial threat to the
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sovereignty and safety of the united states of america and its citizens. most illegal immigration is coming from our southern border. i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the government of mexico. nafta has been a terrible deal. a total disaster for the united states from its inception, costing us as much as $60 billion a year with mexico alone in trade deficits. you say who negotiates these deals? not to mention millions of dollars and thousands and thousands of factoriies and plants closing down all over our country. on top of that are the trillions of dollars the u.s. taxpayers have spent to pay the cost of
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illegal immigration. much of it is then been sent back and much of it goes back to other countries. and oftentimes because they don't respect us, the other countries will not accept the criminals that we send back to them that are illegally in our country. i promise you they will start accepting them again, quickly. we're not going to have them any longer. i will not allow the taxpayers or the citizens of the united states to pay the cost of this defective transaction, nafta. one that should have been renegotiated many years ago, except that the politicians were too preoccupied to do so. these people are not in that category. you understand. this is a different group. i think, right? to that end, the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting
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scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless, and i want to go a different route. i have no choice. paul ryan and other leaders in congress and i and mike pence who, by the way, how good a choice was vice president mike pence? [ applause ] stand up. everybody loves him. any time i got myself into a jam early, i haven't been doing this stuff too long. any time i got myself into a jam, oftentimes they'd say, you're on television. yeah. but look, he picked mike pence. so he's got to have something going, right? so mike really helped me.
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well, we're working on a tax reform bill that will reduce our trade deficits, increase american exports and will generate revenue from mexico that will pay for the wall, if we decide to go that route. it is time that the american people had a president fighting as hard for its citizens as other countries do for theirs. and that's exactly what i am going to do for you. believe me. thank you. thank you. it's time that somebody fought for our country and didn't let anyone take advantage of us anymore. the world has taken advantage of us for many years. not going to happen anymore. we will have an ambitious legislative agenda as well. our legislative work starts with repealing and replacing
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obamacare. [ applause ] and saving families from the catastrophic rise in premium and debilitating loss of choice and just about everything else. and remember, for this room in particular, obamacare is a disaster. the democrats are up and they are saying, oh, they're putting up signs like it's wonderful. it's a disaster. i actually talked with paul and the group about just doing nothing for two years, and the dems would come begging to do something because '17 is going to be catastrophic price increases. your deductibles are through the roof. you can't use it. can't use it. and they would come to us, except we have one problem. we have to take care of the american people immediately. so we can't wait. but every time they tell you about obamacare, we're taking them out of a big jam. big jam. we're putting ourselves at risk
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to a certain extent because we're taking it off their platter. but i think, congressmen, i think we have no choice. i think we have no choice. we have to get it going. i'm serious. if we waited two years, it's going to explode like you've never seen an explosion. nobody is going to be able to afford it. it's a disaster. and that's politically what we should do, but we don't want to do that. we want to get something done and get it done right. and tom price is going to do a phenomenal job. i don't know if he's here, but he's going to do a phenomenal job. on my first day in office, i signed an executive order to roll back the burdens of obamacare and pave the way for real reform, like health savings accounts that empower individuals to choose, to customize plan that is truly right for them. so many choices. tom price will soon be leading health and human services. he is a true advocate for
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patients. he's going to do a phenomenal job. we have no doubt about that. he joins an all-star roster that includes many of your colleagues. ryan zinke, mick mulvaney. these guys have had a tough time in congress, too, but they -- in the senate, but actually came out very well. mike pompeo. is mike here? mike pompeo, phenomenal guy. and jeff sessions. jeff is a fine person. jeff was one of my earliest endorsers. never endorsed a presidential candidate before and he was one of the earliest endorsers respected by everybody and did unbelievably in front of committee. unbelievable. in addition to fixing our health care, we're going to pursue new trade deals that create higher wages and more opportunities for american workers bringing back those magnificent words, made in the usa. we used to have that.
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we don't have it anymore. it's going to be america first again. we will create millions of new good-paying jobs by removing the economic burdens that cripple our ability to compete. at the center of that agenda is bold tax reform that massively lowers taxes for our middle class and for all american businesses. [ applause ] we will also pursue financial reform that will help striving americans get the credit they need to realize their dreams. republicans have always been the party of american industry and the american worker. we must embrace that heritage, rebuilding this country with american goods and american labor. and we've started. believe me. over the last couple of months. i would like to say i did about as much as anybody or more in terms of getting industry to
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start coming back to our country before i took office. but we have a lot of great news with ford and general motors and fiat chrysler and so many others. we have a lot of great news. lockheed is adding a lot of additional people. boeing. we have a lot of positive things happening. and it's really going to start bursting out. you'll start seeing it very soon. we want to get our people off of welfare and back to work. so important. it's out of control. it's out of control. and we believe that the world's best country ought to have the world's best infrastructure. it's what our people deserve, and it's what we will ensure they get. our infrastructure is in serious trouble. we will build new roads and highways and tunnels and airports and railways across the nation. we will fix our existing product before we build anything brand-new, however. we have to fix what we have. it's a mess.
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so we're going to fix it first. i think i do best in life is build. we will fix it first because we have a lot of things that are in bad shape. and we will rebuild our military and take care of our great veterans. [ applause ] thank you. working hard with the veterans. we're going to do something very special with the veterans. at the same time, we'll unleash the full power of american energy ending the job-killing restrictions on shale, oil, natural gas and clean, beautiful coal. and we're going to put our coal miners back to work.
10:36 am
and we will protect our farmers, our ranchers, our hunters, our anglers and all who enjoy the outdoors. but to be a rich country, we must also be a safe country. right now, too many families don't feel secure. just look at the 30 largest cities. if the last year alone, the murder rate has increased by an estimated 14%. here in philadelphia, the murder rate has been steady. i mean just terribly increasing and then you look at chicago. what's going on in chicago? i said the other day, what the hell is going on? that is why we will continue to stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement.
10:37 am
[ applause ] yesterday i had the honor of swearing in general john kelly as our secretary of homeland security. he's going to be amazing. tomorrow i will swear in general james mattis as our new secretary of defense. these men have devoted their lives to defending america and now i look forward to working with them along with our great new head of the -- we have so many different people that we are putting in office. i think it's the group of all-stars like really nobody has seen before, right? where is pompeo?
10:38 am
where the hell is he? did he ever come here? oh, he's working? he is so -- he is going to be another one of the big stars. i have to mention him every time. he's going to be great. one of you. and with you in congress to keep our country safe from the many threats we face today, that includes protecting americans from radical islamic terrorism. we also need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting. and believe me, you take a look at what's registering, folks. they like to say, oh, trump, trump, trump. take a look at what's registering. we're going to protect the integrity of the ballot box, and we're going to defend the votes of the american citizen. so important. all of us here today for the
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same reason to serve the citizens of our country. we are not here for ourselves. we are here for them. we are here for the people. we are blessed by divinity and honored by history with the task of preserving this great republic and expanding its blessings to every single american. [ applause ] thank you. all of us are joined in this effort. all of us are bound by duty and bound by god to give our full devotion to this country and its people. that obligation forms the moral foundation of our agenda. that agenda includes a lean, efficient government appointing
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supreme court justices -- so important -- who will uphold and defend our constitution. reducing taxation and regulation. fair trade that creates a level playing field as opposed to what we have right now. and fostering respect for our country and its flag. we are now only at the beginning of this incredible journey together. i am honored to be your partner in this amazing quest. i am privileged to stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, as we work every single day to make america great again. thank you. god bless you. and god bless america. it's a great honor to be here. thank you very much. thank you. >> speaking for nearly a half an hour, the president of the united states addressing congressional republican leadership at their retreat in philadelphia. going through a whole range of issues.
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promises he made during the campaign. promises he says he's now going to deliver on. among the issues, he said no more multilateral trade deals. one on one trade deals. the immediate removal, he said, of what he called criminal aliens in the united states. they'll be gone fast. cracking down on sanctuary cities. federal funding gone. mexico, the wall reiterating mexico that along that porder with mexico, there will be a wall. also saying nafta, the north american free trade agreement with canada and mexico, is a terrible deal. that has to be renegotiated and repealing and replacing obamacare immediately. it's a disaster, the president said. gloria, there's a lot more that he said there. these were campaign promises he made and now he's beginning the process of delivering. >> i think he also told what has been reported, which is that he had suggested to congressional leaders that it might be better for them politically to kind of wait on deal with obamacare
10:42 am
because he -- as he put it, we're putting ourselves at risk because we're taking it off the democratic platter. he knows very well that whatever they do is going to be compared to what came before and that the democrats will start calling it trump care and if people lose any benefits that they believe they have, that it could become a huge liability. and he knows that, and the people sitting in that room, wolf, know that as well. and that's something that they are trying to figure out how to handle, obviously. >> what do you think? the international leadership, the people around the world listening watching this nearly half-hour speech. they will walk away and say -- >> well, let's think of what mexico heard in that speech. president trump had a line there. if mexico doesn't treat us fairly, in his words, then we'll have to go another way. what does that mean? how is that received in mexico? is he talking about you can't end the relationship. you're neighbors, right? there's tremendous integration. but how far is he willing to
10:43 am
create space in that relationship to keep his campaign promise? a fairly outlandish one that he's going to get mexico to pay for the wall. it will have to go another way. the president of mexico canceling that meeting, that had to send shivers down the spine of people in mexico, how serious, how far is president trump willing to go. the other point is casting this economic relationship, he talked about the trade deficit there, $60 billion. that's kind of a cost. you know, the -- i was just reading "the wall street journal" here. a quote that the relationship, the northern american trading relationship since nafta has -- north american trade since nafta was passed has tripled to poof a trillion dollars. in these relationships, you don't have many perfectly balanced relationships n it's mathematically impossible to have a trade surplus with countries around the world. this is part of the give and take of global trade. if you start to view things in those terms, how is that going
10:44 am
to change the relationship with not just mexico but other countries. there are several u.s. allies the u.s. has a trade deficit for various reasons. how many trade wars is president trump willing to follow through on? >> what i said, no more multilateral trade deals like nafta or the tpp. individual deals with britain or other -- >> he called them mishmash. >> mash pot. >> technical term. >> the other thing i thought was interesting, and i -- we were all sitting here saying, what does that mean is in the context of the wall and building the wall and mexico paying for the wall, he said just as an aside, if we decide to go down that route. i'd be interested to know what that means. but just bigger picture, to listen to a republican president come out at the retreat of republican members of congress and spend the first 15 minutes bragging about all of the
10:45 am
executive orders that he signed, after these republicans spent eight years railing against the democratic president, president obama as an imperial president because he signed so many executive orders was a little bit like the twilight zone. of course, some of them was to unsign some of what president obama did. but not all of them. not the wall and the pay freeze and the -- you go on down. so it was a little jarring that he is doing that and he's forcing the congress to figure out a way to pay for it because of the pen that he used, not in an executive order, not legislatively. >> and really interesting, in many ways, this was his inaugural address. and we got to see, i think, for the first time, how the members responded. the people who are going to be responsible for carrying out some of these plans and these executive orders. and you could see he was talking to republicans, obviously, and they were receiving this message
10:46 am
well on several things. you could tell by the clapping. putting coal miners back to work. abortion restrictiorestrictions removing -- not a lot of clapping when he talked about removing us from tpp. the wall. infrastructure rebuildi ingrebu. not a lot of clapping or response when he talked about those agenda items which were key to what he wanted to do. particularly on infrastructure reform. this is the republican party for years railed against government spending and here we have a republican president coming in saying he wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, rebuilding and something like $15 billion on a wall. >> there's going to be a lot more to assess. and the president also once again railing against illegal voting fd he wants to defend the integrity of the ballot box. lots of discussion on that in recent days as well. everybody stand by. president trump just wrapping up his speech over at the gop
10:47 am
retreat in philadelphia. his visit there was also met with protests. there are some live pictures from outside the event. in that speech, the president called for a -- called a potential meeting with mexico fruitless. this comes hours after the president of mexico canceled his scheduled meet with president trump on tuesday. we'll discuss that and more. the former mexican ambassador to the united states, arturas, is here. we'll get his reaction and analysis right after this. from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years. until i learned more about once-daily xarelto®... a latest-generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood-clotting factors.
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. let's get back to the breaking news a major diplomatic
10:52 am
riv rift between the mexican president and president trump. he has cancelled his meeting next tuesday. president trump addressed that issue moments ago during his speech in philadelphia. the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting schedule next yee week, unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, such would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. strong words from the president of the united states. let's discuss this with the ambassador to mexico. what's your reaction to the strong words? >> i think it's at a certain point. strategic forward looking relationship in the past 20
10:53 am
years in part because of nafta and the coalition after 9/11. but when they were met with signing the executive orders with the wall and this morning's tweet. >> why do you say it's an ambush. donald trump when he was a candidate promising almost every speech there will be a wall and mexico will pay for it. >> the foreign minister preparing for next week's meeting. >> to have meetings with top officials at the white house including jared kushner senior advisor to the president. >> yes. >> and you're saying that what. >> when they're landing the white house is announcing that the next day the president will be signing the executive orders and then this morning's tweet which obviously complicates any
10:54 am
context for the president to come up. there's no upside for either the mexican president or ooeeven th u.s. president, wolf when you don't have a full u.s. cabinet in place, you don't have the agency officials that will be in charge of the day today relationship. if the mexican president has talked about discussing every single issue of the bilateral relationship there's no one that will be at the table to discuss that full fle-fledged agenda >> can you see some end to that mexico will pay for that wall. >> we have done a lot of great things together but one thing you won't see the united states and mexico doing together is building a wall medicationxicans
10:55 am
not going to cross the border to build a wall. on border security or try and use remittances, that's another story but won't see a transfer of mexican resources. >> it sounds like that crisis is going to continue. >> it is, wolf and with the relationship as complex and rich with so many moving parts if you try to apply a chainsaw to it you are going to cut off your foot. there are a lot of issues that could impact u.s. security and national security if mexico says we're going to relook the way we have been working for the past 20 years. >> thank you so much. clearly this crisis not going
10:56 am
away. >> amanpour is coming up next in the north america newsroom and news with brooke baldwin starts in a minute.
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11:00 am
hi there i'm brooke baldwin breaking news on cnn beginning with this border wall blowup, president trump has confirmed he will not meet with the president of mexico. this is what mr. trump just told republican lawmakers moments ago during their annual retreat. >> i've said many times that the