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tv   New Day  CNN  January 27, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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the world. >> it is indeed the president's plan to tax imports from mexico. coming under scrutiny this morning. the big question is could it trigger a trade war? that is a possibility. what effect would that have all of this comes as the president meets today with the british prime minister. live in washington with the latest. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. well, president trump will host his first foreign leader at the white house today. now he has some other diplomatic calls on his agenda. he will speak this weekend with russian president vladimir putin. and tensions flairing with mexico. president trump triggering a diplomatic show down with mexico in his first week in office.
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>> i'm talking about a real wall. a wall that has to be serious. >> the feud escalating quickly after the president threatened to cancel next week's meeting with mexico's president if they won't pay for his border wall. within hours he tweeted back he told the white house that he is not coming. trump later casting the cancellation as a mutual decision. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect such a meeting would be fruitless -- >> adding to the tension the white house began floating a 20% tax on imports from mexico. >> by doing it that way we can do $10 million a year and easily pay for the wall. >> only to walk it back two hours later saying it's one idea that could finance the wall. >> mexico's foreign minister dismissing such a plan. pointing out the import tax would ultimately be passed on to american consumers. many economists agree citing the
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$531 billion in goods traded between the countries in 2015 making mexico america's third largest trading partner. the suddenly stormy relationship between allies capped off trump's first week in office. signing a flur ri of orders to fulfill a number of his campaign promises but the white house also delayed additional action. his false claims of widespread voter fraud. this as the feud with the media isn't getting better. >> these are hostile and angry people. in a rare interview with the new york times the president's chief strategist labels the media the opposition party. saying the press should keep it's mouth shut. now we'll see how this meeting between president trump and teresa may goes. they're expected to do a joint press conference afterward. we're expecting donald trump to
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head to the pentagon to sign executive orders. he is also going to be projecting objectives for how he wants to defeat isis. >> let's bring in our panel. washington post columnist josh rogan. cnn political commentator and senior contributor at the daily beast. and former cia counter to errorism official. that was a big moment yesterday with t he recollects resa may talking about the commonality and now it's overshadowed. how do you see this date of play. >> there's a kay kbros into how the trump administration is moving forward and where donald trump has talked about the kind of negotiator he tries to be and he's doing foreign policy
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through these bold negotiation stances to try to get the best deal that he possibly can so now we have a ruptured relationship with such a close ally and important trading partner in mexico for a wall of kind of dubious need so it would be interesting to see how this plays out with congressional republicans and republican leaders as well as the negotiations with mexico itself but again it seems to be no need for this to be so provocative with mexico and yet that's the way he has wanted to get things started perhaps with a nod toward exacting some kind of price from mexico and to pay for the wall in some fashion. i don't see how it played out. >> it was called an impulsive tantrum. you have to think of a lot of things when doing the diplomatic
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dance. that has cost a lot of u.s. jobs and it also means 6 million u.s. jobs that rely on that trade but what does it do in our partnership with mexico on that front? what does it do to the war on drugs and our partnership with mexico on that front. if you enrage the mexican government that hurts you in other areas. >> we've had a president that branded his opposition during the campaign and branded his defense secretary. we now have tylenol trump if you're a national security guy. you got priorities you have to think about. the iran nuclear deal. china, russia, what are we talking about? the berlin wall on the border and the president should be setting priorities. president bush with missile defense years ago and many transitions to terrorism. and we have a problem here of prioritization. one other problem in terms of flipping government on its head,
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he has to tell nato chill out the president maybe didn't really mean what he said. the cia director is saying not so fast. the entire government including the congress saying not so fast on russia. the president usually directs policy down. this is a reversal now you have the cabinet saying we're directly policy up, slow down. >> the prioritization might be that donald trump wants to start off by sending a signal not just to mexico but to the world that a new sheriff is in town and i hope that this is more a opening than a negotiation than it is an economic policy. >> what i'm talking about is the way that reagan fired the air traffic controllers the way he walked away when he didn't get the deal he wanted and i hope this is not indicative of his policy. >> i think there's a lot of wishful thinking. i don't see any method here at all, okay?
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it's totally happen hazard. the fact that the defense department and white house aren't on the same pages of problem. the fact that the mexican foreign minister had a meeting on the white house when the tweet comes over and the mexican foreign minister has to ask the president if they're still going to have a meeting because the tweet just came that's not four dimensional checks. that's not going to get us to point a or b. >> it's twitter diplomacy. i love saying things by the way. this is a brilliant guy. mit trained someone that actually thought of the meeting of trump going down there and meeting with the president during the campaign and was back to renegotiate this deal. he called trump yesterday a very smart man. there's different levels of power on both sides of the border but i come back to phil's
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point about priority. we know what the immigration flows are and what the potential danger is -- >> it's a priority because this is what he ran on. this is what people are cheering and screaming at his rallies. if he looks substantively about why it should be such a priority that's what leads you actually to scratch your head. when you have the priorities that the president has said he wants to focus on iran and russia to syria and isis and phil is right that how he is prioritizing this far doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it but i agree with matt this man of action idea and president trump putting a stake in the ground and i came here to shake things up and he's doing that. >> people would have a much better sense of it if he hadn't kept distracting with these antics in the tweets and the
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hyperbole because he has done a lot in toempls different areas of attack but too many. two big points that are going to happen from now and to the weekend. nafta. i know you're a conservative now. and the state where you live. >> president jonch h.w. bush conceived negotiated and executed the documents. clinton did that but the idea is nafta is killing our jobs. she knows all of this stuff. they give you estimates of 700,000 jobs that have been lost. but there's millions dependent on it. there's not just something that it's also providing. 6 million to be exact. >> i don't think people do. look i'm a free trade guy. i think that, you know, free trade makes us all more wealthy and we talk about this potential
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of putting a tax on imports on mexico for example would cost consumers more money. you're going to have to spend more money. i don't think the average american or the trump voter realizes the bad economics but it sounds awfully good to play populous politics and it worked so well that it put donald trump in the white house. >> they'll realize it when they're paying for it. >> if this 20% tariff happens that's coming out of your pocket. >> that could be a year from now. >> on that point is it disingenuous of the administration and equate the two and say the 20% tariff means that mexico will pay for the wall? those are american businesses that are going to have to pay for the tax. >> there will also be retaliatory tariffs that will impact more american businesses and cost more american jobs. they don't actually have a plan so if they don have a plan how do we know if the plan is good
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or bad. it's a very crude lazy way to do economics and it's also what i can think about. >> and the third biggest trade partner. that's the right segway. >> this call was celebrated within the administration and there's a signal that trump and putin have a much yul level of respect. there is potential and there's ceasefire talks going on and we have to step back and offer this an opportunity. that said teresa may, what are they going to talk about? are they going to talk about iran or syria or north korea. are they going to talk about nato or a wall orphan tom voters. this is also about presidential energy. i want to know with these big issues the complexity of nafta where are you going to decide to put your chips down and i
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haven't figured this one out yet. >> well he hasn't figured it out fellas. we are at a lost cause at this point in time. >> stay with us. we have a lot more ahead here. president donald trump's first week. it's 7 days he has been in power. one filled with controversial moves. is this what we should expect for the next four years? our panel sbak in a moment. watch the weak side!
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>> just the first 7 days in a series of executive orders, will they stick? that is another question. a little bit of breaking news on another executive order coming down the pike. >> first on cnn confirmed with two trump administration officials that there is a draft executive order with russia sanctions. what it will do is relieve some of the sanctions. not all of them. some of them and look at the rest of them now. i don't know about the timing. but you can be sure this was
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going to come up in the discussion. >> do you know whether these were the rather tough economic sanctions that came under president obama after the ukraine invasion incursion or are these the more recent ones from president obama. >> the sanctions are too board and they cover too much and he's going to tackle the ones he thinks are too much. that's an indication and we'll have to wait and see when the text comes out all of these texts are coming out but they are planning on doing this and that's going to come in as a surprise by a lot of people. >> what's his ability to undo by executive order. >> he can undo what he wants. >> but sanctions passed by congress but only ones levied by the executives. >> the executives he can get rid
3:18 am
of easy. basically he can do whatever he wants. >> he's creating a front. if he does this, matt lewis, congress has said they're going to try to pass more sanctions and now he's going to have a battle going on where he is taking a decision to defend russia once again. >> republicans, lindsey graham, john mccain, maybe marco rubio that wants to impose sanctions on russia and not lift them. >> and rex tillerson to testify we would have had more sanctions before and this puts the white house cross wise with secretary of state before he's confirmed. >> what do you make of the fact that within a 48 hour span donald trump and the president of mexico have gotten on completely different pages and donald trump is about to get on a little bit more of the same page one would expect on the phone call with putin tomorrow evening in moscow.
3:19 am
what does that tell us about the new world order. >> that donald trump like presidents before him learned to turn a page with russia. and if you think about the sanctions that are in place if president trump dials those back in a way that president putin would like to see done. and trump is in a position and he wants to come out as some kind of tangible cooperation with russia that would allow him to see this is a relationship with russia. he cannot understand how transactional russia is and they may help you today and screw you tomorrow and we've also seen that. >> theresa made said it more
3:20 am
eloquently in her speech. proceed with caution. someone has been on the inside of government. how an agenda gets put into effect. >> we're still waiting on executive orders on this voter fraud and refugees and muslim ban. she has 8 irons in the fire. what does that end up in the process of governing. >> i don't think you have 8 irons in the fire. most presidents get three or four during the entire presidency. we had about 72 during 7 days. you can't execute with the national security council complicated issue about how to move forward with russia which includes nato chrks includes ukraine and syria and also focus on north korea and the question going in is what is the strategy. you can't conduct government by
3:21 am
twitter. what do you want to do? as a government official you're walking away saying which of these do you want to turn the ship to and that ship don't turn to it. >> there is a national security councilel. usually you would get advice from the people that you hired. >> i think we're making a mistake this is anything and we're seeing it both ways yesterday but on another note that's important to get to he says to the new york times interesting and in an interview with the media he said be embarrassed and humiliated and keep his mouth shut and listen for awhile. >> he is a member of the media. >> he runs a hit site and now he's talking his own.
3:22 am
>> is it a member of a media standing and i wonder when he came up with breitbart did he consider himself an opposition with president obama and be interested to know his judgment on that. maybe they want to create a ministry of propaganda out of the white house but that's not how it works here in america and i wonder why aside from placating their base why they're sew paranoid in the white house about their standing and paranoid about the media. it's not a creative thing that they're doing, attacking the media. other people have done it. it's not going to shut it's mouth. it should be fair and be tough and illuminate and so much of that is issues that the president and white house
3:23 am
brought on themselves by uttering truths and talking about illegal voters and obsessing about crowd size. you want to take all of these problems and dishonest human beings in the media. >> that's all right. that's all correct but the media has brought some of this on ourselves and there's a reason to attack us because the media is less popular than donald trump and there's a reason for that. >> i don't know that that's true by the way. >> you're citing that gallop -- >> i think these popularity polls are a lot to be honest with you. >> donald trump. >> who is the biggest man in the room and that's what they're supposed to act like. he would be the most secure person in the united states of america. gentlemen, thank you very much.
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this is a great need for facts especially with immigration, and the wall. here it comes a 2015 research study concluded that more mexicans are leading the united states than entering, why and also because it's gotten harder to stay in the united states over the years because of all of the enforcement. what about the nonmexicans coming over the border. after decades of rapid growth the number of undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. has leveled off since 2009 indicating while immigrants are coming here in places from
3:29 am
central america a number of studies show that anywhere from 40 to 50% of the people here illegally overstayed their visas. and suggesting some of these people likely entered the u.s. reports had papers and then violated them. what about president trump's other big concern, drugs. mexican criminal organizations do transport a bulk of drugs over the southwest border. the most we get but how through ports of entry. using passenger vehicles or tractor-trailers meaning that most and not with big backpacks with those we heard in our politics. that's not the reality. despite this president trump's supporters the wall is one component and undocumented
3:30 am
immigrants and who committed crimes and homeland security statistics give us a story. president obama actually deported a record number of people during his time in office. far more than his predecessor george w. bush because there's always a suggestion that obama made it worse. however the rate did decline sharply during the final years of the obama administration. one suggestion is once they saw they weren't going to get a deal on immigration enforcement did get more lax. also instructed agents to target undocumented immigrants with criminal records. how good of a job have we been doing? 2016 department of homeland security reports show agents comply knowing that an increasing percentage of those deported from the interior of the country were convicted of serious crimes. more than 90% in 2016 bush era in 2009, 51%.
3:31 am
one question after president trump's executive order, who is going to qualify as a criminal under the new administration. we're going to be considered a priority. so it's a lot of information but people need to have it to understand the entire conversation. >> eye opening this morning. coming up president trump's rift with mexico over the border wall and one of these proposed solutions to mexican imports also in a big way could trigger trade war. we'll take you live to mexico city, next.
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>> president trump's diplomatic show down and his wall is already having a ripple effect in mexico. how is the news being received right there? we're live in mexico city with more. obviously a lot of outcry there but really depressing the peso. >> right. we have been seeing the peso
3:36 am
plunge for quite some time now and obviously we saw the impact and some of the details that are coming out on how this actually came down and it's pretty fast nating that the new foreign minister from mexico talked last night about how he was at the white house in a middle of a meeting with trump's staff when he got word of that tweet from donald trump that said if mexico is not willing to pay for the wall maybe we shouldn't meet and that's when he said i need a break. he stepped out and he called the mexican president himself directly and the mexican president said it's off. we're not doing this. i'm not going to this meeting an instructed him to let the white house staff know in a cordial way. that's something resinating her in mexico city. i was talking to one family who was not aware that he had cancelled the meeting. and when i told him you could
3:37 am
see that they light up as if dignity had been restored to him as if they were proud so he's being applauded and remember and this is something that a group of senators here asked for and called for and today he would be leading with the foreign minister that's back in mexico. the economic minister. the entire delegation that was at the white house this week. we expect them to be meeting with the president today. >> thank you for the reporting. you give voice to a very important dynamic. there's a lot of pride in mexico and that's something that's now come into political play. let's bring in a great quest for this conversation. he is a former mexican diplomat and member of the mexican council on foreign affairs. thank you very much, the optics. it's a pleasure to have you served. the optics are according to the
3:38 am
trump administration. we have all the leverage. there's a huge trade in balance. we give much more to mexico than we give back. we have the cards. we can make them do what we want. what is the reality on your side politically. >> the reality is regarding that deficit that mexico is only let's say responsible for 8% of the trade deficit and china is responsible for 56% of your trade deficit so i don't know if the president is afraid of you know sanctioning china or talking regarding with china as he does with mexico and he's very, very, it comes to my attention and gets my attention that this is happening. that's one thing. the other thing regarding the border is that this narrative, he is taking us at least 30 or 40 years back. let me explain. in mexico for more of a century
3:39 am
we've had an antiamerican sentiment. that antiamerican sentiment left behind naf at a and started to occur. and i am sure that unfortunately even though that's a good thing. that antiamerican sentiment with all the consequences that that can have, we are feeling that the u.s. is treating us as enemies as friends. and we could become enemies. >> what would that look like because to the base of voters that put donald trump in office their perspective would be they don't care how they feel. you are where the conduit has become for these people to come
3:40 am
in illegally and under nafta you have taken jobs but haven't given any back. >> i'm glad you mention security. mexico is an important factor. an essential factor for national security in the united states and that is -- that could change if cooperation and friendship with the united states between the united states and mexico does not stay in that curse. that's one thing. and the other thing regarding jobs we don't just trade with each other. it's more like we are partners. let me give you a very quick example regarding cars. one car crosses the border 7 times between mexico and the united states before it actually becomes a car. so we are not just trading between us but most importantly we are partners. canada, mexico and the united states we are partners in north
3:41 am
america so we trade with the world and we become -- we are to stay in this course. and there's just one side of the story what is being seen and by president trump and not the whole story. does he have the political capital? does he have the gumption to take on president trump if he's going to require a sustained period of fighting. and that's how we are regarding our government but on these we stand behind the president all the way. two tweets from donald trump managed to get the mexicans
3:42 am
together behind the precedent and behind our government. we don't need to be aggressive but we need to be firm regarding the united states. >> thank you very much for your perspective as things develop and we see if another meeting is scheduled and what the terms are and we can give you the mexican perspective. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, up next. what has become a presidential objection why do crowd sizes matter so much. the leader of the free world. we'll take a closer look at it. y california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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abdominayou may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and riteaid. tiger woods off to a rough start and more on this morning's bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning. where tiger won his last major back in 2008 but tiger did not have that success yesterday in the opening round. his first official pga tour event. it looked rusty and on 15 right
3:47 am
here and into the gallery and then ended up rolling off a cliff and he would double bogie that hole. sinking this nice birdie putt right here. he's four over a lot of work to do. if he hopes to make the cut later today. o'dell beckham jr. winning the challenge catching this ball from 125 feet up in the air and he was eliminated with ty hilton caught his ball right there. he was the last man standing in the afc and he nearly caught this ball and it would drop and then elliott takes his shirt off and celebrates like he joust won the super bowl. it's very happy that they won the dodge ball and won the pro bowl on sunday. >> you guys are too young to
3:48 am
republican and that's what used to make it great. it wasn't the game. it was the skills. you could see dodge ball. that's the fun of it. >> that is the fun of it. all right. bye my young friend. we'll see you soon. >> so week one is in the books. you can measure it by my hairline. it could have been solely remembered for unprecedented activity and advancing campaign promises by a new president but it won't be because of our president's priorities of engagement. the question is why does he keep doing this? a lot of people are asking it. we have people that can answer it, next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies.
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>> comparing his crowd size to former president barrack obama's crowd in 2009 and actually spoke on the phone with the acting director of the national park service to complain. why is the president obsessed with crowd sizes and his popularity? let's bring in the author of the trump's three generations that built an empire and the author
3:53 am
of the truth about trump. his latest book is a consequential president. the legacy of barrack obama. thank you for being here. nice to have you both on. let me begin with you. the short version of the long story here with the national park service is on a saturday president trump gets on the phone with a guy in the national park service. and not with that side by side comparison that we're looking at. why is that something he is doing in the first 25 hours in office. what is it about the mind of trump that is obsessed with what is disproving fact. >> one is that he has to see himself as a success. he has to be a winner. he can't be a loser. if he's looking like he's a loser he has to be rigged and
3:54 am
has to be stolen from him. there has to be somebody at fault. it can't be true. so that's one thing. another thing is its not just an obsession though. he's building up a part of an on going effort to pick up a counter narrative to have an alternate way of looking at things to have a different take that doesn't rely on facts that doesn't rely on truth. we saw that with the birther movement. obama was not born in the u.s. and now we see another example of it here. he's pushing this idea that nobody supports. people on both sides of the aisle said that's not true so there's that. there's also a big distraction and he's the distractor in chief. we're not looking at the federal income taxes that haven't been released we're not looking at the conflict of interest things being swept under the rug. >> there's a lawsuit advancing on that and we ask about the
3:55 am
taxes all the time. and the reluctance to do that. nobody here is a psychologist. we're not trying get into the psyche of donald trump. we're looking for insight. for example, the president said this isn't about me and the size of my crowd and all of that it's about respecting the people that put me here and the media is trying to demean that by demeaning the size of the crowd. is that something that is important to this man or advocacy and protection of others. >> it's a brilliant rhetorical strategy you can always shift the focus and people say you're very self-preferential and this is all about your echo and it's all about the people that supported me and to a degree that's true but it really often comes back to him and he wants us to see the world through his
3:56 am
eyes and in his eyes he is a spectacular success. i'm sure when he is speaking that day and he looked out on the crowd he could see and it was really big and inspiring to him and those are the folks that supported him and he enlists them against the media and against the press and even against the national park service. >> you know, i spent a large part of this week talking about it in kentucky. a tiny town in kentucky. and this is trump country, right? and many of them have a real distaste for media and had a long dialogue with a lot of them and i guilty or innocent. you know i felt what they were feeling and the president is reiterating what a lot of those
3:57 am
folks are saying and what is the end game in fighting the war with the media. what do you think the end game is in is he voicing what those folks are saying or is there something else here? >> he's in charge. that's what he is saying. he's going to dominate the story and people who are critical, the press, which he takes as critical, if there's a questioning, if there's a bush pack, that shows, that could show, that could show that he is a loser and they have to keep under mining the legitimacy of the press. this is an old republican strategy and it's distracting. it takes us away from tax returns. and the obama administration is now congratulatory effect on the media and this is more and more extreme and more angry than what we see in the past.
3:58 am
the president i have known his family for many, many years. he's always been a source to two to for how to deal with a bad situation with the press. you go to donald trump and he'll tell you how to deal with a bad situation. why do you think it is that he is putting himself in bad situations now. i don't think he would give others the advice he seems to be following right now that he had all of these executive orders that could have made him look so productive this week and, in fact, he was and he's chasing illegal voters. he is going at park size. why would he do that to himself. he's easily distracted. this guy does seem to have attention deficit disorder and the other thing that is true about trump is he's a guy that wants to pose as a fighter. this gives him somebody to fight that the media is going to be an
3:59 am
easy target to fight. he knows that everyone will follow him. all of his supporters will line-up against the media as well. they've always been conditioned to see the enemy of the press. as long as you're looking at this battle which is exciting and he can seem commanding you're not looking at anything else and it's comfortable for him. i think he really relishes it. >> we appreciate your insight as you both road wrote entire books on the man. >> people write this off. big mistake. the president of the united states, a very intelligent man. thanks to our international viewers for watching. cnn newsroom will begin for you in just moments. for our u.s. viewers we have news for you. newday continues right now. >> now is the dawn of a new era. the president's public
4:00 am
diplomatic gift for mexico. >> the american people did not pay for a wall. and i made that clear to mexico. >> a 20% tax on imports from mexico. unless mexico is going to treat the united states with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. >> we are on the same page with the white house. >> the president's investigation into false claims of voter fraud, delayed. >> we also need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting. >> he is a liar that repeatedly lined the american public pushing propaganda. >> this is new day. >> good morning. welcome to your new day allison is off and in his first week in office donald trump redefining the presidency dramatically you shaping do messty and foreign policy and he's overshadowing himself with tweets about fan come illegal


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