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tv   New Day  CNN  January 27, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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diplomatic gift for mexico. >> the american people did not pay for a wall. and i made that clear to mexico. >> a 20% tax on imports from mexico. unless mexico is going to treat the united states with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. >> we are on the same page with the white house. >> the president's investigation into false claims of voter fraud, delayed. >> we also need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting. >> he is a liar that repeatedly lined the american public pushing propaganda. >> this is new day. >> good morning. welcome to your new day allison is off and in his first week in office donald trump redefining the presidency dramatically you shaping do messty and foreign policy and he's overshadowing himself with tweets about fan come illegal voters and crowd
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sizing. now a huge diplomatic rift with the president of mexico. >> this as the white house is floating out a proposal that the white house says will pay for that wall. but the bottom line if they instituted you the american consumer is going to get stuck with the bill. all of this comes as the president meet with the british prime minister at the white house a few hours from now as we enter day 8 of the trump administration. let's begin our coverage this morning in the nation's capitol. >> donald trump will be hosting his first foreign leader at the white house today. the u.s. has of course had a very warm, very close relationship with britain. not smouo much for the world ler on saturday. he is expected to have a phone call with russian president vladimir putin. he is off to a rocky start with tensions flairing with mexico.
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>> president trump triggering a diplomatic show down with mexico. i'm talking about a wall that's going to serious. >> the feud escalating quickly after threatening to cancel the meeting with mexico's president. >> within hours he was tweeting back that he told the white house that he is not coming. as a mutual decision. >> unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. >> adding to the tension, the white house with a 20% tax on mexico. >> only to walk it back two hours later saying it's just one idea that could finance the law. >> mexico's foreign minister dismissing such a plan.
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many economists agree citing the $531 billion in goods trading in 2015 making mexico america's third largest trading partner. kaps off trump's chaotic first week in office. the president signing a flur ri of executive orders. a number of controversial campaign promises. but the white house also delayed additional immigration action as well as trump's order to investigate his false claims of widespread voter fraud. this as the trump administration's feud with the media isn't getting any better. >> these are very angry people. >> in a rare interview with the new york times the president's chief strategist labels the media the opposition party saying the press should keep it's mouth shut. >> now the president's whirlwind schedule continues today. we're expecting him to hold a
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press conference with theresa may at the white house. he's going to layout how he wants to defeat isis to the new defense secretary. >> thank you so much. let's discuss all of this with a former ambassador to mexico and former director of national intelligence. i can't think of a better morning to have you on given that nafta was negotiated on your watch and you endorse clinton on the election. there's two stories here. one that trade with mexico can be good for the u.s. economy and jobs. some 6 million jobs are connected to it according to the chamber of commerce. it can also be bad to u.s. jobs and cost at least 800,000 jobs from 97 to 2013. where do you fall on this fight between the u.s. president and the president of mexico in terms of how it's all going to fake
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out. >> well, first of all, it has been good for the united states and mexican economies. trade has quadrupled or quintupled since the agreement 25 years ago and there's been all sorts of economic benefits on both sides. mexico is not only our third largest trading partner, it's our second largest export market. more than $200 billion worth of products exported to mexico and another thing to bear in mind is that imports from mexico have about 40%. second point is political. the entry into nafta began a very good and constructive feeling between the united states and mexico overcoming year of distrust. the book that was in vogue when i went to mexico as ambassador more than 25 years ago was called distant neighbors. we are no longer distant
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neighbors. we have highly integrated economies with supply chains between us, canada and mexico and that's had very beneficial political side effects that mexicans don't bash the united states anymore. they learn to speak english. they like this country and they have made the strategic accommodation to us. it would be the height of irony if the united states in this context were to be the one that returns us to becoming distant neighbors again. have been out and chris has been out across the country talking to people whose jobs were lost directly because of nafta. is it wrong for the president to say there's got to be a better deal? >> some of these jobs have been lost because of globalization. some of these jobs have been
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lost because of technology. some of these jobs have been saved because the factories move to mexico instead of to china so they were at least related economic activities that were conducted in the united states but the overall benefit has been one of growth in both economic activity and jobs. so, you know -- >> well, we know, this is a point of fact at least 800,000 jobs have been lost as a result of it but let's move on to whether or not -- >> but you cited the fact that some several million jobs are related. >> but you and i can't know the pain of people that saw their livelihood go out the window. these 20% or 30% or whatever it might be could be in violation of the world trade organization rules. what is your take on that ambassador? >> i'm not certain but i they to impose a 20% tariff if, indeed the president were to do that
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would begin a very mutually destructive set of activities and i think that can only lead in a negative direction and downward spiral of economic activity between our two countries. i think you also have to ask people that live in the border states like texas and arizona, new mexico and california how they would see the activities. those people on our side of the border are going to feel the same pain if we start trying to quote, unquote, punish mexico. >> let's talk about the meeting that's going to happen at the white house. the president meeting with british prime minister theresa may and her remarks in philadelphia. he talked about a world of change and he said as dawn breaks on a new era of american renewal. the focus isn't on that as much as mexico in the feud. what do you expect to come from the meeting of the leaders and where they go on trade and other
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key issues? >> clearly first of all britain has been a great friend through the year. they're also a nato ally and the first thing i would expect is a reaffirmation of a great friendship between our two countries. i also wouldn't rule out there's an indication of the priority that the president would plan to give the uk. if they're able to negotiate a free trade arrangement with us. they can't do that now because they haven't formally left the brexit yet. >> president trump talked about wanting bilateral trade agreements that would fall right in there. >> it would fit in. >> let me ask before i let you go, we know tomorrow afternoon, u.s. time, the president is going to have a call, probably his first conversation i believe with president putin of russia. he said on the campaign trail he had met putin and then he hadn't so who knows who it is but the
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kremlin is saying don't read too much into this phone call. this is the first time they will talk. it's putin congratulating president trump. what should we expect to come out of that? >> first of all it's interesting that mr. putin has been trying to sort of dampen expectations of what might come from the phone call but secondly i would say when it comes to relations with china and russia and the nuclear powers it's very important for a president to establish relationships early on. they should be at some early day. the president should meet with all of them. >> are you wary of the approach the president should take? not one negative tweet? not one negative comment? this as he and the president of mexico is in a feud. >> where the europeans must be concerned, i'm wary about his position on the ukraine and
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whether mr. trump might be tempted to give the russians a pass on ukraine so i think he has to go into this mindful of the importance of also maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with our nato allies so he has to square that circle. >> as you know he's called nato obsolete. we're out of time. thank you ambassador. have a nice weekend. >> thank you. you make a good point. the president has said a lot of things in a question we keep wondering is why does he say them? what is the basis for the things he believes. there was a tweet that may well convince the president he was robbed in the popular vote. the man that may have fuelled the latest goose chase for alleged illegal voters is going to join us next. can he prove what the president believes? would drive their all-new lego batmobile. well, it's all black. probably someone with self-esteem issues? ah, what? yeah, it screams loner to me. does it? i bet he's super outgoing and really popular.
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he tweeted complete addal sis of data base of data registration. consulting legal team. two days later he sent another tweet. 3 million votes cast by noncitizens. we are initiating legal action. those tweets went wild. they were disseminated by many and they became apparently a source for donald trump's voter fraud. i appreciate you doing this. i know it's become increasingly uncomfortable but it matters. >> i'm glad to be here. thanks. >> what's your take. do you accept the premise that the president may have through back channels picked up on what you put out in those initial tweets which is a suggestion and that is motivating his current
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belief. >> well, he's president of the united states. it's clearly way above my pay grade. our analysis is what it is and we believe the truth is truth and if the president and his team believe the same is true and maybe they are but our motivations and initiating all of this had nothing to do with president trump. >> what is the truth to use the word. do you know and can you prove right now that 3 million people voted illegally. >> we began this effort years and years ago. we developed a data base of 189 million voting records. we augmented that with everything from geo coding to all sorts of identifying information and algorithms and
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verify identity and verify citizenship and all the other factors that go into a legal registered voter. >> you have the proof. when you tweeted those things and this is just a tweet. i'm just some guy. i haven't proven it yet and this is what i think i'll be able to do in the future. >> i don't think i ever said that i think. >> but you hadn't done it yet. when you initially tweeted it you admitted you hadn't done it yet. that's not what is picked up in an interview. >> well, the statesman was wrong as is often the case. our concerns all along were simply that what we're talking about here is we're going to -- should we push this. should we talk about accusing 3 million people of multiple felonies.
4:19 am
it's a federal felony to register to vote and to vote. so if we jumped out there with just our initial analysis rather than refining it and quality checking it we'll be out there with accusing potentially some people that really aren't committing felonies. >> how did you not do that in your first tweet? just as a matter of fact we said we know that 3 million illegally voted. >> we didn't name a person. >> and you still have. >> do you have the proof? >> yes. >> will you provide it. >> no. >> can i have it? >> no. >> why. >> the rest of the tweets, there's a whole series taken slightly out of context but one of the key tweets that we have stuck with all along is we're going to release all of this to the public and release our methodology and release the broad data and our conclusions and we're going to release everything to the public. as soon as we get done with the checks. >> so you're not done checking
4:20 am
it yet. >> the challenge is this. >> let's just say we'll talk about verifying identity. identity has a number of different components. it's greg with two gs and greg with one g. that can be fixed with a type of algorithms and we can fix that two gs is one g or we think -- >> there's an element of risk in that. next you have to go for a dissimilarity. how is it that greg allen phillips is greg phillips. but even though it can be resolved it's another element. >> i get it. >> even if you ended up with say a risk factor or a false negative or false positive, proportion of say 1%, you're still looking at a possibility of 30,000 people being accused for felonies.
4:21 am
>> we take our time. it's not as important. >> that's absolutely true. however you have facts here that aren't in your favor which is you already said you made the improvements. now you're saying why you don't want to put out the information because you're not 100% about who everybody is. or who you think they are. those fight each other. if i say i know and you say great prove it and i say i can't. it sounds unconvincing. do you understand why? >> i do understand but it's no different than a poll. you guys quote polls all the time. that is a guestimate. >> they actually talk to people. you're publishing statistics. you're publishing a number that is plus or minus 3% that we believe this drastic. they don't publish the people. what the people said, right? they don't publish the names of the people and that's what we're
4:22 am
doing. we're going back in and checking. we know the numbers are right. we're going back in and checking. >> but that's different. >> that's different because that's a representative survey of a group. but the basic difference is. >> 3 million is a representative survey. >> but it better not be a survey. it better be a fixed number of votes that were wrongfully cast because it can't be a guess. it can't be a guesstimate because this is about the legitimacy of democracy. you would put it on the line saying it was illegitimate. you can prove it and you're now saying well we're not there yet making sure we it. >> federal juries and others have discovered 10s of thousands are registered to vote and not voting. >> that's a federal grand jury report.
4:23 am
>> what is it based on? >> they have friends of the court come in and present data to the grand jury. what i'm saying is everyone that looked at this says is there fraud in our system. do we have people that registered wrongly or voted properly? shenanigans and government infrastructures, yes but small the number of prosecuted cases in the dozens. over a billion votes were surveyed and they came back with marginal results. you're saying you can prove 3 million people. the only other person that says that is the president of the united states. so you have to prove it. >> i'm saying what happened here is that overtime you call them the fraud administers to sway elections. we allowed a system that has in essence institutionalized the frauds. if someone comes into the federal registration system and checks the box and says i'm a citizen and no one ever checks
4:24 am
that and that person ends up on the voter rolls, how can we then declare that we have a free and share set of elections. if we have tens of thousands or millions of people that have been allowed to lie. >> we gathered that information. you have to show us the proof. >> we will. >> but you haven't. >> we will. >> why can i believe your conclusion if you won't show me your method or means or analysis. >> whether you have information or not doesn't mean i don't have the information. truth is truth, irrespective. >> ronald reagan trust but verify. you're not lieuing the second part of that because you haven't put out the information and you're doing it to the disadvantage of americans that want to know the answer to this. >> there's 3 million people's own veracity of whether or not
4:25 am
they're citizens in the balance here. we're not going to make a mistake. >> i'm not a politician. i'm just a guy. we're volunteers man. >> that's an excuse. that's a convenience. you put it out there and it made it's way to the president and he's now putting it forth as truth. you got to show what you know. >> we will. >> but when. >> when the time is right. >> what does that mean? when the time is right? the time is right right now. that's why we're here. i didn't bump into you in the hallway. you came here to talk about this. >> look at this it this way, the technology exists for the federal government right now today to match this data out and give tus answer, right? >> i don't know. >> the department of homeland security has the information. they can match it against the voter file and they can give thus answer. >> i don't know that. >> why won't they. >> i don't know that anything you're saying is true. i don't know that they know who every noncitizen is that voted illegal in the united states. >> they will as soon as they make the match and as soon as
4:26 am
attorney general sessions orders that be done. >> so are you saying you're waiting for somebody else to do something so they'll know the answer because i'm not waiting on the government to tell them. >> it's ease yr for them. for us it's tedious. >> either you know or you don't. i'm hearing that you think you'll be able to show it. >> no, what you're hearing is that i know, you just don't believe that i know. >> why would i believe it if you don't show how you know it? come on. this is a very silly circle we're going in. you say you can prove it and i say okay. i trust you. you can prove it. show me. you say i will but you're not. can you give me an estimated date? >> we believe it will probably take another few months to get this done. >> and yet even though you need a few more months to get it done you think you know the answer right now. >> we are volunteers. we know we have the answer. >> even though you can't prove it. >> the number is actually
4:27 am
bigger. >> you can say the number is whatever it is. you have to show it. one other question you put this out in the beginning of november. the states didn't certify until after that. vermont came out four days after. so you couldn't have done it off of certifying voter returns because you wouldn't have it. is that a safe assumption. >> in part. >> because you can't do it off the certified counts because you didn't have them when you put out the tweet. >> there's all sort of ways. you know about get out the vote. you have poll watchers there waiting to see who signs in and whoever doesn't sign in then you go get them. >> that's not precise. >> we are as precise as we need to be. more than 3 million noncitizens voted in this country in this election. we're prepared to prove it. we need a little more time. the president should he choose to can ask his attorney general and the department of homeland security to make that match on a dime, make the decision. we don't have to do the work. >> you have to do the work.
4:28 am
>> you have to do it greg because you can't say i know is true let's have them prove it. >> we're doing it. >> this is on you. >> as fast as we can. >> but you already said you have the answer. >> we do. >> you understand that logically that doesn't go together. if i know the answer to something it's because icon colluded my process of analysis not because i'm in the middle of it. >> not necessarily. you can reach a conclusion and then still verify. >> how do you know that you're right. >> that's exactly what we're doing. >> the other side of it is, people say lots of things.
4:29 am
>> those professors that put out a study. you're quoted as saying it. >> i did not. >> somebody just put those words in your mouth. >> absolutely. >> well that's another problem then right. >> maybe. >> will you let us know when you're going to tell everybody. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> appreciate you having the conversation. it matters. >> it matters a lot. up next how are republicans and congress feeling about president trump's first week in office and his diplomatic rift with mexico? republican lawmaker in the room joins us next. is is one gorgeou. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> so we just saw the root of what might be fuelling our president's belief that he was cheated out of the popular vote. there's a lot of foreign policy in play as well and a record number of early executive orders so let's get perspective on the state of play. we have the republican congressman joining us from philadelphia, the site of this week's gop retreat.
4:34 am
welcome to the party. how did it go in philadelphia. >> it was an opportunity. we do this every year but as someone that's been in the job for 7 year wes have a republican president that comes out and visits the republican senate and it's time to touch gloves and say let's move forward and our plan doesn't necessarily always look the same in 100 days but getting our minds together and figuring out where to go is good. it was a good time. >> did this come up? what you're hearing with me? a man that tweeted out he could prove 3 million people voted illegally and he seems insistent that his process of checking his own conclusion isn't over and won't offer me the proof and will only give it to everybody else. his numbers do sound a lot, both in quantity and in timing to when the president of the united states started coming out with his similar feelings.
4:35 am
what do you think of that? >> this undermines the idea of an election and the constitution. just as i was upset about the russian hacking because it's an attack on the election system of our constitution, i don't like this. what this does, if you believe there's 3 to 5 million illegal votes please share that proof. show us how because when you just attack it and just trust me on that. and because it seems right. and undermining the constitution. they just show us the proof. >> you asked many times. you just mentioned two things the russian hacks and what they meant, the entire intelligence community saying it happened and
4:36 am
this which there's no proof happened and the president of the united states is on the wrong side of both of those conclusions. he didn't want to accept and sheltered russia from responsibility and he wants to accept that there was voter fraud even though there's no basis for belief in it. he's in your party. what does that make you feel about the president? >> well, it's disappointing because to me, again, i remember as a kid, my parents would talk to me about what is relative truth versus actual truth and just standing for right and whether you're on the left or the right or the middle, you need to accept facts as facts. whether it's facts that don't agree with my side of the argument and whether there's facts that do.
4:37 am
it's is it right thing to do to stand strong on the truth. >> we're on it. we are in the fact checking business. these days. that's what we do pretty much to the exclusion of anything else and with good reason. mexico, the meeting being cancelled. a potential tax of 20% being offered up by the administration whether or not he would need you to approve that, right? because there's certain rules by which we levey those types of things as tariff or tax. then they back off and now the mexican president won't come. now it's seems nafta is going to be gone. how do you feel about these developments? is this good foreign policy? >> i get slightly uncomfortable with it because again i believe foreign policy is something that needs to be above twitter, above kind of being fought in the public sphere. at the same time though i do
4:38 am
believe that if we could advance to whenever this whole thing is finished i think looking forward you're going to see mexico would probably get something and whatever renegotiated nafta looks like the united states would get something. both sides declare victory and i don't think the cancelling of the meeting is really going to be a big deal. it's just posturing on both sides. the united states needs mexico and canada and they need us so i think attend of the day this comes out correctly. it's just an interesting process to watch this happen for sure. >> you could not be in the people's service at a more interesting or important time. you're always welcome on the show to talk about what matters to your constituent sy and the country at large. thank you for joining us on new day today. >> thanks. >> all right. interesting indeed. thank you very much for that. coming up next for us on new day, president trump's first week in office marked with a
4:39 am
flur flurry of executive actions. we'll go through all of it this friday morning.
4:40 am
4:41 am
4:42 am
>> carl bernstein that's who. and we have michael and tonight he is doing us all a favor. hosting a cnn primetime special.
4:43 am
and we make it through today that may be more and different in ways than you've seen in many years, true? >> i've been paying attention for three decades. close attention. it was arguably the most turomtious week of american politics i ever witnessed. in one silo it's a guy that is arguing about crowd size. it's a guy that gave an inappropriate speech at the cia. it's somebody whose activities were so bad that the mexican president cancelled on him but to poppy's trip to ken there's a different silo out there and he is doing tremendous. and the wall is getting built, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera and there's competing views of what has just transpired.
4:44 am
>> and at the same time he is bringing in, she the one pushing the question of the legitimacy of at the election if the white house. we said we're not talking about the 2016 election. this is a bigger picture of preserving american democracy and you just heard the interview that chris did with the man that claims to have proof but would not present it. what are americans supposed to do with that this morning? . >> and somehow by inference or somebody showed him this supposed data or this guy's information and run with it. it's just like the birther claims that donald trump asserted over and over and over. there is no known basis of fact.
4:45 am
it's in the realm of lying. absent any proof by this one person and it's extraordinary that the country can get taken on a ride as it did with birtherism by this kind of assertion and president of the united states in his first week we have seen over and over and over again lying. and that is what is so disturbing and the people that you and michael are talking about these wonderful people that are partly responsible and i mean that for donald trump's victory i suspect that they're not immune to the truth either. and sooner or later they are going to look at a awful lot of what the president is being said by his president and surrogates and you know this is not true. we voted for him and we agree with his principles but we don't put up with lying. >> every person i interviewed in
4:46 am
kentucky this week i asked them what do you make of the voter fraud claims? to a person, except for one. they said we wish he wasn't talking about this and this is huge. >> that's my point. >> but michael, you know, my mother always taught me, pop py consider the source but when the source is the president that puts them in a tough position. >> right, well, the guess that chris, let's be fair had nothing. and the few chair charitable trusts five years ago at this issue. it was not a survey of voter fraud. it was a survey of voter registration lists and that's
4:47 am
what the president has. it requires a little bit of read in and a little bit of attention and unfortunately so folks attention span is limited and they believe what they want to believe regardless of what the facts are. >> i want to give you context for something. >> i want to go to what poppy said for one second. really important. if one of the people in this country do as the president of the united states says it, here is the alternative universe we are now in. the president of the united states said that he was going to show us his taxes. he said it throughout his campaign, his tax returns. now he has told us he is not. it was a lie. this is the problem we have now had in the first week of the presidency a series of untruths falsehoods, as so many anchor
4:48 am
people and so many real reporters have said and the enemy here is not the opposition media as steve bannon would have it. tenmy is the truth. the opposition is not the media. the opposition is becoming the truth. that is a very dangerous cultural fact. >> i'll direct it to you now michael and using all the different levers and using their bully to yell at the press and he is a member of the media but i'll tell you something, carl and i live out on the east end of long island. that's trump land. he crushed the county that we live in. he crushed the county adjacent to it as well and my guys don't like seeing their world foreign policy play out on twitter. they don't like their president taking up time with things that
4:49 am
can't be shown. they don't like the media being told to shut up just for the sake of power. they don't want to see the media running in the wrong direction either. the game of us versus them. what's your guess about how it plays out long-term. >> the seeds have been sewn over right wing, and a certain cable station to distrust the media and he is reaping the reward of distrust that has been sewn by countless individuals that stirred the pot for ratings and clicks and for eye balls and there's a certain segment it's not too large but they're hardcore that loves exactly what he is saying about the media. the irony of bannon's comment to the new york times i'm not surprised he believes it but i'm surprised he said it and what he was describe as good the
4:50 am
function that breitbart played for the last couple of years. >> thank you so much. i could talk about this all morning but we have a lot to get to. looking forward to the special tonight. thank you. that special edition the first week of the trump presidency in primetime tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern only right . president trump's press sake tear is sean spicer, not new to the world of politics. known and respected by many. he has a new role. how he got there and how he's doing next. this is the food system.
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it took only seconds for the life of a police corporal in boys zee to change, our ana cabrera has the story of how he went beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: the corporal kevin hultry, every breath, every movement is a blessing. >> i approach this as a little bit of an adventure. >> reporter: this new adventure began back in november, hultry, a 17-year veteran of the boise police department was searching for a suspect involved in a shooting and carjacking. >> he was concealed and i was the first guy that rally came into contact and ended up being just a few feet from him. >> reporter: he had no time to react. >> i got shot in the femur, the hip, the stomach.
4:54 am
he was so low that they went under my vest. i knew i was paralyzed immediate immediately. >> reporter: as he lay helpless, the suspect kept firing, fatally wounding police canine for jumping on the shooter, distracting him just long enough. >> he saved my life without a doubt. >> reporter: after two months in the hospital and dozens of procedures, hultry continues his recovery in colorado, at the hospital that specializes in brain and spinal cord injuries. his days are full of grueling physical therapy. his left leg amputated because of infection, a rod holding his right leg together. he has no feeling from the waist down, except when this happens.
4:55 am
reoccurring nerve spasms. >> ouch. >> understatement of the year. >> humor still intact even in the throes of adversity, this military vet and father of two is a warrior, in mind and body, facing an uncertain future unafraid. >> that was excellent. >> do you think you'll ever walk again? >> who knows? nobody knows. i hope one day i can at least put a uniform on one last time. that really bothers me that i may not be able to, but at least one last time. >> reporter: ana cabrera, cnn, denver. >> beyond the call of duty. we see it again and again. >> president trump's chief strategist steve bannon blasting the media, repeatedly calling the press as the opposition party, telling them to shut up. those come after a rocky start for the press operation for the
4:56 am
president in the perp of sean spicer. >> reporter: sean spicer is now one of the most visible people in the world. >> thanks for coming to our first official briefing. >> reporter: white house spokesman is always one of the hardest jobs in washington. speak for president trump takes hard to a whole new level. >> what evidence do you have of widespread voter fraud? >> the president does believe that. >> reporter: spicer spent two decades in washington working up to this. the naval officer was a press secretary for several gop congressmen and eventually the republican national committee. >> you're not draining the swamp with him. he's swampy, he's been around in d.c., as a lot of us have for a long time. >> reporter: brad woodhouse did battle but also did good, making bets for charity. >> he's a good egg.
4:57 am
he's someone who is a decent and good person. you envy somebody in that role. >> why? >> there are a few of us that have been in this business and say -- that i would really like to do that, i'd like to be white house press secretary. >> reporter: spicer's friends tell cnn being white house specs person is a dream come true. >> there's been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. it goes two ways. >> reporter: a hyperst saturday statement, a direct order from the furious new president riddled with factual errors. >> this is the first time in our nation's history that floor coverings have been used to protect the grass in the mall. >> reporter: a calmer, well coiffed spicer came back looking for a do-over. >> there are certain things that we may miss, not fully understand when we come out. our intention is never to lie to you. >> reporter: at the rnc spicer
4:58 am
criticized z president trump. >> as far as painting mexican americans with that kind of a brush, i think that's probably something not helpful to the cause. >> reporter: that changed when trump became gop nominee. when he won in november, spicer, with the help of white house chief of staff reince priebus began lobbying to be presidential spokesman, coming right back to work as transition spokesman after his father passed away which sources say showed trump how much he wanted the job. because he was not an early loyalist, at times he goes out of his way to prove his medal to his boss. he hasn't chamgd an opinion habit, chewing orbit cinnamon gum, multiple packs a day. those who have long known the native rhode islander say he may be ambitious and at times territorial, but his wife and two children always come first along with his country. >> one thing about him, he's a
4:59 am
true patriot. he'll get his temperament straight and focus on the right priorities. >> reporter: dana bash, cnn. >> cuomo, we found someone that chews their gum and swallows it. >> funny the level of examination in politics, they know that about him now. that's one of the things you'll know about the new press secretary. we wish him well. at the end of the day, it's all about you getting the best information you can from the people who are helping to control what matters. >> we rely on him for answers to our questions. >> heavy so, heavy so. there is a lot of news for you. there's an executive orders coming out. we are told you're going to want to know about it. let's get to it. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting. >> we simply cannot accept -- >> when that comes through the border, it's going to be heavily taxed. >> you're going to slap 20% on mexico? >> at the end of the day, american workers suffer.
5:00 am
>> i understand we will be having a discussion soon. >> we're going to see unconventional activities like tweets. that's something we're all going to have to get used to. >> the media is very dishonest. >> mr. bannon, we or not shutting our mouths. you cannot intimidate us. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> david kerr ginn intimidated me. welcome to "new day." alisyn is off. poppy harlow is here. >> in his first week in office, donald trump is redefining the presidency, policies and the way washington works. the public rift with mexico's president is sending shockwaves around the world. >> as the bhous is floating a new plan to tax imports to pay for the wall and then sort of walking that back. this means, if it happens, you, the american consumer will get stuck with the bill, not


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