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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 27, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> hi, everybody, i'm kate bolduan. a week ago today we were standing on the national mall as donald trump became president. he's now closing out his first week in office with several firsts. just a short time from now, president is going to be sitting down with british prime minister theresa may before a joint news conference. we of course will bring that to you live. in an ironic twist, the president's first visit with a foreign leader comes after his first snub by a foreign leader, following what is likely the first ever twitter feud with a foreign leader. this morning the president kept at it again over mexico, trade deficits, and the border. cnn white house correspondent sara murray, a lot going on
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today after a busy week, sara. >> reporter: there's a lot going on, john. we are expecting british prime minister theresa may to arrive soon. they'll meet privately and hold a press conference together. they'll have a working lunch. this is one of a few of these diplomatic conversations he's going to be having over the next couple of days. like you said, over the weekend he's going to be talking to leaders from germany, france, and also to russian president vladimir putin. obviously there will be a lot of attention paid to that confidential. russia is a country that we have a much rockier relationship with than we do with britain. i've got to tell you, donald trump's diplomatic efforts are not off to the smoothest start. we've seen heightened tensions with mexico, and a twitter war between donald trump and the mexican president who announced via twitter that he won't be
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meeting with president trump next week after all. >> also this week, sara, the parking l president signed a series of executive actions. any more expected today? >> reporter: we are expecting three executive actions today, after donald trump's meeting at the pentagon. one of them will be the so-called extreme vetting for refugees. from what we have heard of this so far, it's supposed to be sort of a four-month ban on any refugees coming to the u.s. and then potentially longer term, much tighter bans on refugees coming from different countries. the executive order is an opportunity for the trump team to send the signal that he is taking his campaign pledges seriously, that they are moving at a breakneck pace in the white hous so far today, in his first week, donald trump has signed four different executive orders. at this point in his first week, president obama had signed five, george w. bush had signed none, and bill clinton had signed two.
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like you said, more still coming today. >> but who's counting? >> sara, great to see you, a lot going on there, sara will be very busy. one issue more than likely to come up in today's news conference and president trump stands next to prime minister theresa may, is how to pay for the border wall. yesterday the white house floated the idea of a 20% tax on imports from mexico, a proposal met with some pretty immediate backlash and then was walked back hours later by the white house. now calling it just one option under consideration. joining us now is richard quest, editor at large of cnnmoney and host of cnn international's "quest means business." you're so excited, you can't even hold it together, richard. >> well, because we're going to be talking about border adjustment taxes. >> i've fallen asleep already. >> this is the difference. it's best to anticipate the
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question when we're at this level. we are talking here about the difference between a straightforward tariff, which is just a charge put on goods crossing the border, any border, or particular goods, or a border adjustment tax, which is usually done as a much greater part of a tax code. one is a general measure, the other is part of taxation. the difference, what donald trump seems to be suggesting, we don't know -- >> that's the thing, we don't really know yet. >> if you look at republicans in congress, they are looking at a border adjustment tax as a much greater rewriting of the u.s. corporate tax code. >> indeed, they would cut corporate sales tax, they would stop taxing exports, and so it would be part of something much bigger. you're nodding your head. >> regardless of which way they go, the ramifications for the u.s. economy are really important. let me just paint a picture for you. number one, when you look at the
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cost of goods in the united states as a result of this, if we experience any trade war retaliation, okay, prices are going to rise. volumes are going to decline. you're going to buy less efficient products from another partner. and oh, by the way, mexico, our third largest trading partner, could decide to sell their products and build their trade partnerships with anyone else. let me just say what that picture looks like. you're going to pay more for what you pay at the pump. you're going to pay more for what it costs to purchase a vehicle, you'll pay more for clothing, more for shoes. and for corporate america, oh, by the way, increased uncertainty, more trade disputes. and at the end of the day, possible retaliation against u.s. companies. not a great picture. >> it's best to keep talking and keep them out of it. >> just the two of us. >> seriously. >> this is a very interesting point, because the one thing that the president and his economists have not fully
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described or explained -- >> is the details. >> is the details, and how you are going to avoid this higher cost at home. >> because remember, the beginning of this is how are we going to pay for the wall. so what you're suggesting is, if this is to be a penalty against mexico, this actually could end up still being paid by american consumers. >> which ever one of these. >> yes. the answer to your question is yes. it's not just six million jobs are influenced by our trade partnership with mexico. it's 40 million u.s. jobs, when we look at trade as a whole. so it's not just the cost of goods rising for us, and the intended consequences on american consumers. i realize that some will say the u.s. dollar could rise. >> that's what the people behind this say. >> but do you want to put the future of the u.s. economy in the hands of the currency markets? >> and he said, the president, anyway, the dollar is too strong
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and he wants to bring down the value of the dollar to help boost exports. >> different but related subject, the trade deficit, something president trump talks about all the time, it is a source of major concern for him. he throws around the term, alexis, but what does it mean and what does it not mean? >> well, when you look at the trade deficit, at the end of the day, what he's worried about is climbing out of an enormous pile of debt, right? and when we look at all of these trade partnerships right now, what he's trying to do is not only deal with the deficits and debt, but figure out how we could get to a surplus. mexico is valuing this specific case, this tariff story, as a trillion dollar value back to the u.s. economy over the next decade. so i understand what trump is trying to do, why they're looking at the deficits right now, the trade deficit with all these partners and the tax
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codes, but you cannot throw trial balloons until you start to get some details in place, until you've sat down with your advisers. >> what if this is less of details, this is more of a thre to acally begin negotiations for broader renegotiating of trade deals? donald trump likes to throw out bold statements as a first bargaining position in a negotiat negotiation. >> this is government. this isn't a negotiation. you set out policy points. you let everybody know where you're coming from before you go into the negotiations. >> you did. the question is, is that what we do now. president trump has made clear he's doing things differently. >> you're going to see the results of that. that's what the point of that is. theresa may and the white house, even amongst the relationship with europe in the last 24 hours, my new best friend forever is theresa may, hollande
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is making comments saying european values. in a week he has virtually destroyed the european relationship. >> the last word. >> what about china? this is not just about the size of the deficit and the trade wars that are ensuing, but the consequences not only to those 40 million jobs that i talked about earlier, but you cannot throw trial balloons and say that this is a way to negotiate with your largest trade partners who own your assets. >> all right, guys, to be continued. thanks so much for being with us. >> our new co-anchors. congressman pete hoekstra, thanks for being with us. i want to play what havevicente said about this whole back and forth between the president of mexico and donald trump. >> we're at the lowest point
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sin since the war between mexico and the united states. trump has brought back a very strong mexican spirit. we're ready for the trade war. we're ready, of course, for not paying that wall. we're at the very lowest point sce the war between mexico and the united states, congressman. are you happy with the way things have turned out here? >> well, i'm not happy with those types of comments, no. but i'm happy that we've got a president who is saying after 22 years we're going to go back and renegotiate nafta to make sure that it is fair to the workers of michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, and indiana. i'm glad that we've got a president who is going to confront mexico and say i'm sorry, the border, we do need your help in terms of having a secure border, it is both an economic vulnerability to the united states and mexico, and it's a national security vulnerability. these are not new ideas, this is
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what donald trump campaigned on. this is what people in michigan and the u.s. voted for. they expected him to do it. if mexico doesn't want to stand up and negotiate and work on these issues that the united states sees as a problem, then we can hear what vicente fox has, but the bottom line is, our president is saying, and our voters have said, nafta is not working for the united states, we don't believe it's working for the united states, and we have security issues. >> but as you said, donald trump, yes, he absolutely did run on this, but also during the election, the president of mexico made very clear that he said mexico wasn't going to pay for it. so these positions were very well-known before voters went to the polls. what's your advice now, you said that the message is, we need your help, mexico, these are national security issues, what's your advice then to president trump? because right now it doesn't sound like they're doing much talking at all. >> they're going to have to break -- mexico is going to have
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to come and negotiate. 75% of their exports come to the united states of america. we have this border with them that we want to secure. this will get done. it may not be a pretty process. but these are very, very tough issues. and you expect that there's going to be difficulties. at the same time -- >> you're talking mostly about nafta and trade issues, those might very well be negotiated. it doesn't appear there will be much negotiation about who is going to pay for the wall, mexico flat out says they won't do that. meanwhile the congress of the united states is making plans to pay for it itself with u.s. taxpayer dollars, somewhere between 12 and $15 billion, and as far as we know, no plans to offset those costs. what do you make of that? >> well, i think when we negotiate with mexico, it will be a comprehensive agreement. there may be different parts that get agreed to at different times. but i'm sure there will be one that talks about the construction of the wall and
8:13 am
border security. there will be one that talks about how that is paid for. there will be an issue on trade. and when you put those all together, i think that the issue of who pays for the wall will be addressed and will be clearly addressed. but i don't think it's going to be, you know, singularly addressed that there's going to be a specific action that says, okay, we're getting a check from mexico for $15 billion to pay for the wall. >> but congressman, are you comfortable that american taxpayers are going to foot the bill? you were in congress for many years. i covered congress for a few years. i knew one thing when i was there, what you're going to hear from any republican, any fiscal conservative, if you want to spend something, it needs to be offset, in capitol hill jargon the pay as you go rule. are you okay not paying as you go? >> what you're going to do is you're going to come up with a budget, they do it every year,
8:14 am
they'll have their priorities in terms of going through the appropriations process and what they pay for. and i think members congress recognize that from a number of issues, that the border needs to be secured. and they will figure out a way for paying for it. >> we haven't heard anything. there were republicans who wouldn't vote for sandy funding, who don't seem to be complaining now about paying for the wall without offsets. >> well, you're going to take a look at -- you know, you're going to have corporate tax reform. you're going to have spending reductions on a significant scale. and you're going to have reallocation of budget and i think within that reallocation, donald trump has made it clear where he wants to spend more money. and i think where a number of republicans, and interestingly enough, democrats will want to spend money. increasing defense is clearly a republican priority. border security is a republican priority. infrastructure is a democrat
8:15 am
priority. and the president has talked about a $1 trillion program over a number of years. it's going to be a very interesting process. this is the beginning point. congress will work through these issues. >> and also a longstanding republican priority is not add to go the deficit. >> that is correct. >> it will be interesting to see if republicans will stand on that principle when it comes to these 12 to $15 billion for this wall. >> right. >> congressman, you only answered two of our questions, you have to come back, we have a lot more to discuss. >> sounds good, thank you. >> he's smiling a lot because he knows he doesn't have to deal with the deficit, he knows how complicated it will be. congressman, thanks so much. despite critics telling the president to let it go, new details this morning about how far the president went to prove his inauguration crowds were huge. plus one of donald trump's top advisers telling me, john, and the rest of the media to
8:16 am
keep our mouths shut, and asked to be quoted on this, the media is the opposition party now. legendary journalist carl bernstein joins us to offer his take on that position. and moments ago, president trump's new ambassador to the united nations said to the nations of the world, if you have our backs, great, if you don't have our backs, we're taking names. the not so diplomatic message coming from one of the nations's top diplomats, next. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ park rides, music andoooh!d sounds ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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in about an hour, president trump holds his first presidential news conference. this follows his first presidential meeting with a foreign leader, british prime minister theresa may. tomorrow he'll speak by phone with french, german, and yes, russian leaders. >> ambassador nikki haley said whatever is wrong with diplomacy will be fixed. listen to her message. >> the way we'll show value is to show our strength, show our voice, have the backs of our allies, and make sure that our allies have our back as well. for those that don't have our back, we're taking names. we will make points to respond
8:21 am
to that accordingly. but this is a time of strength. this is a time of action. this is a time of getting things done. >> very strong words from the new u.n. ambassador to our nation's allies. let's bring in cnn's chief international correspondent, host of cnn international's "amanpo "amanpour," christiane amanpour. taking names, what's the impact of that? >> it's hard to know, was she talking about friends or adversaries? if she's talking about russia and president putin, go ahead, take the names, because those are not allies in the united nations security council, nor have the been over syria or other aspects of international law, such as big countries don't take over little countries, they don't annex them. if that's what she's talking about, presumably the rest of america's allies will agree. yes, this is a very sort of disruptive moment.
8:22 am
i know president trump's supporters talking about the chaos candidate, the disruptive candidate, the revolutionary candidate, and theresa may comes in at a time when that has been played out in public, where some of the so-called chaos and public diplomacy has resulted in the rupture of a meeting between the mexican president, a friend, and donald trump. a lot of moving pieces at the moment. >> christiane, you listed russia as one of the countries. if we're taking names, that is one of the countries that would be considered not a friend. well, tomorrow president trump speaks with russian president vladimir putin and the issue of sanctions is on the table. kellyanne conway, senior aide to the president, said yes, lifting sanctions is a possibility and that will be on the table in these discussions. you're reaction? >> that's an interesting thing from her. if it happens, that will be quite dramatic if that's put on the table. we hear publicly from president putin's spokesman, dmitri
8:23 am
peskov, they doubt the nitty-gritty will be talked about tomorrow. it is apparently the first conversation between the two leaders since the election. and so it's apparently, according to the russians, more of a get to know you, congratulations, lay the table and let's see how we can move forward. but i think what's absolutely clear is that theresa may there today is going to have a lot of challenges. will she be able to put forth britain's and europe's perspective and, by the way, the entire u.s. intelligence and national security and foreign policy community that russia at the moment poses the biggest existential threat to the united states and the west? will she be able to get that message ahead? will she be able to persuade the president that nato is something that has served to served the united states and peaceful europe for the last 70 years, where russia wants t break i up? >> what are you most watching for, then? when they come out and speak to
8:24 am
cameras and reporters, i think everyone is going to be parsing what their opening statements are and exactly how they answer the questions from theresa may and interest donald trump, to see if any of this progress has been made, as you're describing. what are you watching for the most this afternoon? >> well, i think you're going to see from theresa may probably a lot of what she said yesterday in philadelphia, at the gop retreat. and her speech was a very robust one in terms of urging president trump to take this historic moment and jointly lead the world. in other words, continue america's historic role in the world. that is going to be a tough sell, because a week ago today, at his inauguration, he actually cast aside that cloak of leader of the free world, that cliche, it doesn't apply anymore, by his own intent, he just wants trade relationships and things like that. so that will be interesting, whether he agrees to that. also she will want to talk about the dangers of russia. is he going to say anything
8:25 am
about that? she's also going to want to hope that he will support publicly the continued integration of the eu, which she will say is very important, despite the brexit, that they are not looking for a breakup of the eu, while donald trump has talked about predicting further breakup of the eu. and she's going to, you know, talk about facing -- supporting nato, obviously. we'll see where there's alignment on that. and obviously the big overarching common goal is to attack the radical fundamentalists, isis and others who pose a terrorist threat. up until now, of course, russia has not been doing that. >> we will see what happens today. we'll be watching alongside are are you christiane amanpour, thanks so much. new this morning, one of trump's first phone calls at president, not to a world leader, not to congress, but to the director of the national park service. why? details on that, next. and just one week after thousands of women filled washington in protest, you're looking at live pictures right now, thousands more getting
8:26 am
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one full week into the trump presidency and we're getting a clear sense of what tops his agenda. jobs, trade, and inauguration crowd size. maybe not in that order. >> to that point, the president spent his first full morning as president picking up his phone to call the head of the national park service because the president was so mad about depictions of his crowd size. he specifically complained about
8:31 am
a comparison on the national park service twitter account. the president then ordered the park service chief to produce more photos of the crowd from that day to back him up. here is the president addressing the issue once again last night on fox news. >> i had the largest audience, if you add the television, you audit all t add all the sources, the largest in the history of inaugurations. i did. they try and demean it so much. when you look at pictures, i would love to show you a picture, when i was in that speech, i looked out, it was a sea -- >> a picture of the west wing. >> so there is that and this, a quick public service announcement, john and i could try to keep our mouths shut, and we would fail miserably, especially john. >> it's true. steve ban non told "the new yor
8:32 am
sometim tim times" the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while." carl, i don't want to dwell on this, first i could ask you when you kept your mouth shut, the answer would be never. >> absolutely right, my wife would say that. >> it's part of our job, isn't it? >> let's not get too high on our horses here either. what bannon said, first of all, is that the opposition party is the media. and in fact, that's not the case, that the opposition party is the truth. and that is the problem they're up against, that they have been lying, the president of the united states has been lying, his propaganda ministers, ms conway and sean spicer, have been lying. let's call out the falsehoods, which is our job. and at the same time, we have acknowledged and continue to, that donald trump has won one of the great election victories,
8:33 am
upsets, in our history. anand i don't think anybody is seniors that i know of, is trying to demean that fact. what we just saw president trump do again on fox news last night is exactly what has got republicans in washington, on capitol hill, worried about his pathology, to use their words, that they are worried about a delusional aspect that the president keeps seeming to go to in his necessity of projecting i'm the biggest, i'm the greatest, there's never been anything like this. what he said at the cia, et cetera. and to continue down this road. mr. bannon would not be happy to know the words that republicans are using to describe his president right now and this kind of conduct and behavior. >> and the fact of the matter is
8:34 am
the core of any journalist's job is to hold the government accountable. >> the core mission actually is to report the best obtainable version of the truth. >> right. >> and not just to hold people accountable. the best obtainable version of the truth. and one of the things that we do that's the most equally important thing is to decide what is news. that's what reporters, journalists, editors, do. so what the president is saying there, and the way he is saying it, is news. >> betsy, on that point of deciding what is news, let's talk about the news of the week. we're one week into the donald trump presidency. what do we know after this first week about how the donald trump white house operates? >> we know that he's going to keep a lot of his campaign promises. of course, the slew of executive orders that he signed indicate first that he's going to certainly crack down on undocumented immigrants, both with interior enforcement,
8:35 am
angling to deport undocumented immigrants living in the united states, and dramatically ramped up border security. by all counts that's something that he's very serious about. i think when we talk about the way that this news gets covered and the role that the media plays, it's important to remember that a lot of bannon's criticisms of the media, and of course that's going to include criticism of the way reporters have covered this past week, aren't unique to bannon. in conservative circles and on the right going back for years and years there has been pointed, explicit criticism of the mainstream media. for instance, in 2015, the republican primary debates, in one debate marco rubio actually said the mainstream media was a super pac for the democratic party. so for reporters, that's a challenge. covering these executive orders, many of which are extremely controversial, could have life or death implications, the white house will argue the reason we're covering these issues the
8:36 am
way we're covering them could be tainted by political motivations. that's not a new argument to republican voters and conservatives. >> i will note that the obama administration at one point directly referred to fox news and said we should treat them as the opposition. if you're in the white house, you don't always like what's reported about you. carl, this week's executive actions that betsy was just talking about, just because he signs them, it doesn't necessarily mean they all come to pass exactly the way they were described this week. other things will happen. but, and, and but, what it shows is that the president understands the stage that the white house provides him. president trump may be, more quickly even than president obama did, has learned what people will watch and what people will pay attention to with the power that he has. >> he understands more than the stage with these executive orders. he understands that he has enormous power within these orders to make huge changes, not necessarily all that he wants to, but an awful lot of them.
8:37 am
there is a lot of power vested in the presidency that can be accomplished through these orders, and he's doing it. but let's also talk about the larger thing that's going on with russia right now, and that is we are on the verge in one week of a new presidency of perhaps, and he has promised this, seeing the world order of the last 60 years upended. that is what we're talking about here. and whether or not there has been the due diligence done by him and his aides into upending this world order that we have known in the whole post-war era, this is a hell of a rush. and we need to be covering that. we need to be looking at the questions of whether or not the influence of putin is outsized and unreasonable in this presidency and whether or not there were things that occurred in that hacking that go to this question. we've got a lot of questions that we need answered.
8:38 am
but we're in uncharted territory, both in terms of the president's temperament and also in terms of this new policy agenda, not just domestic, not just immigration, but really turning back 60 years. and if you listen closely to what theresa may said last night, she is trying to get this president to root himself partly in the old world order, and not go forward with the things he's talking about. >> carl, betsy, thanks so much for being with us. we're going to take a quick break. >> this programming note, the cnn special, michael smerconish on the first week of president trump, tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on cnn. >> and as we speak, crowds are gathering in washington. we're looking at live pictures right now. that is the mall. this is the march for life. these are marchers speaking out against abortion. and this time, a big guest will join them. details ahead.
8:39 am
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! live pictures right now out of washington. this is the annual march for life, the protest march against abortion rights. it's set to begin. >> for the first time this year, aitting vice president, mike pence of course, and a senior white house adviser will be attending the event in person. cnn's brianna keilar has been on the national mall all morning. >> reporter: now you're hearing music. they've been going through a worship part of the program and now the music. they'll be starting in 15 or so minutes. and last year this was a group that was dealing with a blizzard. so they're obviously very happy
8:44 am
that they have many more people. i'm looking across the mall here, we're by the washington monument, definitely tens of thousands of people. we'll get an exact final count. they're hoping participation is increased in part because the vice president is going to be speaking. you had it's the highest ranking white house official ever to address the white house march for life. kellyanne conway speaking as well. had the vice president not been on the schedule here, even kellyanne conway would have been the highest ranking white house official. a signal from the white house that there is much more emphasis on this issue. i would say, talking to organizers here, they are extremely hopeful that there is going to be some sort of rollback of roe versus wade. they do this event today in proximity to the decision that was last sunday. this was when they could first get a permit. but they're looking at president trump saying that next week he's going to announce his pick for the vacancy on the supreme court, and they're feeling
8:45 am
extremely optimistic, john and kate. >> all of the picks would certainly fall in line with those views, as far as we know. brianna keilar, thanks for being with us. coming up for us, president trump orders a crackdown on sanctuary cities. it's already having an impact on one major u.s. city, the city's major changing course. will more follow suit? we'll be right back. what if tecy gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin.
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president trump's crackdown on sanctuary cities already having a real impact on florida's largest county. the mayor of miami-dade says he will comply with the president's executive order which threatens to take away federal dollars from counties or cities that act as sanctuary cities. other cities like lodgs angeles have vowed to fight back. >> congressman, there are a lot of issues at play here. the mayor of miami-dade says he doesn't want to keep undocumented immigrants in local jails. then there are issues beyond that. what's your take on his decision? >> well, it's unfortunate that president trump is threatening our local police and sheriffs. and it's unfortunate that the
8:50 am
mayor of dade county in florida decided to capitulate. but our sheriffs have been doing a great job of keeping our country and communities safe. i hope the federal government will allow them to continue to do that but it looks like this president wants to threaten them. >> what donald trump's point is, he points to why he is making this move, >> he points to crime and family members that have been killed by undocumented immigrants. they need to be protected first and foremost. what do you say to those families? >> every t that there's a crime, it needs to be pursued. every time that somebody loses a family member, we want the government to do everything they can do to catch those perpetrators. i hope you on cnn can go ahead and put those studies up before the public and show that sanctuary cities are, in fact,
8:51 am
slightly safer than non-sanctuary cities, and also, immigrants in general, documented or undocumented, says are much less likely to commit a crime than somebody who is born in this country. the values that some -- many of these people bring actually enhance the safety of our communities, and they're just here to work really hard, keep their nose to the grind stone, and just do a good job and feed their families. >> congressman, president trump wants a wall with mexico, between mexico. it will likely come before the congress for funding. $12 billion to $15 billion. you are opposed to the wall. how will you -- >> i talk to many border patrol agents and they shake their head and say we don't need a wall. it's not going to help us do our job. i think the $12 billion to $15 billion. how many bridges and roads can we build to enhance our economy to put americans to work and increase our trade and also to make sure that goods and services get to and from. that's what makes our country great. when we focus on the things that make job opportunities better
8:52 am
for americans, and that $12 billion to $15 billion is something i'm going to fight, and it's something that i'm going to be wondering. how the heck are the republican legislators, u.s. senators and congressional members going to try to sell that on the american public? that's our american tax dollars going to a bad plan. >> democrats fight that with republican majorities in the house and senate. that's your big challenge that you have in front of you right now. congressman, thanks very much for the time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> just a few minutes, big test. president trump holds his very first meeting with the world leader since taking office. our special live coverage coming up. once upon a time a girl with golden locks broke into a house owned by three bears. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items... ...including a new chair from crate and barrel. call geico and see how easy
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just moments ago the prime minister of great britain, theresa may, arrived at the white house for a meeting with president donald trump. they will hold a news conference in a little bit. cnn will carry it live.
8:57 am
in the meantime, they were young. they were rich. they seemed to have it all, but the menendez brother, lyle and eric, they made their mark with murder. killing their parents in their beverly hills mansion. >> the infamous crime and the sensational trial that followed dominated headlines in the 1990s. well, now hln's new original series "how it really happened with hill harper" is taking a closer look. >> the defense may call its next witness. >> lyle was the first one to take the stand. even just hearing his voice was dramatic for everyone because it's very rare that you would get to hear from the mouth of someone who has committed a murder exactly how that murder went down. >> we just burst through the doors, and i start firing. >> they sat there matter of factually and explained that they did it. >> i entered the room. i saw two people in the room, and i just started firing. >> oh, my gosh. how many people would do that? >> i just fired until there was
8:58 am
nothing left. >> there was things shattering and the noise was phenomenal. just chaos. >> so now the host of how it really happened with hill harper, hill harper, is joining us right now. great to see you, hill. thanks so much for being here. almost 30 years later this trial, this murder, this sensational headlines, what is it about this case as you went through this that has people still so fascinated? >> it's a couple of reasons. john and kate, it's a couple of things. number one is the amazing occurrence and the confluence around the time. we just had some amazing shows. o.j. made in america. we had the fx show that won all the awards that got nominated for an oscar, the documentary series. roof people don't know that o.j. had dinner at the menendez house because jose menendez was an executive at hertz, and he invited o.j. over, and o.j. was
8:59 am
the spokesperson for this, and the first trial happened before the o.j. trial. there was a hung jury. same courthouse in los angeles. the o.j. trial happens. not guilty verdict comes down, and then quickly the second trial happens. some people think that there's a link between how quickly the guilty verdicts came down. the reason why it's relevant today is that there's a new statute in the state of california that allows individuals that claim that they were victims of domestic abuse to file for a retrial if they believe they weren't able to present that evidence at their trial, and so there may be a menendez trial number three possibly happening, and so it's amazing. it's great to be doing this show. obviously, this is the first premier episode tonight, but we have 12 more episodes from now until may that are fantastic. the cnn original, folks, are just the most brilliant people in crawling through the treasure-trove of info that cnn has. >> we agree. hill harper, we look forward to watching this tonight. it includes a telephone interview with one of the
9:00 am
menendez brothers. do not miss this. the debut of the new original series "how it really happened with hill harper" that's at 8:00 tonight on hln. >> thanks so much for joining us at this hour, everybody. inside politics with john king starts right now. >> john and kate, thank you. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing time with us today. another busy and consequential day. the donaltrump presidency as we speak now hitting the one week mark, and what a hectic and fascinating week it has been. a live look right now here at the annual march for life out on the national mall. the anti-abortion movement is re-energized because of actions and promises from the new trump white house, and this year's march is getting unprecedented white house attention. vice president mike pence will speak to the marchers in just a few minutes, and we will take you there live when it happens. and happening now at the white house, a big face-to-face first step on to the w


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