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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 27, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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hi there i'm brooke baldwin you're watching cnn thank you for being with me this friday, we begin with a stream of major headlines as donald trump ends the week number one on the job, he just finished his first joint news conference with british prime minister teresa may, and the first question was about vladimir putin and whether they would lift the sanctions, here is the president. >> we'll see what happens, as far as sanctions it's very early to be talking about that but we look to have a great
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relationship with all countries ideally that won't necessarily happen unfortunately probably won't happen with many countries but if we can have a great relationship with russia and china i'm all for it. >> as far as the uk is concerned russia in relation to their activities in the ukraine we have been very clear we want to see the agreement fully implemented and believe the sanctions should continue until we see the agreement implemented. >> mr. president you have said before that you believe torture works, praised russia, suggested punishment for abortion. for many people in britain those sound like alarming beliefs, what do you say to our viewers at home worried about some of your views and worried about you becoming the leader of the free
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world. >> this was your choice of a question. there goes that relationship. [ laughter ] >> on the issue that you raised with me laura, can i confirm, i've been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me, that's the point of having a conversation -- >> we have a general who has just been appointed secretary of defense general james mattis. and, he has stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture, i don't necessarily agree, but i will tell you that he will override because i'm giving him that power, as far as again putin and russia i don't say good, bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman, i hope we have a fantastic relationship, it's possible and also possible we won't. >> it's my understanding that you had an hour long
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conversation with president pena nieto, can we get an update where the relationship is and prime minister are you concerned about the state of the relations between the united states and mexico? >> well, i think the prime minister has much more things she's worried about than the mexico and united states' relationship but i will say that we had a very good call. i have great respect for mexico, i love the mexican people, i work with the medicationen people a -- mexican people all the time but they have out negotiatnegotiate beat us to a pulp. >> let me bring in aaron david miller and carol lee at the white house a reporter for the what you will street journal. we see both of you, so great to have both of you on, my goodness there's a lot to get through some of the laughter, serious
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questions on torture and everything in between, aaron this is my first note jotted down when the prime minister glanced over when mentioning nato and said that donald trump 100% supports nato and he didn't seem to disagree. that was news to me. >> i think so. she needed that. and she was determined to pocket it and to walk away with it. in essence, brooke, i think she wrote his talking points on this issue even though i'm sure he said all the right things in their private meeting. so no, i think this was news. on balance given the fact that all presidents to a certain extent are blind dates i think what you saw here today was a president who was actually quite conventional and very cautious, an 18 minute press conference in which the tone was different, it was almost as if someone said or
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he realized there's really no net. he's not the candidate, not the nominee, he's not the president-elect, he's the president, so there was a difference in the way he presented himself both in terms of stayle and tone and substanc. >> do you agree? you covered the obama white house and i don't think it's fair to entirely compare but in terms of tone it seem today me that the president truly truly you know really thought about his words. >> yeah, he seemed to be speaking very carefully choosing his words very carefully. it was a really short joint press conference, the shortest that i've ever seen, president obama could talk much longer and would go for nouan hour or so particularly when you're talking questions from both sides, but he seemed to be very careful and subdued the atmosphere was light
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at times but very kind of careful and cautious i would say in how he was speaking. >> what about when he was asked about he has this first phone call with the president of russia vladimir putin tomorrow and he talked a little bit about how hey, sometimes when i think i'm going to like someone i end up liking them and when i do think i like them it's the other way. >> he started with, i don't know vladimir putin maybe it will work maybe it won't but i think the most important thing he did today was he didn't really answer the question everyone sort of wants to know is whether he's open to lifting sanctions on russia and even in advance of his press conference a number of lawmakers including republicans were saying send a signal that you're not going to do that and if you don't we might look at
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legislation to co cod fie some these sanctions. >> he just said it's very early to be talking about that but you're right he didn't answer the question. >> aaron, we know the dustup this week about mexican president enrique pena nieto, according to from the phone call today, they agreed not to speak publicly about the money when it comes to the wall, what's your sber interpretation for that? >> i tried to listen to anything relating to the wall, didn't hear it. at the same time mr. trump laid out a pretty strong bill of particulars of what he didn't like about the imbalance asmetry
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ca asmetrycall relationship. trump spent today talking about the special relationship between the u.s. and the uk, so i think on that one brooke, i think both sides really do want to pull back at least for now and not continue this sort of crisis atmosphere that seemed to characterize the last several days. >> were you surprised by the brevity of the joint news conference? >> look, i've worked for republicans and democrats and voted for both sides, i'm really interested, brooke, in quality. >> substance. >> quality all the time rather than quantity. >> carol on torture, it was also significant that he conceded to because he said recently fight fire with fire, i could be open to torture which has made a lot of people perk up and he responded how?
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>> he said he would listen to his defense secretary who said that it doesn't work and that you know there's been a number of different things that president trump has said about torture and in the last few days he said he does think it works, but will make up his own mind and now today he is saying he will listen to his defense secretary so that remains to be seen if the follows through on that does that mean there's not going to be a review of these issues that's been discussed in recent days, again he'll say he'll listen to his defense secretary which suggests he will not do a review but still don't know definitively whether that's been ruled out. >> aaron, do you think once the prime minister hops back on the bra plane and gets calls from angela merkel and the 411?
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>> if she's smarpt, which i suspect she is is that this is going to remain quiet. the worst thing that's going happen to her is press coverage or leeks that anger and upset this particular president. it's a point of valor no doubt. >> thank you so much today, president trump's new ambassador to the united nations told allies if you don't have our backs, we're taking names. nikki haley's fiery words. the fight over the border wall, floats 20% tax over imports into mexico that will hurt you the american consumer, and we'll see the president once again but this time at the pentagon signing his controversial executive action
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regarding people coming in from other countries, i'm brooke brau baldwin and you're watching cnn.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin,
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president trump you saw him wrap up a joint appearance with british prime minister teresa may, at the united nations nikki haley began her first week with a warning with those who refuse to play nice with the united states. >> our goal is to show value at the u.n. and the way to show value is to show our strength our voice have the backs of our allies and make sure our allies have our backs as well, for those who don't we're taking names and making points to respond to that accordingly. >> congressman, it's so nice to have you on, welcome. >> thank you. what do you make of ambassador haley's comments there. is that a smart diplomatic start? >> oh, i don't know.
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i do think there's an agreement among a lot of folks in this country that the united states needs to be a better friend and a more formidable adversary and that some of our friends need to pull more of their own weight. just yesterday, when the prime minister spoke to the house and senate republican retreat, she committed for britain to increase their defense spending every year for the next five years but also to work with us to get other europeans to spend more on our joint defense. so you may express it in different ways but the point is everybody. >> including taking names? >> everybody needs to do more. >> i hear you loud and clear, congressman but taking names you're okay with it? >> it doesn't matter whether i'm okay with it. >> it does. >> the message is we all need to
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do more to work together to defend our values and our way of life. >> we heard, i'm sure you were listening the president with the british p.m., he was asked about russia and has the call with vladimir putin and was asked will you lift tsengsatisanctiond we have great relationships and unfortunately won't happen with many countries but if we can have a great relationship with russia i'm all for that. what is your interpretation of that? >> well, i can't interpret the president other than to say he wants to have a good relationship with everybody. it's probably not going to happen but he will see where it goes. i think it's important for us to step back, remember, these sanctions against russia were because it invaded a sovereign
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c country and an annexed crimea, russia needs to get out of crimea and out of the eastern ukraine so-yeon wh ukraine so, i don't know the president's exact views on that, but making it clear that we will not stand by while a sovereign country gets envied the way u russia invaded crimea o. i don't think the president is particularly as bested in suiting me, i think it is important for the president of the free world to stand up to the values and principals that are worimportant and since worl war ii we have been safer, freer
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and have not had this sort of invasion and war that had plagued europe for so many years before that so we don't want to walk away from that stability that the u.s. helped create lightly. >> congressman, i appreciate your self-depracating way but you are the house chairman -- but your opinions pertinent. let me ask, we're about to see president trump at the pentagon a short time from now and it's interesting he doubled down last night in the interview with fox and heard from people that he heard that torture works, you have said, that torture should not be off the table but senator john mccain of course we know his past he said this week in no uncertain terms we're not bringing it back. here he was. >> you name them any military
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leader you respect have said we should not torture people and i'm very confident that it wouldn't stand a day in court if they tried to restore that. >> and let me add when president trump was just asked about this he conceded to general mattis, give me some cigarettes, torture isn't necessary. where do you stand now? >> i think it's really clear, torture is illegal under international law and under our u.s. law. congress codified the army field standards a couple years ago and absolutely confident that the u.s. military and community is not going to violate the law. my position is we should quit talking so much about what we will and will not do because that just hands terrorists and others our playbook, but i am
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absolutely convinced. >> but it's something we know as candidate trump and now president trump brought up and doing our due diligence it's germane to bring it up and talk about i want. >> we have gone too far in the last ten years letting the terrorists know what we do and how we do it and i think that is a mistake. now we will and have been in debates about what sort of interrogation techniques constitutes torture or not but as far as u.s. law is concerned it's really clear, it's cod fied and i have no doubt the u.s. military will follow the law. >> congresswoman gabbert is raising a lot of eyebrows for meeti meeting with the syrian alba
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shar. >> i'm surprised she is a very -- i don't understand the value of going to meet with someone who is responsible for the deaths of so many people in syria, atrocities, most of us cannot even imagine so what good comes from a conversation with somebody like that, i don't know. i don't know what her motivation was but i was certainly surprised. >> okay. congressman max tohorn berrythanks for yoberry. thanks for your time. >> is cable news dictating american policy?
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wait until you see the pattern of the president's tweets following certain tv segments. it is absolutely fascinating. take one.
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there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. in washington right now the anti-abortion movement getting a huge boost of support from the white house. you have the vice president mike pence and kellyanne conway showing up for the march for life. let's go to our cnn correspondent covering all the men and women there, talk to me
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about the messaging and so significant and i think historic that the vice president was there and spoke to the crowd. >> reporter: that's right, brooke and this is something that was not lost on these participants here today. the message was certainly crystal clear, he kept repeating it multiple points the same refrain saying life is winning again in america so pence trying to assure this anti-abortion crowd that this is a new era he hopes in america with his new administration and him emphasizing he was sent here specifically by president trump which goes a long way with this crowd. here is more of what pence said to the crowd this morning. >> this administration will work with the congress to end tax payer funding of abortion and abortion providers. next week, president donald
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trump will announce a supreme court nominee who will uphold the god given liberallities enshrined in the values of justice antonin scalia. >> reporter: they believe they are on the cusp of getting a very conservative anti-abortion nominee potentially by next week. >> sunlen thank you in d.c. also today mexican president and president trump spoke over the phone and the two agreed to no longer speak publicly about this c c controversial border wall.
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-- tarxing goods coming in by 20%. that was part of a quote buffet of options. gentlemen, wonderful to see you. >> pleasure. >> mr. quest first to you when people think great this is a 20% tax of goods coming from mexico the u.s. maybe people think that okay mexico would be paying but no, it would ultimately mean the american people would be paying and we would be paying higher prices. >> correct. whoever would pay the goods would pay the tax. which evever way you slice the avocados. >> like senator graham. >> 20% on the price is going to feed through the supply chain to
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the ultimate purchaser which may well will the american consumer. the only caveat to that is if it's not a tariff but some sort of border adjustment tax. >> are you really want to get -- >> on a friday afternoon, but the reason that might not filter through is because of a corresponding tax so one would equal the other out. if you're this the president's position whether it's a tariff and the congress position a reform of the entire corporate tax system. >> it would ultimately be me the american consumer. >> your eyes are glazing over. >> no. >> this is -- we don't know, we do not know is the president -- >> there's a bigger picture here which is this is as i think was said for them a buffet of options, this buffet of options is tied to one of the most
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rhetorically promises of a presidential campaign that has to be seen in the context of everything that's been said in the past seven or ten days, if you have seen the movie "goodwill hunting" you have seen mat affleck sent by matt damon hoping to get a rise out of the government, hear me out i believe this president not knowingly, not wittingly was sent like ben aflac. >> which president? >> trump. >> and he's in there contradicting himself per pepe l perpetually, that's his positive outcome because the ultimate intention underlying not only
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his presidency but the people around him is control over the dnc and rnc and he's a tire iron in the bicycle wheel of american government and analyzing that chaos in the bicycle wheel can be -- >> doesn't he function best sometimes in the crazy. >> this is going to end, and we're going to need a system of government that's not going to be going back to the dnc picking another candidate and we're in the process of living through this. >> to the tire iron and you have to remember the u.s. government is a fairly efficient machine. >> processing medicare, social security checks. >> just defense, social security whatever, as a size and scale, it's remarkably efficient for what it does. now what the president is doing on a variety of issues is basically taking sand and
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pouring it into the works, your tire iron, i say sand. >> same intention. >> the idea is to disrupt but the idea of pouring sand making these monumental changes so fast. >> which may not even happen they're rhetorical. >> the ship is going to start to rock very noticeably and unless somebody starts -- >> but you're still not telling me who pays for this built and when. >> building the wall is not the difficult bit. >> but paying. >> even that's not the difficult pit. you see what money is in the teapot and you rob peter to pay paul and if you look at the executive order, paying for it's not difficult. >> i would say the opportunities, the challenges
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are a litany and the unique opportunity for folks in the media or who has a public voice as a leader of any kind is to remain extremely calm an observe what is happening which is what we have seen a tire iron, sandbag whatever it is, this is not a republican, this is not a democrat, this is not a traditional political event we are witnessing, this is a rejection of the legacy and to nigh that the legacy -- to deny that the legacy has been rejected and to talk he may or may not do this actually plays into what they want because they want you chasing it. they took this back, you're ben aflac saying you have $200 in your pocket and then you marshall the intellectual spiritual, of world leaders,
11:36 am
media leaders intellectual leaders to remain calm and observe the news of the day that the american political legacy has been thrown into a state of objection, i won't offer an adjective beyond that, and how this is going to move forward with a new system, i like what you're thinking mr. trump but you haven't done far enough. >> we saw that perfectly today with teresa may the britain prime minister, nice, mr. president, i agree with you mr. president and by the way you do support nato after all. >> it wasn't like i can't believe you do that how could you to that, we have a
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responsibility of our well being to look past that. >> it may or may not happening and be calm. >> and understand what is happening in this transitional moment and what's the next system of government going to be. we need candidates. just saying. >> thank you. thank you. next here several of president trump's tweets have been curious timing related to some cable news shows question are they helping dictate some of his policies and tweets. more on that.
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question. is cable news, cable news, shaping u.s. policy? it's a good question considering
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what we have seen during president trump's first week. bill o riley on fox news did a statistics call for federal aid, after the show this tweet. if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on i will send in the feds then the next night on abc watch. >> that speech was a home run, see what fox said, they said it was one of the great speeches, you and other networks covered it very inaccurately, i hate to say this to you and you probably won't put it on but put on fox, you and others tried to down play that speech and it was very, very unfortunate that you did. >> exhibit b fox aired a critic
11:43 am
about president obama describing manning as an ungrateful traitor. 15 minutes later, ungrateful traitor, chelsey manning is now calling president obama a weak leader. terrible. >> we've got to talk about this. so great to have you on. bill, to my points. >> yeah. >> i don't think the timing is a coincidence, obviously he watches a lot of tv and fox, thus is u.s. policy being shaped by cable tv news? >> may not be shaped but he's reacting to it. it's not unusual. mr. trump has always been sort of brought into what he feels people are talking about him. in new york when we covered things about donald trump you would likely hear from him. >> he's always been like that. >> i used to write people and
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have a handwritten note sent back to me on the actual clip so he pays very close attention and fox is very friendly territory for him, and when they make a point that he thinks is a valid tweet. >> christian, same question, what do you think? >> i think when it comes to fox or any media out let, there are lots of voices within any particular media outlet, fox you have sean hannity which was extremely friendly, i think at one point advising him threw ou the campaign and others that shoot straight and are trying to cover the true story so i hate to cast any network as pro or
11:45 am
anti, but if you are a guest on a program or just an average pundit going on tv because the president's consumption is so cable news heavy and kind of learning on the fly what it is he thinks about different issues and very impulsive willing to ak very quickly it sort of puts a lot of pressure on those to know that the president could be watching you on air force one and making police as a result. >> i think the more voices the more ears the better off we all are but i'm wondering washington examiner, a conservative paper he seems to, his whole team seems to have declared this one-sided war on almost all media, do you feel that? >> i haven't particularly felt that but i'm writing from the
11:46 am
right side of the aisle i'm not a cheerleader for the president for sure but i think you have always had donald trump at war with the media, he loves conflict, thrives off of it. barack obama had conflict with fox, so i think the idea of a politician declaring war on media isn't anything new and for steve bannon saying it's time that the media listen a little bit more because he doesn't feel they have acknowledged that they have got things wrong and that a lot of people like donald trump and he feels like the media doesn't give him credit for the fact that he won and the fact that a large part of america really do like his message. >> i disagree on the note that yes, maybe president obama didn't feel so friendly against fox, but he didn't constantly
11:47 am
bring it up. >> yeah, he didn't say they were disgusting and dishonest, listen when you tell the media to shut-up, there are places like north korea, we don't do that, nobody is doing to tell us to shut-up and by the way we can also say there's plenty of opposition to every president so for the media to say -- they are a your adversary, and particularly true now because the democrats don't have any particular power, bannon is right in one way, they can speak truth to power, that's supposed to be their job and he's trying to intimidate them and delegitimize it. >> bill carter, kristen, thank you so much.
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coming up millions of women march in protest. we talk to the one and only share next.
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manchester by the sea leads the list and casey affleck is up for best actor. you can watch live on our sister stations tbs and tnt live sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern.
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starting today i wanted to start a national conversation with women. women make a majority of this country and many don't feel empowered because of where they work or live or political climate. i want to hear from you, maybe you marched on saturday, maybe you are mar march iing in washi.
11:52 am
but we have women sharing stories of what it's like to be an american woman. i caught up with cher last week, here she is. >> to actually come to washington, cher, why? >> because i want to support the people now that will have no voice and that will be walked -- that will be stepped on and all of our rights will be taken away from us, we'll go back to the 50s, if they have their way we'll go back to a time where we had no rights, you know? and how can we go backwards, you continue go backwards, i'm 70 years old. >> ste70. >> yeah, i've been through 12 presidents. i know what it's like to have
11:53 am
nothing. but that's another thing, i feel bad for his supporters, i know the pain that they're going through because i was very poor growing up and i know what it's like to have no one care, to have no one listen to you, and so we're marching for them too they just don't know it. >> you're marching for trump supporters too they just don't know that. now that i haven't heard. >> well you heard it now. >> when you talk about the presidents and you're 70 years young, that's a whole different conversation, so many feel their rights aren't enough, but there was a day when -- >> when there was nothing, when there was nothing, if a husband raped his wife it wasn't rape. you know that rule of thumb thing came from you couldn't beat your wife with a stick larger than your thumb, so i don't want to go back there, i
11:54 am
don't want to go back. they're doing it. they're doing it. they're taking us back and not just women, they're taking everybody's rights back. and you can't stand for it and we have to have a voice, we have to come out, not in violence but we have to come out and show them that we're not whiners that we're not crying and that we're going to make our presence known. >> cher, people would say where were all these women a year ago, if they had shown up maybe we would have had a different outcome on november 8th. >> well i campaigned a lot and a lot of time with students and i said if you don't exercise your right and your responsibility, boy, you're going to see a hell like you never dreamt and you're going to lose your rights you're rights that you take for granted but they weren't scared enough. >> women, the young women
11:55 am
weren't scared enough to do more? >> yeah, they thought it wouldn't make any difference that their vote wouldn't make any difference, that they want today protest and i said babe, a protest vote is a vote for him. and i just don't like him. i really just don't like him and i don't respect him and i've never heard anybody who lies like they're telling the truth. he's really good. he deserves an academy award. >> if he were standing right here what would be the one thing you would say or ask of him. >> i wouldn't ask anything of him because whatever he said i wouldn't believe it. and i don't know what i would say to him because he wouldn't listen and he would give you lip service. >> so you're giving up, four years giving up? >> no, no, absolutely not giving up but i'm not going to talk to the person who is going to be
11:56 am
doing it. if he were a better person we would be having this conversation, i don't believe he has a moral compass i feel if we stay united there's many groups you can join and many ways to make them keep hearing your voice an all i pray for is that women stay item sgld look into that camera and what do you say to young women watching? >> don't give up. stand and be counted or sit and be nothing.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded.
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what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. you are watching cnn i'm brooke