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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. you are watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin, head lielines
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emerging the first joint meeting with teresa may the britain prime minister and the first question was whether the u.s. would consider lifting sanctions against russia. >> we'll see what happens, as far as the sanction very early to be talking about that but we look to have a great relationship with all countries ideally that won't necessarily happen unfortunately probably won't happen with many countries but if we can have a great relationship with russia and china and with all countries i'm all for that. that would be a tremendous asset. >> as far as the uk sanctions and russia and activities in the ukraine we have been very clear that we want to see the agreement implemented and we've
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been continuing to argue that inside the european union. >> mr. president you said before that torture works, you have praised russia, said you want to ban some muslim muslims coming many in britain that is worry so worryso worrysome, what do you say as the lied leader of the free world. >> you chose that question? >> coan i confirm, i've been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me. >> having been just appointed secretary of defense, general
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nam james mattis says stated publicly he doesn't necessarily agree with torture but i am telling you that he will override because i'm giving him that power, faras far as putin russia, i don't know the gentleman, it's possible that we will have a good relationship and possible we won't. >> it's my understanding that you had a conversation with the mexican president and can we get an update where the relationship is and madam prime minister are you concerned about the relationship between the united states and mexico? >> i think the prime minister has many other things that she's concerned about than the relationship between united
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states and mexico. i love mexico, love the medicatimexican people, but they have out negotiated us and beat us to a pulp. >> let's talk about that. the cnn political director david chalian, anything from light hearted laughter to questions that may not have flown weeks ago, but the first news worthy points was the prime minister's comment on nato when she looked over at the president, tell us about that exchange. >> reporter: she sort of spoke on behalf of the president, saying mr. president i believe you said you were 100% commit
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tod -- commit tod nato. he didn't push back on what tremendous is a may was describes what they discussed behind closed doors, i do think about what you played about the sanctions and russia was really important. i think it shows the gulf when where these two countries are, teresa may, fully kbhcommit to today the sanctions must remain in place, it's just striking an entirely different note on the relationship and what the goals are with russia how thaci want deal with them. >> sometimes i get long with
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people i think not going to get along with and don't get long with people i think i am. >> how the heck do they get mexico to reimburse, we know there was this phone call and was asked about this phone call with the president of mexico and according to the read outthe two apparently agreed they will no longer publicly discuss the wall. that piece is missing. what's your interpretation of that? >> i think you see a relationship that was campaign now hitting the reality of the white house and you see a lot of people waiting to see what does this mean for the u.s.-mexican relationship and a lot of people in texas watching closely to what will this mean if the trade starts to hit or tariffs, so i think you are starting to see it in full force now. >> david, how did you think the
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president did? >> reporter: i was surprised at his tone, much more subdued. he was not the brash that one of the reportersed ask him about personality at times this week toe to toe about crowd size or his interviews, we haven't seen much of that in this press conference, he stuck to real broad themes not that there wasn't news in it there was and important news but i think he was trying to dial down the temperature i don't know if that was because there was a world leader physically on the stage with him or if after this first week he wanted to change the tone and play a different tune. i will say, brooke, i don't think we can emphasize how fascinating it was to hear him say on that issue of torture you raised that james mattis the defense secretary can override him even though they have a disagreement on this issue he's
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going to allow mattis to override him. >> we'll talk about that in a second. the president will be at the pentagon momentarily. but gail back over to you, there was a huge huge presser for the prime minister, he championed brexit, she did not, he met with nigel braj, and not to mention back home in england were none too thrilled that she rushed over to meet the next president of the united states. >> she was very clear about russia sanctions remaining in place an very clear about the importance of nato and also at the same time you see angela merkel about foreign policy and i think she elayed some of their fears that she was only to be
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caring about the united kingdom but she is also walking a fine line between dealing with domestic issues and tensions and the global stage. >> i thought she did a great job too when the english reporter asked about where you differ because of x, y and z controversial statements you have made. i thought that diplomatic dance she did brilliantly. let's go to the pentagon where the president is about to sign three to have his most controversial executive order, one limiting those entering the united states. and jim sciutto is there, what does this mean? >> reporter: this is an extremely controversial measure,
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muslim majority countries, iraq, iran, somalia, libya, and sets these time markers for 30 days no entry from any of these countries 120 days no refugees from anywhere, and during that time period the president ordered there be developed a new vetting system questions about religious beliefs and so this is following through one of donald trump's controversial campaign promises, it is not a ban on all muslims but there's a suggestion of having religious beliefs and i don't have to lay it out for you or anyone else to have that assort of a qualifier question that upsets many people understandably whether muslim or not to see exactly how that is
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ironed out what the details are but starts in a very dramatic step and interesting it will be signed next to general james mattis who his expressed his own opinions about misgives like this. >> and hearing about that asked about torture we heard him just last night in that interview on that other network doubling down saying i talked to people who say it work but today conceded to his knew secretary general because he said, give me some cigarettes. >> general james mattis has a very, very common from senior commanders, you will often hear from them one do you get good information out of torture? i have many military commanders say you don't get good information just to set that aside for a moment.
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beyond the fact there's a u.s. law, international conventions and how it damages u.s. standing, i was in iraq when the abu gray photos came out. what partly is a hearts and minds battle. so someone like a mattis is going to know all that range of affects donald trump continues to insists that some people tell him that works but hasn't specified why he believes that's true, but has said regardless i'm going to let general james mattis decide. and he's made his views towards torture very public and clear. thank you. let's talk about the fight over the border wall, this 20% tax on im porp imports from mexico to the u.s. a move that would hurt you, the
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american consumer. how? we'll get into that and it has only been a week since donald trump became the 45th president of the united states. we have michael smerconish with reaction to the next seven days ahead.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me, despite the back and forth over who is going to pay for this wall, the president and the president of mexico spoke today. there was one little exception the white house didn't acknowledge as the white house did that the two sides had agreed no longer to publicly speak about the wall. we heard from the chief of staff
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reince priebus saying this could be part of a quote buffet of options. great to see you again. >> you too. >> it sounds like okay, mexico gets the tax, the burned but not so fast it's really on the american companies who work with mexico to bring the goods over and thus, us. >> yes, at the end of the day the question is who really feels the most pain and right now what this would do is essentially pick winners and losers so what they're saying is export rich companies you're fine so the boeings of the world, great but what about the parts that go anything they make. >> walmart, best buy? >> yeah, what about the retailers, manufacturers of consumer goods. so at the end of the day, what does this really mean for the
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consumer? it means you could be paying more not only for your consumer goods whether that's clothing or sneakers but you're going to pay more for cars, gasoline and i understand he's trying to understand a deficit, i.e., what this really means is are we actually im actually actuallyim -- importing more than exporting. >> and people said got to buy american tires and became a heck of a lot more expensive and people lost jobs. >> the risk is to jobs, if you look at mexico our third largest trade partner, 6 million jobs are dependent on that partnership and trade at a whole, it produces 40 million
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jobs in united states. >> 40 million jobs? >> 40 million, we can say we have lost jobs that in this case have been sent to mexico for cheaper wages but you have to look at the net effect and ask ourselves if we are now going to shut down on tariffs influencing what comes into the country do we have the labor force to make up for that and what are the consequences to the u.s. dollar, competition and inciting trade wars around the globe. >> 80% of the exports go north of the border but not only the consumer suffering but mexico as well. >> oh, absolutely mexico as well. when you look at the free trade agreement dating back to 1994 it has had an enormous impact and people say it's a direct result
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of the rust belt and i would argue there are so many factors to consider, let me ask you this question, do we want to be an environment in which we export products those are tax exempt, anyone else is buying our products tax exempt but you want to buy an iphone made in china, you're going to pay the import tax on that, so you the american are going to pay more money from a u.s. made product not made in the u.s. so i get the dialogue around made in the usa. >> it's the cycle. >> it's the domino affect, brooke of understanding the consequences not only to the jobs equation but to the risk of retaliation and we are so co
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codependent on these other countries, whether it's the value of the dollar, trades these governments around the globe now own the majority of our treasuries, we have to be really careful, that we understand the consequences of our actions before we do it. >> thank you, my dear. >> thank you. >> the president will be at the pentagon, secretary of defense general m general mattis there waiting for his arrival.
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we know his newly minted defense secretary, we know he's there signing these actions, banning people from specific countries for a period of time for four months but i have
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michael smerconish with me on how this president did this first week. >> it's exciting to watch, right. >> it is. >> i'm totally into catching the whole transfer of power. i was watching cnn muted because i was conducting my own program and i caught myself saying wow, is that the first time on marine one and the salute, so i must say i was caught up in the substance of it i was interested today what he had to say at the presser about torture and waterboarding so it's a substantive issue and also interested the way he exits the beast and walks into the pent beg -- pentagon for the first time. >> we have seen so much of the president in the first week, i think that in and of itself is stunning, he's done a couple of interviews at the white house,
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as we know he's on twitter doing these appearances they have allowed the press in the office on air force one this week and now we're going to get this glimpse perhaps there he is in that red tie inside the beast. when he spoke with the british prime minister the first foreign diplomat to come over to the white house to your point on question of torture in the interview on the other channel last night fight fire with fire but it was interesting michael sme sm smerconish. >> dr. james mitchell one of the two psychologists who not only
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devised the torture program but conducted waterboarding will tonight be my guest. >> let's listen for a second. jim sciutto walk us through what we are looking at. >> there's general james mattis in a suit. of course remember congress had to pass a waiver because he's only been out of his uniform three years, the law said seven years dating back to the 50s so they had to have a waiver for him to take this position. it's a big moment the president's first visit to the pentagon, just a reminder when the nation is at war, two of the longest wars in history.
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this is going a big topic of conversation between mattis and the president today the strategy against isis we know that the president has asked for changes and know that general mattis is going to come to him with attack helicopters inside syria, he's ordered options to do just that. >> thank you for helping us catch this, this is the replay moments ago the vice president as well. michael back to you and talking about your special that's airing, dr. mitchell, waterboarding. >> he not only devised the program but carried it out. i think the number three individuals whose waterboarding he participated in including khalid mahammad.
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he's unabashed in his belief they did the right thing and in the ticking time bomb cases when you have tried the warm blanket and a piece of keesh. >> and the cigarettes. >> and the six pack, you got to do it, you heard the president say he still believes in it but decided to yield to general mattis which i found interesting in that press conference with teresa may. >> your whole thing was your note pad and grading the debate. can you give the president a grade for his first week. >> i did bring the note pad because i'm so fond of the legal pad and on one side is the worst detractors about what a hot mess includes fighting about the crowd size, petty tweets, a political speech at the cia,
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lies about voter fraud, endorsing torture again, offending the medicatixican. i'm a butter knife away from him. he's banning abortion, ending the tpp, nafta is on life support, et cetera, et cetera, so the bubbles continue, though it's a two-way street. it's not just the elite media no a bubble, but red state that don't understand the math that matters to the critics and in some respects it's a sad situation. >> where have you been most pleasantly surprised of everything that's happened this past week. >> i guess it was a week ago today when i was privileged to participate in the c nn coverag
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as you were of the inauguration and just to sit there and watch the peaceful transference of power, hillary clinton was there, there he is being sworn in and president obama is mouthing to him good job, who knows if he believed it but that everyone could sort of buck up and that's how we respect the outcome. and today, you know with a name like smerconish that -- i am a sucker for the uk, i like the fact that they stood there, gin mar march tinis.
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>> i think it's about four hours and 13 seconds to my special. there's my countdown clock. >> do not miss the special. 9:00 p.m. math matters to your point. math matters. >> president trump has arrived at the pentagon, expected to sign the executive order limiting the flow of immigrants coming into the united states. >> i spoke to a woman -- his words, extreme vetting. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. we have just seen the president arrive at the pentagon, we know he's there about the sign the executive
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action that will limit the flow of i wammigrants into the unite states. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> that was 2015, more than a year later mr. trump has said he will not ban all muslims but calling out what he calls extreme vetting of immigrants. >> we're going to have extreme vetting for people coming into our country and if we think there's a problem, it's not going to be so easy for people to come in anymore. these are people we let in. we don't need this. some people have come in with evil intentions and most haven't i guess, but the word gamble is an inappropriate word. it's a big gamble. >> the white house tells cnn
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they would impose a four month ban on any entering the u.s. and block refugees indefinitely, and ban countries, iraq, syria, sudan, libya, somalia and yemen. want to bring in a special voice here. the cofender -- cofounder of muslims movement. i am a muslim, a woman, and an immigrant, i voted for trump. >> thank you. >> thank you, brooke. >> i understand you have gotten hateful at times vulgar comments, how difficult has it been for you to be a muslim woman trump supporter? >> yeah, thank you for asking, you know, i have been a life long liberal and voted for every democratic presidential candidate until 2016, it was a
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difficult decision but i chose to make my vote in large part mostly because of my identity. i've been frustrated that we haven't dealt with the issue of extre extremi extremism. people are so emotional and worked up about this election that it has been shocking to me what i have felt from the left. many people i thought were friends have decided i had my iq drop 50 points because of my vote and the biggest thing for me that i see as concern is the lack of civility in our society today the lack of ability to have a conversation with others not from an assumption of bad and evil intentions but just the fact that we're all human beings that we come to different conclusions sometimes. >> i appreciate your honesty and let's have a conversation and let's talk about this executive action that the president is about to sign, the travel ban,
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you're okay with it but also understand you call it a band indica aid solution, why? >> i came when i was four years old and my brother was with me, my parents had been separate from the us for two years just trying to jump over the legal loopholes over the years we have a serious extremism problem throughout the world and need to come up with practical solutions. i know the power an magic of america, but we have to come to terms and give this administration a chance to deal with the systematic ideological problem of extremism. >> what do you say to critics saying this is a flat out-muslim
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ban? >> well the largest is ind kn indonesia, pakistan, pakistan has has a serious issue, and qatar, that's why i called this a band aid solution because really we are facing the ideological war of our lifetime. we have a poorest boarder, no bans or vetting is going to deal with that problem and that's where in my heart as a muslim we have to confront not only as american but also muslims. >> you do still support him and quickly your reaction to the president's first week in the white house? >> well, i feel like i'm living in a parallel universe, brooke,
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i know there are many people who think we're sort of living on the set of the hunger games that president snow has come to office and the resistance must stand up but there's many other people including myself who kind of fell like we're on the set of the twilight zone that there isn't this crazy anger an hate for the policies that he's putting in place rgs people understand them, they understand that this is republican politics and so in many ways what we are receiving this last week are the same issues for which many voters cast their ballot issues of security, and ultimately i believe economy. and so, i am not you know raising alarm bells like other people are and i in fact think that we should have an open mind and move forward to support our country and our administration. >> important to hear all perspectives, thank you so much for joining me and sharing your voice. >> thank you so much.
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>> coming up the vice president mike pence becomes the first sitting vice president to speak at the annual march for life. we're live to make sure we hear from these men and women speaking out against abortion.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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crowds of activists are again filling the streets of washington d.c. today. look at these pictures this anti-abortion movement marking 44 years since the united states supreme court ruled abortion legal in the u.s., crowds there got their biggest boost yet from the white house, vice president mike pence just became the first vice president to address the event in person during its 43-year history. let bring in our correspondent sunl sunlen serfaty. this is all relevant.
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>> reporter: it certainly is, many of these folks that's top on their mind and why the march ended at the steps of the supreme court. vice president mike pence trying to sen a crystal clear message to the crowd life again is winning in america. that's indicative of what the new administration believes is a new america in terms of anti-abortion activism. here is what he had to say this morning right below the washington monument. >> because of all of you and the many thousands who stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life is winning again in america. it is no more evident in any -- way who stands for a stronger
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america, a more prosperous america, and a president who i proudly say stands for the right to life president donald trump. >> now that message many folks wanted to hear today. many of the people i spoke to said the jury is still out that they're going to be looking to what donald trump will do next week in terms of picking a supreme court nominee. many people here sensing an opportunity here to get an anti-abortion justice in place in the supreme court, try to tilt the court more conservative leaning but say they will certainly be watching that very closely here today. >> sunlen thank you, that supreme court pick hang next week. now though we have gotten news in donald trump doubling down on the comment that steve bannon saying the media is the opposition. tyke a look another what he just
12:49 pm
told the christian network. >> called the opposition party. do you believe that? >> i think to a large extent they're much more capable than the other side. >> the other side s? >> yeah, i'm not talking about all media, like, but i have people in the media that i have tremendous respect for, but a big portion of the media, the dishonesty, total deceit an deception makes them certainly partially the opposition party, absolutely, i think they're much more capable than the opposition party. the opposition party is losing badly, the media is on the losing oppositions side i say they treat me so unfairly it's hard to believe i won, but the fortunate thing about me is i have a big voice, i have a voice that people understand and you see it now we're bringing back
12:50 pm
jobs ford is making a mass zyiv investment in michigan. so many other companies are coming back in, but yeah, the media is a disgrace, and they called me wrong from the beginning, "the new york times" called me wrong from the beginning, they apologized to their readers, not because they even like me, they said there's no chance that trump was going to win and we would go out there and i would feel i would win, you saw the crowds better than anybody, so it's a very interesting fact.
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sunlen sunl >> this is sad. it's regrettable. this attempt to make the conduct of the press the issue in this country instead of the conduct of the president of the united states. i hope the president will back off from this. president trump has won a great remarkable victory in coming to the office of the presidency, and we have reported on the nature of that great and remarkable victory and giving him remarkable credit for what he has pulled off in this election and becoming the president of the united states. it's just counter factual. but start with that. who is the opposition party in the one week of this presidency so far? the truth is the opposition party so far. >> the truth. >> the truth is because we have seen so many lies and conspiracy theories, unnatalie falsehoods repeated by the president of the united states, by his ministers of propaganda, by kelyanne conway, by the press secretary.
12:52 pm
this is not a place where anybody who i know in the media wants to see this go in the first days of this presidency. >> why do you think -- why do they want to do this? why do they want to star a war with the media? >> i'm not going to get into their heads. look, president trump has an agenda of programs and policies. fight for them. fight for them on a factual basis on what you believe, but so far that is not what we're seeing. and to make the conduct of the press the issue in this culture is, i believe, a grave mistake because people want the truth, including trump supporters. they want the truth. >> they deserve the truth. >> they want their president to tell the trugth. and the press is a means of sorting out the truth. our job is the best obtainable
12:53 pm
version of the truth. we do it sometimes well, sometimes not so well. also, donald trump is the president of the united states in large measure because of the media, because of cable news particularly and the exposure he got through cable news during the primary campaigns. so, this is -- there is a disingenuous aspect to this, and i would hope that they and the president of the united states would dial this back because it's to nobody's benefit. we need a fact-based debate in this country. and the press is a means of doing it and the presidency is a means of doing t. >> you said it, the opposition party is the truth. carl bernstein, thank you very much. >> good to be here. >> next president trump speaking of he is at the pentagon, live pictures there. he is set to sign an executive order shortly to implement extreme vetting of refugees. we will take it live here on cnn.
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all right. so, here's the split screen for you. on the right side, this was moments ago where we saw the president, the vice-president. here is hayes secretary of defense general james mattis shaking his hand as they walk up those steps into the pentagon. the left side is where we'll be seeing the president momentarily. it's significant because this is where he'll be signing that executive action, you know, limiting the flow of refugees into this country.
12:57 pm
white house official tells cnn it would impose a four-month ban on any refugees coming into the u.s. it would also block all syrian refugees indefinitely. initially there would be a 30-day ban from immigrants from seven middle eastern countries being iraq, syria, iran, sudan, libya, somalia, and yemen. so, we're going to take that live as soon as we see the president there standing at the podium at the pentagon. but before we do that, want to share this extraordinary story of a police officer who went beyond the call of duty. boise, idaho was left with one leg after being shot multiple times. his resilience never waivers and he hopes to put on a uniform one last time. cnn's anika cabrera tells the story. >> reporter: to corporal kevin, every breath, every movement is a blessing.
12:58 pm
>> i kind of approach this as a little bit of a venture. >> reporter: this new adventure began back in november. a 17-year veteran of the boise police department, was searching for a suspect involved in a shooting and car jacking. >> he was concealed and i was the first guy that really came into contact and ended up being a few feet from him. >> reporter: he had no time to react. >> i got shot in the femur, the hip, the stomach. he was so low that they went under my vest. i knew i was paralyzed immediately. >> reporter: as he lay helpless, shot five times, the suspect kept firing, hitting fellow officer chris davis who survived, and fatally wounding police canine jardo who he calls his hero for jumping on the shooter, distracting him just long enough. >> he saved my life without a doubt. >> reporter: after two months in the hospital and dozens of procedures, he continues his recovery at craig hospital in colorado which specializes in
12:59 pm
brain and spinal cord injuries. >> this way, okay. ready? >> reporter: his days are full of grueling physical therapy. >> just lift straight up. >> reporter: his left leg amputated because of infection, a rod holding his right leg together. he has no feeling from the waist down, except when this happens. reoccurring nerve spasm. >> man, they're super painful. it goes through right where i got shot and kind of wraps around into my groin. it's the only spot. >> reporter: ouch. >> yeah, it's the understatement of a year. >> reporter: humor still intact even in the throes of adversity. this military vet and father of two is a warrior in mind and body, facing an uncertain future unafraid. do you think you'll ever walk again? >> who knows. nobody knows. i hope that one day maybe i can at least put a uniform on one
1:00 pm
last time. that really bothers me that i may not be able to, but at least one last time. >> reporter: anika cabrera, cnn denver. >> how about that. these stories are absolutely incredible. we're grateful for you. i'm brook baldwin. thanks for being with me. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, brook. in his first big test on the global stage, "the lead" starts right now. the special relationship, president trump welcoming the british prime minister to washington, what they agreed on, and what they don't. president trump also giving us a preview of a critical phone call coming up with russian leader vladimir putin. he said it was too early to discuss lifting sanctions, but will the hacking of political secrets come up on the call? plus, with just days until president trump announces his supreme court pick, vice-president pence firing up thousands flooding d.c. for the march for li