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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 28, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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people. a live report from beijing on how millions of people around the world are celebrating the new year. from cnn welcome to our viewers here in the united states and
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around the world. i i'm george howell. >> in just a few hours time the new president of the united states donald trump will be talking with a number of world leaders. he's set to speak by phone with if leaders of germany, france and japan. syrian refugees are barred indefinitely. >> i'm vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists to
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out of the united states of america. we want to make sure we're not admitting the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. we some want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people. >> a white house official says that number of countries on the suspension list will likely grow. more on the sweeping measures just put in police station by the new president of the united states. >> these are some very sweeping actions coming from the new president. he signed this executive order earlier in the day over at the pentagon. we just got our hands on the executive order. this is it right here, but the actions are fairly dramatic. he's talking about suspending s visas of people coming to the united states. those visas have been suspended
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for 90 days as part of this action. they're also implementing extreme vetting measures coming in to the united states from terror prone parts of the world. that would include bio metric scanning, it's going to be a much more draconian step that's being taken and i think the part that is going to really send shock waves around the world and that is the suspension of the u.s. refugee program. this is political refugees coming into the united states. that program is suspended for 120 days while they get these new measures up and running and permanently ended by the trump administration is the syrian refugee program which was bringing in people from that part of the world. so you will not have syrian refugees coming into this country as part of this executive order. >> again, this has regard a
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grade deal of reaction. more than 2 million refugees have fled the neighboring turkey almost six full years ago. some of them were hoping to come here to the united states. we're in istanbul, turkey, following the story. if you could explain the reaction there from the region. >> reporter: reaction is one of shock. i was in touch with a syrian refugee who lives in turkey near the syrian border. he described the order as racist and shameful. i was also in touch with an iraqis scheduled to fly to the united states tomorrow. he has a green card but this is what he sent me. i'll read it to you. i honestly am a bit scared. i'm not sure if they will let me in. i would never imagine this would happen in the u.s. since this is
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the few countries letting immigrants in from across the world to start a new life there. i am shocked. and shocked is the reaction of many people who have helped serve. i have another friend who for years served with the united states military in dangerous situations side by side with american soldiers. he has been waiting now for years to get into the united states coming from a part of the country that isis controlled. his family has been threatened. his wife has had a nervous breakdown as they've waited for some sort of answer from the united states. it's important to stress that the measures already in place for people applying for refugee status in the united states were extreme. it takes years to get a refugee visa to the united states after a long series of interviews,
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background checks and so forth. so this really leaves many people in a state of utter shock, george. >> that it is interesting to get your insight. you've spent many years reporting in that region. you've spoken to many of the people who put their lives on the line, risked their own lives in the past years to aid the united states. but the president of the united states also pointing out that some christians in the region in syria could have easier access to the u.s. at the same time. let's listen to what he had to say. >> they've been horribly treated. do you know if you were a christian in syria, it was impossible, at least very tough to get into the united states. if you were muslim you would come in, but if you were a christian it was almost impossible. and the reason that was so unfair is that the -- everybody was persecuted in all fairness but they were chopping off the
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heads of everybody, but more so the christians and i thought it was very, very unfair. so we are going to help them. >> and drawing again on your experience in the region, your reaction to that? >> reporter: well, he makes these sometimes but does he back them up with facts, with statistics? it appears that in fact, the number of christian refugees let into the united states is proportional to the population of christians in places like syria and iraq where the population, the christian population is not very large. it's also important to point out that the total number of people killed by isis whether beheaded thrown off of buildings, the vast majority of them are muslims. >> thank you for the reporting. cnn's u.s. security analyst
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served in the u.s. department of homeland security under the former president barack obama. she told my colleague that she's never seen anything like this before. >> this is a order or series of executive orders by president trump that is using national security and the memory of 9/11 to justify sweeping refugee ban, immigration ban, country specific ban, that we've never seen proposed before, that we've never seen anything quite like it in the united states. it's a pretty historic moment and not in a good way for the united states today. >> did the vetting process for the immigrants or refugees deserve to be tightened in any way? >> i think any vetting or immigration process is constantly changing having served in the department of homeland security. you're constantly trying to make
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things better, make them tighter, more efficient as well. so there's no question that any of these programs could get better but the idea that you end it in the process of trying to reform it would never have crossed anyone's mind either in the bush administration or the obama administration. for one it's obviously the statement it makes to the world about who the united states is and who they'll accept but the other is the terror threat assuming that's what this is about. the terror threat is not country specific at this stage. belgium knows that, germany knows that. we know that a lot of the terror threat is coming home grown and we've seen it in the united states. >> have there been instances whether either refugees or immigrants have posed a terror threat or helped a u.s. national that posed a terror threat? >> the only case that you have in the last couple of decades is
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the san bernardino case where she came on a marital visa, the wife in the couple that killed in san bernardino so that's one case out of millions. >> here's a look at the number of immigrants the u.s. accepted last year from seven countries whose citizens are subject to the 90 day ban. the u.s. senator chuck schumer made the quote saying tears are running down the cheeks of the statue of liberty. google is warning its employees to stay inside the united states. cnn obtained an internal advisory that questions this. i am a national of listed country and in the u.s. could i cancel my travel abroad?
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google goes on to say please do not travel outside the u.s. until the ban is lifted. what if i have urgent international business plans? google says please cancel your trip as you will not be able to reenter the united states until the ban has lifted. donald trump has had a busy week engaging with world leaders and it's not done yet. >> president trump welcome british prime minister to the white house pledging to uphold the special relationship. >> we look forward to working closely with you as we strengthen our mutual ties in commerce, business ahead. >> the world was watching the east room of the white house for mr. trump's first meeting with the foreign leader yet it was
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the more challenging diplomatic test he's facing with mexico and russia that took center stage. he spoke on the phone for nearly an hour today with mexican president who cancelled a trip to the u.s. over trump's demand that mexico pay for a border wall between the two countries. >> i have love the mexican people. >> yet he stood his ground insisting that mexico would one way or another pay billions. >> as you know, mexico with the united states has outnegotiated us and beat us to a pulp through our past leaders. they've made us look foolish. the united states cannot continue to lose vast amounts of business, vast amounts of companies and millions and millions of people losing their jobs. that won't happen with me. we're no longer going to be the country that doesn't know what it's doing. >> a statement from the mexican government said the president's
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also agreed at this point not to speak publicly about this controversial issue. that line does not appear in the white house statement about the call. a week into his presidency mr. trump said it's too early to say whether he'll lift sanctions against vladimir putin. he's set to talk to him by phone on saturday. after being criticized by his praise of the russian leader he took a more measured stance today. >> i had many times when i thought i'd get along with people and i don't like them at all and i've had some where i didn't think i was going to have much of a relationship and it turned out to be a great relationsh relationship. >> prime minister conceded the election had taken the world by storm. >> i'd like to congratulate you on a stunning election victory. >> this one from the bbc. >> what do you say to our vowers
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at home who are worried about some of your views and worried about you becoming the leader of the free world. >> this was your choice f a question? >> he believes water boarding and other forms of torture work but would follow the lead of james mattis, a retired general who opposes such extreme measures. >> i don't necessarily agree but he will override because i'm giving him that power. >> mr. trump has had a very busy saturday. has a very busy saturday ahead chatting with several world leaders. this comes after hosting the british prime minister. the british prime minister had a lot to accomplish from re-establishes there is a strong
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relationship and reaffirming these nations solidly affirm nato. >> there are many people who are very interested in seeing the prime minister move forward in trying to establish a stronger trade relationship with the united states considering that the united kingdom will eventually b leafing the european union and they want to make sure that they continue to be a priority for the united states when it comes to doing international business. there are other individuals primarily those among the labor party who are very concerned about some of the comments that donald trump made on the campaign and some of his opinions on women so they wanted the prime minister to be more aggressive in addressing those issues when meeting with him. >> you point at torture and climate change. the two leaders don't see eye to
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eye on several things. donald trump saying his defense secretary could override him on the issue of torture. but the british prime minister chimed in to say it's okay for these two leader to disagree and maintain a strong relationship. >> we see multiple heads of state disagree on issues but the reason why this issue of torture is such importance, the united kingdom has been one of the main allies of the united states so there was a need to find common ground on this issue as we move forward and as we perhaps have to face comparable situations in the future. >> mr. trump has also been invited to visit the united kingdom. what more do we knowant this visit for the president of the united states? >> he's excited. the invitation that came from
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the queen went to both donald trump and his wife melania. they will not be able to fulfill it until later this year. details are not quite clear, but they're still in the planning stages. this is significant to donald trump and to the american people because despite there being at least more than ten u.s. presidents during the queen's reign only about half of them have been invited to the palace to meet with the queen so it's quite well received by donald trump and his supporters. >> live in london at 10:17 in the morning. better hours for you. i know you're in new york where it's much earlier. still ahead here on "cnn newsroom," the president is set to speak with vladimir putin. what this could mean, still ahead. and how allies in europe are reacting to donald trump's first week in office. stay with us.
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welcome back to "cnn news room." we're covering the first week of u.s. president donald trump. he's set to speak with a host of u.s. leaders including vladimir putin. a pleasure to have you with us.
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so the clem lykremlin has playe the significance of this phone call. donald trump also saying that it could be too early to talk about sanctions. what more do we know about this phone call and how important it is? >> well, it will be the first direct communication between donald trump and vladimir putin since he was inaugurated. the kremlin downplaying ex- p k expectations saying it's unlikely that real substantial issues would be discussed in the first conversation between the two presidents. as for donald trump, he was asked about the possibility of lifting u.s. sanctions against russia. recall that the outgoing obama administration in its final days imposed some additional sanctions expelling some russian diplomats engaged in
2:22 am
intelligence gathering activities and this is what donald trump had to say when asked about that. >> as far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that but we look to have a great relaugs ship with all countries ideally. that won't necessarily happen, won't happen with many countries. >> the trump administration has made it very clear that it would like to cooperate on moscow on battles against terrorism, but donald trump has seen significant opposition from senior members within his own party in congress who have made it clear that they do not want to see trump going soft on russia for the role it has played in intervening in annexing parts of ukraine and they want to ensure that the trump administration continues to support european allies that are part of the nato military alliance. >> there is that difference of
2:23 am
opinion between donald trump and the people in his cabinet but here's the question. so the u.s. president has suggested he would like to see the u.s. and russia work closer together against terrorism, but again, russia, a nation that has been accused of carpet bombing cities like aleppo, could the u.s. find itself conflicted if working closer with russia in that fashion? >> yeah, i mean, there are a whole host of areas where russia and the u.s. have traditionally disagreed and what the trump administration has made clear, they want to find areas where they can cooperate together. and you did have an outspoken voice in the russian parliament saying hey, we can work together in ukraine, on resolving the syria conflict, on battling against terrorism. and this is also taking digs against long-time critics in the
2:24 am
u.s. of russia. such as the republican senator john mccain calling him a foe of russia and saying that he was panicking at the possibility that sanctions could be lifted. you also had this intriguing tweet coming out from the russian embassy in london. of course, the british prime minister was meeting alongside donald trump and indicated she didn't want sanctions lifted until russia moved forward with the peace process in ukraine and this tweet saying quote, engage and beware. saying as far as we're aware cold war was long dead so there are real tensions still between russia's critics both in the u.s. and in europe and certainly we see that the kremlin would like to see trump moving away from some of those critics to opening up in their eyes hopefully a new era between moscow and washington.
2:25 am
it's far too early to see whether trump will be able to move forward and whether in fact that is his vision. >> that statement from the british prime minister, engage, but beware. the evolution of the statement from president reagan back in the 80s. trust but verify. in his first week in office president trump's actions are already being felt across european capitals. more on that from berlin. >> reporter: a message of solidarity from both the french president and german chancellor as they face a dramatically politically different landscape. listen to what he had to say. >> translator: there are -- we have of course have to speak to donald trump since he was chosen by the americans to be their
2:26 am
president but we have to do it with a european point of view and our interests and values. >> just some of the challenges they face from president trump throwing out trade agreements but also saying nato was obsolete and that the european union was merely a quote vehicle for germany. so they are already looking to see how they can unify the eu and make sure it stands strong while at the same time they face their own internal challenges. parties that are espousing anti immigrant and anti eu policies have gained in recent polls and of course there are elections coming up in both france and germany. merkel is running for re-election again. both hollande and americamerkele
2:27 am
having their phone calls with president trump. the british actor played wand maker in the first two harry potter movies. he started as a stage actor. he had a breakout role in the historical film, a man for all seasons in 1956. duz during his six-decade career he had extensive movie and tv credits to his career including the elephant man, midnight express and indiana jones. he was honored with numerous awar awards. he was knighted in 2015. no specific reason was disclosed for his death though. john hurt was 77 years old. an honor student in the united states, she is also a syrian refugee. coming up, we'll introduce you to an 11-year-old girl hoping to make america better. we are live from atlanta this
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hour broadcasting to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching kw"cnn newsroom" ♪ (vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪
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a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it's good to have you with us. the u.s. president donald trump is tightening his country's borders with a move that he says is necessary to keep out terrorists. he signed an executive order barring people from seven muslim nations from entering the u.s. for 9 odays.
2:32 am
britain's prime minister says mr. trump will make a trip to the united kingdom. she was the first foreign leader to meet with mr. trump. mr. trump said it was too early to talk about sanctions with russia. mr. trump says that he had a very warm phone call with the president of mexico. the leaders agreed to work out their differences over mr. trump's plan to build a border wall. the telephoned conversation came a day after nieto cancelled a face to face meeting. 2017, it is the year of the rooster of china and other asian cultures welcomed the new year with two weeks of celebrations ending with a lantern festival. donald trump says extreme vetting of immigrants is aimed at keeping america safe but critics have been been quick to
2:33 am
condemn his new order. i am heart broken that america is turning its back on a proud history of welcoming refugees and immigrants, the people who helped build your country ready to work hard at a fair chance of new life. one family says they're trying to do exactly that, to do their part and to build better lives right here in the u.s. state of georgia. our reporter talked to them and the mayor of the city where they settled who says refugees are the economic backbone of his community. >> you're one of the best students, huh? >> yes. >> reporter: looking at all her awards it's amazing to think that she has only in been in the u.s. for a year. >> why are you such a good girl? >> i don't know. >> reporter: in fact, it's only been a few months since she learned english but she's already making america better. >> i am a syrian refugee and
2:34 am
thank you for welcoming us to our new home in america. >> that's her reciting this letter that she recently read at a nearby church. an estimated half of those in attendance were donald trump supporters. why does that matter? she and her family are refugees. under president trump's newly proposed immigration plan families like hers wouldn't be able to come to the u.s. or as she says, they wouldn't be able to make america better. >> i want to help all of those in the world and i want to make america better. >> reporter: her family fled war torn syria three years ago. they 'asked us not to use their last name because they're still nervous after all they've been through. life has been especially difficult for her 14-year-old brother allen.
2:35 am
he has cerebral palsy. for two years they lived in a refugee camp in turkey. they resettled outside of atlanta, georgia. >> we are actually proactively going to refugee camps, working with the united nations, setting up resettlement centers and going through a careful thought out process. >> she says americans who fear terrorist refugees coming to the u.s. have legitimate concerns but she has the strict 18 to 24-vetting process heading to the u.s. should temper any worries. ted terry is the mayor of clarkston georgia. many of them are refugees who he says are the economic backbone of the community. he sees them not as a burden but as an investment. >> if you are thinking about the people around you as assets and
2:36 am
as truly valuable and contributing members of our community, it's not draining at all. it's actually very energizing. thank you so much for the report. the sisters of tennis have been dualing it out in the australian open. we'll tell you which williams came out on top, i head. plus, a character featured in the james bond film gets a real live twist. stay with us.
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welcome back to "cnn
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newsroom." i'm george howell. beijing started off the year of the rooster with a massive gala. look at that. beginning the first day of lunar new year. we're joined now live in the chinese capital to talk more about it. what is the significance of the year of the rooster? >> well, the significance is we're moving out of the year of the monkey and into the year of the rooster and these are the zo zodiac signs. so if you're born in the year of the rooster then you are generally thought to be popular and as that year was entered into, many chinese gather around the tv to watch this gala with 40 different acts mostly dancing and singing but also chinese
2:41 am
opera and comedy. it's very patriotic and at times propaganda filled celebrations. >> we've heard about fireworks celebrations from beijing to new york. it is becoming a worldwide celebration. how is china working to export the new year's celebration outside of its borders? >> well, certainly since the time when i was based here, you've seen this shift in the way that the chinese government promotes the lunar new year. it's of course the most important holiday here in china but increasingly seeing institutes across the world, there were celebrations as far flung as cuba, a kind of soft power push and the state media here explicitly says it's a way to push soft chinese power. you had the prime minister
2:42 am
extending a congrattoir now note. this is becoming a global phenomenon and it's looking to promote across the world. cctv's global spectacular was on youtube and facebook, both banned here in china. but a way to get that celebration out to the roast of the world. >> so a new year, new beginnings but a great deal of uncertainty coming with many countries, china included with a new president of the united states. how is that being perceived in china as they start this new lunar year? >> well, certainly it's a wait and see attitude. from the government's perspective. i think ordinary chinese are getting along with their celebrations, but on the government level and the party level there is nervousness or at least concern about where
2:43 am
president trump might go next with his foreign policy and his trade policy. he's surrounded himself with several very, one might say anti china economists who have said that china is the root of many ills in the u.s. economy. most economists say it's a lot more complicated than that, but they are anticipating a move from president trump to push up tariffs between the worlds two biggest economies. the chinese, state media and the government has urged president trump to be cautious and to talk particularly on areas of trade and geo politics rather than do anything rash from their perspective here in beijing. >> thank you so much for your reporting today. switching now to weather, recent storms are paying off for residents in the u.s. state of california. people who have been suffering under an extreme drought for a couple of years.
2:44 am
we're joined live to talk more about that and julia, this rain, it is quite welcome there. >> it's been a series of storms, george. and it's been a long time coming. this stretches back over three years for the residents of california. now for the first time they are not in the highest category of drought in california. let's take a look at some of those storms that have pushed in all this welcome rain and snow for that matter. the entire state now most drought free since 2011. so again, the ground water level still critically low, but that's going to take some time for all of the snow pack to work its way back into the system and help the residents who have been really struggling for a water supply for so many years. now taking a look at how much rain california has gotten, places like los angeles picked up about 7.5 inches of january.
2:45 am
l.a. usually gets about 14 inches or so a year, so a tremendous amount of rain coming in. again, much welcome, much needed. this parade of storms coming in one after another the last couple of weeks. the snow in the higher elevations here in the zserra. this is just north of los angeles into santa barbara, that area in exceptional drought. that's not the one you want. going forward one week we are now down to zero and it's been a long time coming so certainly things are looking up in california. if you look at the perspective of this drought it really stretches back all the way to 2012, the height of it really beginning in 2014, that's when the governor declared a state of emergency and that's when all the water restrictions went into
2:46 am
effect. those restrictions still in effect. the snow pack is there. it's going to take a while to get into the water supply systems, so for now, everything is status quo. i do want to talk about the santa anna winds. kicking up over the ventura and l.a. county mountains so expect blustery conditions. we have high wind warning in effect just north of los angeles. in and around santa barbara as well. we've been seeing reports of winds gusting up over 60 miles per hour in the l.a. area and that's enough to bring down some power lines and generally folks who live in this region, they're familiar with the santa annas. they know what they need to do to hunker down and they do so but just a little warning as you wake up. >> a little windy there. thank you. >> all right. let's talk tennis just a bit.
2:47 am
serena williams just won the australian open. she beat her sister venus in straight sets for a record 23 grand slam title. this was serena's first chance to pass the title. when we come back, more history in the making. what makes this beauty queen so special to her country. its parte using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress.
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if you know james bond movies you know q who's played a memorable role in those movies. he's a bit nerdy. sometimes kpas r-- >> you must be joking. >> why? because i'm not -- >> he's the young it genius. the spy master who steers james bond through his equipment challenges. >> zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds.
2:52 am
a few little tricks up the sleeve. >> constantly admonishing 007. >> the character q for quarter master has been a bond legend for more than 50 years. wo chould forget t-- who could underwater car? the real head of britain's overseas intelligence agency reveals i'm pleased to report that the real life q is a woman. her actually identity of course is top secret. >> glass ceilings are being broken. >> she worked in the cia's version of q's division and specialized in disguising. she gave me a convincing looking bruise to show me her expertise. she's thrilled that q is a woman. >> what sensibilities does she
2:53 am
bring as a woman that maybe a mael male q would not bring to spy craft? >> kind of a softness, not so much of an edge but a natural ability to work with people. a lot of the male leaders in these organizations seem to lack it. >> as far as we know a woman hasn't reached the top of m.i. 6. >> are you going to complain the whole way? >> the ejector seat, bond's go-to seat when things got heated inside the car. >> this is the dv 5. the famous car. >> historian at the international spy museum. he shows us real spy gadgets they might have actually used. >> the idea behind this is you can have a secret way to take photographs. making a coin that is hollowed out where you can put a small
2:54 am
document. >> as for the souped up gadgets in the movies -- >> if you find yourself in a shootout or a car chase in a foreign country things have gone really badly. your operation is blown. >> rather than machine guns and ejector seats on sports cars, he says what q and his team spent a lot of time doing is creating fake ids or fake receipts showing that an agent may have shopped at a staples in a given city. cnn, washington. >> giving us the real deal on q. and now to sierra leon. troubles from a bloody civil war there to ebola. that nation has been trying to bounce back and right now its future seems a bit brighter. she wants you to see that for
2:55 am
yourself. >> this is very important to be a part of the miss universe because you know, we have been going through so many tragedies in the country. now, ebola virus and you know, this is an opportunity to shed a good light on us. this is an opportunity to not only make the world know about me personally, but then for the world to know more about our country that we have all this great opportunities there was well and i am welcoming everyone to come. you can come any time. >> her title is a history making accomplishment in itself. for the first time ever she is represented in the miss universe pageant. her beauty is in her diversity. >> i'm comfortable the way i am.
2:56 am
for example, my hair style, most of them say beauty pa generals you have to do all these extra things but i'm just me. i want to give the world me. i don't want to look like somebody else so that has been one of my advantages. >> the new miss universe been crowned sunday. she hopes that she wins so she can better advocate for aids and hiv awareness. for our viewers in the united states, "new day" is next. thank you for watching cnn, the world's news leader. adios, honey, hasta la vista, baby.
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♪ we have a great relationship with russia and other countries. i will consider that a good thing and not a bad thing. i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states. >> there's no evidence that any refugees that we have brought into this country have committed any act of terrorism in the u.s. >> if you were a christian in syria, it's impossible, at least very, very tough to get into the united states. we are going to help them. you say a minimum of 3 million voted. that's


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