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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  January 28, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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exit ramp, mistakenly hit the gas, rather than the brake. the truck driver was fine for failure to reduce speed on a curve. there were eight people hurt in that crash. all right. lots of news to talk to you about this morning. >> let's get to it, the next hour starts right now. we have a great relationship with russia and other countries. i will consider that a good thing. and not a bad thing. >> i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states. >> there is no evidence that any refugees that we have brought into this country have committed any act of terrorism in the u.s. >> if you were a christian in syria, it was impossible, very, very -- at least very, very tough to get into the united states. we are going to help them. >> you say a minimum of 3 million voted? that's a huge percentage. you think 15% of the people who
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are not citizens of this country voted in this last election? >> when we're complete and we're satisfied we'll expose the rest to the public. ♪ so, certainly nice of to you join us at 7:00 a.m. on -- 7:01 to be exact on a saturday morning. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning. the president has a busy day. in less than two hours, he will start to speak to the first of a list of world leaders. she's starting with japanese prime minister shinzo abe, followed by four others. leaders of germany, france, as you trail and russia's vladimir putin. >> russia is what people are focusing on right now. sparking concern among world leaders and u.s. lawmakers including republicans as president trump said he is interested in warmer ties with russia but says, quote, it's too early to start discussing lifting sanctions. just moments ago, france spoke
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out regarding the president's exec of it order, banning refugees and immigrants from seven muslim countries. the french foreign minister calling it, quote, worrying. let's go to washington right now. obviously, we just went through what the president has on his agenda today. do we know what is expected to be discussed with these world leaders? >> reporter: well, christi, so much of the focus right now is on that call at noon with russian president vladimir putin. exactly what is donald trump going to talk with the russian leader about. yesterday with the conference with the british prime minister theresa may, trump seemed to indicate that the relationship with putin is open right now. trying not to go in with an adversarial relationship but instead set it at zero and see what happens. trump open to the idea that he might not get along with vladimir putin. as you mentioned, that's one of five different phone calls that the trump administration will
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place today. the breakneck pace of this administration continues today. he will also sign another round of executive orders at 3:00 this afternoon. we don't know what will be in those executive orders, but this will join a long list of exec tfs orders some of which have been controversial. you mentioned that executive order that was signed yesterday by the president that's going to limit the number of refugees that come into the united states. putting a hold from completely preventing that group of people from what the us what you is calling terrorism-prone countries from entering the united states. so, certainly, many of these different topics will be discussed with many of these world leaders as you mentioned from germany, france, also australia. including that conversation with vladimir putin from russia. that begins at noon. we'll certainly have to see what the outcome of that phone call is later today. >> no doubt about it ryan nobles, appreciate it so much. thank you. >> thank you. we'll hear from moscow,
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let's bring in cnn senior correspondent ivan watson. ivan, let's try to pull out what we can glean from this report from u.s. officials telling cnn that the white house requested information on syria. and sanctions ahead of this call with vladimir putin. what are we hearing about what's going to be discussed today? >> well, you know, the kremlin has framed this as kind of just a diplomatic, standard diplomatic protocol, victor where basically the russian president would congratulate donald trump on officially becoming inaugurated. the american president. and asked whether sanctions could be discussed or the conflict in ukraine, he said he wasn't likely to get into kind of concrete issues in that this call. here in russia in official circles and media circles trump's election was celebrated. it was cause for some euphoria, and we saw-some of that coming
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from a senior lawmaker here in the russian parliament, he said that the trump/putin conversation will, quote, give a new beginning to the fight against isis. and he went and proceeded to launch a dig against angela merkel, the german leader, saying she honl has old solutions for some of these crises and problems. he said that the conversation with putin would be a very important one. there is a sense of optimism from circles here. a hope that this could be the beginning of a warming of relations between moscow and washington which have been very troubled, perhaps at the worst state that they've been in years, really, in the waning days of the outgoing obama administration when fresh sanctions were slapped against russian officials, against russian diplomats in response for what the obama administration said was hacking and russian intelligence gathering in the u.s.
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victor. >> ieven en ivan in moscow. let's bring in errol louis, and sarah westwood, white house correspondent for the washington examiner. good morning to both of you, sarah, i want to start with you. we've got the president saying it's too early to start lifting sanctions but also that the white house requested information about the sanctions ahead of the call with vladimir putin. how deeply do you expect they'll get into the discussions of those sanctions on this first call? >> you know, president trump himself has said he's still in the very early stages of considering whether he'll remove sanctions against russia. keep in mind, there's a couple different layers of sanctions that are on russians and the kremlin itself. some of them are in response to in ukraine. some of them are in response to what the obama administration said was interference in the election. so president trump has sort
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of -- as he likes to say, a buffet of options as to what he can do to sort of walk back the sanctions that have been put on russian officials, but, certainly, this is being just being dove as an initial meeting that will open the dialogue between trump and vladimir putin. it's not something that is big billed as an event where we're likely to see major shifts in the policy. >> guys in the control room, let's play 4. this is trump yesterday yesterday during the news conference with the prime minister, in which he talked about the upcoming conversation with the president of russia. >> i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. that's possible. and it's also possible that we won't. we will see what happens. i will be representing the american people very, very strongly. very forcefully. and if we have a great relationship with russia and other countries. and if we go after isis
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together, which has to be stopped, that's an evil that has to be stopped, i will consider that a good thing, not a bad thing. how the relationship works out, i won't be able to tell you that later. i've had many times where i thought i'd get along with people, and i don't like them at all. [ laughter ] and i've had some where i didn't think i was going to have much of a relationship and it turned out to be a great relationship. >> errol, the president heaped praise on vladimir putin during the campaign. what do you make of his tone yesterday at the white house? >> well, i mean, we should start by pointing out he said in the statement yesterday that he doesn't know the gentleman. he has said exactly the opposite. so, either what he said yesterday was not true or what he said earlier was not true. we know that he's got business interests there that he has not disclosed. so, with that in mind, what i'd make of it is, he's going to, sort of do what he's done throughout which has said, if
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putin says something nice about him. then he'll say something nice some return. he's got a very personalized, very simplistic surface conversation that we're all supposed follow laugh up. meanwhile, the more serious part of all of this, regardless of what the russians say and regarding of what the white house says, what this is about are the sanctions. the oil and gas sanctions that are crippling the russian economy. the reason that applause burst outside on the floor of the russian parliament when they found out that trump won is is that they want those sanctions lifted because it is most of what their foreign exchange earnings really consist of, oil and gas exports. regardless of whether they get to that today, it will be on the agenda first thing tomorrow. >> the putin call, sarah, is at noon. an hour earlier, there's the call from german chancellor angela merkel.
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we know that russia has been a liaison, over the past several years. what do you expect that she'll stay, as we try to gauge the level of cooperation she'll have with this president? >> obviously, angela merkel will be expressing her dismay that trump is lifting these sanctions. he's liking to face that from a number of leaders, theresa may included. that they don't want those sanctions lifted. seen though, that's not a surprising position, right? he ran on a platform normalizing relations with russia, he's not even the first president to do that. if you recall, president obama came into office saying he wanted to experience a warmer relationship with russia. obviously, that deteriorated when russia made those moves in ukraine that were seen as being
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anti-democratic. even though, during this conversation with merkel, it will be interesting to see whether trump is open and reseptember tiff to that argument. merkel will likely be speaking for a lot of the european union leaders when she tells him not to lift those sanctions. it will be detrimental to the world economy. >> say arah westwood, errol lou thank you so much. >> thank you. we mentioned president trump with the immigration policy, what we've been talking about, and next, why he says christian refugees need to be prioritizpr. also, president trump's board law. some texan residents whether it will actually work. we'll hear from them, next. and my life is basketball.west,
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bring you more ways to helps reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. well, it's just a few quick strokes of the pen, donald trump has banned 144 million people from entering the united states.
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>> the seven countries, iran, iraq, syria, yemen, somalia. that ban is in place for nievngt days. and then the u.s. immigration program is suspended for 120 days. the president's order said the program will only be reinstated for citizens who have been properly vetted. >> to walk you through what else is in the order. admissions for syrian refugees are indefinitely suspend a kwap on half the level. it calls for cancelling the interview program for repeat travelers as well. >> president said that christians need to be prioritized for immigration. he says they often have a tougher time getting from the u.s. into other countries. let's show you the numbers, is this what pew research found. 38,901 muslims in 2016 which is a record.
4:16 am
and 37,000 christians. there were about 200 less christians. those are the numbers, you decide if the president's characterization is accurate. the restrictions from president trump's visa ban already being felt in parts of the world. here's some of what our ben wedeman is hearing, watch. >> this morning, i spoke with a friend in baghdabaghdad. he moved to the u.s. a few years ago under a special refugee program. he has a green card. now, he doesn't know and he's going to travel to the united states and see if he'll be let in. this is the message he center me. i'm honestly a bit scared. i'm not sure they'll let me in. i'm not sure this would have happened in the u.s. as it's one of the few countries letting immigrants in from across the world to start new life there. i am shocked. i also spoke with a syrian on the border of syria and turkey,
4:17 am
he described this executive order as racist and shameful. i know lots of people who over the years, for instance, in iraq, worked as translators for the u.s. military. risked their lives for the u.s. military, are trying to get into the united states under this special program for special translators for the u.s. military, but that program has also been affected by the executive order sand they and their families are in despair. >> let's talk about the response to this with steven collins, cnn senior reporter. steven, i want to go back to this idea that donald trump has about allowing more christians into the country than has been, he says, in the past. let's list ton what he had to say yesterday to the christian broadcast network. >> as it relates to persecuted christians, do you see them as a priority here? >> yes. >> you do? >> yes, they were horribly
4:18 am
treated. if you're a christian in syria, it was impossible, at least very, very tough to get into the united states. if you're a muslim, you could come in. i thought it was very, very unfair. so we are going to help them. >> all right. so, steven, here's the thing, there are many christian organizations, christian churches, that are reaching out to help-these refugees from syria. how do you think it's going to be received over the mass, let's say? >> well, christi, one of the reasons why this is creating so much criticism is that, you know, if you look at the population of syria, for example, which is the place where there's the worst humanitarian crisis it's in world right now, 87% of people in syria are muslims. and only about 10% are christians. so it would not be surprising if you look at the total number of refugees trying to get refuge in the united states and syria, the vast majority of them would be muslims. so, i think a lot of this is
4:19 am
where these executives orderses are going to come up against a challenge. people, and credits of what the tread has done are going to say effectively what he's doing is imposing an unconstitutional religious test on people who can come into the united states. that's where the problem is going to sort of lie. it's true, there are a lot of christian minorities in places in the middle east that have been persecuted and have found it difficult to get into the united states. iraq, for example. but the issue of imposing discrimination, institutionalizing discrimination against muslims with these executive orders, is going to be something that critics are going to use to try and challenge the constitutionality of what the president has done. >> we heard from the french foreign minister today saying this can only worry us welcoming refugees is part of our duty, he says. so, when we look at how world leaders will react, i have
4:20 am
kimberly dozier, cnn global affairs analysts saying maybe this is negotiating. this is big business, this is what he does, he negotiates in an extreme way and someone meets in the middle. do you believe that could be at work here? >> that's true. and we don't know how this is going to pan out after the suspension periods. effectively, the white house is saying, we're stopping everything just so we can get in place new vetting procedures. it's one thing when you talk about people from the middle east and african countries concerned here trying to get visa to come into the united states, the issue of refugees is already difficult. it's already very difficult if you're a refugee to get into the united states. youard face string againent tes. it takes two years. most are women and children. so it's not clear exactly what steps the administration is going to take to make that vetting more extreme, as it says. i think there's a lot we don't know about how this is going to
4:21 am
end up. but at the same time, if you look at the u.s. image around the world, the reputation of the united states, as a haven for refugees and the world suppressed, people are going to look at that and start to look at the united states in a slightly different way. and this does represent a massive departure in the way that the united states is considering how it should best fight terrorism. and stop people, who it believes could have terrorist links coming into the country. >> i wanted to ask you about, one of the other stories that has really been the focus this week. and that was that this major investigation that president trump announced regarding alleged voter fraud. there's been no significant evidence that this massive voter fraud exists. why is there such a point of contention to him? >> i think, and it's very interesting, because the president is basically the only person in washington that
4:22 am
appears to believe that between 3 and 5 million illegal voters were involved in the election. i think a lot of it has to do with his sensitivity to the fact, or accusations that he's not a legitimate winner of the election. because we know he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton, even though he won the electoral college. i think that has a great deal to do with it. if you look at president trump's career in business, and his whole life, he has, you know, brands himself as the ultimate winner. and he's, as he said, he's going to do so much winning for america, that people are going to be tired of it. i think that's the key, it's part of his personality that has to be seen as the ultimate victor. and the any question in his election where it wasn't completely overwhelming and legitimate, i think it's something that he's very sensitive to. now, it looks like we're going to have a taxpayer funded investigation into the allegations. the white house has began to talk about this in broader terms. i think they've stepped back from the accusations that there
4:23 am
are 5 million illegal votes in the election. we'll see a much broader look at electoral fraud. it does happen, but there's no evidence that there's this massive problem that can could have delegitimized the election. >> and we've got the senator saying he's got proof that there's widespread voter fraud. he's not ready to release that. of course, we will watch that. stephen colinson, thank you for your insight. a scary moment here, caught on tape. this pickup truck plowing through the side of the bus. we're stopping the video just before you see the inside of that bus with a different camera. we have that for you, next. i love you halftime bathroom break on super bowl night, for two-plus hours of can't...
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christie will not be charged with criminal misconduct in the bridgegate scandal. prosecutors say they simply can't prove the charge in court. >> a probable cause hearing over a criminal summons is scheduled for next week. but back in september 2015, christie was accused of orchestrating a lane closure on the george washington bridge in an alleged political revenge spot to punish a mayor who didn't endorse him. actor john hurt who starred in the original science fiction hit "aliens" has died. he's known for that famous scene when a creature exploded from his chest during lunch on the spacecraft. we're not going to show it to you. he worked more than six decades in tv and film. he was 77 years old. i want to show you video we've gotten in.
4:28 am
pretty frightening moments. look at this pickup truck. it just plowed through the side of the bus. according to the police, the driver was getting offer the exit ramp mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake. the driver was fined for speed on a curve and on a highway. you can see the inside of that bus there, eight people were hurt. syrian refugees in america are already feeling some respect, the heat from trump's sweeping ban on muslim majority countries. seven of them. how this ban could impact cities across the country. with an unlimited mileage warranty on your certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can drive as far as you want for up to three years and be covered. so no matter where you go, your peace of mind and confidence will be as unlimited... as your mileage. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through february 28th. and learn more about our unlimited mileage warranty, only at your authorized dealer.
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7:32. so glad you are. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning. president trump will speak with russian ped vladimir putin today. it's part of a series of calls he has plans with five heads of states. heads of japan, france, australia, germany and russia. >> in the meantime, the world is reacting to the sweeping changes to the u.s. immigration policy after the president issued an executive order temporarily banning people from seven muslim majority countries. it bars those from certain terror-prone countries from entering for 90 days. those countries iran, iraq, syria, sudan, libya, and
4:33 am
somalia. >> the president trump's orders on refugees is expected to spend the program for refugees up to four months. particularly at risk syrians fleeing war and humanitarian catastrophe. the order would end the program for admitting refugees indefinitely. cnn's randi kaye has one family's story living the impact of this new administration and the hard to was signed just yesterday. >> reporter: one week that's how long this syrian family has been in the united states. they arrived just two days before donald trump was inaugurated. hasan mansour was a math teacher. her husband, an accountant. after years of background checks they finally made it. >> translator: we were worried
4:34 am
about ourselves, our children. we want to live in peace. it's better than the war situation we were in. >> reporter: they are the first of 25 iraqi families expected to arrive in rutland, vts have the. 100 foougs in all, rutland's mayor invited them to settle there vermont, after donald trump said he's stop the flow of refugees. >> it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: but that's not the reasonable reason the mayer is welcoming the refugees to his city he's hoping they will revitalize it. the city is suffering population loss making it hard for big companies to fill jobs. the mayor is hoping that syrian refugees will not only add to the population but also the workforce. the unemployment rate is about 3%, dangerously says the mayor. >> we've got dozens, scores of
4:35 am
employers in this country, saying they've got hundreds of job openingsis they just can't fill. >> reporter: now but it could be in jeopardy pending an executive order from donald trump. >> i think all of us are concerned about that. the measures in place for syrian refugees especially from syria will not put this country in risk, that's a fact. >> reporter: they are hosting until their apartment is ready. >> do you wish that president trump would meet the trouble you have in their home? >> i wish anyone would take a snapshot. they're wonderful people. they're not coming here to harm us, they're coming here to escape harm. >> reporter: tim cook, a doctor in town says he doesn't want refugees settling in his city.
4:36 am
not because he thinks they're dangerous, but because they thinks it will cost the taxpayers money. so are you saying the mayor and others have got it all wrong? >> yes, unequivocally. >> reporter: he said he fully supports donald trump's position for taking in refugees. >> i think we've done enough in this country. i'm tapped out and this nation is tapped out. we need to fix our own problems first. then we can figure to see if we can rescue the rest of the world. >> reporter: this family says they're not worried about president of the united states trump's plan. they feel safe and secure in vermont already. >> i like vermont. and the people? >> the people. yes. >> very nice. >> reporter: yes. you might have to learn to ski? >> i like skiing. >> reporter: a new sport. exactly.
4:37 am
one week, they hope it's only the beginning of their new life in the united states. randy kaye, cnn, rutland, vermont. >> let's talk to the republican strategist and former assistant staff. thank you for both being here. both of you watched that piece. you're both smiling and kind of laughing with this family. what's your reaction to this -- this executive order? >> look, as an american, as an muslim, as an attorney, i'm offended on all counts. and let's be clear these executive orders are not about keeping america safe, they're about being keeping america racially monolithic. president trump has appointed steve ban a white nationalist as his senior adviser and then his
4:38 am
national security adviser. he took advice from people who helped write arizona anti-immigration bill. it's an example of that bigotry. it's a look at the toll it will take on people in the world. >> brian, your reaction to that? >> i think it reflects why so many reasons why people voted for donald trump because they're tired of being called bigots. they're not willing to see their country change so fast. we're not bringing in engineers and technology experts. we're bringing in people who -- with low education backgrounds that are going to be a burden on taxpayers. and it's a burden that america takes this on. >> we don't know all are a burden. >> javast majority. >> it's not what we're getting. it's not a community of engineers, it's not. >> what do you say to france's
4:39 am
foreign minister who just in the last hour said we have an obligation to help these people as leaders of nations. what do you say to that? >> there are a lot of stories out there, anybody who denies that doesn't have a heart or eyes. but there's been a huge backlash in threats against the refugees coming in there. and how could they not? after the terrible violence that they've seen and the attacks in paris and other places, where a priest's throat was slits. the truck in nice. how could they not have a backlash. france -- let's talk about rehab. how they ban head scarfs for muslim school girls. we haven't done that here. it's ironic that france would point a finger at us. >> what do you say to that? >> first of all, we govern ourselves not by constitution, by logic, right? i work with refugee groups.
4:40 am
actually many are educated people. they come here to build a better life. and america say nation of immigrants. it's always been a nation of immigrants. and president trump cannot change that with an executive order. so that's the narrow issue. but there's also a legal issue here. >> that's what i was going to say, is this constitutional? >> as an attorney, i must admit that president trump has wide latitude who comes into the country. he's the president, not the emperor. if you're going to sign an executive order as he's done that prioritizes people's faith, that could be a violation of the first amendments. to the extent this has also been design eed and implemented to t purpose of targeting muslims and banning, that is also against the constitution. >> do you support a muslims' vetting process? >> that's the thing. syrian refugees already go
4:41 am
through an intense vetting process. in fact, it takes about two years for refugees to come to this country because of the vetting process. i think with president trump, i'm sure our law enforcement authorities are sophisticated enough to vet any immigrants. >> i only have a couple of seconds left. if president trump were sitting in front of, what would you want him to know, what would you say to him? >> i would say this isn't a game. signing an executive has consequences of people with touring visas, work visas, being afraid of being deported. and people may die because they cannot get out of syria and other places that are war-torn. this has consequences. fulfilling a bad campaign pledge is not worth it if it's going to cost human life. >> brian, what are you seeing as this unites the country? >> in some way, this unites the
4:42 am
country, trump is following through. whether trump goes down this road in the campaign, we saw them coming back and americans were saying yeah, we kind of agree with this. americans are concerned. look at san bernardino. look at orlando. you're not just talking about new immigrants. you're talking about second generation. you're bringing in a man, this is true in europe as well. it's not always the first generation of refugees that cause the problem. often, they're radicalized in the second generation. >> and it's not even refugees either, there have been americans who can be radicalized as well. to be fully transparent. we appreciate you both coming in. victor. more negotiations by 140 character tweets, president trump and president pena nieto of mexico have reached their first agreement on the proposed southern border wall. that's ahead.
4:43 am
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president trump and mexican president pena nieto have agreed to at least quiet their public spat over the payment over the border wall. >> the two spoke on the phone. both leaders called a constructive and productive conversation. of course, one day after the mexican president cancelled his trip to meet with donald trump. but the white house press secretary sean spicer said, quote, they will continue to have the border wall discussion privately. as president trump prepares to crack down on illegal immigration by krukking that wall with mexico, some texans
4:47 am
are questioning whether a concrete wall will actually work. >> cnn's ed lavandera takes us on an up close look at life on the texas/mexico border. >> reporter: where the rio grande is. in the small town of progressive. do you think people have that impression scary, dangerous? >> oh, absolutely, it's not as bad as people make it seem to be. >> reporter: cameron born in mexico is now a u.s. citizen. was a longtime democrat until donald trump came along and made him a republican-living and working on the border reveals a blurry reality. cameron fully supports the idea of trump's border wall. but every day, he sees the holes in that plan. this start of the border wall that already exists? >> exactly.
4:48 am
exactly. this was put back in 2006 by george bush. it's been around for a while. >> reporter: a few months ago while riding along the rio grande, he worded this video of what appeared to be smugglers with packs. it's the kind of story that people along the border people can share. this border fence is already in place, yet drugs and human smuggling keep coming. >> it hasn't stopped them, absolutely not. you got the wall all the way around where the eye can see. >> reporter: it keeps going? >> it keeps going, but then it's like, that they start here -- i don't know. i'm sure there's a reason. they ran out of money. ♪ >> reporter: this is the landscape in the big bend area of texas. and that is the challenge. how in the world do you build a wall in this kind of terrain.
4:49 am
marcos lives in a far outpost in the big bend region of the west texas. he's a former big bend ranger and now takes visitors on aerial tours of some of the most beautiful landscapes you'll ever see. i want to know where in all of that do you put a wall? >> do you think if donald trump flew in here, he'd still want to build that wall? >> i want you to tell donald trump that we already have a wall, thank you very much. and i don't think he can build a bigger one. well, president trump is making good on his campaign promises, it seems. could the >> stay close. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means
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15 minutes past the hour. president trump pushing forward with campaign promises by way of several high profile executive actions. yesterday he barred more than 134 million from the united states, blocking immigrants from seven muslim majority nations. a mandate to keep america safe. >> some are celebrating the executive actions, but some of the actions could be killed by the courts. here to help sort it out, attorney page. good to have you back. a tweet came from the aclu overnight, they do more than tweet, they file lawsuits. >> right. >> they tweeted trump's extreme
4:54 am
vetting of muslims goes against constitution, freedom of speech and religion and go on to say prejudice by the trump administration will not be tolerated there. what's the strength of a potential legal case against this? >> there is some merit to it. obviously the president has a lot of authority to control who comes in and out of the united states. that's one of the executive branch's most important duties. but if you use executive orders or use policy to restrict people based on religion, then you have a problem with the first amendment. it is not so much what's in the order but how it is carried out. >> on top of the list, sanctuary cities. >> right. >> listen to several big city mayors talk about their commitment to some of the undocumented immigrants in their cities. let's watch. >> i want to be clear, we're going to stay a sanctuary city. >> if necessary, we will use city hall itself to shelter and protect anyone whose targeted unjustly. >> i am talking to all mayors in this country. >> are the mayors going to unite to draw a line in the sand?
4:55 am
>> we have. we want the federal government to protect those folks who have gotten temporary legal status and want the overall system to be fixed. >> some mayors said they will shelter people in city hall if necessary. explain the municipal authority that protects those undocumented immigrants and the governments from the federal government. >> well, it is very complicated but i think this executive order is the one most likely to be found unconstitutional. what the president is trying to do here is add conditions to laws passed by congress that gives money to different cities and municipalities. a president can enforce laws, but only congress can write laws. so when the president comes in and says i'm not going to send you money because you're not following a particular policy i want you to follow, there's a constitutional problem, a separation of powers. the president is becoming the lawmaker and not just the law enforcer. the other problem with this is the federal government cannot tell local officials what to do.
4:56 am
they can't basically come in and say city police officers, you're going to enforce federal immigration law. that's another constitutional problem. so if you're a municipality and issued ordinances to officials to do something instenlt wicons with federal policy, you can't do that. >> changes on the horizon. >> no question. >> thanks so much. president trump preparing for a flurry of phone calls today with global leaders including russian president vladimir putin. >> there's a lot to cover. next hour of "new day" starts after a short break. le salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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we have a great relationship with russia and other countries. i will consider that a good thing, not a bad thing. i am stake new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states. >> there's no evidence that any refugees that we have let into this country have committed any act of terrorism in the u.s. >> if you are a christian in syria, it was impossible, very, very, at least very, very tough to get into the united states. we're going to help them. >> you say a minimum of three million voted. that's a huge percentage. you think 15% of the people were not citizens of this country, voted in the last election? >> when we are completely satisfied, we will expose the list to the public.


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