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tv   Smerconish  CNN  January 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. i am michael smerconish, live from new york city. welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. week one of donald trump's presidency. it has been a hell of a week. the most politically tumultuous that i've ever seen. so how's he doing? that depends on your bubble. he is pleasing those that elected him, but leaving many
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others feeling dejected. executive orders keep coming. the latest suspension of all refugee admissions for 120 days, but for syrians indefinitely, and favoring christians. today, he is diving into foreign affairs after yesterday's meeting with the british prime minister. today, he has calls lined up with leaders of japan, germany, france, australia, and drum roll, please, russia's vladimir putin. yesterday, president trump suddenly remarked, quote, i don't say good, bad or indifferent, i don't know the gentleman. how will that chat go? first week controversy about the first lady, a head line in my home newspaper, the philadelphia enquirer, calling her sexy gets attacked. apologized for, rewritten twice. is that another case of pc gone wild? new lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by baylor football players. are the statistics we hear about
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campus rape and the epidemic accurate? we will discuss. plus with widespread fears about the future, the super rich are preparing for doomsday, building high tech bunkers. how would you like to live in a former missile silo? we will get to all of that. first, last night i was given a real privilege at cnn. i was invited to host a one hour special in prime time recapping president trump's first week in office. that's quite an assignment given just how polarizing a week it has been. and i seem to have pissed off everybody which i am wearing this morning as a badge of honor. it was a week that has trump supporters ecstatic and detractors app plek particular. and balance was important to me. we booked guests on both sides and i opened the program with three trump supporters, all former democrats, who changed registration just to vote for him. and they think he is off to a
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great start. it is only a week, maybe it is unfair. give him a grade. >> give him a minus. >> why a minus? >> hillary still walking free, and clintons are still hoarding and stealing money. >> i believe he is a man of his word and also the business man who has the art of the deal. >> for the first time in 8 years i could happily say i'm proud to be an american. >> the reaction i received via twitter was stunningly negative. here's one of many tweets that came in. smerconish, that was painful to watch. i am simply speechless. god help us all. it was like an "snl" sketch. then this, 140 characters not enough. the thought that over 40% of america thinks like your three guests is frightening. many watching had zero tolerance for their views, notwithstanding that they're representative of the 46% who elected our current president. after that conversation i went
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to my next guests, what senior presidential adviser steve bannon would call the opposition party. two journalists, one conservative, both highly critical of president trump and not happy to have followed the trump supporters on my program. >> frankly, i felt sorry for your three guests, they have been so bamboozled over the years, one hardly knows where to start. >> blaming the media for calling out the president on a lie is kind of like tripping over a chair leg and saying it is a conspiracy of the furniture. it is the furniture that are out to get us. >> again, an overwhelmingly negative reaction via twitter, this time from trump supporters livid that such comments were given an airing. put it on the screen. smerconish, obviously the two reporters hate trump. how can they report without bias, they can't. and i get tagged with this, and neither can you. here's another. smerconish and company completely misses the trump
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phenomenon, either incapable or malicious. sad. i'm personally proud of having presented both sides and i am mindful of the bigger point which is this, that in certain outlets that's not what you get. instead, you're offered viewpoints of a particular perspective as a form of reinforcement and confirmation of viewpoints already held by the audience. hit the talking point, get the reward. that closed mindedness perpetuated our political divide. you know what this nation needs more of? listening. i'm told that i gained several thousand twitter followers but i worry for all of the wrong reasons. back to today's big story. today, president trump goes full throttle into foreign affairs, practically phone banking. yesterday he had a face to face with the british prime minister and hour-long call with mexico's
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president. today he will be speaking to the japanese prime minister shinzo abe, and then four other world leaders, germany, france, australia. and at noon, russia's vladimir putin. what can we expect the result of these calls to be? joining me, pj crowley, former assistant secretary of state under hillary clinton, now professor as george washington university and author of red line, american foreign policy in a time of fractured politics and failing grades. pj, do you expect that call with vladimir putin to be more congratulatory, perfect funk tree, or substantive? >> i think it will be substantive or consequential. among the five, this is the one relationship that's on a clearly downward trajectory. and what both presidents decide to do about that, what they can do about that will be very important to trump's foreign policy and russia's activity for the upcoming months and years.
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>> what would you expect to be at the top of president trump's agenda? >> i think of the five calls, there will be different issues of consequence. for example, with angela merkel and president hollande, they know putin well. they can give president trump perspective, what to expect prior to that call. in the case of the asian leaders this week, president trump drove a stake in the heart of the trans-pacific partnership agreement and they'll want to hear what priority asia is going to play in a trump foreign policy. >> pj, if you could tap into the nonputin calls, that's the one chief among our focus, which of the calls would you want to be listening to and why? >> i think the angela merkel call i think stands out primarily because number one,
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she does know vladimir putin as well if not better than any other world leader. and number two, you go back to the obama administration, the merkel, obama relationship was kind of a cornerstone of the obama foreign policy. what kind of relationship that president trump will form with angela merkel will be very instructive. for president hollande and angela merkel, they want to know, yesterday you celebrated brexit. what does that mean for the future of u.s., eu relations. >> do you think merkel will push back on the notion we're now ceiling our border with regard to refugees at a time when germany shouldered so much burden of what transpired in syria and elsewhere? >> i think it will be very interesting if that comes up. certainly she rejects a vision of walls and bans that the trump
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administration not only embraced during the campaign but has actually acted upon in its first week or whether she will save that to see what transpires afterwards. that's a very good question. in the case of putin, will the election come up and the dynamic in terms of how that comes up and what each leader says will be very, very interesting as well. >> in other words, will president trump raise the issue of president putin having presumably meddled in the american election? >> i think the call first and foremost is about breaking the ice. they'll want to talk about when they might get together. president bush first met vladimir putin in june of 2001. president obama in july of 2009. but beyond that, president putin may well report on the recent syrian peace talks and the fact that russia asked for
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postponement of the next round of talks in geneva. he will want a commitment from president trump that a secretary of state tillerson will be invited and will be the first opportunity for the two teams to engage in substantive issues. i think the question will be will president trump acknowledge there are still deep divisions in the relationship, even as he hopes that putin and he can get along and do business. and from president putin's standpoint, will he try to help trump move past the election issue which obviously trump expressed some skepticism about. i think president putin will want to make the relationship more personal and see if they can develop a rapport, and from that see what he can get from president trump going forward. >> pj, thanks for the analysis. >> you're welcome. president trump's ban on refugees based on a
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misconception that they make the u.s. more vulnerable to attack. that's not the case. as soon as i heard the news, i thought of my next guest who wrote the book on the subject, the united states of jihad, investigating america's home grown terrorists. my colleague, peter bergen joins me. you went through 330 cases of terror prosecuted in the united states since september 11. who are the 330? >> well, overwhelmingly americans. in fact, sample size since we last spoke has grown to something like 375 cases since 9/11. four out of five cases are american citizens, legal residents. very few are refugees. about a dozen. none of those cases involve acts of lethal terrorism or attempted lethal terrorism. this banning of refugees is kind of a red herring. by the way, we have accepted 10,000, 15,000 syrian refugees as you know, michael.
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none of them alleged to have been in any form of terrorist activity. they have to go through rigorous screening already. it is one of those sounds good but as a practical matter is not making a difference to the terrorism issue which is overwhelmingly a domestic terrorism united states problem. 9/11 was carried out by 19 foreign born arab terrorists. we conceive of it as a problem that comes from outside when in fact it is a problem that is internal to the united states. >> the chilling observation i remember from reading your book is that they're leading those that are here and causing terrorism leading seemingly normal lives. they're married, jobs, not necessarily loners. >> we think of people engaged in terrorism as poor, very young, guys without family responsibilities, but the general picture you see from
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cases, they tend to be third married, a third have children. reasonably well educated. so that they're ordinary americans and many of the most lethal attacks by american citizens born in this country. omar mateen killed 49 people at the nightclub in orlando, born in new york city. think of major nadil hasan, he was born in arlington, virginia. the list goes on. one thing that was sort of surprising, seven other muslim countries where there's been a kind of temporary ban on any immigration for about six months, one country that wasn't on the list is pakistan which i was sort of surprised by because there's a case which is a reasonable one for supporters of trump's actions to point to which is the woman, the wife in
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the san bernardino case where 14 people were killed in december of 2015. she actually was a relatively recent migrant from pakistan who came to the united states on a fiance visa. pakistan strangely wasn't on the list. there's a number of muslim countries. it is sort of a puzzling -- obviously was a campaign promise, but one of those things that sounds like it makes sense but doesn't really when you look at the facts. >> let me hit you with a statistic. indicate cato institute. the chances a citizen killed by a refugee 1 in 3.6 million. more likely to be hit lby lightning. >> i am not sure if it is one in three billion or whatever, odds are incredibly low. you're 3,000 more times likely
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to be killed by a fellow american and gun than you are by a jihadi terrorist. i mean, if you want to do something about terrorism in this country, there's an easy way to do it. through the campaign, president trump suggested he contemplated this idea, makes no sense people are on the no fly list allowed to buy semi automatic weapons, remains the case. a bill in congress you recall after the orlando attack, but they failed. but that's a common sense measure that would make a difference. >> i have a time con stranstrai i want to get this in. nobody knows al qaeda or isis like you. you interviewed osama bin laden. you, peter bergen toured that compound, the only western journalist to get access before they raezed it.
6:16 am
does this play into -- are they celebrating, does this not play into their hands? >> i would say, michael, trump has not been a big feature of the propaganda, they were saying this before he was elected. i don't know. we'll see. they may have their propaganda issues which they focus on, president trump has not been one of them. >> got it. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tweet me @smerconish. i will read some during the program. how is he doing? the answer depends on which bubble, which silo you live in. and the media spends time fact checking the new commander in chief, some using the l word as in lie and the trump's team response to say the media is the opposition party. is this any way to start an administration? >> as you know, i have a running war with the media. they are among the most
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with week one in the history books, how's he doing? that depends on your silo, your bubble. i know this from my personal interactions from hours spent this week conversing with my sirius xm radio listeners. here's the divide. to the 73 million that voted for someone other than donald trump, this is already a hot mess. they think we have a president still fighting over the size of his inauguration crowd, that he sends bombastic, petty tweets. that he made an overly political tweets standing in sacred space at the cia, that he lied about voter fraud, talked about torture, offended the mexican president. wants to stick the american
6:22 am
people with the bill for the wall. and senior adviser saying the media they're the opposition party. none of that seems to matter to the 46% that voted for him. they're elated. here's what they see. media driven fight over crowd size, immediate action to end obamacare like promised, reinstated abortion ban, end of tpp trans-pacific partnership, nafta, life support, revival of keystone pipeline, they see follow through on the pledge to build the wall, and willingness to send the feds to end all of that carnage in chicago. there's not much overlap in the two views. let's talk about it with the ceo of conservative leaning news organization, news max. chris ruddy. you chat with the president on a frequent basis. occurs to me one thing he has been, this is what infuriates detractors, he has done what he said he was going to do. >> and michael, i know it is
6:23 am
very shocking to people in the media establishment that a president gets elected and actually starts implementing his campaign promises. i know that's just flabbergasted a lot of people. i think it is a sign he is serious about what he is doing. if you really look at what he is doing, there's a lot of media spin on almost every little thing he does, there's a consistent theme here. protect the u.s. economy, protect jobs, grow the u.s. economy. cutting government regulations by over 50%. putting federal hiring freeze. he wants to limit the number of immigrants coming in while we figure out our own economic situation. i think this is fun. i think the media has been too critical on him. i think it is unfair. we need to give him a chance. >> chris, the media is today whatever you want the media to be. gone are presatellite radio where you had brokaw and rather and jennings and not much
6:24 am
choice. you can go anywhere you want. i want to talk about breitbart, steve bannon's comment about the opposition party. let's remind everybody what the senior adviser said. media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile. more to this. the media is the opposition party, they don't understand this country, still do not understand why donald trump is the president of the united states. i think he is thinking of the way he ran breitbart when it was president obama's watch or dare i say news max during president obama's watch. the media is not the opposition party. >> well, i don't know if you're looki looking at the same polling data. look at the pew studies. it is smart politics what trump and bannon are doing. >> i don't deny that. go ahead, finish your thought. >> i think the public has less respect for the media, major media. they love you, michael, and news max, but for the rest of the media there's a lot of very little respect, a lot of
6:25 am
distrust. they think it is very liberal. polling data of major journalists, we know they're very liberal, far out of line with most of the american people. trump is saying these guys are attacking me, and i think it is a smart political move. i don't think it has anything to do with breitbart. i think donald doesn't want to make the democratic party the whipping boy. he would like to focus on what his agenda is. he needs democrats to come in. the media is really the bad guy. they were the bad guy in the election. didn't report the news fair. >> i think he is reaping the rewards of seeds sewn 25 years of conservative outlets kicking the crab out of mainstream media, having driven those numbers into the ground. i want to ask about the refugee ban, though. i know chris ruddy is a pure conservative. can you square this ban with your conservative ideals? it occurs to me the syrians,
6:26 am
they either had to stick around with bashar al assad or isis. we're no longer giving them refuge. does that not trouble you? >> we know in the paris attacks that some of the people involved in those attacks were from the refugees out of syria. so there's just a real inability. there's no data to research, we don't know who they are. they could give doinlt papers. don't know if they're accurate or not. trump is saying before we accept these people coming from a country rakd with civil war, let's wait a minute and create a better vetting system. most of the things on the border are temporary ban. he said he would do this on the campaign. i don't think he is aennti-musl. i think he loves the muslim world, i think he is going to reach out to them and i think he has done business in most of those countries. >> give me the final word to say
6:27 am
i am troubled by the idea that in some cave isis is celebrating, isis figuratively is celebrating the idea because now it is a religious war. they may view it as a religious war, that small band of radical islamists, i am not afraid to say the words, but that's not our approach. >> the basic view is the obama policies failed, so i think we need to try something new. >> i'm not sure about that, chris, as a father of three sons, i am thrilled there aren't boots on the ground, more boots on the ground over there fighting what frankly are other nation's battles and i'll say one other thing. the 9/11 attack was not precipated by any of our conduct. radical islam was responsible for that. we made a blunder going into iraq, and pushed over an enormous domino, and the storm and disintegration of the middle east that followed i think is partly our responsibility. now we're washing our hands of it.
6:28 am
>> in fairness, trump agrees on the iraq debacle. i think he thinks that's a mistake, too, no disagreement. we have seen increase in terror attacks all over the world. >> i have to run. chris, thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> what are you thinking? i find you fair to both sides but tell the truth, you do agree that trump's presidency has been a train wreck so far. gary roe, my point is it is in the eye of the beholder. to the detractors this is, i can't say it on cable, it is a blank show. to those that voted for him as chris pointed out, he is a man of his word, giving them everything they wanted. somewhere in the middle of that lies the truth. still to come, a new lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by baylor university football players. are these statistics we hear about a campus rape epidemic, are they accurate?
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♪ yet another story about campus rape broke last night. dallas morning news reported baylor lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by football players in four years, show them a good time culture. this would fit the narrative about the climate of sexual assault on college campuses and goes like this. 20 to 25% of female undergraduates will be sexual assaulted before they graduate. this epidemic sustained by a rape culture that permeate university administrators, fraternities and other groups of male students. colleges have ignored the emergency and have been indifferent to millions of victims. and the situation warrants limitation on due process rights because males after all, 90 to
6:34 am
98% of those accused are guilty. and thankfully the federal government has stepped in to address the issue with good result because not all of that is actually true. my next guest has some statistics, he is co-author of campus rape frenzy. stewart taylor junior joins me now. how much of that narrative i spelled out is accurate, i don't mean baylor, conventional wisdom about campuses. >> i think all of it is inaccurate or highly, highly misleading, even though there is a serious rape problem on campus, off campus now, throughout human history. the idea there's some unique epidemic or crisis of campus rape now and statistics belie the 40 or so cases in the book discuss this. >> former president obama, have to get used to saying that,
6:35 am
himself in 2014 said one in five female college students will be sexual assaulted. is that true? >> it is absolutely false. frankly i'm surprised a man as smart as president obama, former president obama and as careful a politician would say something so wildly inaccurate, something that had already been totally discredited at the time he said it. >> what's the real number? >> the real number according to the best justice department statistics and he was in charge of the justice department when they did these statistics is maybe 1 in 100 women are raped during their college careers, maybe 1 in 50 are sexual assaulted, maybe fewer. so a small fraction of the claim and those statistics come from the best surveys, surveys that get you to 1 in 5 or 4 are highly misleading and fraudulent. >> let's say this together. guys can be pigs. those that are sexual assaulters, we want them, i will
6:36 am
speak for myself, we want them prosecuted to the full extent of the law. the purpose in having this conversation is not to excuse any of the real bad behavior, right, stuart? >> yes, and there was bad behavior at baylor, two are criminally convicted, went to prison, two former baylor football players, so i don't deny that, convicting real rapists, sending them to prison is a way to protect victims, not rounding up people who are accused under dubious circumstances of having sex while drunk and then kicking them out of college, pretending they're rapists. >> so what happened? in the big picture when you think of sexual predators on college campuses, first things that pop into my mind, duke, uva, stanford. two of the three of those were hoaxes. how does all of this attention yield a result where you argue due process rights of men has been sacrificed, you would think
6:37 am
given the two cases blew up, there would be more concern for the due process rights of those accuse. >> you would think that. people that hype it as a huge epidemic are i did i don't see logs. facts don't matter. you could prove a dozen famous rape charges to be false, fraudulent and it wouldn't matter to them. same "the new york times" that hyped the dupe case as clear rape, then proven dead wrong even after the rest of the media got it, they didn't, they've just gone on and in every case they've written about since then that i can think of they made the same mistakes. they assume the guilt of every accused guy. they distorted the evidence, admitted exculpatory evidence, the coverage has been shameful. i single them out, even though i worked there 8 years when i
6:38 am
thought they were a pretty straight newspaper, i single them out not because they're unusual but because they're typical. >> i read the book with great interest. my own conclusion is maybe these universities, these colleges aren't equipped to be judge, jury, executioner and that law enforcement ought to have that responsibility, and again, i want the bad seeds weeded out, prosecuted, locked up, key thrown away. stuart, thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. appreciate you having me. widespread fears about the future. super rich prepare for doomsday, building high tech bunkers and supply can't keep up with demand. after publishing a head line calling the first lady "sexy", my hometown newspaper got so much flack they rewrote it twice and apologized. really? it's my decision ito make beauty last. roc® retinol, started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week. and the longer i use it, the better it works.
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lower income red stater who hoards gold, stored baked beans and water in his basement, think again. recent report details how doomsday prepping for the super rich has taken hold among some of the wealthiest in america, from silicon valley to new york city. they trade tips via facebook on everything from gas masks to how to avoid locations impacted by climate change. and there's the survival condo project, 15 story luxury apartment complex built an kansas former nuclear missile silo. for $3 million, you could have had a full floor, private apartment, designed years ago by army corps of engineers not as a residence. after taking into consideration the height above sea level, size molg, and proximity to population centers, i say could have had, because they're sold out. perhaps good news is that developer larry hall is now involved in a different project.
6:44 am
larry joins me now. larry, what amenities in that bunker? >> well, it is like a miniature cruise ship, michael, it has everything from rock climbing wall and game arcade for the kids to continuing education classrooms, a library, a movie theater, a bar and lounge. it's got everything that you need to spread out and maintain some semblancy of normal when things outside are anything but normal. >> do your purchasers come and hang out or are they only coming there in a worst case scenario? >> well, originally when they purchased it they believed they were only going to come out when there was some catastrophe somewhere. after they saw the level of finishes and variety of things to do, they've started coming out regularly. most of them come out between two or three times a year, spend
6:45 am
a week or two to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel in a very safe environment. >> if everything hits the fan and i am one of your owners, how am i getting to kansas? >> well, you're getting to kansas probably by driving or flying. most of our clients have a three plan type thing. they also purchased extended range armor vehicles. they have vehicles with a range of up to 2500 miles without having to stop for fuel and they're armored and bulletproof. if it takes them two days to drive, and they have to stop, they can get here without worrying about a fuel supply. >> if i had 3 million burning a hole in my pocket, and i don't, among my concerns would be that i'm claustrophobic. once i am inside my apartment, i am looking at walls, right? >> well, no, you're not.
6:46 am
we have actually employed some of the best psychologists that do consulting with nasa. we have nine foot high ceilings in the apartments and electronic windows that are fed with a variety of scenes. some are live, high definition scenes displayed on television sets that are framed out to look like windows and you can see what time of day it is, what the weather is doing. it is psychologically doesn't make you feel like you're jun underground. if you want to live in new york city and view of central park, we can get the high definition views, seasonal views. you can literally live wherever you want to live. have whatever views you want to do. the bottom line is that psychologically, you don't feel like you're underground. >> final question. i spend the three mill, own one of the condos, everything goes to hell in a hand basket. isn't the whole country going to be beating a path to get to your silo in kansas, and how are you
6:47 am
keeping them at bay? >> well, the facility was engineered and designed by army corps of engineers to withstand a direct nuclear blast. once we close the doors, you can shoot all the bullets you want to at the place. we have armed guards that are 24, 7 and automatic defenses. but the bottom line is if a nuclear blast can't get in, we're not too worried about the neighbors. to that extent, there's a lot of people know there's gold in fort knox, don't see people beat down that door either. >> what a story. larry hall, thank you so much for being here. keep the tweets coming @smerconish. put one up. smerconish, you live in a bubble. mark, i do live in a bubble. but i am spending as much time as i can in 2017 getting out of my bubble and fulfilling my responsibility to bring to you people who are representative not only of my bubble but of all other bubbles as well because it is a two-way street.
6:48 am
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welcome back. now to a story about our new first lady. last sunday my hometown newspaper, the philadelphia published a fashion article, melania trump, first sexy first lady? it spark the instant outrage and the paper tweaked it. melania trump is clearly embracing her sexy as first
6:53 am
lady. the twitter verse still piled on so another revision followed. the final headline, melania trump brings sultry elegance to the white house. we understand that many readers feel or handling of this subject missed the mark. we can do better. you know what struck me about this story in it's always tricky when you start using terminology that some sview as sexis especiy when you're talking about the new first lady, the first person who was not offended by that characterization, her spouse. still to come, your best and worst tweets like this one. smerconish, ironic that they got in trouble for sexy. tom, she's a beautiful woman. that's all i'm going to say.
6:54 am
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6:58 am
. well, that was fun. let's see what came in via twitter during the course of the hour. why is it wrong to call a former fashion model sexy? >> i don't think that it was. i think that she is a sexy woman. i think plenty of other first ladies have been equally -- maybe not equally, but sexy as well. i think she's a very attractive -- they're telling me move on already. you're getting yourself in trouble. watching your three trump supporters last night maid me cringe. dysfunction 101, lord help us. we need to be better listeners. that's 46% of the country that you saw represented last evening. again, it's a two-way street. the red states need to listen to the blue states and vice versa. we don't all need to agree. hit me with another one. smerconish, a lie is a lie, why
6:59 am
sugar coat it just because he's peotus? you know what my issue is? i really have respect for the office. i always hate today when the obama opponents would trash him, never recognize his legitimacy and then thump their chests and call themselves patriots. i respect the office so much that i'm reluctant to see people use the "l" word. but call him out? absolutely. i'm calling him out. again, what do we got? smerconish. you are an ass. okay, we know that. but to everyone. which is exactly why we need you right now. faster, faster. i like that. that was a winner dochlt we h. e this is too good. you gain followers because you are the only on air person willing to deal with both sides. proud of cnn for having you on. i don't know why they invited me to host that program last night. a one-week recap of the trump administration. but i'd like to think it's
7:00 am
because there was a recognition that both sides would be represented last night. and they were. follow me on twitter. i'll see you next week. good to have you with us this morning. >> 10:00 here on the east coast. "cnn newsroom" begins right now. president donald trump, busy day. in less an an hour he will be speaking with german leader angela merkel. he's also going to be speaking with french and australian leaders as well. vladimir putin on the list today a well. >> his call is putin is being welcomed by russia. one official calling it, quote, the most important one of the day. it is sparking concern among other world leaders, though. we have this just in. nationals of the seven muslim countries temporarily