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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. president donald trump lashing out over the claim that his travel ban. nationwide protests boil up.
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some of the very airports where people were detained. just hours from now, senator chuck schumer says he will call for a vote to repeal that travel ban which he calls un-american and mean spirited. tonight, democratic lawmakers plan their own demonstration on the steps of the u.s. supreme court. just minutes ago, mr. trump says he has decided who he will nominate for the supreme court. he'll reveal his pick tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. let's start at the white house with athena jones. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after a weekend of chaos and confusion, the department of homeland security said last night that no one who was originally detained as part of this ban is still detained. everyone has been either released into the u.s. or put on planes back home, but the firestorm over these measures isn't letting up. >> let us march. let us march. >> reporter: amid massive and growing backlash, president
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donald trump defending his immigration executive order, insisting this is not about religion, this is about terror and keeping our country safe, his administration pushing back at massive protests and claims of disorganization. >> this is an extreme vetting program that wasn't properly vetted. >> apologize for nothing here. >> reporter: asserting they're extremely proud of the order which bans travel to the united states from seven muslim majority nations for three months and suspends all refugee admissions for four. syrian refugees barred indefinitely. the white house claiming the ban resulted in extremely minimal disruption despite chaotic scenes erupting at airports around the world. the department of homeland security issuing one clarification late sunday night, green cardholders in these seven countries won't be denied entry into the u.s., but will face a secondary screening. the white house blaming mixed
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messages on the, quote, hyperventilating media, insisting the order was successful, citing only 109 travellers being detained out of the 325,000 who entered the u.s. in the same period and noting 392 green cardholders were granted waivers to center the country, as 16 democratic attorneys general called the ban unconstitutional, un-american and unlawful. >> this executive order -- was mean spirited an un-american. >> with a growing number of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle criticizing mr. trump's ban. >> i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda. >> in a joint statement, arizona senator john mccain and south carolina senator lindsey graham calling the travel ban a self-inflicted wound in the
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fight against terrorism. trump lambasting the republican senators tweeting they are sadly weak on immigration. the two senators should focus their energies on isis, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start world war iii. the white house facing mounting legal battles. federal judges in new york and massachusetts already temporarilylocking parts of the ban from taking effect. and world leaders are responding with concern. germany's chancellor angela merkel says she told the president the ban on refugees is against the geneva convention. meanwhile the white house is discussing asking foreign visitors for their social media information and web surfing information as well as their cell phone contacts. those who decline to provide that could be denied entry, an official citing the social media posts of one of the san bernardino shooters, even though those posts were written under a suit anymore and were protected
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with strict privacy settings. in fact, in justifying this ban, the administration has repeatedly cited attacks that the ban would not have prevented like the san bernardino attack, 9/11 and the boston bombings. all 23 people involved in those attacks were either from countries that aren't on the ban list or were u.s. citizens. >> athena jones reporting live from the white house. there's been international outcry to this temporary travel ban. i twoont bring in cnn international correspondent clarissa ward. >> condemnation has been coming in fast and thick as you heard from athena, from the german chancellor, angela merkel and also british foreign minister boris johnson who has called this ban divisive and wrong, and even from british prime minister theresa may who is trying hard at the moment to negotiate a trade deal with the u.s. this is the first time we're hearing her speak out on the ban. she has said, quote, as far as
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the ban goes we've been clear, we do not agree with it. where uk nationals' rights are affected, we've stood up for them. we've also been clear that the issue of migration policy is an issue for the u.s. government in the same way that migration into uk is an issue for the government. she's responding to an online petition here in the uk signed by more than 1 million people to cancel the invitation to president donald trump to come and visit the uk. prime minister theresa may says it's up to the parliament to decide whether it will, in fact, debate this issue. this gives you the sense of the global outcry caused by this. for european leaders, one of the number one issues is they're worried this plays into the propaganda tactics of extremist groups like isis targeting young european muslims who are saying america is at war with you, europe hates you, you'll never be accepted. when they hear this type of
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rhetoric coming from the white house and this kind of a ban, they're concerned this plays into the hands of those isis recruiters. carol? >> clarissa ward reporting live from london. the backlash against trump's immigration travel ban is growing even among republicans. the koch brothers say it's the, quote, wrong approach and, quote, counterproductive. 16 republican lawmakers are also critical of trump's move including, as you heard, senator jain w john mccain who spoke out sunday morning. >> it is a confused process which, the good news is it's only got to do with a pause. the bad news is obviously this process in these conclusions were not vetted. >> i'm joined by representative darrell issa, a republican from california and a member of the house committee on foreign affairs. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. just to put it in perspective, for more than a decade three
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separate presidents banned americans from going to lebanon, temporary bans for reasons of security, lack of vetting capability go both ways. as you might know jimmy carter banned people coming from iran, one of the seven countries we're dealing with. although i don't want to say that this was perfectly executed by any means and there has been some confusion, i think we have to put it in perspective, it's temporary. it does not target people, per se, based on religion and, quite frankly, most of the critics are saying other countries should be added if you want to catch all terrorists. that's sort of a counter message i keep hearing. >> but here's the thing. it's a combination of things that make people believe this will become a pefrm meant ban on muslims coming into this country e and i'll tell you why. trump's white house deliberately omitted statements of jews on
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holocaust remembrance day and thin barring refugees from seven muslim majority countries. he gave an interview to the christian broadcasting network that the goal here ultimately was to help christians. how can you say that his executive order, his temporary travel ban isn't specifically targeting muslims and perhaps the underlying goal is to make this country aggressively christian? >> i think we have to divide those two for a moment if you don't mind, carol. the order says that there's an exception for minorities, and i think it's important that you realize -- >> you know what the minorities mean -- it's christians -- >> carol, no. >> yes. >> unfortunately there are muslim minorities. i take the letter of it -- >> in those seven countries? >> i'm sorry. but my grandfather emigrated
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from what was syrian in 1914. he was an orthodox christian as am i. you can be an arab christian. as a matter of fact, if anything, there is a bit of a backlash that people aren't realizing that under the obama administration it did seem like christians were unfairly unable -- even though they were the targets of having their heads chopped off, they were finding it harder to get into the united states than were muslims. i think we have to be religious blind other than majorities are not refugees. minorities are refugees. that's an important one. when you look at syria, there are over 10 million displaced people in syria. regardless of their religion, they're going to be displaced. that's not the same as people being persecuted, people who fear for their lives because of their faith. i don't want to get into a religious discussion because i do think in the case of syria, it's not about religion, it's about whether we can verify these people. >> doesn't it all boil down to
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that? >> no, it doesn't. first of all, there are i think 46 countries that are muslim that were not on the list. as a matter of fact, the vast majority of muslims don't even live in the arab world. when we plook at pakistan, india, malaysia, indonesia, if you were targeting muslims, you would do it by adding a few very large countries. that's not what the president's order did. whether we debate did he have the right seven, was this the right time, what he's doing is reacting to an administration that took a very lays say fair attitude toward the incredible exodus of people from syria and iraq, people who were fleeing because we were not dealing with the situation there. you mentioned john mccain. john mccain called for a safe zone in syria for more than five years. if we establish a no-fire zone, a place for syrians to be safe there, then we actually do more for people of my grandfather's
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ancestry than we do by letting a few in the united states. >> there is no safe zone in syria. there will be no safe zone in syria. >> ma'am, i've been to syria many, many times. >> then you know the carnage that's going on there. >> the shelling -- i do know. the shelling of large cities is very different than when you go to the mountains of lebanon and find over a million syrians that are crammed into rural areas, areas that didn't even have what you would call an urban area. so i am aware of where they are. >> congressman, i want to interrupt you for just a second because i want to get to the crux of the matter before i run out of time because i do want to ask you these questions. >> i'll stay for as many segments as you have, carol. >> thank you very much. do you know exactly who issed as viezing mr. trump on this executive order? we hear it was steve bannon who served in the navy 30 years ago, no government experience, no experience in homeland security or defense. is that who is advising mr. trump on this matter?
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>> i wasn't in the room. were i to advise the president, i might have been more narrow in the number of countries initially. i'm deeply concerned -- >> doesn't that concern you, sir, that steve bannon was advising the president and didn't reach out to lawmakers like you? you're on the foreign relations committee. >> i don't know it was steve bannon again. the president is trying to react to a crisis that has been on going for a period of time. as i travel around the world -- i was in davos. there's one thing we know as americans -- >> does it concern you he's not consulting lawmakers when he does these things? does that concern you -- or his defense secretary or his homeland security secretary. >> carol, you know what concerns me, he doesn't have a secretary of state because the nat won't do its job. >> that's deflection. he has a defense secretary and he has a homeland security
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secretary. >> carol, he's had them for about a day. this is, in fact, in no small part because chuck schumer has deliberately slow rolled the rollout of the people the president needs. >> should he have waited then for the secretary of state to be confirmed so he could have consulted with rex tillerson? >> the president of the united states, barack obama, used two b2s to bomb with less than a week left in his administration. you're the president every day you're the president. he made a decision, and i'll tell you, i'm used to traveling around the world and knowing there are two mistakes americans are blamed for, what we do and what we fail to do. i would rather deal with what the president is doing and make adjustments than to have a president who does nothing. >> just to be clear, just to be clear, it is okay that the executive order was rolled out and chaos ensued, there are were protests across the country, department of homeland security didn't know quite what to do,
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american businesses thrown into a state of confusion. many green cardholders -- >> carol, you're delivering opinions. >> i'm not. this is what happened. >> carol, i listened to cnn this morning. i watched. this morning basically you said out of 300,000, you had 100 people detained for a period of time. >> that's what the trump white house is sending out. >> carol, i go through security every single week at least twice a week. the tsa can't get and staing order that's been around for years as consistent as less than a tenth of 1% that had some confusion. the fact is, 100 out of 116,000 is not a lot of people to go through a secondary. >> so no big deal? >> would we prefer it be zero? of course. any american who has flown through an airline in the last years knows you're more likely to have confusion and secondary detaining -- >> it was okay for iraqi interpreters who helped us during the wars and were heroes,
6:16 am
by the way, saving many american lives, it was okay they went through some temporary hardship because in the end this was a good thing? >> carol, we brought in two iraqi murderers and had them i think in kentucky because we didn't have a good vetting process. those interpreters want to be safe in america. >> i understood that act and i understand what you're saying. that's not what i'm asking you right now. >> what you're asking is is it, in fact, possible to never catch anyone with some secondary confusion -- i deal with my office every day with people who are unfairly stopped coming into this country, green cardholders, chinese americans, uc berkeley grads who can't get a fast pass and get a secondary every time. lebanese americans living in houston who go threw a secondary every time. >> isn't our government's jobs to solve the problems -- >> carol, i don't want to argue. you're conflating what happens every day to people of this
6:17 am
color, every day at the airports and has been happening for 16 years. you take these anecdotal examples, that's what you're doing. the numbers are relatively small. i think americans like myself who have been stopped, even as a congressman, secondary check or even refused to be boarded on an airplane once. this sort of thing happens. the question is the core question of dealing with countries that we do not have good diplomatic relations with, we do not trust, we cannot verify the documents for these people, is a reset and a slowdown appropriate? the president thinks so. the sooner he gets a secretary of state, the sooner he'll have an additional adviser. he needs those advisers. chuck schumer should be ashamed of himself for not providing those advisers in realtime. it needs to happen now and the senate needs to do its job and stop stalling. >> all right. congressman darrell issa, thank you for sicking around. i do appreciate it. >> any time, carol. thank you. >> still to come in the
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"newsroom," outrage intensifies over trump's controversial travel ban. up next we'll talk to a marine corps veteran who says the ban isn't just unjust, it goes against the american ideals he swore to protect. cranberry almond. give kind a try.
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the white house is standing by a controversial travel ban that triggered chaos over the weekend. trump insisting this is not about religion. he appears to be unfazed by protests across the country even though tens of thousands of people marched many cities all across the globe. with me, corporal shams who served four years in the u.s. marine corps, the founder of and dan stein from federation for immigration reform. corporal, i don't know if you heard my last segment with congressman issa. did you hear? >> i heard a portion of it. first, i just want to say thank you for having me. i think it's very important to
6:23 am
educate america. first you're having me here and allowing people who look like me living in the united states of america to feel a little more empowered, to see we're not alone. you're also helping the masses that feel the other way around to help educate them and see another perspective. >> you heard him say not that big a deal, all the detained people have now been released and it's for the greater good. your thoughts? >> well, i think the country is speaking for itself if you look at all the airports and what's going on. youbsly there's some issues. people are not very excited about it. i think what people need to remember is that we're all a country of immigrants. back whether you came here in the first generation, the second generation, it doesn't matter. at the end of the day we're all immigrants. i came here a little after you. you came a little before me. i think you have to remember that what we're doing now --
6:24 am
just yesterday i watched a tweet that jake tapper sent out, i would have called this an executive ban. after he sent out a tweet regarding rudy giuliani which pretty much states he was watching -- president-elect trump at that time came to him to say help me out, i want to do this, how do you make this legal. that's extremely disturbing. what we've done is taken seven countries, hand picked them and pretty much painted a broad brush that even a 3-year-old or 5-year-old or mother in this war torn country now feels like they're in the same category as a terrorist. >> corporal, it's funny you mention rudy giuliani. i want to play you exactly what rudy giuliani said and how he helped mr. trump craft this executive order. >> when he first announced it, he said muslim ban. he called me up and said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally. i put a commission together with judge my case si, congressman
6:25 am
mccall, pete king, a group of very expert lawyers on this and what we did was we focused on, instead of religion, danger. >> okay. so dan, you heard rudy giuliani there say how can we make a muslim ban legal and they found a way. is this really constitutional? >> well, first of all, the executive order, the way it's drafted is certainly constitutional because congress and the constitution have given the president broad authority to suspend the admission of any class of aliens on any basis the president deems are important for national security or the national interest. but all these people keep talking about a muslim ban. yet all those same people have said we're playing into the hands of isis if we call it a muslim ban. anybody looking at the executive order can see it's not a muslim ban. >> wait a minute. >> it's a temporary suspension of immigration in order to view vetting procedures at countries
6:26 am
we cannot vet -- >> rudy giuliani said mr. trump reached out and said i want to do a muslim ban. help me make it legal. whether it specifically states that, does it matter. >> donald trump wauktd that back a kwleer and a half ago. what he talked about over the campaign trail was extreme vetting. he went to every middlesex town and village and said this is what we're going to do. e with ear having big changes in immigration policy. lo and behold a lot of new things are happening and people are surprised. a temporary suspension to review vetting procedures in countries universally recognized as having difficulty in verifying documents and ascertaining who they are is good sense. don't we all want to be safe? a lot of people want to second-guess the administration. >> dan, no one from those countries committed a terrorist act on american soil, doesn't that prove that the vetting process is indeed extreme? >> are we all nas dam muss
6:27 am
and -- we have to look at the lens of history and see what's happening in europe. what donald trump is saying is we don't want to happen here what's happening in europe. we need to take a pause. sure, it's a ed noal in the haysta haystack. if you can't find the needles in the haystack, you have to stop the haystack until you can figure out how to get the needles. >> one last word from corporal sham. your thoughts. >> we keep saying things that are not even true. what's happening in europe? please tell me. what's happening in the united states of america. let's look at the statistics. i listen to fareed zakaria, 11,000 people die from homicides from 9/11 to now. 45 people -- 45 people committed some sort of act of terrorism
6:28 am
associated with a muslim. there's 1.6 billion plus muslims in the world. i happen to be a united states marine. when you say these kind of things -- what you're saying right now is false and untrue and you're scaring the heck out of people. it's completely wrong. don't do that to the people. if you divide us -- >> loud is not consensus. >> most americans support what the president is doing. loud is not a consensus. most people who are quiet in this country basically agree with what the president is doing. i have to leave it there. thanks for being on with us this morning. we have to check in with christina alesci who is keeping an eye on wall street. >> wall street doesn't like to see a lot of confusion over these executive orders that really some critics would say plays to trump's base. he's delivering on the promises he had on the campaign trail. what wall street wants to see is trump focus on the important
6:29 am
things that are going to drive growth as far as companies are concerned, like tax cuts, reducing regulation. they don't like to see all of this confusion over these executive orders like the immigration restrictions that we're seeing over the weekend. >> what might happen? >> well, what may happen is trump may actually get ahead of himself a little bit and get in the way of the trump rally if more confusion and more uncertainty is a result of these executive orders. at the end of the day, we've seen quite a strong response from the tech community over the weekend in opposition. the ceos of major tech companies say they don't agree with this ban, some putting their money where their mouth is. google and lyft are committing funds to the aclu helping to raise money for that organization. we'll have to see how this plays out. clearly, companies are going to have to walk a very fine line between perhaps sticking up for the values that their consumers
6:30 am
and employees have and not getting on the wrong side of the president. it's going to be a very tricky line. >> goldman sachs came out against this temporary travel ban and so did the tech issue. >> absolutely. >> christina alesci, thanks so much. i'll be right back. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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good morning. i'm carol costello, thanks for joining me. 16 attorneys general are banning together to fight president trump's executive order. in a joint statement the reads in part, quote, religious liberty has been and always will be a bed rom principle of our
6:35 am
country and no president can change that truth. carl racine is the attorney general for the district of columbia. welcome, sir. >> good morning, carol. >> president trump says he has every right to implement this temporary ban. here is why, wide authority
6:36 am
under the immigration and nationality act to make decisions about who gets to come into the country. he's right about that, isn't he? >> in fact, the president does have wide authority on matters of national security and immigration, but what's not being talked about is a 1965 congressionally passed law signed into law by president johnson that specifically precludes any president from making distinctions on immigration based on national origin. that's what motivated the democratic attorney generals who signed that letter to voice our concerns. that's why we're monitoring. >> here is the thing. the order was hastily put together and ineloquently executed, let's say. but that doesn't mean it violated the constitution. they've already amended the executive order in part especially when it comes to green cards. is that enough? >> the green card amendment certainly was tardy. i don't believe that is enough, as you know. five separate federal courts have ruled that essentially for now, they view the executive order as unconstitutional. i think the real problem is the specific focus on those countries of national origin. it's overbroad, overinclusive and it needs to be narrowed. >> 16 attorneys general, 16 states -- 15 including the district of columbia, it just seems that the democratically-led states are
6:37 am
pitting themselves against the trump administration and it's going to be this constant ugly fight. >> i don't really think it's going to be a constant ugly fight for no good reason. what we're focused on are issues of law and here bedrock principles of the constitution. again, we're not being partisan in this. five distinct judges have agreed tlur constitutional concerns with this executive order. it's, in fact, our responsibility as the chief law enforcers of our states to defend our people. many, many of the 121 or so folks who were unlawfully detained were detained in the states that signed or order. we're going to be there for them. >> members of the trump camp have come out and described the protests across the country in airports. she just said they were obama
6:38 am
supporters, and it's really meaningless because these people are all democrats and all liberal and resisting a trump presidency. it would be best if they did not. >> well, i don't agree with that characterization at all. in fact, as you know, increasingly republicans are expressing concern over the executive order. senator john mccain certainly is not a democrat. senator lindsey graham is certainly not a democrat. as you saw this morning, a wealth of some of the best ceos in the world are expressing concern. they're not democrats, they're expressing concern because they care about america's traditional values. i, myself, am an immigrant. my family left haiti during a tough time in haiti in the 1960s. i benefited from the american dream. it's important for us to respect and embrace immigrants and make sure any vetting we have is
6:39 am
consistent with the law. >> d.c. attorney general karl racine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. we're awaiting tape out of the trump white house. he's meeting with small business leaders. when we get that tape in house, we'll play it for you live on the air. the air. i'll be right back. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
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all right. as i told you before the break, president trump is meeting with small business leaders. we have tape of that meeting right now. he also talked about his executive order and the democrat chuck schumer. >> that's why over the last many years nothing got done in this country. we're moving things along and moving them along fast. we actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland securi security. some day we had to make the move and we decided to make the move. it would be nice again if we could have our cabinet because our cabinet which is outstanding
6:42 am
is going through a lot in terms of what they're being put through in the senate. jeff sessions, they made him wait an extra week. they did that only for political reasons. they just made him wait. i said why did they do that? just politics. i noticed chuck schumer yesterd yesterday, i'm going to ask who is his acting i know him very well. there a 5% chance it was real. i think they were fake tears. we have a big decision that i have made, very big decision on the united states supreme court that is going to be announced tomorrow night from the white house at 8:00. a person who is unbelievably highly respected, and i think you will be very impressed with
6:43 am
this person. it will be 8:00 tomorrow night at the white house, from the white house. today we have with us people who are very successful in the world of small business. i love small business. started as a small business. my business got big. i've dealt with the small businesses and big businesses. i love you all the same. the big business folks have been fantastic. they're bringing jobs back. i say where was the outrage of the democrats when all of our companies were fleeing to mexico and to other places far away and leaving jobs behind. now they're all coming back. they're coming back by big numbers, bigger numbers than people have seen. you saw ford is announcing, and has announced big plans coming back into michigan and ohio and different places. general motors has made big announcements.
6:44 am
fiat chrysler, the head, sergio, flew all the way here to make our meeting last night. lockheed, number one we're cutting the price of their planes by a lot, they're also expanding. ultimately they're going to be better off. boeing very much involved in new hirings and also coming in with good pricing. so we're cutting pricing. we all know about that. the people at this table know about that. you could have done that. we cut approximately $600 million off the f-35 fighter. that only amounts to 90 planes out of 3,000 planes. when you think about $600 million, announced by marilyn, the head of lockheed martin. i got involved in that about a month ago. a lot was put out, and when they say a lot, a lot meant about 90 planes. they were having a lot of
6:45 am
difficulty. there was no movement and i was able to get $600 million approximately off those planes. so i think that was a great achievement. that really means much more than that if you think about the fact that that's 90 planes out of close to 3,000 planes. i appreciate lockheed martin for being so responsive, and that will be responsive, very much. i appreciate boeing for coming in and competing and now they'll be competing during the process for the rest of the planes. there are thousands of more planes coming. we have a lot of planes coming. these are contracts that everybody knows about the f-35 fighter jet, a great plane. lockheed is doing a great job. there were about seven years of delays, tremendous cost overruns, weave ended all of that and we've got that program in really good shape.
6:46 am
i'm very proud of that. i started working on that when i was president-elect. the reason i was working on it, and you folks would understand it, because we love doing that stuff, right? somebody said why don't you take a vacation before you become president? i said because i like doing this. we're saving -- we will be saving billions and billions and billions of dollars on contra s contracts. as you know, we approve the pipelines. as i'm sitting there and looking at the approval, i said where are these pipes made? these are massive pipes bigger than this room. a lot made in other countries including china. i said, you mean you can make pipe in china and other places far away, ship it to the united states on massive boats, put it on trucks and deliver it to the middle of the country, and we can't make it cheaper? what are we talking about here?
6:47 am
these are big pipes. the only way i can imagine they do that, they must have to cut them. they're so big, they take up so much room, i can't imagine you can put that much pipe on ships. it's not enough, not long enough. i assume they have to fabricate and cut which hurts the pipe, by the way. i said to myself, they're going to do the pipe in the united states using the powers in the united states, including eminent domain. i said did you ever ride on a highway before they used it? during the primaries i was criticized about the use of eminent domain. they need eminent domain to do pipelines. if we're going to use those powers and all the other powers, i want the pipe to be manufactured with the united states steel. that doesn't mean the company united states steel, that means
6:48 am
companies who make united states steel. i want it to be fabricated in the united states. if we're doing these massive pipeline, i want workers in the united states to fabricate the pipes. that makes sense, don't you think so, as small business owners? we're doing a lot of things, a lot of really great things. we're really proud of it. small business is a big part of american economic success, although lately there hasn't been too much success because we're having our products made everywhere else in the world. we're bringing that all back, it's coming back and coming back fast. you see the difference already, right? >> absolutely. >> more than 28 million small businesses in the country -- small business, equals fewer than 500 employees. that's what's considered a small business. anybody have over 500 employees here? if you do, we're getting you the hell out of here. 56 million small business employees.
6:49 am
think of it. 56 million. small business is really our biggest business. we employ 48% of private workforce. the private workforce, big percentage employed by small business. we read about general motors and ford and boeing and lockheed and all of these great companies. a big percentage of them are small business. we want to make life easier for the small business owners. that's what we're here for today. last week we had the big businesses. this week coming we have the really, really big businesses a man who has done a great job. we have the greatest businesses set up. that's happening very soon. but the small business, we are going to simplify. reduce, eliminate regulations. we're doing that for big business too, by the wear can't be any discrimination, right? big businesses are thrilled with what's happening.
6:50 am
the stock market has gone up massively since the election. everybody's saying, oh, the market will go down. its going to down. the smart people know me. the business people know me, they know what i'm about. so the market went massively up. in fact when i was elected, a lot of the really smart people went out and bought a lot of stock. and they've been rewarded. we want to simplify and lower taxes, unless you would rather have high taxes, right? so small business owners can spend more time and money finding and responding to customers and expanding markets. they have more money and more opportunities to hire more employees. so essentially we're getting rid of regulations to a massive extent, could be as much as 75%, could be slightly more than that. we're going to have great protections for the consumer, we have to. but we don't need 97 different rules to take care of one element.
6:51 am
there are individual economic success will support american success. we want to end the unfairness between small and big business caused by regulation. regulation that's actually been horrible for big business but it's been worse for small business. plus small business can't hire the kind of talent that the big businesses can hire. so it's really very unfair. big business so often can afford compliance with the costly new regulations. but i don't want them to. i want them to build new plants and sell more cars. we're going to be doing tremendous favors. you saw the head of ford and head of general motors leaving here last week, they couldn't believe, one of them said, one of the greatest meetings we've ever attended. the unions were here, representing workers, whether it's union or not, they said it was the single greatest meeting they've ever had. that was a nice statement. i didn't tell them to say it, but it was a nice statement. but i understand what they mean.
6:52 am
it's unfair to small business. small business has been treated very, very badly. as you people know better than anybody, it's almost impossible now to start a small business. and it's virtually impossible to expand your existing business, because of regulations. and because if the banks don't loan you money, dodd/frank is a disaster. we're going to be doing a big number on dodd/frank. that's one reason i'll be taking this action. i'll be taking action later this morning, if you like you can join me at the signing, to begin our effort to dramatically reduce federal regulations, we'll be reducing them big league, and their damaging effects on small businesses, on our economy, on entrepreneurial spirit. it's been very badly damaged. so the american dream is back. we're going to create an environment for small business like we haven't had in many, men decades. this isn't a knock on president obama. this is a knock on many
6:53 am
presidents preceding me. it's a knock on everybody. in fact particularly bad in the last eight years. but it's not a knock on anybody. it's a knock on many. i just want to thank you all for being here. now let's talk. >> reporter: are there legal challenges -- >> thank you. thank you, guys. >> all right. jared kushner there, trump's son-in-law, sitting in with the meeting with those small business leaders. let's talk about with me just heard, bob cusack, and paul singer. okay, we have a lot to digest. let's start with this executive order that mr. trump issued on friday temporarily banning refugees and other immigrants
6:54 am
coming from these seven largely muslim nations. you heard what he said, he's sticking by it. doesn't regret it. he blamed it on the democrats. he said that, you know, had they moved quicker to confirm his secretary of state, maybe things would have gone smoother. he called chuck schumer a fake cryer. bob, what do you make of it? >> it's donald trump, the president, going on offense. this is what he campaigned on. it is interesting that in the wake of the uproar that he moved his supreme court pick up a couple of days. i think they want the headlines to have a different type of feel. they want to move on from this. but without a doubt, he's sticking by this. and it's upset some republicans on capitol hill, he's using some political capital. this is what the trump white house is going to do, throw a lot of news at the same time. >> well, he's also going to sign another executive order, paul, this time for what he calls job
6:55 am
killing regulations. he's going to sign an executive order supposedly getting rid of those. so he's moving along quickly. is he just trying to change the subject or is he trying to keep his campaign promises? >> well, i mean, it's a little bit of both, obviously. i mean, if he's talking about this regulatory reform executive order now, when he has not yet issued, he obviously wants this to be the news of the day. there was one sentence, i haven't seen the order, obviously, there was one the complaint he got from republicans in congress about his immigration -- refugee ban, executive order, is that it was not run through the agencies that manage that process, and so there was confusion about exactly how it will be implemented. i'll be curious to see if the regulatory rollback order has the same probleere for very goo
6:56 am
people don't want to see them go away. >> you heard mr. trump say jeff sessions, he's going to be attorney general, at least that's what mr. trump hopes, he says democrats are delaying that. and that was the biggest reason why he didn't, you know, consult with someone before he issued this executive order. had the democrats done that, then everything would have been okay? >> well, maybe he would have consulted with various agencies had the cabinet -- but this white house is going to be calling the shots. there's no doubt about it. the only thing that i've seen where trump has backed off is with mattis and torture. he says even though he agrees that enhanced interrogation techniques work, he's going to defer to the pentagon. i don't think we're going to see a lot of deferring from the president. he's the one who got elected. he says he's got a mandate and he's going to be carrying it out. without a doubt, republicans on
6:57 am
capitol hill, they want to be consulted more. now, the white house says, well, if you do too much of that then you're going to have leaks. but you need republicans to be united. if they're going to get stuff done this year, you can't be fighting all the time. >> you can't be fighting all the time. i did want to ask you about stephen bannon, i'll pose this to you, paul. supposedly bannon was the one who conferred with president trump before he issued this executive order on the travel ban. and this morning sean spicer defended that by saying this, quote, bannon was a former naval officer, he's got tremendous understanding of the world and the geopolitical world we have now. i think the chief strategist for the president who has a significant military background is crucial. so sean spicer seems to be saying that steve bannon is eminently qualified to advise the president not only on
6:58 am
immigration issues but on national defense. >> i don't think i would argue that steve bannon isn't qualified to advise the president. i think the issue is, is steve bannon the only person qualified to advise the president. the discussion of president trump putting out a new sort of structure for the national security council that appears to elevate steve bannon while excluding the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, that is a different issue. now you're saying not only that bannon has a role, which by the way the political adviser did not have a role in previous administrations at the nsc, but now you're saying steve bannon is central and some of these actual national security professionals are not central. that's where the questions and the concern comes in. >> i have to leave it there, bob, paul, thanks so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
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good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. democratic senator chuck schumer became choked with emotion yesterday as he condemned the travel ban as un-american. here is what purcharesident tru said about that moments ago. >> i noticed chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acng


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