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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 30, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. democratic senator chuck schumer became choked with emotion yesterday as he condemned the travel ban as un-american. here is what purcharesident tru said about that moments ago. >> i noticed chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach, because i know him very well.
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i don't see him as a cryer. if he is, he's different man. there's 5% chance that it was real. but i think they were fake tears. >> president trump dismissing the weekend protests that bubbled up across the country saying the ban targets muslims and is unconstitutional. several judges have blocked part of that ban and democrats are hoping for a senate vote today to repeal it. also new this morning, the president says he has decided who he will nominate for the u.s. supreme court. he'll reveal his pick tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. let's begin at the white house with cnn's athena jones, good morning. >> good morning, carol. those executive orders the president is expected to sign will have to do with regulators. the white house is insisting the ban has been implemented seamlessly without causing widespread disruption. here is what chief of staff
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reince priebus had to say about it on "meet the press." take a listen. >> the fact of the matter is 325,000 people from foreign countries came into the united states yesterday and 109 people were detained for further questioning, most of those people were moved out. we've got a couple of dozen more that remain. and i would suspect, as long as they're not awful people, that they will move through before another half a day today. and perhaps some of these people should be detained further. and if there are folks that shouldn't be in this country, they're going to be detained. so apologize for nothing here. >> the white house saying there's nothing to apologize for. the department of homeland security said late last night that no one from that initial group that was affected by this ban remains detained, everyone has either been released into the u.s. or put back on planes to go back home. but the president's moves coming under a lot of fire including from members of his own party.
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there is a congressman from texas, for instance, will hurd, a former undercover cia officer, saying there are people who are in these countries who now have targets on their backs because of this increased attention. republican senator john mccain and senator lindsey graham, also republican, are saying this is going to be a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism, mccain adding it gives isis more areas of prop began did propaganda. democratic minority leader chuck schumer says he will introduce a bill to get this ban repealed. >> this will make us less safe. john mccain is exactly right. it will encourage lone wolves in american. the biggest problems with terrorism are not from these countries. this evening i will ask for a vote on the floor of the senate
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to repeal this. senator feinstein has very carefully thought out legislation to repeal this. i hope mitch mcconnell allows this vote. >> reporter: we're hearing from my colleaguelen serfaty that it's not clear that republican leaders will allow that vote. but members of congress who oppose this will not remain silent on this. we'll be watching in the afternoon when that takes place over on the senate. >> i'm sure you will, aeven though athena jones live from the white house this morning. in a statement, some of the countries mentioned in the ban say they are allies in the fight against isis and that the u.s. should reconsider the decision. cnn senior international correspondent ben wedemawedeman benefit. >> reporter: hi, carol.
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it seems the iraqi parliament has voted in a majority to take reciprocal action against the united states. they're calling upon the u.n., the arab league, and the organization of islamic states to take action as a result of this executive decision. and they're also calling upon the u.s. congress and the new administration to rescind that order. of course, let's keep in mind, iraq was one of those seven countries affected by this temporary travel ban. however, the parliamentary vote is nonbinding. it's up to the iraqi government to make a decision on this. and of course there are thousands of american troops and others in this country supporting iraq's effort to crush isis. now, i was actually at the airport waiting in line to get my visa when this vote passed. the iraqi officials at the
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airport didn't say i was not allowed in. they did express a bit of astonishment that the united states would take this kind of decision against, they consider, iraq considers itself to be an ally of the united states in the war on terrorism. so they asked me why are we paying the price for the fact that we're fighting side by side with the americans against isis, carol. >> fascinating. ben wedeman, reporting live from baghdad. with me is the executive director of the center for immigration studies and a former u.s. ambassador to iraq. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> mark, you just heard what ben wedeman said. there are 5,000 american troops in iraq right now fighting alongside the iraqi military in an advisory role to defeat isis. what do you suppose the iraqis who are fighting alongside american service members, how are they taking this temporary travel ban? >> i have no idea. but iraq -- >> you just heard what ben
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wedeman says, we have somewhat of an idea. >> iraq was not on that list because the trump white house made it up. the congress passed and president obama signed and the state department implemented a list of countries of concern. seven countries of concern. and iraq was one of them. iraq is working with us and welcomes us to fight isis with them because it's in their interests. but there's a distinction between that and movement of that and movement between iraq and the united states. this is not a permanent ban, this is a 90-day pause. >> i understand that, mark. what i'm trying to get at is what message does that send to iraqis who are fighting isis and being advised by american service members. >> the message is there are plenty of people with iraqi nationality who want to commit terrorist acts in the united states and in iraq. >> have iraqis come over to our
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country and committed any terrorist acts? >> one of isis' most active areas is western iraq. those our soldiers are fighting with people with iraqi nationality. the issue is how to set up a system that deficiency people with iraqi nationality that we do want to let in from those whom we don't want to let in. and the point of this -- >> okay, i get it. i want to bring in the ambassador to find out what he thinks of this, because he's been in those circles and, you know, you've been part of the war on terror in both iraq wars. what message do you think it sends to the iraqi military? >> first of all, on the narrower point about whether iraq or syria or yemen or these other states on the list have internal governance such that you can rely on their internal governance for vetting, there is
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a problem there, no question. but i don't think it's fair to say the u.s. has been letting in people from places like yemen without doing its own vetting. so i think to some extent that problem is very much exaggerated in terms of the people who are applying to enter the united states. and then on the broader point, as you suggest, carol, i think we're sending a terrible message. iraqis are fighting isis, whether they have their own interests in it, which they obviously do, or not, they are fighting alongside the united states as allies in the fight against a group that is dedicated to our destruction. and so i think on the broader point, we are sending a very negative message there. and i think the problem with this all is, you have the impression that this is a very rapid effort to fulfill campaign promises. understandably, the public always feels campaign promises are inadequately addressed once the candidate gets into office,
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so this is obviously an effort to counter that. but in the process, it's been chaotic. chaos in these kinds of circumstances is not helpful. and frankly, as john mccain and others have been saying lately, it's not going to be helpful in the fight against terrorism. >> mark, there was a certain amount of chaos, american corporations who employ green card holders were confused, the iraqis who helped americans during the war, they were not exempted from the order. the justice department ho, homed security, the defense department, were not briefed on what was to happen. so why didn't mr. trump just wait a bit, would a couple of days have really made a difference? >> there's a couple of issues here. i mean, i am not privy to the internal considerations in the white house. but there's a couple issues. one is, there's going to be a certain amount of confusion, period, because we have to do something like this, you have to basically pull the trigger and do it, you can't give a week's warning to everybody, okay, now we're going to have tighter
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rules. you've got seven days to do whatever you want. >> so you're saying if they had made an announcement, then dozens of terrorists would have flooded into the united states and our country would have been in danger? >> i don't know if it would have been dozens, that's sort of a silly way to describe it. it clearly indicated we're going to have new rules and you can get in under the old rules. the other issue is there was a certain amount of confusion that might have been avoided, maybe. this is kind of a bare bones campaign that turned into a bare bones administration. probably putting together the communication, messaging, talking about points, would have been done better if it was a smoother operation. but when you have what amounts to a kind of independent in the white house, because he didn't have a republican government in waiting or a democrat government in waiting to put into place, you're going to end up with confusion like this. that's different from the
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substance of the decision. >> but isn't mr. trump a great businessman, isn't he used to putting out fires and when he comes up with plans he wants to implement, doesn't he cross all the i's and crossing the t's? >> this isn't about dotting the i's and crossing the t's. this is about a kickoff of the review of the policy, not the actual policy itself. >> ambassador, had mr. trump given a warning, would it have put our country in danger? >> i don't think it's a question of the warning. it's a question of whether you are prepared to announce this. and it's clear that they were not prepared. they left a lot of issues unaddressed. they failed to anticipate the unintended consequences of it
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all. our parents all told us at an early age you only have one chance to create a first impression. and this first impression of the trump administration throughout the world is a very negative one now. there are demonstrations everywhere, there's heightened anti-americanism everywhere. this is not making our country safer nor is it, i think, helpful to our being the custodian of world peace and leading the world. i think there's a real problem here. and i think the president is going to have to dig out from under it. now, he tried to blame the democrats for not moving fast enough on some of these nominations. frankly, some of these nominations were late in being sent up to the hill. so there's work to be done there. i understand the desire to fill campaign promises quickly. but when you announce something, you better have your ducks in order, there need to be a lot of people consulted. it's pretty clear the groundwork was not done. >> all right. i have to leave it there, ambassador christopher hill, mark kirkorian, thanks to both
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a showdown may be brewing inside the state department over donald trump's travel ban. dozens of career diplomats say the executive order will not keep america safe and will instead hurt the fight against terrorism. cnn's elise labott joins us with more. >> reporter: there's lots of concern among career diplomats, foreign service officers, who argue not only will it not keep america safe but it will cause a global backlash, alienate important allies in the war on terror, and also create a lot of anti-american sentiment against the united states at a very
7:19 am
critical time in the world. these diplomats are using what they call the dissent channel. this was set up during the vietnam war for diplomats to voice alternative policy without fear of retribution. last year 50 diplomats circled a memo voicing opposition to u.s. inaction in syria. now since this order by president trump has been instituted, these diplomats have been circulating a draft talking about not only will this not keep america safe, it will immediately sour relations by alienating important allies in the war on terror. and carol, it says that this goes back to one of the darkest times in american history, comparing it to when the u.s. detained japanese-americans during the post world war ii period. so saying that this order does not comply with the oath of
7:20 am
office that these diplomats instituted. so we are they're going to do with this memo, we do not know. they're considering sending it to senior leadership, and the list of diplomats and senior service officers continues to grow, carol. >> are some of these officials currently working? >> reporter: that's right, carol, this is a channel for career civil service officers to provide the leadership with an alternative view. these are sitting foreign service officers and career diplomats with a lot of concern about the new president's policy, carol. >> interesting. elise labott reporting live for us, thank you so much. democratic lawmakers are expected to protest too today after a weekend when thousands poured out to airports across the country, voicing outrage over president trump's travel ban. my next guest was among them, representative gregory meeks from new york. he's right there in the brown hat. and becca hiller is with me too,
7:21 am
part of the legal team representing two iraqi men who were blocked from entering the united states on saturday. one of those men, hamid darweesh, is seen right there. representative meeks and becca hiller, thanks for joining me. diplomats are soon going to be release this memo condemning this travel ban. >> again, you're hear from more and more americans and individuals that we have put in place to make sure we have diplomacy around the world, they know what works, what doesn't work. they're asking for help. they're putting their jobs at risk. >> you think their jobs will be at risk if they speak out? >> listen, this current president, the way he just tries to go after individuals and denies things, who knows? so i take my hat off to them for standing up. i hope my republican colleagues will do this, they have to put country before party.
7:22 am
and if you recall, many of them criticized president trump for the same policies that he's putting in place now, through the whole republican campaign. >> i want to ask you, before i get to you, becca, donald trump held a press conference, meeting with small business leaders. he said that senator chuck schumer, who became emotional over the weekend talking about the travel ban, he said those were crocodile tears, fake tears for political posturing. >> there is no political posturing. if you are a true american, if you are looking and seeing what is taking place in this country right now, those individuals who were denied access to the airport, i was at the airport on last saturday, and i saw the feeling of individuals, so many american veterans whose parents were not allowed to come in, you have to feel heartfelt, because you don't want to be
7:23 am
misinterpreted, you don't want the president's decisions in this ban to be misinterpreted that it is all americans. so it makes you feel passionate about it. that's why the people out there were passionate, because they don't want the world to think that they think like this president does. >> becca, i see you nodding. you rushed to the aid of these two iraqi men. why? >> my organization, the international refugee assistance project, had actually been representing these two men for several years. bomb were both of them were at risk for being killed because their families worked for the united states. there was a backlash against them. congress created a program to protect them because of their work with us. we had been helping them navigate that program. both had been approved but didn't have travel dates yet. as soon as we heard about this, we told them this get on a plane and get here as soon as they can. >> i'm going to interrupt you because the president is signing another executive order. let's listen in. >> in terms of regulation, we spoke to small business owners,
7:24 am
they're great people, they've been representative of the community, the small business community. if you have a regulation you want, number one, we're not going to approve it because it's already been approved probably in 17 different forms, but if we do, the only way you have a chance is we have to nothing out two regulations for every new regulation. so if there's a new regulation, we have to knock out two. but beyond that, we're cutting regulations massively for small business and for large business. they're different, but for small business. that's what this is about today. this will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen. there will be regulation, there will be control, but it will be a normalized control where you can open your business and expand your business very easily. and that's what our country has been all about. should i sign it?
7:25 am
that's great. that's a big one. do you have anything to say to the press, anybody? anybody have anything to say to the press? >> just thank you for doing this, because small business has just been buried in a tidal wave of red tape. to break that will change the world for us. thank you. >> all right, you heard small business owners with donald trump really liking what he did today. i wish i knew exactly what that executive order said, but i don't. but from my understanding at the moment, for every new regulation passed, two regulations will be required to be cut. and that is excluding the military. so, congressman, your reaction to that? is that a good idea, for every new regulation, two have to be cut? >> it seems irrational to me. you're not looking at fact,
7:26 am
you're not looking at how one affects the other, what revenue extremes it may be affecting or not. it just seems to be, completely, again, irrational, something not completely thought out, something that he probably has not had consultation with anybody, even probably anyone within his administration, less so members of congress. it seems to me he's continuing with his authoritarian traits that he seems to like. >> he's keeping his campaign promises. i don't want to get further into this, because as i said, i don't know much about it right now. i do want to go back to the temporary travel ban, becca, you brought up something quite interesting. the trump camp is saying nobody is detained any longer, everyone's been freed. you're hearing something different. >> there are people detained right now at at least four different airports. we have thousands of lawyers who have showed up of their own accord because we called them.
7:27 am
it's a movement really sustaining itself, trying to help the refugees and green card holders and others. >> where specifically are they being held, do you know? >> i imagine a lot of places, i know specifically san francisco, los angeles, houston and jfk. also i believe dc. and i'm sure there are others. >> so there are lawyers right now donating their time trying to get these people -- >> they're filing what's called a habeas corpus petition, which translates to "produce the body." you cannot hold this person for no reason. >> thank you so much for being with me today. still to come in the newsroom, attorneys are gearing up for a legal fight over president trump's travel ban. could it go all wait to the u.s. supreme court? steamfresh vegeta. wait for it. in about five minutes you get delicious, premium veggies, steamed to perfection. now! ♪ ahhhhhhhhhhh... mmmm heavenly, right? birds eye steamfresh. so veggie good.
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president trump is set to announce his pick for the u.s. supreme court tomorrow night. we do know he had narrowed his pick down to three individuals. cnn reporter arianna devogt joins us this morning. >> reporter: neil gorsuch is out of colorado. he has some religious liberty opinions conservatives like. he has two things going for him. he's only 49 years old, that makes him young, and he sailed through the confirmation hearings. in stark contrast is william pryor, he's from alabama, a very good friend of jeff sessions. he called roe v. wade an abomination. that could be a big fight when it comes to the hill.
7:33 am
finally, thomas hardiman out of pittsburgh, the first to graduate from his family from college, he drove a cab for a period of time, and sits on the bench with trump's sister. those are the three we'll be looking for to see who he sits. >> could the democrats in the end block any of these nominees? >> reporter: well, don't forget the democrats will make these hearings not only about the nominee but about the fact that merrick garland, obama's nominee, never got hearings. they plan to look at it and really go after republicans for that. schumer has said he wants a mainstream candidate. but he hasn't really defined what mainstream is. keep in mind, the democrats changed the rules in 2013 when it came to lower court judges. the question is whether the republicans this time might try to change those rules again for the supreme court. we'll have to see. >> ariane de vogue this morning,
7:34 am
thank you. could legal questions about how to resolve trump's travel ban end up before the u.s. supreme court? galoloria marshall, a constitutional law professor, joins me this morning, good morning. >> good morning. >> the trump camp says it's eminently constitutional because the president has wide authority to determine who gets to come into the united states. >> it's true, the president has this authority, this is from the alien and sedition act, going way back in history. but due process concerns are all over this executive order. in the order itself, and i've read it, it says that they don't want and should not have people in the country who don't support the constitution. that is in it. i don't know if people have actually read this executive order. there is a lot in it, things about biometrics and everything else. >> a lot of americans would say of course they shouldn't be
7:35 am
allowed in the country if they don't support our constitution. why would we want them here? >> most of the people in this country haven't even read the constitution, they don't even know what's in it, all they know is what they've heard about it. what i'm concerned about is someone visiting the country, and they have to say they support our constitution in order to visit? we're not talking about -- >> are you talking about first amendment rights? because we have a right to believe whatever we want in the united states, is that what you're talking about? >> we also have a right to petition the government for redress of grievances, rev the right to protest, we have a right to do a number of things. this executive order is so vague on its face, it's going to fall to due process issues. the concern is you can't have people coming into the country and promising they have to support the constitution based on whatever that interpretation may be. you and i both with law backgrounds can differ when it comes to what certain provisions in the constitution mean. the supreme court does it all the time. how can we say there is this test and someone has to take
7:36 am
this test to prove their loyalty to the constitution before they can go to disney world or stay as an immigrant? >> it doesn't matter how many they amend this executive order? for example, the green card issue, the select cretary of hod security said, oh, well that probably went too far, green card holders are allowed in the united states, that's fine. does it matter that they amend the executive order at all as far as constitutionality? >> there will be amendments going probably so far and so complex into amending this executive order that it will be amended out of probably what donald trump wanted it to be. especially to have a provision that speaks to supporting the constitution, and that a person cannot have engaged in any type of oppression of another person. >> so those people who were detained and possibly are still being detained, should they file suit? >> yes. this is the most litigious
7:37 am
country in the world, we have more laws than any other country. when we talk about american exceptionalism, in order for us to be exceptional, that means we can't just be like any other country. what we're doing now is exceptional on the one hand, it's putting the fear factor out there. it's also saying the ideals of america, that you can speak your own mind, that you have your own beliefs, those things are being put to the test. this executive order on its face has many due process issues we haven't even had a chance to discuss. once people actually read the executive order, they'll see exactly what i mean, especially when it comes to denying entry to people if we believe they have oppressed people based on race or ethnicity or gender. now, i'm a civil rights attorney, of course i want people in this country who support the constitution, who don't oppress other people's rights. but who is making this determination? they're also going to institute in-person interviews for each person coming in. how do we have the resources to do any of this? >> i don't know. but 16 attorneys general across
7:38 am
the united states are threatening to file suit. so it could get very interesting. >> very. >> thank you so much. just ahead in the newsroom, trump wants extreme vetting. up next, i'll talk to a syrian refugee. he'll talk about how he was vetted. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance.
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such a positive result. i'm back to working hard. i've honestly never felt this great. i believe the future of immunotherapy at ctca is very bright. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. president trump insists this temporary travel ban is needed to establish new vetting measures to keep out terror. what more can we do, what do we do? already the united states requires refugees to do a lot. they must submit an application, they have to go through security checks, they have to participate in numerous interviews, have their fingerprints taken, the list goes on and on, they have to go through homeland security and the cia and other entities as well. our guest knows this firsthand, he is a syrian refugee and he's now living in the united states. welcome. >> thank you. >> i can't help but notice your
7:43 am
scarf, why did you decide to wear that today? >> because i'm living in this country. i really love this country. so, the scarf. >> president trump says that syrian refugees, we just can't take the chance because some of them may be terrorists. how do you respond to that? >> so i left my country in 2011 and i moved to turkey after assad started. so i go to the united nations. i did a lot of interviews with them and a lot of checks. so i don't think there's anybody, like any tourism people can come to this country, because a lot of interviews, a lot of checks. >> should americans be afraid of syrian refugees? >> i don't think so. i'm living in an amazing city,
7:44 am
and a lot of people welcome me. i don't feel that at all. >> if you were back in syria, would it be safe for you? >> absolutely no. actually if i'm back to syria, there's like two places in syria, a regime area and like -- you can say it's like isis. and there's like space that's free of the army, but it's such a small space. absolutely assad will kill me because i protest him, i don't like him. isis would kill me too. there is no safe places in syria to go back. >> why did you want to come to the united states? >> this is not my option, to come. i love this country and i want to come before, like the revolution in syria, i want to come as a student.
7:45 am
i don't choose that. after interview, i received a call from them, they told me i'm accepted by united states, so i come here. >> because very, very few syrian refugees get to come to the united states, it's done by lottery, right? >> there's not a lot of refugees. there's a lot of refugees in syria and turkey, like 7 million refugees around syria and turkey and lebanon, jordan, and like the united states accepts 25,000. it's not a lot. there is a lot of people waiting f to come for a new life. >> my final question to you, what would you like, during this anxious time, for at least some americans, what would you like to say to the american people? >> to say to the american people, like i want to just -- i
7:46 am
don't like "refugee" word. i'm not happy to be a refugee. i would like to come to the united states as a visitor or like as a student. but this is not my choice, to come. i don't choose to be refugee. we don't have freedom in my country. so that's why i came here to this country. >> all right. mostafa hassoun, thank you for being with me. i'll be right back. picking up for kyle.
7:47 am
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and your true love. the ever us two-stone diamond collection. now available in earrings, bracelets rings and necklaces. one diamond for your best friend, one diamond for your true love. for the one woman...who's both. ever us. available at jared, kay and zales. hollywood took on president trump during last night's s.a.g. awards. star after star wasting no time to rip into the controversial temporary travel ban. >> good evening, fellow s.a. s.a.g./aftra members and everyone at home and everyone in airport that belong to my
7:51 am
america. >> i'm an american patriot. i love this country. because i love this country, i am horrified by its blemishes. this immigrant ban is a blemish and it is un-american. >> cnn's stephanie elam live in los angeles with more, hi, stephanie. >> reporter: hi, carol. this was front and center last night. on the red carpet, as i was talking to the celebrities making their way into the s.a.g. awards ceremony, many where speaking about it, saying if the awards show hadn't already been preplanned, they would have been out at l.a.x. protesting as well. it's not no surprise, we know hollywood leans left, they would have a problem with the travel ban that has been imposed by president trump. but there was one speech last night during the awards show that was truly impassioned. that came from david harbour after the show "stranger things" won. he talks about it sort of in character, how they would deal
7:52 am
with this on the cast of "stranger things." take a listen to what he had to say. >> through our art to battle against fear, self centeredness and exclusivity of our predominantly narcissistic culture, to cultivate a more empathic society, truths that serve as a forceful reminder to folks that when they feel broken and afraid and tired, they are not alone. >> reporter: and this all sort of goes back to what we heard meryl streep say at the golden globes with her speech and many people sort of keeping that passion going on through this awards ceremony but with a new target now with this travel ban, carol. >> all right, stephanie elam, reporting live from los angeles, thank you. the atlanta falcons in houston this morning, getting ready for a very busy week, just ahead of sunday's super bowl li. cory wire is there too, good
7:53 am
morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. super bowl week, i'm here in downtown houston. behind me is the nfl experience in the convention center, a quarter mile of fun for all ages. tonight is opening night. the patriots aren't even here in houston tonight, they're scheduled to arrive at 4:00 p.m. eastern. this morning in foxborough, fans started gathering at 6:00 a.m. for a send-off rally. tom brady addressed the crowd, so did super bowl champ ty law. >> we're going to bring back one more, i guarantee you that. >> with all that crap you got to deal with in the drawer, put it all away for one more week. rest up, hydrate, and get ready for sunday, because it's going to be a hell of a game. >> reporter: giving me
7:54 am
goosebumps, carol. yesterday i talked to team owner arthur blank, he told me head coach dan quinn asked the players' wives and significant others to join the team meeting, he wants everybody to be on the same page regarding this week's events. tonight is the first major event in super bowl week opening night, otherwise known as media night. approximately 5,000 media members will be here from all over the world. some of the media members are more entertaining than the players. you'll see leprechauns, people dancing, prancing, using puppets, anything to attract the attention of the players. i don't know what i'm going to do, but as a former player, i'll tackle them to the ground and ask them a few questions. >> please don't wear an orange outfit like that man's. >> reporter: you got it. >> although part of me would love to see that. cory wire, thanks so much. all right. before i thank you for joining me this morning, i would like to share a big life change with
7:55 am
you. this is hard. friday will be my last day at cnn. i'm not leaving the family, though, i'll be head to go los angeles to anchor a new show on hln. this is a personal decision and it was extraordinarily difficult, it was like cutting off my left arm. i have lived apart from my husband for many years. but he was always close by because he also lived on the east coast. but last year my husband snagged a fantastic job in los angeles at lmu. and i kind of miss him. i don't want to get too emotional, but i will miss you too. you have made my job easy because you are so very engaged. you talk to me when you spot me on the street, you yell at me, you hug me, i love that. you feel my social media with thoughts. and you watch. for that i will be forever grateful. i'll be here the rest of the week and i'll say my final goodbye to you on friday. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and
7:56 am
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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. breaking news, moments ago, facing fierce bipartisan criticism for his executive order banning refugees and some travel to the united states, president trump suggested there is no crying in politics, at least not where senate minority leader chuck schumer is concerned. this weekend senator schumer became emotional, promising to fight the president's ban. first watch the senator and then the president's critique. >> this executive order was mean-spirited and un-american. >> i noticed that chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach, becau


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