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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 1, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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wonderful thing that a lot of people were really worried about the former president and a spokesperson said just a moment ago that they're very pleased by the kind invitation to flip the coin and looking forward to it. >> that's awesome, so whether you're a patriots fan or a foll falcons fan you can look forward to see the former president and first lady there for the coins to. thank you so -- totsss thank yo so much. >> we have breaking news regarding the full senate vote confirmation here on rex tillerson who is up to be the next secretary of state. i have david chalian, has he been confirmed. >> reporter: he has. rex tillerson will become donald
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trump's next secretary of state i believe the vote was 46-53. i'm not sure which democrats those were, we'll be looking into see who crossed party lines to support him on the floor. but remember this is a big big win for donald trump. when rex tillerson was first put out there you remember the very public dating with mitt romney and rudy giuliani, and when he landed on the former exxonmobil. you heard a lot of concerns about the russian president, hawkish folks when it comes to russia, and all of that has been assuaged to get what looks like unanimous republican support on the floor and get him to start
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running donald trump's diplomacy. >> watching the numbers 56-43, manu. >> that's right. >> reporter: as david was saying we're seeing unanimous support behind this nominee an effort to lockdown the nominee. to actually get to it after the views on russia, after marco rubio said he was going to be supportive, john mccain said he was going to be supportive, and lindsey graham said he was going to be supportive. now the question going forward is when will he get the rest of his nominees? we heard just moments ago that two republican senators were going to vote against his education secretary nominee, betsy devos.
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senator metkowski and collins, so her nomination on shaky ground and vice president pence might have to come in to break the tie. and steve in a numnuchin, and s pruitt, among others to be finished. at the end of the day donald trump likely to get most if not all of his nominees through, brooke. >> you can tell the president is frustrated by the sand in the wheel so to speak that the democrats have been providing. thank you so much on that. and gloria borger it's fascinating, rex tillerson, the
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form former exxonmobil chief; and then juxtapose that with senator collins and merkowski saying no to the education secretary, how about that? >> at the beginning of the tillerson fight you had a lot heard by john mccain, lindsey graham and marco rubio saying i don't like him on russia and need to meet him face to face meetings. and it obviously did a lot of good. when he's dealing with putin and probably convinced them that in fact he may be a very good person to deal with putin because he understands him so well. i think with betsy devos it's a
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completely different story, she did not have a very good confirmation hearing by all accounts from members of the committee. they were unimpressed with her grasp of detail. they didn't like you know one infamous answer is perhaps we need guns in the school because in a state like montana they ne needed to keep away the gris -- grizzlies, so now they have to probably keep jeff sessions in the senate a few more days an then they have mike pence to break the tie, so they might want to skekeep ithe sessions v off the floor for a while longer. >> and then the democrats
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weren't even in the room. >> they are trying to be defiant of all things donald trump right now and you see knit tit in the protests in the sfreetreets, in grassroots, small dollar fund raising all of the activist base to have left, any fuel for the democratic party the activist base is sort of demanding the block aid of opposition that anything that donald trump is sending to capitol hill and this is where it comes a challenge to sort of figure out the which he is moves h-- chess moves and pir fights wisely. >> we also heard at the top of the white house daily briefing from donald trump's national security adviser general flynn at the briefing he had out of
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the gate very strong words for iran, defying a u.n. security council resolution. >> these are just the latest of a series of incidents in which forces that iran has trained and armed and 37threatened the unit states. the obama administration failed to respond adequately to tehran's maligned actions, including support for terrorism and other violations of international norms the trump administration condemns such actions by iran that under mines security, prosperity and stability throughout the middle east and which places american lives at risk. president trump has criticized the various agreements reached between iran and obama administration as being weak and
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ineffective instead of being thankful to the united states, iran is now feeling emboldened. as of today we are officially putting iran on notice. >> this is what iran's defense minister has said that this missile test no means a contravention from iran. obviously the u.s. very bold condemning it saying this was a provocative act. we're going to bring in general mark hurtly, but to mark and gloria, even talking to tony blinken first, what does putting iran on notice mean? >> right. it's hard to say. i think by stating it so publicly also at this press conference it's effectively saying we're watching you, we know where they stand on the iran nuclear deal, of course they don't like it.
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they want to kill it, undo it, amend it it's hard to know what they have up their sleeve but i think he's sending a very public signal saying we're watching you, we think you're violating the agreement and if you're violating the agreement then that gives us the opportunity to figure out the next steps. >> forgive me david, i've got general hurtling, we were just discussing general flynn saying we're putting iran on notice and talking to tony blinken, he said iran did this during the obama administration as well. what do you think of the response of the nsa director? >> well, i saw the written press release from the office of the national security adviser, brooke and thought it was amateurish, i'm a soldier but have been involved a lot of diplomacy and the middle east.
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this will be taken the wrong way. there's a series of things you have to do, and in a press release whether you admit it or not and that the president or ex-president didn't do it in the right way and we're putting you on notice. it's not something like a demarsh or things that most americans don't know about will cause more confusion and worse than saying we're going to draw a red line and not do anything like it because we have seen things like this in the past and it causes confusions and unfortunately has bad things happen on both sides and brings people to the foot of a war and it's not good. >> elected president trump one of the reasons precisely for this bold brash way he speaks i think half the country is
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thinking good on general flynn for saying that? >> certainly tough talk has been part of the trump approach. there's no doubt about that and i think that this tough talk is designed to buy some time for them to figure out next steps because obviously general flynn didn't go to the briefing room with an actual policy plan to unveil. it seems that it was sort of a brushback pitch in the moment an trying to buy some time. >> well, the question that i had -- i was going to ask the general -- >> sorry guys, one voice, go ahead general. >> i was going to ask the general whether you think it is provocative. >> the language provocative? >> it is very provocative language and 46% of the american people like this tough talk there's only less than 1% serving in uniform an unfortunately those are the ones that have to back up the tough
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talk so those wearing the uniform would prefer to have their leaders use a little bit more precise language and make sure you know what you're doing before you get into it, so tough talk is important, but these kind of epithets and provocative things going around, i have to ask does the commander know, know that mike flynn was about to send this message, or was he sort of like some of the thing we have seen in the last few days under cut and surprised by this. you don't want a four star commander to be shocked by the statement from the white house
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without being informed of what might happen. >> let me thank all of you. we do have a state department official. we showed you at the top of the hour the confirmation. among senators putting in place the next secretary of state rex tillerson. coming up next the white house is respondsing to new questions over the special raid in yemen. originally in a press release they called it a tremendous success despied a navy s.e.a.l. and civilians killed. how the white house responded today. coming up.
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we're back breaking news the white house now responding how they classified an orchestrated raid that left a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. dead and in their words a success.
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in yemen it is, the aqap head quarters, brave u.s. forces were instrumental in killing an estimated aqap members an c capturing important intelligence -- it goes on to condolences to the first american combat death of president trump's presidency. secretary of press sean spicer addressed the call made to owen's wife. >> you never want to call something a success 100% when someone is hurt or killed an that was the case here, but i think that when you recognize that an individual like this loved this country so much and deployed over an over again because he knew that the mission
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that he was conducting was so important to our protection our freedom, our safety and i know that when the president spoke to karen his wife and talked about you know the three children that he left behind, she continued to be impressed with, to impress upon the president rather that while it was an emotional sad time for her an her family that he loved doing this. >> let me bring in the reporter from the "washington post." thomas thank you for being with me and all of the details i read in the paper today, how did all of this come down? >> thanks for having me brooke, in the few months i understand it this was a direct action raid so putting boots on the ground
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to go after aqap militants and trie tribal leaders who just pledged allegiance to al qaeda and -- so basically the counter terrorism in the last year has sporadic, sometimes leaders of that sort are taken out, but this was done to gather intelligence, they're taking militants off the battlefield not really giving you more targets that has to be gathered so this was a raid to gather that kind of intelligence to look at it and see where those drone strikes are needed next or maybe future raids will be needed. >> so we know troops were under fire, called in an airstrike, we
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knew other u.s. members were injured. the plane crashed what happened then? >> as the article kind of shows there was a lot of friction on the ground. how that fire fight, this long gun battle kiebd of startnd of unknown, so as soon as someone immediately asks put into a situation so once that happened and you get in a gun fight and there was marines offshore whether gunships or areal jets to drop bombs so the navy s.e.a.l.s. could get out of there and including owens in the raid who later died of his wounds they would take off in
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their aircraft and link up with the marine aircraft from the gulf and were going to transfer over at a rendezvous points and that's when the -- raid went down. >> thomas thank you very much for your roreporting, the "washington post" reporting, i've david chalian still with me. following up on sean spicer, and you lost the life of mr. owens this navy s.e.a.l.s. do you still view it as a success and he was very careful to characterize and couch today. >> how doid you hear it? >> yeah, i think he completely sort of reframed the statement put out in president trump's name toeover the weekend. first words of the gate were declaring this a success and then went on to pay respects but
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the first sentence out of the gate in that written statement was declaring success, today when answering sara maury's question is you can't ever call something a 100% success when you have somebody wounded or dies, not that they have not achieved objectives of what this is about but calling it a success, leaving it with that no longer seems to be witting well at this white house. >> the reporter just said about a million things can go wrong on the ground and can multiply by a factor of ten on that. these are not video games. bad things happen sometimes. no plan survives the first
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contact. that's cliche, special operations are very, very good, delta seals, army rangers, but in this type of situation in yemen, a lot of things can go wrong and there are sometimes when you can't just do a drone strike this was a capture kill drone strike, they had the orders of both capture the individual and get intelligence linked to that. if that doesn't happen they have to kill someone, that's the secondary, but when you put social operators on the ground they know the kind of threats and the military profession is the only one who knows when you join you are possibly going to be ask to give your life. they were able to pull out a couple individuals. it was a tough fire fight.
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it was a hard landing, it's brown-out conditions, those are the things that can do wrong in the desert when you put men shooting at each other, you can never say it's going to be 100% success. . you hope for the best and unfortunately a young chief petty officer gave his life and sack fi sacrificed his life for this country. >> rex tillerson being confirmed as secretary of state. we will get live reaction from one of the department officials that was just pushed out by the trump administration.
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breaking news we're following moments ago the full u.s. senate confirmed rex tillerson as secretary of state. tillerson's confirmation comes after they quote cleaned the house at the state department. tom, thank you so much for the time. >> thank you it's an honor. >> honor is all mine. how exactly were you told by whoever above you that thanks but your service is no longer needed after 35 years? >> well all state department appoint eees confirmed tendered
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their resignations in december, and tender means they can ignore it or accept it. certainly all of us in these positions career officials that is expected that eventually our resignatio resignations accepted. i was traveling with arabs with colleagues from britain and russia in amman, jordan wednesday afternoon and instead of continuing on to a similar meeting in italy i returned immediately home, concluded by duties as of friday afternoon and cleaned out my desk yesterday. >> was that tough for you? >> it's very difficult to say goodbye to something that has been such a central part of my life. i feel like i broke my back working for the american people and yet still, i haven't fully
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paid back everything that the american people through the state department have done for me. >> wow. well, including your post there are major holes right now within management at state. i want you to tell me since you were there and you know, what's missing, i should say now secretary tillerson is going to walk in logistics, day today -- day today functioning, what's different. >> there's a difference at the policy side, but does not mean that the department is paralyzed. there are thousands of public servants in the civic service and foreign service who believe sincerely the work they do every day to serve the american people and have not stopped working.
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we look forward to getting back senate confirmed high quality appoint appointees. let me be the first to congratulate mr. tillerson. everything i have heard from his folks at exxonmobil, everything is positive. i hope that when she is welcome to the state department tomorrow, he'll make four important points, first, that he respects the work of the career diplomats and civil servants in the department, second, that he will ensure that their work is taken into account, their advice, their guidance in the implementation to have white house foreign policy, the formation implementation, third, that he will appoint people to have highest quality of the
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secretaries and secretary assistants of the department and protect employees of any threat of retribution or retaliation for the work an opinions that they share in private. >> so those are the four things that secretary tillerson should do. folding into that, he's also walking into these 900 or so diplomats, they have all this great reporting how they signed this dissent cable how they disagree with this muslim ban. and i realize -- let me play some sound and then my question for rex tillerson, because sean spicer raised some eyebrows when he said this on monday. >> i think they should either get with the program or they can go. hold on hold on. this is about the safety of america. there's a reason that the majority of americans agree with the president. it's because they understand that that's his number one priority. >> on this travel ban, sean
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spicer clarified those workers are entitled to their own opinion. here he was today. >> every eamerican has a right o speak their mind, that's one of the amaze k things of this country, through the first amendment you have the right to speak out and that's not hampered but the point i was making is that if you feel it's so -- to you, they have to care out the agenda, so people have the right to speak out, but there's a difference in not acting out an implement like the other night! what should r --. >> i know the dissent cable was
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used last june as far as syria. what does he have to do? >> first, it's got to be clear that rex tillerson is not walking into a hostile environment. there are many who want him to succeed, to make sure that we don't suffer from foreign policy malpractice, that his leadership ensure that is the president benefits from the best advice not only of what to do but thousand do it so there's no hostility towards mr. tillerson. second, i welcome the comments from mr. spicer today which i've just seen for the first time. i think that he perhaps has not done enough after many other statements by the white house team to reassure public servant as to the state department and elsewhere that there's not going to be a list of names in retribution, yes, dissent is a
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practice that has been in the department of state since 1971, this dissent channel, and it should be respected. i do regret this time around that the contents of this dissent message reached the media before they reached the secretary of acting secretary. it is essential there be a real debate and discussion how to do it and the dissent channel plays a vital role. tom countryman, thank you for your service. >> thank you it's an honor to be here. >> we are following breaking news what is being called quote a very scary situation unquote unfolding at a delaware prison.
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guards being held hostage right now. more when we come back.
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we have more breaking news today. we have just learned about this unannounced trip that president trump is making with regard to the fallen navy seal. these are pictures moments ago along side his daughter ivanka trump. jim acosta, our white house correspondent what's going on? >> reporter: right. this is happening now as we speak. the video you're watching now, brooke is the president leaving the white house with ivanka trump his daughter boarding marine one for this departure up to dover air force base for the arrival in dealing with the remains of navy s.e.a.l. william
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ryan owens killed in the raid over the weekend. this is what they call the dignified transfer of his remains and you know what we can tell you is that the president is obviously making this his first trip. this is his first trip to dover for such an occasion, but all of this was kept under wraps obviously for security reasons and so forth but we should have more information as it comes in. once we have the video or whatever video we do have from dover we'll be able to bring that to you, but this came up during the white house briefing, secretary spicer was asked about this and he's been talking about ryan owens in the last several days and sean spicer i think this was a fairly touching moment during the briefing, he talked about the 12 deployments he had throughout his career and the phone call that the president made to the wife of
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ryan owens, his wife made a point of telling the president during this phone conversation that you know her husband made this sacrifice but somethihe en doing but for the sacrifice of his country. other important items of intelligence picked up during this raid we should point out there was a little bit of a shift in the language, over the last hour, in calling this a successful raid and just a short while ago during the briefing, sean spicer said we can't call it successful if somebody was injured or lost their lives, so this is something that the president obviously wanted to do. he was very forceful about this during the campaign.
12:44 pm
honoring american troops, honoring the sacrifice of our armed services so it's not a big surprise that he's gone up to dover to do this today. >> but anyone who has ever witnessed either on tv or in person these dignified transfers to see the casket to see the president receive this man or woman in a casket draped in red, white and blue i dare anyone not to have a dry eye, so as we watch him leave there on marine one and as you pointed out the president had the phone call with chief petty officer ryan owen's widow. briefly tell me a bit more about this raid over the weekend. >> well, it was a raid that the operations and preparations raid were being made during the obama administration and what we understand talking to our sources this was handed over to the trump administration because
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of logistical reasons so the people planning the raid were waiting for the right lighting situations the moonlight to occur and so that's when all of this went down over the weekend. president trump did authorize this raid and during that mission from what we understand foreign members of al qaeda and the arabian peninsula were killed but also u.s. members wounded as well as ryan owens killed this operation. there was also a technical problem used during the mission and according to our sources to be unrelated to the fire, but we're told that the daughter of the terrorist killed in a drone strike back in 2011, that his
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eight-year-old daughter was killed during this raid so there were civilian casualties in all of this, so it is a situation that perhaps the word successful should not be attached to it because of the loss of an american life, but as sean spicer said during the briefing and from what we understand talking to our sources, brooke, there was important intelligence gathered that u.s. officials believe will pay dividends down the road. >> thank you very much. the president and daughter are in route to dover. let's please show his picture one more time. chief petty officer, ryan owens, deployed 12 times, killed in yemen.
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if we end up with the same gridlock that they've had in washington for the last, longer than eight years, in all fairness to president obama, a lot longer than eight years. if we end up with that gridlock, if you can, mitch, go nuclear because that would be a absolute shame if a man of this quality
12:51 pm
was caught up in the web. so, i would say it's up to mitch, but i would say go for it. >> mitch being senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. 60 votes, that's what republicans need to affirm kneel gorsuch. 50 republicans in the senate so they would have to win over eight democrats to reach that magic number of 60. keep this in mind. thanks to our lovely map, you'll see ten senate democrats will soon face reelection battles in states where trump decisively won. so, if the republicans can't quite get to that 60 number, president trump as you just heard has told republican leaders to invoke the so-called nuclear option, ditching that 60-vote requirement, replacing it with an up or down vote which only requires 51 to confirm. both parties have long resisted that option because it would change actually the confirmation process for future supreme court nominees. here is what one democratic senator told our manu raju. >> i believe there must be a
12:52 pm
60-vote threshold as there has been for all of the recent supreme court nominees, including all of president obama's nominees. keg an and soto mayor both were approved by that kind of 60-vote margin. the reason is very simply. the supreme court is different. it's a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land with awesome power. and that appointment ought to be by a broad national consensus. >> let's talk this over with keith boykin, cnn political commentator strategist, and steve dais, syndicated radio talk show host. gentlemen, good to have both of you on. >> good to be here. >> thank you. >> keither let me begin with you. you heard senator blumenthal. is it worth the fight for democrats to go all out, this one seat would not change the balance of power? >> i think, brooke, it's the
12:53 pm
principle that matters here. it was a year ago this month when president obama nominated merrick garland to be a supreme court justice. the republican party, before the nomination was even announced, decided they were going to block his nomination. and for the past 350 days or so, the republicans refused to even hold hearings. they refused to even meet with president obama's nominee. the idea that donald trump then would come in office after losing the popular vote and then suddenly the republicans decide they want to expedite the process for a supreme court nomination, i just think that that's unprecedented and it's rewarding the republican party's obstruction. and the democrats should not do that. >> steve, what's your response to that? >> i think the american people already rewarded the republican party's obstruction in november. i think if they wanted merrick garland on the supreme court they would have elected hillary clinton, but they did not. so, they wanted donald trump to make those nominations instead.
12:54 pm
in fact, brooke, when you look at the exit polling, the number two issue were judicial appointments. it ranked only behind the economy. trump won those voters by 15 points. i think this is following perfectly in line with what the people wanted in november. >> the minority of people who voted for him. >> keith, i think that i hear you -- they're picked off about the merrick garland thing. they have a fired up base. you have as pointed out these ten democratic senators in these trump states where they're up for battle in two years. and if you're one of these democratic senators, what would you do? >> well, brooke, i think the thing that gets ignored a lot of times when we talk about these issues for democratic senators and members of congress is that the base of democrats are more likely and more enthusiastic about supporting democrats who stand up for democratic values. democrats who are sort of milk toast in the middle of the road don't get the enthusiastic support that other democrats do if they know -- if you have somebody who is going to fight
12:55 pm
for you as opposed to somebody who is going to give up and abandon ship every time there is a little bit of a controversy, democrats will support the person who will fight for them. i think there is a reward for those democratic senators who decide to stand up and do the right thing and not to reward the republican party's obstruction of merrick garland. >> okay. steve, we've talked before and if memory serves you weren't exactly the biggest trump fan. with all of this in the bloodstream, do you think that this will further unite the republican party? >> i don't think there is any question about it. you know, i have to kind of smile. democrats do this very well. brooke, this is all masterpiece theater. this is all political theater. they don't have the political capital to fight this. this is really a warm up for what's to come. the real fight will be when begins berg and/or kennedy retire because that's your fifth vote against rowe potentially. that will be the real fight. kneel gorsuch is going to have a fake fight and will ultimately be confirmed, i predict, and it won't require a nuclear option. for goodness sakes, brooke,
12:56 pm
obama's former solicitor general endorsed him. i saw a leftist personality, she called him, quote, mainstream. that has me me rethinking my own thoughts of neil gorsuch, for goodness sake. >> i went to law school with him. he's conservative. analysts have shown he would be more conservative than antonin scalia has been. >> that make you feel bet er? >> my beating heart. >> i think that's good for you, but that's not what the american people who voted against donald trump, i don't think that's what they wanted. and i think it still -- >> may not be the majority in california that voted against donald trump. >> don't get into the conspiracy theories. it's still unfair that the republicans are crying crocodile tears. people like john mccain and ted cruz and mitch mcconnell who did everything they could to obstruct president obama's lawful nomination, and now suddenly they're upset that the democrats simply want to hold them accountable and hold them
12:57 pm
to the same standard they did for merrick garland. this cannot continue this way and the republican party has an obligation to present a compromise candidate. donald trump who lost the majority of the vote should have presented a compromise candidate, not some conservative ideologue. >> steve, thank you. we'll see how big of a fight this is. coming up, let's talk about this prison hostage situation here in delaware. apparently inmates have taken some correctional officers hostage. we have an update on what's happening there next. you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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1:00 pm
as a precaution, all level five prisons in the state are on lock down there. updates as we get them here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you always for being with me. in washington, "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> thanks, brooke. it's the super bowl of political battles. i'll bring the case. "the lead" starts right now. bad blood on capitol hill, democrats boycotting president trump's nominees and the republicans therefore changing the rules. is this a sign of dysfunction to come? for president trump's supreme court pick? just days into the trump administration, putin's buddies across the border sparking new violence in ukraine. soldiers killed, families, including dozens of children on the run. how will president trump respond if at all? plus, new york state of mind. new information on whether the first lady, melania trump, plans to take you up residence in the white house.