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tv   New Day  CNN  February 2, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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staunch ally. mr. trump had rough words for the president of mexico last friday letting him know he has done a terrible job knocking out the tough hombres. the administration test firing of ballistic missile. it is not clear on what on notice means. we're entering day 14 of the trump white house and we have every angle covered from cnn to australia. what's the latest. >> allison, good morning. this is all coming from that series of phone calls that the president had last week. on saturday, if you'll remember he had five phone calls with foreign leaders but it is the australian phone call with the australian prime minister that's really raising serious questions about the long standing relationship the u.s. has with australia. now we are told this conversation ended abruptly.
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very abruptly all over refugees. the president was questioning what the obama administration has done in terms of allowing some refugees to come. this call from the white house was totally different. it says president donald trump and australian prime minister for 25 minutes today. both emphasized the enduring strength of the relationship. it actually ended abruptly and all of this is happening as the mexican relationship also new controversy as well this morning because of an excerpt released from that phone call on friday with the mexican leader. take a look at this excerpt provided to us. this is what the he says to the mexican president. we're willing to help with that
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big league and you have not done a good job knocking them out. so this is something the white house is going to be answering questions about today. they did not want to be talking about this but this diplomacy is worrying so many members of the national security council and others and just these relationships the u.s. has. these are our alabama lice we're talking about. not our foes. >> we'll discuss this difference between the propaganda from the white house and what actually happened in important calls but also breaking news in the u.s. raid in yemen. new details about this fire fight that was supposed to be targeting al qaeda. ryan brown is live in washington with the latest. >> that's right. it's to gather as much evidence
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to facilitate future drone strikes and raids down the road. this operation was month in the making and months in planning during the obama administration but because of operational requirements it was delayed until the trump administration and president trump green lit it. they needed moonless night in order to help conceal their approach to the al qaeda compound. despite that al qaeda detected the special operations forces and defense fire fight broke out. small arms fire, grenades, close air strikes and one of those strikes resulted in what military officials believe is a high number of civilian causalities when shooting at u.s. troops and air strikes struck the building. the intelligence gathered is already yielding valuable insight into al qaeda and it's future terror operation. >> thank you very much for all of that reporting. we have so much to talk about.
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let's bring in our panel. >> i want to start with you. let's talk about australia. so no surprise that president trump would not want to honor an agreement that president obama put in place with australia about taking these 1200 refugees but they had a very contentious according to the leaks that had come out about this phone call conversation between president trump, the prime minister of australia. so what does this mean if he says we're not going to take it and doesn't honor whatever diplomacy is in place. >> a couple of things. when you look at the intelligence relationship it's defined by his relationship. it's the closest ties we have to the english speaking country. the canadians, the british, the australians. if you're in the intelligence business or national security business broadly you're looking at this scratching your head
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saying i can see crossing sword with the iranians but why are you alienating those alabama lice we have. if you're rex tillerson you have to be looking at your desk saying can you stop giving me problems? that's within 13 days. he has to be saying i have to figure out how to put america first and you're putting me on the back foot with allies not to mention enemies. >> no question about that. so propaganda is what i called it at the top of the show. that's what it is. information put out there to motivate a certain perspective of reality. that's not new for a white house to do but early on with the big questions about how president trump would behave with foreign parties. one thing about how he treats us
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but how he treats a foreign leader with their own military and needs, how concerning is the discrepancy between what the white house says happened and what really happened in the phone calls? >> it shouldn't be surprising to anybody that this conversation happened and that we know about it. this is what president trump told the american electorate he was going to do as president. he was going to tell our allies that they have been free loading and that we have been agreeing to things that benefitted them and not us so i have no doubt that they wanted this to get out there because this is what he said he would do. i don't think the issue is does he want to renegotiate an agreement with an ally. president obama did that. president obama came in and didn't like that and wanted to redo our relationship with russia. when you have such a close ally in a part of the world that can
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use help with china and and let it get out there. it's going to make some people in the u.s. very happy. >> the reality of it was part of the leak. do you think that the leak was orchestrated by the white house. >> based on the reporters that broke the story and based on the fact that they had a lot of details to me it strikes me as if they wanted this out there because this is the image that the president ran on. >> i think that some of the quotes in there from the president talking about how this is the worst yet and talking about his crowd size i don't think that's a detail that the white house wants out so i'm not convinced this was done
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officially. look in terms of the president of mexico i think a lot of that was intentionally relayed. this one seemed a little bit different and you are correct it was more the style but the style is unusual to be talking to a foreign leader about how big your crowds are on inauguration day that's not particularly interesting to somebody. >> if this call was leaked this was in the oval office. there were only a hand full, steve bannon, donald trump, i don't know who else would be in there, maybe four people. >> hold on a second. >> phil may have some idea about who else may be on there. >> i've served at the white house. i don't know how the trump white house is operating but there's more people in the room.
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if you have for example specialists on the relationship with australia and the national security council they'll be listening on the call as well so don't assume the people in the room are the only people listening in on this call. the president has a lot of people on his phone. >> good to know. very good detail. >> i don't see how the portrayal of that phone call was helpful to the white house. i don't. i don't see how the details of the phone call are helpful. it's in keeping with what the president said he would do but it's also why the sanitized version of this as a productive call is not useful for the white house. had they initially put it out as president trump made clear his view on this particular issue that he talked about in the campaign and that he has already been pretty forceful about in office then i think they would have had control of it. part of their problem and i hate to put everything in terms of communication here but they have had trouble articulating a communication strategy. they had trouble putting out whatever story they want to put
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out and framing it and shaping it. instead they are losing control essentially of the narrative of their white house within the first two weeks. >> we want to stick with you about yemen. the story line about the raid and who was killed that's also not what they would want out there but we do know details about it. >> and they're troubling and two of my colleagues reported a decision for this raid was made essentially over dinner in the last couple of days so you're seeing an unusual approach to this and it also resulted in the death of a child. again to your point, the fact that the administration has not been more forth coming and has
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not moved to try to get control of this, some of this is understandable and they don't know everything yet and they may be trying to get to understand them when they can but this is unhelpful to an administration in it's first month. >> one of the first things they put out is that it was approved by the obama administration and they just green lighted it on their watch here but it wasn't of their conception. obviously that's something that people can digest the way they want. but we all know the expression, news is what the powerful want to keep hidden. that's not a new dynamic but when you see these events coming out, how porn is this right now to this difference between what the white house is saying is happening and what is actually happening with foreign leaders. >> there's a couple of audiences here. to maggie's point, he does look tough, however if you're looking at the broader global community trump threatening to invade mexico isn't really something that looks hinged and so there
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is this concern around the world as to his temperament and as to how he will handle all of these things going forward. what if something happens. right now the white house is creating chaos. what happens when chaos happens? that they do not control? that's the open question and that's when it tests a white house's metal. >> thank you very much. >> there's another story for us to talk about here. first we have that iran had been put on notice. what does that mean? the white house says it is in deliberations rangers t deliberative mode. we'll talk about that. peaceful protests turned violent on the campus of the university of california berkeley forcing the cancellation of a scheduled speech.
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the no question that the person that was going to speak is controversial but turning to violence becomes a crime. it's never protest. >> that's right. first of all we should point out that order has been restored to the u.c. berkeley campus but obviously you have a lot of tension when you have this group of anarchists and we're talk about 150 out of a group of about 1500 peaceful protestors. they started smashing windows and lit fires and at one point things got so chaotic that university police had to put the campus under lock down and officers fired pepper spray into the crowd and rubber bullets to bring things under control. leading up to this event there's a group of students pushing the university to cancel the appearance of milo yiannopoulos.
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it's national security advisor slamming the test of a ballistic missile saying teheran is now officially on notice. what does that mean? jeff is live at the white house with all the details. >> the white house is putting iran on notice but we don't know specific details of what that means. this all comes after test firing of the ballistic missiles but take a look at what the national security advisor said yesterday. >> president trump severely criticized the various agreements reached between iran, the obama administration as well as the united nations as being weak and ineffective. instead of being ankled to the united states in these agreements iran is feeling
3:19 am
emotio embolden. as of today we're officially putting iran on notice. >> what does that mean? that's a question the white house is going to answer today but some lawmakers very concerned about this rhetoric here and is this a verbal red line if you will and will the u.s. have to back up this talk with action? all of those questions this morning. >> it is ground hog day and once again we do wake up with a major provocation from the president and now we have to figure out it's implications. let's bring back our panel. maggie w the australian prime minister, okay. there was a disconnect between what the white house said happened and how harsh it was on the call but trump had high ground in one respect. he doesn't like that program. he doesn't want these kinds of people in this country. he got the number wrong but there was some there in terms of why he would be pushing back. when it comes to iran, what do you see as the dynamic here that can benefit the u.s. by provoking iran and seeing what they'll do? >> there's a couple of things at
3:20 am
play here and i actually think it's more of a middle road than eight piers despite the rhetoric. the rhetoric is compared to what the white house has said on what is happening in ukraine which is different and important comparison. in this case, this is a way for the trump administration to essentially rattle a little bit but also reassure nations in the middle east that are not happy with iran and were not subject of this travel ban and essentially keeps them a bit more on the united states side and it's also a way to signal and call on him to rip up the iran deal which he has said he will do. he has not made a move for that yet. >> the administration is quick to say that stands on its own. that deal. so this is about something else. >> that is true but a few things can be completely untangled and that's part of what this is about but i think that we will wait and see what the unintended consequences of this could be
3:21 am
and in the interim we don't know a lot about what that means. if this is a verbal red line, the previous administration also had a red line and that didn't end up meaning much so we'll see. >> we do know a little bit more about what the administration thinks it's means because this deputy assistant to president trump, part of the strategic initiative talked about what he thinks this message s. listen to this. >> his name is donald j. trump and we're not going to follow the policies of the prior administration which really facilitated iran in terms of getting more muscular and releasing those billions of dollars so it's sending a very simple message. this is a new dawn, a new day for relations with iran. >> so this is messaging. >> i hope rex tillerson was given a broom at least, you know. seriously. this is yet another thing.
3:22 am
he wasn't even confirmed yet and flynn was at the microphone so this is something he is going to have to deal with right out of the gate and again something we were talking about earlier, what happen with russia? russia is going to have to back up the united states if they decide to go after iran. i don't know that they know that russia would back up the u.s. >> you have president trump saying iran has been eating up more and more of iraq. iran was planning a role in syria. the u.s. stood by and did nothing. not on my watch. so what has to happen here for this to be okay. isn't he allowed to talk tough to people? he said he would. >> he is allowed to talk tough to people and allowed to talk tough specifically to argue adversaries and they have done nothing but undermine u.s. policies and influence in the middle east. there's nothing wrong with a new president coming in and telling the world's biggest state sponsor of terror that is responsible probably for the death of american servicemen and
3:23 am
people in the middle east we're not going to take it anymore. the issue is, is it followed up by a coherent policy. we'll have our alabama lice in the east that are very concerned and have a lot of problems with president obama's soft approach to iran. i'm not talking about israel. we're talk about saudi arabia and other alabama lice in the middle east. the question is what are they going to follow it up with. tough talk alone gets you know where. >> as you told us in the last segment this is welcome to the state department secretary tillerson. mexico online one, australia line two, iran online three, please hold so. >> and russia is listening to all of us. >> china isn't calling you back. >> where to begin phil. >> one of the places i begin as an angle, the white house is having one of the first visitors
3:24 am
in a week. he went around the white house to talk to congress on issues like iran. one of the things you're thinking about if you're rex tillerson is what just happened with general flynn out of the white house yesterday is not just rhetoric. netanyahu will take that. he wants action on the iranian nuclear program and missiles. they're a threat to israel. he's not going to let that issue drop and i'll bet you in a couple of weeks he throws that language right back into the white house and he's going to say what do you mean and he's going to see some follow up in ways we wouldn't see if the white house thinks that phrase would be forgotten. >> hey, phil, there has been talk about how iran's on the checklist of why the trump administration is going at iran, their support of rebels in yemen. are you concerned about what they represent in yemen and what happened with the navy s.e.a.l. chief in terms of the threat that iran posts? >> i don't think if we look at
3:25 am
the problem in yemen that should be number one on our concern. look at the threats to shipping and the u.s. military and navy and the straight where a lot of oil moves through. look at the nuclear deal that is obviously under debate and ballistic missile threats we have seen. the instability in yemen is significant because it allows for al qaeda what has tried to threaten the united states but in contrast to what we're seeing with missiles and threats to the navy i wouldn't put the yemen problem on the same level. >> maggie, this is the second week of the trump presidency. it's been dizzing. now his cabinet is coming to take shake things change. >> i think the major question and i think this has been a fairly under reported story yes
3:26 am
but it will take some time. these ranks in a lot of these departments are empty and that is going to take some time to get those folks in there. they're going to carrie out what the administration wants in terms of policy with what the government is used to and i think until you see that happen you're going to still have a lot of ear gears grinding in a lot of these kinds of leaks because you are seeing federal worker who is are very frustrated that clearly feel targeted. it was a very ill advised moment at the podium so i think that yes is the answer and it's a sigh of relief that are concerned about what they're seeing right now and it's going to take time to move. >> we have also seen with the executive order on the travel ban that they're okay going it alone also. maybe they'll wind up pushing back saying they're not getting it. tough talk leads to tension,
3:27 am
requires tactics. that's old school military speak. what do you think the trump white house is ready to do tactically to back up trump's talk. that's the new challenge for them. it's no longer a campaign. now you have to do something based on what you say. >> what we're still trying to figure out here is how much the trump team in the white house looks at it as tactics. there's this belief when you work in business that the problem with government is that somebody doesn't simply take charge and act in accordance with common sense you need to
3:28 am
coordinate and communicate. it's about running a team and not just managing a brand. i don't think we have yet figured out even once trump gets his team in place, which doesn't matter, how much we're going to see a white house that's not so centralized as it is now and a white house that understands that they need to work with people versus going it alone. >> thank you. we'll have much more on the diplomatic dust ups but first a bruising battle on capitol hill continues to develop over several key cabinet choices. democrats gearing up for the ultimate fight against mr. trump's supreme court nominee. will they derail? we look at that next. uhh, this is never easy, sugar, but your position here has been made redundant. what? who's replacing me? splenda naturals? well...
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it is now official. former exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson is the new secretary of state but battles rage on over other key cabinet posts. democrats also preparing for a major battle over the supreme court nominee with mr. trump suggesting republicans go nuclear to get him confirmed. cnn is live on capitol hill.
3:33 am
what's his state of play? >> likely be aimed at their contentious day here on capitol hill. it's notable that rex tillerson became the 6th cabinet official in place but there's still many members of donald trump's potential cabinet still hanging in the balance up here on capitol hill and we have democrats digging in even more throwing down obstacles at every place they can to delay the process and the white house is losing patience calling these moves by the democrats childish republicans on the senate finance committee extending committee rules. and tom price as health and human services secretary. the measure coming after democrats demanded additional information on the nominees and boycotted when they didn't get
3:34 am
it but they did delay the vote for president trump's epa choice scott prugh wet. >> i cannot participate in anyway possible with moving someone along that has not allowed a thorough vetting. >> they are doing their constituents a service by resorting to these private tactics. >> front and center with tempers flairing ahead of the confirmation vote for the president's attorney general nominee, senator jeff sessions. >> i object to the senator disparaging a fellow member of the committee here in his absence. >> lawmakers erupting in a bitter exchange over senator ted cruz differing opinions. there's just one problem, cruz wasn't in the room. >> cruz did the very thing that he is accusing me of doing. in my absence he misrepresented
3:35 am
me. he personally my integrity. you didn't object then, did you? >> another fight with democrats are brewing over trump's supreme court pick for judge nei neineil neil gorsuch but republicans could cut democrats out all together changing long standing senate rules to just 51 required vot votes. >> her nomination is now on shaky ground. this would lead to a 50/50 tie with senator sessions casting his vote for her before he is confirmed for attorney general. this all boils down to the fact that vice president mike pence will likely have to step in and cast his ballot breaking the tie
3:36 am
in his capacity as president of the senate. >> yes, that will be an interesting one to watch today. thank you very much. where is this headed? we get the answer from president obama's former deputy secretary of state. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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president trump clashing with the australian prime minister over an agreement with refugees. what's been the reaction in australia? live from sidney. what's happening there? >> well, allison, it's being met with shock and dismay that president trump could publicly humiliate australia's prime minister and trash an alliance that dates back to world war ii. america and australia share a close relationship but that seems to matter little to america's new president. the prime minister was concerned this deal was done. it was a deal signed with president obama day bfrs the u.s. election in november where
3:41 am
america was willing to accept 1250 refugees and these are people living in appalling conditions that are not allowed into australia because they have come here by boat and refuse entry. r part of australia's hard line immigration policy but we're now learning that trump has not signed off on his deal and that occurred from his tweet that we learned of and i'll just read that tweet to you. it says do you believe it. the obama administration agreed to take thousands of legal immigrants from australia. shock and dismay that the president of the united states has reacted this way to what is thought to be a dumb deal.
3:42 am
former deputy national security advisor. good morning, tony. >> good morning. >> let's talk about it to begin with. president trump doesn't like this deal president obama had with australia taking in 1,250 refugees on an island off of australia's coast. he doesn't like it. he thinks that it somehow would make tuch make the u.s. more dangerous. now what? >> we probably shouldn't be picking fights with our closest friends. australia is among our closest friends. fighting side by side with our own around the world for decades this is important to the prime minister and helps solve a problem he has on his hands. we made a commitment to help out and the important thing here is
3:43 am
these are refugees and not immigrants as the president suggested. that means the process to bring them into the united states is going to take a long time. they'll be very carefully vetted and we're talking about women and children and folks fleeing, terrorism fleeing violence in the middle east. >> but given the phobias in the united states and his mandate the president is allowed to not like the deal. the question becomes how does he go about expressing that and what does that mean? how big a deal is it if you have a tough conversation with an ally early on? >> first we have seen a series of apparently tough conversations with the mexicans about building the wall. now with the australians about this refugee deal. so we seem to be getting into scrapes with friends and partners on pretty much every continent and given the challenges that we face and the threats we have around the world picking fight with our friends
3:44 am
is not a good way to start. >> so president trump is also talking about iran and you heard general flynn come out and say iran is now on notice. what does that mean to you? >> i'd love the answer to that myself and it's not clear. i expect people will be ask that today at the white house briefing. iran has been testing missiles for sometime. they were doing it before the nuclear deal was reached and they were doing it while the nuclear deal was negotiated so the right thing to do is to take this to the united nations. >> what do you think about the president's way of handling this. he has been tweeting about it
3:45 am
this morning but we'll put up a couple of his most recent tweets on iran. he says iran has been on notice for firing a ballistic missile. should have been thankful for the terrible deal the u.s. made with them. >> it goes on. iran was on its last legs and ready to collapse until the u.s. came along and gave it a lifeline in the form of the iran deal $150 billion what is your response? >> the deal with iran took away the prospect of iran getting a nuclear weapon any time soon and puts that far into the future. the threat that iran already poses is much less than it otherwise would have been in the absence of the deal and we had an opportunity to talk about this before. it's a lot less than $150 billion. looking at a few billion dollars that wound up in iran that had huge debts to pay. >> so in terms of how this moves
3:46 am
forward, what is your concern? so trump says obama administration was too soft on iran save them that deal and let them get away with whatever they want. not on my watch. if they do this something is going to happen and they're figuring out what. what don't you like about that? >> here's the challenge. when you start to talk tough and make open ended threats then the pressure builds to put these behind the words and that can be very tricky. it's absolutely right to stand up to iran we have about 20% of the oil going through every single day and getting into an altercation there could have a
3:47 am
real impact on the economy so you have to be very deliberate about these things and the right thing to do, again t administration did it is they went to the security council on this question. >> we've seen a major strike in violence coming from the separatists backed by russia. it seems that they're seeing how far they can go knowing that president trump talked about lifting sanctions imposed on russia for its aggression in ukraine. that's dangerous because it risks sparking it and it's striking that the administration doesn't seem to care about it. what russia is doing in ukraine is basically undermining the entire international order that we built up over the last 7 years. it's breaking the very basic
3:48 am
principles that we put in place. one country doesn't go and change the boarders of another country by force and it doesn't tell it's people what their future is and who they can associate it with and who they can partner with. that's what has been happening with ukraine. >> there's one question about why our new president seems to have been sheltering russia from responsibility for its acts whether it's hacking in the united states or what happened in ukraine but there's a history to this and it was a civil war going on there with russian backed separatists but the obama administration didn't give the kinds of weapons that the ukraine government was asking for to defend themselves so it wasn't their share of responsibility for not being tough with russia on this situation. >> i have to say, we lead the international effort to impose severe sanctions.
3:49 am
but their military has been strengthened with the result of the cooperation over the last two or three years. >> we appreciate getting your perspective. >> all right. confirmation confrontation. things getting heated in a senate hearing for one of the president's cabinet picks. we'll get reaction from law makers on the hill, just ahead. taxes. n come on! with t-mobile one, taxes and fees are now included! get 4 lines of unlimited lte data for 40 bucks each. that's right - all unlimited. all in! and now, for a limited time save more than you pay in taxes on all smartphones. so switch to t-mobile and save hundreds vs. the other guys. it's better than a tax holiday!
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more on this morning's bleacher report. good question. >> yeah. chris i was at the press conference yesterday. patriot's owner robert craft was sitting in the very first row. now goodell has not gone to a game at foxboro the last two seasons. even choosing to go to atlanta as opposed to seeing the patriots play at home and patriots fans are at war with roger goodell and the commissioner was asked yesterday is he avoiding going to foxboro. >> i would tell you that it's not awkward at all for me. i was in boston two seasons ago
3:54 am
for two consecutive playoff games. the same way i was in atlanta. if i'm invited back to foxboro i'll come. >> at the news conference robert kraft did invite goodell to a game next season. there's a question on which side president trump is on in this spat. revealing yesterday that back in 2015 president trump said the commissioner is a weak guy. the commissioner is a dope. he's a stupid guy. president trump is known to have a great relationship with tom brady, bill belichick and robert craft and when asked roger goodell chose not to answer that question instead saying that the super bowl this weekend is going to bring the country together. >> i like the word dope. i don't use it enough. >> i'm not sure that i've ever used it.
3:55 am
>> for our international viewers thank you for joining us. cnn newsroom begins for you after the break. for viewers in the u.s. we have new details about president trump's heating phone call with the prime minister. what does this mean for our relationship with one of our strongest allies? heads up - we're going back to '77. disco. bellbottoms. and ford f-series starts its epic run as the best-selling trucks in america. fast-forward to 2017. f-series is still king. for 40... straight... years. how? rock-solid durability. up-to-the-nanosecond technology. and jaw-dropping capability. no wonder the competition hasn't had been number one since... these. ford f-series. america's best-selling trucks for 40 straight years.
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abdominayou may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and riteaid. a very tense call between donald trump and the prime minister. >> the president said to the mexican president, you may have some pretty tough ombres but you have not done a good job knocking them out. >> new details about the raid that killed a navy s.e.a.l. in yemen. >> war has costs and things will go wrong. >> i cannot participate moving someone along that has not
4:00 am
allowed thorough vetting. >> i would say to my colleagues you're making yourselves look bad. >> this is new day. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. the white house beginning another day with diplomatic tension over a phone call on saturday between the president and the prime minister of australia. mr. trump also telling that country's president that he is doing a terrible job with tough hombres. >> tough talk for iran as well. the president's new national security advisor warned the iranians they're on notice for testing a ballistic missile. the white house not elaborating on how it will walk that talk but trump has been using the term this morning on twitter. all of this happening before rex tillerson begins his first day as secre


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