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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 3, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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eablcher report, special kickoff tomorrow 2:30 right here on cnn. that's it for me, i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room" the news continues right now on cnn. all right, wolf thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. happy friday, lots to get to. the trump administration has slapped these new sanctions on iran. president trump saying iran is quote not behaving and issuing a warning on twitter that iran is playing with fire. >> today, sanctioned 25 entities that support the ballistic program and missionary force, these are in response to iran's on goigoing ballistic testing, january 29, 2017 as well as
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tehran's support for terrorism. >> this is just the latest in the valve laavalanche, by the t administration, including israel's plans for potential settlements in the east bank and russia and interference with crimea, some notice these are notably similar to those made by the obama administration made before them. let's begin with michelle kosinski. first talk us through this missile test in trump administration response? >> reporter: so the trump administration has made that messaging very tough not only in statements but in person and of course in those tweets that you read, so they want the message to be out there as one member of the administration pointed, an advisor saying there's a new
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sheriff in town his name is donald trump and they're not going to do things like the prior administration did. so that's really the crux of the message. they want to show they're willing to act quickly so enact these sanctions today on 25 individuals an entities that have some hand in iran's ballistic program including the revolutionary guards, but when you look at these things how much will this effect iran, how much business are these foreign entities doing with american companies or individuals? the answer to that is pretty minimal, so analysts see this as mostly symbolic this is kind of a first step in what would be many steps to get to some response that would really hit iran to the point that their economy or something else would feel it. but, the message is sent. now you see this back and forth, so i think on the one hand you could say this is a strange new
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form of diplomacy by tweet. that it is something of an escalation at least in the rhetoric and we are seeing action in the form of sanctions, that's the same thing that the obama administration did just last year after another missile launch, so is this going to lead to something much more volatile? it's not necessarily the case, that's always the risk though when you have each side digging in its heels this way. >> as sean spicer mentioned it was already in the pipeline but to your point of the red line and what's next, michelle thank you, meanwhile iran's foreign minister is responding to what he's calling a threat from donald trump. let's go to cla risrissaclariss. >> reporter: i think you have
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two responses kind of coming out of iran. the response to the outside world. we have seen iran's foreign minister taking to twitter saying he won't be threatened but at the same time also and almost conciliatory tone saying this is only for defensive purposes we have no attention of attacking any over country, reiterating this idea that the testing of this ballistic missile does not in any way contravene the iran nuclear deal so you have that message going out to the world then you have what the eiranian telling, we have heard a top advisor to the supreme leader warning president trump essentially about what he called breathless ranting. he also warned him about quote mab making a toy out of himself.
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he dismissed national security adviser michael flynn as an inexperienced person who has made an illogical claim and that same advisor said let's be clear we're going to keep testing these missiles as much as we want to so are they trying to bring about some direct conflict with the u.s.? unlikely, but it's important to show that they're not going to be pushed around. remember, this comes on the heels of iranians being banned coming to the u.s. at the end of the day, brooke, neither side is talking at this stage about dismantling the iran nuclear deal. >> which is two separate issues. fears confleeting the two, the missile test and the iran
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nuclear deal. stay with me, i have jim sciutto standing by. and columnist at usa today. let me begin with you, it's like this crescendo, saying we are putting iran on notice. and aka there's a new sheriff in town, then new sanctions, he says nothing is off the table, that last question as he was doing that harley davidson meeting when it comes to military action. >> how are we going to get anybody else go along with these sanctions? sanctions are fine, they were started by the obama administration, so they flip the switch and turned it over today. but what's interesting is the sanctions don't work well on their own and when we had them
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in fek befo in affect before the nuclear deal, none of these countries are going along with these new sanctions because they like the sanctions because they can do big business with iran, do business and banking with them, so these sanctions are kind of a little slap on the wrist if you will and at least the iranians would see them that way. >> what do you think about don't read too much into this rhetoric, jim? >> it's not clear what the policy is because you're getting different signals from tweets then from the actual policy moves. if you look at the bottom line so far keep in mind we're only two weeks into the administration, the trump policy toward iran is not that substantively different from the obama administration approach to
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iran, right? >> right. >> you're using sanctions as a tool, a punishment in affect, a penalty a ratcheting up sanctio sanctions begun under the obama administration, as far as the iran nuclear deal is concerned president trump while campaigning often talked about tearing it up and now giving signals well, that stays in place but we'll be tougher in other ways so that's not a dramatic or 190 degree turn from the obama administration so far, but as a lot of things talking a iran, russia or elsewhere, it hasn't been articulated by the administration. >> we know the white house has warned israel to stop announcing
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these new settlements, but future, that that would hurt, the president is all about peace. i want to play this, despite the trump transition team blasting the obama administration for allowing a u.n. security council resolution condemning them back in december. >> you said they were not an impediment to peace but also don't want them building new ones. >> right. the statement is very clear and that, we don't believe the existing settlements beyond are not going to be helpful going forward. >> reporter: once again there seems to be a pivot where the policy doesn't sound that different from what the obama administration had been. the obama administration was using tougher words i think it's
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almost timid to say it may not be helpful, but what he is telegraphing is let's put the brakes on here, buddy, because there's two weeks we'll meet face to face, they are giving them carte blanche to i think 6,000 new homes in the last two weeks, president netanyahu announcing a creation of new settlement, that hasn't happened in twenty years, israel was trying to get in as many settlements as it could and is a signal saying this may not be quite as different from the obama administration as we thought. what's interesting to ask is this a real pivot or influences of secretary tillerson trying to push for a more modest foreign
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policy and we just don't know that yet, brooke. >> is david, the question to you, how will this play into that, a, and b how the president has burned into a will the of his diplomatic -- >> no one really knows exactly how he's going to react. for example we have the settlements, right we have to think back on this the gentleman he's designated his ambassador to israel, david freeman, he's a major supporter of the settlement concept, not only that he wants to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which is an anathema. they say he's going to live in
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jerusalem which is really putting everybody on edge. and trump wants to be the great peacemaker between the israelis and palestinians, the pal assistant state's attorneyiapal palestinians are not going to come to the table. >> this is the latest chapter in what's been a confusing response to this raid. the first military operation ordered under the trump administration this was last sunday, you will remember sadly that a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. was killed. a number of civilian casualties, the loss of an aircraft. in the wake of that you have had a couple of differing responses,
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one they seem to divert responsibility to the obama administration saying this raid was first approved under obama and picked up in faffect by president trump. they talked about and you heard sean spicer describe it as a successful raid because they gathered so much intelligence, some were bomb-making videos, but a few minutes before i came on the air, brooke, central command said those videos didn't come from that raid, they came from some earlier raid, so confusing response to say the least. >> did they get the intel? h did they get intel they wanted? >> they say they did but we don't know what it is. this morning they were saying earlier this morning it was, but now they're saying this is from another raid.
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so to give us details in a raid that killed a u.s. service member. >> coming up here on cnn president signs an executive order rolling back a key, an what it means going forward and can the white house claim credit? also are there cracks in the wall? now facing concern and doubt within his own party. what some republicans are now bluntly admitting to us here at cnn straight ahead.
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welcome back. pictures here of marine one heading toward air force base where the president will be heading down to mar-a-largo. he just signed this executive order that sets a rollback to a
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law from the great recession, leeman brothers collapsed and trillions of dollars of -- were lost. >> we expect to be cutting a lot, because frankly i have so many friends of mine that have nice businesses that they can't get any money because the banks won't let them borrow. >> that was the president meeting with corporate leaders in which he held a number which he called fiction from the numbers of the bureau of labor statistics. 227,000 jobs, great spirit in the country right now.
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we're very happy about that. i think it's going to continue big league. i hear 5.3% unemployment. that's the biggest joke there is. don't believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5.9% unemployment. >> let's start with the author of "makers and takers." cnn globaleconomist. the january numbers is this a thanks president obama or thanks president trump? >> ask it's sort of in a late period. if you look at the length of a
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recovery, it's probably about eight or nine years. you could argue we're at the tail end of a recovery, whether or not the president's proposed plans can keep that jacked up we'll see. the numbers came in a little better than unexpected. income growth is still slow. and are folks going to have more money in their pockets to spend and keep it going? >> it's clear there's the administrative piece which he was able to sign these executive action and then the legislative piece where he will need his friends in congress, and thank goodness he has in congress. >> to be fair dodd frank was contentious on both sides of the aisle. the republicans hated because they thought it went too far and
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democrats didn't think it went far enough. it became a little bit of swiss cheese in not getting done what it needs to do. i think you're going to see pushback, one would be the rule to set up risky trading and funding to too big to fail banks, bank stocks are up today. i think you're also going to see pushback on the fiduciary duty rule. money managers if they're going to get you to buy a stock they have to stand by it and not sell you a piece of junk knowingly and you would think that was a given but it wasn't until this rule was put in place. >> what about here he goes heading on air force one. what about the fact that he does continue to meet with you know
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business leaders whether it's small business, mega today we know huge huge names were meeting with him. the ubber ceo pulled out. but elon musk, i'm paraphrasing essentially said i'm going to go but i've got to go because i've got to call him out. do you think some of these guys and gals have a seat at the table because they think it's worthwhile and do you give the president credit of maintaining this america first and business? >> i think it's legitimate to say we want to change the rules of trade. we have felt for a long time that trade is not working in our favor. in terms of ceos they're dancing on the head of a pin. particularly the folks at silicon valley.
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monopoly power, security data, nsa issues, they want to be close to the president and with uber we have 90% of family and friends affected by this ban. and some are feeling culturally, folks at google, are saying they can't get behind some of these issues. >> do you give president credit for keeping this on the table. union leaders as well? >> i think one thing that's fascinating that sort of the big old line unions came out and recently said we are not anti-immigration, we are not against banning people from certain countries we want to stand with all people of color and nations. mostly white leaders and mostly people of color in the actual
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working voter base, so interesting coming together there. >> cthank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up next on cnn kellyanne conway defending that ban and the quote unquote mass consider in kentucky, the issue is it never happened. so what the heck was she talking about? and howard stern thinks being president will be detrimental to donald trump's health? why you ask? good question. we'll find out.
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welcome back you're watching
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cnn i'm brooke waubaldwin, the famous museum will reopen after a knife attack. a man with a machete in an underground plaza attacked people, he was shouting god is great in arabic, he was injured the stomach with five shots, the photo shows where the attack was thwarted. about 250 individuals were inside. they were escorted out. trump's senior advisor is now walking back. kellyanne conway made the absolutely false claim that the non-existent quote terror mass consider caused president obama
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to -- iraqis, so much attack happened and because no such ban ever took place. >> here is conway. >> these are very narrowly prescribed and temporary, i bet there was very little coverage. i bet it's brand new information that president obama had a six-month ban after two iraqis came here to the country, radicalized and master minds behind the bowling green massacre, it didn't get covered. >> that was the original interview, kellyanne conway this morning said she miss spoke saying she meant to say bowling -- these two men never planned or committed a terror attack on u.s. soil. as for the sixth-month ban, i
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don't think after the men were arrested president obama ordered the revetting of nearly 60,000 iraqi refugees, resulting in a delay in letting anymore in. the bogus massacre and ban were met with massive blowback, chelsea clinton tweeted, very grateful no one seriously hurt in the attack, the bowling green mass consider, please don't make up attacks. >> we have brian stelt zzestelt. conway's correction to the mistake still was wrong. it didn't address that it wasn't actually a ban under president obama and now she's still responding. what's the latest tweet?
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>> absolutely kellyanne conway has taken to twitter to continue to pushback on this, she started out saying it was an honest mistake and fired back at chelschel chelscy clinton, either i miss spoke, you lost the election. so clearly hitting the clintons on losing the election, who will cover, who will care is the reference of what started this in bowling green was two iraqi refugees, who attacked and planned an attack that never happened. that's essentially what sparked this misstatement with kellyanne conway calling a mistake in an
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interview, but all comes within the very important context in the way the white house has sought to delegitimize reporters. she referred in particular with the mlk bust, that was quickly corrected by the reporter who was responsible for that. and yet, the white house from the briefing room here continued to push back on that and continued to use that as an example to continue attacking reporters, so all of that very important context as we consider whether or not this was an honest mistake and whether or not folks should move past this very quickly. >> it's something that brian stelter that you pointed out in this piece, zeke miller from time magazine absolutely miss reported that the mlk bust was removed from the oval office, wrong, he corrected it but something as the trump administration as you point out for six days carried that along
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as evidence of media bias towards his trump administration, yet, look at this. >> maybe in this case maybe next time kellyanne conway will think what the press is doing when mistakes are being made and not use them to attack the entire press core. it's striking as jeremy was saying, as conway was following up not apologizing but instead saying there's a real issue here, he's ignoring all the attacks done not by refugees but by citizens here lawfully, and others like that. she's cherry picking in one case two refugees who were here who may have been trying to send weapons to iraq, ignoring those other cases, but it's valuable for us in the press to point out what's actually happening here. >> let's talk about listening to howard stern on the radio and what -- he's known donald trump for years and years and years,
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right? so howard stern talked about his concerns about president trump. roll it. >> i personally wish he had never run. i told him that. because i actually think this is something that it's going to be very detrimental to his mental health too because he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved he wants people to be cheered for him. >> do you think this could take him down? >> yeah. >> let me play this other snippet where he says donald trump loves hollywood. >> i don't think it's going to be a healthy experience. all these people -- by the way he's now on this anti-hollywood kick. he loves hollywood. >> anti-press. anti-everything. >> first of all he loves the press, he lives for it. he loves people in hollywood. he only wants to hob knob with
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them. >> fascinating. >> it is an interesting insight from his perspective into the president's brain. we saw the sag awards, the arguments, hollywood really coming down on the ban. makes you wonder. >> it does. stern spent decades hanging out with donald trump on the radio, now saying he's pissed he won unquote, but to hear from one of trump's old friends, not that he doesn't agree with his politics, he was always clear he supported hillary clinton during the campaign but these two know each other quite well and stern is saying this could be bad for his mental health. he wants to be popular and when you're president you're not necessarily going to be popular. approval ratings are between
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40-45%. sean spicer says those numbers will improve. but right now he is in some ways record levels of approval and reco levels of disapproval. but you do have to wonder what affect it will have on him. >> to pick howard stern's brain. howard stern, give us a call. >> thank you so much. jeremy diamond, appreciate you as well. >> next, will president trump be able to build the wall? why some republicans in congress are saying no. and president trump signing an executive order rolling back a key financial regulation from the obama era, what it means for
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the economy going forward. stay here.
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president trump's plan to build a border wall now facing some concern and doubt from members within his own party. a growing number of republicans are rejecting to the cost and viability of the proposal. manu raju broke this story. he's with us now from the hill. what are you hearing from certain republicans, manu. >> reporter: a lot of concern over the price tag being anywhere from 12 billion to $15 billion. the republican leadership last week said it could cost that much and likely will not be
11:44 am
offset by expending cuts because it is expected to send to congress to fund this wall, but fund it through emergency spending which does not need to be offset by spending costs, there are a lot of republicans worried about adding to the deficit. a lot of them campaigned as deficit hawks and to simply throw another $15 billion on top of it is prompting some significant pushback anything from republican leader like john cornyn of texas, as well as bob corker, also swing voters like lisa merkowski of alaska, so this is a big problem for donald trump if he does not figure out a way to satisfy these concerns he will not get a spending package through congress and could be the end of his wall. big question how the trump administration deals with now, brooke. >> let's take a listen to what
11:45 am
some have told you. >> he's obviously talking about having mexico pay for it. do you think that's actually a viable option? >> no. >> why do you say that? >> because it's not a viable option. >> you've been here a long time are you skeptical in any way, do you believe that mexico will actually pay for this wall? >> i doubt that they're going to pay for it. >> so those are significant comments from veteran lawmakers and why that's significant is because the plans for congress to pay for it and mexico pay for it later, but if members do not think mexico will then that means tax payers will, so you can quickly see why this wall proposal gets very difficult just to get the funding done, and not figuring into lawsuits
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to try to stop it. so a lot going forward in his attempts of it, brooke. >> manu, thank you. aran responding momenti ago this is trump's security advisor michael flynn, we're following this closely. stay here.
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at one point the number of children with elevated lead levels doubled. a recent study shows they are now below the federal limit. however lead exposure has affected so many families but one special organization is helping raise money for those
11:51 am
affected by the crisis. >> reporter: many may have forgotten about the flint water crisis, but the twin boys are a daily reminder of the effects. >> they both have hand-eye coordination issues and being e retaug retaught gavin is not growing properly. >> reporter: it's not just the physical and developmental effect, there's also an emotional toll. it clicked in their heads okay we were poisoned are we going to die? >> reporter: the fund focuses on the short and long term needs of the city's children exposed to lead. >> we have committed to raising money over the next ten to 20 years to follow these children into adulthood because sometimes
11:52 am
it takes year for the impact of lead exposure to manifest itself. >> reporter: the walter family still relies on bottled water for everything, drinking, cooking, baths. walter says they use about ten cases of water a day. >> what's happened to my children, to the children in my kmuntd, it community, it's taken away their innocence, not something they can get back. more breaking news the back and forth between iran and the united states. iran firing back calling in a word illegal. this we heard from the national security adviser with new harsh words for iran. we're following it closely, stay with me.
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from football fans to odds makers everyone is talking about super bowl li. will it be tom brady after deflategate or from my hometown, win, and the ads that appear to make quite a statement about immigration. but in the end it's all about what happens on the field. obviously i have my red on for the american heart association and go red day, but also has to be the falcons color,
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coincidence whatever. tell me about it? >> reporter: if the falcons want to win this game on sunday they're number one priority has to get to tom brady, the only way you're going to beat brady and the patriots is if you can find a way to get him in the back field and knock him down and the falcons know that's going to be a tall order on sunday. >> tom is very aggravating because he doesn't want to get hit. he throws the ball quick and timing and all that, so it becomes very frustrating because as a defensive line you want to hit the quarterback, but that's hard with tom because the ball is gone most of the time. >> >> reporter: according to the american gaming association, $4.7 billion is expected to be wagered on the super bowl. i picked out some of my favorites. you can bet on what color will
11:59 am
lady gaga's hair be during her performance. pink pace 10-1. will there be a score in the first 30 seconds of the game, if yes, pays 55-1. and will president trump tweet three or more times during the game? according to the odds makers there's a 61% chance that happens. of course we've got you covered all weekend on cnn tune in 2:30 eastern tomorrow for kickoff, a bleacher report special. former super bowl mvp hines ward will be here. the props i just talked about. i want to hear from you, what color are you expecting from lady gaga -- >> why doesn't she go bright
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flaming red. you've got the pats, the falcons, going bright red, donald trump is obviously going to tweet. he loves tom brady, and doesn't vladimir putin have a super bowl ring from the patriots somewhere in russia? am i wrong on this? i read this somewhere? >> reporter: that is a long story about how robert kraft misplaced one of his rings and somehow it ended up with the russian kgb, i've heard that story before. >> have such an amazing time. happy football. >> reporter: i will. believe me. >> thank you. we'll roll on. all right. continuing on top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn back with breaking news with iran, iran calling new u.s. sanctions illegal as we get a blistering new statement from the white house on iran from the national security adviser