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tv   United Shades of America  CNN  February 4, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and indeed all around the world. >> it is 11:00 p.m. on the u.s. east coast. 4:00 a.m. in london. cnn "newsroom" live from atlanta starts right now. >> we start this hour with the breaking news in the u.s. the justice department appealing a federal judge's decision suspending president trump's travel ban order. >> the move comes as many airlines have begun to allow people from the blocked countries with refugees with valid visas in the u.s.
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meanwhile protests against the president's policies have broken out in several cities. this was the scene near palm beach, florida. now that's where mr. trump attended an event at his mar-a-lago estate. >> he told reporters there that his justice department would win its appeal demonstrators both for and against the travel ban have been out in force in cities right across the u.s. including outside president trump's resort in florida where he is spending the weekend. >> now from palm beach here's cnn jessica schneider. >> reporte out here a day of legal wrang willing and also protesters. take a look at some of the remnants out here at one point several hundred people making their march as close as they could get to mar-a-lago. mostly peaceful protest, very similar to the ones we've being seeing over the past two weeks and the past three weekends. these people wanting to get
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their message as directly to the president or as close as they could get. as far as president trump goes, he took to twitter numerous times over the day. sticking to his contention that his executive order as it pertains to that immigration ban was lawful, was constitutional and even slamming the federal judge out in seattle several times. in fact, donald trump taking to twitter i'll read you a few of his posts saying the judge opens up our country to potential terrorist and others that do not have our best interest at heart. bad people are very happy. the opinion of this so-called judge which is essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned. so in that case the president calling a federal judge, a so-called judge, calling the ruling ridiculous. of course this is fairly unprecedented for a sitting president to criticize a federal judge. we did see donald trump do that
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when he was candidate trump during the election when he blasted judge cure rel who was presiding over his trump university case but now the department of justice has made its move, has filed that notice of appeal and does plan to appeal to the ninth circuit trying to keep in place president trump's executive order which is created a lot of chaos and confusion over the past week plus. cnn palm beach, florida. >> and cnn legal analyst joining us now from new york. >> also joining us u.s. justice reporter laura jarrett in washington. good to have you both. laura we'll start with you, the justice department now hoping to reverse this judge's decision. what sort of arguments could the justice department make? >> so we haven't seen the formal brief yet. we exp to see that shortly. but we know from prior briefing that the justice department has argued two different tracks, one
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is based off of you could call it procedure, right? they'll say the washington state attorney general hasn't been harmed so they don't have standing to sue. they're not the visa card holder or a green card holder. they're the state attorney general and they haven't been harmed in a meaningful way. the second argument you might see is something more merits based, there you might see the justice department argue that, look, donald trump has wide discretion in the realm of immigration and so he was allowed to do this, because it's in the national security interest. >> let's bring you into the discussion. i want to go back and talk about this tweet and get your thoughts on that, the president tweeting using that phrase, this so-called judge. what do you make of that and why wha message that sends to the judiciary independent arm of
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government? is it concerning? >> it's concerning because when you use the terminology a so-called judge you're implying that the judge may not be validly appointed or there may not be a legitimate judge. now, mr. president may be saying he was being glib or this is sort of the way he talks, but it is concerning as you say because -- because we shouldn't imply this judge is anything but a validly appointed judge, appointed to serve for life under the constitution. so that is concerning. that is definitely concerning for that reason. >> laura, just back to you how quickly could all this happen once the justice department makes their case? what sort of steps will we see take place? already know that the ninth ly. circuit court of appeals which is the higher appellate court
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they have an emergency panel set up for situations just like this and so once the justice department files its brief, that ninth circuit court of appeals can hear the case by phone. now they may want briefing from the other side the state attorney general in this case but it could move pretty swiftly. >> what are your thoughts? how far could this go? appealing the appeal and so on, could it end up at the supreme court and of course the way it is at the moment that could end up four four and what then? >> exactly. i think it's very likely to end up at the supreme court because your almost immediately we're going to have a circuit split as other courts decide on this issue, there's going to be a patch work of different court opinions and positions on these issues, so this is the perfect case for the supreme court to review and i'm pretty confident it'll get there relatively quickly compared to all the
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other cases that wen their way through the system. you pointed out the immediate concern is with an eight justice court, this could very easily be a four/four decision and in that case, the circuit below's ruling stands but it raises the question, what do you do if you have a deep circuit split like this on a matter of national concern and of course, as the judge in washington wrote, there is a definite interest in having immigration policy uniformly enforced throughout the country. indeed it was the basis for the judge applying his ruling nationwide as opposed to just his district in washington. >> we'll get back with you both of you. thanks so much. >> good to of you with us. also tonight president trump telling folks that he respects
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russian president vladimir putin. >> that's right. mr. trump acknowledging that putin may be a killer but then adding this. we've got a lot of killers. have a listen. >> do you respect putin. >> i respect a lot of people but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with them. he's a leader of his country. i say it's better to get along with russia than not. will i get along with him? i have no idea. >> he's a killer, though putin's a killer. >> there are a lot of killers. you think our country's so innocent. >> and jill doe ert ty joins us from seattle washington. first to claire, this is quite an interesting comment by president trump. he seems to be putting russia and president putin on equal footing with the u.s.?
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>> yeah. the linda that's so interesting about this is that the sense of moral equivalence that you get from those comments it's something we hear a lot in russia. for example, a speech that putin gave back in 2014 comparing u.s. and western actions to what russia did with crimea so this is very much the sense of the rhetoric that we get here in russia that's oak owed by the russian media. they talked about the protests around the inauguration of donald trump as the american my dan referring to that uprising in ukraine that toppled the government there in 2014. he does seem to be echoing the kind of rhetoric that we hear usually from russia, certainly unusual from a sitting u.s. president and it comes after a week where we've see a fairly kind of serious lack of clarity as to what will happen in the u.s./russia relationship. there was a phone call last weekend between trump a putin, that didn't mention anything to do with sanctions.
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only a very passing mention of ukraine from the readout of the call that we got from the russian side and the russians keeping their cards very close to their chest. we heard from the kremlin spokesperson a couple of days ago, that he never indulged that the russian/america relationship would improve. very unusual comments from mr. trump. >> let's get a little analyze from you. you're a student of russia and the games that are played and the words that are used. when donald trump says it's better to get along with mr. putin than not, that's a noble sentiment and nobody can disagree with that. it surely must be better, are you concerned that there's no follow to that. what is the policy? what does getting along look like? we don't know, do we? >> we don't know and i think there's probably not a lot of policy. look at just the last few days.
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ukraine, conflict breaks out once again. very seriously and what does the u.s. do? first the state department comes out with kind of a quiet little statement about we hope it quiets down, both sides should pay attention, try to solve this. so not much of anything. the next day nikki haley the u.s. representative to the ut nationed comes out as you noted and criticized, actually condemned russia for the violence, said that they called for an end to the occupation of crimea. and she also said that sanctions won't end until russia returns crimea to ukraine. that's very strong stuff. and then tonight, we have the statement from the white house on the conversation between president trump and president boris schennco of ukraine. there again we have let's all get along, let's work together
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to bring peace along the border, but no real mention of the things that i'm sure the ukrainians are worried about and may well have discussed but it wasn't noted in that statement and that is sanctions. i think you'd have to say that the policy is all over the place. very strong statements coming from one official at the united nations and then almost a complete opposite from the president himself, so where is policy? >> just back to claire on the president of the ukraine, he has spoken with president trump. he must be scratching his head as he hears these sort of comments from the u.s. president about his cozy relationship as it appears with president putin? >> yeah. i think he'll be thinking it's one step forward and one step back.
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suddenly ukraine would have welcomed those comments from nikki haley the ut nationed condemning the action. she essentially blamed russia for the escalation and violence. that's something that ukraine has been doing all this week. it's interesting to note the difference in the two statements that we got on that call last night from the u.s. side and from the ukrainian side. the u.s. side was basically let's all get along. the u.s. wants to work with all sides in the ukrainian conflict but as for the ukrainian side we got more detail. apparently the two leaders expressed deep concerns this is from the statement about the spike in tension and deterioration of the humanitarian situation especially in the area specifically to the government held side of the current conflict that we're seeing there and he did also say the statement that's from the spokesman from the president of ukraine that they expressed deep gratitude for its firm support of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. we haven't heard that
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specifically from donald trump but nikki haley did say she didn't think sanctions should be lifted until crimea was returned to ukraine. but there is still a sudden act of clarity going forward. >> jill, you've been looking at the trump/putin dynamic for a long time. i'm curious whether you've come to any understanding in your mind about why president trump is apparently so embracing of mr. putin when, you know, there's so much opposition to mr. putin in the u.s. not just from the democrats but from the republicans as well? >> correct. again, if you really look at what the president was saying. he says yes i respect putin. i don't know how well i'll get along with him. maybe i will. maybe i won't. and then he says, but if we can work together in fighting terrorism, that would be a good
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thing and then again he says, i'm not quite sure how i'll get along with him. so he is tempering his own remarks. those remarks to are moving right and left in front of your eyes. what does he actually feel? i think this is the moment where those comments and the comments about is the united states so innocent, similar comments were made a year ago by president trump when he wasn't the president. and when he wasn't the president, he was a candidate. there's a time and a place for everything. he is now the president of the united states and i think the shock value of what he is saying is that he is the president and you would never expect things like that to come out of the mouth of the president of the united states. which raises the question does he believe what he said? is the united states actually a nation of killers? if he believes it, then specifically which killings,
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what is he referring to? and if he doesn't believe it, if it's an off hand comment as has been described why is he making off hand comments as the president of the united states? there's a lot of concern about that. >> yes. >> that's right. jill, good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> we're going to be right back after short break. we've much more on the trump administration legal bid to uphold that travel ban. stay with us. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> welcome back. we're liveith breaking news on u.s. president donald trump's travel ban. now the u.s. justice department is set to appeal a judge's decision that has frozen mr. trump's immigration order. as protests continue in cities right across the country against the president's policies. >> demonstrators turning out as you see there on your screen in west palm beach, florida near to where mr. trump is spending the weekend. now there are also a handful of trump supporters demonstrating there as well we should say and in a string of tweets on saturday, the president blasting the judge who suspended the ban. >> now at a red cross gala he predicted his administration will win this legal battle. cnn contributor joins us from
8:21 pm
pittsburgh, pennsylvania, via skype. good to have you with us. mr. trump had expected a quiet sort of a weekend. he certainly didn't expect this the unraveling this legal wrangling as we've seen. >> i think once your president you really ever get a quiet weekend, right. you know, i suspect that the president will prevail in this legal wrangling. it appears that he has the law on his side. i don't think -- i think he did predict that there would be some sort of stay put on his executive order and i'm relatively sure that he will end up prevailing in this and his pause that he put on seven countries in the middle east will go forward. if it does happen, i would say
8:22 pm
the best thing that he could do at this moment is to go out and talk to the american people and roll it out in the way that he should have when it first came out last weekend. >> curious about your take on the tweet and we were talking about this earlier. this so-called judge. the language being used there. there's a lot of fit of criticism out there about that. whether it was loose language or it delegitimizes in a way one arm of government, an independent arm of government, so-called judge taking away law enforcement from our country, what's your take on it? what did you make of it? >>, you know, mr. trump does not use and does not value words in the same way that we do and he does that in his speaking all the time, but that was a very deliberate tweet with so-called in quotation marks, so he wanted to exercise his strong opinion.
8:23 pm
it wasn't a throwaway line. that was very deliberate. that's not what presidents do, you know. >> how damaging is that in terms of -- what's the judiciary going to make of it? >> unfortunately they'll probably be another outrage tomorrow so we'll forget about it. that's pretty much how damaging it's going to be and i don't mean to be flip about it. it's just that we are in an age of such rapid, just relentless outrage over everything whether it's valid or not valid, that we're sort of muting the things that are important. there's not going to be any long-term damage that i can see from right now, but that's not the way presidents should speak and i suspect we'll learn from that. >> we have, of course, seen widespread protests against this travel ban, but there are of course a lot of trump supporters
8:24 pm
that are pro this ban. we did carry out a cnn poll which showed that 47% of americans believe that this travel ban should happen. for trump supporters this of course was a promise made during the campaign but it seems to be very poorly executed. >> yes. absolutely. what he should have done was get out in front of the microphone and say, look, during the campaign, i used some pretty harsh rhetoric and i was caught up in the campaign and i i apologize for that. that should have no reflection on this pause that i'm going to do and it is a pause. it is not a ban. and here are the seven countries. these are countries that continuation of president obama's obama policies and the country says he was concerned about and this is why i want to do it as your president. i want to keep you safe.
8:25 pm
it's not permanent. we're going to take a look at things and then move on. that's the way he should have done it. he still has the opportunity to do something like that once the legal wrangling soefr. >> do you think that -- do you think that the right countries are in that grouping, though? it's been pointed out by others that no one has died in the u.s. following an attack by anyone from any of those particular countries in another tweet today from donald trump saying because the ban was lifted by a judge many bad and very bad and dangerous people may be pouring in to our country, but, of course that's not how immigration works? they're not going to just jump on a plane and pour into the country. what are your thoughts on that? this thing about some of the country's where bad people have come from are not even included in this? >> well, some aren't, no they're not. but there have been -- some of those countries have some very dangerous troubled spots.
8:26 pm
it makes sense to put a pause on it, to take a look at what we need to work on if there's any holes that could allow someone, you know, that is not, you know -- wants to cause harm, people come from different countries in through another country, but -- you wouldn't want him to put 27 countries on there. he's actually sort of like obama lite with the countries that he chose and there's a precedent and for those countries. so i don't think that's a problem. it should be expanded going forward, possibly. i think, you know, what the president should do is see how this works at, you know, if he's able to, if that ban -- if that stay is lifted. >> i would like to keep talking to you about this but we'll have it to leave it there. great to have you with us.
8:27 pm
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>> welcome, everyone. live from atlanta.
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>> hello. good to have you with us. let's get caught up on our breaking news. we are following new protests against the travel ban by u.s. president donald trump. >> u.s. federal judge has suspended that ban, of course nationwide but now the u.s. department of justice set to appeal that decision. in the meantime, many airlines have begun to allow people from the seven blocked muslim majority countries and refugees as well with valid visas to continue their journeys to the u.s. >> now the u.s. just department is expected to lay out its legal argument to the nine circuit court of appeals based in san francisco, california now that is where there's more on the legal battle over that travel ban. >> reporter: so what has happened since the federal judge in washington has put a stay or a hold or a stop on president trump's travel ban or travel restrictions to those seven countries? the department of justice has filed a notice to appeal and
8:32 pm
basically puts everyone on notice that they're planning to appeal the decision in that court to the ninth circuit court of appeals. that's the next court up that would get it. if that happens that means there are three judges a three panel of judges who will look at this, who will look through and say, do we need to agree with the department of justice on legal grounds or is the judge's decision in washington, can that stand as this goes through the courts? the three judges are in three different places, one in hawaii, one in the judge's resides in arizona, the other judge resides here in northern california. and so they will all confer likely on e-mail or by phone and decide what is the legally proper thing to do. at the same time the department of justice can decide that they want to go above the ninth circuit court especially if they lose that case and go all the way to the supreme court. but first i'm sure they will like to hear what the ninth circuit court has to say, likely the nine circuit court will take a couple days, maybe less to
8:33 pm
give that decision. now we are all waiting to see what the department of justice does now. they've put a notice of appeal out there. we should look at whether or not their notice of appeal or whether or not their appeal has a good chance to win in this particular court. we talked to a legal expert who is very familiar with how this court runs. he is a law professor at uc hastings. >> the trump administration would have to say there's something about this stay that harms us irrep practicably and i'm not sure they have any showing on that since the immigration authority still have authority to keep out bad guys, whether this order's in place or not, you can always keep out bad guys. and then they would have to say the trump administration would have to say on the merits the judge was very clearly wrong, in other words, when he says there's a likelihood of success on the merits you'd have to say no, there's no chance of success on the merits. so the standard to get this reversed is really very high and i think unlikely.
8:34 pm
does not the basically rule in favor of the department of justice allowing it to put the travel ban back in place, then all of this will go back to that court in washington and go through that court and maybe we'll finally have a decision. how long that's going to take? we don't know yet. cnn, san francisco. >> all right. david lee pold joins us now from cleveland, ohio. he served as the president of the immigration lawyers association and good to see you. how do you think this is going to be argued, this appeal? we haven't really seen any paper work. >> i think we've had -- we have immigration law that's been in place for many years. we have -- we already have extreme vetting. we have a law that prevents people from coming into the country if they're security risks. i would agree that there is no irreparable harm to the government if this stay -- if the block, if the hold that was put on it by the federal judge in washington state stays in
8:35 pm
place while this case goes on appeal. so i think that the ninth circuit court of appeals is likely to let this case stay where it is now, let this -- let people continue to travel while they sort it out. i think it's important to see what's going on in this country and that's that the courts, the courts whether it be in new york state, whether it be in seattle, whether it be in los angeles, they are standing up to this, what is essentially a muslim ban that has been put into place by donald trump. >> on the first day this policy was rolled out this, travel ban, the white house said that 109 people were effected by it but we're now learns that tens of thousands had their visas revoked. what happens to those people now? >> well, first point they said 100 people -- it was only 100 people and they dismissed it. a few people were inconvenienced and, by the way, of those few people let's talk about security
8:36 pm
risks. bottom line and that was reince priebus and then it turns out as yo poied out that there's highes figure that i saw was 100,000. bottom line is the administration can only defend this illegal, un-american travel ban by lying about it. and it owe depends -- it effected not only the hundreds of thousands of -- the tens of thousands of people who visas had been revoked but also people who couldn't get visas, who can't apply for visas. people who were sent back and had their visas cancelled. their families. people who are left in the united states tonight, for example, if you had somebody who is in the united states on a work permit and they traveled and then all of a sudden the ban went -- the ban went into place, they couldn't get back here last week. now they're families are here without them. so the ramificationings are not only for the people who is
8:37 pm
peoples whose visas were cancelled but the people who couldn't apply for visas and for their families and for the businesses in the united states that can't do -- that can't do businesses. hospitals that can't continue surgeries. this whole thing is a disaster and what donald trump has -- what donald trump has done in the first two weeks of his presidency is wreaked havoc on the united states, caused instability, embarrassed us in front of world leaders and really brought shame, you know -- shame to our country. >> i suppose there's an immigration lawyer you would take exception having the tweet he put out earlier saying that because the ban was lifted by a judge, many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country. as an immigration lawyer, is that likely to happen? >> well, first of all, he called that judge a so-called judge. how disrespectful? i've never in my life seen a president, a sitting president
8:38 pm
just show such disrespect and contempt for another branch of our government. how dare he? that judge is a federal judge. last year he questioned the ability of a judge to do his job simply because the judge had mexican parents. now he doesn't like the decision. so he questions whether this judge is a real judge. donald trump is welcome to disagree with the opinion of a court, presidents do that. they disagree with the opinion of a court. but show some respect because when he disrespects one of our sol lem branches of government, he disrespects us all. to your point, to your question, look, it's again it's another trump falsehood as was pointed out earlier, not one person ever has been killed or murdered or whatever because of people from these countries in a terrorist attack in the united states. and now to all of a sudden, say, all kinds of bad people are going to come in, let's look at
8:39 pm
who is coming in. there was a 4 month old ironion little girl who was going to have heart surgery. really? she's dangerous. there were doctors who were coming back to perform surgery. there were artists who were coming back in to continue their work. there were students who were coming back in to continue studying. there were long-term he green card holders who were coming home to be with their families. all of these people by the time they get on the plane, by the time they've lived in the united states, they've all been vetted. they've all gone through vetting, over and over again. so donald trump doesn't understand the basics of the immigration system in the united states or he's lying or both. >> all right. on that point we'll have to leave it there. good to have you with us. thanks so much for your time. >> thanks. >> donald trump predicting that his travel ban will prevail in
8:40 pm
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>> welcome back and returning to our breaking news out at the u.s. the justice department formally challenging a federal judge's decision to block that
8:44 pm
travel ban effecting refugees and citizens in seven muslim majority countries. >> now on saturday president donald trump tacked the federal judge who temporarily put a halt to that ban one of several tweets said, the judge opens up our country to potential terrorists and others that do interests at heart. ave our best bad people are very happy. >> mr. trump says his order is to protect the u.s. from terrorism and as you heard there, bad people. it's been found as we been saying here on the program that no nationals from a single country included in that travel ban has carried out an attack on u.s. soil since 1975. >> cnn's security analyst joins us now via skype from boston, massachusetts. in your opinion with this travel ban make the u.s. any safer? >> no and most people in national security and counter
8:45 pm
terrorism view this ban more as a probably political statement by president trump than what that would really effectively counter any terrorist threat as we know as you just said refugees do not tend not to come in through the refugee program, a program that takes about 24 months for people to get through. and also in the united states, our biggest threat right now is clearly a home grown threat as other countries are experiencing as well. a radicalized lone wolf threat and we are better off focusing on that. >> i was curious what you made of this, the russia comment from president trump when he was being interviewed on fox by bill o'reilly, the quote being, said he's a killer, putin's a killer and mr. trump said, there's a lot of killers, we've got a lot of killers. do you think our country's so innocent? what did you make of that? >> already this interview has not even aired in full.
8:46 pm
it will air during the super bowl tomorrow already the response has been critical and i agree with that. in some ways it just sounds like a bunch of high school kids debating in high school history case. we kill people and we're not perfect. this is the president of the united states and i don't think modern president that would any denigrate the united states and its foreign policy let alone its military quite so specifically. it also puts a false comparison between allegations of what putin has done, whether it's the death or assassination of journalist or political opponents and certainly, you know, military actions he's taken in the ukraine and elsewhere. so statements like that by donald trump are what make people very nervous about his sort of autocratic tendencies. but just in the same way that he is going after the judge in this
8:47 pm
case that he lost and his sort of support of putin. it's that part of his personality that i think makes a lot of people nervous. >> and looking at that travel ban, when he signed that executive order, several times he cited 9/11 as the reason for this travel ban. of course, none of the citizens -- the country's included in this ban, no one came from those countries. some suggest countries like saudi arabia weren't included is because trump has business interests there. what do you make of that? >> i think there is no consistency why the seven are in and others are not especially if you look at specific threats. those countries were picked based on an assessment made by the obama administration but that certainly wasn't a ban. it was just a list of countries that we would look at further for visa waiver citizens like those in europe. so the list does not make any sense from counter terrorism
8:48 pm
purposes and the implication of 9/11 was more to generate an immediate fear that then would justify the ban and what you're finding in the courts that are actually challenging the ban or at least putting a temporary restraining order on the ban itself is that there appears to be no immediate security needs so they are putting it on pause for now. so in some ways for people like me this was more political statement that trump did consistent with his campaign promises but it has nothing to do with security and that will be decided by the courts. >> it will in the days ahead. it's going to be interesting times. thanks so much. >> thank you. have a good night. >> thank you. protests have broken out right across the u.s. over donald trump's controversial travel ban. >> but many americans are standing behind the president and the ban and we will hear from them next.
8:49 pm
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. . . . ♪ welcome back. the u.s. justice department is expected to file an appeal soon
8:53 pm
to block a u.s. judge's order which temporarily halt's president trump's travel ban. >> you have confusion and anger over the executive order, and it has sparked large protests across the u.s. other groups have come out in support of the president's actions. now, protests may draw the cameras, but those angry with president trump's policies only reflect one side of the national mood. >> yeah. many americans are behind donald trump 100%. cnn's jason carroll found some in wisconsin, a state key to the president's election night victory. >> reporter: when you look at the reason why donald trump unexpected the flipped the state of wisconsin, look no further than this bar. right outside of milwaukee, it caters to a lot of harley davidson employees who come from the plant just a a few miles away. the patrons have plenty of praise for the president and find little tolerance for those protesting against him.
8:54 pm
>> just stop it. stop it. >> yeah. >> reporter: kim gamroth owns this bar and says her feelings mirror those of many in the community, a community that voted for trump over hillary clinton by nearly two-to-one. donnie belusic is a trump supporter. he says he worked at harley davidson for more than 40 years before he retired and was also a small business owner. >> they cost me a good business i had, like a bar lik this, you know, when certain people move in the area and the white people move out. >> reporter: you mean certain people, people who look like me or -- >> well, the neighborhood changed, like 90% within two years. white people won't come in and i had had to sell it. >> reporter: i wonder going forward, does it leave you with a -- an unfavorable view of black people, mexican people? >> yes, it does.
8:55 pm
i'll be honest with you. i'm very prejudiced, and a lot of people know that. >> reporter: belusic says his point of view is unedited, one he says that few people like him share publicly. >> reporter: do you believe a lot of other people who feel the way you do also -- >> they do. >> reporter: -- voted for trump because they feel the way you do? >> they do, trust me. >> reporter: jennifer and mary and kim gamroth don't share his views and welcome all who come to the bar and support trump. they are happy with what they have seen so far. >> he is backing up what he said. he is finally standing up for america, for the citizens of america, for small businesses, for everybody who voted for him. he said what he was going to do and he's doing it. >> reporter: they also hope the president will keep pressuring u.s. companies to make more products in the united states. harley-davidson, for example, assembles bikes in the united
8:56 pm
states but makes many parts overseas in countries like mexico. ross winkelbar head of the local steel union is encouraged by trump pulling out of the trans-pacific partnership which he says was not good for u.s. workers, but he is personally troubled by the immigration ban. >> the green lady, the tastatuef liberty, you know, welcome. i believe that's the way it should be. >> reporter: patrons such as donnie belusic are on board with what trump has done so far and hope he continues to fulfill his omises. >> i hope he gets another four years after ts one. got to be better than the democrats. >> now, jason carroll reporting there. thanks for being with us this hour. i'm michael holmes. >> i'm lynda kinkade. we will be back for another hour of "cnn newsroom" after a short of "cnn newsroom" after a short break. -- captions by vitac --
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>> welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the the i'm michael holmes. >> i'm lynda kinkade. it is midnight on the u.s. east coast and 5:00 a.m. in london. as we start this hour with breaking news in the u.s., the justice department is appealing to a federal judge's decision suspending president trump's travel ban order. >> now, this move coming as many airlines have begun


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