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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and John Berman  CNN  February 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. thanks so much for joining us. just a few minutes ago, a new attack from president trump on an american icon. new questions about how big of a split there is with his own supreme court nominee, and also a pitch from the white house to buy clothes and accessories. >> this as supreme court nominee neil gorsuch calls the attacks disheartening. moments ago president trump jumping into this fight, hitting the senator who went public with those comments from gorsuch tweeting senator richard blumenthal who never fought in vietnam when he said for years
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that he had, major lie, now misrepresenting what judge gorsuch told him, question mark. this, despite the judge's own aide confirming the quotes saying they are true. we will hear from president trump in just a few moments when he speaks before a white house meeting. let's begin with coverage at the white house with our joe johns. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. the president is expected to meet shortly with the ceos of major airlines in the united states which could be an interesting meeting given the pandemonium caused in airports recently over the president's travel ban. that's another story. today we are focusing on the question of the president's nominee for the supreme court, neil gorsuch, and whether he was misrepresented in statements he made to a democratic senator on capitol hill. this, of course, is something that's gone back and forth. as you said, the president tweeting about it earlier today, suggesting that the judge may
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have been misrepresented in his statements. however, i did ask presidential adviser kellyanne conway earlier this morning if the judge had told the white house he had been misrepresented. she said she could not comment on private conversations. meanwhile, senator richard blumenthal, the senator in question, the democrat, has weighed in earlier today on "new day." he stood by his story. listen. >> i absolutely accurately stated what judge gorsuch said to me as confirmed by his own spokesman, colleagues who heard the same thing in their private meetings. i believe judge gorsuch, more than saying it behind closed doors, needs to publicly condemn. >> how do you explain the president saying that you misrepresented him? >> i am not about to try to explain the president's tweets. >> reporter: there's this from former senator kelly ayotte, a
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statement out today saying judge gorsuch emphasized the importance of an independent judiciary and while he made clear he was not referring to any specific case, he said that he finds any criticism of a judge's integrity and independence disheartening and demoralizing. so more support for the notion that judge gorsuch apparently said what he said, despite the fact that the president is calling that into question. we could get more on this today in these airline meetings with ceos and the president, and there will be another opportunity to hear from the president on it when he attends the swearing in of his newly minted attorney general. back to you. >> can't wait to hear if the president speaks out loud this morning on these subjects, not just on twitter. joe johns, thanks so much. let's talk about all this with our panel, cnn political commentator from "the washington post" david swerdlick, patricia murphy and cnn senior legal
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analyst and former federal pro can you teller jeffrey toobin. just so people know what we're talking about, he apologized in 2010 about serving in vietnam. >> he did serve in the military. >> during vietnam. he said a lot of ambiguous or misleading things about it over the years. he apologized for it. that's what the president is talking about. i'm not sure what that has to do with judge gorsuch's comments about the judiciary and whether or not they should be attacked. we're hearing from republicans and democrats that he did say it. is it unusual for a supreme court nominee to say things that are this politically charged during a no nation process? >> i think we can overstate how politically charged this statement was. it's a pretty mild statement,
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that basically any federal judge would make. they are all in the same profession, they defend each other, they don't like to see their fraternity, their sorority attacked. obviously in this context, president trump's statements were so outrageous and so childish, calling the judge in washington a so-called judge. i don't even know what that means. there is not a precedents for statements like this from a president, so there's no precedent for supreme court nominees responding to such statements. >> an important point. david swerdlick, what confounded me this morning is why the president after, more than 12 hours after the judge's own spokesman came out and said, yep, indeed he said those things, he called it disheartening and demoralizing, the president would come out and tweet that, you know, it's a
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misrepresentation of what he said. he didn't really say that. do you think the president knows or do you think it's his strategy? >> i think it's consistent with president trump and before that candidate donald trump not wanting or not being willing to let any criticism, however mild of things he's said or done go unanswered. twitter has been his medium for doing that. i agree with jeffrey that we're in a little bit of uncharted territory when you're talking about a president's own nominee criticizing him for talking about the branch of government he belongs to. let's remember that president trump's older sister is a federal judge. he's taking a broad stripe at the category of judges to which she belongs and also that right now at least, as jeffrey pointed out, those statements were completely accurate. judge gorsuch offered a mild criticism of president trump's statement, not president trump himself.
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he still felt the need to take a shot back. >> patricia, there's no reason to question whether or not judge gorsuch whether he said what he said. there can also be an element of political expediency. written overnight, heartened to see so many dems highlighting the views of judge gorsuch. he's a great scotus nominee. could this help him with some democrats? >> he needs eight of them. >> i think it absolutely will. i'm not saying that's why judge gorsuch said this to senator blumenthal. i thought it was so unusual that he also told senator blumenthal, that blumenthal should feel-free to tell people about it. these meetings are typically so quiet and closely held. we don't know what happens in these meetings, but now we do know it, this will absolutely i think encourage democrats, people who would be worried -- this would come up anyway in his confirmation hearings. he would be asked about these
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statements, for democrats to know ahead of time that they and judge gorsuch are on the same page on judicial independence. it's typically not a question, but because president trump put it out there, they would want to know that this is where gorsuch sits and stands on this issue. now that he's told blumenthal, it will make people feel a lot better, opposing him on this basis will be something for democrats as well. >> for background here, senator mccain said the white house shouldn't be calling this yemen raid a success because one navy s.e.a.l. died. sean spicer hitting back yesterday saying you shouldn't be saying that, et cetera. now the president is saying this, and i think we can pull the tweets up for you. senator mccain should not be talking about the successes and failure of a mission to the media, only emboldens the enemy. he's been losing so long, he doesn't know how to win. look at the mess our country is in, bogged down.
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our hero ryan died a hero. he's talking about the navy s.e.a.l. killed in the attack. also for context here, you'll remember, david, this is the president as a candidate who said john mccain, he liked winners not people who are prisoners of war. >> first off, let's just say, the fact that chief petty officer owen died in combat is obviously not a failure, he died serving his country. that being said, senator mccain as a 30-year sitting senator, chair of the armed services committee, certainly has the platform and the purview, and a combat veteran has the purview to weigh in on this. that the white house disagrees with his assessment, that's fine. i think the white house has gotten into the pattern of pushing back on criticism for the fact that it's criticism itself rather than simply stating that they take a
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different view of that particular mission. i think that's going to bog them down as we go forward. >> the president saying senator mccain shouldn't talk about the success or failure. the white house has been talking about the success or failure of this mission every day since it was public. they've been saying it's a success every day. they have no problem themselves talking about it. jeffrey toobin, you know about the separation of powers. the congress has a right to talk about foreign policy and u.s. military missions overseas. you're not going to expect the entire senate not to comment on foreign policy. >> and also, it's heartbreaking that we lost a soldier in the course of this battle, but the fact that a soldier died doesn't mean the attack was a success. isn't that pretty obvious? in fact, the death of the soldier certainly suggests something -- at least something went wrong. there's so much history between mccain and trump, it's kind of
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delicious to think about just how much john mccain hates donald trump. think about the pure crystalline hatred. it's something that will unfold over the next four years and will be fascinating to watch. >> patricia, i want you to respond to this. kellyanne conway, one of the most senior advisers to thement went on fox this morning. after the president tweeted angrily at nordstrom for stopping carrying ivanka's line of clothing, here is what kellyanne conway said. >> they're using the most prominent woman in trump's -- his daughter, and using her who has been a champion for women empowerment and women in the workplace to get to him. go buy ivanka's stuff. i hate shopping, i'm going to go get some myself today. >> go buy ivanka's stuff.
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this as this administration has faced so much conflict and criticism over conflicts of interest when it comes to separating the business from the presidency. what do you make of it, patricia? >> this is exactly why people urged donald trump and his entire family to clearly separate themselves from their businesses. ivanka trump has said she has separated herself from her business. i think getting into it with nordstrom, personally the president doing this and then kellyanne as a white house employee, a federal employee, hawking ivanka trump's wears on national television is totally bizarre, totally inappropriate. it's something that strikes me -- not something that even ivanka trump would want them to be doing. once they start pushing nordstrom's further, i expect they'll start to release the details of the falling sales, i think it will hurt her brand further. i don't think they're helping her or her business by doing this. >> the white house is a nice backdrop for the home shopping
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network. >> he makes my morning every morning. david swerdlick, patricia murphy, jech toobin, thanks so much. the difr vied grows deeper in washington as democrats and republicans dig in in the fight over president trump's cabinet picks, a member of the leadership team joins us. wicked weather hitting the northeast. this looks like the most powerful snowstorm of the season. as a designer, i pull inspiration from around the globe. jared's commitment to quality and craftsmanship has helped bring my designs to life. each hand-set ring is my interpretation of timeless classics. the vera wang love collection. now available at jared.
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just moments ago, a biggesting lags in the one-sided war of words between president donald trump and senator john mccain over the raid in yemen. the white house calls it a success. senator mccain says the death of navy s.e.a.l. ryan owen makes it hard to say that. >> now the president is firing back, tweeting senator mccain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission in the media, only emboldens the enemy. he's been losing so long, he doesn't know how to win anymore.
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look at the mess our country is in, bogged down in conflict all over the place. our hero, ryan owen, died, winning a mission, according to general mattis, not a failure. time for the u.s. to get smart and start winning again. joining us senator roy blunt. >> nice to be here. congratulations to the two of you for starting this week. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we're glad you're with us. a lot of news to get to this morning. let's start with the clash between your republican colleague and the president. do you stand by your fellow republican, senator john mccain, or is the president right in this one? >> both john mccain and president trump are pretty inclined to engage if somebody else wants to have a fight. i do think it's unfortunate that we're evaluating success and failure of missions here publicly. but the more unfortunate thing is the person serving us, defending us, lost his life,
6:19 am
others were injured, equipment was lost. this is the first 20 days of the administration. i think everybody is going to move beyond this kind of activity and hopefully have a better way to analyze how we're doing as we move forward. >> senator, surely the nation dowels mourn the loss of ryan owen. i don't think there's any doubt about that. but also you're not suggesting that a sitting senator, john mccain, doesn't have a right -- >> i'm a big admirer of senator mccain. he does a great job arguing for those who defend us. he's been the leading advocate for building the military and a better way to defend this. actually, his ultimate partner in that is probably going to be president trump. wouldn't argue that neither one of them have the right to say whatever they want to say. i don't know that we particularly benefit from either of them continuing this
6:20 am
discussion. there are plenty of problems to be solved, plenty of arguments we ought to be having about how we defend the country, about the age of our ships, the age of our planes, the best material and training we can possibly have. frankly, they're both on the same side of that argument. john mccain has been leading that without a president who agreed with him for a long time. i think they'll find more to agree on than disagree on. hopefully sooner than later. >> i want you to weigh in on the back and forth for the president's pick for supreme court, neil gorsuch. you said he's a well respected jurist with the experience and qualifications to serve on the nation's highest court. when he said the president's comments are demoralizing and disheartening about the judiciary, do you agree with him? do you side with him and respect that? >> well, i think, what judge
6:21 am
gorsuch is showing is his independent character, the fact that as a judge he's going to call them as he sees them. i think he'll be a great addition to the court. i believe he will be confirmed. my guess is three months from today he's on the supreme court and will be there for a long time time. >> do you agree attacks on the judiciary are disheartening and demoralizing? >> i think any time you get into a fight about the judge themselves rather than the decision they make, that's not the best thing to do -- >> senator, with all due respect, is it a little more than not the best thing to do when you're attacking an equal branch of our government? >> no, i think there's plenty of back and forth between the various branches of the government, and the president has every right in the world to disagree with an opinion that eventually will be decided -- >> that's not all he did.
6:22 am
he attacked the judges themselves. he said so-called justice. >> well, the president communicates differently than i do or a lot of other people do. we'll see how that goes. i think taking a lot of time focusing on whether it's a so-called justice or a so-called judge is not the best use of anybody's time including the president's. >> we're focused -- including the president's. i appreciate that. we're focused on the confirmation of a supreme court justice, what i think is a good use of everyone's time. >> i do, too. >> you're very careful with the taxpayer's money, a deficit hawk. do you think it's a good uthing for kellyanne conway to say go bye ivanka trump. is that what a white house employee should do on television? >> i haven't seen the context.
6:23 am
i think kellyanne conway does a great job of defending the president's policies and the changes that need to happen in the country. i don't know what question she was asked and i don't know what the answer would have been. >> she was defending -- >> with all the issues of conflicts of interest surrounding this administration, the business tie, is it appropriate? >> poppy, i don't know what question she was asked. based on the answer, it sounds like somebody just asked her that question and she answered the question. if you're going to criticize her for the questions she answers, don't ask them. >> she wasn't asked are you going to buy ivanka trump's -- >> was she asked about the issue? >> yes, she was asked about the general issue. >> she responded.
6:24 am
you're not going to be successful with this program or others if you ask people constantly to comment on a question that somebody else in the news just asked somebody else. i think she's doing -- i think kellyanne is doing a good job. she's going to continue to do that and hopefully she'll do a lot of that on cnn and other networks, and i suspect she'll answer the questions that she's asked. >> we understand. we were just asking again, as your role as a senator with oversight over the white house. i understand you didn't hear it. senator, i appreciate your time and thank you for coming on our very first show -- very first week. >> good to be here. good luck with the show. >> let's get right to christine romans, cnn's money correspondent to weigh in on this. >> so much z buzz about this this thing, kellyanne conway sitting there in her position as a counselor to the president endorsing a product, a product endorsement. cnn money, we are looking into whether that violates any rules of a public person, a person in
6:25 am
public life who works for the people endorsing a private industry. we know ivanka's business is privately held. we know nordstrom dropped the line. they said they were going to drop it. they told her in january, this was because of business purposes. this is what kellyanne conway said on fox and friends. we'll listen to the moment. >> they're using the most prominent woman in donald trump's -- women in power, women in the, would place to get to him. i think people can see through that. go buy ivanka's stuff. i hate shopping and i'm going to go get some myself today. >> this after the president using the potus twitter account from the white house presumably, slamming nordstrom for dropping that line. here is what nordstrom said. they said they maefd this decision based on performance, it was a business decision. as we know, retailers are not
6:26 am
rolling in the dough right now. if a line is doing very well, they keep it. they say over the past year, particularly in the last half of 2016 sales of the brand have steadily declined to the point where it didn't make good business sense for us to continue with the line for now. that is the statement there and the company said they had told ivanka this in january. the question is, is where is ivanka trump in all this? did her dad get defensive and mad and think he was supporting his daughter and fires off this tweet? >> someone retweeted it from the potus account. >> retweeted from the potus account. would ivanka trump endorse this for her father? she usually seems to be the brakes, not the accelerator. >> senator blunt was not happy we asked that question. it's not happening in a vacuum. the reason it's an important question is because there are questions about the president's business interests. the president himself was tweeting about this yesterday.
6:27 am
>> this is exactly what ethics advisers have been worried about, about not being a wall between his business and the white house. in this case there clearly is not a wall between the white house and the family's interests in his named businesses. >> before we let you go, how are stocks looking? >> weave got kind of a stall going on in the stock market. they really want to see a pivot toward pro growth policies and away from immigration battles. we're watching a lot of earnings. twitter is going to be down. it had a disappointed earnings number. airline ceos go to washington this morning, maybe conflicting priorities. >> some of them are very critical. >> absolutely. they need to work with elaine chao on infrastructure and transportation issues. i think the most fascinating time for the ceo must be in the corporate suite with the advisers before you go to the white house, deciding what your tone will be with the president of the united states. >> i am making jobs in america, this is how much we're spending
6:28 am
in america. >> tax policy -- >> critical. >> they don't want distractions. >> they want a front line seat. >> they're grappling with the travel ban and how they're going to deal with that. we'll talk about that later. christine, thank you. >> still to come for us, some serious weather hitting the northeast right now. the most powerful storm of the season. we'll talk about what to expect and how much is headed your way. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests
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good morning everyone.
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i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. if you've looked out your window and you live along the east coast, not a pretty sight. the northeast dealing with wicked winter weather this morning. here is what it looks like right outside of our offices, one of those shots in new york. more than 40 million people already under storm warnings. some cities bracing for a foot or more of snow. >> this morning schools are shut down in five states. my kids' school shut down. more than 3,000 flights canceled. it was 60 degrees yesterday in new york. i went running in shorts in central park. chad myers, what's going on? >> reporter: that's in my brain. i can't unsee that now, john. it was 61 here, and then by this morning it was 31. now it's 27. that tells me the snow is about to slow down. it was a huge drop in the cold air, a cold front that came in. the moisture coming off the atlantic ocean as the storm
6:34 am
rolls to the east of new jersey. earlier today, this is broadway, i could not see down broadway at all. it was completely shut down. it was just a wall of snow. now at least i can see maybe one or two city blocks. the snow is beginning to calm down here, beginning to wind down. already wound down in williamsport and the poconos and hazleton mountain and harrisburg, even back into parts of west virginia the snow has moved away. but it's moving into eastern long island, connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts as the storm rolls up the east coast. it will still be with them probably another four to six hours there. but i think the snow, john, stops here within two to three hours and really other than maybe one more inch, what you see here is what you get. >> boston expected to be a lot worse, right? >> reporter: yes, absolutely. the thing that's going on there is that the wind is coming off the motion. i lived in buffalo most of my life.
6:35 am
you get this lake-effect snow. boston will actually get ocean-effect snow. that cold wind will wraparound and blow itself right into boston. the ocean is a lot bigger than lake erie or lake ontario. canada will get pounded by the same storm as we work our way into the weekend. >> chad myers, you look good in snow, my friend. thank you so much. boston strong, they can deal. >> a foot of snow, that's nothing. >> we won the super bowl, it's nothing. still to come for us, mixed messages over the direction of the new administration. that plus the fact that some key diplomatic positions are still unfilled. now people behind the scenes are saying they're confused about the way for ward. details ahead. ote... ...without writing a single word. introducing a new way... create a gift from the heart... ...that could only come from ...the pandora boutique at jared.
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this morning we're getting word there's confusion within the diplomatic core about the direction of the new administration, a lot of confusion. one example, the president called nato obsolete multiple times. cabinet picks praise the alliance. diplomats say what? >> number of key positions unfilled. many leaders and diplomats overseas don't know who to turn to for clarity. cnn's elise labott has new information this morning. what are you learning? >> this is a little typical of any administration that's turning over, especially when there's a different party, especially after eight years of the obama administration. what's unusual in this situation is that you have a combination of a lot of top management positions at the state department gone, a lot of those people were political appointees that left after the administration but also a lot of career officials also left. they took out that institutional knowledge with them. some of them have served for
6:41 am
decades. then you have a very erratic white house foreign policy, a reorganization of the national security counsel. you have that combined with the president's tweets that is often, as you just said, a little in contrast with some of what his nominees are saying. diplomats we're talking to are saying hey, what's going on. you have the russian foreign ministry saying we don't have any counterparts in the state department. we don't know what's going on, who to talk to. there's a lot of confusion. because this has been such an unusual election and that president trump during the campaign talked about new policy avenues. these companies want to get down to business and figure out what's going on. >> elise, look. this coupled with the fact that a lot of those career diplomats who span republican and democratic administrations suddenly are not there anymore. rex tillerson, now secretary of state, knows how to smooth over ruffled feathers, right?
6:42 am
is this a guy that will make things a little clearer pretty soon? >> that's the hope and the expectation. rex tillerson didn't have any government experience. as you said, being the ceo of exxonmobil he was known as someone building a team, in the meetings he's hat at the state department, he's talked about wanting to getting expertise working in the building. i think the expectation is he'll institute some order and also communication between the state department and the white house. when i talked to diplomats at the state department, a lot of times they're in the dark. one early sign that the wheels are starting to turn as they should be is that -- is with some executive orders that were expected to be rolled out asking about the designations of the muslim brotherhood and the iranian revolutionary guard. the white house was considering some of those orders, but diplomats from the state department, officials in the pentagon pushed back a little bit and now they're rethinking
6:43 am
that. this is really in contrast with what happened with the visa ban, when the white house rolled it out, didn't talk to the state department, didn't talk to the pentagon. there was a lot of confusion not just in those agencies, but around the world. they're saying it's an early sign the white house is starting to look at the expertise and i think countries will be welcomed by that. >> that's an important point. as much as what you're not seeing rolled out that's telling about how things are getting put in order. elise labott, great reporting, thank you. still to come, did nba star steph curry just call the president a three-letter word that rhymes with bass? stay with us. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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6:48 am
coy. >> all right, guys. listen to this. 54-year-old charles oakley played for the knicks for a decade has been charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal trespassing. what happened? the knicks say he was acting in, quote, an inappropriate and abusive manner, unquote. oakley denies that he was yelling at knicks owner james dolan, standing up down to the left of your screen there. so oakley has been critical of dolan in the past. he told the "new york daily news" dolan didn't want him there. security asked oakley to leave and he said i'm not leaving. security guards then escorted him out while fans, they were on oakley's side, chanting oakley, oakley. they say nypd, we talked to them a couple hours ago. they say oakley punched one madison square garden employee and shoved two others on the way out. here is he talking about it after his release. >> i was asked to leave the building. i asked why. they said you have to leave
6:49 am
because someone ordered you to leave. i'm like, i've been here, i'm a knicks fan, played for ten years. i love knicks, i love new york. my heart, i wish them all the luck and success on the basketball court. i don't know why i'm not welcome into the garden. >> let's move to steph curry and not talk about a three-point shot, but a shot he took at the president. under armour ceo kevin plank recently called trump an asset to the united states via the mercury news. steph curry said i agree with that description if you remove the et from asset. steph curry is a close friend of president obama and one of under armour's most high profile athletes. plank met with trump to explore business opportunities. he wanted clarification of where under armour stands on certain social issues. he said their views don't differ
6:50 am
from has own, so their relationship has not been affected. john, you got two super bowl t-shirts from your children, they were too i got you confetti from the field. the super bowl champion patriots. i'm going to be sending this up to you, my friend. you deserve it, you earned it, you kicked butt at the super bowl special. >> i will frame the confetti if possible. thank you so much. >> i just got you a lame hat. >> i'm a frame both. guys, coming up, steph curry and kellyanne conway, ever think you would hear their names in the same sentence? >> the trump brand and trump business right at the center of so many heated discussions. corporate brands dealing with the same thing. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations...
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so nba super star steph curry taking on a major company and talking about the president. we have a lot to talk about as well, as well as kellyanne conway talking about the president's daughter's brand in a new national tv interview. >> business meets the white house head on. joining us is a brand expert and the director of the boston consulting group. and a former nfl player for the atlanta falcons. martha, let's start with steph curry. the ceo of under armour praising president trump. steph curry wears under armour,
6:56 am
not a fan of president trump at all. you can see conflicts starting to burst out here. >> yeah, it's really interesting. i mean, i think in the long run, it's probably the conversation that's happening right now between under armour and steph curry isn't going to have an effect on under armour's brand. what's really interesting is it's unusual to see this kind of transparency around an internal conversation between a ceo, a brand, a celebrity endorser. and to see the kind of clash of values and how they're working it out very publicly. and i think, you know, ultimately that may actually benefit, that may play to the benefit of both -- all the parties involved, because you're seeing people take it seriously and work it through. >> chris, let me ask you, let me read you part of what steph curry came out and said. this is after the ceo of under armour called president trump an asset, talking about free trade and issues like that. >> which is a feeling felt by a lot of people. >> he's not the only ceo who's
6:57 am
said that. across the board, ceos want some of the economic proposals the president is putting forward. then under armour came out with a statement saying, we engage in policy, not politics, we believe in advocating fair trade, inclusive immigration, welcome the best and brightest, et cetera. steph curry comes out and says, if you take the "et" off the "asset," that's what the president is. he says he will always stand up for what he believes is right no matter what company he's endorsing. are we going to see more of a divide between corporate america and athletes that promote their wares? >> i think so, especially when you've got guys at the level of a steph curry. he really can sway under armour's value. if he says, i don't want to wear these shoes because i don't feel like that i can believe in this company, he can absolutely change where under armour stands. him and there's a number of other players that are at his
6:58 am
level that really can challenge a company and say, hey, you need to tell me exactly where you stand, because i have or others. if steph says, i don't believe in under armour, i'm going to nike, nike will stand up and say, i'm here, i'm here. if he wants to go to adidas or anywhere else. >> what he said was, when under armour came out with their statement, he's totally on board. but it shows the importance of their relationship. >> what about athletes who say they won't go to the white house for a celebration under president trump? do athletes run a risk of being too political, right? i mean, the white house is the white house no matter who is there, right? >> the white house is the white house. but the policies are about the administration. i think athletes absolutely run a risk when they stand up. i was told when i was at st. louis, do you worry about being involved with communities so much that that could potentially hurt you. every athlete has to weigh it. because at the end of the day
6:59 am
they are men, and their beliefs really have to come first. if they believe it's worth it to stand up, and they're willing to take on the responsibility of what happens after that, then they can do what they want. >> they are men and women. and i think we're going to hear a lot from female athletes going forward. martha, to you on this, the kellyanne conway interview, here is what she said on fox news. >> they're using the most prominent woman in donald trump's, you know, they're using her who has been a champion for women in the workplace to get to him. go by ivanka's stuff, i hate shopping, but i'm going to going to go get some myself today. >> you're a brand expert. all these conflict of interest concerns around the trump white house and the president blasts nordstrom's for taking her brand off their racks and then you have kellyanne conway saying, go by ivanka.
7:00 am
how do you see it? >> it's an unusual collision of politics and politicians and brands for sure that we haven't seen in the past. i mean, there have been many people in the white house, and many first ladies, in fact, who have -- and family members who have gone on to have profitable ventures from various items. but most of the time, i think it's fair to say that nonprofit and charity has been involved with those efforts as well. this is unusual for sure. what's interesting is that in spite of the agitation from trump's side towards nordstrom's, for example, nordstrom really isn't seeing a decline in their business or in their standing in the marketplace. i'm not sure in the future what these kinds of attacks on brands will mean for brands. but so far, we're not seeing that it's a particu


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