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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 13, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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the president's national security advisor. for now. the retired general is under fire for speaking to the russians about u.s. sanctions before trump was sworn if an an misleading or lying to mike pence about the whole thing. mike pence said not to be happy about this. cnn is told that flynn has no plans to resign or expectation of being fired. one official says a lot of unhappiness about this. he acknowledged that flynn's future in the white house is not sure thing. democrats are pouncing. >> either he was lying about not having discussed that or he forgot. >> you don't believe it? your smile says you don't believe he forgot. >> i don't think you want a guy who would forget that. >> it is important to note that what the white house is not saying about general flynn. listen to trump policy director
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steven miller deflecting questions about flynn's future with the administration. >> the white house did not give you anything to say other than that? >> they did not give me anything >> for more on reaction with russia, let's bring in matthew chance live in moscow. good morning, matthew. >> reporter: christine, denials from the kremlin in the past few minutes that sanctions discussed between any members of the trump administration or the trump team during the elections and the kremlin. specifically talking about the conversations that took place between michael flynn and the
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russian ambassador in december. that is acknowledged. they are saying sanctions did not come up. they further denied the sanctions had anything to do with vladimir putin's response to president obama's last round of sanctions in the final weeks of his administration which he expelled 35 russian diplomats. you may remember, over allegations over russian hacking in the process. the allegation was that putin's response was the result of the conversations between flynn and the russian ambassador to the united states. they have been asked what they think about whether michael flynn is going to keep his post as national security advisor. again, the kremlin playing a cautious line on this. saying they don't want to get involved in current conversat n conversations that are taking place in the united states. they are not exactly throwing michael flynn under the bus. not helping either. >> all right.
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matthew chance, thank you. fascinating to watch developments. >> let's bring in political reporter eugene scott. eugene, we were talking about matthew chance. he used the phrase they are not throwing michael flynn under the bus. what about the white house? what does the white house do about michael flynn? they put out steven miller this weekend. he said i can't speak for the president. i have nothing to say on the matter. that is not damning someone with praise. it is damning someone with silence. >> it is leaving people with an optimistic perspective on what could happen long term. one thing is important to remember is trump highly values. flynn came on board early and trump was supportive. >> you send out steven miller. trump loved what miller said. if he loves michael flynn, send your guy with nice things to say. >> trump has not come out and defended him.
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reports when trump said he wasn't aware of the reports, he actually was aware. very concerned. some people believe that he really is trying to give flynn an opportunity to explain what happened. he still is paying close attention. >> it is interesting to think about who has the president's ear and who is influencing how he thinks about the people around him. specifically this guy christopher ruddy. he runs news max. alternative news right leaning news organization. this is what he said about reince priebus to our brian stelter. >> i think there is a lot of weakness from the chief of staff. reince priebus, good guy, well intention intentioned, but he doesn't know he how the agencies work. i don't think the president is getting the back up he needs in the operation of the white house. sometimes the push back he needs which you would have with the stronger white house counsel. the white house chief of staff. >> he talked to reince priebus
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afterwards. he will have an open mind about reince priebus. tell me what is going on with the people around the president? sean spicer on snl. kellyanne conway who is still in the spotlight with the nordstrom nonsense last week. now reince priebus kind of hit by this guy. >> this is not the first time we heard reports of conflicts within the white house. there is thought to be four points of power. many of them do not agree with one another. not just on policy, but didn't trust one another before they got into the white house during the campaign and during the time before they got on team trump. we have seen a lot of concerns about lack of unity and one of the ways that manifests is some of the anonymous leaks we believe we are seeing record numbers of. we saw in that example, people close to positions of power unapologetic and open in the terms of criticism of people who
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have the president's ear. >> leaks or floods of information and inside chatter. in this week's episode of allegations of voter fraud that are unfounded, without evidence and didn't happen, let's play steven miller. >> voter fraud is a serious problem in the country. you have millions of people who registered in two states or dead and registered to vote. >> hold on. you claimed again that there was illegal voting in new hampshire. people bussed in from massachusetts. do you have evidence to back that up? >> george, go to anybody in new hampshire. everybody is aware of the problem in new hampshire. >> i'm asking you as white house senior policy adviser. the president made a statement he was the victim of voter fraud. >> and the president was -- >> do you have any evidence? >> if this is an issue that interests you, we can talk about it more in the future. >> no evidence of it there.
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there hasn't been -- i suppose what is interesting to me is this is the third or fourth go around of this since the president has been sworn in. clearly it is a choice to keep on going on tv and saying these things. >> it is a choice. i think what the president's team is realizing what some of the supporters, it doesn't matter he is not presenting evidence. they are staying on his team and looking at the situation the way he would like them to look at it. the problem is this is a significant charge. you can't go ask anyone in new hampshire and get this response. quite a few critics in new hampshire that no evidence has been put forward on this charge. the reason this is concerning is because people are concerned that this presidential administration could enforce policies and ideas that further restrict voting rights and marginalize communities. >> quickly. global diplomacy on the agenda. the president meets with justin
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trudeau and the mexican president enrique pena nieto potentially. >> there have been reports he will speak with leaders from africa. we have not heard a lot regarding this president's policies on african issues. it specifically states about the travel ban and his position on the continent. >> eugene scott, come back. thank you. north korea confirms the launch of the new type of medium range ballistic missile over the weekend. the government's central news agency says the test fire was guided personally by supreme commander kim jong-un. it is an early test for the trump administration. now the u.n. is stepping in. let's go to seoul and get the latest from paula hancocks. other players are concerned by the sabrerattling by the young
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dictator? >> reporter: absolutely, christine. we have not seen a missile launch for almost four months. that is restrained from pyongyang when you consider what a rush kim jong-un was in last year. over 20 missile launches. this is the first test for the trump administration. it was an i new and improved version because of the way it was fueled. it was fueled by liquid in the past. this time solid fuel. that means a launch could happen faster. less preparation time and also it means it can be launched from a mobile launcher. certainly that's a significant difference. there has been widespread condemnation as you imagine in the region. donald trump was actually meeting with shinzo abe, the japanese prime minister as the launch took place. they had a press conference afterwards. mr. abe was strongly condemning.
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saying this was absolutely intolerable. mr. donald trump said that he was 100% behind japan. we certainly haven't got anymore inclination of what exactly that north korean policy is from the trump administration. experts here is a it wasn't an icbm from north korea which kim jong-un threatened this year which could hit the mainland united states. it was almost a test to see what response trump would give. >> paula hancocks for us in seoul. thank you so much. nice to see you. wild night at the grammy awards. or only wild nights. no grammys that are unwild. who took home the top honors and who stopped the show literally.
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i'm sorry. i can't do it again like last year. i'm sorry for swearing. i can't mess this up for him. i'm sorry. ♪ i miss my baby >> adele delights people when she miessages up up. adele stopped the show at the 9 59th grammy awards. she was honoring george michael. she swept top honors. the music industry's big night. some people thought it would be a political statement. hollywood getting together. music industry getting together and bashing donald trump. cnn's stephanie elam was there. check out how she looks. she has the latest.
2:16 am
>> reporter: john and christine, adele at the grammys winning five awards. album of the year, record of the year and song of the year. when accepting album of the year for "25" she said she thought beyonce should have won. >> the "lemonade" album was monumental. and so well thought out. and so beautiful and soul bearing. we all got to see another side to you that you don't let us see. all us artists adore you. >> reporter: beyonce's performance was a tribute to motherhood with her mom int introducing her, blue ivy. and katy perry ended with an image of the constitution. the most overt political statement came from a tribe called quest. referred to potus as president
2:17 am
agent orange. a show of support, joy villa wore a gaun that read make america great again. stephanie, thank you. you look great. second, wow. thanks for boiling it down. the front pages, maybe adele reigned, but the baby bump everywhere. beyonce. >> is there such a thing? sgr baby bumps are awesome. until week 38. steve mnuchin had a great weekend. mnuchin cleared a vote on friday. the senate is expected to confirm him tonight. one of his movies claimed top spot at the box office. "lego batman" pulled in $55 million. he is a producer on the film. that company is owned by the time warner. andrew puzder is getting ready for a tough week ahead. his hearing is set for thursday
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after delayed four times. he is the ceo of carl's jr. democrats say he made profits from keeping wages low. he is against the $15 minimum wage. he is facing a 33-state lawsuit over labor issues and stolen wages and forcing people to work off the clock. ben stein said that should not d disqualify him. >> he would not be my first choice. he is not reflecting anything more than the prevailing view of the labor market and what restaurant merchandising is in america today. he is not a bad guy for stating the facts of what life is like in the restaurant business. >> ben stein saying his job was to sell hamburgers. that requires a skill set differently than representing the labor laws. that is what he would be doing. the president wants to cut regulation.
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maybe those will be labor regulation. >> a story in the washington post about how donald trump wants to cut regulation. the anti-regulation president. interesting. new drama at madison square garden. who is sitting next to james dolan? coy wire with the bleacher report next. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it.
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four days after knicks legend charles oakley ejected from madison square garden, james dolan showed up with a surprise guest. >> coy wire has more in the bleacher report.
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>> john and christine, knicks owner james dolan has been getting heat since oakley has been thrown out. fans siding with oakley and against doelan. who took a seat? latrell sprewell. back in 2003, sprewell yelled obscenities. the two had been on the outs as several other knicks players. that must have helped the knicks. they got a surprise win over the spurs. check out spike lee wearing oakley jersey. knicks win 94-90. justin timberlake in the house at the pebble beach pro-am. he sings, he dances and not a bad golfer. almost a hole in one here.
2:25 am
and justin rose took a selfie of timberlake with that shot. almost a hole in one selfie. and jordan spieth crushing the competition. the ninth win before the age of 24. the only other player younger to reach nine wins was tiger woods. the number one ranked uconn lady huskies looking to extend the win streak. they face south carolina. uconn hadn't lost at home in over four years. the gamecocks are 6-0 against ranked opponents. they have a shot at taking uconn down. the u.s. tennis association apologizing after the wrong version of the german anthem sung at a tournament in maui. here is the problem. the singer used an obsolete first verse from the nazi era.
2:26 am
one german player said of the anthem mix up, i never felt more disrespected in my life. u. u.s.t.a. sent out apologies. >> a gross oversight. >> one german player said it was ignorance and worst thing that ever happened. they were not happy. >> coy, thanks for that. 26 minutes past the hour. some growing trouble for national security advisor michael flynn. he says he is not going anywhere, but some in the white house say otherwise. is flynn on thin ice? make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. knows how it feels to seees your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around?
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2:31 am
arsenal. how will the trump administration respond to the first big challenge? lawyers going back to court today over the president's travel ban. what will the administration team do to try to get his executive order back in place? >> are you talking over me? 5:31. you are -- >> bad form is bad form. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. pressure building on national security advisor michael flynn and not a peep from the white house. retired general is under fire over speaking to russia about sanctions before president trump takes office. we are told flynn has no plans to resign and has no expectation of being fired. an official tells cnn quote a lot of unhappiness about this. democrats, no surprise, are
2:32 am
piling on. >> either he was lying about not having discussed that or he forgot. >> you don't believe it. your smile says you believe he didn't forget? >> i don't think you want a guy who would forget that. >> the most glaring words from the white house not coming from the white house in support of general flynn. steven miller seemed to go out of his way to withhold official support this weekend. >> the white house did not give you anything to say other than -- >> they did not give me anything to say. >> so you cannot say -- >> asked and answered, chuck. >> you cannot say if the president has -- >> it is to the for me to tell you what is in the president's mind. that's a question for chief of staff. asked and answered. >> the textbook definition of letting someone twist in the wind. no support to general michael flynn.
2:33 am
let's give a different sp perspective. the russian perspective. let's bring in cnn's matthew chance live from moscow. matthew, what are you hearing? >> reporter: john, a lot of confusion from the flynn side of the conversation whether sanctions were discussed or not. kremlin came out a few minutes ago and said we have had no conversations of sanctions with michael fliynn or any other trup team member. you know, that's something they are saying. there was an allegation that the conversation with michael flynn, which is acknowledged, and russian ambassador to the united states resulted in the m magnanoumuos decision. responding to the last set of sanctions where obamas expelled 35 diplomats over allegations of hacking. he decided not to wait for the
2:34 am
incoming trump administration. the kremlin denies that was anything to do with any conversation that may have been had with michael flynn and the russian ambassador to the united states. denial from the kremlin these have taken place. it adds to the confusion of the trump policy when it comes to russia and sanctions. donald trump famously in campaign said he would look again at recognizing the annexation of crimea in 2014. look again and recognizing it as legitimate part of russia. nicanythin nikki haley said the sanctions would remain in place until russia returns control of crimea to the ukraine. mixed messages. >> all right. matthew, thank you. let's drill down with this
2:35 am
with eugene scott. eugene, is flynn damaged by this? we know somebody close to the situation says there is a lot of unhappiness about this. at the same time, the white house doesn't want to look like it is in disarray. they don't want to boot somebody four weeks in. >> he is damaged. somebody like mike pence's can't said he made mike pence look bad. he defended flynn. he gave the presidents national security credibility. considered a candidate for the vice president before going with mike pence. there is genuine concern about his ability to do what it is that he is there to do. we even saw democrats calling for national security clearance to be removed. this is not the first time since being in the white house that people looked to his performance and being unpleased. >> you saw the clip with chuck
2:36 am
todd. the white house advisor not defending michael flynn. not saying the president has confidence. he avoided the question completely. i have not seen anything quite like that before. that is cutting flynn off at the knees. seemingly deliberately so. >> i have not seen that before either. part of that is the white house internal politics. flynn is concerned he is not having the access to trump that he has had in the campaign. miller is more from the bannon camp. there is some kind of conflict there in terms of who has power and who has influence in shaping policy. i don't know if miller was trying to suggest that flynn perhaps should not be in a position that flynn hopes to be in. >> can we listen to steven miller more about alleged voter fraud. something there is no evidence of voter fraud. listen to this. >> voter fraud is a problem in the country.
2:37 am
you have millions of people who are registered in two states or dead and registered to vote. >> hold on a second. you claimed again that there was illegal voting in new hampshire. people bussed in from the state of massachusetts. do you have evidence to back that up? >> george, go to new hampshire. talk to anybody in politics for a long time. everybody is aware of the problem in new hampshire with respect to bringing in voters and with -- >> hold on. as the white house senior policy advisor. the president said he was a victim of voter fraud. >> the president was. >> do you have any evidence? >> if this is an interest that interests you, we can talk about it more in the future. >> so, you know, people who have been in new hampshire for a long time say that is poppycock. >> i heard the charge before, but i have never seen evidence of it in my 44 years. there is no evidence we have seen and not in the scale they are claiming. >> this is just a new phase from
2:38 am
the trump administration putting out allegations that cannot be proven. this is dangerous. some of the critics say. there are ongoing concerns of people have the right to vote scaled back. seeing the allegations being made without support, they fear will give the justice department power to scale these things back despite the need to see them expand. >> why do they keep banging on this? what is the political advantage to bang on it when all of the reporters go out and say that is not true. >> i think it is a continuation of the trump administration's approach to immigration issues and concerns of legitimacy in the united states. they write about dead people being registered. one thing they harp on is there are undocumented immigrants voting. that is the broader strategy. >> again, for which there is no evidence. >> none. >> not at the level.
2:39 am
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new developments from north korea. the ballistic missile launch was successful. the government central news agency said it was guided personally by kim jong-un. this was an earlier test from north korea of the trump administration. the u.n. is stepping in. let's get the latest from cnn's paula hancocks. an emergency meeting from the united nations security council on this issue. when north korea does this thing, what is the latest? >> reporter: john, we have not seen a missile from north korea in almost four months. that is a restrained from last
2:44 am
year. more than 20 missile launches. this is the first one since the u.s. president took control of the country. this is the first test for presumptive nomin donald trump. it is an intermediate range missile. it is an improved version if the way it is fueled. it used to be liquid fuel. now solid fuel which is faster to launch and can be launched from a mobile launcher as well. improvements there if that is the case. north korea has hailed it as a great success. we have a vision from the north korean television show and kim jong-un looking delighted with the launch and widespread condemnation of t condemnation. when this happened, donald trump was hosting prime minister shinzo abe in florida. we heard him call it intolerable. the u.s. president says the u.s. stands behind japan 100%.
2:45 am
we have no more indication of what exactly the trump administration and north korean policy will be. that is one thing that they are watching for in south korea. >> we hear from president trump later today. he has a news conference. pau paula hancocks, thank you. adele with a show stopping after form answer at tperforman grammys. >> i know it's live tv. i'm sorry. i can't do it again like last ye year. can we please start it again? i can't mess this up for you. ♪ i miss my baby >> she wanted to get it just right. >> give her credit. >> she was giving a tribute to george michael. she stopped mid song and asked to start again. one highlights in the night of
2:46 am
highs for adele who swept the honors and paid tribute to beyonce. stephanie elam has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: john and christine, adele reigned at the grammys winning five. album of the year, record of the year and song of the year. when accepting album of the year for 25, she said she thought beyonce should have won. >> the lemonade album was monument monumental. and so well thought out. and so beautiful and soul bearing. we all got to see another side to you that you don't let us see. we appreciate that. all us artists adore you. >> reporter: beyonce's performance was a tribute to motherhood with blue ivy in the audience. and katy perry ended with an image of the constitution. the most overt statement came
2:47 am
from a tribe called quest. referred to potus as president agent orange. in a show of support for president trump, a gown that read make america great again and trump along the back. john and christine. >> you look awe somawesome. >> she has so much class. she stayed up late. >> she did not have to restart like adele. 47 minutes past the hour. more stores dropping trump products. sears and kmart stopped selling items online. they are not on the web sites anymore. they can be bought from third party vendors. trum trump items were not sold at the stores. neiman marcus and nordstrom and
2:48 am
marshalls are not selling the brand. the brand dipped 26% in the past year. it studies sales on five stores online. a report in the wall street journal claims the ivanka trump clothing line plunged 26%. >> nordstrom dropped ivanka trump. >> dropped a tweet about nordstrom. >> it may have been a business decisi decision. let's see what is coming up on "new day." alisyn camerota joins us. >> great to see you. we have great guests coming up on "new day." we have the husband of the woman who was deported back to mexico. a mother of two. the first arizona woman to be deported back to mexico under president trump's executive order. what was her crime? we will talk to her husband about that. we have the author of the study on voter fraud.
2:49 am
this study that donald trump cites as evidence of voter fraud in 2016. the author of the study is on to explain how the president and his team are misrepresenting the findi findings. see you at the top of the hour with all of that. >> looking forward to it. >> happy monday. the stock market rally is back on. all three averages never higher. records all around. we will tell you the one thing that got investors excited and i'll tell you what you need to know today. ♪ why do so many businesses rely on the u.s. postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. ♪ that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority : you
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new evacuations ordered overnight in northern california. this is over structure concerns in the oroville dam. officials moved nearly 200,000 residents to higher ground after finding a hole in the spillway. look at that. the serious concerns of flooding
2:54 am
downstream. >> we have water over the emergency spillway. it was beginning to erode the ground. when you start to erode the ground, dirt and everything rolls and undermines itself. if we don't take care of that and mitigate properly, we are looking at approximately a 30-foot wall of water. >> officials are waiting for first light this morning to better assess the situation and decide if it is safe to return for residents. and much of new england is buried under snow and ice. up to 2 feet or more in places. let's get to meteorologist pedram javaheri. >> after a weekend of a foot in the northeast, conditions will improve. you see wintry weather in eastern corner of maine with over 300,000 people under a blizzard warning. 20 million people in the winter weather alerts in place. this system by 5:00 p.m., it is
2:55 am
all out of the picture. it will taper off. winds you will feel in new york city and you work into where it is snowing. blizzard conditions. the forecast for the extreme eastern corner of the state of maine could bring down 10 to 18 inches of fresh snow tonight before it is all said and done. boston and south. not much left as far as snow. 34 in boston. temperatures in chicago in the mid-40s. in atlanta, in the low 60s. notice this trend. you might like by the end of the week. takes us back in the mid-40s. potentially the mid-50s by sunday afternoon in new york city. my sister's school outside boston thursday, friday, off. sooner or later, they will have to go to school. you need to go to school to learn how to spell. a lesson learned by the department of education media team.
2:56 am
the folks misspelled the name of author and civil rights activist w.e.b. dubois. it had a tweet of the importance of education. it misspelled his name. when they noticed the mistake, they wrote post updated. our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo. then the department of education -- i can take this from transportation or energy. department of education. the third time they actually did get the apology right. >> i feel badly for whoever did it. you are having fun with it. >> it is not fun. it is scary to me. let's talk about children are our future. teach them well. the stock market at the highest level in history. dow and nasdaq and s&p and russell 2 u,000. closing on records. the tax reform package
2:57 am
announcement by the president put the stocks on track. futures higher this morning. stocks in europe are rising. shares in asia with gains overnight. six weeks in the trading year. nasdaq up 5%. the biggest winner of the three. dow up more than 2%. verizon bringing back something customers used to love. i'm not talking about the motorola razr. unlimited data plans. >> can you get them to bring back the razr? >> no. customers can switch for $80 a month. that covers one line. the account must be on auto pay and paperless billing. it scrapped the plan in 2011 despite customer backlash. this shows how stiff the competition. sprint and at&t is providing better value.
2:58 am
more than 144 million sub descri scribers. >> do you have a favorite cell phone? can you look back? >> has it been 20 years of cell phones? the first i got at the assignment desk. to run to cover a story. it was big and had a battery of an hour. >> i had an orange nokia phone that played "copacabana" when it rang. i had a burnt orange case for it. know sta nostalgic. thank you for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> if you are still watching. "new day" starts right now. >> general flynn's comments add to our concern about the relationship with russia. >> those conversations had nothing whatsoever with sanctions. >> i don't think you want a guy who would forget that.
2:59 am
>> defending against the north korean missile and nuclear threat. >> north korea is testing president trump. >> there are massive numbers of non citizens in the country who are registered to vote. >> nobody believes that. it's a lie. >> we are going to keep our country safe. >> this executive order is so bad, he ought to throw it in the trash can. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." 6:00 in new york. a up first, president trump's embattled national security advisor. dodging chances to defend michael flynn after flynn discussed sanctions with russia before donald trump took office.
3:00 am
and north korea test launched a ballistic missile. what will president trump do to respond to kim jong-un? he also has a growing list of challenges. we're on day 25 of the trump president good morning. unsure footing here at the white house this morning as this new administration tries to get it's way through multiple controversies at strong points during the election. >> president trump's national security advisor general michael flynn under fire. >> does the president still has confidence in his natural security advisor. >> that's a question you should ask the president. >> he did discuss u.s. sanctions with a russian ambassador


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