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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 15, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we are following breaking news. the white house has begun to great length to claim it has no improper relation to russian or vladimir putin one day after michael flynn was forced to resign another bombshell revelation. cnn pamela brown reports. >> reporter: with russian known to u.s. intelligence.
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multiple, law enforcement and administration officials tells cnn president trump and president obama were briefed. according u.s. officials familiar with the matter, raise a red flag, communicated were int communicating with russian national were then campaign man ford joined and was out in august flynn stayed on and resigned last night. communication between campaign staff and represents are not unusual. however these communications stood out due to the frequency
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and the level of the trump adviser involved. they have not reached intent of those communication. those were intercepted between the had special access to trump. it's unclear whether they were exsag rating that claim or not. it was growing in confidence that russia was trying to tilt the election in trump favor. pamela brown, cnn washington. the new revelation comes as white house tries to distance itself from russia. listen to what sean spicer had to say during briefing on tuesday. >> back in january the president said nobody in campaign had been in touch with the russian, today
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can you still say nobody on the trump campaign not even general flynn had contact with the russian? >> now understanding -- we were clear during the transition period he did speak with the ambassador -- >> i'm talking about during the campaign. >> there's nothing to conclude anything different has changed with respect to that time respect. >> i do want to bring you up-to-date, we getting information rex tillerson will meet on the 16th of february during the summit meeting. let's bring in claire sebastian. what has been the reaction from moscow and how much concern is
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there there? >> yes. so far no official reaction from the kremlin. we did get more on that later. it's fair to say there's some concern in political circleless about what this could mean for the future of u.s.-russian relationship. one said tweeting his views. he said the resignation of flynn will not be the end of this. trump's enemies will destroy him until he is impeached. they want to beat trump with the russian cod blaming the media reporting about russian contact hipt and zero fact. to blame the media to leave president trump out of it and it's clear they are concerned particularly about another comment from sean spicer
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overnight saying president trump expec expects crimea to be returned from ukraine. ahead of foreign affairs comparing it to a cold showers. it's pouring cold water on expectation of improved relation with president trump and his team. those are not derailed. >> interesting. we are trying crap el with the relationship is there any at this hour. >> we know he met putin in december of 2015. that was a dinner and celebration of the 10th an
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anniversary. he did a paid q&a section. he has made regular appearances on rt. russia has said the conversation between flynn and russian ambassador did take place. whether that had putin decision not to respond to the u.s. where the kremlin said that information is not correct. >> joining us live from moscow where it's 6 minutes past the hour. >> michael clark joins me from london. great to have you with us.
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the contact itself is not unusual but the frequency is and it raising some eyebrow giving general flynn's background. where do you think there was so much contact during the campaign? >> i guess there's two different answers to that. it's astonishing that mike flynn would not have realized that everything he said to russian in washington and moscow would not have been tracked. he would not not have known that. but somehow he got himself in foolish situation. the second issue why was such contact suggests this what is europeans speaking from this side of the atlantic there's visceral desire by people around
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him to create a strategic bargain over the head of the european allies that would be bad for them. the fear is that candidate trump, president-elect trump and now president trump is in a good situation with russian interlock tor and do a bargain to take on north korea and china in terms of trade wars that something that bothers european. the story is tending to back up that suspicion which exists here in europe. >> right. why do you think president trump is being so hard on some of his allies yet soft on russia.
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what does that snignal to you i light of what we're learning about the contact between president trump and russia is there a sense that russia has something on trump here? >> yes, it's been said in the british media that president putin is the only person president trump has not insulted in his campaign speeches or in later tweets. the sense is he has a strategic idea that he going to do a version of nixon in the 1970s with kissinger the way nixon opened up china, the president trump candidate as he was had sense where he got it from. he don't know. he was going to change the world diplomacy with president putin. two strong men in the world
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would create an understanding which would open up a lot of other doors and facilitate policy on the front. it may be president trump has not articulated it. we don't know. there's sense a europe that we're seeing this being played out in the early days of the trump administration of the it's worrying for the european allies. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate it. earlier fa reek talk to done lemon about why trump is so soft on russia. >> let's go back to the campaign, during the campaign, donald trump otherwise seeming to be a hard line republican on
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foreign policy accusing allies, accusing the chinese of raping us, every kubt country is bad except russia. then we have the puzzle where people allege business ties with russia and he wasn't reveal and release his taxes. we know he doesn't pay much in taxes and doesn't give much money to revelation. his campaign manager worked for ukrainian and he is in exile in russia. man for was giving money by russian intelligence service. then we learn that flynn makes phone call to the russian ambassador to talk to him about the sanctions obama administration put on him. today we learn the story you're
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telling us -- >> the first part of it we say denied. the media trying to take him down. all of sudden it turns out to be true. >> he called ambassador five times. the chance that he did that without president's knowledge is highly unlikely. >> disputed president trump is being too friendly with president trump take a listen. >> the irony is that the president has been tough on russia. he continues to raise issue of crimea, president trump made it clear that he expects russia to deess late -- at the same time he want to be able to get along
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with russia so we can solve many problems together fazing the world such as threat of isis and terrorism. >> mr. trump is approaching one month in the white house. ties to russia. more on that breaking news coming up next. pain used to shut me down during pick-up games.
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welcome back. i want to update you now high-level adviser to donald trump were in constant contact with russian officials during the campaign. they were concerned about the frequency of the communication and the proximity of those involved to mr. trump. the white house is putting the blame squarely on adviser micha micha michael flynn for his own demise. now president trump faces questions about whether he has been honest with the media. cnn reports. >> reporter: one day after the trump offered conflicting stories, the white house tried to give one simple explanation. he host the trust of the president and it's time to go.
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>> the level l of trust is what lead to the president to ask for general flynn's resignation. >> reporter: white house sean spicer said it was flynn that sealed his own faith including the vice president about sanction against russia during the transition. he declined to say whether he lied about the call. >> i don't know he may have forgotten. at some point that trust eroded to the point the president did not feel comfortable with him in that position. >> reporter: in his letter he said he only briefed the vice president regarding my phone calls with the russian ambassador. there was questions about flynn's story. on january 26 the justice
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department rely the concerns about the call to john mccain who inform the president. they concluded there was nothing illegal about flynn's action. that raises question about why the president said he don't know anything about it. >> what report is that. >> i'll look at that. >> was he aware of a "washington post" story. he had not seen that at the time. >> reporter: spicer deflected the question. >> the irony that the president has been tough on russia. >> how can you say that. >> there's a difference between the president wanting to have an understanding of how a good relationship with russia can help us defeat isis throughout the world. they failed. >> reporter: frustrated by the spectacle the president had no
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other choice. >> you cannot have the misleading the vice president or others. i think the president was right to ask forest nation. >> reporter: the white house revealed white house pence found out from the news report that flynn was change the story about whether he discussed sanctions with the russian ambassador. cnn, at the white house. >> good to talk to you. >> 24 hours ago general flynn resigned from his post. we learn about the contact between aides and senior russian adviser and mr. trump tweets is
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the real story is illegal leaks. will it work this time do you think? >> well, lying seems to be catching up with people in the trump or people that work during the campaign. if you have on tape or fbi investigation into communication between the trump election team and russian officials it's hard it skirt around that that's why flynn had to fall on his sword because there was hard evidence that he lied that he didn't tell the truth. he had contact. for what purpose this was how close the contacts were, there's going to be explored over the next few months. it's not going to fw away. it's beginning of something which may turn out to be bigger. general flynn 24 days on the job. that was remarkable. i think there's a lot to come in terms of what we may find out.
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>> three weeks in trump administration has russia vladimir putin succeeded in de -- how much damage has been done so far? >> i think putin would like to see a trump presidency has a partnership not chaos because thing would be unpredictable for the russian. the democrats want to blame the loss on russia, there's shady evidence here we have to inquire into it. with a long history of very negative about russian influence in the world this could backfire on the russian and they are aware of it. they don't want presidency to be totally chaos and then they are
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aligned with a leader who is not seem as strong. to say the russians end of united states and the great decline is overly wishful thinking. i don't think that's going to occur. >> mr. trump's press secretary sean spicer was insisting tuesday that the president has been tough on russia on the subject of kcrimea and ukraine. why do you think he being tough on australia? >> is it they contact -- particularly paul man for who was the campaign director who was dropped because he was liability to trump. he had idea in trump's head but a strong man alliance with putin and trump was going to be a good way to present foreign policy.
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this is a mystery why trump moved into this direction. he did make statements about the ukraine trump criticizing them to some extent. we should not totally ignore that. but the it's been hard on china, toughing tough -- talking tough with australia. there's speculation going to come from there. if the phone conversation between trump campaign officials and senior government officials there's explosion news for us all. >> joining us from sydney, australia. >> my pleasure.
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spokesperson told press wednesday will not be returning kri crimea to ukraine. the comments came dug during the weekend press conference. we'll keep an eye on any more development. president trump will be welcoming u.s. israel by abandoned u.s. doctrine. details straight ahead.
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a warm welcome back. i want to keep you updated on our breaking news. multiple officials confirm donald trump campaign aide were in contact with russian officials while vying for the white house. frequency of the talk raised concerned. mr. trump's security adviser and
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supporter resign after it became public he mislead the president. benjamin netanyahu will meet wednesday. he looking forward to stronger alliance with u.s. and israel. white house officials said trump administration will not insist on two-state solution between the israeli and palestinian. welcome to both of you. >> orrian, let's start with you. now, the two states solution appears too be off of the table which is significant. how is this playing out in the region. what are palestinians saying
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being this. >> not completely off the table. they are open to whatever other ideas are agreeable to both sides. that in and of itself tells you where that will end up. there's no other option other than two-state solution. they have said that repeaed lly before and after coming from the white house. it it gives the white house some wiggle room. the assessment the white house not having formulated and president trump having not yet formulated his policy. as you seen we seen walk back his settlement. he walked back on -- it's unclear what it would be.
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looking for some sort of clar y clarify. perhaps more importantly, the white house not insisting on two-state solution give n netanyahu some wiggle room. at the same time he won't have to anger international community by backing away from that. it gives them were some wiggle room if terms of what they say. >> let's talk about about that. let's turn to fred.
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what is likely to come out between trump and netanyahu. what are the expectations? >> you're absolutely right. both are unhappy with it. saying in the path he want iran nuclear deal to go away. donald trump called it a bad teal. all of this not going down well at all. looking closely at the meeting taking place between prime minister and donald trump you heard rhetoric over the past couple days defending the nuclear deal. the fact that donald trump is angry those it's a good deal and it's working. the foreign minister came out did said iran will abide by the nuclear agreement but expects the signatory to also abide by
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it that was precondition. the so the iranians clear on their stance. if there's continued discord between the u.s. and iran there could be further measure taken and hostility between the two countries all of that casts shadow of doubt of the nuclear agreement. you have a lot of people who are critical of the nuclear agreement. especially the conservatives in iran. so a lot of people are unhappy with it. there's few people who want it to go away because there's economic sectors where nuclear agreement brought -- iran is back back on the market. the iranians understand they are
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walking a delicate line with washington. they know small things could set off new tensions, the ballistic test they conducted -- are close to one another. they understand the delicacy of the situation. >> we will be watching and listening very closely. or an, in jerusalem. thank you. let's go to john lyndon live in london. that's a global initiative into israeli/palestinian conflict. >> good to be with you. >> it's not something
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two-state -- that in an effort to forge peace in the middle east if it is not -- how would they respond this change in decades to this policy. >> it's unclear what alternative exists. i have never heard policy end -- that i think is likely to result in -- conflict israeli and palestinian need to decide not to be at war with each other. we are seeing a -- seven cabinet minister and president of israel for annexation of all the west bank and it's not clear how
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israel would maintain character. from the palestinian side they have embracing two-state solution for over 25 years. what i would say to president trump is with this conflict doing no harm, very quickly things can spiral out of control. i caution israel to come to the forth -- >> we don't flow whknow what itg to look like. what do you think it may like like under trump administration given we have seen the mixed message or where the u.s. embassy shoulding -- should be located. we have seen this where u.s. candidate have said one thing,
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they understood the complexity of the situation in the middle east they have had to walk this back, haven't they? >> they have. that's been the trend up to now. with president trump the word used is unprecedented. he himself is an ardent supporter of opponent of two-state solution. it depend on which voice prevail. one note is king abdull law flew to -- president trump speaking about the danger of settlement jeopardizing two-state solution. it seems as though president trump opinion is not made up. what you will find is that if
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you inflame the situation in the west bank and create greater violent it becomes harder to do -- it's something that nobody should be come placeant about. >> when netanyahu meet president trump what do you think he is expecting out of this? >> i think he is hoping to speak about iran. i think we heard leak from the office saying 50% of the meting will be about that topic. on that policy specifically. he looking for assurances on -- i think for trump he needs to maintain the need for israelis
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to be able to move toward two-state solution. so caution prime minister netanyahu to inflame issue and 2017 which is 50th anniversary of the war where we see violent erupt again. >> john lyndon, joining us. many thanks to you. >> kim jong-un's half brother side and some say he was murder. we'll take a look. you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news out of washington. multiple officials confirm donald trump's aide were in constant communication. mr. trump's security adviser resign after it became public
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that he mislead vice president over his talks. south korea has been murder with poison. kim johning ma'ng-nam was consi be next in life. he suddenly fell ill at airport in kuala lumpur. what have been able to piece together on what happened and who may have been behind the death of kim jong-nam. >> we have been getting more and more details it started this morning in south korea. it was after that meeting that reporters received quick briefing from the chairman of
12:46 am
the national assembles intelligence community and that lawmaker said it was estimate that kim jong-nam was poison inned airport and died at the hospital. what we don't know what no proof has been offered is how he was poise son and by whom. they do say they have two suspects that would be described as two asian women but did not go any further than that or why they were suspects or who they may be. according the government yes, kim jong-nam was murder but they
12:47 am
don't say who or -- we know his body was taken to a morgue where it is expected to be examined but as you may imagine there's a lot of speculation this is older half brother of kim jong-un one of the violent auto cattic dictator in the world. >> why would his half brother be target and perceived and the fact he lived in exile. >> there's no evidence that points at who may be behind what the south korea government is calling a murder. the fact is they are weary of being target because kim jong-un what he has done after death of
12:48 am
his father, would be afraid for their lives if they are perceived as threat. matt rivers joining us from seoul, south korea. many thanks to you. coming up what people in one border community are doing. back in a moment. sometimes you just know when you hit a home run.
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welcome back. the arrest of the washington state man is deepening fears. the white house is targeting dreamers. the temporary protects undocumented immigrant who came to the country as children. immigration says arrest based on his affiliation. he was pressured to admit he was being in a gang. anning anxiety is growing across
12:53 am
united states concerns are deep in border town. gary tuchman has more from san diego. >>. >> reporter: he moved from mexico when he was four years old. he is undo ycumented. when you're undocumented there's no guarantee. >> how fearful are you? >> i'm fearful every other minute. >> julie is also undocumented. her husband is american so are our two sons. he fell in love for her after she came from mexico. >> our boys are six and sevens
12:54 am
there a chance their mom won't be there when they come home. >> reporter: the fears more acute now that donald trump is president. hot line taking and making calls from people worried they could be deported at any time. >> if you would be interested in meeting with immigration attorney. >> reporter: -- >> we have a president who has powers and aims to use them to destroy our community. >> reporter: because of the nature of where they live, the best known for city of san diego but also a border county of the here in the south western portion of the county a border fence it is on the pacific
12:55 am
ocean. boaters and and swimmers have been coming into united states. >> it can happen with the hour. it's fast and final. that's scary for us in this kunty. >> reporter: his brother are american citizens because they were born here but he has not been able to get documentation if he went back to the nation to wait for u.s. approval. >> i would problem not have a chance given my entry. and there was a way i pro end up 20, 30 years waiting to be able it come back home. >> reporter: he doesn't believe his wife would see the u.s. again if she wen back. if he find out she is taken away. >> we have contency plan setup if she has to go gets deported.
12:56 am
we dwont know -- there's no guarantee that she will call me. how do you explain how much you love your wife. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn. we want to leave you with a smile. check out the stunning pictures from california yosemite park. a travel effect that gives elusion of lava flying over the cliff. causing light to hit the water fall. it happens a couple of week each february. thank you for joining us i'm ross mary church.
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♪ breaking overnight -- top adviser to donald trump's campaign in frequent contact with russians at the same time moscow was executing the hack of the dnc. and the white house struggling to limit the damage following the resignation of michael flynn. new questions are emerging about why key information was kept from the vice president. a very


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