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tv   New Day  CNN  February 16, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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well, this is what he is. >> no pun intended. >> but the fact that we're talking about it, step back a minute and say less than a month in we're talking about whether the president is stable. this is serious. this is not just the game of watching donald trump. it's that kind of talk that you're talking about. stick with the facts and show what he does. >> we can't stick with one thing. there's a new thing every moment. >> thanks to our international viewers. for our u.s. viewers new day continues right now. >> documents and papers that were illegally leaked. illegally leaked. >> the president is flirting with danger. >> there is going to be a bipartisan investigation. >> people cover up for a
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terrible loss democrats had under hillary clinton. >> we're going to get to the bottom of the activities. >> there's so many aspects that were concerning. >> he with drew the nomination to be labor secretary. >> are other cabinet nominees in trouble. >> i think that if we work together we have a shot. >> this is new day with chris cuomo. >> welcome to your new day and asking the justice department's inspector general to investigate leaks of classified information following the firing of former national security adviser michael flynn. >> the president defending the man calling him wonderful and saying flynn was treated unfairly by the media. there's another high profile exit from mr. trump's cabinet. all this as the president is breaking with decades of u.s. foreign policy on the middle east. we are in day 28 of the trump presidency.
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let's begin with joe johns. he is live at the white house. good morning, joe. >> good morning, allison. so much has happened. they're looking for a new labor secretary this morning as well as looking to settle on the name of a new national security adviser. it's been a brutal week for this new administration and it's not over yet. >> general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he has been very, very unfairly by the media, as i call it the fake media in many cases. >> president trump defending the man he just fired. national security adviser michael flynn and slamming the intelligence leaks that exposed flynn's lies about his communication with a russian ambassador. >> it's very, very unfair what happened to general flynn the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally, i stress that, illegally leaked is. >> reporter: now threatening to
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effect their agenda. >> of course i'm concerned. >> reporter: but some republicans are towing the president's line showing more interest in the legality rather than flynns ties to russia. >> we need to find out who the leaking moles are. >> reporter: the chairs of the house oversight committees directing an immediate investigation into whether classified information is mishandled. >> there's going to be a bipartisan investigation. all of this is going to be in the context of that and we're looking for facts and we're looking for everything and we're looking for details. >> reporter: a small bipartisan group of the senate judiciary committee is calling for an expanded investigation asking the department of justice and the fbi for a briefing and release of transcripts for flynn's conversations with russia as democrats call for a larger independent investigation. >> the american people have a right to know.
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>> reporter: but key republicans continue to exist. >> on the flynn issue we need to ask questions first and find out whether the scope of that investigation speech. >> the turmoil over flynn's resignation also overshadowing the high profile visit from benjamin netanyahu. >> seth: the president breaking from decades of u.s. foreign policy abandoning a solution to middle east peace. no longer insisting on the creation of a palestinian state and making it clear he isn't giving netanyahu a blank check. >> as with any successful negotiation both sides will have to make compromises. you know that, right? >> reporter: and in another blow the president's pick for labor secretary with drawing his nomination a day before he is set to get a hearing over eroding support and his business
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record and personal character issues. >> on top of all of this we're still waiting to hear the extent of which the administration will revise or rewrite the controversial travel ban that's been tied up in the courts. the president today holds a listening session with members of congress. >> joining us now is jim jordan from ohio. important stuff to talk about, about the potential future for health care and then we have the news of the moment. the president putting out word that he believes that michael flynn is a wonderful man and that it was the media treating him unfairly. he just fired this man. compelled his resignation. does this tape by the president concern you about what you still don't know about that situation. >> staff can't mislead the people they work for. so i understand that and why mr. flynn is no wonder working at the white house.
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i get that. second let's let the intelligence committee do their work. if further investigation is warranted and i'm open of that. supportive of that if that's what the facts point to. let's do that but let's also as they said yesterday let's also look at this leak issue. let's get all the information for the american people. let's start first with the intelligence committee and let's get the facts from them and then we can proceed. >> now part of the facts here already need to be highlighted because there is political speculation going on on the side of let's look at the leaks. why was michael flynn wiretapped. we do not know that michael flynn was wiretapped but it keeps being said by people that want these investigations into the leaks and it deserves to be called out. also what deserves to be called out and i'm interesting to see if you agree with this. you want to look at the leaks but you do not look at the under
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lying substance that lead to the leaks. >> i'm open to all of that but let's proceed in a deliberate way here. let's let the committees get the fact. if the committee wants to do more i'm willing to do that. we did that in the last administration and i've never been one accused of not being tough in our own party. you can ask former speaker boehner about disagreements we had. i'm willing to do that but let's proceed to get the facts from the american people including how this leak happened. how classified information was given to the press. how that is out there and as you point out the wiretap and everything, what was behind all of that as well. >> i don't know if there was a wiretap. we've always had leaks and that's not something that's new and certainly this president -- >> just because we always had it doesn't make it right. let's get to the bottom of it. >> look i'm not.
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>> mentioned him as much as he could and that's politics. you encompass half a dozen probes by five different committees. the formation of a select house committee, 33 hearings. >> the foreign affairs committee. the oversight committee had hearings for a long, long time. it was years after and when you get to the point where he is misleading the american people and we know secretary clinton mislead the american people that's what warranted it. >> you know that the white house is saying you have the president that's blaming the media.
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you have discrepancies of fact here and you have broad or broader implications of national security when you don't seem as urgent about it. >> and chris, no. i'm going to take the same approach we took with the example you brought up in benghazi affair. we'll take the same approach. let's get the facts. if the oversight committee needs more work we'll do that. if there's a requirement i'm open to that as well and let's proceed in the same manner we did. >> which was when you started to sniff out political resistance to getting to what you saw as the truth you went to a bigger situation. and an independent spirit. and can't waste time having republicans investigate republicans. you guys are in control of all of these committees. the idea that it would be done divorced from partisanship is
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hard to see given the lack of curiosity from republicans about the flynn situation thus far. >> there's not a lack of curiosity on my part. and let's do this in the right way the american people deserve. and we just haven't seen the political capitol being expended here that would give confidence that you want to do it. and saying they have valentine's day breakfast with their spouses. and he was joking but it's because the whole thing is a joke. >> it's a very serious issue both what happened with the communication and the leak itself and i think we should get to the bottom of it and proceed
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in a straightforward fashion and if further investigation is warranted i'm open to that as well but let's proceed like we should and get the truth. >> should the transcript be put out? >> i'm open to that too. let's see but we want to make sure that it's put out in the right way and redacted if there's serious classified information there. so i'm open to that as well but let's proceed through this in a deliberatio deliberative fashion and let's go to all accounts. >> i'll take you at your word about how we proceed on michael flynn. we'll see what you do and don't do and we'll take the scrutiny from there. the president may say the media developed this. we both moe that's not true on the face of the facts. this is about what michael flynn did, how it was dealt with within the white house and how it became exposed but we're not talking about getting people jobs, about a tax agenda and all the things supposed to be done
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that waved in the trump presidency. how much of a distraction it coming from the white house. >> conservatives unveiled it. >> that's michael. >> you guys are talking about the flynn situation. we could be talking about the press conference on a key issue. one that the american people do repeal a law that's a complete disaster where the american people were lied to about what this law is going to do. like your plan, keep your plan. deductibles will decline. emergency room visits will decline. we were also told the co-ops were going to be wonderful. everything they were told was a lie and we have come forward with a plan to repeal it and past the same legislation we passed a year and a half ago. just like on president obama's
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desk. and then the plan put forward which is free market and patient centered health care. that's what we want to put in place. >> i want to talk about it as a qualification because it's a matter of national security because if you flipped parties and you had a russian spy ship off the coast you have been buzzing the u.s. navy ship and the president of the united states as a democrat said nothing and you would be going nuts. we had what mike flynn did. there's plenty of questions and it doesn't matter to the american people. will you repeal the things you need to. estimates go anywhere from 20 to 25% of premium increases. you're removing a lot of revenue
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mechanisms. how are you going to keep costs down. >> we want a marketplace to form again. we want a marketplace to form again. the only way you can do that is to repeal all of obamacare and then put in place the kind of insurance market that will actually bring down costs. right now we don't have a market out there. you encourage health savings accounts and allow interstate shopping for insurance. much more high deductible plans that don't have all the mandated coverages in them. >> plans cheaper and high deductibles are what you're trying to avoid. >> not high deductibles catastrophic plan but you put in a market that will allow those kind of things to happen. that's what is going to bring down costs. right now there's so much mandated coverage in every single plan, some people don't need all the coverage but they
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have to buy a plan that drives up the cost. >> pre-existing conditions weren't getting covered. caps were closing people out of treatment they needed. those protections are not just popular. they were important. >> they are important and they're part of the plan that mr. stanford and senator brock brought forward. if you had insurance you can't get kicked off. and oh now, you have to ensure me? that drives up the cost for all family. if you've been responsible you can't get kicked off and there's no lifetime caps on the coverage you can get if you have insurance. >> that's going to be a tricky opposition to tell people about when you become sick and you need something maybe you can't get it. >> these are complex questions. we're going to have to talk them all out and to your point to start this interview it deserves attention. you'll get more time to discuss this situation than anywhere
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else. i promise you that. >> i look forward to it. >> thank you very much. as we get more detail let's hash this out. >> are you giving away answers. >> i do like a free lunch. >> democrats demanding answers about michael flynn's communication with a russian ambassador before president trump took office. some lawmakers think there's more here than meets the eye. a member of the judiciary committee tells us what they're looking at next. ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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michael flynn, general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media. as i call it, the fake media in many cases. >> that was president trump defending the man he fired as his national security adviser for the senate judiciary committee is asking the fbi and justice department to brief them on michael flynn's contacts with russia and the release of transcripts from those communications. let's bring in a member of that committee. he's also the vice chair from
4:21 am
the senate select committee on ethics. good morning. >> good morning allison. >> what's a bigger deal? michael flynn's contact with the russian ambassador or the leaks that told the media about it from the intel community? >> well, the allegations that the trump campaign at the high yes levels was in regular contact with russian intelligence are the big deal here and it's striking that president trump is now criticizing what he calls the fake media for having attacked the man he just fired. man he fired from lying to him or to be more concise. a man he fired at weeks after he knew he lied to him but only fired him after it became clear in the press that he had lied to the vice president and the president. i encouraged the senate judiciary committee on a bipartisan basis is going ahead to find out what's behind general flynn's contacts with russian intelligence. >> i know that you all had an emergency meeting to try to figure out what to do about this. your republican colleagues don't
4:22 am
seem that inclined, some of them, in the house to investigate the substance of the allegations of the connections between the trump team and russia. they're more interested in figuring out who is leaking. what do you do as a democrat. >> as you just heard in a previous interview you have house committee leaders that found the time to have them in the incidents in benghazi. and through a concerted campaign of contacting the trump campaign and getting and leaking and directly undermining our democracy. that's very concerning. i am hopeful that the senate intelligence committee which is proceeding on a bipartisan basis will get access to all the relevant information. all the reportings of conversations and e-mails and move forward to investigate
4:23 am
this. i am on the senate judiciary committee and foreign relations committee. both of which have indicating a willingness to pursue this as it goes. and defending our constitutional order. >> the people that have seen the transcripts that there isn't a smoking gun and you don't hear michael flynn say yes when we get into the white house we will ease sanctions. it's not that clear. so if it's something vague like the russian ambassador, you need to talk about sanctions. he says we'll get to that. >> michael flynn ought to be called to testify with come my tees and congress. i'm not going to comment on the specifics that you're referring to. i think there's a lot to look at
4:24 am
here. it's important that we proceed in a thorough way. >> you sound like you know something. have you seen transcripts. >> you heard about the transcripts. i think it's important that we have general flynn testify but there's a lot of information here allison and it's misleading for folks to site one transcript. >> if there's a large body of data connect the dots for me. the trump administration's relationship with russia is what? >> well, that's exactly the question we need to get to the bottom of. it's interesting and important here. not just what the current trump administration with russia is and will be and whether that complicates our national security and what the trump campaign had with senior levels of the russian government or officials. it's reported in many sources that four senior trump campaign
4:25 am
officials were already under investigation by the fbi. and we need to let that two where it goes and then make sure on a bipartisan basis and does not impact our national security. and it's encouraged a bipartisan bill that's called restraining russia's aggression. and both republicans and democrats including republicans and democrats in leadership and it is a show of bipartisan concern about complicated relationships between president trump and russia. certainly one of the areas throughout the course of the campaign and the first few week of this trump administration that caused real concern for our allies in europe is mr. trump's repeated statement of praise for vladimir putin that is a thug
4:26 am
and murdered journalists and his political opponents and invaded neighboring countries and sought to undermine our democracy correctly. >> so why does he want to look into it. >> that's a great question allison. and i think president trump rather than attacking the real news such as cnn and rather trying to change the subject should be calling on his allies to fully investigate this matter. president trump and vice president pence ought to be coming clean in directly addressing this matter so that we can all move on or so that it can be appropriately resolved and addressed. >> please come back when you have any more information to share with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for being on new day. >> president trump tweeting about leaks again but not about what we learned about the ties to russia. is he focussing on the wrong thing? we discuss what might be going
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illegal classified leaking as been a big problem in washington for years. the spotlight has finally been put on the leakers that will be caught. why is the president more concerned about leaks than what has been learned about his team's ties to russia. that's a rhetorical question. let's bring in cnn political commentator and writer for the federalist and cnn political analyst for the daily beast and michael flynn, wonderful man, is the president of the united states suggesting that he fired someone essentially because of us. >> if that's the case look he says fake media but the guy real re-signed or was real fired. if he fired him that seems like a weak move to me. >> why.
4:32 am
>> at the media's behest. >> oh. >> but you can hold two ideas in your head. serve taking their stance on whether leaks are good or bad predictably but there's two things going on. one is connections to russia which you can have an issue with and we can investigate that and there is the issue of a systematic leaking campaign because the intelligence community decided they don't like this and that can be dangerous as well. and both can be alt the same time. >> which is more important? getting to the substance to leaks. there's republicans in the house going to focus on the leaks with their precision. >> you have to do both. you have to at least do both. i do think a lot of the headlines about the russia stuff are more salacious than what looks like a lot of circumstantial evidence in the actual reporting. >> protect fbi whistleblowers in
4:33 am
no consequence and close proximity to when he had a plan to go after hillary clinton. >> he said we have so much stuff to last us two years and it happened that the fbi had been leaking about that investigation and fuelling a lot of speculation about it. now we don't like leaks. do you see a bit of hypocrisy in this. >> of course there's hypocrisy but this is exactly what mary catherine said. it's all fun and games until there's you. i'm sure wikileaks started leaking his tax returns and stuff like that. we talked about yesterday he was embracing julian assange or appeared to at one point. these are all things that when the tables are turned politicians don't tend to like. so he is not calling for an investigation into these leaks.
4:34 am
i know he might have an independent broker come in to look at the intelligence agencies. this is all something, i've seen this movie before. >> right. we have seen it half a dozen times. he had half a dozen repeated committee meetings and hearings and investigations into benghazi. >> 33. >> $7 million of taxpayer money so why, to your point, why wouldn't he launch an investigation into the substance of the allegation. >> i think he may even actual dloi that. i heard him telling you guys we're open to where this heads but i think you do have to expect that no, the oversight committee is not going to do what they should do every single day. that's just a fact of life. >> to a republican, you flip the parties here you have a spy ship off the coast, planes buzzing our ships and missiles being
4:35 am
launched and the president says nothing and there's constant contact between that president's staff and russia. i can imagine jim jordan saying we need to proceed with all deliberate speed here. let's take it easy. >> welcome to washington. this is the reality. >> i do think it's disruptive. >> this is just reason. you said you were going to clean it up and it wasn't self-serving anymore. >> and with president obama despite the fact that people died in benghazi many folks say why are we investigating that? i also think this is worth investigating and people man their battle stations and here they are. it doesn't mean that it's good. >> it means it's going to be
4:36 am
part of the game in the democratic presidency and perhaps we should be upset about both of them. >> your excusing current behavior a little bit but part of this is what happens and what should happen. i see it objectively. i don't know how you can be look at these questions if you certainly would if you flipped parties. >> i'm with you on that. >> what i am say as good that it does strike many on the right and it's a trust issue with the media. it does strike many. why are we pretending they're brand new that they existed before and they're running around with their hair on fire about every single issue of a trump campaign, trump presidency when they did not do the same about something as big as benghazi is an issue.
4:37 am
and people are within their rights to look back and go wait a second. you guys weren't making a big deal about it when obama came around. i regret it's not a big deal now. >> i'm not running around with my hair on fire. i'll tell you that. >> it is flammable. >> the president breaking decades of u.s. foreign policy backing off the two-state solution. does that mean it's dead? what does that mean? we discuss it next. so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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a two state solution in the middle east. take a listen. >> two state and one state and i like the one that both parties like. i'm very happy with the one that both parties like. i can live with either one. >> the israeli prime minister is laughing. is that good? let's discuss with with aaron david miller. he has helped numerous secretaries of state formula u.s. policy on arab negotiations. and the international center and you worked with both sides of the aisle with left and right stripe so the premise is this my friend. what we have done to this point has yielded no peace. why not throw it all out and say
4:42 am
we'll go with whatever works. >> it will lead you to that conclusion chris. it's a prime directive. to disrupt without thinking through carefully. and kaushlly the implications of what it is they're doing and yeah the two state solution is in deep trouble. the problem is to unmoor it from american policy now without an alternative i think is neither wise nor warranted. again in another universe you have an administration that would have a policy review. they do consultations and they do their due diligence and then explore their options so in this case it's very similar to other things. when china, nato and sometimes they end up, this administration ends up circling back to embrace the very concept that they have rejected. >> so the criticism is some what the same and then takes on an
4:43 am
additional layer which is yeah but it didn't work and this is a largely academic reckoning that you have of a constipated process that yielded nothing. trump is a deal maker and he said whatever you guys want is fine. figure it out. we'll help as we can and that sounds pretty good to the uninitiated here. what do they need to think about in order to scrutinize what they have heard about our course forward as the united states. >> well, you know, u.s. foreign policy isn't like ordering off of a chinese menu in an old style chinese restaurant where you basically choose between one from column a and one from column b. the u.s. has a policy clearly a two state solution is largely not because of what the u.s. has done or not done but because the israelis and palestinians are unable to create their own environment for a negotiation. i would argue it's the least bad option but there maybe others
4:44 am
and the trump administration is going to explore the possibility of engaging the arab state which is is smart. the problem is you cannot escape the reality that israelis and palestinians caught in this conflict and living on top of one another are going to have to figure out a way to deal with their proximity problem and to date the best and most logical strategy is some sort of separation through negotiations into, well, two states. living side by side in peace and security. hard to implemented, chris, but it seems to me, without having another alternative that's compelling you end up essentially break down the house before you're prepared to construct another and just one additional point, fiction and illusion can be very important. millions of people in this country believe in angels and millions of kids believe in the
4:45 am
tooth fairy. that can be useful. >> take it easy. >> they can be very useful and i think in this case, the two states solution is worth keeping until you can identify an alternative i'm not sure you can. >> to disstrakt you from destroying my children's belief system let me take you to another belief of the american people right now which is fatigue. we had it. it doesn't work in the middle east. it's always the same generation or iterations often accented by violent conflict and on going terror but this is the way it is. why should it be such a big focus for the united states anyway. maybe trump is right. let them figure it out. >> if you ask me to identify the three core american interests in the middle east right now put israeli palestinian peace as much as i care about it and work to try to accomplish it would not be one of the top three objectives.
4:46 am
protect the homeland but do it in a smart way. not by invading other countries or engaging in trillion dollar social science experiments. number two, maintain an access to oil. energy security and independence to the degree you've been created and doing everything you can to prevent the you are jens with a nuclear weapon. without exaggerating the iranian threat. those are the things we should care about because those are the three things that concern american security and american prosperity. we can play a role. let's do it. but why should we undermine our credibility by chasing after a problem when the israelis and palestinians aren't willing to take the decisions required to end their own conflict. doesn't add up chris.
4:47 am
>> appreciate it as always. >> great to be with you. >> so you want to hear this spelled out in more detail? of course you do. please check out the op-ed on right now. >> vladimir putin's regime kicked our next guest out of russia. what does he want to tell president trump about russia late senator that's next.
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chop, chop. do i look like i've been hurt before? because i've been hurt before. um, actually your session is up. hang on. i call this next one "junior year abroad." "cnn money now" brought to you by progressive. drivers who switch to progressive can save an average of $620. it is time for "cnn money now." alisyn kosik is in the money center. stocks, record highs. this morning there's another milestone, could be even more impressive. >> could be, chris. all the turmoil you've been talking about in washington not bothering wall street one bit. dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 all soaring to record levels. that marks the fifth straight day of all-time highs and the first time since 1992 that all the three major averages have achieved five in a row. guess what? the president is tweeting about the winning streak this morning
4:52 am
and saying great level of connie dense and optimism even before the tax plan rollout. he's right. investors think lower taxes will help lead to lower profits. futures this morning are a bit lower ahead of the opening bell. the day is still young. alisyn. >> thank you for all of that. president trump avoiding questions about any link between his campaign and russia. multiple sources say high level trump advisers were in, quote, constant communication with russian officials during the trump campaign. our next guest, david sadder is the author of the less you know the better you sleep. he is a senior fellow at the hudson institute and a scholar of russia. he has the distinction of being the only american journalist to be expelled from russia since the cold war. mr. satter, thanks for being here. >> thank you. what did you do to arouse the
4:53 am
eyre of the kremlin? >> of course, it's hard for me to know what's on their minds, but i think it was more a question of what they thought i was going to do on the basis of what i had reported and written about in the past. i wrote about the role of terrorism in the creation of the putin regime which is a very sensitive topic for them. it's actually very important for us, now that we're talking about a partnership with russia and the war on terror. of course, it's very important to know who our partners are and how they feel about terror. >> so what does your journalistic sense tell you about this confluence of circumstances we find ourself in right now? most recently, spy ship off the coast, russian planes buzzing u.s. ships, missile being launched. no word on any of that from a president who said the obama
4:54 am
days of weakness are over, i'm all about talking tough. the president's long list of protecting and insulating russia here in what has become a bizarre kind of affinity to putin and the kremlin. what's your take on all of those circumstances? >> well, for one thing, the buzzing of american ships, the provocations, the invasion of airspace, that's been going on for a long time. that was going on during the obama administration. it's also notable that the russians threaten nuclear war after the annexation of crimea. that also took place before trump was elected president. it may well be that he hasn't had time to react or has not yet formulated a policy. what's really worrying, at least for me, is the constant talk that russia can be an ally and we can work together with russia against the islamic state.
4:55 am
>> what's wrong with that? why can't the u.s. work with russia against isis? >> there are a lot of reasons. for one thing, russia wages war in a manner that's completely different than the way in which a western power would wage war, and it's unacceptable to us. it involves massive civilian casualties. they carpet bombed their own city in 1995. 20,000 dead in five weeks. and in aleppo and in syria, the casualty rate from russian bombings is eight times as high as it is -- the civilian casualty rate, as in the case of western air operations. russians bomb indiscriminately, and if we were in a partnership with them, their crimes would be attributed to us. the other point is, in fact, they cooperate with terrorists. >> how does that apply itself to
4:56 am
isis? again, help people understand because the notion is, well, we saw what was happening in syria. russia was dedicated to going after isis there, so they could be a good ally. you're saying aside from their methods, do you believe there's an intentionality there on russia's part to want to deal with isis? >> i don't think there is. i think ever since their intervention in syria began, they've been talking about a war against the islamic state. but the people that they've been fighting have not been the islamic state. they've been groups that have been, if not allied with us, groups that we feel are a better alternative than either assad or the islamic state. whether that's right or wrong is beside the point. the russians are not cooperating with our view of the situation, and they won't cooperate. >> i know you say that you
4:57 am
believe mr. trump is dangerously naive. he often watches our program. what would you say to donald trump to get him to see putin the way you do? >> well, there are a number of things. one thing, he ought to look at the 1999 apartment bombings that brought putin to power. the bombings were attributed to chech interrorists. there's no evidence and never has been ever evidence that they were carried out by chech ins, but were carries out by the russian security services to bring putin to power. in fact, three fsb agents were arrested in september 1999 putting a bomb into a building that didn't explode. he should also look at the tsarnaev case. putin mentioned that he gave an order to the head of the russian fsb telling them not to provide
4:58 am
any further information to the united states, including the state, including that the older of the two tsarnaev brothers spent six months in dagestan and was in contact with islamic extremists. >> what are the chances that he could get a different putin, a more friendly putin, a better putin than we've seen in the past? >> putin isn't going to change because trump smiles at him or because -- we've -- this theory has been tried out by every president except ronald reagan since the second world war. and it's never worked. you can't deter a russian leader whose first concern is controlling his own population by smiling at him or being nice to him. he wants respect only because it's so much different from what he really deserves.
4:59 am
>> david satter, thank you for all of your expertise in this field. very interesting to talk to you. we'll speak again. >> thank you. bye. following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> general flynn has been treated very, very unfairly by the fake media. >> we need an investigation and we need to have questions answered. >> paul manafort and general flynn must testify. >> papers are being leaked, things are being leaked. it's criminal action. >> these leaks should be investigated, but they're being used as misdirection. >> that's the art of the deal. >> i'm looking at two-state and one-state. i could live with either one. >> israel stands with you. >> there was a pretty massive cloud hanging over puzder. >> andrew puzder will not be the next labor secretary. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> up first, the trump
5:00 am
administration wrestling with several crises. two house republicans asking the inspector general to investigate leaks of classified information following the firing of former national security adviser michael flynn. >> equal urgency to look into the substance that led to those leaks, and all these questions about contact with russia in the trump administration not so much. a lot of republicans are refusing a broad probe of this situation. in another bizarre twist, the president is defending the very man he ousted, calling him a wonderful man and seeming to blame the media for why flynn had to go. this is not the only high-profile exit, by the way. trump's labor nominee withdrawing his name because of ethical issues. we are in day 28 of the trump presidency. let's begin with cnn's joe johns live at the white house. joe. >> reporter: chris, there are kwo continuing calls for a special investigation on capitol hill. the president this m


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