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tv   New Day  CNN  February 24, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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publicly dispute media reports that the trump campaign was in constant contact with russian officials in the 2016 campaign. >> there is that and another cnn growing concern in the intelligence community the steps the white house is taking to build the legal case to justify the travel ban. is the trump . >> we are now at day 36 of the trump presidency. pamela brown is part of that team that broke these exclusive stories. good morning. >> cnn media reports about the communication between donald trump's associates and russians known to u.s. intelligence but a white house official said that the request was only made after the fbi indicated to the white house it did not believe some of the reporting to be accurate. now multiple u.s. officials tell
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the white house they stop the help of the bureau and others investigating the russian matter and there have been no contacts the official said fbi director rejected sources in part because they're the subject of an on going investigation. sean spicer told cnn last night we didn't try to knockdown the story. we asked them to tell the truth. the fbi did not comment, allison. >> so pam larks this is not a typical request so what is the time line here. how did all of this back and forth start. >> this all began with the fbi director and white house chief of staff on the sidelines of a separate white house meeting on the day after those stories were published by cnn and the new york times. a white house official said he told them about the contacts made during the election but didn't discuss aspects of the
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case but the white house official says he later reached out but james comey asking for the fbi to at least talk to reporters on background to dispute the stories the fbi refused. >> it's worth underlining that this is not a typical back and for forth. >> for a reason. because of decade old restrictions. it's a violation of procedures that limit communications with the fbi on pending investigatio investigations. >> is this still on going? >> it is. several members of the house and intelligence committees tell them congress is still investigating the alleged
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contacts and they're starting to collect documents and records. so very much on the way right now. >> let's talk about the reporting on the revision now, the president's travel ban. what is that one? >> so my sources tell me and my colleague jake tapper that the white house made the request to the department of homeland security to bolster it's case for why the 7 countries listed in the travel ban should remain. it made this request after it was blocked. the department of homeland security and the justice department are working on an intelligence report that will demonstrate that the security threat for the 7 countries is substantial and they have all been exporters of terrorism into the united states. the situation has gotten more dangerous in recent years and more broadly the refugee program has been a major incubato, are r for terrorism but cnn learned
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that some current intelligence officials are concerned about this assignment. >> why? what are their concerns? >> so it's viewed by some at dhs and other agencies to politicize intelligence to fit a policy rather than the other way around and some officials disagree all together with the trump white house position on the 7 countries being included in the travel ban. sources tell us that the department of homeland security's in house intelligence agency, the office of ina as it's known has filed a report actually disagreeing with the white house view that blocking immigration is justified. they do not think nationality is the best indicator of potential terrorism. a spokeswoman from the department of homeland security press secretary confirmed this report to cnn saying while dhs
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is asked to draft a comprehensive report on this issue the document you're referencing was commentary from a single intelligence source versus an official robust document with vetting it basically disparaged it's own report it is incomplete discussion about intelligence products and whether they have sufficient supporting data from the broader intelligence community. it's an sbeg rahal part of the assessment. the new travel ban executive order will be signed next week. back to you. >> thank you for sharing all of that reporting with us this morning. >> we have a lot to discuss with our panel. let's bring in cnn political analyst and new york times
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analyst and josh rogan. let's start with what pamela first reported there and that is that cnn and the new york times has reported there were repeated contacts before president trump was in the white house between his campaign and russia. the white house now says that the fbi expressed to them publicly state that. if the fbi did say that to the white house is it understandable or even realistic for the white house to expect the fbi to say so publicly? >> it is crossing a pretty bright line for the white house to go to the fbi and say, hey, talk to some reporters on background to talk to the media
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for its own policy aims while this is part of the reporting back and forth president trump is in a strange situation here. he's talked about leaks he's talked about how officials are on the record. none of the anonymous sources to put out the information it seems like they're saying if you think the story is false go do our bidding on that you also have
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the justifiable outrange on the part of trump folks about former president clinton walking over to attorney general loretta lynch and having a casual conversation while there was an on going fbi investigation of hillary clinton. >> and the fbi director said
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this is not going to happen. it goes all the way back to the iraq war remember this criticized throughout the campaign. not only do you have hypocracy on leaking but the war going on between the trump white house and the intelligence community and then they get in a jam and they say can you help us out of this jam? many say no and then the white house chief of staff goes on tv and says i have been approved. intelligence officials told me i can say nothing to see here, it's just like sort of shining the light on their whole approach of do as we say, not as we do. >> so often you come on our program and school us on this is not what the heart land cares about. i just did a panel of trump
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supporters and trump critics. people do care a lot about whether or not russia is somehow infiltrating the u.s. and whether or not this happened and it's the best thing to get whatever is going on behind them. but russia is never going to be a popular issue among regular voters it's not just about the
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trump administration. in fairness to the white house it's complicated. a lot of the reporting doesn't explain the whole issue and it's all sort of classified information so i get why they're frustrated about this. i think they have reason to be frustrated about this but i don't think this is the most effective way to go about dealing with that frustration because it makes it worse. >> let's talk about how the white house strieing to put back together the travel ban. so now it sounds as if they're going to the intelligence community or the department of homeland security and saying, okay, can you give us some materials? give us some evidence that we can now hinge our travel ban on. people say that it's backwards. this system. the process that they're using. >> right. you're finding that president trump is not in a situation where he has to come forward with executive order two and
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he's trying to get ducks in a row now. and going to say supply me with information to support my policy. it's interesting. i remember interviewing him last summer right before the and the president or the white house put out request for information saying these are our prior gattis and these are our concerns and it would feedback to him and it seemed to be a lack of understanding about what they're supposed to be doing. >> there's challenging intelligence community about what they have found and what the conditions are in the world
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and also trying to points higher lit size it or manipulate it which becomes a big issue. this will be a broader conversation that will continue. thank you all very much. the news keeps rolling today. it's coming a day after a rare strategist and attack dog. joe johns is live at the white house this morning with more. >> good morning. the president is expected to take a victory lap at cpack today a year ago as a candidate. he was so spurned by many conservatives he didn't bother to show up at the conference. today he is at the center of attention. >> in a rare public appearance, showing president trump will deliver. >> every day in the oval office
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he said i committed this to the american people and i promise this when i ran and i'm going to deliver on this. >> bannon calling the presidency the deconstruction of the administrative state committed to massive deregulation. >> they were selected for a reason. >> bannon's rhetoric full of nationalist and populist ideology. >> we're a nation with an economy. we're a nation with a culture and a reason for being. >> vowing the president's war with the media is going to get worse. >> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight you are sadly mistaken every day it's going to be a fight. >> if they're together similar
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to steve and i it cannot be stopped. >> vice president mike pence speaking later in the evening. >> this is our time. >> vowing despite sharp differences among republicans health care reform is coming. >> obamacare has failed and obamacare must go. >> president trump reiterating his call for nuclear supremecy. >> we're going to be at the top of the pack. >> comparing his crack down to a military operation. >> we're getting really bad dudes out of this country. it's a military operation. >> the white house later attempting because trump and secretary john kelly trying to tap down on fears. >> no, repeat no use of military force in immigration operations.
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none. >> today the president is expected to sign an executive action on regulatory reform around noon eastern time. also scheduled to meet with the president of peru and a very interesting meeting on the schedule today. he is supposed to meet with ohio governor john kasich that was not exactly a trump promoter during the election. back to you. >> to be a fly on the wall there. thank you. so up next what will president trump say to conservatives when he speaks a few hours from now. we're going to look for clues in his past speeches, next.
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. sale ends sunday! go to for a store near you. just a few hours from now president donald trump will address the conservative political action conference. what will he say? here are some clues from his first address in 2011. >> america today is missing quality leadership and foreign countries have quickly realized
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this it's this reason the united states is becoming the laughing stock of the world. our current president came out of nowhere. no record. nothing to criticize. he didn't go on wars or battles or beat this one or that and. had enemies all over the place. nobody knew who he was. he's now our president. >> let's discuss this. so this is when he was using the blame america first theme. chances are we will not hear from him today and disconcerting in terms of what he may go after but today what you're going to hear is him try to say this is the first 100 days and role out of agenda and it's going well. if only the media wasn't causing him trouble.
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i think from his point of view, one adviser yesterday, from his point of view this is all going quite well. he is focussing on the issues that campaigned on. particularly the travel ban. making america safe again. >> right. he's had a complicated relationship with conservatives over the last two years but he's very much going to go in and expect their support for the agenda that he's laying out. >> i want to talk about the other big headline and that was steve ban nonspeaking yesterday, we haven't heard from him. he is this secretive force in the white house. he doesn't like the news media. he runs pretty hot he says but he does have an impact on president trump's world view and he spoke with pretty highly charged language about this economic world view. this kind of economic
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nationalism. let's play a little bit of that. >> there's a new political order being formed out of this and still being formed. the center core of what we believe. we're a nation with an economy. not just some global marketplace with open boarders but we're a nation with a culture and a reason for being and i think that's what you nights us and that's what is going to unite this movement going forward. >> there's a lot there that we are a nation with a culture and a reason for being. richard spencer, this outspoken white nationalist that got expelled because he was so controversial said something similar that he's a deep conservative in that he says he cares about people and defending a culture. >> right. >> what does steve bannon mean? >> this gets to the core of what does it mean to be an american? one is we are unified by our values, principles, democracy,
3:24 am
freedom, free market capitalism and the other is that we have sort of a culture that makes up the people in our country and that's what we should define ourselves as and steve ban i don't know and richard spencer happen to believe in that theory. to me they agree on everything. it just means that the way they define america and the frame they use to make policy within that definition is a radical alteration from what we have seen in past presidencies. it explains a lot of what they're doing and helps us understand why they're doing it. >> why shouldn't people hear that language and say this and fear of the immigrants and fear of the outside. >> i guess people hear different things when they hear people talk. there's a lot of people, i was
3:25 am
there all day yesterday and there was a lot of talking about celebrating the american culture and celebrating diversity and celebrating what that means and so -- >> what does it mean? what does diversity mean? >> there were people of all shapes, sizes and colors there and, you know, a lot of it goes to the heart of american exceptionalism. that is important to the people that attend it. we're talking about grass root conservatives and people part of the political process and they're very, you know, proud of all of the sort of accomplishments. there were transgender people there. there were libertarians. >> he's talking about the u.s. being separate from a global order. >> he didn't say culture. he is saying culture. he is talking about one specific world view that he is focussing
3:26 am
in on. and this is from their point of view very much they have hbo and girls and these shows they watch and then there's the rest of america that he feels has been overlooked. a certain push. >> look who he has around him. former goldman sachs folks. these guys are not only part of the establishment but they are part of the globally connected. >> elitist. >> a liberal culture and also these are people that are loyal to president trump. the culture will be as they have defined it. >> when he says it's going to be a fight every day he's right about that. we're not at war but who he is fighting is all of these forces in his own party in congress.
3:27 am
he wants to deconstruct the administrative state. that's a big project and it's not going to be easy but that's what he is trying to do. >> now we're going to leave it here. this is going to be a debate that keeps going. thank you very much. voter anger on display. we have been talking about it all week. how one republican congressman responded to a demand for president trump to release his taxes. his surprising response, coming up. r, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs. [ sighs ] now that i work there, i value dothe food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors,
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we do have breaking news on this developing mystery. malaysian investigators identifying the poison that filled the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un. they say they used dx nerve agent which is listed as a criminal weapon. substance is internationally banned and classified by the un as a weapon of mass destruction. >> angry voters unleash their fury on republican law makers at these town hall events and some choose a path of less resistance. opting to hold telephone meetings or skip face to face
3:32 am
meetings all together. good morning. >> good morning there david. well t bottom line is that politicians don't like to be yelled at and people don't like to be ignored and for many people coming into town halls they're frustrated because they want their questions answered and when there are no answers things can get pretty heated. republican law makers confronted by furious constituents in town halls across the country. about whether he will call for the release of president trump's tax returns. >> let me say right here, right now, absolutely donald trump should release his tax returns. >> in arizona, tempers flairing when representative side steps questions about education secretary betsy devos.
3:33 am
>> answer our questions. you may not like the answer that i'm giving you in kentucky mitch mcconnell avoiding scores of protestors outside of this luncheon. >> it's pretty clear what they're protesting and that's the outcome of the election. >> but when pressed by two constituents that paid up to $60 to make their voices heard. >> why won't you hold a town hall. we want to hear from you. >> some opting for telephone town halls or skipping the meetings all together. like this one in ohio and in florida one constituent chasing
3:34 am
down marco rubio. >> we need to hear from you senator. >> some cited safety concerns as to why they're not going for the town halls. basically citing gabby giffords that were shot back in 2011 by a man later diagnosed as a schitzofrenic. she said have some courage, face your con stitch euns, hold town hall meetings and yesterday when i questioned senator mitch mcconnell and said these people want to be heard he said they are being heard. they have a fundamentally different view of where america
3:35 am
should be going. >> thank you. another cnn exclusive. growing concern that the white house is playing politics with intelligence to justify the travel ban. we're going to talk about that, next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at ♪ ♪
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>> the trump administration now expected to roll out it's revised travel ban next week in a cnn exclusive we're learning there's growing concerns from inside the intelligence community about efforts to get intelligence that builds their case to justify their travel ban. joining us now. thank you for being here to explain if this is normal. is this how it usually works that the white house comes up with some policy and then goes to the intelligence community and says give me evidence and material to support that policy?
3:40 am
can we substitute in the word iraq. it's better to watch a train wreck than to live one because we already lived this train wreck. let me tell you how this game works and in some ways we're seeing a white house that's learning that the executive branch worked for them but when you get to the intel guys their responsibility is to give you the story as you see it the way this works is you say get me a picture of terrorism from the 7 countries and we want to release it publicly. what we may see happening in reverse from a white house not that experienced we already got out in front of this story claiming these 7 countries are core to the problem of terrorism around the world. can you back it up? and they're saying i'm not living this train wreck. i've already seen this one 15 years ago. >> is that how you see it? >> absolutely not. there might be some shades but the reality of it is we have lived through two
3:41 am
administrations that points higher l-- politicized intelligence. it shows they developed the narrative. what you're seeing with the trump administration is they want to put down a large footprint from countries that fall into three categories, failed state, state sponsors of terrorism or safe havens for terrorist operating. taking a cautious approach if they say let's put the footprint down to make sure that we do have the process and procedures to make sure that we're vetting people coming from the countries whether it's from immigration or otherwise is a prudent and common sense step that they should be taking. >> unless it's based on a false narrative. here's the white house statement commander. let me read it to you. dhs and doj are working on an intelligence report that will demonstrate that the security threat for these 7 countries is
3:42 am
substantial and these 7 countries have all been exporters of terrorism into the united states. the situation has gotten more dangerous and more broadly the refugee program has been a major incubator for terrorism. no it hasn't. not in the u.s. there's been no refugee connected to a deadly terror attack in the united states. >> i have a few comments for you. we asked them to put together a report that's a tremendous threat from the countries. secondly you have the wrong agencies working on this. one agency puts together analysis for the u.s. that's the national counter terrorism center. and third on this ridiculous comment that this is about a footprint to prevent terrorism because some countries that don't govern their own territory has people traveling in the united states, okay, where's the u.s. ally of egypt. where's the countries that were
3:43 am
allies of america that sent foreign fighters to iraq? where's pakistan, where's afghanistan? that's goofy that preposition that this is based on people saying these countries are the threat to america. >> allison, i can't help but laugh at that comment because the reality is, i lived through an intelligence failure with the attack. we do not want to be on the wrong side to react to a problem that might be developing and to sit and say it's a funny preposition, clearly you have an intelligence officer that maybe contributed to that problem. we are living in a time today where the terrorist threat coming from the middle east, at some point you have to say do we have the process and procedures in place. that's not putting a footprint on all refugees but by the same token we need to make sure that
3:44 am
we don't let our guard down so that we have the bang and then react to it. that's what he asked for. i lived through it. i'm not going to do it again. >> my question is if you lived through it why don't you sit down in a threat briefing for the past 15 years and ask a professional before you make a decision from the white house. how many cases you saw where a sudanese individual came to this country and caused a tremendous problem in america. i sat at the table for 2,000 plus press briefings. why does the white house pick 7 countries instead of going to the practitioners that have to work in the field across 325 million americans in 50 states and ask a simple question, what countries potentially are sending people to the united states that are a threat and why don't we work on limiting access to america from those countries. ain't that difficult. >> go ahead commander. what's the answer? >> they do take a look at it. we have to trust the intelligence community to be doing the assessments of these
3:45 am
countries. i don't think they were picked willie nilly. there was a purpose behind them. a methodology behind them but the intelligence community is full of men and women that are going to draw the conclusion. >> it sounds like he is saying they put the cart before the horse and they didn't wait to present some evidence that people from sudan or where ever are planning an attack. they decided it should be these 7 countries and then they went to the intel community and said what have you got for us. >> i would disagree with that. you have to look at what's also happening overseas. that killed hundreds of americans in iraq and afghanistan. you have to look at what's
3:46 am
happening in these countries oversaes and the fact that we already have intelligence that say we have cells in america sitting today waiting for that call. dwro want to wait for the bang to react to it. we need to look at it now. >> this is a disneyworld conversation. if you want to say they looked at these countries and determined they were threats, if you want to tell me they went to the intel community and said what are the threats to america and we're going to write an executive order based on those threats, that's complete nonsense. they decided we want to start with countries based on our own personal views some were never threats and now they're asking the intel community to back them up. >> is it possible that they're doing it backwards? there is. they are looking now at getting the more robust one to
3:47 am
demonstrate there is a threat here. the intelligence community has that. every administration looks at intelligence and tailored it so they know what they can release to the american public. i don't think you're seeing points high politicization. you can call it a disney land conversation. it's not. it's reality for the american people because their lives are the ones that are going to be at stake if there's a problem. >> thank you. >> how about a sports break right now. winston coming under fire for comments he made at an elementary school on wednesday. more on this morning's bleacher report. >> he was giving an inspirational speech and what he said well did not go over well. he told all of the boys to stand
3:48 am
up and the girls to sit down. he went on to say, quote, but the ladies are supposed to be silent, polite, gentle, my men are supposed to be strong. that was the comment that drew plenty of criticism. winston said he used poor word choice and was trying to motivate a certain male student without singling him out. winston was accused of sexual assault in 201 but was never charged and settled a lawsuit with his accuser. this time he was watching them in cleveland. >> he was sitting with dan gilbert. he was arrested and banned after an altercation earlier this month. the ban had been lifted but he told espn he does not know when he will attend another game at the garden. >> all right. thank you very much. you have a sports comment you'd like to weigh in on. >> no, i'm going to keep it to myself honestly. >> good. steve bannon repeatedly calls
3:49 am
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the opposition party and how they portrayed the campaign and how they portrayed the transition and now poraying the administration. it's always wrong. >> and then also vowing that president trump's war with the media will get worse. >> right. it's not bad enough yet. we're going to discuss with cnn senior media correspondent and host of reliable sources and cnn media analyst bill carter. good morning to both of you. let's start with you in atlanta. what i keep coming back to with steve bannon, this is, everybody rails against the media. but here it seems to me there is such an effort to delegitimize a major institution so that accountability won't ever come back to bite the white house if they fail to make good on their promises. >> he does operate from the assumption that all media is politically agenda driven and
3:54 am
our real agenda is to get people to watch and inform people of what's going on. there's no this political agenda infused throughout all the national media but that's what he seems to believe and say again and again and i was thinking about this in the context, every single year there's panels about media bias. media bias is a complaint but media bias is an attempt to identify a problem and propose solutions. try to improve news conference but from conservatives. what is now being talked about is the term fake news and the term fake news is much more insidious because the term fake news rejects the notion of the news being real. rejects the notion of real reporting all together so it's a much more sinister idea and of course it's coming from the top. it's coming from president trump. >> here's the good news, it's not working. so while that's become a household term it's not working and there's polls now that show that, in fact, cnn's brand is
3:55 am
certainly as strong as it has ever been. people still trust in it and look at this, who do you trust? this is a university poll. who do you trust to tell the truth? the media gets a much higher rating, 52% than the trump white house, 37%. >> right. but do you think that the people that bannon is speaking to are in agreement with that? because i think bannon is -- >> no, but not universally. >> no but his broad strategy i think is to speak to that group that they don't believe in objective facts. i don't want to say this too harshly. there's a lot of ignorance out there. this is a group that doesn't believe in climate change. doesn't believe in vaccine and doesn't believe in evolution and he's basically saying don't believe those objective facts that the media is saying about us. >> right. well voter fraud is real. they keep pounding at these
3:56 am
things that are not objectively true. >> but i have a problem in that i think that media has become so splintered and consumers of media are so splintered that world views collide in a way where you can't agree on a basic set of facts but there's another piece of this. here is bannon talking about what the media gets wrong. listen to this. >> that's what the mainstream media won't report. just like they were dead wrong in the chaos of the campaign and just like they were dead wrong in the chaos of the transition they were dead wrong because we have a team grinding it through on president donald trump promising the american people and all of those promises are going to be implemented. >> what's funny about that is that it's demonstrably false. his promises, his falsehoods, broken promises, all of this gets vetted so this is again something that will be able to be tested overtime. we can test this overtime.
3:57 am
>> people can dine at the trump buffet every day. there's so many options for news coverage. positive, more skeptical, when bannon says the media got it wrong this is a narrative they're trying to put in place. it's very frustrating. even trump's own aids had a lot of doubts and didn't think he was going to win on election day. >> that's true but i do think the media at large refused to see what is right in front of them which is an incredibly close election and he was close to winning and there's a belief there's no way republicans will come home. there's no way that this coalition will not come out strongly for her. that part he is right on. >> it turns out that was in terms of the electoral college. but his view that the chaos
3:58 am
isn't real, the information is coming from inside the white house about that. it's not being made up by the media. >> maybe he just doesn't see it. this is how he deals. >> he likes chaos. i think they like that, yes. >> also it's interesting to hear from steve bannon because he's a shadowy mysterious figure. if you want to cultivate an air of mystery stop talking. that's what he has done. >> he's going for the darth va derks r thing. he even changed out of a suit and tie put on an all black ensemble for this appearance. afterwards he said you should be on tv more often but i doubt he would be on tv very often. what he said about the corporate globalist media that's straight out of left wing media until recently. now it's been appropriated by the right and i do think that we should acknowledge it does show something that's broken in america. that most republicans trust the
3:59 am
president more than the media that there is a deep, deep divide in trust between republicans and democrats and dependents so there's problems in terms of the press trying to reach all americans and convincing americans that we are reporting the truth but that probably is mostly on the right today. >> i don't know if he should wear the khakis, that's the one thing that doesn't scream sinister. >> not at all. >> thank you very much. thank you to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn newsroom is next. for our u.s. viewers new day continues right now. >> the fbi rejected a white house request to knockdown media reports about trump's associates. >> the press would appear to violate procedures. >> it's going to get worse every day. >> my friends, this is our time. >> we're getting really bad dudes out of this country. it's a military operation. >> i repeat. there will be no use of military forces and immigration. >> the trump white house seeking
4:00 am
an intelligence report just fieg it's travel ban. >> intelligence officials are concerned about this assignment. >> it's our job to protect students. >> it's an issue left in the state. >> we will not be silent. >> this is new day. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. chris is off this morning and david gregory joins me. happy friday. >> happy to be here on a big news day. another big news day. >> it always is. we begin with two cnn exclusives this morning. learning that the fbi rejected an unusual request from the white house to publicly dispute media reports that aids on the trump campaign were in constant contact with russian official durs during the 2016 race. the steps the white house is taking to build a legal case to justify it's travel ban. the whiteou


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