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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 1, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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everything that is broken is our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. democrats and republican should get together to unit fort good of the country. donald trump strikes a optimistic turn. but the speech did not get much applause from one side of the room. many democrats remain skeptical. because we will have reaction from hundreds of americans who watched the speech, hear what they think of the president's plans.
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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church and had is cnn newsroom. >> here is donald trump says it's time to put aside the difference from the past and come together to fix the country's problem. he delivered his first address to congress tuesday. and the optimistic turn was stark contrast of the gloom and doom of inaugurational address knife weeks ago. he touched on repeal obamacare and america first. >> for too long we have watched our middle class shrink. we financed and built one
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project after another. battle mar, detroit and so many other places throughout our land. we have defended borders of others nations while leaving our own wide open for anyone to cross and for drugs to pore in at now unprecedented rate. we've spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas while our infrastructure at home has so badly crumbled. my administration has answered the pleas of the american people forimmigration enforcement and border security. my enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise rates, save billion and billions of dollars and make our communities safer
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for everyone. we want all-americans to succeed but that can't happen in an environment of lawless chaos. we must restore integrity and rule of law at our borders. i'm calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. [ applause ] with reforms with expand increase lower cost and provided better health care.
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mandating every american to buy health insurance was never the right solution for our country. [ applause ] the way to make health insurance available is to lower the cost of health insurance and that is what he are going to do. [ applause ] >> if the president wanted to reset with his speech, the democratic party is using to to rebound. former kentucky governor deliver delivered official response. he argued many will have without former health care. senate minority leader told cnn mr. trump is all talk and no action.
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>> he is talked a good game on trade when he rain in the campaign he said he declared china manipulator on first day of presidency. on infrastructure, in the campaign he talked about infrastructure. we have not heard a peep about a plan on infrastructure. they say they are going to do next year. health care, the budget he proposed would have no choice but to have slash medical research and education and the problem with president trump is his peach is realities are far apart. >> democratic congress women wore white. joining us l.a. city counsel person. thanks for both for being here
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with us. many are suggesting the different tone from donald trump in his tuesday address represented a turning point and the moment he became presidentialme presidential. what's your response? >> i think that's true. it was a different tone. we have not seen the details. the truth is still 22 million people will be without health care if he gets rid of obamacare. he has a lot of spending he is suggesting but it's unclear how it's going to be funded. i know that balancing the budget and understand the cost is important. his remarks demonstrated he's taking to heart the criticism. >> what's your response to that what do you say to those people who took mr. trump too long to
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become presidential. >> he has been -- out of control without direction. he was in that case he was successful today. his tone was moderated, his words of being able to evade the hard questions was successful. the tone did change and that's what matters. at end of the day he was elected president, there's a great majority of republicans were getting nervous about how successful he was going to be able to govern. without bringing that discomfort to the nation he will be a successful president. there's much to see, but at least today, he is the winner. >> let's listen for a moment to what president trump had to say about obamacare.
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>> i am calling on democrats and republicans in congress to work with us to save american from this imploded obamacare disaster. >> we saw nancy pelosi shake her head in response. what did you think of the details president trump referenced for his new health care proposals people with preexisting conditions will have access to coverage and help will be give ton those who struggle to pay for it. does that sound like obamacare to you? >> it sound a lot like obamacare. his description of it being disasterous is inaccurate. the most important part is 22 million people are getting health care that didn't have it. you saw people were there talking to their congressman
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saying do not take away my health care. today we did monot hear from th president exactly how he was going to change it, how it was going to work with the existing obamacare to go into some new system that people would not faulty the crack. the devils is in the detail. >> that is mantra, is he listening to people. it sounds like elements of obamacare will remain. is that a repeal or is that going to end up being tweaking obamacare and how will president trump pay for all of this? >> the question is the great negotiator going to be able to negotiate a solution america will accept. the program is broken. i happened to be one that my
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premiums doubled. that's why he got elected because obamacare was passed without a single republican vote. the reality is if president trump is successful in creating a replacement that actually doesn't offer thach discomfort that has to be challenge for democrats. how they actually reconstruct a government they can sale back to the american people as they go back to the polls two years from now. >> he has admitted it's more complicated he thought. i want to listen from a moment to what the president had to say about the rule of law. >> any in congress who do not believe we should enforce our laws, i would ask you this one question. what would you say to the american family that loses their jobs, their income or their loved one because america
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refused to uphold its laws and defend its borders. [ applause ] our obligation is to serve, protect and defend the citizens of the united states. >> wendy, president trump is suggesting that some in congress don't believe in enforcing the law. who is he referring to what do you make of these comments? >> i think he is trying to confuse people about what the situation is. i think there's general consensus if it you have committed a crime and you are in area of violate crime you will be deported. there are are many who have been part of our economic system. if you ask republican or democratic business leaders will tell you our economy is
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surviving because of that workforce. to say we're going to get 12 million out of our workforce would be disaster. this has to be something where you talk about immigration reform. i think unfortunately, he was trying to throw red meat rather than solutions. >> has american been enforcing its own laws? >> you have to listen what he said 24 hours ago when he made comments about find ago path for some americans and having big heart for the dreamers. the reality is you cannot pinpoint him. america is learning his government stale is like his management style where you cannot take his word verbatim. is that part of negotiation strategy. i assure you congress is nervous
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about this. because they have to figure out reelection and defend some of seats. it's interesting to see what the policy is going to look like once the ink hits the paper. many will not support him because they wanted a stricter right wing to the -- i don't know if donald trump ready to commit to that kind of policy. >> president trump first address to congress received positive reviews with 57% who tuned in saying they had positive reaction to the speech. overall about 7 and 10 said they speech made them feel optimistic about the country. >> as we started in the beginning, he is trying to be
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more presidential. that he is talking about rising all boats as they talk about all tide. he started off his speech talking not having addressing anti-semitism and civil rights issues. he trying to reach across the aisle than he has in 40 days. so i think if you were looking objectively as his speech, you say we want to create more jobs, have more america be the place where people have opportunities and a safe place to raise your children. all of that is good. the devil is in the details and ensuring that everyone has the same opportunity. >> quickly, from you, could this represent an increase in approval rating do you think? >> yes. the question is going to be will
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democra democrats going to be obstructionist that the democrats were two years ago. >> all right. we'll see what happened going forward. thank you for both of you for joining us. one of the most emotional moment came when president trump introduce the widow of the u.s. navy seal. >> [ applause ] >> her husband ryan was killed during a raid in yemen, mr. trump approved it days after taking office. he said he died as a hero who
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battle terrorism. >> i poke with our general mattis, and i quote, ryan was a part of raid that lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy. >> before his speech, the president appeared to put general's death. mr. trump repeated the role others played in al qaeda target. >> there was something that was just they wanted to do. they came to she me. they explained what they wanted to do. my generals are the most respected that we've had in many decades. and they lost ryan.
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>> the white house did not respond to cnn's request to clarify the president's comments. mr. trump resistance on certain as per rations namely his support of russia and criticism of nato. those factored into his address. that's next.
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here is president trump says he big supporter of nato but throughout campaign he criticize the alliance calling it obsolete. he's toned down that rhetoric since taking office. his speech reflected that. but he claimed that he is tough guy approach has paid off. >> we strongly support nato and alliance forged through the bonds of two world wars that decloned fascism and cold war and defeated come communism.
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our partners must meet their financial obligations and now based on our strong and frank discusses they are beginning to do just that. in fact, i can tell you the money is poring in. ve we expect our partners to take a meaningful role in strategic operatio operations and pay their fair share of the costs. >> the president did not mention russia but he may have been eluted when he laid down his foreign policy plans. here is what he said. >> america is willing to find
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new friends and forged new partnership where shared interests align. we want harmony and stability not war and conflict. >> let's join to matthew who joins from moscow. president trump says he willing to find new friends and forge new pifartnership. could he be talking russia? >> he could be talking about russia. it was a vague comment. in the past donald trump, has candidate and recently in that is correct talked about the possibility of coordinating with russia in syria in the fight against international terrorism has shared national interest between russia and united states in fighting that global threat. the suggestion is that this was
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an owe bleak reference to that. russia was not mentioned by nac name. russia has become toxic for president trump. a lot have had to resign and president trump appears to be careful to stay away from naming the country and addressing his intended policy directly. that's lead to confusion about what the going to be. >> as we mentioned president trump called nato obsolete now he is embracing it. what was his reaction to that shift in the approach? >> it's been noted and it's not first time that donald trump has spoken positively about nato
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which would be a yu-turn from hs remarks when he was the candidate. donald trump has not emerge to be the president the russians thought he was going to be. criticizing nato, calling it obsolete, speaking about terrorism, looking at recognizing k recognizing cry employee imea a part of rushing sia. we are not seeing any -- seems to the return by the one held by previous administration about crimea from various elements from the trump administration. russia is a bill disillusioned
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about what kind of policy united states has towards russia. >> dealing with mixed messages there. it's 11:30 in the morning. many thanks. hours before his address president trump denounced russia for vetoing. blocking those were indispensable. >> for my friends in russia, this resolution is very appropriate. it is a sad day on the security council start making excuses. the world is a dangerous place. today the international community can look no further than the security council for contributing to that. >> this is the 7th time they
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have veto targeting syria in the past five years. they suggested that sanctions would undermine peace efforts. >> translator: the problem is co sp sponsors have chosen -- members should have cosponsors think. the statement we have heard leave no doubt. the draft was put on a vote based on western states not having to do with statements against russia and china and other states. god shall judge you. coming up next, they are praising donald trump's refrigeratofirst address. the opposition response, that's coming up next. it's unlimited without compromising reliability, on the largest, most advanced 4g lte network in america.
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a warm welcome back here in the united states and around the world. great to have you with us. i'm rosemary church. for the most part mr. trump stuck to the script on the tell prompter something he doesn't often do. here are the highlights. >> remind us that while which may be a nation divided on policy we are a country that stands united in condemning hate
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and evil in all of its ugly form. we will begin a wall along our southern borders. as we speak tonight, we are removing gang members, drugs dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our innocent citizens. bad ones are going out as i speak. it is not compassion but wreck else to allow uncontrolledence transfrom places where proper vetting cannot occur. i'm going to bring back millionless the jobs protecting our workers means reforming our system of legal immigration. the current out dated system,
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the press wages, switching away from this system instead adopting a merit based system, we will have so many more benefits. it will save countless dollars, raise wage and help struggling family including immigrant family enter middle class. they will do it quickly and they will be happy indeed. [ applause ] i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible as long as we focus on it's following goals. to improve jobs, and wages for americans. to strengthen our nation's security. and to restore respect for our laws. if we are guided by the well
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being of american citizens then i believe republicans and democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has eluted our country for decades. >> republicans praise the speech but democrats saw is differently. the official party response accused him on waging war on immigrants and deserting working people. joining me from london political reporter, good to have you on the show. what did you think of president trump address to the first congress what did you make of the change of tone. could this be what he needed to boost his approval ratings, do you think? is. >> this was a different trump from the the trump we heard. he stuck to the tell proper.
12:35 am
this is tell prompter trump rather than trump only twitter. he was trying to hit reset bout ton. -- button. he has achieved what he wanted. the message was resassuring, th republicans liked it. he was heavy on unusual mae messages. the rhetoric that america needs to bring jobs back. but the tone was different. so now the question is how he is going to carry the ball forward. is this going to last. is he going to work with congress both republican ands democrats to change things and to approve bills or is this going to last until his next tweet. >> we didn't get some details.
12:36 am
let's listen to what if the had to say about replacement plans for obamacare. >> we should ensure that americans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage and that we have a stable transition for americans currently enrolled in the health care exchanges. secondly we should help americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expand health savings account, it must be plan they want not the plan forced on them by our government. >> president trump called repeal and replace obamacare. but he keeping elements of it. so is this a repeal or tweak? >> exactly. the devil is in the details. we have to see how he changes it or substitutes it. he did not go into too much
12:37 am
detail but he did outline a plan because either he is not sure or did not want to get into this complicated dialogue with both sides of congress at the stage. but it did sound like some things he was saying are similar to what obamacare looks like right now. >> as we have said, most people would agree he was sounding presidential. he put out a lot of things that made a lieutenaot of people hap. he did not put out details how he would pay for this. how problematic is that? >> republicans doesn't like to increase spending. the military plan and upping defense spending that mentioned that would require increase in spending. it's something that needs to be
12:38 am
outlined and me knows is controversial on both sides. that's why one speech is not going to be enough to turn the situation around and make things easier going forward. >> all right. political reporter, thank you, so much for joining us. >> thank you rosemary. president trump used address to talk about undocumented immigrants. he described a new office called voice that will report crimes. one of them was immigrant from iraq who assisted u.s.
12:39 am
he was detained because of mr. trump's travel ban. one undocumented immigrant attended. earlier cnn don lemon spoke about challenges. >> she has been living here since she was 14. she got deported because her crime, so to speak for providing for kids. which is what i had to do to keep working and paying social security and paying tax. >> i saw the story you mentioned about the woman who got fake social security card. there are many who say she broke the law.
12:40 am
if she broke the law she has to face the consequences. that is a federal crime to have a fake social security card. >> maybe we should talk to the social security who collect contributions from people like me who use fake ids. i used it to work to pay social security so i would pay taxes. we caught in a system that doesn't make sense. we all do what we do to survive. being here is civil offense not criminal one. is her crime because she providing for her children? still to come, president
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trump to rebuild his economic plan. that's ahead. pain used to shut me down during pick-up games.
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welcome back. on the economic front president trump want to create new jobs with ambitious plan to rebuild roads, tunnels and he want to ask congress to improve $1 trillion plan. he outlined measures to make u.s. more welcoming to business. >> to accomplish our goals at home and abroad, we must restart engine of the american economy. make it it easy to do business and much harder for company to leave our country. right now american companies are taxed highest rate.
12:45 am
my team is developing tax reform to reduce tax rate so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone. [ applause ] if will be a big, big, cut at the same time we will provide massive tax relief for the middle class. we must create a level playing field for america companies and our workers. we have to do it. [ applause ] currently when we ship products out of america many country make us pay high tariffs and tax. when they ship into america we charge them nothing or almost nothing. since my reform, many others
12:46 am
have announced they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the united states and create tens of thousands of new american jobs. [ applause ] the stock market has gained almost $3 trillion in value since the election on november 8. a record. we have saved taxpayerers hundreds of millions of dollars by bring down fantastic f-35 jet fighters and saving billions more on contract across the government. we placed hiring freeze on non-essential federal workers. >> our emerging market editor, joins us from beijing. john, beyond making america
12:47 am
competitive, how did he address it this time around? >> well, i think rosemary, he was more presidential in his tone. as some were -- he did mention trade on three occasion if you include lost jobs in america. as you know the trade deficit with china has been high over $300 billion over the last five years and president trump talk about nafta agreement. as you noted the number of companies that have left the shores of the united states and gone to china i would add to southeast asia as well. he wants to go with america first. manufacture in america and president xi jinping is aware of
12:48 am
that. let's play a short clip with the president suggesting its time to level the playing field. let's listen. >> i believe strongly in free trade. but it also has been to be fair trade. >> this was a reference in you will, to the world trade organization which is based in geneva president trump doesn't think they move fast enough. he being clever when talking about the number that have left united states since china joined. 60,000 companies left america since that period of time. had edidn't say they came to china but it's a fair bet they moved to developing where there are lower wage overall. he want to reverse that by
12:49 am
having american company expand their operations. >> free but fair trade. what is china expecting from trump when it comes to trade action? >> we have heard a number of different topics raise as donald trump is on campaign trail. since he comes to office he underscored that a few times. his top diplomat was in washington on monday and tuesday and trade was on that as well. wilbur ross took office, he said that he is looking an enforcement cases to go to two but did not single out china just yet. >> john, great to speak with
12:50 am
you. where it's nearly 5:00 p.m. >> thank you. democrats didn't love donald trump's speech. don't go anywhere.
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welcome back. where donald trump's first message is getting positive reviews. republican house speaker called it a home run. but official democrat response former governor slammed the president. cnn john form man has reaction from thousands who watch the speech at home. >> well over 39,000 people joined us online casting millions of vote whether they liked or disliked. democrats in blue, democrats in red. early on when he talked about hate crimes. which the lines. >> recent threats targeting jewish centers and vandalism of
12:55 am
jewish cemetery as well last week's shooting remind us while we may be a nation divided we have a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its ugly forms. >> you saw it, he got all three groups in positive zone. this is as close as they get all evening. he got a little agreement when talked about veterans. some agreement when talk police officers jobs. one of the biggest area talking about prescription drugs. >> we should implement reforms that protect patients and doctors that drive up price of insurance and work to bring down high price of drugs and bring them down immediately. >> once again, did people agree on how to go about that.
12:56 am
not if you look at reaction to his talk about obamacare. watch the lines. >> tonight i am calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> big applause line in the chamber. the democrats didn't like it. overall, this arrangement never changed. democrats like the least, republicans on top, and interestingly, men, always liked what he had to say all evening long more than women did. >> tom with that report there. thanks for joining us. remember to connect any time with twitter. we loved to here from you. early start is next. stay tuned for more news with max foster in london. have yourselves a great day.
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♪ i am asking everyone watching tonight to seize this moment, believe in yourselves, believe in your future. and believe once more in america. >> a dramatic change in tone, as president trump lays out ambitious agenda in his first address to congress. how far did he go on immigration, health care and other issues affects american families? all that, plus the emotional high point everyone will be talking about today. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm dave


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