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tv   New Day  CNN  March 1, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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factual on that. there's a broader array of opinion in the republican party about what to do. so they have their own challenges but they all say the democrats have been told not to help. every time i ask are any democrats going to work with you on this one, they all say the same thing, no they have been told to lock it up for now. we'll see what happens going forward. so is there a little bit of institutionalized resistance from democrats right now? and every idea that he had, the republicans oppose. not because it might have been a good or bad idea but because it's the president's idea. i'm sure there's a little bit of resistance now with the democrats because that's the way they were treated for 8 years but i can tell you this,
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democrats in the long run want this country to move forward. we're willing to work with anybody to make it move forward but it's time that they work with us. it's time that they step over that line, sit down with us and let's work through these issues and make sure that at the end of the day, every single american still has that health care that he or she needs and that family needs. you know, that's what is being lost in all of this chris. they get up there and they debate all of this policy and come up with all of these ideas, they forget about the family out here in america. they forget about the people that are going to suffer if they jerk this away. you know, if any of these republicans plans go through, some people are going to die and the doctors have said that. they say look, if our folks lose their health care i have patients that are going to die because of it. now that's real life. forget about all the politics in washington. let's get out here and do the right thing for the people of
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america. >> that's something everybody should be able to agree on. you should be putting families first. appreciate you being on new day. thank you, sir for you cnn newsroom is coming up now. for our u.s. viewers it's a lot of news. let's get after it. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivia fights is behind us. >> we saw a transition from the campaign phase to the governing phase. >> obamacare is collapsing and we must act decisively to protect all americans. >> this isn't a game. it's life and death. >> i am asking all members of congress to join me in dreaming big. >> dond trump did become presidential tonight. >> ryan died as he lived. a warrior and a hero. >> that was one of the most extraordinary moments in american politics period. >> this is new day with chris
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cuomo. >> good morning and welcome to new day the president ushering in a new chapter of american greatness while delivering a road map for his campaign promises. >> he did outline specifics on what he wants out of a health care plan. he didn't give us a plan per se and he wants $1 trillion to redo america's infrastructure and vowed the time is now to compromise on immigration reform. the speech culminating with an emotional tribute to a true hero. the fallen navy s.e.a.l., his widow there really persevering and fighting through pain. she lost her husband just a month ago. this is day 41 of donald trump's presidency and have to push
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through the president's agenda and gave him positive reviews. so did a few democrats as well. the policy divide in washington isn't going anywhere. >> president trump striking a more presidential and optimistic tone i'm here to deliver unity and strength. >> it is a message deeply delivered from my heart. >> off the top the president condemning the surge in hate crimes since he took office. >> recent threats targeting jewish community centers and vandalism of jewish cemeteries
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as well as last week's shooting in kansas city remind us while we may be a nation divided with policies we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of it's very ugly forms. >> spending much of the speech laying out an ambitious agenda. >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. >> his solution, an echo from his campaign, america first. >> buy american and hire american. >> and once again using national security as the basis for his proposed border wall with mexico. >> we want all americans to succeed but that can't happen in an environment of lawless chaos. we will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border. >> the president touting his deportation efforts of undocumented people with criminal convictions. >> we are removing gang members,
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drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our very innocent citizens. >> and defending his controversial travel ban halted by a federal court weeks ago. >> it's not compassionate but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from place where is proper vetting cannot occur. >> but signaling he might be open to compromise on immigration. >> i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible. >> the president told network news anchors that he is open to illegal status for millions of undocumented immigrant ifs they never committed a crime. >> i believe republicans and democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has illuded our country for decades. >> on health care the president laying out five points for a plan to replace obamacare. >> we should ensure that americans with pre-existing conditions have access to
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coverage it must be the plan they want. >> to boost the infrastructure. >> i will be asking congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure in the united states financed through public and private capit capitol. >> he was urged not to use radical islamic terrorism in his speech because it alienates muslims. >> the president ending his speech with a very emotional moment honoring the widow of
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brie ryan owens. a navy s.e.a.l. killed last month in yemen saying he was part of a highly successful terror raid. >> ryan is looking down right now and he's very happy because i think you just broke a record. [ applause ] >> the bible teaches us there's no greater act of love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. >> the white house likes the buzz they're getting over the speech this morning and they have decided to let it play out. so much so that they have adjusted the schedule. they were originally planning to roll out the president's revised travel ban today but they have decided to delay that. poll shows strong reviews.
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they had a very positive or some what positive reaction to the speech and 69% say president trump's policies will move the nation in the right direction. >> you know president trump as well as anybody and will this be a lasting tone. has something changed? all of us would hope that may be part of the case. i was watching the democrats in the chamber and when they came in they were respectful. we were afraid there might be demonstrations. i'll give the democrats a lot of
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credits there and you saw some folks starting to clap. he got a couple of standing ovations when he talked about hiring americans and using american steel as, you know, make an america pitch and so as i watch the democrats. they were responding to the tone of his message. the white house is going to see that as well and that's an indication if you're doing well and you're getting a good response you're going to continue down that road so republicans are quite frankly overjoyed at the message and the
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tone. >> well listen part and parcel of this that we're talking about is that mr. trump has also not sent out an angry or controversial tweet in the past 72 hours. has someone hidden his blackberry? >> well, you'll have to ask the president that but the tone was extraordinarily well received. >> partially joking and partially serious, do you think that would help if he stops with his knee jerk tweets or his controversial tweets, if you're calling for unity, are you also calling for the president to do what he has done the past few days and stop those. >> enjoy the tweets that go out. i'm not going to comment. there's a positive to that and also a negative to that. we have talked about many of those on the show here and i leave that up to the president for him to decide.
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>> do you think it would be helpful? >> i'm not sure. have to say i'm not sure because his supporters like the tweets. >> but in terms of unity? >> in terms of unity i suppose you could make that point so it cuts both ways. >> yeah. okay. let's talk about the infrastructure that you brought up. the president proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. now back in september, speaker paul ryan laughed off a infrastructure plan because he doesn't think that that goes with what his images are of reigning in spending so how are republicans going to get their arms around twice that? $1 trillion. >> well, you saw the response. it was an overwhelming response on both sides of the chamber and he did mention the p-3. the public, private partnership so in this case that has not been the norm inviting in the private sector to put their
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money forward on some of these projects, we have seen this happen in certain counts and cities across the country so you have to say it may not be and would not be a trillion dollars of federal money and this is where i'm saying perhaps with tax reform if we go down the road we're talking and we end up repay triy repatriating those overseas, a lot of the infrastructure spending could come through the repatriation of the funds overseas. it may not be that heavy a lift in congress. we'll have to see how the details play out but we need that level of investment when you look at the roads and bridges if not the airports as well. and during that he seemed open
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to. >> do you understand where president trump is on the plan for immigration reform? >> during the campaign he said let's secure the border and then we will deal in a compassionate way, typical of the way america has treated people in the past. >> so deportation or legal status. which one is it? >> it's deportation of the criminal element a pathway to legal work status. for those here raising a family here, at least abide big the
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laws now after they came here and the president has always said even on the campaign trail he will deal with this in a compassionate way which is a work stt tus. it's just unfortunate that a year or so ago president obama put a stick in our eye when i thought we were close to an immigration compromise and he insisted on citizenship and that just poisoned the water and we weren't able to move beyond it. there is an opening here and it's con ses tent with what the president said when he was campaigning. >> i heard you but we have some moms being deported that are certainly not violent criminals but we'll have to see how this plays out. i want to get to one more thing about how president trump last night framed how he sees his
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role in the world. >> america respects the right of all nations to chart their own path. my word is not to represent the world. my job is to represent the united states of america. >> obviously that got some standing ovation from the republicans in the room. that is in keeping with what he calls the america first but what happened to the notion of the president of the united states being the leader of the free world. >> we're $20 trillion in debt and calling on other nations including nato to carry their fair share, pay their fair share and certainly we are the world's remaining super power. we have some obligations but so to our own debt.
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it will be america first. he's going to keep america safe and the other nations will have to deal with their issues. >> thank you. coming up, in just minutes we have senate minority leader chuck schumer. he's going to join us and give the democratic reaction to the speech and in the next hour we have ron johnson. he will share his thoughts. >> we should note that mike pence is doing the rounds on all the morning shows this morning except this one. the white house declined the request to have the vice president on the show. they often decline requests. just so you understand we're doing our job of reaching out. there's always an opportunity here for the president. we know he watches the show. the vice president. their surrogates. the opportunity is up to them. all right. so the president taking on terror and immigration. how a shift in policy is raising eyebrows before the president even started speaking, next. you do all this research
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emphasized in his speech and if they pull out on this a little bit you'll see the big words, whoever eric is had a lot of attention last night and erica is obviously his sister or maybe this was a nod to transgender. that would have been a huge shocker last night. you had america, american, new world a lot of unifying words. the question is do the facts follow the language? let's take you through a reality check on the issue of terrorism. take a listen to something the president said. >> the vast majority of those convicted of terrorism and terrorism related offenses came here from outside of our country. >> is that true? we asked for the figures that trump referenced because there's a tendency to villainize people
4:23 am
from abroad. the new america foundation looked at trends over the last 15 years and found out about half of those that carried out attacks in the u.s. were born in the u.s. that means the other half were born abroad. i don't think that qualifies as the vast majority. >> i believe they also described themselves as a bipartisan think tank. >> the numbers are the numbers but you judge it as you like. also on immigration the president last night described the environment as lawless chaos. per capita. immigrants that are here undocumented commit less crime than other citizens. >> let's discuss this with our cnn senior political analyst and senior editor of the atlantic and cnn senior political analyst. thank you for being here. what did you hear in the facts versus fiction and the overall speech? >> look i thought it was a more measured speech. more controlled. at points much more emotions
4:24 am
pathetic than we have seen publicly and in all of those ways it's more effective if anything it was a doubling down around a populist nationalist agenda. he opened a new front in the debate by not only reaffirming his determination to build a wall and pursue deportation but for the first time as president he reconfirmed it as a presidential candidate and he also wants to reduce legal immigration. there's legislation to cut legal immigration in half and president trump last night endorsed the underlying principle of that bill shifting toward a more merit based system
4:25 am
he has an agenda that is not even speaking to the orders underscored by the fact that he talked about exempting social security and medicare that goes toward older americans at a time when amajority of the votes came from whites over 45 and would be cutting domestic programs that primarily benefit young people whose parents vote democratic. so there is a consistent coherent philosophy here and it's not clear to me that this ultimately will significantly broaden his audience but it was i think a clear marker that he knows his audience and he has a plan for reaching them. >> our emphasis is always on what is said but sometimes what isn't said is even instruck tifly so. not a lot of talk about saving entitlements last night. no mention of the word russia. he talked about new allies. didn't say the word russia. >> or iraq or afghanistan or syria. >> and no talk about cyber security. no talk about what happened in
4:26 am
the election. no mistakes there and no details. he talked about a trillion dollar infrastructure plan that would be harolded by democrats because we don't know how he would pay for it and as much as you saw applause within the chamber. >> ryan laughed at an infrastructure bill half that size. >> what's going to happen is that the rubber is going to hit the road so to speak. a phrase we'll hear over the next couple of weeks if not months where he's going to go to capitol hill and basically try to slam through the programs through a very physically conservative congress and it's not going to work. >> because you're there and you did ask the question that caused speaker ryan to slap his knee in hi hila rir hilarity, how is it going to work.
4:27 am
>> it's not better in the way document which was their plan they put out last summer of how they would govern. it's very unclear about how this is going to work. donald trump does want to change the republican party in some ways he wants to cut taxes and increase defense spending and cut discretionary spending and roll back regulations on energy and climate and in all of those ways he overlaps with what republicans long wanted to do but there's other elements of this nationalism that steve bannon has talked about for years that collide more directly with what most republicans at long believed and that includes spending more on infrastructure and exempting the entitlement programs that makes it impossible. we're adding 40 million more seniors over the next roughly 35
4:28 am
years and the best projections are no work over that period. which means the current workers will have to bare the burden of a larger retireee population to support. do the republicans in congress bend toward him on the issues where he is challenging where they have been historically like trade, like relations with allies, like legal immigration, like more spending on certain programs and exempting entitlements as the price of unified actions where they do agree. you'd have to say that president trump is winning the tug of war but all the battles haven't been fought yet. >> yes or no does the optimistic tone stick? >> it sticks until he tweets again or has to go beyond executive orders. >> he's always welcome to come on but should be encouraged. stay off twitter.
4:29 am
nobody wants any ugly distractions. >> i'm sure he's taking notes from you. >> he's going to tweet right now don't you tell me what to do. >> thank you. >> a quick programming note. cnn is going to host a town hall tonight with republican senator john mccain and lindsay graham. get a look at the face of what could be the resistance during their own party? we have real time reaction for you. wish your skin could bounce back like... used to? neutrogena® hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight... water. this refreshing water gel... plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in.
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cnn tracked a group of viewers in real time to see what they really like and what they really did not like. >> hey chris, hey allison. we had about 37,000 people that joined in casting around 15 million real time votes to tell us what they thought moment to moment. the blind goes up if they like it and down if they don't like it. republicans in red and the president had them all pointing the right direction early on when he talked about hate crimes. watch the lines. >> vandalism of jewish cemeteries as well as last week's shooting in kansas city. remind us that while we may be a nation divided in policies we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of it's very ugly forms.
4:34 am
>> that's what you want if you're a president. that was a lot especially when he talked about policy. and one of the highest areas of agreement among everyone. prescription drugs. >> we should implemented legal reforms that protect patients and doctors from unnecessary costs that drive up the price of insurance and work to bring down the artificially high price of drugs and bring them down immediately. >> absolutely not. you want to know that all you have to do is watch what happens to the lines when he talks about obamacare. >> tonight i am also calling on this congress to repeal and
4:35 am
replace obamacare. >> yeah, big applause in the room. no surprise, democrats hated it. independents didn't care for it but this is interesting look at what happened to the republicans in our sample. even though were uncertain. a little wishy washy about what is happening there and generally didn't seem too happy about it. overall these lines never crossed. the democrats never liked it more than the independents and independents never liked it more than republicans and importantly look at this, men always like what had he had to say more than women did. >> that's always fun to watch those dials and those meters and to see hapting in real time. >> 37,000 people. >> and how all the lines, it's sort of bipartisan that they all sort of rise and fall. not in exactly the same proportion but at the same time. in other words there are some things that just resinate. regardless of where you are.
4:36 am
for instance the ryan owens. >> interesting there. that's what tom was just explaining there near the end. it didn't get the bump i would have expected it to but i think that is a reason for that. that is powerful medicine. people care about the veterans. they sacrifice their lives. the entire family sacrifices for those of us back home. so do they take care of them the way they should? even mrs. owens a widow will she get the services she needs? that's the open question. >> we will read them on twitter and facebook. >> president trump's speech is getting positive reviews. is that true from democrats? look at that split screen. that's the same room. republicans up and clapping, democrats not so much. we have senate minority leader chuck schumer. what did he think last night? is anything going to change in a
4:37 am
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call today. comcast business. built for business. the time for trivial fights is behind us. we just need the courage to share the dreams that fill our hearts. >> democrats did not like the president motioning in their direction when he said trivial fights. that was part of donald trump trying to reach across the aisle or at least he said he was. in his address to congress. how did it go over? we had a great guest for that. we had chuck schumer ahead of
4:41 am
the democrats joining us this morning. trifl i can't disputes, your reaction. this president's speech matter a lot less than the speeches of just about any other president because they're detached from his reality because he talks one way and does another so his speeches are pop you lis. his inaugural speech and speeches in the campaign aimed at america. they make it harder for the middle class. he talked about infrastructure from them right now. nothing we have heard. he said in his campaign and congress for that. he backed off. medical research and education. his budget is slashing those and
4:42 am
maybe at the top of the list he said he's going to drain the swamp. his cabinet. his billionaires and bankers and people with conflict of interest that's not draining the swamp, that's adding to it. >> so what's the problem for this president is not his speeches. speeches have a shelf life and they go away. it's his actions. his actions have favored the hard, hard right. not where america is. not even where the republican party is. that's why he's had so much trouble governing over the last 40 days and he's had trouble ever since. there's a low bar here over a lot of the media. oh, well he wasn't nasty. that was not enough to get america in the place where we have to go. >> senator i have known you a very, very long time. >> yes, you have. >> you do not get personally insulted easily. you are known as a deal maker. this president bothers you and the tone that you set with not just the senate but with the party in general is going to
4:43 am
matter. are you guys in the head space to work with the president on anything right now? >> yes, we are waiting. he has not reached out to us once. okay. he doesn't have any plan that seems to move working america forward. we're waiting. >> but you have legislators working hard. everybody knows he is not architecting in the white house. the replacement for the aca and they're dealing with other congress factions within the gop that disagree with each other and why not seize the opportunity. >> if you say you'll back off repeal we'll work with you to make aca.
4:44 am
now they don't have enough folks even in the senate to pass it and his problems are not the democrats. his problems are his own making. i've said this to him early on and i've said it a few times. i said mr. president when you ran you ran as a populist against the democratic and republican establishments and if you continue to do that but what you governed as the cabinet people you appointed are hard, hard right. not just far away from where democrats are but far away where fr where the american people are and most republicans so that's his problem and this idea, we need something to work with. he has given us zero. >> he said even more than that when he was talking to some of the news anchors on thursday. there's a path way to stay but
4:45 am
then last night when he mentioned the task force the victims advocacy for those that are victimized by criminals there's a noise that came over the democrat side. why did that bother you so much. >> let me just say this. you made my case to a group of reporters off the record in the white house. he says oh maybe we can work something out. then he gives a speech that is antiimmigrant. and we have been to this movie before. three weeks ago we did the same thing in front of a bipartisan group of senators. maybe we can do something on immigration reform. his base rose up. if he's interested in a real plan of course we'll sit down and talk to him. we have seen nothing like him on an immigration.
4:46 am
he resumed his position which is what the speech is all about. >> as president obama said there's never been anything false about hope and people are so desperate for progress out of washington d.c. that they take any good sign where they find it and the media is included in that. is there anything you heard last night that you believe was an authentic nod toward better days ahead for what can be done in d.c.? >> obviously the tribute to the widow of the great soldiers in yemen touched us and we're all on our feet applauding for a long time but as for something we have work together on the president hasn't presented a single thing. we're waiting. >> why do you think the applause went so long? >> it was touching and there she was weeping and americans have always done this. the american people are a fabulous people and americans
4:47 am
sacrificed themselves for the good of the country. that's something that unites us all and i'm glad it did last night. but i'm waiting for donald trump to try and unite instead of governing from the hard, hard right. >> do you know anything proposed to take care of veterans the way everybody in that room stands up and applauds? because the last time we saw this president obama had a military guy injured in action and everybody stood up and cheered for a long time and then they almost submarined the gi bill in congress and there were a number of other veteran benefits. >> gi bill passed and i'm glad it did. >> it got sneaky and tricky and had to be exposed. >> but we were for the gi bill for a long time in giving people an education. veterans say very important
4:48 am
thing. but on veterans there's a little example of bipartisan ship. one of the few cabinet nominees that wasn't a hard right guy and came from the veteran's administration. we all voted for him. we want to be able to come together to help working people and middle class people but again as i said we haven't seen a single symbol from donald trump. what happened is this, once he became president elect and now president he has abandoned the working people he is talking about in all of his actions. he let a hard right group run the show and that's why he has run into such trouble for 40 days and if he doesn't change he'll run into trouble for the next year. >> we can't governed from the hard right. >> something he did not mention last night we had a huge word cloud of all the things he said. russia wasn't in there.
4:49 am
cyber security not in there either. how are these about any connection between trump staff and administration and russia. >> it's astounding enough it's been established by 17 intelligence agencies even though the president denied it. he's in his own reality on this that russia tried to influence the election. that's bad enough. now whether donald trump or his campaign participated in this. there's lots of threads out there. different people pursuing them in different ways but i tell you one thing they ought to be pursued and the fact that jeff sessions as the attorney general and one of the people closest to donald trump has not gone along with the guidelines and the justice department which require him to recuse himself is troubling. >> appreciate the democratic perspective on this. always welcome on new day. >> the president condemning the surge of hate crimes across the country so what will he do now
4:50 am
to stop them? we try to find out from one of the trump advisers next. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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threats targeting jewish community centers and vandalism of jewish cemeteries as well as last week's shooting in kansas city remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. >> as president trump beginning his speech to congress by condemning the surge in hateful acts across the country. what action will he take to stop them? let's discuss with anthony
4:54 am
scarmucci. >> people were relieved that mr. trum finally addressed the spate of vandalism and threats against jewish community centers and cemeteries as well as what happened outside of kansas city. some people felt it was belated. >> i sort of think that's unfair. whether it was sean spicer, other members of the administration, things that the president said as early as the "60 minutes" interview when he was first elected, he is constantly condemning these acts of violence and constantly denounce zing them. >> hold on. he's not constantly condemning them. there was silence after kansas city. he didn't tweet about it. some people felt had it been a muslim, had it been a middle eastern gunman instead of a white gunman, he would have immediately condemned it. >> those people are obviously entitled to their opinion. there's a delicate balance here. the president is controlling the bully pulpit and the news cycle,
4:55 am
and he doesn't want to overly discuss the stuff because you're worried that in itself will cause a fire. you're trying to strike the right balance. you can agree with me or disagree with me. i do believe the president has consistently, and maybe not with the level of volume you'd like, but he has consistently and his administration has consistently denounced these acts of violence. >> why does he immediately bring up something even in europe when there's an islamist attack, he is on twitter right away. why not use that same rule of thumb for when there's a white gunman here that does terror? >> so again, we can -- >> this is fact. i have the dates for you of how quickly he does it. >> alisyn, we all agree on the same thing, whether it's an islamic act of terrorism or some kind of anti-semitic act, they should be denounced.
4:56 am
we're now parsing the volume and the quantity of those denouncements. >> repearepeatity. >> i think that's unfair. we can go through each and every set of circumstances. we can make a decision on when he's doing it and when you think it's appropriate. >> i want to know what you think. you think he does it as quickly when it is here domestic extremism? >> i think he found his voice last night. it was a phenomenal speech. the first thing he opened up with in front of tens of millions of viewers globally is a denuns asian of these acts and calling for an end to this kind of hate crime. so i don't understand why that's not a big deal to people that don't like the president. >> it is a big deal. with the jcc attacks, it took him weeks. >> sean spicer was out last week saying it. >> you remember a reporter from
4:57 am
an israeli newspaper stood up and tried to ask him about it, and mr. trump talked about his electoral win and told the guy he thought it was going to be a friendly question and to sit down. >> i think the president can get frustrated with the media cab bow. i think he's sometimes frustrated with your network? >> because we bring up other kinds of extremism? >> he's also challenged you guys on stories you have delivered. i'm not going to call them fake news. >> do you think it's fake news, the attacks at the jcc. >> there's some level of inaccuracy. i don't think it's fake news. i think that's been a horrific thing that has happened. these are hate crimes. there's no place for that in our society, our social contract. our people are better than that. there's a small sliver of society that stains the rest of us with these sorts of things. >> i want to ask you, anthony, about your tweet so you can clarify it with us. you said about the jcc attacks. you said it's not yet clear who
4:58 am
the jcc offenders are. don't forget the democrats' effort to insight violence at trump rallies. >> that seemed to have caused way more controversy. >> it sounds like you were suggesting that the democrats were behind it. >> i'm not suggesting the democrats were behind it. what i was suggesting in that tweet is we don't know who is behind it. what you're finding is there's a lot of allegations being made. people are suggesting potentially it could be trump supporters behind it or people that are affiliated with the president or his administration. i think that's categorically very unfair. >> why did you make the allegation then? why did you tie it to democrats? >> i didn't make an allegation. >> why did you bring up democrats. >> read the tweet. >> don't forget the democrats' effort to insight violence. >> alisyn, you're asking me the question. let me finish. don't forget what happened last summer. democrats were fired from democratic organizations because they were caught inciting violence at very peaceful trump rallies. is that not a fact?
4:59 am
>> what does that have to do with the violence of the jcc? >> what we have to do is leave an open question of the source of where these things are coming from. do you know where these things are coming from? >> i'm worried that you tied it to the democrats. you brought up the democrats' violence. >> i tied it to what has happened in the past. you guys like calling it false flags. >> i'm asking about why you tied it. >> immediately pointing out that there was a factual situation, not fake news, real news that took place last summer where people were suggesting that it was trump supporters that were inciting violence at trump rallies. we then discovered that that was not the case, that there was a democratic group of operatives that went to those rallies with the express purpose to insight violence. i'm just calling into question, like a good journalist should call into question what the motives are of these people and who is actually doing it. if you're upset about that, that's totally fun.
5:00 am
>> i'm asking you a question. >> i understand that. it's not anti-semitic to suggest that i denounce these crimes, i they they're horrific. i don't know who is doing them. if you know who is doing it, let's announce it. >> we're not calling it anti-semitic. i know you're here to talk about money and policy. >> i'm hear to talk about anything. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> let's do that. last night president trump talked about wanting a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. that's more than some republicans used to have the stomach for. what do you think now is going to happen with the republican party embracing that? >> i think they'll pass it. what you're finding ability the president, in addition to his disruptive entrepreneurial personality, et cetera's fairly persuasive. what we're learning from him is he'll start to galvanize democrats and republicans around a plan like that. there is a multiplier effect around that which will yield great results for working class


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