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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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really up to him to execute on the plans he's put forward. >> richard quest, as usual, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> that's it for me, that's all the time we have. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. erin burnett out front starts right now. up next breaking news, stocks sore in the glow of the president's speech, plus his tone gets high marks. did we see a new president trump or was it a prime time performance? and the hispanic pastor the one that led a prayer now offering shelter to terrified immigrants. has he lost faith in trump? let's go out front. good evening i'm aaron i erin burnett. we begin with breaking news, trump's speech surge, the dow
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sores more than 300 points that say surge to an all-time record fueled by glowing reviews of president trump's congressional address. he kept a low profile today tweeting nonl all caps, thank you, no bragging or twitter rants just two words from his personal account. 47 million people tuned in to watch the pruz president's address and he put a lot of asks acts on the table, haej healthcare, immigration, tax cuts, on and on and today the rubber met the road. meeting with republican leadership to turn all of those words and promises into actual action. >> we're just here to start the process. it begins as of now and we think we're going to have tremendous success. >> david purdue was in that meeting and he's out front tonight i'm going to speak with him i want to begin with jim acosta he is at the white house and uncharacteristically to say the least, quiet day for president trump.
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>> that's right pu white house officials from the president on down are still slating after last night's speech. he was meeting with the ceo of news max and told chris rud did i that people are telling him it's the best speech he's ever given. so he's feeling good about last night. but he did get down to business meeting with republican congressional leaders here at the white house. we're hearing from sources it was about to replace and repeal the baej care act, it is to have it go into the committee bill process as early as next week. one thing we're told is that immigration did not come up during this meeting despite that big float from the white house yesterday that the president is open to a compromise bill on the issue. meanwhile, the white house is still not forecasting when the president will sign the replacement for the executive order that ban travel from seven majority muslim countries. that was delayed today to make sure last night's speech was not overspad doed by this controversial issue of the travel ban. but we are hearing the new executive order being drafted
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will not include iraq among the nations impacted. and we did get the viewership numbers as to how many people watched the speech last night. it was a hefty sum but not as much as obama had. >> thank you very much. a meeting about the house republican house leadership had to gut and replace obamacare, it just wrapped up moments ago. some senators unwilling to embrace this plan. this is going to be crucial it is what the president says his top number one priority. man u, what are you hearing happened. >> we're hearing there are a lot of republican senators to key house republican chairman about what is in that plan. there were discussions about a central issue in that plan including tax credits to allow people to purchase health insurance, but we know now there is not still consensus behind one single plan not just on healthcare but on a range of issues on donald trump's agenda.
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>> president donald trump told reports yesterday he'd be open to a dramatic shift legalizing some undocumented immigrants has part of a broad compromise bill. but during his speech last night, trump was vague on the details, instead emphasizing tougher enforcement and building a wall on the border with mexico. >> i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible. >> the mixed message dollars spawned confusion on capitol hill and left many deeply skeptical that any immigration measure could pass congress this year. >> we said we're going deliver on security border and we haven't delivered ton. >> reporter: he suggest ed could be open to legal status for undocumented immigrants. he told that to reporters yesterday. would you be able to that legal status? >> before you even deal with that question, you've got to -- you've got to take care of these other things. that's the most important thing you've got to build confidence
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for. >> conservatives are dubious that he may back off his hard-line stance on immigration. >> reporter: are you open to the idea of imzblants my view is we need to secure the border. i don't support amnesty. >> trump began to lay out the plan for its big legislative push with the president planning a more aggressive effort to sell it to his party. they're running into problems with the democrats to allow people to purchase health since. >> it comes across as a new entitlement we're trying to figure out the mechanics so whatever we do in that area we can't make the same mistakes in the structure of how it's done. >> the cost of all his plans are adding up including 1 patrol dollars for infrastructure and billions for the border wall, defense programs, and new family leave initiatives. >> we do have to focus more, in
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my view, on the fiscal problems. by the way, i don't think the economy arizona going to grow until do you that either. >> now, the first big push, of course, is going to be on obamacare. inspect those to begin as early as next week in the committees and the house, but the question is how quickly can they move it through the house and the senate if there is opposition within the ranks and the republican side, which is why the bhous white house needs to play a critical role according to some republicans to shore up support particularly in the right flank of their party. >> thank you very much. and out front tonight lets zbets to the art of that issue. good to have you with me senatorry appreciate your time. obviously so much to talk about, i know had you both of these meetings today. let's started with the one with the president, you were with him. what did he say. >> well, first of all i was very encouraged with his speech last night where this president laid out his vision for america. and today at lunch he got right down to it. he said, look, we've laid the vision out, now it's time to go
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to work and execute. 0 so it was very much a business-like meeting moving at a business pace with the right players in the room to get this done. >> so i want to talk about that one thing first, though, and that is the point i made at the top of our show but we didn't hear from him much today. he didn't go out on twitter, he didn't put the executive order out like he was plan doing. all he did was publicly tweet this, thank you, in all caps, kpla medication point. that's it. that is uncharacteristic for the man, we all know this. when he was with you, did he express pride in his performance? did he talk about the fact that he prepared for it? any kind of victory lap? >> let me tell you my take onthy was there last night and what i saw last night is more like i see in private with this man. he is a strong leader. he has a heart for america, that's why he's done this. what we saw last night, though, is a man who's really concerned about the future of our country and he laid out a great vision for that. what we talked about at lunch today was more about specifics about executing this healthcare
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plan and how we pull ourselves together to make this work in a timely manner. and i'm encouraged after that. this was a viz business meeting, he laid out his vision, the results he expected the actions that have to happen and he looked around the advisors in the room and decided this can get done. >> okay. so this can get done. let me make sure i understand what you're saying on this because last night the president seemed 10 to dors speaker ryan's healthcare plan. is that what he said to you today that is the plan he's on board with it that is what he's going to sell to the american people and people in congress like you? >> i'll tell you what's happening right now. hhs secretary tom price, the administration, the senate and the house, staff and members, have been working on this for weeks and we're moving toward a bill that will pass the house and that the president will sign. that's what we're working for. the senate is having input right now and we're moving toward the final phases of that and getting it done. >> so, look, the plan that paul ryan had had things like tax credits in it.
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you were in the meeting with senate republicans that ended just moments ago. we all know there's a split within the gop. i've talked to members of congress who don't support ryan's plan, ted cruz don't support paul ryan's plan. are you on board with it? are you taking tax credits out? it sounds to me like what you're saying there's going to be yet another plan that's going to come out of all of this talking? >> well, there is no final plan right now. they're in the final movements of putting the final touches on this right now. and so they're seeking input and that's what we're giving. that's what these meetings are about. the meeting at the white house the president listened, he took input and that's what the meeting this afternoon was about. so i think you're going to see a united front here very shortly with an exciting direction for our count punt. let me mention this. this is not about, you know, talking about two plans where one's work and one's better than the other one. we're talking about replacing a plan if we don't do anything will kplaps under its own weight. in my home state 96 counties only have one carrier and it's
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fragile. if we lose that one carrier, what do we do. >> everyone knows there's problems with obamacare, president obama was on that list he said give me something to fix it and i'll support it. >> well we're going to give him something to fix it after eight years. >> tax credits are crucial to paul ryan's plan. you have spoken negatively about that concept before. do you support tax credits? is that something would you support in a final plan? >> i'm going to support a plan that the president will sign, that's the bottom line. anything is going to be better than what we've got right now and ooem encouraged after the conversation today that we're tightening down the options here to a plan that will make people better served in their healthcare needs than make america -- get this economy going again at the same time. >> so you're open minded on it. you know, you talk about healthcare, though, and i know that was the lion share of what you talked about today, but last night the president talked about a whole lot more of that. it was one of the most ambitious spending agendas that we have ever heard. >> i will be asking congross
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approve legislation that produces a one patrol dollars infra truckture in the united states financed through public and private capital. our military will be given the resources its brave warriors deserve. we want to work with borj feerts make child care accessible and affordable, to help ensure new parents that they have paid family leave. we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and we will expand treatment for those who have become so badly addicted. >> more resources, expanding, a patrol dollars, paid family leave. those are not things someone like you would always ordinarily support. it's a lot of spending. are you behind it all? >> erin, you know what my heart is, it's to get after this debt crisis and he talked about that last night. one of the steps in doing there is goirowing the economy.
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but he also talked about private public partnerships. we've got a great example right now we used usid in africa with public money and created the africa power plan that used private public partnership and attracted a lot of money. he has that some business structure and i fully ask you that. i think we do that at home but we have to get after the other parts that will solve this debt crisis over time like saving social security and medicare. but that has to come after we have healthcare reform, regulatory reform and tax reform this year. >> we have a lot to talk about because this is a lot of spending and over time i wonder where you will stand on some of these things. thank you so much i appreciate your time tonight. don't miss lindsey graham tonight on stage with dana bash that is at 9:00 right here on
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cnn. >> out front next donald trump taking credit for tens of thousands of jobs, do the numbers add up? plus debbie wasserman schultz accused of not applauding the woman killed in yemen. she's out front to spont respond. and wilbur ross -- into the house wearing these. by the way, they cost $500. wait till you hear what the logo is. is there an elk in your bed?
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4:17 pm
take joblessness. >> we must honestly acknowledge the circumstances we inherited. 94 million americans are out of the labor force. >> the figure is right but the vast majority of those people don't want work, according to government data. 44 million are retired, 15 million disabled, nearly 13 million taking care of a family member, and almost 16 million are in college or job training. maybe because they couldn't find work, but all those adjustments fwlang big number way down. how about crime. >> the murder rate in 2015 experienced it's largest single-year increase in nearly half a century. >> reporter: that's only because the murder rate the year before was really low. the overall rate is still way down compared to past decades. immigration. >> according to national academy of sciences, our current immigration system costs american taxpayers many billions of dollars a year.
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>> yes, that report indicating first generation immigrants is costly but their kids contribute so much to the economy the long-term impact is likely positive for taxpayers. and what about all those companies pouring money into the economy now that he is in office. >> they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the united states and will create tens of thousands of new american jobs. >> reporter: mr. trump has enkoouj couraged some big companies with their new investments, but many he sitcit already had those plans before he was elected. still, president trump isn't the first to push aside an inconvenient truth. george w. bush ignored significant job losses when he told congress in 2004. >> this economy is strong and growing stronger and jobs are on the rise. >> and barack obama bragged just last year about crete creating. >> 14 million new jobs. >> also looking over job losses
4:19 pm
under his watch which diminished those gains. however, saying all president dos it does not mean there are ways of twisting around the truth are all equal and many fact checkers said the trump administration really takes it much further than a lot of people who came before him. it's undeniable, they say, which of course the team trump denies. >> thank you very much. out front, senior political analyst mark preston andette editor and chief of the beast, john avalon. thanks to all. did the president take noo too many liberties with the numbers or did he simply choose the information that works best for his message which after all is what these things are all about? >> more so the latter. he certainly used numbers that he thought could bolter his case, the problem is he didn't go into very specific detail or even a little bit of detail that would explain how he would have, for instance, an infrastructure bill get passed through congress, how it would actually
4:20 pm
be paid for, what programs he would cut on the domestic side in order to fund the military. so he did try to use the numbers to sell a grand vision for his plan, but we don't know how he's going to get there if he were to. >> and of course that's the big question. but when you look at this, when tom fact checked just the claims he fact checked, there was truth in all of them, and some of them a very significant degree of truth and we just picked a few out of very many things he said. >> but the 93 million number, let's take that for a second. going with that would imply that more than a third of the nation is unemployed or out of the labor workforce. i mean, that's -- that's not even an unforced error, that's just ridiculous. there's a difference about selective choosing of statistics to make your point, all president dos that. but when you go for gross exaggeration it's because you're building an argument on sand and we can't grade him on a curve like this. let's not lower the bar. it was his best speech by far as
4:21 pm
president, but let's have the reality check about what it means in the greater context. >> in a sense of this it seemed this is much more normal, this is what presidents do. obama claimed that he created twice as many jbzs' actually did, there was truth in that number though as well. but this is what president dos, they cite something, there's a truth, and then there's a complete spin. >> i think that's right. and i think the problem i think a lot of people particularly democrats and progressives have with the way donald trump spins the truth is that he tends to malign certain groups when he's spinning these numbers, particularly around crime and illegal imgrnts. and we've seep e seen him do that and talk about undocumented immigrants, particularly mexicans. had a constant tleheme 3
4:22 pm
throughout his presidency talking about undocumented immigrants and relating them to crime. and most studies showing that undocumented immigrants aren't anymore likely to commit crimes, in fact they're less likely to do that. so he uses this argument to then argue that there needs to be a wall to keep out, you know, immigrants from pouring into the country and committing crimes. so i think a lot of folks have a problem with that because he's doing that with no data to back it up. >> on that claim he said current immigration system costs america's taxpayers many billions of dollars, that report does say integrating first generation immigrants is costly. but it says their kids contribute so much to the economy their benefit is likely positive. when you look back at other presidents, would they have done the same thing, the basic fact he said there was a truth in it,
4:23 pm
dent take it all the way to the conclusion. would other presidents have done the same. >> what have they done what donald trump did specifically to make his point? i don't think so. but i don't think we've seen anyone like donald trump necessarily. not even necessarily, we haven't seen anyone like donald trump ever aseed to the office that he is currently in right now pet does use facts and we saw this last night, we certainly saw it during the campaign, they're not necessarily facts, he uses statistics to bolster his own argument. he doesn't care if they're true or not but he uses it. and half the country right now believes him spot for him, it's a win. but? >> but look let's not be led by fear into an age of unreason. there's a spin but there's objective reality and if you want to judge his speech last night against other presidents, most presidents have made it's a nation of immigrants, it's the
4:24 pm
negative image of that that he focus oonds so he ignores statistics that bolster that. >> right. >> we need to be able to agree what's a fact, we need to have a fact-based debate and if it's being disstorted by the president that's a problem. >> how would you grade him on his use of facts last night because i think what stood out to everyone watching was that it was markedly different from the way he throws around statistics or numbers that are not -- that are not true in other rallies or events. >> i think that's right. i mean, this is a president and a candidate who's known ton traffic in conspiracy theories one which was about 3 to 5 million people voting illegally. he has done that. i think in that setting it sobered him up, right, you see the supreme court justice, you see the joint chiefs of staff there, you see all your cabinet officials. so i think in that way he understood that bringing the kind of folk tales and conspiracy theories that he
4:25 pm
usually traffics in wouldn't work in that audience. who's to say, you know, when he gets on twitter again or he's, you know, giving an interview or a rally you imagine that he might revert to form because that is the way he's known to communicate. >> that's when he's most comfortable. . next the most powerful moment of the night. standing ovation for the yem navy s.e.a.l. kild in yemen. and his new tone, was it a pivot at long last or just a performance? >> i'm here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart. on your phone and online. so you don't miss his first birthday. tickets, i need to see your tickets sir. i masterpassed it.
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tonight, presidential. the headlines about trump's speech raked from just that. president kwhal trump on cnn and he emerges on the monitor to trump pivot pleases gop but will it last from the aep. and that that's the big question was it a pivot or just a one-90 night performance. jim acosta is out front.
4:30 pm
>> we're just here to start the process. >> after delivering a speech that cheered his party and calmed at least some of his critics, he plotted strategy with republican leaders at the white house where top officials are sensing some mow mept tomb. >> what the american people saw is the president i serve with every day, broad shoulders, a big heart, and he laid out a specific agenda which is what he ran on when he was elected in november. >> but following mostly positive reviews for the speech, reality is setting in that democrats and even some republicans are hardly rallying around the president's agenda. while he talked about keeping parts of obamacare. >> we should encure that are americans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage. >> democrats complained repealing the health care law will deaf state families. >> they're all about refeel, you know, that's what they want to do. they don't want -- there's no replacement plan. the emper yore has no clothes. >> as for the president's pitch for a compromised bill,
4:31 pm
democrats say they prefer a more public peace offering. >> i'm willing to say publicly i don't believe it and frankly a lot of what he does say publicly is very hard to believe. look, we all want to read into the tea leaves of things he says for at tra bugs off the record as holding out the promise that maybe he'll be a different kind of a president. >> writing the speech was a trump team effort including the president, vice president as well as top white house aides, not to mention ivanka trump and curber. after the president's darker inaugural address, yet the shift was palpable. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> even if democrats are suspicious that the turn from the trivial will last. >> it only matters if he just stops tweeting today, if he stops insulting people that he is going to be watching on television today who might
4:32 pm
disagree with him. >> and speaking of pivots, the white house is not offering any new insights as to when the president will pivot to a replacement that the president banned travel from seven muslim countries but they're discussing whether to remove iraq from the list of countries affected from that travel ban, something we know that the iraqi prime minister was talk together president about about a month ago. and so it is something that is seriously under consideration at this point. at this point no firm time tata as to when we'll see that replacement. >> now the congress woman from florida, schultz, and great to have you with me tonight. let me start with you with this, our headline here at cnn was presidential trump. do you agree? >> you know, i don't agree because i thought much of his speech was completely incongrew us with the policies she's been pushing for the first 40 days of his administration and he
4:33 pm
contradicted himself during the speech when he talks about obamacare collapsing in the face of 20 million people who have it and the folks in the marketplace is being in a situation where they actually have the lowest rate of increases in healthcare premiums in 50 years. and most of those folks. >> many people are saying their rates double. >> erin, actually, most people in the marketplaces are able to get a policy for a monthly premium of less than $100 with the subsidies. but the republicans are planning to rhee peel those subsidies when they repeal obamacare so they're the ones that going to cost healthcare costs to sky rocket and access the care to be extremely limit and paired back. >> i would love to ask you more but i want to talk about your speech. some of your colleagues have been more positive than you are. steven lynch said and i'll quote him, i think his words were a
4:34 pm
significant shift from his previous rhetoric. what do you say to them? 2 sounds like they're trying to find something positive to reach across the aisle and work with this president? >> well, i'm certainly willing to work with anyone who is actually going to show me that they are willing to work with us. i'm a show me person, not a tell me person. a speech is tell me. so i can only go on what i have seen in his track record thus far. thinks track record thus far has changed immigration policy that is now sweeping up people who have done nothing more than exist many this country to take care of themselves. he actually mentions immigration reform last night in the same speech that he brags about how as he was speaking ice officials were actually rounding up undocumented immigrants. i mean, there is hypocrisy in the speech, and while i'm glad he's mentiontion things we might be able to work with him on, i want to see what that looks like
4:35 pm
before i give him good marks. >> he did say some things in his speech that almost everyone could agree with and in fact some of your democrat colleagues did. >> as we mark the conclusion of our celebration of black history month, we are reminded of our nation's path towards civil rights and the work that still remains to be done. >> he gets that a. [ applause ] so people could see some of your democrat standing there. reminded our nation's path with civil rights and the work that needs to be done. you did not stand. if you can't stand for that, are you saying that you can't work with him on anything? >> on monday morning as i was about to have a previous press confroens talk about the explosion and anti-semitic attacks across this country and
4:36 pm
100 jcc, jewish communities would had their cars scratched with symbols, on my way to that conference a jcc in my district where a children go to school had a bomb threat levied at it. and this is a president who since january spent weeks, not days, weeks saying nothing. and so, you know, i'm glad that he spoke out against anti-semitism and spoke out again -- >> which is how he led his speech last night, the very top. >> and it's at this point too little too late and i want to see the actions that he's going to take. this is someone who during his campaign, erin, retweeted white supremacists. had is someone who's fanned the flames and given permission an license for these anti-semitic attacks and acts to come to the surface, and that's unacceptable. so he has to do a lotmore and further about i stand and
4:37 pm
applaud for him saying some things that he should have said long ago. >> too little too late. so let me ask you something else. representative kevin kramer last night i don't know if you know, you were doing white and doing so in honor of women's suffer rage and to stand up for any policies the trump administration would do that would hurt women's rights. kevin kramer said you all were poorly dressed. he has just come out and said something more and i want to play it for. >> you the point of my statement was these women who put on these white pant suits to celebrate suffer rage were really there to be rude to donald trump. that was obvious not by their clothes, but addition to clothing, hand gestures, thumbs down. >> what do you say to him? >> well, i was wearing a pretty fabulous sleeveless white dress that i have gotten lots of compliments on so first and foremost i say that he doesn't appear to have any taste. but particularly many women's clothing. but more importantly, he
4:38 pm
obviously misses the point in that it's pretty difficult to think that send a message to the president when we are sitting right in front of him with a sea of white attire that we are not going to allow him to roll back women's progress in this country is actually patriotic and shows that we care about the issues that are important to women and won't let them roll back our progress. >> i mentioned the zblish he doesn't get it. >> i mentioned the issue of standing up and i want to ask you this. president trump's counselor kellyanne conway retweeted a story today. it claimed that you did not stand up for the standing ovation for the wife of a fooul fallen navy s.e.a.l. she retweeted the claim, let me show everyone, hope this is not true it was moment of unity and deserved recognition. we check looked the video on the white house says that is not the case. >> that's right. >> let me show this for
4:39 pm
everybody. >> ryan died as he lived, a warrior and a hero battling against terrorism and securing our nation. >> we can see you there standing, congress zblan right. >> so that claim was false. as i said, she retweeted it saying hope this is not true. you today tweeted the fact check showing that was false. has she apologized to you and does she oyou an apology. >> of course she hasn't apologized because that's their m.o. they generate and perpetuate fake news. they don't tell the truth, they lie, they distort, they intentionally put out faulgs information so that they can fry to control the news cycle and get a better -- >> you think she did that on purpose knowing it was false? >> well, when you actually tweet
4:40 pm
something that's as highly charged as that accusation was that isn't true, why would you put it out there if you weren't trying to leave the impression with most people that see it that it was true? maybe she could pick up the phone and call my office, call me and ask me if it was true? how about check the white hou house.goff tape. that's why i don't trust them roar the american people don't trust them, and that's why he's been so wholly unpopular up to this point. >> would you accept an apology from her if she gave you one. >> i don't need an apology, i need them to start telling the truth. >> i need them to back up their words with action and i immediate them to really mean what they say when they say they want to work together in trying to help make sure we can improve people's quality of life, not do what they are doing, which is rounding up immigrants who are only trying to take care of their families, saying that they're going to take healthcare
4:41 pm
away from millions of people and essentially spending every single day lying to people's faces and then repeating those lies over and over as they did with this accusation directed at me today. >> thank you very much i appreciate your time, congresswoman. >> thanks so much. >> up front next the yemen raid that took the life of the navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens. was that raid a success in what they gathered? we have no information on what they got into that raid. he led a prayer, now the hispanic pastor is offer undocumented immigrants a safe haven in his church. he joins me live next. and a team of experienced traders ready to help if you need it. it's like having the power of a trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade. e*trade
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tonight, cnn is learning the trump administration is talking to the pentagon about changing how countertear or missions are proved. this means the pentagon could sign off on raids independently. barbara starr is out front. >> i just spoke to our great general mattis just now who reconfirmed that, and i quote, ryan was a part of a highly
4:46 pm
successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence. >> a full-throat the defense of the raid in yemen that led to the death of navy s.e.a.l. william ryan owens last month. u.s. officials tell cnn the intelligence gathered points to additional al-qaeda hide outs that may lead to even more raids. documents the sooelz seized detail training, targeting, and explosives manufacturing by a group which has attacked the west including the 2015 attack on the charlie abdoe offices in paris and the attempted 2009 bombing of an aircraft landing in detroit. but there are serious questions about how the s.e.a.l.s ran straight into a fire fight resulting in several civilians also be killed. several military investigations are under way to determine what really happened. >> one thing i will caution the
4:47 pm
president do is don't oversell. >> cnn has learned the pentagon and the white house are discussing changing how some counterterrorism missions are approved and authorized. under consideration, whether defense secretary james mattis and military commanders should be able to green light some missions. >> the problem that you have with that is if something goes terribly wrong, you're going to end up with a lot of political fallout for something that you didn't approve or understand the minute details of. >> the white house insists president trump will continue signing off on raids that, i his approval. white house press secretary sean spicer saying it is a philosophy more than a change in policy. he says he believes these are the experts in this field. president trump you will ready suggesting he wasn't completely involved in the yemen raid. >> this was a mission that was started before i got here, this was something that they wanted to do. they came to see me, they
4:48 pm
explained what they wanted to do, the jebs who were very respected. my generals are the most respected that we've had in many decades, i believe. and they lost ryan. >> from a political standpoint, it may be good for somebody who wants to wash thai hands of something, but from a military standpoint it really abbro gates the authority that the commander in chief has inherent in his position. >> details of the yemen mission remain highly classified so don't expect to see much more information be made public any time soon, if ever. >> all right. thank you. and next our guest the hispanic paster who led a prayer at trump's inauguration. tonight offering shelter to undocumented immigrants to avoid the president's immigration laws. he is my left live. and were the advice press and paul ryan wearing the same suit, shirt, and tie? we have the fashion report.
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
new tonight, hispanic pastor who led a prayer at president trump's inauguration now offering a safe haven for undocumented immigrants in the united states. ref rant samuel rodriguez's church setting up. he's a pastor at new season christian worship center in sacramento, which is the largest evangelical hispanic in the world. i know this has got to be a big decision four. it puts you at odds with a man you supported on many issues the you gave a prayer at his inauguration. many criticized you for doing that. you took a stand, you did that. why are you doing this now? >> and i still support him on many issues. it's a difficult situation and circumstance for our entire community. this is a community full of god-fearing, hardworking individuals. and i applaud and commend
4:53 pm
president trump for making a commitment to protect daca, the dreamers, of course. i just want him to fulfill his entire promise not tacoma pact or harm those terrific or wonderful god-faerg people. the deportations that have taken place in the past two weeks have harmed them, yes. we want the people that need to be deported as expeditiously as possible. >> so you support him on that. >> indeed. but the problem is what about the 5, 10, fif teen 20% that were not hardened criminals and these families were separated? this impacts our entire community indeed and as bible-believing christians we can't stand silently by without trying to keep families together. >> have you called the president about this? have you reached out to him? i mean you did a really good turn for him. you were at his inauguration and you gave that prayer and that was important. have you tried to call him to
4:54 pm
tell him what you're feeling? >> i have great respect for president trump, and again, if "the new york times" page one article today stands filled with accuracy as it pertains to prior to the address last night that he made a commitment to providing a comprehensive solution to immigration, then i applaud him for that. i am attempting to contact the president, indeed. again, i applaud him and celebrate his commitment to stopping illegal immigration, to making sure we protect our border, but please, don't separate hardworking, god-faeea families. don't separate them. that's my call. >> have you called him? has he called you back? what's the status of that? it seems to me honestly that he should speak to you and listen to you as someone who has been a supporter and a friend in the hispanic community, a vocal and important one. >> and i am reaching out.
4:55 pm
in full disclosure i am reaching out. i understand he's busy with a number of agenda an items likewise. but this is so critical for the community. this evangelical latino community, 30% of latinos support president trump of which 66 self-identified as evangelicals. so it's a community than really resinates with the president on reliej justice life, educational equality, so i would love to see immigration reform take place this year. >> all right. well thank you very much, reverend. i appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> next, generalmy moes on why gq may be president trump's most valuable adviser. is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business
4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
a noticeable shift in trump's style. >> reporter: he's no longer just. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: he's now a fashion plate. >> he's undergone something of a presidential makeover. >> reporter: sort of like gq had suggested. >> the donald look like he had a tailored suit on. >> reporter: sharper shoulders, not so baggy and. >> he buttoned his jacket. >> reporter: the way too long red tie traded in for navy and white stripes. and since we're fashion policing the speech, what about the twins in back. >> who immediately showed their commitment ton fiscal responsibility by purchase a buy one get two freet suit and tie combo. >> reporter: nothing cheap by ivankaya's strappy dress or melania trump's glitering outfit if the all of them had fans
4:59 pm
tweeting melania looking like a million bucks, actually $9,900 on michael kors website. michelle obama got bleep, exposing had shoaleders but melania showing 100 yards of cleave vag. but this 8-year-old girl honored the first lady the speech attracted democrats wearing white while waving their thumbs in a joef yell independent reviewing reporter calling out. >> bernie, who are you wearing? cory booker who are are you wearing. >> justice roberts, who are you wearing. >> reporter: there was one, i don't know if you could call it a misstep involving shoes. secretary of commerce wilbur ross was snapped wearing velvet slippers. custom made ones like this cost upwards of $500 as stubs and
5:00 pm
wooten, a brand so fashion able that style expert robert verde owns his own and wore his on his feet while wafing the speech. but at least no one threw shoes at the new presidential clothes horse. >> and thanks for joining us. anderson's next. and good evening thanks so much for joining you. a big night ahead you see it there want to show it to you there. final preparations under way for a cnn town hall featuring senate republicans john mccain and lindsey graham. we begin tonight with breaking news. bipartisan agreement on one thing donald trump did not mention last night in his big speech to congress the extent of contact between the trump campaign and moscow. just moments ago we learned that the top republican and democrat on the housing intelligence