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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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he is a graduate of johns hopkins university, and his family came to the u.s. from south korea when he was a child. >> good evening, senators. i just wanted to ask for the two of you, is there a red line past which you would be willing to consider military intervention in north korea? >> it's a very tough question, obviously. that's why it's such a tough job to be commander in chief. i would argue that if we have conclusive evidence that the north koreans are about to or have achieved the ability to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile that would hit -- with a nuclear weapon on it that would hit the united states of america, given the ruler of north korea and that regime, you would have to seriously consider preventive strike, but before that i believe that we should have thad, air missile defense
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systems in south korea, and i think we should move through that situation expeditiously. we could spend a half hour on it. but right now there's a political turmoil in south korea. that also contributes to the challenge, but this, my friends, is of immediate danger, and we're going to have to use our best capabilities and senses in order to prevent what could be a catastrophic event, because they do not think like us. finally, china is the only country in the world that has a significant influence on south korea. we should expect the chinese to break the activities of the ruler in pyongyang. >> senator graham? >> i would tell the chinese to tell the north koreans if you go toward developing a missile that can hit america, you're going to regret it. and we're going to stop you, and let me tell you why.
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do you know anything much about north korea? this guy is nuts. he just killed his half brother. shot his uncle with an anti-aircraft gun. he's got plenty of family issues. his grandfather claims to have beaten the japanese single handedly, born inside of a volcano. his father claimed to have shot 38 under in his first round of golf with 11 roles in one. that's where they lost me as a regime. so here's what i think. i think we would be nuts to allow a crazy man the ability to develop a missile to deliver a bomb he already has to our homeland. i don't want conflict any more than you do, but the best way to avoid conflict is to intervene before it's too late. if you're so afraid of conflict, you're going of it. the ayatollah is a religious nazi. what should we do about the iranian missile program? here's a promise. anybody that's got a missile
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that writes on the side of it death to israel, i don't want him to have it. we live in crazy times. president trump has got north korea right. what i would do if i were him. i would tell the chinese if you don't tell this guy to stop his missile program, that's a provocative act against our country, and he will regret it and mean it when you say it. >> and there will be repercussions with china. >> senators, i have another question from noah. he asked us not to use his last name because he has a family member in the military. he has a question about isis. >> thank you. senator graham, our attempts to defeat isis, obviously, have not succeeded thus far. and some have suggested that we will never defeat isis unless we commit troops to the war torn regions. as a military kid, this idea -- it brings back memories and --
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that were less than pleasant, and just fears for the safety of just family members who are in the military. so my question is are boots on the ground necessary to defeat isis? and if so, how do we complete our objectives while keeping our troops safe? >> great question. absolutely, they're necessary. we have 5200 in iraq today. john mccain and lindsey graham said three years ago on cnn, apparently nobody was listening, that you needed 10,000 u.s. forces to help the iraqis to defeat isil. you need about the same amount, maybe less now to take raqqa back from isil inside the syria. has anybody told you what winning looks like in the war on terror? in world war ii we took berlin and tokyo. if you're in the military, i cannot promise you that you will not be redeployed. we need more troops in zpan, not
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less, because if we lose there, we're all going to pay a heavy price. that's where the war started. about the enemy, you may be tired of fighting them. they're not tired of fighting you. in september 10th, tw2001, we didn't have one dime of aide and we got attacked anyway. because radical islam is compelled by god in their own way to kill everybody in this room. if i could think of a way not to send soldiers over there, il would, but i choose to fight the war in their backyard, not ours. i choose to have partners. that's why it's important that it's not a war against islam. it's a war against nut jobs. so the bottom line is, sir, your family members may have to go back, because i can tell you the only reason 3,000 of us died on 9/11 and not 3 million, they couldn't get the weapons to kill 3 million of them, and the best way to be safe here is to have an insurance policy over there.
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>> i want to ask you about learning the pentagon is considering changes in you counterterrorism missions are approved, that military commanders could green light the missions without president trump's approval. you're the chairman of the armed services committee. are you okay with this? >> i'm not only okay with it. i think that if we trust these individuals with command, then we should trust their judgment, particularly in quickly evolving situations. i had a lot of criticisms of the obama conduct for the last eight years, particularly the micromanagement of military and its operations. and you have to -- if you give these people positions of responsibility, then you hold them responsible. but i really believe, dana, that we have to have more lat lewd in the field if we're going to succeed, and when afghanistan is a, quote, stalemate, according to our military commander there,
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and when we still don't have a real good strategy in raqqa, we've got to give our military leadership the latitude to act what's in their best judgment. >> senator, thank you. i want to bring in gregory gatsen, retired kerj. he served in the army for 25 years and his service included every major conflict including kuwait, bosnia, afghanistan, and iraq. and it was in iraq where he lost both of his legs above the knee and normal use of his right arm during an ied attack. colonel. >> thank you for the opportunity to ask these questions and thank you for your service. given the past 15 plus years of war, how do we assure our military has the resources to institutionalize the lessons that we've learned, particularly with wounded service members and their familys? >> well, sir, thank you for your
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service. you are what america is all about, and i cannot tell you the admiration and appreciation that your fellow citizens have for you. you have kept us safe, and we thank you. [ applause ] >> it was my micromanagement from the national security council staff, most of whom had never heard a shot fired in anger. that was one of the reasons why we have a stalemate today in afghanistan. we have to give the military what they need also. the military has been caught by sympt some 21% in the last six years. there's planes not flying, ships not sailing and guns not shooting because we've shorted the military. we've got to give them what they need. second of all, i think you would share my view of this leadership we have now with the military and our national security
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apparatus are those tested as you have been and were, and they have the experience and knowledge and background that we can have great confidence in their leadership. thank you again. >> to the veterans, every veteran out there who is seeking health care should have two choices. the va system, and if they don't like it, go to the local doctrine hospital and the rest of us will pay for it. competition is the best thing that could happen to you. if a veteran is not well served by the va and there are a lot of great people in the va, you should have a card to go anywhere you want to go and get the services in your local community, and the rest of us have been sitting on the sidelines. we're going to pay for it, and we shouldn't complain about it because they deserve it. about the military, we're headed to the smallest army since 1940. does that make sense to you? we're going to have the smallest number of ships since 1915. the bottom line is i applause president trump for understanding the needs to
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rebuild the military. here's what i would suggest. 603 billion is not going to cut it. john mccain has a plan for 643 billion. i want to end with this thought. as hawkish as i am, and i'm not hawkish. i'm realistic. we're dealing with crazy people and we'd better get it right. you're never going to win the war through military force. if don't have a plan for the day after, it's going to fall apart. if you don't have a way to deliver services to people, the terrorists are offering a glorious death. you know what we got to offer? a hopeful life. and this is the hardest part about being a politician in war. people get tired. the bottom line is we got to stick with it on the military side. but the foreign assistance, the state department, the soft power is the key to winning the war. president trump, do not destroy soft power, because we cannot win through military force alone. >> senators, you began to do
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this, but we also want to recognize colonel gatson, and there's another member here, kyle carpenter, a he was awarded the medal of honor for rushing toward a hand grenade launched at him and his marines. he twenty-two and a half years in the hospital. and he was honored with the medal in 2014. >> well, i would like to say thank you, and you are a role model and our inspiration. i would also point out i'm one of the few aviators whose number of landings don't match the number of takeoffs. i'm happy to see you. >> can i say one thing? >> sure. >> i was a military lawyer prior to my service. the only people who wanted to kill me were my clients. i'm honored to be in a room with three people like this. thanks.
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[ applause ] >> before we go, i have to ask you. harry truman famously said, if you want a friend in washington get a dog, but you two found each other. [ laughter ] >> his dog ran away. >> some people leading up to this town hall asked me how did they become so close and more importantly, what is it about this friendship between the two of you? >> well, i think it's common interest, common ideals, common goals for our country. we mention my war experience. this guy for 23 years spent every time on active duty in afghanistan or iraq. >> is that how you got to know each other? >> we really got to know each other when there was the impeachment, and lindsey was one of the stars of the impreachment. >> if there is such a thing. >> he was presenting the case
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for the house of representatives that they should decide guilty or not, and he was reciting a passage where there were numerous phone calls made from the white house at 2:00 a.m. to try to get ahold of monica lewinsky because the word was out that maybe she was going to go public the next way, and congressman graham with the most solemn occasion said where i come from, any man calling a woman at 2:00 a.m. was up to no good. i knew right then he was a man i wanted to spend time with. he's entertaining, dedicated, and by the way, his beginnings were rather humble as many of you may not know. including the fact that he raised his sister after his parents died. it's quite -- it's quite a great american success story. so it's common interest, common values, and -- >> a sense of humor.
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>> a sense of humor, and i just wish our beloved friend joe lieberman were here. petraeus called us the three amigos. another wonderful person we've enjoyed the pleasure of his company for 20-some years. >> senator graham, what do we not know about john mccain? >> that you can say on tv? >> yeah. cable. you can say anything. >> i think what you see is what you get. there's not the private side of john mccain that is much different. he's cantankerous. he can be a complete jerk to his closest friends, and hug you dearly next. here's what started all this. john asked me to support him for president. you know why i did? because he asked. no one ever asked me before. so over that between then and now, i've been all over the world with him. and the worst -- let me tell you. if he reads in the paper 5,000 people slaughtered, he said we
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got to go there. i say why. but john, to me, has one quality that is really special. he will fight for his friends. in 2014 i had six primary opponents from mildly disturbed to completely crazy. john came down and stood by me because i dared work with people on the other side to solve an immigration problem. i'm a good conservative, i think, but i don't mind working with the other side. john was going to be up for election. and i wasn't the most popular person on talk radio. he stood with me and followed me around everywhere i went. when i ran for president, most of you missed it. john was with me. the bottom line is, folks, that the people that he served with in jail will tell you the same thing in prison that i will tell you. he is loyal to his friends. he loves his country. and if he has to stand up to his party for his country so be it.
10:16 pm
he would die for this country. i love him to death. [ applause ] >> that's a very nice note to end on. >> do you want to say one more thing? >> yeah. i just wanted to say that we talked about some very tough issues tonight. and i still believe in america. i still believe we're the greatest nation on earth. i still believe that we have the best military and by far we're still a shining city on a hill as ronald reagan called us. and if there's one thing i would urge all of our friends on both sides of the aisle to look at ronald reagan and tip o'neal. look at a time when republicans and democrats sat down together for the good of the nation. it's not an accident that we
10:17 pm
have low approval ratings. the american people want us to get things done for them, and we need to do it in a bipartisan fashion. and that's what we are dedicated to trying to do. >> that is a very nice place to end. senators, thank you so much. we want to thank senators mccain and graham for being here. our partners at the george washington university, and our audience. those asking questions and sharing their stories and also those watching around the world. t to be when you retire? uhh, i was thinking around 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure... ok, like what? but i thought we were supposed to be talking about investing for retirement? we're absolutely doing that. but there's no law you can't make the most of today. what do you want to do? i'd really like to run with the bulls. wow. yea. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. >> you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. just gone 10:21 here. jeff sessions said he never met with any russian officials to discuss the presidential campaign. >> the justice department says sessions met when he was a top trump campaign adviser. he failed to mention the
10:22 pm
contacts during his confirmation hearing. here's evan perez. >> reporter: in addition to the september meeting, there was also one on the sidelines of the republican national convention in cleveland. there was an event held by the heritage foundation. according to justice department, there were about 50 or so ambassador there, and one of the people that was on the sidelines of it and who met with the now attorney general jeff sessions, was the russian ambassador. the context here is that the russian ambassador is considered by u.s. intelligence to be essentially their top spy in washington. and not only their top spy but their top spy recruiter. this is the reason why when mike flynn was in routine and
10:23 pm
seemingly routine contact with him and then lied about it, misled the vice president about meeting with him, that's one reason by the fbi was concerned. because they felt that if you're going to meet with the guy and not recall or mislead when you are asked about it, then that raises some questions. again, this is a case considered to be the top spy recruiter for the russians in washington, and that's one reason why that is a concern. >> well, joining us in los angeles, robin swanson and john thomas. cnn is reporting this. "the washington post" is also reporting this story. we've spoken to the reporter gregg miller for more details about what took place. listen to this. >> it wasn't just during the campaign. it was as recent as september which was at the height of the alarm in washington about the
10:24 pm
russian hack of the u.s. election. so it's in the middle of all that that sessions has a private meeting with the russian ambassador in his senate office. and just two or three months later is asked during his confirmation hearing did you have any contacts or any communications with russians during the campaign, and can't remember that meeting just several months earlier. >> stay with us. here is the question now to sessions during his confirmation hearing that came from senator al franken. >> and if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do? >> senator franken, i'm not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign, and i did not have communications with the russians.
10:25 pm
>> okay. john, legally, there's a big difference between a mistake, forgetting something, not being sure, and a lie. okay? so at the very least, at this point from what we know, should there be an investigation and should there be an independent investigation as to what happened? >> there has to be. i mean -- >> is it going to happen? >> i'm not sure, because obviously republicans control the house. but there should be. here's the reality. a high profile senator meets with lots of diplomats from all over the world all the time. that's not unusual. what's unusual is he forgot to mention it during the smear. >> let's bring in attorney general session's statement. he put one out. he's denying any wrong doing. saying i never met with any russian officials to discuss the issues of the campaign. i have no idea what the allegation is about. it is false. as denials go, where does this rate? >> this is pretty bad and serious.
10:26 pm
i think by tomorrow morning we're not going to be talking about just jeff sessions recusing himself. you're already seeing nancy pelosi and members of congress asking for his resignation. he was the one person put in charge of investigating the ties between russia and the trump administration. and this is the one person that's supposed to do that. now is jeff sessions supposed to investigate jeff sessions? i don't think so. i think this is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. this has legs. >> this russia issue keeps oncoming up over and over again. to review what evan perez was reporting. this isn't just our every day garden diplomat. he's a top spy, he's one of their top spy recruiters. he was at the republican national contention which is where one of the meetings took place. and jeff sessions couldn't recall meeting him? i mean, it does sound extremely suspicious. >> yeah. but senator sessions' integrity
10:27 pm
is nearly beyond reproach. over the history of his career to think he's having clan december tine meetings. >> it depend on who you ask. >> in the republican party he's held with high esteem. it seems a bridge too far. we need to get to the bottom of whether or not he had the meeting, but i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt that if he did have the meeting, that his intentions were transparent. >> quickly. we want to get to the statement from the white house. this is the latest attack against the trump administration by democrats. attorney general sessions met with the ambassador in an official capacity as a member of the senate armed services committee which is consistent with his testimony. it's no surprise senator al franken is pushing this story immediately following president trump's successful address to the nation. is this all about politics? >> they wanted too much ticker
10:28 pm
tape parade. they planned to do interviews all tomorrow morning about the president's being able to give a speech without shooting himself in the foot. now they can't do that, and they're upset about that, but this is a real news story. russia gate isn't going away. this is the second administration official with serious problems who has forgotten about meetings with major russian officials, one of the top spy recruiters for russia. this is the keystone cops over there. >> we'll stay with this. there's a lot more to get to. >> lots more to dig into. growing pressures were jeff sessions to resign and a special prosecutor to investigate the trump administration's connections to russia. 90% of the world's largest supercomputers run on intel? that means you can take a universe of data - in your case literally - and turn it into medical discoveries, diagnostic breakthroughs...
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welcome back. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm john vause. >> i'm isa se shea. breaking news out of washington. a growing number of democrats are calling for jeff sessions to resign. >> the justice department says he met twice with the u.s. russian ambassador where he was a top trump campaign adviser, but sessions didn't mention the meeting during his confirmation hearings. back with us here in los angeles, robin swanson and john thomas. >> and matthew chance. >> okay. the reaction democrat democrats is predictable. they recused or resign, but we're also getting concerns being voiced by republicans, in
10:33 pm
particular, senator lindsey graham. he was asked if there is now a need for a special prosecutor. >> if there is something there, and it goes up the chain of investigation, it is clear to me that jeff sessions who is my dear friend, cannot make this decision about trump. so there may be nothing there, but if there is something there that the fbi believes is criminal in nature, then for sure you need a special prosecutor. if that day ever comes, i'll be the first one to say it needs to be somebody other than jeff. >> john, it seems some republicans are inching closer toward this position of a special prosecutor. >> it makes sense. if there are alleged criminal misdoings. if it's happening stance me meeting, dwri don't know that i warrants. and ag sessions can't investigate himself in there. >> the top democrats voicing their strong disapproval calling for him to resign in some cases.
10:34 pm
nancy pelosi tweeted attorney general sessions is not fit to serve as a top officer of our country and must resign. elizabeth warren saying this and we need attorney jeff sessions who should have never been confirmed in the first place to resign. we need it now. take a look at what the top democrat on the oversight committee had to say when he spoke with don lemon. >> people have to ask the question where is the integrity? where is the ruefle of law. all the excuses, and when these kinds of issues came to our committee, if hillary clinton, they thought she lied, they were referring it to the justice department. >> robin, you heard the white house say this is about partisan politics. do democrats have to be careful
10:35 pm
that it doesn't come across as if this is just kind of politicking? >> yeah. i think absolutely. all americans want to know if our electoral system was interfered with. the foundation of democracy is our elections. and i think republicans and democrats want to know that the president was fairly elected in this country. so absolutely. but i think there are valid concerns and jeff sessions certainly has prosecuted people for lesser offenses. we're all walking a fine line here, but this is a very serious allegation, and this isn't the kind of meeting you forget about. >> the messages are flawed. it smacks of partisan politics. elizabeth warren called jeff sessions racist. so r he loves the russians. they're looking for an opportunity. the democrats might have a fair case for an invest, but they're not the right messengers? >> the house intelligence committee agreed to investigate
10:36 pm
russia's interference in the election. matthew, the fbi, the senate, they're also doing their own investigation. the kremlin has denied any involvement or -- in the electi election mel election mettling, but it seem this is story keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day. >> and it keeps getting bigger for the trump administration. they've already lost several close figures, top figures as a result of their relationship with russia. and neither of these questions looming over the attorney general as well. from a russian point of view, i mean, they're sitting here in the kremlin here in moscow watching this chaos, this theater that's taking place in the united states with some alarm. simply because they're confused about what the policy is going to be by the united states of the trump administration toward russia. they are expecting a government, an administration that was going to be sympathetic to the russian point of view on a range of issues from nato to ukraine to
10:37 pm
syria. but because of the way that the russia issue has become so toxic now in american politics, the russian government are very concerned about the consequences for trump policy moving forward toward their country. so they're watching this with some degree of alarm, i should say. >> thank you, matthew chance live for us in moscow. and we're going to leave the conversation there for just a moment. we're going to come back. there's so much to dig. stay with us. >> donald trump's congressional address has people wondering if he's making a pivot. we'll have that, and the latest controversy that might change all of that. hout) ♪ ♪ announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas.
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more on our breaking news. the justice department says jeff sessions met twice last year
10:41 pm
with russia's ambassador during the presidential campaign. sessions was a top adviser to candidate donald trump at the time. during his confirmation hearing in january sessions denied any contact with russian officials and issued a statement earlier saying he never discussed the campaign. >> the white house says democrats are using these new revelations to block the president's momentum after his well received speech on tuesday. that's when he outlined a lofty agenda. now he's trying to firm up support from senior republicans. >> we're just here to start the process. it begins as of now. we think we'll have tremendous success. >> back with us now robin swanson and john thomas. okay. there's all this positive coverage up until the few hours ago. of the president's address to congress. it seems that with that in mind, the administration decided at least we were told, to delay the signing of a new executive order
10:42 pm
on the travel ban to the majority of muslim countries. it's a decision democrats pointed out seems politically motivated. listen to this. >> the fact that the president thinks we can wait another day to get political benefit, tells you they don't see much urgency either. it looks arbitrary and political. that's what it is. it's either urgent or it's not urgent. >> so john, if there's such a grave threat from these majority muslim countries, is the country and the generals around him, are they endangering american lives by delaying this executive order? >> potentially, but i think it's ironic that democrats attacked donald trump for rushing out his first travel ban because he didn't think it through. now he takes extra hours to think it through and now it's a bad thing. come on. let the man take his time. he's doing the best he can.
10:43 pm
>> robin? >> i think republicans wish they were talking about the travel ban right now. but we're talking about russia. and donald trump was -- is a 70-year-old salesman. he has been selling things for 50 years, and so when he gets up and gives a speech and he actually -- the ball was set on the tee, and you made some contact, we're all supposed to do the wave and cheer because he did a decent job giving a speech. that should be the expectation. that shouldn't be the -- we don't need a ticker tape parade for that. but the fact is they're not going to be able to do that victory lap they want to do now. >> okay. the speech to congress is so well received, it may have taken some within the white house by surprise. t"the washington post" tweeted some sources in the white house are surprised at how pundits are warming to the speech. trump has not changed. no big shift in policy coming. robin, everyone is talking about the change in tone, but the direction hasn't changed. donald trump is now using his
10:44 pm
indoor voice. he is measured and calm, trying to look presidential, but the agenda is the same. >> right. he's a salesperson, but the product hasn't changed. we actually have to look at what he's selling us, and that hasn't changed. some of the language was still very divisive. and he's still -- he wants to create an office on immigrants and crimes that they've committ committed. >> victims. >> no. that came straight from the words of steve bannon and breitbart news. they've taken that to a degree with african americans and logging their crimes. he's trying to pitch and sell an agenda that -- it isn't inclusive. it isn't something that democrats are going to agree to. so i think there's a disconnect. we all feel a little dr. jekl mr. hide. >> and why would he switch his
10:45 pm
agenda? he won on that agenda. he's doubling down. the only difference last night was his indoor voice -- >> and political astuteness. >> he also rang a more optimistic tone. i think people in the markets are rallying because of that. he has to deliver on the agenda he ran for. i don't know what anybody else expected him to do. >> the question is being able to use that indoor voice, having that moment in the speech with the widow of ryan owens. we're seeing an evolution in his growth as president. are we overselling it? >> let's wait until the state of the union and see what happens? >> okay. oprah was asked if she might think about running and she went maybe. >> i expect a lot of copy cats coming up. >> i'm sure. thank you so much for being us.
10:46 pm
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welcome back.
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recapping our breaking news. a number of leading democrats are calling on u.s. attorney general jeff sessions to resign. >> during his confirmation hearing the foreigner trump campaign adviser failed to disclose contacts are the russian officials. he said he never met with him to discuss the campaign. before the revelations the trump white house was enjoying a relatively positive news cycle. president trump paid tribute to a fallen navy s.e.a.l. pligs on both sides said it was moving. >> van jones, one of mr. trump's harshest critics, applauded how he honored them. >> he became president of the united states in that moment. period. there are a lot of people who have a lot of reason to be
10:51 pm
frustrated with him, to be fearful of him, to be mad at him. but that was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in american politics, period. >> many liberals especially on social media are not -- let's emphasize not pleased with van jones over his praise for the president. >> ankagela wright is one of th. it's good to have you here. >> great to be here. >> van saw that moment as the making of a president. the ladies on the view today thought it was exploitation. listen to this. >> i thought that was so exploitive. i thought he exploited that widow. it was so hurtful to me. because we know that u.s. military officials have said to the press that obama didn't give the green light because he felt the mission would market an escalation in yemen and that president trump without the intel, without the appropriate ground support approved this at
10:52 pm
dinner while not in the situation room and was tweeting. so when i look at that, i think my god, how do you exploit the woman who is grieving over the loss of her husband, the father of her children when you sent him there without the appropriate ground support? is it possible to separate the politics regardless of who the person is to honor the widow of for the service of her husband for a moment? >> i think so. the challenge is this is a divided moment. donald trump has supporters and the others no matter what. i understand van's point. i'm not one of the dan.
10:53 pm
i don't believe donald trump was i don't believe that. i also don't believe he has genuine intent like ever. so i think i am on the polar opposite side of what i believe in terms of him being a decent human being, and i think that moment was not him being presidential. i think it was a moment of him being a decent human being. >> would you accept it's a moment that shows power for him that he can exploit in days to come. it seemed to resonate. it was the headline from the speech. >> sure. and i think the reality of it is there were a number of moments in the speech that were troubling. i think that a lot of people are distracted about the tone. he sounds presidential. what does that means if the words you're using despite the fact you're not screaming for once, you use your inside voice. but the policies that you're still pushing are just as treacherous, dangerous, divisive. racially insensitive, culturally
10:54 pm
insensitive. all of that is still there front and center. i think we can't let him off the hook for that. >> what about to van's point, yes, he was being complimentary, but issuing complimentary towards donald tru trump. when you ask for him to be more inclusive and take the office seriously. when he does those things you should acknowledge that. the guy can't be wrong 24/7. >> but the guy can be wrong if the policies are still wrong. the same day of the speech they dialed back the regulations behind the clear water rule when we still have a flint crisis on our hands. the same day he said that jeff sessions who is now under fire for all things russia pushed out a statement saying he was no longer sbhd in pursuing the
10:55 pm
lawsuits against police departments. this is the same administration where the socket of education is saying that hbcu's historically black colleges and universities represent school choice. there was slavery and segregation. there are immense challenges with this administration and that is what we should be holding their feet to the fire on. >> we have very little time. i'm going to ask you this. >> sure. >> given that he can pivot, have liberals found an effective way to oppose him? >> to your point. when you have to reduce the standard of what it means to be presidential on whether or not someone is using their inside voice we've got a problem on our hands. i used to not have an inside voice in the library at school. we're not using that standard. we're talking about the leader of the free world. that's serious business, not an
10:56 pm
inside voice. >> it's like a silent movie, sound down, don't listen to donald trump but watch what he does. >> come back and visit. >> thank you for having me here. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be back with more news after a short break.
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. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united statesaged around the world. i'm aisha sesay. >> i'm john voss live in los angeles. it's just now gone 11:00 on a wednesday night. >> in washington a growing number of democrats are calling for u.s. attorney general jeff sessions to resign. >> the judgment department says last year while an advisor to presidential candidate donald trump's campaign and lied. >> joining us here in l.,


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