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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 4, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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more revelations over meetings between sergey sis yak. >> and you didn't speak to the russian ambassador for more than ten seconds. >> i can assure you i've never spoken with him more than ten seconds. >> his ties to russia. plus, on the front line how a
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team of u.s. medics are treating casualties from the battle from mosul. welcome. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> u.s. president donald trump is at his florida resort for the weekend. but the controversy between his campaign aides and his attorney general will submit amended testimony on monday. democrats want to know why jeff sessions did not reveal during his confirmation hearing that he did indeed meet with the russian ambassador twice last year. more now on the ongoing fallout. >> president trump discussing school choice and having a light
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hearted moments with students in orlando. >> you're all business and you're going to make a lot of money. right? but don't run for politics after you do that. >> reporter: before heading to his resort for the weekend. leaving behind a fire storm over his aides. >> i should not be involved investigating a came pain i had a role in. >> his attorney general admitting to meeting with russian ambassador and not disclosing it during his confirmation hearings. trump is standing by him. >> do you still have confidence in your attorney general? >> total. >> releasing a statement saying sessions could have released his statement more accurately but it was not intentional and tweeting photos of senate minority leader chuck schumer with vladimir putin in 2003 calling schumer a
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total hypocrite and of nancy pelosi with the russian ambassador in 2010 demanding an investigation. schumer responding saying he would happily talk about my contact with associates. would you and your team? many democrats say sessions' recusal isn't enough. some say he should reappear to testify under oath. meanwhile more trump advisors are under scrutiny. kushner and michael flynn sat down at trump tower for a ten minute introductory meeting according to an official. and several trump campaign security advisors met during the
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republican national convention in july. >> you're not going to deny that you talked with him in cleveland. >> i do not deny that. >> and telling cnn his discussion was about building a better relationship twun the u.s. and russia. meanwhile mike pence is facing scrutiny about using his e-mail. >> we commend the fbi for reopening the case, following the facts, because here in america no one is above the law. >> a comparison pence dismissed during a visit to wisconsin. >> there's no comparison whatsoever between hillary clinton's practice of having a private server, mishandling private information, destroying e-mails when they were
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requested. >> the white house calling this an apples to oranges comparison. meanwhile we're still waiting for the administration's new travel ban. it had been expected this week, but as the week drew to a close, a spokeswoman for the white house said there are no announcements about the ban as of yet and that we'll let you know when we're ready to roll that out. cnn west palm beach, florida. >> well, cnn's international diplomat joins me now from moscow and drama playing out on capitol hill. it seems you struggled to find anyone that hasn't had a meeting with the russian ambassador. how is this playing out as for as the kremlin is concerned? >> i think that's precisely the kremlin's point that the ambassador in washington was doing what he should be doing which was getting out and having meetings particularly in an election year, meeting with
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people from the campaign's -- with a view to -- for help moscow better understand what may be coming from either campaign and therefore for them to -- you know, for the kremlin to formulate better. they are caught up in an intense internal political fighting within the united states. they deny, of course, any accusation that they were involved in -- in trying to interfere and influence the outcome of the election in hacking the dnc computers. they say that's not what they do. they don't interfere into the affairs of other countries. but where it impacts russia today is that you know, they feel here in russia that they're trying to sort of maintain some patience, the wait for all of this to blow over in washington whereby that will allow them to form a relationship in the
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united states compared to the relationship with the last one but they're beginning to feel that trump's administration is going to have policies similar to president obama's foreign policies. but there are a lot of issues that are important to russia today, like syria, like ukraine, like the sanctions they're under but they would hope to have a dialog with the united states with a view to engagement on those issues. and the spokesman yesterday said it was sad that the united states was not able to work with russia on forming a policy to fight isis, something that both sides have expressed an interest in an area of potential common ground. but that's just one tiny example of where the sort of, if you will, the frustrations and where it directly impacts, you know, the affairs of this state.
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that's one of those areas, hannah. >> the russian ambassador to the u.s. has been the victim of some sort of character assassination over the last couple of days. what do we know about him and is it a fair portrayal to say that he is russia's top spy in the united states? >> it's something that the kremlin -- i wouldn't say they deny it because they don't deny these sorts of things but the language that they use to describe him is that of a professional diplomat. this is a man that graduated from the engineering institute of physics. you know, he has ten years in the united states as a diplomatic representative of the soviet union. a second secretary of the missions to the united union.
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he comes back here for many years working at senior levels you know, within side the foreign ministry the first russian minister and goes off to washington again and this is a man credited with being very smart in terms of sort of negotiations that has been involved in the past. this is the way that his portrayed from here regardless of that, however, he has become toxic in terms of political circles in washington and therefore, of limited value for moscow right now, because he can't engage and learn things. >> all right. nick robinson live for us in the russian capital. great to get a perspective there from moscow. thank you. desweet the controversy over
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russian contacts that's consuming the white house, the former head of the cia said it's in u.s. interest to find areas of cooperation with russia wherever possible. he says the most important thing is to be realistic about goals. >> it's very clear what vladimir putin's objects are. in many cases they are unacceptable to us and nato and our allies around the world. having said that, there could be some convergence of interests when it comes to the defeat of the islamic state and al qaeda and stopping the bloodshed in syria as an overall objective as well. >> could that be a spring board toward better objectives? >> i would go into this with my eyes wide open with a realistic appraisal of russia has done and
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what putin would like to do. >> we're joined in london, a fellow at the london school of economi economics. thanks very much for joining us this morning. let's talk about all these meetings that are taking place at the moment. is it standard procedure? have these meetings always taken place or are we seeing a new dynamic dwo dynamic involving russia and the united states? >> it's not abnormal at all. what's abnormal is the denials, the fact that many of them were in secret and the wide array of contacts. things like trump's personal attorney meeting on ukranian foreign policy is very abnormal. so is other people denying and changing their story. michael flynn, denying and changing their story and now
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jeff sessions denying and now changing their story. it's fair to ask the question, why all these shifting accounts. >> is there any difference between what michael flynn did and what jeff sessions has done? >> there's very little difference. the senators that testified before a congressional hearing as sessions did for his job audition for attorney general they're able to amend testimony after the fact. so he could have very easy said i misspoke, i did meet with the russian ambassador and here's the true story. and this is what happened with flynn is action was only taken after the story became politically embarrassing and public knowledge and that raises the question of how much transparency is this white house having? the story that the russian ambassador came to trump tower not only came out this week because there was more spirliwi allegations.
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the question is is the trump administration being honest with the american people? >> he had always said he would like a new era in cooperation between russia and the united states. is that increasingly unlikely? >> that's the interesting thing about trump portraying himself as this grand deal maker. he's made it virtually impossible for deals to be made. it's hard to imagine pushing for sanctions relief right now. it's hard to imagine that mexico will negotiate with trump. so when you think about diplomatic deal making there's not a lot of room for trump to wiggle into a new position with russia. >> interesting to see how this political map changes over the coming months and years. thanks so much for coming in. the u.s. is considering separating children and adults who enter the country illegally at the border of mexico. the proposal is meant to stop
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people from exploiting children. right now when adults come into the u.s. with children authorities usually release them and the families can stay in the country. coming up on "cnn newsroom" this hour, u.s. air raids pounds a city in yemen. plus, the latest on the battle for western mosul where u.s. medics are putting their lives on the line to provide life saving care to the wounded.
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"cnn newsroom." an al qaeda affiliate is being hammered by u.s. air raids. the pentagon said it conducted more than 30 strike there is on thursday and friday. drones were used and one high value al qaeda member was targeted. these are the first air strikes in yemen since that ground raid in january. several civilians and a u.s. na navy seal were killed. we're joined live from cairo in egypt and good to talk to you. let's talk about these strikes. there were 30 odd strikes over the course of thursday, friday. do we know whether they were successful in their targets? >> reporter: what we're hearing
2:18 am
from the pentagon is that they were targeting a number of al qaeda infrastructure in yemen, going after weapons, going after h safe houses, going after militants and as you said, that one high value target was also hit although we do not know who that was or if that target was killed. these over 30 air strikes is a strong uptick in the air strikes that we have seen. if you compare it to 2016, there were a few dozen air strikes taken place by the united states. so this shows a shift, if you will, of the united states' role targeting al qaeda in yemen. this branch known as being one of the most capable branches of the terror organization. >> is there any sense that this mission has been to sort of finish the efforts of january when of course there was that raid? some people have described it as a failed mission.
2:19 am
others have said it was a great success and perhaps it's led to the air strikes we're seeing today? >> well, what we are hearing from the pentagon telling cnn is that these strikes, these targets have been planned for before that mission in late january where they were targeting al qaeda, they're targeting the intelligence gathering mission. that did have some drastic consequences where that navy seal was killed. other navy seals were injured and they lost that -- that airplane, but these strikes that were taking place were targeting al qaeda in the south central parts of the country in regions and al qaeda has taken advantage of the chaos that has taken place in yemen during this civil war that we're seeing between rebels and the government forces, and so they have been able to expand also isis there,
2:20 am
so expect this to be the beginning of a larger military operation. >> and what about reaction from the middle east and what reaction have they had to u.s. involvement there? >> well, these air strikes are deeply controversial in yemen and they have been for quite some time because there at times you do get collateral damage and people in yemen say this is something that is just unak sent ever septemberab -- unacceptable and those drone strikes have at times killed civilians so we haven't heard much reaction from other parts of the middle east. we know the government knew these air strikes were taking place although they did say after that raid last january that they were not going to allow the united states to conduct anti terror operations
2:21 am
on the ground in yemen. >> and great to talk to you. live from a very busy lunchtime traffic setup there in cairo. thanks very much indeed. 12 civilians have been treated for injuries from the attempted chemical attack in mosul. they're consistent with a blistering chemical agent. 14,000 people have fled mosul this past week. up to 800,000 people remain trapped in the city. a team of u.s. medics is helping casualties from the fighting. a warning before we show this report, you may find some of the images included in his report disturbing. >> you've got 100 tramadol. >> scorched by the flames from a suicide car bomb an iraqi soldier lies in shock and pain.
2:22 am
>> wet first. >> reporter: medics at the front line clinic struggle to stabilize him. >> so we're going to get him on that helicopter. he's going to call me back. he might not be able to get out of here for 30 minutes. >> reporter: this volunteer group is working just a ten-minute drive from the battle for western mosul. >> grab his arm, make sure he's okay. >> reporter: most have never been in a war zone. they treated only one civilian while they were there, a little girl with a tooth ache. her family fled mosul earlier that morning. the rest were soldiers, many with multiple wounds. jeff evans normally works in boulder, colorado. >> that guy had a gunshot wound right under his arm like right below his armpit, and i think he's actually escaped from it
2:23 am
penetrating his lung so i think it bounces down into his gut. that's a critical patient and the first thing he said was, i don't want to die. i just want to go fight again. >> reporter: some of the injured here are coming straight from the battlefield. >> this is shrapnel. >> reporter: here they check their wounds, change their bandages and send them on to the nearest hospital. the team comes from all over the united states. the head doctor from germany. jeff left behind his wife and 11-year-old son to come here. >> i think as a father and as a husband, that the onus is on me to live through example and to do things that show my son how important it is to live in a way
2:24 am
a selfless life. >> a selfless life, saving lives, a very long way from home. cnn south of mosul. a slow moving and powerful tropical cyclone is brewing off the coast of madagascar. we're joined now and you've been tracking this cyclone for us. just update us on the progress so far. >> absolutely. some changes here in the forecast. this storm system as you said, extremely slow moving so we're talking about 7 kilometers per hau hour. but water temperatures here just about 30 degrees celsius so 86 degrees fahrenheit. certainly conducive to allow this storm to intensify over the next couple of days. it will skirt the coastline of madagascar, this eastern coastline is the most densely
2:25 am
c populated corner. the populations there 22 million people. so you think new york city metro population that's exactly how many people live across this island. the air rises here and condenses and you have the recipe for tremendous rainfall in place and take a wet sponge and press it against the wall, precisely what's going to be happening across some of these high elevations of madagascar. and the rainfall potential could be extreme come sunday into monday. half a meter in the forecast for a few spots coming into the early portion of this week. now, the other story we're following, the extreme cold temperatures returning into parts of the united states. it is currently minus 5 fahrenheit out of boston, massachusetts. in places like new york it was almost mid to may like temperatures. we're talking 7 degrees on wednesday.
2:26 am
temps have dropped down to around 21 degrees. we get really moderate temperatures by monday and tuesday, so you think the days are getting about two to three minutes longer every single day so daylight is extra and plentiful and you notice the daylight does come back in the week but going to be short lived and spring is going to be around the corner and you compare the record temperatures we've dealt with so far since the first of january in the united states, 8,700 record high temps have been set versus 1,200 record low temps and this is in the cold season of january and february so pretty impressive and warm winter. >> and spring has definitely sprung or almost anyway here in london. an energy executive is sparking questions on capitol hill and in the media. who is carter paige? the former adviser was grilled by anderson cooper.
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you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. . welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." gad to have you with us. persistent questions about contact between russia and the trump campaign are being characterized as a witch hunt by u.s. president trump and russian prime minister.
2:31 am
on friday he dismissed assertions that the top diplomat in the u.s. is actually a spy. china says its defense spending will rise at the slowest pace since 20 ten. the iraqi military says six isis militants were killed on friday in u.s. coalition air strikes in mosul. the battle has driven thousands of people from their homes. the international red cross reports that at least dozen civilians were treated for injuries from suspected chemical attack this week. and former hatian president has died at the age of 74. he was haiti's only democratically elected president to win and serve two terms. he was present during the catastrophic earthquake of 2010. they say he improved infrastructure and strengthened
2:32 am
political stability. let's get more now on our top story and the growing controversy over reported contacts between donald trump's campaign aides and the russian ambassador to the united states. another person connected to mr. trump says he met with the russian ambassador. a closer look at carter paige and his views on the kremlin. >> we heard you might be announcing your foreign policy advisory team soon. >> carter paige. >> reporter: march 2016. carter paige's name is announced publicly by donald trump. paige was known more as a businessman than an foreign policy expert. he is an energy expert with ties to russia. he lived in moscow for three years while working for merrill lynch. during that time he work as an advisor to the russian controlled energy giant which is run by a former aide of vladimir putin in the 1990s.
2:33 am
paimg came back to new york and founded his own company, global energy capital llc. he also started writing columns where he was critical of the sanctions and the obama administration with russia. he attended a meeting of foreign policy experts in washington. and according to the washington post, he stunned the crowd by praising russian president vladimir putin also saying the trump presidency would be good for u.s./russia relations. a month later he was in moscow for the new economic school. he was sharply critical of u.s. foreign policy. >> a failure of u.s. analysts and leaders to consider these principles has allowed washington to disregard proposed ideas that are actually not contrary to america's interests.
2:34 am
>> it was during this trip to moscow that paige allegedly met with russian nationals under u.s. sanctions. an allegation that paige has denied multiple times. >> did you have any meetings last year with russian officials in russia, outside russia, anywhere? >> i had no meetings. no meetings. i might have said hello to a few people you know, as they're walking by me at my graduations -- the graduation speech i gave in july, but no meetings. >> you know, i think it's really just a political stunt from the get-go. >> months after donald trump named paige to his foreign policy advisory team a spokes person gave him a new moniker, informal advisor and then one month later jason miller changed paige's status again saying he's never been part of our campaign, period.
2:35 am
after the election the trump white house continues to deny any close connection between carter paige and their campaign. >> he's an individual who the president elect does not know and was put on notice months ago. >> reporter: while he was part of the foreign policy team he did not work directly with mr. trump and did not work on anything substantial relating to russia policy. cnn, washington. quite a confusing picture. the trump team did try to distance itself from carter paige months ago and now even the energy executive himself has been denying that he had meetings with donald trump. anderson cooper asked him about that. >> i'd never briefed him and in reality -- >> did you ever meet him? >> i never shook his hand. i've been in, you know, many rallies with him from arizona to north dakota to many in new
2:36 am
york. >> rallies? >> which is meetings so you know -- >> let me ask you about that because you have said repeatedly you were in meetings with the president. you were in moscow in december of 2016. you held a press conference and you apparently -- to reporters you deny that you had never met donald trump and you said i've been in a number of meetings with him. >> yeah. >> that implies i'm in a meeting in a conference room around a table. you're now saying those meetings were actually rallies? >> that is -- listen, if you look at the definition of meeting in russian and -- in a russian context -- >> do you speak russian? >> yeah. >> really? >> i get by. i can understand what's happening in meetings and i can get my ideas across but it's pretty ugly. >> so you're saying you were using the russian definition of meetings so the hundreds of thousands of people who have been to rallies.
2:37 am
>> i've been to -- >> the people that have been to donald trump rallies, can they say they've been in meetings with donald trump? >> i've been in smaller ones as well. >> have you actually been in a meeting where foreign policy was discussed. >> >> they were often discussed in rallies as well. >> but if i go to a rally of donald trump's it doesn't mean i'm an adviser to donald trump or i'm going to a meeting with drt donald trump. >> you gave a quote to cnn is january. you said defined in the russian sense of meetings participating in some of the incredible rallies from arizona to north dakota to a number of events in new york and i got to deeply understand what he was talking about. that's going to sound like when you're saying one thing in russia at a press conference that you were in meetings with donald trump that makes you
2:38 am
sound important that you were in meetings and then to say well, actually what i meant was i was using the russian definition and ichs in rallies with tens of thousands of other people. >> 90% of students and other people that came to that meeting or that presentation i gave were russians. and so when they, you know, when they have demonstrations and gatherings in the square and other places, you know, that -- the term for that is meetings so i was, you know -- >> but you're be being described as an important policy adviser of the united states so when you say you were in meetings -- i mean if i hear you're an advisor of the president i would think you'd be more than just a rally in north dakota. >> this is where things just get totally misfocused. i mean, this -- i described the fact that i was, you know,
2:39 am
similarly in low level -- low level position and just, you know, as -- as has been stated informal, unpaid advisor. >> what happened? donald trump says your name. names you as part of the foreign policy team and that was in march and then in august they say you're an informal advisor and jason miller says you're not an advisor and you're saying you've been sending policy papers for the campaign for as far back in march. >> i never met jason miller. i think he joined kind of midsummer and was -- >> so did you write policy papers and send them to the campaign? >> i don't like talking about specifics of -- >> you told the new york times you did on march 25th. >> that's fair enough. yes. >> can you say who you sent poly papers to? >> i don't talk about internal matters. >> but i mean, they are talking
2:40 am
about internal matters saying you were not part of the campaign at all. >> i'm not surprised he didn't know me because hefsz there until he was, you know, came over from ted cruz. >> nobody came out after miller said this and said that's not true. carter paige has been part of the campaign. >> part of the reason why i stepped back i wanted to prevent continuing to be a distraction. and i mean, this -- >> you say you stepped back. they said you weren't part of it to begin with which is just weird. >> you know, jason didn't know. he was -- it's an honest mistake. he was on a few months between ted cruz' campaign and moving on to someone else right now. >> so when sean spicer january 11th says carter paige is an individual who would put on notice months ago by the campaign, what were you put on notice for? >> i don't know. i haven't met mr. spicer either,
2:41 am
so -- >> because there was a report as you probably know that the trump campaign had sent you cease and desist letters after your relationship with the campaign ended. >> i don't know anything about that. >> so you did not receive any cease and desist letters? >> you know, i -- nothing -- nothing specific that -- there's nothing that really came up in that regard, yeah. >> carter page there with our anderson cooper. our top aides are heading to the exits and sunday could be the last stand for presidential candidate. we'll explain all coming up next.
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>> welcome back. there are new developments in the murder case of kim jong nam. an arrest warrant has been issued for this man. he's wanted for questioning in the death of north korean leader's half brother. malaysian authorities say they don't have enough evidence to charge him. he's since been deported to pyongyang and said this to reporters on the way. >> translator: i realized that this is a conspiracy, a plot to try to damage the status and honor of the republic. >> two women have been charged with murdering kim jong nam. he was killed with a vx nerve
2:46 am
agent at an airport. fillon is hoping a rally can help his presidency. melissa picks up the story. >> reporter: it was another difficult day for phfill orn. he lost not only two campaign afill yacht affiliat affiliates. and yet the man who won back in november says he will remain the party's candidate. he's looking toward sunday in a rally that he's called here in paris to try and show that he has the support of the people. that gathering has already been
2:47 am
criticized by the french president who says it is by definition a criticism of the institutions of the republic. that is of the judicial system. he would likely be facing charges on the 15th of march, this having said all along that he would be standing aside and then refusing to stand aside. now the calls for the man bho came in second in that primary to come back and save the party and be the party's kand date ca almost it seems by the hour. suggested that were he to become the republican party candidate, he would not only beat him but both of them as well. march 14th is my freedom day
2:48 am
and cnn is partnering with people around the world to raise awareness of modern day slavery. here's how some of our anchors and correspondents around the world answered that question. >> what does freedom mean to me? well, it means the freedom to report what you see without fear nor favor nor interference, the freedom to hold up a mirror to the world whether from a war zone or the white house. freedom means speaking truth. >> freedom means never ever takeni taking it for granted. >> it means to record, upload, to go wherever the story takes you. freedom for me is the ability to seek truth without fear. >> i grew up in a place that was unfree and freedom is not just about say having the right to
2:49 am
vote. it's a combination of factors and it all boils down to choice, being able to choose the life you want to lead. that for me is free. >> freedom to me, i would define as the right to live up to my god given potential and that means everything from having access to all the educational resources, not only to make the most of myself but also to inspire other people to do the same. and i think in terms of my definition of freedom that at its most basic level, education is freedom. >> freedom mean it is ability to get an education, to travel freely, to chase my dream, to question authority and to seek the truth without the fear of persecution. >> we want to hear what freedom means to you so do post a photo or a video using the #my freedom day.
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hotel on the world. that's because it's in the west bank and the the first ever hotel designed and ffinanced by bank banksy. m there's plenty of his artwork and palestinians are welcome t at the hotel. >> military buffs may think they know everything about military equipment. a ranch in texas where the star attractions are vintage tanks that really work. >> who were you expecting? general patton? i'm from manhattan. i don't have a driver's license and i'm a bleeder.
2:55 am
can i drive this tank? >> yes, yes, and yes. all right. let's do it. >> let's do it. you'll go up first. >> i'm so glad i wore a business suit. did i tell you i have flat feet that should disqualify me? >> ready for service. >> all right. >> oh, my god, look at that drop. i feel like we're going to fall straight down. >> we are. give it gas. >> sometimes i think the diplomacy is best backed by military force, so there we go, up this hill. >> you're pretty much going to have gas it all the way forward.
2:56 am
>> how did i do? >> i was a lot worried about the beginning. >> now you tell me. >> well, it's over now. >> so we're done here, right? >> oh, no. >> range is hot. i think you killed the mountain. >> oh, my god. it was so hot. >> yeah, it's hot. >> well, that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." in london for you, for viewers in the united states "new day" is just acede. for others around the world quest starts if just a moment. thank you so much for watching cnn, the world's news leader.
2:57 am
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3:00 am
the white house is definitely seeking separation between the white house and his team when it comes to russia and the campaign. >> it's very clear what vladimir putin's objectives are. in many cases they are unacceptable to us. >> i should not be involved in investigating a campaign i have a role in. >> mike pence was doing the same thing i was criticizing hillary for. >> there's no comparison between hillary clinton having a private server. >> you're going to run your own business and make a lot of mone


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