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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 5, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the charms irman said they will investigate president trump's unfounded claims that president obama tapped his phone. house committee chairman issuing this statement saying quote, the committee will make inquiries into whether the government was conducting surveillance on any of the parties and we will continue to investigate the issue if the investigation warrants it. richard burr echoed his sentiments saying, quote, the senate select committee on intelligence will follow the evidence where it leads and we'll continue to be guided by the intelligence and facts as we compile our findings. athena jones is near mar-a-lago where the president is wrapping up his weekend there. and we're also following the story from new york. let's start with you athena as the president is ready to depart. but apparently reports say he was angry with his staff over
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the handling of the russia sessions end of the story as we watch air force one now taxi leaving west palm beach. what more do you know? >> reporter: that's exactly right. we've been reporting that the president has been angry. there was a heated discussion caught on top on friday where steve bannon was seen speaking animatedly to folks in the oval office. and we know that the president has been angry about how his staff has handled -- how his press team and communications team have handled the aftermath of his speech on tuesday night. i shouldn't say the aftermath. the afterglow. he's upset about the news of attorney general sessions and his conversations with the russian ambassador overshadowed what he saw as a well-received speech on tuesday night to the join session of congress. i have more reporting from my
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colleague, the white house producer, who spoke with sources at mar-a-lago who said that the president's angry mood followed him to florida and he's continued to talk about his feelings and concerns about his team with folks down here. kevin reports that in casual conversations in mar-a-lago the president expressed frustration that that address to congress has been lost in the swirl of reports about his aide's tie to russia. the president was upset that attorney general sessions recused himself from any investigation into any of this russia matter. we also know that the president angrily raised this wiretapping issue unprompted in his conversations with friends and acquaintances and he didn't specify where he got the information. but he told the members that he's expecting an investigation and expecting it to prove him right. i should go on to tell you -- >> go ahead. >> that's what the president has
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said now. he's angry and he believes, he believes that this wiretapping allegations that are unsubstantiated, that he made via twitter yesterday, he believes they are right. but as soon as the president made the allegations early saturday morning, the white house was pressed repeatedly to provide more information and to provide evidence to support the president's claims. no evidence has been provided. instead we have a call from the white house for this investigation. i want to read to you a part of the statement put out this morning by white house secretary sean spicer. he cede president donald j. trump is requesting as part of their investigation into russian activity the congressional intelligence committees exercise they oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016. that statement goes on to say that neither the white house for the president will be commenting on this any further until that investigation, that oversight is conducted. and so fred, this shifts the
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burden of proof from the white house being asked to provide evidence to the congressional committees to investigate the matter. >> i'm also struck by what you said when you say the casual conversation the president had, you know, with friends there, are we talking about members, friends you know who happen to be members of mar-a-lago and that he was, you know, seen or heard or is there was eyewitness accounts of him expressing these frustrations to them there, not staff members but friends or members? >> reporter: we're talking about friends or acquaintances. this is reporting by my white house colleague, white house producer. so they're not named sources. but we're talking about acquaintances cho have been in conversations i should say with the president where he's continuing to express continued frustration with husband team. and you know, this happens to all white houses, fred. they are not in control of the headlines. they're not in control of the narrative. so the president feels he should have gotten more credit for that
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tuesday night speech. and he did get a lot of -- very well-reviewed. but it was overcome by this other news about these conversations between trump cabinet members and aides and russian officials. >> and the recusing from jeff sessions. thank you so much. appreciate that, athena jones. so former national intelligence director james clapper has been disputing the president's claims saying none of the agencies that he, clapper, oversaw sought an intelligence wiretap on donald trump and his campaign. >> i will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign. i can't speak for other title 3 authorized entities in the government or a state or local
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entity. >> in the fbi, for instance, had court order of some sort for surveillance, would that be information you would or would not know. >> yes. >> you would be told this in there was a court order on something like this. >> something like this, absolutely. >> and at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists? >> i can deny it. >> there is no court order. >> not to my knowledge. >> on anything at trump tower. >> no. >> i want to bring in sha moan right now. you can spoken to officials who say the president, president trump's accusations are simply untrue. >> reporter: well that's correct. since yesterday morning when trump went ahead and tweeted the allegations, i spoke with a former senior law enforcement official who has direct knowledge of the investigation. and that official flatly just said nonsense, not true. there was no wire tapping of any phones relating to donald trump. his phones certainly were not tapped.
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the department of justice would have had to go to a judge and seek authorization to do that. and they never did it. it never existed. clapper talked about outside of the secret intelligence warrants, the fie za warrants, she ta he talked about the prosecutors at the da easter office, the manhattan district attorney's office, they can seek warrants and eavesdropping warrants and wire taps to try to listen no to phone calls. but that would mean that donald trump was the subject of a criminal investigation that he was the target of a criminal investigation and they would have to go in front of a judge saying we believe a crime was committed and they would have to lay out their evidence and proof. and i just don't see that being possible. we certainly have been reporting here on donald trump and some of the investigation that's been circling around some of his --
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some of the people that are friendly to him. there's never been any indication that donald trump was the target of any information. >> all right. shimone, thank you so much. appreciate that. let's talk more about this now with brown bronstein, senior editor at the atlantic, jason johnson, politics editor at the roo and brian stelter, host of "reliable sources." all right. gentlemen, ran, you first, what do you make of what you just heard, that these former officials he's spoken to say absolutely untrue. james clapper says no, there was no order of any kind of a wiretapping. he would know about it. >> well, i think the reports from the former dni clapper are the most important new developments of the day. the thing that has been so perplexing to me from the beginning about this whole episode is that if donald trump
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is right, it is arguably worse for him than if he is wrong. the president of the united states barack obama cannot unilaterally order a wiretap. if there was a wiretap it was because the law enforcement officials in the 0 bam that administration were able to convince a judge that there was sufficient grounds, sufficient reason of concern about collusion with a foreign agent to justify the war tap. as lindsey graham said yesterday, that would be a source of great concern if it were true at all. but certainly today you're seeing the former officials saying it never happened at all. i don't think we know the answer yet one way or the other within but it is a strange place for the president to be in, essentially where if he is valid in what he's saying, it says that the charges are more sirius than we have known to that point. >> and additionally now the trump administration, president trump and even by way of his spokesperson today saying we want a congressional
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investigation and now it looks like, jason, they're going to get exactly that. committees now looking into the election meddling by russia. and taking it further, looking further into any potential wiretapping. the president saying definitively there was wiretapping. how is this potentially more problematic for the white house? >> honestly, fred, we just have to move forward and recognize what the end game of any of this could be. president trump lied yesterday. he's lied before. he's lied about the number of people voting. lied about a lot of different issues. him lying because he's paranoid about former president obama is not surprising. but putting together a congressional committee, if there's not going to be any teeth or consequences, where does this go? we can can't to have leads and continue to find all sorts of connections between the trump campaign and wikileaks and russian hacking but if it doesn't result in someone losing their job, being removed from the administration or facing a sanction, it's all window dressing. that's what i want to see.
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i want to see a republican party that's more committed to our sovereignty as a nation than they are in protecting their own partisan interests. >> earlier today sara huckabee sanders was asked about the president making the serious claims without citing any evidence and this is what she said and how she responded to the kind of sourciing that this president is using by making this very serious accusation. >> always telling us to take the media seriously. well we are today. we're taking the reports that places like the "the new york times," fox news, bbc, multiple outlets have reported this. all we're saying is let's take a closer look. let's look into this. if this happened, if this is accurate, this is the biggest overreach and the biggest scandal. >> the president of the united states is accusing the former president of wire tapping him. >> i think that this is again something that if this happened,
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martha -- >> if if if. >> i agree. >> why is the president saying it did happen? >> look. i think he is going off of information that he's saying that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential. and if it is, this is the greatest overreach and the greatest abuse of power that i think we've ever seen, and a huge attack on democracy itself and the american people have a right to know if this took place. >> by the way, brian, niemts, fox news, bbc, they've not reported that trump was definitively wire tapped. all have been reporting on investigations rsurrounding sus hand involvement with the trump campaign. but you know, what's the explanation here and how bad does this look for this white house, for this president, for the deputy press secretary to now say that the sourcing is not intel, not from private briefings in the white house but instead from how it's being interpreted news reports.
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>> right. you notice what she does there, it's something that the trump aides often do, they take the allegations against trump and his white house and turn it around. she says this could be the great ers scandal ever about obama. this could be a huge attack on democracy. that's something said about russia. she takes the language and turns it around, trying to apply it to trump's opponents. we're seeing the results of several days of conservative media conch trying to connect dots that may or may not be able to connected. starting on the radio show on thursday, bright part news website on friday, couple of times on fox friday night. we don't know what triggered president trump's tweets on saturday. but the best indication is it was this conservative media stories that triggered trump's anger. we've heard that the anger has continued all weekend long. >> jason, you're smhaking your head on this one.
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>> yeah, they keep saying -- let's be honest. the right wing is saying this is a silent coup, that obama is trying to take over the united states of america. if he was that powerful, he would have rigged the election for hill arary. >> he was doing that while he was -- go ahead, brian. >> conspiracy theories. i'm guilty of that myself. but this does have a conspiratorial air to it all. you wonder if they're leaving bread crumb to say a year or two from now if things aren't going their way, saying it's all obama's fault. another conservative media outlet, down in mar-a-lago with trump yesterday. saying he's never seen the president this angry. i think we can put on the screen the exact quote.
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he said i haven't seen him this skrum pissed off in a long time. he shot back this will be investigated, it will come out and i will be proven right. that is what president trump is temg o telling one of his friends yesterday. we know trump is flying home to washington, maybe he's watching this right now. i feel for his aides. his aides are in a impossible position. >> many perhaps were caught flat footed. >> it's easy to get turned upside down on all of this. the part that is most clear, the president cannot unilaterally authorize a wiretap. so if the wiretap was authorized, and again we have the testimony today saying it was not. but if it was authorized and there are news outlits that have reported that it was authorized against elements or individuals around -- >> associates. >> -- president trump. if it was authorized it's
1:16 pm
because the court concluded there was enough evidence to justify that as the next step in a counter-intelligence investigation. if there is -- if donald trump is saying -- president trump is saying he's going to be proven right. what he will be proven right about is that a court con can colluded there was enough evidence to authorize a wiretap over concern that someone in his orbit was colluding with a foreign power. and i just remain kind of mystified as to why, whether it's sara huckabee or the president himself, they view as confirming that critical point as something in their interest. lindsey graham said if this was done without authorization, it's the biggest scandal since watergate. if it's done with authorization, there's a reason for concern. >> and then james clapper shooting it down saying if it happened he would have to know. and he doesn't know about it. jason, you mentioned what are other republicans saying about this. take a listen. >> i have no -- i'm not sure what it is he is talking about,
1:17 pm
perhaps the president has information that is not yet available to us or to the public. and if it's true, obviously we're going to find out very quickly. and if it wasn't, obviously he'll have to explain what he meant by it. >> i've seen no evidence of the allegations we've seen in the media, chris. whether that's a court application or denial of that ap lie occasion. it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, it simply means i haven't seen that yet. >> the president called for congressional investigations into the allegations that he made starting yesterday morning. so i would expect that he's going to want to provide our committee with any evidence that he has. >> so, jason, might this be the start of more republicans kind of stepping away or distancing themselves from this president? >> not yet, fred, not until they 0 go home to their districts and put their finger to the wind. look. it's not like these allegations
1:18 pm
are entirely new. we heard about the hacking last year. it went through wikileaks. now we know there was connect between various russian officials being lied about by the trump administration. this fire has been burning for a long time and many republicans have consistently said i'm not sure, i haven't read it, it's under this document, it's that, that and the other. until they realize that they can actually nervous gainvestigate and it won't harm their congressional lives, they're not going to do anything. that should concern any true patriot in the united states. >> just real quickly. the political point to all of this is that the battle for control of the house in 2018 will be decided, the tipping point will be ordinarily republican-leaning districts where there is a significant oomt f unease around donald trump where his approval rating is well below what republican presidents usually enjoy, and if republicans are going to lose the house in 2018, the most
1:19 pm
likely route by which they'll lose it is enough of the voters conclude they are not acting as a sufficient check on a president about whom they are deeply ambivalent. and that is probablily the biggest single vulnerability that they have. the voters ambivalent against trump desicidining they need a stronger eye on trump. and whether they look at if they're in essence closing their eyes or rubber stamping behavior a and/or the allegations that are troubling for good reason. >> we'll leave it there. thank you. we'll be right back.
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tough questions tomorrow. sessions failed to mention those meeting during his senate confirmation last month. and this morning on state of the union jack tapper asked marco rubio is the russian ambassador a spy. >> we learned this week that attorney general sessions was in contact with the russian ambassador on two separate occasions during the campaign. this is the second time that somebody close to president trump has spoke within the russian ambassador and not been up front about it. why do you think senior officials in the trump administration keep failing to be forthcoming about their communications with the russians? >> well, i don't know about the others that you've mentioned because i just don't know about what they met with or who they talked about. i can tell you about session and ambassadors. that's what ambassadors to. i run into them all of the time.
1:25 pm
that's what they do. they're trying to reach people and talk to them. it is not unusual for a member of the senate to meet with an ambassad ambassador. obviously he? a senate committee said she had not been in contact with anyone. that turned out to be inaccurate and that is what i think became problematic. i don't believe it was intentional because at the end of the day it's not the kind of thing that jeff sessions does and it's not the kind of thing that would be easy to hide, nor would there be any reason to. but we've gotten to the point of hysteria here. ambassadors try to meet with people all of the time. i meet with dozens of ambassadors and so do most senators. >> let's discuss more of this with my panel of two, republican strategist brian morgan stern. welcome back. brian, you first. what do you make of senator rubio's comments on sessions?
1:26 pm
>> spot on. i mean as i've said, senator sessions was meeting with ambassadors. he's on committees that would mean that he would do that all of the time. and he may not have understood the question as to whether it was campaign activity or just in general. and it turns out over the last several days, there are so many members of congress that met with this guy and they forget because they meet with dozens of ambassadors. >> during the confirmation meerg, represent allative frank asked, any affiliated with the russian government during the course of this campaign. sessions said he was not aware of that happening. and he says i've been called a surrogate at a time or two in the campaign and i did not have communications with russians. and it turns out at least twice. so that's the difficulty here,
1:27 pm
is that he didn't recall twice whether he was there as a representative of the trump campaign during the rnc or whether as a member of the senate armed services committee later on in the year. that is really what is at issue here, brian, that he conveniently either didn't remember, didn't reveal it. and so now the question that he has to answer in that written supplement will be the content of that discussion aenl why didn and why didn't you reveal it. >> they'll go back through the records and figure out exactly what happened. and it seems that now this has been determined, the obama state department, as ever state department does, set up for the ambassadors, milling around and talking to people, say hello and introduce themselves. and in this other meeting it seems that he just forgot but his staff probably has records to clarify that.
1:28 pm
he'll be able to correct the record. watching that hearing it's hard to believe that he was sitting there just, you know, intentionally concealing some kind of due police tus plot. that is such a far jump that i think, you know, coming from that testimony. i think he's going to correct a mistake. it's as simple as that. >> he's going to have that supplement. we know that on thursday. he recused himself from investigations involving russia and that campaign for this kind of conflict of interest. and now we're wearing that donald trump was very upset about all of this, that it kind of stole his thunder after, you know, his meeting with the joint members of congress. the positive reaction that he received from that. and that, jeff sessions then recused himself. there are many sources speaking. people are talking there in mar-a-lago who say he was upset
1:29 pm
even there. now he's going back to washington and there's going to be more heat. >> i mean we know he's upset, right, because you're right. tuesday night was the high point of his brief administration so far. he got pretty good reviews on the speech. sounded like a sane guy, almost like a president and then they blew it all week with the contradictory stories, the rolling disclosures. that's honestly something to focus on. if the only time you reveal something is after the media finds out about it, yeah yeah yeah, believe me, it was no big deal. all of the statements that were made in the past were what different. it's not trust building. it would be nice if these folks step forward and said what they kn knew. there's an awful dicey con tekts here. >> donald trump thinks reportedly that his staffers
1:30 pm
should have protected him from this swirl of controversy. >> yeah. it has to be frustrating to have almost universal praise for this bold speech laying out an agenda and then having the momentum sort of stolen away from you. >> is it odd that he blames his staff for not better protecting him? >> really? >> i think that's -- i don't know if he's blaming his staff for not protecting him or what exactly they're talking about. tempers are flaring because it's a frustrating situation to be in. it can say from interviewing witnesses, people forget details all of the time. you put records in front of them and they say yeah yeah, i remember. and this kind of having to mop things up has to be frustrating for a new president trying to get his agenda off of the ground to having to play cleanup. that does not surprise me at all. it seems like they're going to want to make some corrections
1:31 pm
and get on stronger footing here. >> nobody made the guy tweet, did they? are they poking the tweets during n the middle of the night? i don't think brian thinks it's the staff's fault. >> i don't know if anyone is poking the tweets. >> thanks for wrapping it up appreciate it. we'll be right back. blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to shave my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® works like my body's insulin. releases slow and steady. providing powerful a1c reduction. i'm always on call. an insulin that fits my schedule is key. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember,
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welcome back. at least two muslim students say they were turned away from an oklahoma oklahoma state lawma r
1:36 pm
lawmaker's office. the survey asked several questions including this, the koran and sharia law of all schools says the husband can beat his wife. do you beat your wife? adam was at the capital the day it happened and posted a video to facebook. >> i have been informed by some of our communities members that representative john bennett who, in my opinion at this point, doesn't even deserve to be called a representative is refusing to meet with muslims unless they answer questions from an islamophobic hate group. nobody should be given islamophobic questions before they can meet with their representative. >> sara gannon just speak with him. what more have you learned? >> these students were in the
1:37 pm
oklahoma state capital for what's called muslim day, an event to help build better relationships. well when these students tried to meet with state representative john bennett, his aides gave him a survey that included the question, the koran, the sheree of all schools says that the husband can beat his wife. do you beat your wife. another question is the sun that of muhammad said they must be punished for leaving islam. do you agree with this. this drew immediate criticism for the group sponsoring the event. adam, the member of c.a.r.e. that was there that day said that the students were shocked by the questionnaire, they never ended up meeting with bennett. they were turned away. >> it doesn't surprise me or shock me but it is very
1:38 pm
offensive to outright discriminate against muslims by administering a test as a basis of meeting with them. >> he thought this amounted to a religious test. representative bennett excessed his anti-muslim in the past. he called islam a quote, cancer on our nation. that's why these stunts wanted to meet with him on muslim day to speak with him about his views and clear up misconceptions. it's worth noting that bennett's facebook page quotes scripture from the bible, the same book that includes passages about stoning people until they die. it's generally accepted that some of the religious texts with not to be taken literally. and that the same benefits should be applied to the koran. take a look. >> anyone can cherry pick verses
1:39 pm
but he's latched on to islamophobic rhetoric that takes the text out of context and then sometimes makes them up and uses them to propagate a misunderstanding of the liz lammic religious faith. >> we haven't been able to reach representative bennett for comment. but he did respond to the tulsa world in response to questions about this incident saying in part can't refute facts. >> thanks so much for that report. all right next, trump administration officials athis week is the week we'll see a new travel ban. what will the revised executive order look like? we'll discuss after the break. finally, listening to my wife, went to a doctor. and i became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (crowd cheers) ♪ "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. welcome back. president trump exists that we'll deliver on his promise to build a border wall. for one rancher in texas, the
1:44 pm
border with mexico is his back yard even though the property has been in his property since 1767. he will give up part of it for trump's plan. cnn's po la sandoval took a trip to bring us the story. >> i was born february 26, 1944. >> reporter: where? >> about 100 yards from here in that direction. >> reporter: roberto's roots run deep in these 600 acres of south texas soil. >> my an sacestors lived here before. >> reporter: like six generations before him, the 73-year-old farms and ranches here in star county, texas. >> through the years we've worked the land, took off the brush and leveled it off. >> reporter: it's rugged dusty land carried the name of the family for centuries long before
1:45 pm
it was annexed by the united states or even made a part of the republic of texas. by all accounts this teacher, farmer and rancher is as american as it gets. >> that property has been in our family since around 1767. >> escobar says as long as there's been a border, there have been people crossing inin illegally. these days it's people and drugs. >> i'm not sure that a wall will ever stop all of these. i would like to see it stopped. >> reporter: you won't find many neighbors who share escobar's views in this part of texas. he is, after all, a conservative in a predominantly blue region of a red state. >> our president, in his own party, beat 16 other candidates. what does that tell you. the american people were
1:46 pm
listening to him. so at some point i started listening to him as well. >> reporter: escobar has seen first hand the face of immigration from his store step. >> we've been moved by many of these cases. and so many of them come and tell us their stories about their hunger pains over there, about the corruption, about the illegal activities going on in their country. it breaks our heart. >> reporter: something else that will break his heart, he has to part with something he holds dear. >> my country, part of my property, i would be willing to give it up so we can continue to be the land of the brave and the home of the free like it always has been for immigrants from all over the world that come here seeking to be a part of this country in a legal way. >> reporter: this man gave trump
1:47 pm
his vote. now he's prepared to give trump his land. cnn star county, texas. happening right now, thousands of va vcivilians are fleeing mosul as iraqi officials have a renewed push into the southern side of the city. that's next. 90% of the world's largest supercomputers run on intel? that means you can take a universe of data - in your case literally - and turn it into medical discoveries, diagnostic breakthroughs... ...proof that black holes collapse into one singularity. i don't know what that is. but yes. innovation runs on supercomputers... ...and supercomputers run on intel. you are super smart. and super busy. ♪ ooh! ufo!
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thousands of civilians are fleeing mosul as u.s. backed iraqi forces. several thousand militants are holed up in the city.
1:52 pm
the city had been under isis control since 2014. and as the fighting in mosul intensifies, there are new accusations that isis could be using chemical weapons. ben wedeman reports victims of a suspected chemical attack have been showing up in hospital. and just a word of caution, this report does contain some graphic images. >> this 11-year-old lies unconscious in bed, a rocket landed outside his home on wednesday in liberated east mosul leaving him with a concussion and symptoms that doctors at this hospital in erbil say point to a chemical attack. the hospital director has no doubt about what happened. >> it is a chemical gas. >> 12 people, including a month old baby have been treated for exposure to chemical agents. in the first such attack by isis
1:53 pm
since the start of the mosul offensive last october. rashied was in his house when a rocket landed outside. there was a rotten smell, he recalls, and is there was something like burnt oil and gas. no one can breathe in the whole area. we left the house in the civil defense sealed it up. the u.s. defense department has warned that isis has developed a primitive capacity to produce chemical weapons and has used such weapons in both syria and iraq. the worry now is that with isis desperate and surrounded in western mosul, it won't hesitate to use everything in his arsenal. the red cross is setting up these tents in the event there are more chemical attacks. the red cross stressed that the use of chemical weapons is a war crime, not that that makes any difference to isis. indifferent as it is to the
1:54 pm
suffering of its victims. ben wedeman, cnn, erbil, iraq. and we'll be right back. s o. and verizon has been ranked number one for the 7th time in a row by rootmetrics. (man) hey, uh, what's rootmetrics? it's the nation's largest independent study and it ranked verizon #1 in call, text, data, speed and reliability. (woman) do they get a trophy? not that i know of. but you get unlimited done right. (man 2) why don't they get a trophy? (man 3) they should get something. (woman 2) how about a plaque? i have to drop this. my arm's getting really tired. unlimited on verizon. 4 lines, just $45 per line.
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all right. don't his tonight's premier of cnn's new original series of believer. a journey into scientology, voodoo and more. tonight to india for a indue sect known for their extreme rituals. >> why are people on that side of the river so afraid of the igorry? [ speaking foreign language ] >> i see. why -- [ speaking foreign language ]
1:59 pm
>> i feel like this may have been a mistake. maybe we just like somebody distracts him and then i just leave. >> let's see where it goes. >> i can be polite. i can be very polite about it. >> watch the premier of bleefr tonight on 10 p.m. eastern. much more ahead with pamela brown. and you're live in the cnn newsroom on this sunday. i'm pamela brown in washington. and we begin tonight with president trump doubling down on his unsubstantiated claim that president obama wire tapped his phone during the election. the president telling the conservative website this will be nfts gaited, it will all come out. i will be proven right. he's officially asked congress
2:00 pm
to investigate. his press secretary saying in a statement, reports congress potentially politically motivated investigations, immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling. president donald j. trump is requesting that the congressional intelligence committee exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in between. neither the white house nor the president will comment further. president trump spent the weekend incredibly frustrated. we're covering all angles of this story. athena jones is live near the president's mar-a-lago estate. also live with us, shimone. athena, the white house calls the reports about politically motivated investigations troubling


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