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tv   New Day  CNN  March 6, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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hard. wrote a letter to the white house counsel of meddling over the wire tap allegations. they call these notions a deflection with the ties to russia. the white house is attempting to move forward. expected to announce the president's new >> 46 days into donald trump's presidency cnn has it all covered for you starting with joe johns at the white house. good morning, questions of credibility and justice in the oval office this morning. the former director of national intelligence and the current director of the fbi contradicting the sitting president of the united states who made a claim without providing evidence that the last president wiretapped him. >> the claim that former president obama ordered his phones to be wiretapped coming
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under fire. sources say the fbi is now asking the justice department to refute the allegations. such wiretapping of a u.s. citizen's phone would be illegal or require a court order. former director of national intelligence james clapper that spear headed the investigation into russia's meddling in the investigation giving a firm no to any such claim of wiretapping. >> for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign. >> multiple former senior u.s. officials dismissing president trump's allegation calling it nonsense and a spokesman for mr. obama says it's simply false but without providing any evidence the white house is doubling down calling for a congressional
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investigation to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were accused. >> he made clear what he believes. the bigger story isn't who reported it but is it true? >> white house official sas the president sources on the claim come from conservative media, not from government sources in fact, it's to back up his claim. a series of tweets early saturday morning from his home in florida in which he called former president obama a bad or sick guy. his top advisers far away in washington. this is not the president's first time repeating unsubstantiated allegations. after his own inauguration mr. trump alleged millions of fraudulent votes were cast during the election without proof. >> when you look at the people registered dead, illegal in two states. >> the president called for an investigation but one has yet to be conducted.
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>> i'm not sure what it is he is talking about. >> this latest allegation of wiretapping leaving some republicans confused as top democrats call the twitter out burst a complete distraction. >> the president is the deflector in chief. >> a hand full of the president's advisers and russians. >> this is just a distraction to distract from the interference by a foreign power on our democra democracy, the question on whether it had anything to do with it. >> the president arrived here at the white house last night after spending a long weekend at his home in florida today. he is scheduled to meet with a number of his cabinet members. >> you have given us a lot to discuss. let's bring in our panel.
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we have cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief. let's just go and retrace our steps to the genesis of what started this. everyone believes it was this november 9th article, a right leaning website that said that claim there had been a warrant to tap the computers in trump tower and they believe suspicious activity. that was then picked up by other right wing top people and then president trump talked about it. two unnamed sources he thinks those are dangerous. >> exactly. he has access to so much
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information from so many different areas and yet and to really dig in on something like this there's people that can ask about this. as the president he could get the answer and instead he has chosen to accuse the intelligence community of essentially a crime i'm not sure what his end game is here. >> the best guidance on this story is stick to what we can prove. >> this was a couple of coins into the conspiracy meter. he called the president of the united states crazy essentially so i think that speculation gets us nowhere.
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getting into his motives and all of that. james clapper comes out on meet the press and says i would know if there were any such warrant not just at the direction of the president because that's not how it works but i would know there is no such warrant. why isn't that the end of the story? obviously he couldn't be telling the truth. but is there any proof that there is another version of events that warrants any type of discussion. >> as a matter of fact the white house dismissed questions about any proof by calling on congress to find the proof and back up the president's assertion. this is like somebody in high school walking down and pulling the fire alarm and that's the major story is that fire alarm in school. >> in this case in your anlage it would be the fire chief that
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pulled the level. all he had to do was to call. if you want to find out, that's what he says he was doing. he was going to find out from the doj if there were any wiretaps. the democrats accused him of mettling but you can know the answer to this. it's not unknowable. >> exactly. but he has no facts. doesn't feel like he is being defended well enough but the bottom line is there's a lot of leaking coming out on russia. makes the president very mad. there's good reason to be mad about that but he has not been
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completely truthful. and undermine our democracy and our president at the center of this manipulation has blamed the media and the intelligence community and former president obama. what is it he is doing about russia? he has been silent on that. >> help me understand something. >> there's a lot that confuses me but this is the matter. if this is a deflection don't look at what's happening with jeff sessions. look over here.
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>> he didn't like the fact that his attorney general rekuzed himself from anything relating to russia and this is his way of fighting back and we had a situation during the campaign where the clinton campaign felt like the president was out to get them it's not helpful for the overall goal of fighting crime and fighting terrorism and if the president has to make a decision here of how porn it is for him to protect his own flank. how important it is for him and the intelligence community to stop fighting with each other. i'd also say this and this valely what i find to be a big waste of time. let's say the president is just upset because he feels like between mike flynn and all the russia stuff there's been leaks
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and nobody is looking into them. the house intelligence chair and senate intelligence chairman both said that the scope of their russia investigations are going to include how information was revealed, whether there were warrants going after russians that swept up americans that they weren't supposed to and leaked so it's all theoretically going to be looked at by his alabama lice on the hill. he didn't need to do any of this for that to happen. >> he says we are in the middle of a warping crisis of public trust. a writer called this vd, a viral disruption. you have the fbi going to the doj. just go to the fbi and he is the president. he would probably find out. they go to the doj and say push back on the president of the
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united states. push this wiretap story. say it's not true. what do you make of that. >> have you seen the doj do that yet chris? >> no. >> they're not actually acknowledging. you can imagine what the round of questions are going to be since jeff sessions completely recused himself from my of the matters that number got a lot more important and especially with this request from the fbi. >> hold that thought david. we have many more questions for you but stick around. we have other news to get to right now. >> although my question just seems to be why. this does have a cost having
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this disruption of a viral nature. that's a pun. it's monday i still got it. all right. so when you're talking about this stuff you're not talking about things that should arguably matter more to the administration. like the travel ban. you remember the urgency of that. it had to be done right now to keep us safe. we still haven't seen the new version. we could see it as early as today. sources tell cnn that top trump advisers want one key country now removed from the ban. so let's get into what the latest thinking is of what we're going to see in this ban. laura is live from washington. what's your best sense of what will be in there and what won't? >> we expect to see pretty big changes to the new executive order. the most significant will likely be who is covered by the travel ban. the new executive order will exclude legal permanent residents and those with existing vie sass at the time the order is signed and even with all the changes immigration
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orders signalled to us still safe to expect a flurry of actions in the court after this is signed. >> you have broad discretion by the president when it comes to matters of immigration and national security but then you have the basis and rationality. so in terms of who is going to be left off the ban we have been hearing that they were taught from insiders that iraq shouldn't be on because we helped develop a vetting system during the military efforts. what are you hearing about who is going to be removed country wise. >> we heard several top members of the president's cabinet including secretary of state rex tillerson wanted iraq removed from the list for diplomatic reasons as you say. >> what's your best guess? do you think we'll see it in the next day or so? are they ready for this? >> well, we have been fooled before right? we thought it was last wednesday and then it got pushed back for who knows what reason but it's
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going to be fast nating to see how this narrative plays out in court because to the extent that the administration took over a month to rewrite this travel ban, to comply with a court order no judge is going to blame them for that, they're trying to get it right but if they just laid this out for some political reason that could come back to bite them. >> absolutely. especially in light of the two reports we heard coming out talking about whether or not there's an imminent threat or these are type of people to keep out of the country for security purposes. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> chris, cnn has new approval ratings just out this hour. >> how are he we doing? >> it's not for us, it's for president trump. how concerned are americans about his alleged ties to russia? we'll bring you the brand new cnn poll, next.
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that members of the trump campaign had contact with russian operatives. also congress should not handle the investigation. here to break down phone numbers is david. give us the headlines david. >> good morning. you were right. a majority of the country, 55% if you were very concerned or some what concerned are concerned about reports about alleged ties between russia and trump campaign trump associates but this not at all number among republicans a majority of republicans are not at all concerned. so democrats and independents are driving this but a majority of the country very or some what concerned. you mentioned who should look into this, special prosecutor is what the country wants. 65% of those polled say an independent outside special prosecutor should look into this. this number is going to give republicans in congress some heart ache. this is going to be the most startling number to them in the
3:20 am
poll as they begin their own investigations lead by republicans in the house and senate intel committee. we also took a look at -- we also want you to look at trump's overall approval rating at 45% right now. his overall approval numbers is 45%. obviously not a great approval rating. he sin deed holding steady. all these headlines about russia have not hurt him yet and if you look about his policies which way the country believes he is taking us, the right direction or the wrong direction we have a pretty evenly divided country. 49% say his policies are going in the right direction. 50% say the wrong direction.
3:21 am
>> you could see that as a good way to ignore his distractors and move on with his own agenda. you have david drucker and david gregory. he had to take this through with his ever expanding picture of who is involved with the russian contacts. notice they keep adding all the heads are getting smaller because they have to keep adding people that have contact with russia. so david gregory, again, our analysis is always what's the fact? the problem with this particular story coming from the president is he knows the answer to this if he wants to. whether or not they're looking into him that's a phone call away of information. what does that tell us about what is motivating us? >> well, that he is so apparently thin skinned and perhaps unwilling to get to the bottom of whatever interference
3:22 am
in the election his associates may have had some role in or if they did not to what extent the russians were trying to manipulate at the election to help him and instead of seeing that as a way to delegitimize him it could be seen more in the context of an attack on america and potential interference in the creation of turbulence as reporting on the new yorker recently talked about putin's aims in europe, european elections coming up in france and other place and understanding that threat might be better off. it's instruck tif that all the republicans on capitol hill that want to he slow walk this and want to talk about all the intelligence leaks. let's just imagine we're hillary clinton and see if we have the same reaction.
3:23 am
i think this has become partisan warfare and that's what is so damaging right now is that there is no way to really get to the bottom of this without some cooler heads prevailing saying why don't we get all the facts on the table and see where they take us instead of even using the special prosecutor. >> look you see the partisanship. so it's just down to a partisan divide. 45% is an approval rating. i think obviously this was all before this weekend. >> right. >> so their responses don't count the president was reportedly quite angry and annoyed with his staff on friday because of the sessions recusal and in fact the camera shot through the window of the oval
3:24 am
office and maybe we have this and captured these angry out bursts. it looks like ban nonis speaking quite animatedly and sort of just stipulating and the president is marching around and so i guess we can conclude that when he's in this state katie bar the door and then he goes after president obama and says president obama is the person that ordered this which would be illegal. >> also david is talking about how partisan this is as review and that's true but one thing that you noticed no republicans are running out to defend him on this. they were all very careful. saying i'm not sure what he is talking about. i feel like there is a move to protect the throne and the proekt the white house and you're not seeing that. they're all being very, very
3:25 am
careful. >> there is no chance that clapper wouldn't know the answer to this question. you can judge whether or not you want to believe it but listen to what he said. >> if the fbi for instance had surveillance would that be information that you would know or wouldn't know. >> i would. >> something like this. >> something like this absolutely. >> you can't confirm or deny whether that exists? >> i can deny it. >> there isn't a court order. >> not to my knowledge. >> anything at trump tower? >> no. >> not all things that come out of people in power are even. there's no reason to believe what the president of the united states is saying right now.
3:26 am
>> it's stronger than that. >> there's zero proof of that. >> where is the other side. >> some argue that he admitted misleading congress. >> they said don't let them talk about the wiretapping story. it's untrue. the fbi would have been sbeg rahal in the process of getting such a warrant. >> none of this makes sense until you take the president of the united states's claim and decide that it's true without any proof. the issue here is number one that the president we have to understand, you get in office what you see.
3:27 am
the president was the primary guy that pushed it to president obama. he tried to tell us that ted cruz's father assassinated john f. kennedy and a whole bunch of things he never had proof for. this is how he functions. this is how he know house to fight. the opportunity he's missing is that if you look at the cnn polling his policies are more popular than he is. the country likes a lot of what he's offering up and if he stuck to the script as we saw in his speech last week and during the week, that's why i thought the performance was politically important. because if he can put together more popularity with his policies he can get somewhere. >> we're getting the hard wrap. thank you very much for all of your insight. >> a warning for the united states. japan's prime minister calling
3:28 am
their launch. breaking details ahead. what's going on here?
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strongly condemning the latest provocation from north korea. north korea is said to have launched four ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. the japanese calling the action extremely dangerous. cnn live at tokyo with the breaking details. if true, this would be an obvious call for attention. how is he being reckoned with. >> certainly a call for attention given that north korean officials have expressed their fury. we have seen north korea launch missiles in the past. last year they launched ten missiles during the military exercises so this could be the beginning but the japanese prime minister here in tokyo echoing the strong condemnation from the
3:33 am
u.s. and south korea calling this one of the greatest threats that japan and elts where in the region have faced to far so this missile travelled more than 600 miles from north korea landing less than 20 miles from the shores of japan and experts believe it had been aimed at a slightly different angle it could have actually hit japan putting more than 20 million people within strike range as well as 50,000 u.s. troops that are stationed here. we have seen these missiles become increasingly advanced. north korea making rapid progress despite the best efforts to stop kim jong un's regime. this statement saying quote we remain prepared and will continue to take steps to increase our readiness to defend ourselves and our allies from attack and the state department saying they are prepared to use the full range of capabilities at their disposal against this growing threat but the new york times reporting over the weekend sign area tacks ordered three years ago by president obama have not been effected.
3:34 am
heightened sanctions have not been effected so the global community is trying to figure out what they can do to stop this. north korean officials say they will move forward no matter what. >> we will explore it further in the program, thank you. >> meanwhile president trump wants congress to investigate his wiretap claims. where is the evidence? the senator is here next. up in. oh..venice... let's get the check. nope! i got it. you can use it online and what's with this one? and on your phone. taking care of the check. it's all masterpassed. first impressions. priceless why, thank you so where to now? well we're thinking shoe shopping. i was hoping you were going to say shoe shopping. masterpass, the secure way to pay from your bank don't just buy it, masterpass it. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over.
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president trump accusing president obama of wiretapping him but offering no evidence. mr. trump is trying to distract from his own russia related issues. joining us now is the democratic senator from delaware. >> good morning. >> as you and i sit here and speak there's no evidence that there was this court order to wiretap the servers in trump tower, as a sitting senator on the judiciary committee and
3:39 am
foreign relations committee can you pick up the phone this morning and call the fbi on the doj and say was there one. >> well, allison i thought you were going to ask me whether i or a president can order a wiretap just to be clear president obama could not have ordered a wiretap. it has to be done through a federal judge with a warrant. it requires a court order. >> right. so that would have been shocking if president obama had done something like that but there might be a warrant i'll remind you that the big issue here that i think president trump is trying to distract us from is
3:40 am
whether or not there was collusion between the trump campaign and the last presidential election and the larger issue that faces all of us is whether we're going to defend our democracy against russian aggression. one of the reasons i did a joint speech on the floor last week with senator rubio and i'm going to do one this week with senator cotton is that they also serve on the intelligence committee all of us see a threat to democracy. the intelligence committee can get to the bottom of whether there was or wasn't a court warrant. >> so when you say you're getting the raw intelligence this week. >> the intelligence committee is. >> what do you believe raw intelligence is? transcripts of intercepted phone calls? >> correct. >> so this week that will be coming out and this week the intelligence committee can find
3:41 am
out if there was a warrant to tap some of the trump servers. >> just to be clear there is a significant body of data. they will begin the process of accessing it and i don't think anything is going to be made public. nothing is going to come out publicly they have a very important, very sensitive job to do here. i am encouraged they're not being prevented from getting access to the information so far. tomorrow we will have a hearing on the senate judiciary committee that's the nominee to be the number two in the justice department given that attorney general sessions has now committed to recusing himself from an investigation related to collusion between the trump campaign and russia he would be in charge of the investigation intern
3:42 am
internally. >> so how do democrats feel about that. >> he is a career federal prosecutor with a strong educational background. i'm meeting with him today. we have a confirmation hearing tomorrow. i think you'll see that confirmation hearing focused on the question of whether or not he is capable of being an independent law enforcement leader. >> i know that you say none of the information will be made public. well let's remember that fbi director james comey when he felt that it was in the national interest to clarify what was happening with hillary clinton's he e-mail server he did make a public statement. do you want to see him come out today or this week and make a public statement about whether or not there was a warrant to tap donald trump's computer servers and some of his campaign
3:43 am
aids? there was no wiretapping because there was no warrant and he has been urging the department of justice to make a public statement i need more detailed briefing on exactly what a director has been saying but that's what he is trying to get approval to do is have the department of justice say there was no warrant. there is no evidence. let's remember the record here. donald trump dedicated years of his life to running around our country claiming that president obama wasn't born in the united states and claimed millions of people voted illegally and demanded an investigation and even they haven't taken him up on it because there's no evidence of that either. >> why doesn't he just come out and make the statement as he did about hillary clinton's e-mail server? why does he need the department
3:44 am
of justice to do it? >> typically the fbi doesn't comment on on going investigations and as you referenced his comments late in the campaign made him the subject of criticism from folks who believe he was inappropriately interfering in the outcome of the presidential election by making such a bombshell allegations so close to the election. come back when you know anything about any subject. we enjoyed having you on. thank you senator. >> there's no question that this is great risk for the political mill for all of the inside talk about what is going on but the president of the united states is a request away from knowing what the deal is with any wiretaps but who is the president choosing to listen to? we have the answer and it is a doosey. state is already in mot. companies across the state are growing the economy,
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msg madison square garden went silent for the first half of yesterday's knicks warriors
3:49 am
game and the response from players and fans was deafening. tell it. >> i mean the knicks they wanted to show case the game of basketball against the warriors. new york they cut out all the music the video and the special events in the arena. bouncing of the ball and the players on both teams well they didn't like it. green called the experience pathetic and disrespectful. the warriors end up winning the game 112-105 and the school known for dunk city is going back to the big dance check out tucker from florida gulf coast. he broke the shot clock. now the eagles beat north florida for the atlantic sun championship and they earned the
3:50 am
bid for the tournament. now you have jacksonville state, wichita state and three teams will punch their tickets tonight. >> thank you for all of that. so up next, where is the evidence a look at where the president gets his information. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums so chevy is the most awarded car company three years in a row. wow. really... let's see how quickly you can read through all their awards. oh gosh... lot of pressure. you ready? go! 2017 motor trend car of the year. kelley blue book 2016 best resale value... 2016 j.d. power highest quality breaking... ack. 10 best blah blah blah 2017 safety. only about 90 more to go!
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3:54 am
he presents no evidence even though he is the one man in the world that could find out the truth of his own accusation with literally a phone call. there's plenty of push back including the fbi director asking the department of justice to publicly refute the claim. let's discuss with cnn media analyst bill carter. now let's just put this in very sharp focus. his spokesperson, sanders, was on with martha on abc news. here's the exchange. >> this is the biggest overreach and the biggest scandal. >> the president of the united states is accusing the former president of wiretapping him. >> i think that this is again
3:55 am
something that if this happened. >> if, if, if -- >> i agree. >> why is the president saying it did happen? >> she going off of information that he has seen that lead him to believe this say real potential and if it is this is the greatest overreach and greatest abuse of power we have ever seen. >> martha sitting in there. she is no joke. she also has a good point here. if he had information from the fbi and doj he would have proof but that's not who sanders was talking about was it. in terms of he has sources.
3:56 am
that radio show on thursday really kick started this. it's a silent cue underway. that breitbart article circulated in the west wing and inf infuriated president trump. we have a graphic. info wars. they these are not reputable award winning -- >> they're propaganda sources. they're not legitimate news sources or information sources, they have partisan points of view. they are propaganda. he is listening to propaganda and making a decision that is really reprehenceable and reckless and he could, as you pointed out, he could find the truth and he didn't bother with that. he went only with this point of
3:57 am
view. >> it's not about the truth for the president. >> it's about telling a story. it's about telling a story to his supporters that they can hold on to. they can say what about obama. >> 45%, that what about is a big deal now. >> i spoke with him over the weekend. he said the public record is bad for the obama administration. we need to get to the bottom of this. this is effective among trump loyalists you were saying they're propaganda. i would say good reporting can come from anywhere. i am saying they're cherry picking convenient information and leaving out the inconvenient information but for example, the cnn and new york times and other outlets haven't been able to confirm the existence. >> that's all okay. people will consume what they want and they'll make their own judgments overtime but this has changed the equation. put up the list of the things one time citizen trump and now president trump has pritried to advance as true. there was the birtherism stuff.
3:58 am
there was a little bit of a reason for that. there was weird paperwork and challenging circumstances. the clinton deleted emails and then wikileaks and large scale voter fraud. the 911 celebrations. there was a little bit there in each of these. there is illegal voting. this is the worst assertion and he doesn't want to because we have no proof this is true. >> he's also smearing the previous president and that's outrageous. he said he wasn't a citizen. that was also a smear and he doesn't have evidence for it and
3:59 am
seems to irresponsible. he's now the president making these charges. >> were there warrants about me? he had his council go to the doj. he got kick back. they wrote a tough letter saying we don't like that the council is digging around. they can't have it both ways. the president was able to send somebody and make a call and know the answer to this true or false. >> that is true. it's like being at home late at night. you hear a noise under the bed or see a scary shadow in the corner, do you assume there's a monster in the closet or under the bed? maybe if you're a child but check under the bed. find out what is true and what is false. what we're seeing here is this assumption of the worst case scenario and let's remember this plays into republican story line from the past 8 years. that the monster under the bed was president obama and now with the new president there's a lot of chaos and controversy and they're going back to the monster under the bed. >> it might be a mirror under the bed.
4:00 am
they might see themselves. >> this is poetic. >> exactly. >> but will they see their own shadow? >> it's pretty cold. >> thank you very much. >> international viewers, thank you for watching new day. for you cnn newsroom is next. for our u.s. viewers, what is true? let's get after it right now. >> the president of the united states did not tap donald trump's phone. >> the fbi is asking the justice department to publicly refute the allegations. >> there was no such wiretap activity. >> he made clear what he believes and he's asking we get down to the bottom of this. >> these are remarkable allegations. >> why not add to that investigation. >> the president you know is the deflector in chief. >> to form inside america. >> the white house expected to announce the president's new


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