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tv   New Day  CNN  March 6, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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they might see themselves. >> this is poetic. >> exactly. >> but will they see their own shadow? >> it's pretty cold. >> thank you very much. >> international viewers, thank you for watching new day. for you cnn newsroom is next. for our u.s. viewers, what is true? let's get after it right now. >> the president of the united states did not tap donald trump's phone. >> the fbi is asking the justice department to publicly refute the allegations. >> there was no such wiretap activity. >> he made clear what he believes and he's asking we get down to the bottom of this. >> these are remarkable allegations. >> why not add to that investigation. >> the president you know is the deflector in chief. >> to form inside america. >> the white house expected to announce the president's new travel ban as early as today it
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is reckless to allow uncontrolled entry. >> good morning, welcome to your new day and new week. president trump claiming he was wiretapped is stirring things up because nobody can seem to provide any support for the president's assertion. in fact the fbi reportedly calling on the justice department to publicly deny the president's accusation. mr. trump demanding congress investigating mr. obama for executive abuses. >> democrats accuse the president of trying to create a die version to deflect attention away from his administration's ties to russia. attempting to move forward by announcing that the president has the new travel ban order today. it's day 46 of the trump
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administration. cnn has all the angles covered for you starting with joe johns live at the white house. good morning. >> the white house facing an extremely tough sell on this story this morning. questions of credibility, questions of judgment, swirling around the white house and the oval office. among other things a former director of national intelligence and the sitting director of the fbi both contradicting the assertions of the president of the united states. >> president trump's unfounded claim that former president obama ordered his phones to be wiretapped coming under fire. sources say the fbi is now asking the justice department to publicly refute the allegations but so far the justice department remained silent. such wiretapping would be illegal or require a court order under the foreign intelligence
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surveillance act. >> the former director of national intelligence that spear headed the investigation into russia's mettling in the he ex-giving a firm no to any such claim of wiretapping. >> for the national security apparatus that i oversaw there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president elect at the time where as a candidate or against his campaign. >> multiple former senior u.s. officials dismissing president trump's allegation calling it nonsense and a spokesman says it's false but the white house is doubling down calling for a congressional investigation to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused. >> he made clear what he believes. i think the bigger story isn't who reported it but is it true? >> white house officials say the president sources on the claim come from conservative media and not from government sources.
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in fact there's zero known reports to back up his claim. his allegations coming in a familiar form. a series of furious tweets early saturday morning from his home in florida in which he called former president obama a bad or sick guy his top advisers far away in washington. this is not the president's first time repeating unsubstantiated allegations. mr. trump alleged that millions of fraudulent votes were cast during at the election without proof. >> when you look at the people that are registered, dead, illegal, two states. >> the president called for an investigation but one has yet to be conducted. >> i'm not sure what it is he's talking about. >> this latest allegation of wiretapping leaving some republicans confused as top democrats call the twitter out burst a complete distraction. >> an intentional move to stir focus away from the deepening concerns over connections between a hand full of the
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president's advisers and russians. >> this is just a distraction to distract from this very, very serious interference by a foreign power on our democracy. a question of whether trump world campaign and associates had anything to do with it. >> president trump arrived back here at the white house last night after spending his weekend at his home in florida. he expected to have a series of meetings today with members of his cabinet. >> thank you. other big news today the white house is set to unveil it's new revised travel ban and the executive order could be signed as early as today. sources telling cnn that top trump advisers want one key country removed from the list so let's bring in laura live in washington. what do we know? >> we expect to see big changes in this new executive order.
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the most significant difference will be who is covered by the travel the new order will exclude new residents and those with existing visas at the time the order is signed but even with all of these changes immigration lawyers have signalled to us that it's still safe to expect a flur ri of swift legal action after this new order is signed. >> countries or country might be left off the list. >> we heard that several of the top members of the president's cabinet including secretary of state rex tillerson specifically wanted iraq moved from the list of previously banned countries for diplomatic reasons including iraq's role in fighting isis. so we'll have to wait and see that. >> so after the original.
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>> they took time here to rewrite the travel ban to comply with that court order. that judge in seattle. no someone going to blame them for trying to get it right. but if they do it for a political reason that could bite them the minute a government lawyer starts using words like emergency or urgency. >> got it. >> thanks for that explanation. >> one policy situation to deal with so let's take on the politics here.
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he is a phone call away from the answer. >> everything you're talking about chris and i watched this morning, i watched david and his ideas, you remember my father was director of the fbi and the fbi, the fbi is a magnificent organization that does have their reputation on the line. i believe that the president said what he said, the fbi is going to say what they're going to say. as i have said many times you had people put it in writing and then leave it alone. the president of the united states is going to have to i believe find out if he wants to continue this issue he has an answer but the bottom line is he has an agenda and we do in congress too and this is not going to overplay our ability to move forward with what donald trump talked about and that is the american people want and need to have jobs, credibility of this government, must be down here and gentlemen of high honor
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and distinction and then the president is going to have to take our answer. >> i know he has his council digging around. this is on him. i get that it's a distraction. there's no question about that. absent proof. but unlike before when he was running or when he was a citizen he can prove his own allegation right now. he is the most powerful man in the world. he's the one that upped the ante here accusing a former president of breaking the law and of conspiring against him. clapper says no such warrant, the fbi pushing the doj saying
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the wiretap story is bogus and the answer is in his own control. why is he doing it? >> i assume he'll need to do that and in doing that it will provide the answer. >> but he doesn't need nunez. i understand politically why he would want to add to that allegation muddy the waters a little bit and make it not just about him essentially. add to the leaks aspect of this but he can answer these questions about a warrant. it's the president we're talking about. not some reporter. >> look chris you and i don't disagree on that. what i'm suggesting to you is a third party valuation is always good and will offer all of us including members of congress something that we can count on. what we have to do is go back as members of congress and do our job and that's what we're trying
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to do this week also and we're going to do it. >> you have a lot to deal with on the front. why does he have this basis of support? a lot of reasons but among the top of them people waiting for tax reform. they want better health care. they want more jobs and more pay and they're investing hope in your party and then the president deliver it. the aca is a big piece of that. i know that you're a student of that game. you have problems within your own party. i think having people come on this show and say yeah we're going to deal with the medicaid expansion. but we're going to do the tax credit. what are you going to double the cost of obamacare? is that the answer we're going to have? >> well, whether it, let me say this, whether you double the cost or not i don't think we're going to do that at all. republican versus better ideas on how to fix health care and the daunting issue is still chris is that people go without
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coverage they're going to show up at the most expensive point of health care and that is an emergency room and they do understand this so we allow individuals and the tax credits at the heart of this. if we allow all individuals to have the same tax advantage they can be responsible for fair shot at getting health care and we struggling that w that. we said we can deliver and instead of individual coverage it will be allowing individuals.
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>> you have a distribution issue when it comes to the tax credits should someone that makes a good living be the same credit that someone struggling gets and the current aca does more means testing that way but the bigger concern is that access to coverage is not actual coverage. >> more people actually do get coverage. it's quite the reverse of a scenario that says that you can't find a doctor. you would find a doctor and that's why it is more expensive. if people actually are allowed an opportunity to have fair and free access just as i am on a
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pretax basis. it's no more expensive than what we're paying today it's just a different bucket and republicans are going to stick to our promise and chris it will be expensive. no more expensive than it is today but it will allow people to go to the doctor instead of something that they can't use. i'm on obamacare. members of congress are on obamacare and it is twice as expensive and it is the coverage that we do not want. so we're going to make sure that america gets a better chance and it will cost no more than what it does today. >> details will matter. i know that you're on this. when they come out please come back on. let's make sure that the american people are getting a good deal. appreciate it. >> we need to stick to our promises chris. >> we'll be here to help you do that. be well congressman. allison. >> breaking news right now.
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the u.s. and south korea condemning the latest ballistic missile launch by north korea. officials confirmed they fired four projectiles that travelled nearly 600 miles. three of them landing about 200 miles off the coast of japan. japanese call this quote an extremely dangerous action. the u.s. said it's prepared to use a full range of capabilities against the growing threat. >> the japanese say this time its different. the trajectory had been a little bit different it might have made land. >> another story, the naval criminal investigation service ncis launching an investigation after hundreds of explicit photos of current and former female marines were found on a social media site. officials say this private facebook group called marines united contained a link where the photos were being stored without women's knowledge. it's not known how many marines may have been involved. >> alabama state lawmakers moving forward with talks on
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impeaching their governor robert bentley. the lawmakers are trying to oust him after audio recordings reveal sexually explicit conversations between bentley and a former aid. he apologized and maintains he did nothing illegal. >> raises an interesting question, right? what is the standard for behavior in office? is it just the law? or is it about the moral as well? >> and where do they get the audio recordings? and is everybody being listened to. >> yes. >> be careful what you say. >> i know we are at this moment. >> the president insisting and again remember no proof. the fbi says to the doj push back it's untrue. we'll get reaction from a michigan senator, next.
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>> joining us now is the democratic senator. >> it's difficult to know, or certain lay piers to be just a distraction. he has put out really a very serious charge but with no evidence to back it up and the curious thing about it is he certainly has the power to back it up as the president of the united states he can ask that question very directly of the fbi. find out if there was a pfizer court ruling that allowed a wiretap to occur. he has not offered that. quite frankly i think it's an attempt to distract from the very serious news, attorney general sessions recusing himself from an independent and investigation of what's going on with the russians and trump
4:22 am
administrati administration. >> the fbi believed that the servers in trump tower were somehow doing a dubious transaction or business with russian banks. how is that a distraction? >> i don't get it as well but the fact that you put this information out and we're talking about it now. the plan is to have us talking about something else and that's where the discussion is when what we should be talking about is the cover up. we have key administration officials who are clearly covering up their interactions with the russians whether it's attorney general sessions, the top law enforcement officer of the country, whether it's general flynn and his misrepresentation to the vice president. if these are all on the up and up, that's a lot of smoke that needs to be investigated in a fair, open way and i think president trump realizes this is
4:23 am
going very badly for him and he may be grasping for straws right now. >> but you're saying he could get the answer with one phone call to director of the fbi james comey. sit incumbent upon director comey to come out in the national interest now that these major accusations have been made and said whether or not fbi got a pfizer warrant. >> i think it's incredibly important. this goes to a very serious issue. you know, we have the credibility of a president of the united states making an incredibly serious charge against his predecessor. we have to know that the president of the united states is actually backed by evidence and real facts. the american people need to know
4:24 am
that and homeland security there will be very serious national security issues this country will surely face in the next few years and the question is, can we trust the president of the united states to actually provide facts to the american people? it is incumbent we get to the bottom of this but we should not be distracted from the true case here which is whether or not the administration was involved with the russians in what was clearly, clearly as a result of the work of 17 intelligence agencies a concerted effort to influence the election those are also very serious issues and also in a fair and open process where the american people can get a look at what actually happened. >> normally he doesn't exert himself into this sorts of public disputes when there's an on going investigation. he broke that rule because he felt it was of such vital importance to explain what was going on with hillary clinton's
4:25 am
e-mail servers and maybe it's time, even this to break that rule again. in fact it sounds like there's some top trump advisers include kelly ann conway that think that director comey should come out and explain whether or not there was any wiretapping. >> i didn't see a statement from him. i don't know what mr. comey knows and if he knows he can issue a statement. we know he's not shy. >> senator are you calling for him to come forward today? >> well, again let's go right back to the president. he can pick up the phone and get this information right away. this is not a big process. >> yeah but would you trust president trump to then come out and say i just made a phone call to director comey and i have proof positive that, in fact,
4:26 am
they illegally wiretapped me. would you take that as the definitive answer? >> not just his word. we'd have to see the evidence of that occurring. if mr. comey backs that up and you get a statement from the fbi clearly. but we don't have to be going all different directions trying to get different folks to come clear. the president can ask these folks to make these statements. i believe in the reputation. the fbi is a fine organization of patriotic americans that are a part of it. this information is fairly straightforward to get and we spending time talking about this while we're not talking about what seems to be a cover up of key trump officials in their involvement with russian officials during the election.
4:27 am
when you see smoke there's usually some fire behind it and the american people need a clear evaluation of what exactly occurred. these are serious charges all across the board. we have very important issues we have to deal with as a country. significant problems impacting every day americans and to be distracted by all the smoke to get beyond it let's clear the smoke and have the investigation. let's move forward as a country and do what is best for the american people. >> thank you so much for being on new day. >> thank you. >> chris. >> so are americans worried about the trump administration's alleged ties to russia? we're going to break down a new cnn poll. there's good news for the president in there. next. you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between
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>> a new cnn orc poll out this morning shows the majority of americans are either very concerned or some what concerned that members of the trump campaign had contact with officials and believe congress should not handle the investigation. here to break down the new poll numbers, what are you seeing
4:32 am
david. >> good morning allison as you said a majority indeed are concerned. 55% are very or some what concerned about the russian ties. partisan ship is driving a lot of this. but still overall 55%. republicans as you might suspect are a little less concerned. let's get to the other point you just made. who should investigate this? 2-thirds of americans believe an independent special prosecutor and not congress should investigate this. republicans in congress will pay very close attention to this number. 43% of republicans believe a special prosecutor should look into this and not congress. how about donald trump's overall approval rate something it's holding steady. 45% approve, 52% disapprove. this is about where it was a month ago and we've seen all the negative headlines he has been battling in that time. it shows he has a pretty descent floor of support though obviously still historically lower at this point in his
4:33 am
presidency than predecessors. will he move the country in the right direction or wrong direction? 49% say the right direction. 50% of americans say the wrong direction. >> good point of the analysis is whether or not he is maintaining that support because of what he is doing but despite what he is doing. let's bring in david gregory. let's continue this discussion. that is the question. if the president looks at these poll numbers, they'll say hey we stick to taxes and jobs and bringing in things that might help wages, we're in good shape here because that's what people expect from us and yet look at everything the president is doing to dump cold water on that. >> yeah. right. he simply can't control himself. that's clear. and nor can anyone else that is around him. for him to veer off into this state of affairs where he is accusing the former president of illegally wiretapping trump
4:34 am
tower, him and his associates and you have immediate push back from the fbi director and now the white house says we don't really accept that denial so the president who considers the press and media an enemy of the state is at war with the intelligence community foreign and domestic and is completely distracting himself from what he said he wanted to do which was to help america win. he can't control his own behavior on twitter of all things. that's the big issue. the larger issue beyond the polling now is what happens if there's a real provocation by an enemy of our president of this administration? a real crisis? i keep coming back to that because that's going to happen in all likelihood and then you test them in willingness with
4:35 am
the people. >> it's already happening in north korea. these poll numbers that you just told us and all the latest. >> some of the interviews were conducted. very few were conducted after saturday morning tweets. >> that's interesting. but isn't it interesting. but 45% saying i'm not really that concerned about russia connections. >> we're seeing partisanship drive a lot of that concern. if you're a republican and you're with trump you believe that owl of this is just people coming at him that want to discredit or devalue his legitimacy and it's still a majority of americans that do give concern. one, talk about his strength.
4:36 am
we see in this poll 5% of americans approve of the way he is handling the economy. that's 10 points higher than his overall job approval it's something he talked about in his speech that was well received. you would think anybody looking at poll numbers would say let's lean into this. let's be sure we're talking about the economy every single day. when you think about what he was tweeting about saturday morning guys, just ask this question, if it is not something that president obama is capable of doing, if that's just not how the process works it does beg the question if donald trump believes he did it does donald trump believe he has the power to order up a wiretap on an american citizen at will. >> there's so many layers of why this done work for the president but the most basic analysis goes to his own tweet.
4:37 am
put it up there. just to show the legs he gave this situation. how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. this is nixonwatergate bad or sick guy. now david gregory we have to remember why deal when you can just talk about this all day and people will be more interested but this man as president of the united states has the ability to pick up the phone and say is there a warrant that had anything to do with me? find out. i want my answer in five minutes. he will get an answer in five minutes whether or not it is real. how does this work for president
4:38 am
trump. >> it is those investigating him trying to hold him accountable that express elements of the government and the intelligence community and the fbi. he wants to break all the circuits with all of that because you're right. he could run this information down. that's not what he wants to do. he wants a public spectacle to create a huge distraction to get talk show hosts on the radio and try to get them in their own investigation. it's a diversion and he's not dealing with the issue of what russia tried to do. what russia will try to do again this year and again to him it's never occurred to him that maybe the russians are trying to manipulate him and his
4:39 am
administration and other u.s. allies in a way that could be far more serious than whether donald trump thinks he looks bad having fairly and squarely won the election and it's how partisan this is. we don't even have agreement about whether the russian attempt to manipulate the election is something we can all agree is bad for america. that's about a huge, big break down in trust and institutions. >> just to be clear, clapper who is the former director of national intelligence he came out and said there were no warrants like this. not comey but lower levels of the fbi. they went and said push back on this wiretapping it's not true. >> thank you very much for all of the information so we're going to dig into the legality of wiretapping.
4:40 am
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another viral disruption this weekend. president trump going on a tweet storm accusing president obama of a nixon watergate style plot to tap the phones at trump tower during the campaign. he called president obama bad or sick. here's what we know. there's no proof that the president has offered for those surrounding the investigation to come forward with to justify these attacks.
4:44 am
let's discuss this situation. we have former cia officer. he launched a third party run against mr. trump and we have the senior editor for the atlantic. thank you for being here. let's start with what are we talking about here. put up some of the information for you guys at home. you have this panel of 11 federal district court judges. it's simple, if you want to do wiretaps and collect electronic data you need a judge to say it's okay. this is part of our evolving relationship with surveillance so they have to show that it's relevant. there's a legal standard involved. it's not that high but there is a process so the idea that the president picks up the phone and says to wiretap this guy that's not how it works. but that's a little bit of a distraction to this distraction. it's about whether or not this was going on. do you feel confident that
4:45 am
clapper, the fbi were pushing up to the doj gives you a solid basis of reckoning that this wiretap doesn't exist? >> yes. it would be hard to find a source more credible than james clapper on this issue. he was director of national intelligence. he didn't minutes his words yesterday on the sunday show. he said very clearly that there was a collection of intelligence like this against donald trump or his campaign during the campaign or after the campaign before the inauguration. >> critics will say not only do i not believe him because what he said was true before but it was about collecting meta data, i don't believe it. >> that's true and you can have that complaint. nobody is perfect and there was that episode but i tend to believe this. they're also pushing back trying to get the d.o.j. to say no there wasn't any collection like
4:46 am
this. the important thing is that if there was this collection it either happened illegally or legally. legally it would require the big process. lots of people would be involved. >> they felt there was a relevant basis. >> they had information to show that. >> ill lee fwally you're talking about a con conspiracity and people very hard to cover and that i think is what president trump needs to demonstrate. >> now we're seeing some torture defense by trump surrogates on this saying he just wants an investigation. he wants the senate in the house to investigate like they're investigating everything else. that's all he wants. that doesn't hold a lot of water here because this is a situation where a man can pick up the phone and know the answer to the question about whether or not this exists probably a lot faster than congress. >> it's a terrific idea. we should give the president what he is demanding. james clapper's denial has a
4:47 am
long history of doing business with dubious and dangerous people so if there is any kind of warrant because intelligence agencies believe that the trump organization or the trump family were connected to it, yeah, let's get to the bottom of that. but let's get to the bottom of this. was the president of the trump organization russian intelligence? that say great question. some of us have been asking for the answer to that for two years. >> trump did a clever thing there. he is the in the approval of looking into the truth of the matter of the larger picture of any potential russian connection to the larger campaign.
4:48 am
fair point. what i'm saying is this is not candidate or citizen trump. this is president trump. he could know whether or not there was a pfizer warrant. how true is that? >> it is very likely true. it could be that there's an investigation that the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies don't want to reveal but what is concerning is the president is taking action based on information from far right media outlets that is concerning. donald trump has access to more information than anyone else in the world he is receiving information and then taking action upon information that is coming from these less than credible, to put it nicely, sources. so that's what is really concerning here and a agree that we need a more serious
4:49 am
investigation. a lot of people say one thing or another and we need a special select committee that's bipartisan. i don't think the house is credible right now on this to investigate and we also need a special council in the doj. both of these served different purposes and do different things. we need them both. it's very critical. >> david, . president trump is set to unveil his new travel ban as soon as today. what's in it? has the white house cleared all the legal hurdles? that's next. booking.yeah.
4:50 am
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like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at the new travel ban executive order could be announced today. how will it be different than the first one? joining us, dan stein, president of the federation for american immigration reform or f.a.i.r. he favors the president's actions on immigration. and andre segura from the aclu who oppose z the travel ban. dan, what do you understand about how the new revised version will look? >> clearly they've taken their time and are going to make sure hopefully they can draft an order that won't be attacked judicially. they'll probably exclude iraq, maybe for political reasons.
4:54 am
that doesn't strengthen their case if that's the rationale. they'll have a phase-in period. because they'll exclude aliens who had substantial contact with the u.s. already like green card holders, f 1 visa and are re-entering. it's likely that's eel confine it to people who have had no prior contact with the u.s. to try to minimize the possibility for legal standing. we know the aclu doesn't want any immigration control, so they'll probably bring 50 different lawsuits to try to get one judge as they did in the ninth circuit to try to enjoin it. ultimately an injunction can put the whole thing on ice for a while. >> andre, you don't want immigration controls, you want open borders? >> it's important to respond to what dan said. this will likely be the same pig with a different shade of lipstick. he said they took their time. important for everyone to think about. why did they take their time?
4:55 am
purely for publicity. there's no security rationale behind president trump's motives. he wanted his own moment, he want his address to have its own moment. if this were about the security of the country, we'd see them doing it fast. >> wasn't that the fly in the ointment, they caused chaos in the airports because it had to happen so quickly for national security. weeks later they've delighted week after week, day after day. >> this is the whole problem with having judicial interference in something for the last 100 years has been committed to the president and powers delegated by congress in his role as commander-in-chief. historically judges never want to get in a position of second-guessing national security judgments involving things happening aefr seas, whether it's immigration or refugee admissions, foreign policy, wars, prosecution of foreign wars. these historically have been outside the jurisdiction of judicial scrutiny. think about it, if isis-related
4:56 am
terrorist operatives came in to when the tro was issued and now, who is politically accountable for that decision? if isis operatives commit terror attacks who came in during this period, the american people have no venue for political accountability now. the courts have basically taken control of something that has to be within the purview of the executive. >> you have to listen to what mr. stein is saying. he's asking for no judicial review over the president's actions over people's lives. that's an incredible position to be taking right now. that's certainly not the case. courts have been more willing over the past several decades to take presidents to task. there's no complete plenary power as mr. stein would like. >> you must be kidding. >> that's the country we need. this is pure fear tactics. that's what mr. stein wants, he wants there to be fear. with fear we see how easy it is to elect someone. >> andre, let me stick with you for a second. what we understand from our reporting, legal permanent residents, meaning green cardholders will be exempt, visa holders exempt.
4:57 am
they will avoid prioritizing any religious minorities and there will be a phase-in period so it doesn't happen immediately and cause chaos. would that satisfy the aclu? >> we'll have to look at the details. but as mr. miller came out, one of president trump's top aides and said this is going to have the same policy outcome, we're going to try to rewrite this. but at the end of the day we're trying to achieve the same goals. what were mr. trump's goals at the beginning? to call for a complete and total shutdown of muslim immigration. they can rewrite it a thousand different ways. they're conceding their first ban was a failure and are moving on to another one and twist themselves into circles to come up with something that passes muster. this is not going to fly. >> what would satisfy you, andre? the president wants to protect the country and doesn't think the vetting process goes far enough. what would the aclu -- >> we need to look at the details. there seems to be a legitimate security basis for doing what he wants to do.
4:58 am
he asked the dhs for that information. they said actually country of citizenship is not a reliable indicatorme indicator. >> what dan is saying is mr. trump is fixing something that ain't broke. >> the aclu is saying it should be the arbiter of what constitutes a national security basis for a power that has been delegated by congress to the president to protect the american people. nobody is interested in giving the aclu authority to prosecute. this order only affects a fraction of 1%, not only of muslims but people worldwide. every time you repeat this ridiculous comment that it's a muslim ban, you are actually helping radical extremists in the middle east pursue their agenda. whatever the aclu's attention here, to try to get courts to use the first amendment and fourth amendment to second-guess immigration policy decisions delegated by the constitution to
4:59 am
congress for the american people strikes at the very heart of sovereignty. remember, the president is the commander-in-chief. if we have a sovereign that dissolves to one person, the close approximation is the president. he has to be able to prosecute foreign wars, control the borders and conduct foreign wars. >> that's crazy. he said things like the first amendment, the fourth amendment. those are the bedrock principles of this country. that's what the aclu stands for. the aclu is not in a position to make these decisions for the president. we are in a position to take the president to task when he does do things that violate the constitution. >> dan, we need to leave it there. we will have you back as soon as we know the actual specifics in the travel ban. thank you both very much. >> thank you. we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. this may come as some surprise to the current occupant of the oval office, but the president does not have the
5:00 am
authority to unilaterally order the wire tapping of an american citizen. >> plz accusing president obama of wiretapping, but offering no evidence. >> information that led him to believe this is a very real potential. >> there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect. >> fbi asked the justice department to refute the president's assertion. >> this is just a distraction. >> north korea's latest provocation is triggering a warning from the united states. >> these ballistic missiles, several of them came extremely close to the japanese coast putting 20 million people within striking range. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> james comey calling on the justice department to public by deny president trump's claim that president


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