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tv   New Day  CNN  March 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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authority to unilaterally order the wire tapping of an american citizen. >> plz accusing president obama of wiretapping, but offering no evidence. >> information that led him to believe this is a very real potential. >> there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect. >> fbi asked the justice department to refute the president's assertion. >> this is just a distraction. >> north korea's latest provocation is triggering a warning from the united states. >> these ballistic missiles, several of them came extremely close to the japanese coast putting 20 million people within striking range. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> james comey calling on the justice department to public by deny president trump's claim that president obama had him
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wire tapped. president trump offering no evidence, but demanding congress investigate his predecessor for what he calls, quote, executive abuses. >> did president trump really call president obama bad or sick without any basis? democrats say yes, he did. it's a distraction from jobs and taxes and even the travel ban that was said to be an urgent need. we haven't heard about it for weeks. might that change today? day 46 of donald trump's presidency begins with senior washington correspondent joe johns live at the white house. joe. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the white house this morning is not backing away from the president's wiretapping claim. the takeaway from here is the president firmly believes it happened and that it needs to be tested and investigated, despite the fact it's been contradicted by a former director of national
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intelligence and the fbi. >> president trump's unfounded claim that former president obama ordered his phones to be wire tapped in the midst of last year's election coming under fire. sources say the fbi is now asking the justice department to publicly refuse the allegations. so far the justice department has remained silent. such wiretapping of a u.s. citizen's phones would be illegal or require a court order under the intelligence surveillance act. former director of intelligence james clapper who spearheaded the investigation of russia meddling into the election gave a firm no. >> for the part of the national security apparatus i oversaw as dni, i was there no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign. >> reporter: multiple former senior u. schl officials dismissing president trump's allegation calling it nonsense and a spokesman for mr. obama says it's simply false.
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but without providing any evidence the white house is doubling down, calling for a congressional investigation to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused. >> i think he's made very clear what he believes. i think the bigger story isn't who reported it but is it true. >> reporter: white house sources say the president's sources on the incendiary claim come from conservative media, not government sources. in fact, there are zero publicly known credible reports to back up mr. trump's claims. his allegations coming in a series of furious tweets early saturday morning from his home in florida in which he called former president obama a bad or sick guy. his top advisers far away in washington. this is no the president's first time repeating unsubstance eighted allegations. just after his own inauguration mr. trump alleged millions of fraudulent votes were cast during the election without proof. >> when you look at the people that are registered, dead,
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illegal and two states. >> reporter: the president called for an investigation but one has yet to be conducted. >> i'm not sure what it is he is talking about. >> reporter: this latest allegation of wiretapping leaving some republicans confused as top democrats called the twitter outburst a complete distraction. >> the president is the deflector-in-chief. >> reporter: an intentional move to move focus from the can connections between a handful of the president's advisers and russians. >> i think this is just a distraction to distract from this very, very serious interference by a foreign power on our democracy. the question of whether trump world, his campaign, his business associates had anything to do with it. >> reporter: the president did arrive back here at the white house last night after spending the weekend at his home in mar-a-lago. the president has a busy day
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ahead of meeting with cabinet members. chris, back to you. >> joe johns, thank you very much. the white house is also supposed to be bringing its controversial travel ban back any day now. moments ago president trump senior adviser kellyanne conway said a new executive order will be signed today. what's it going to look like? >> let's bring in cnn justice reporter laura jarrett live from washington. what have you got? >> pretty big changes in store for the president's new executive order. the most significant change is that legal permanent residents, green cardholders, so to speak, and current visa holders will be completely excluded from the order. so they will be able to travel as normal, just as it was before. but even with these changes, we are hearing from immigration lawyers that it's still safe to expect a flurry of action in the courts after this new order is signed, chris. >> one part of the legal challenge was whom does it effect. you have a couple other ones, which countries and why it's
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needed at all. let's deal with the countries. there might be news, maybe a different list than the seven countries we saw before. how so? >> that's right. we heard several top members of the president's cabinet including the secretary of state rex tillerson specifically wanted iraq removed from the list of previously banned countries for diplomatic reasons including iraq's role in fighting isis. we're going to look to see exactly how that's detailed in the new executive order. >> we heard that from several sources, there was a lot of umbrage on the iraqi part, they thought this was disrespectful. in terms of the delay and what that means in our arguing the need, the urgent need, the imminent threat need, how is that playing out right now with your sources? >> it's going to be fascinating to see how this actually plays out in court. to the extent that administration took over a month to rewrite this travel ban to comply with a court order, that judge in seattle who put a temporary hold on it, no one is
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going to blame them for trying to get it right really. if, in fact, they delayed the rollout for some other political reason having to do with the speech or otherwise, that could come back to bite them. the minute a government lawyer starts using words like emergency or urgency or the like in court again, chris. >> thank you very much. appreciate the reporting. alisyn? >> joining us cnn global affairs analyst tony blanken, the former deputy secretary of state under president obama. good morning, tony. >> good morning. >> do you think there was a fisa warrant to wiretap candidate trump's computer servers in trump tower or some of his advisers? >> look, i don't know and i couldn't know, precisely because there's a very clear line between those at the white house or the state department where i worked and the jurisdiction tis department and the fbi pursuing the investigation and asking for a warrant. we couldn't know and wouldn't know. here is what we do know, one of two things.
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either the president made a totally unfounded charge against his predecessor, president obama, and there was no wiretap. or if there was a wiretap, it had to come pursuant to a warrant issued by a court, and for that warrant to be issued there has to be probable cause that the target of the wiretap either committed a crime or is a foreign agent. either way it doesn't play well for president trump. >> let's dive into the first circumstance, that he did go after president obama in a very harsh way. he said he's either a var bad guy or very sick guy to have done this. what we heard previously is president trump speak highly of president obama since the inauguration and it seemed they had a good working relationship. what does this mean that he's now going after him? >> i'm not going to dignify the comment about president obama with any further comment other than to say that when it comes to integrity, when it comes to
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decency, when it comes to dignity, president obama set the standard in office and i hope his successor, president trump, would try to emulate that. >> let's talk about the second part of your statement. that is, if there were a fisa warrant, it spells bad things. they believe president trump is trying to distract from jeff sessions' refusal because jeff sessions met with the russian ambassador. on what planet does it help distract from talking about russia to then suggest that there was some evidence of suspicious activity on your computer server of dealing with russian banks and that's why the department of justice would have needed a fisa warrant? >> alisyn, that's a great question and one i've been asking myself all weekend. here is what i think is going on. unfortunately president trump seems to have become the leading
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consumer and purveyor of fake news and conspiracy theories. he should be setting the standard, not diminishing the standard. if he's going to become a prisoner of these reports he reads in fake news and goes ahead using the pulley pulpit and the highest office in the land to spread them, we're heading to a very bad place. i hope he regroups, thinks hard about this. he's made a charge with zero evidence, and now he's asking for an investigation based on that charge. again, we're not heading the a good place. we need to get beyond this. this comings back to something we've been talking about for weeks now. no one knows what happened, if anything, with regard to connections between the russians and the trump campaign. there may be nothing there. continuously over the last few weeks we keep hearing conversations that various trump associates say never happened did happen. meetings that never happened apparently did happen. again, there may be nothing
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there. but had they put everything on the table on day one, put it all out there, they could have probably gotten beyond this. at this point we really need a credible independent investigation of some sort, just to clear the air and try to move forward. >> you mean by a special prosecutor? >> that's right. >> one of the ironies of all of this, it does end up eclipsing and distracting from the actual policy news that we believe president trump would like to be making. for instance, today they will be rolling out their revised version of president trump's travel ban, what we understand this is what it will look like as far as we know, we don't have definitives on the specifics. legal permanent residents, green cardholders will be exempt, visa holders will be exempt, unlike the last time around, avoid prioritizing religious minorities, unlike last time. there will be a phase-in last time, it won't happen overnight, unlike last time and iraq, the country of iraq may be excluded from this travel ban. if all that were to be true,
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then do you think it would pass legal muster? >> we obviously have to see the details. everything you've suggested sounds like a real improvement. again, take a step back. what's the problem that they're actually trying to solve? seems to me they continue to take a sledgehammer to the wrong problem. not a single american has been killed by a refugee or someone coming from one of the original seven countries in the travel order. so that's not where the problem is. where the problem is, when it comes to terrorism in this country are individuals who get radicalized. one of the ways they get radicalized is by these extreme terrorist groups using propaganda to try to convince them that somehow we are at war with islam. when we take steps that create that impression we're feeding propaganda to the recruiters and making the problem worse, not better. let's see what the details are. i hope it's an improvement, but it has to pass legal muster and it should be focusing on the
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real problem, not the wrong problem. >> tony, from your experience, if you wanted to focus on the real problem of people becoming radicalized once they get here, what's the solution for that? >> that requires a huge effort which has been under way for years now, particularly working with communities in the united states closely, with the police, fbi, community leaders, building trust, not tearing it down. of course, it also requires doing exactly what we're doing in iraq and syria, which is taking down the core of the islamic state. that narrative that they have that they created a state is their best recruiting tool. as we take that down, as we defeat it, which we're doing, that removes one of the biggest propaganda bonuses they have. >> tony blinken, thanks for the information. another byproduct is he's once again at odds with the intelligence community. the fbi reporting suggests is asking the justice department to
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all right. once again we have the president on one side and our intelligence community on the other. the fbi reportedly asking the justice department to publicly reject president trump's accusations that president obama ordered wiretaps at trump tower during last year's campaign. joining us, cnn national security analyst and retired cia chief of russia operations steve
5:18 am
hall and cnn national security commentator and former house intelligence chairman mike rogers, also a former fbi special agent. i told you fellows i'd be having to bring you back soon for more help on what to understand. here we are, mike. you had a colorful line this morning about the president throwing a couple of coins into the conspiracy machine. what do you make of this notion -- let's set aside the ugliness of the personal attack on president obama, but the substance of it. >> i think it is highly unlikely that there was a fisa order on anything related to the trump campaign going into the election. i think this is a very, very easy thing to solve. the investigation should last about a half an hourment they can go over to the fbi, talk to the fbi director, talk to the relevant special agent in charge of that section, and you'll have your answer very, very quickly. and they ought to probably do that to get over it. two things happened this weekend that i thought was important,
5:19 am
one, that the former director of national intelligence said there was no collusion. he was appointed by obama, served all eight years of the obama administration. that should, i hope, lower the angst in this from the democrat perspective. from the president's point of view and candidly the fbi should not have engaged in any effort to refute anything. that's not their job, not their mission. they ought to stay out of the politics of this. but the president needs to start to begin to focus on the things he can do to change the country, and all of this will i think go away. they're going to have investigations. the senate is under way and has been. we ought to let that investigation take hold and have the president focus on things that he can do for the country versus this -- candidly this is not going to help him. he just bought himself another two kweeks on a story probably not helpful to him. >> steve hall, you said before, but we need to reset with our audience this morning. do you believe that there are legitimate questions to be
5:20 am
investigated that involve what russia did during the election and contacts with members, staff, advisers of donald trump? >> absolutely. mike is right. jim clapper did say the intelligence report that came out did not indicate any collusion between the trump campaign, trump team and the russians. that, of course, leaves up semantically the idea that because there's no evidence that the intelligence community was able to report on it, doesn't mean it wasn't there. there are still many answers that need to be gotten. the other thing clapper said, he said things may have happened since the conclusion of the investigation or the collection that the intelligence community did. so when you've got something that's this critical, when you've got something where there's so much smoke, so many questions about the trump campaign and what we know -- the other thing clapper said, all 17
5:21 am
members of the intelligence community said the russians were certainly tempting to skew the election. when you have all that together, you can't simply say, yeah, we're probably good here. you've got to go a little further and do some sort of independent investigation as to what was happening. if it's one thing the russian intelligence services were really good at, it's clandestinity. you have to look hard at it. there is a counterintelligence issue. >> mike, one of the reasons it may need to be independent, if there is no other effect, the president is killing credibility when it comes to the intelligence organizations. don't you think that's something that has to be called out? >> clearly they need to stop this feud. i don't know why they think this is important or why they think it helps the cause. he owns these intelligence agencies. they'll go out and do work on behalf of the united states government and the president of the united states. i think the sooner he adjusts to
5:22 am
that role, the better off we'll be. nobody is saying walk away from this. i think the senate is doing an investigation that most people including former officials of the obama administration say is bipartisan and fair. we have that institution. they have the clearances, they are doing it, it's underway. my argument is we ought to stop talking about it and let that investigation go ahead and move forward. again, none of this is helpful and none of it is helpful to our intelligence services who are overseas trying to get people to cooperate with us so they can get information to policymakers to make good decisions. i don't think any of this is helpful. by the way, that investigation also like to focus on the fact that doj according to leaked e-mails from the podesta account was leaking information to them. this is far from over and will get messy before it gets cleared up. >> as we all know, leaks are nothing new, from the white house, from the other agencies. it's been made part of the
5:23 am
distraction. irony is if you trace back where the president seems to be getting his information from, as you suggested, he's a phone call away from figuring out the real truth, but he's listening to sources that go on unnamed sources and on the other hand they're attacking unnamed sources. don't you think it needs to happen, that you need to see ryan, mcconnell, the gop big shots get up and say to the president stop saying things that aren't true, stop undermining our intelligence committees. you're not helping us? >> candidly i wouldn't do it publicly. my advice to them would be to sit down with the president, the communication shop, the chief of staff, bannon and all the other decision makers in the white house and say it's time to apply a little discipline here as we move forward. >> you know they're an echo, mike. look what we're seeing this morning, he has a surrogate out there saying, yeah, i g es the president is saying he doesn't agree with jim comey. our reporting isn't that comey asked the doj anything, that it's just coming from the fbi. but to have your surrogate on tv
5:24 am
say, he doesn't agree with him, the president, this goes beyond messaging. >> i don't think any of this is helpful. none of it is helpful. again, as i said yesterday, it's time for discipline at the white house, both on messaging and what they're focusing their time on. think how much time they're going to waste trying to message through this mess for the next two weeks. the north koreans firing missiles again, the russians trying to move missiles into collin grad. i agree with that. but don't do it puck libly. they need to have a meeting of the minds saying here are the things we'll focus on. we'll stop talking about the other things, engage our intelligence community to the purpose to which they are intended to give you, mr. president, the best information you can have to make the best decisions on some really trying and troubling times. a public spat over this isn't helpful. i think he ought to let the senate committee do its work
5:25 am
before we call for an independent investigation. that takes years. let them do it. if they can't find it, let's do it then. >> steve, the last question to you. this falls clearly into the category of don't want none, don't start none. when the president puts this stuff out, we're going to pick up on it. it's of vital interest to the american people if president obama is a bad or sick man when he was sitting there going after our new president. so the idea that mike just suggested, congress can do this, do you share his confidence? >> i wish i could say i was as confident. mike has great experience on the oversight committees. in my previous job i also worked with him. the intelligence oversight committees do have the capability to do this. my concern though is this has become so polarizing and the issues are so -- it hits at the bedrock of the whole democratic process, the election, i'm just not sure politically it's
5:26 am
possible to do that. the only persons that i would argue this does actually help, this whole situation does help are the russians. the russians must be amazedality the success they have with what started as an influence campaign and now successfully tied this administration and parts of the u.s. government in knots. that's got to be good for moscow. >> gentlemen, thank you. i will be seeing you again shortly. alisyn? >> another top story, we're following north korea firing ballistic missiles into the sea of japan, dangerously close to the japanese coast. how will be the u.s. respond? we have a live report from the pentagon next. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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we're following breaking news. north korea's launch of four ballistic missiles is drawing strong condemnation and a warning from the u.s. the state department specifically, and it comes as the u.s. and south korea are engaging in joint military exercises, probably no coincidence between the two. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr live with the latest. part of the reckoning this time is this is more troubling because if the trajectory were a little different here, barbara,
5:31 am
it may have reached land, at least one of these missiles. that's raising a concern. >> reporter: it's raising a lot of concerns. good morning, chris. top worry here at the pentagon this morning is what north korea may have planned next for its missile program. u.s. officials are saying they do see as they expect, additional signs of testing, of components that additional missile launches could happen as always. u.s. intelligence keeping a close satellite eye on the underground site where north korea tests nuclear devices. what happened here is that four scud missiles, extended range scud missiles were launched. as you say, one of them at least came within 200 miles of the coastline of japan, drawing sharp condemnation from the u.s. state department which issued a statement saying we remain prepared and will continue to take steps to increase our readiness to defend ourselves and our allies from attack and
5:32 am
are prepared to use the full range of capabilities at our disposal against this growing threat. the big last two words there, growing threat. the trump administration may have to deal with kim jong-un. the big problem is they don't know what he has planned next. >> he is quite unpredictable. thank you, barbara. let's get more context with daily beast columnist gordon chang. great to have you in the studio. why is north korea doing this? >> they always do something provacative during the joint exercises betwe exercises. they fired four missiles at the same time. if you're really only trying to figure out how to improve your missiles, you fire one, look at the telemetry, you learn, make improvements, fire another one. what they've done here, they want a political effect on the
5:33 am
united states, south korea, japan and maybe even china. >> if this, as you say, is part of a perennially favorite activity around this time of year, what should the u.s. response be? >> it is good to condemn north korea for what they do, and we always do that. but we have never really done anything effective. i think the one thing we should do is implement the approach that has not been tried, and that is to impose costs on china for support of ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program, plus really being involved in their elicit activities. >> so hit china where it purts, impose some sort of sanctions on china. what would that look like? >> first of all, what we could do is enforce our own laws which we should do anyway and go after chinese banks for their involvement in north korea's elicit commerce, unplugging them from the global financial system. of course, that's going to rock markets around the world. the one thing it will do, it will tell beijing we are serious about protecting the american homeland. we haven't done that for a very
5:34 am
long time because we have always prioritized our relations with china, trying to integrate beijing into the international system over disarming north korea. what we've got right now is a very arrogant china and a nuked up north korea. >> when you read that statement that barbara starr read to us saying the u.s. is prepared to use its full range of capabilities, what does that mean? >> they're talking about military activities. that's what they say when they say we're not taking anything off the table in full range, but we're not going to do that. there's so many other things we can do in terms of actually hurting north korea. we have sanctions on the north. but they're not as tough as they are on other countries. they are not designated as a state sponsor of terrorism, for instance. there's all sorts of things we can do. >> would tougher sanctions hurt kim jong-un? we've tried sanctions and it hurts the people, but doesn't hurt kim jong un. >> it does hurt him. we're getting indication that elements of the regime are
5:35 am
unhappy because we're restricting the flow of cash. we have sanctions but they're not as tough as they could be. the sanctions that are important aren't the ones on north korea, they're the ones on north korea's enabler. the one thing that's not been tried, the only approach that hasn't been tried over the course of decades. i'm not saying -- i'm not guaranteeing it's going to work. i'm saying sf we pursue old policies, we know we're going to fail. we should try to think about new strategies and do something different this time. >> what about what barbara starr posed as the $64,000 question that the pentagon is posing, what is north korea planning next? >> they sell the test missiles to the iranians. the iranians tested a north korean missile on january 29th. they didn't call it a muse done, but that's what it was. the iranians pay the north koreans $2.5 to $3 billion a
5:36 am
year for their various forms of cooperation. this is something the north kore koreans are going to do. >> this is going to sound woefully naive. is there a way for the u.s. to ignore north korea? >> we had that with the obama administration's strategic patience policy which they had in place for almost eight years where we just sort of didn't pay attention to north korea. while we ignored them -- that's not an irrational strategy. while we ignore them, they developed nuclear weapons and missile. we know they're going to continue to do that. within four years or so they will have a long-range missile that will be able hit the states and attached to it could be a nuclear weapon. they're putting together the most destructive weapons on earth. >> gordon chang, thank you for your expertise. we were told the ban ladd to happen right away because it was urgent, there were imminent
5:37 am
threats. that seems to be less the case and certainly less provable. all of our analysis has been about the law, the practical impact, what this could mean for muslims. but what about the economic impact? that might be a bigger and hidden concern. why? answer next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back
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we've used real ingredients, whole nuts, and natural flavors from the very beginning. give kind a try. time now for the five things to know for your "new day." the fbi calling on the justice department to publicly refute president trump's claim that he was wire tapped on orders from president obama while the white house pushes for a congressional investigation. senior trump counselor kellyanne conway revealing a new version of the travel ban will be signed today. sources tell cnn that key trump advisers want iraq excluded from it. >> there's a new cnn/orc poll that finds a majority of americans are at least somewhat concerned about the trump administration's alleged ties to
5:42 am
russia. his approval rating holding steady at 45% giving him the thumbs up, compared to 44 last month. military investigators launching a criminal probe, hundreds of explicit photos of female marines were poechted online. it was started by a private facebook group calling itself marines united. adele telling fans in australia she is indeed married. after months of speculation, adele says she tied the knot with her partner, the two have a 4-year-old son. congratulations, adele. >> that's nice. for more on the five things to know, go to for the latest. president trump set to revamp his travel ban with big implications for companies around the world. christine romans is in our honey center. >> how will this travel ban affect u.s. business? the fear is the travel ban could prevent some companies from
5:43 am
moving workers into and out of the u.s. the travel ban will not affect those with existing visas or permanent residents. airlines and other travel companies may have to put in extra work to comply. economists say overall restricting travel is not helpful for business. a new survey of 285 corporate economists finds this, 49% think immigration policy should be relaxed, the opposite of what this administration is doing. 27% say it should not change. only 19% say the president should tighten immigration into the u.s. the u.s. travel association, the trade group, wants the president's ban to say not just who must be kept out but to stress who should be let in. the group appealing to the president's hatred of trade deficit saying travel to the u.s. lowers the trade deficit. the department of homeland security is suspended the expedited h-1b visa program, these are for highly skilled foreign workers. companies can pay $1200 extra to get a visa approved in 15 days
5:44 am
instead of the normal three to six months. the government wants to suspend that expedited program, focus the resources on clearing a huge backlog of orders. h-1bs are a stable of the tech industry and helps fill a skills gap. president trump and others have accused companies of abusing the program as a way to hire foreign workers at lower salaries. >> back to the wiretapping allegations from president trump. will those over shadow the important business the white house is dealing with this week? we get "the bottom line" with david chalian next. is there an elk in your bed?
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5:49 am
president obama and these ugly insults and the baseless accusations, that matters. but let's take the travel ban all by itself. it's been a month since this thing that needed to be passed urgency because of the imminent threat, that's what we were sold by the white house, first came out. what does the month mean in terms of its political future? >> not only the month that it's been, but now if, indeed, kellyanne conway is correct and it doesn't take effect until march 16, that's kpektly opposed to how they rolled this out initially. granted the rollout didn't go so well for them. if indeed the delay was to produce something that is going to have a much sturdier chance standing up in court, then kudos to the team. but it does completely undercut the justification that they said of why it needed to be rushed at the beginning of the administration. >> david, is there a chance that the delay itself will trip them up in court? >> i guess there is a chance that if indeed it doesn't go into effect, it's taken to the courts, perhaps it doesn't ever
5:50 am
get up and running to see if it does work, to see if it does make us safer as the president claims it will. but to the point of retreating, getting rid of the old one, coming up with something that can stand up, let's see what indeed gets proposed today. let's see the inevitable challenge in court. if they are inside the bounds of the law and the constitution, the better for it for the administration. >> the legal problem will be the public record of now two different instances of the intel communities coming forward saying there is no imminent threat and it's not bringing people in from those countries, it's what happens once they're here. >> that will be part of the case without a doubt. >> that takes us to what he just did with this wiretap notion he brought up. he has put himself at odds, our president, with the intel community. how is that going to play out? he just had his surrogates on morning shows saying he doesn't agree with comey. our reporting is not that comey went to the justice department
5:51 am
to have this story tamped down, but the fbi, the people under him, did. how does that play? >> who would have thought if you compared the intelligence community to nazis at some point, it may come back to bite you? this has been an ongoing war between the intell community, foreign and domestic and president trump and his administration. i don't see this dissipating any time soon. i think this is going to be with us as sort of narrative inside the trump administration for quite some time. certainly the russia story is not going anywhere. this is part of what you heard steve bannon say, that he wanted to break up the administrative state, destruct it. this is part of what we're seeing, this deep state notion, the intel community. these forces that trump believes are after him which is just getting in his way as opposed to relying on most of these patriots inside the intelligence community to give him the information he needs to make life and death decisions. >> david, this goes to the very problem, and that is where does
5:52 am
the president get his information? on whom does he rely and what websites and what press sources? so this morning, his deputy press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders was on a morning show and she was asked, is this based on real information or some right wing website that he stumbled upon. here was her answer. >> there was wide reporting suggesting his administration, whether it was directly ordered by this president specifically, his administration could have done this. i love how now anonymous sources don't matter anymore. we've been dealing with anonymous sources and having to fight back against that for the last six months. >> interesting because they don't like anonymous sources unless it's a story that they like. this is based on two anonymous sources on a right wing website. >> listen, i think that's true of every white house. they like the anonymous sources
5:53 am
from their side getting a story out. those that are coming at them they don't like so much. notice what she did there, she's tried to broaden it out and change what president trump tweeted about over the weekend and say, well, maybe the obama administration opened this up, not president obama himself. >> that's not the charge president trump leveled this weekend. leveled against president obama. >> the president of the united states who leveled this accusation is the most perfectly placed person to prove or disprove them. he's a phone call away. it is not about anonymous sources for him. he can call the fbi and find out the reality literally in a single call. >> chris, even sarah huckabee sanders pushed back on that. this morning she said it's not clear if he could just pick up the phone and get the information. >> i don't know how to help her on that one. he's a phone call away. >> david chalian, thank you for "the bottom line."
5:54 am
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5:58 am
fires like young haley, waiting for her school bus. weather turns for the worse. firefighters see the teen stuck in the rain. they immediately stop. >> he said he would take me to school. and i got in the fire engine and it was pretty cool. >> of course it was. >> haley said it's an experience she'll never forget, not only because it's such a kind gesture but because she got to ride in a fire truck. as for firefighter matt moreno -- >> it's not in our job description to necessarily give rides, but in in case the right thing was done. >> how awesome is that? you roll up to high school in a fire truck, that would be great. >> they are thinking help all the time. "saturday night live," if you caught it this weekend, they channelled forest gump to depict attorney general jeff sessions. queue the late night laughs. >> this is my best good friend kellyanne. she ain't got no legs.
5:59 am
she's the best talker you ever heard. they say she could sell steak to a skunk, but they don't let her talk anymore. i miss you kelly. i always say life is like a box of chocolates. sure are a whole lot of brown ones in there. no, i never talked to any russians ever, and that's all i got to say about that. >> i talked to the russians. democrats want me to resign. i just got to prove to everybody i don't have any ties to the russians whatsoever. >> this meeting never happened. >> i wasn't going to remember it anyway. he's been getting in better shape, the guy who plays putin. >> i sort of respected that he wasn't getting any better shape. >> he trimmed down.
6:00 am
he spends a lot of time with his shirt off, part of his job description. >> that is awesome. "saturday night live" back with a vengeance. time for cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow and john berman. >> chris cuomo didn't know you could take pictures with a shirt on. if you follow cuomo's instagram feed, he's shirtless -- >> we've got real news here. i'm not so sure about your sourcing on that one, cuomo. good morning everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. glad you're with us. did the fbi director essentially just call the president a liar? this is one of the unprecedented developments in an extraordinary morning at the white house. sources say fbi director james comey has asked the justice department to reject


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