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tv   New Day  CNN  March 8, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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>> president's credibility is going to factor into his ability to make the deal. and his and the white house' inability to provide any proof of his wiretapping allegation is going to have legs here. we have new reporting on the backlash on the president. the house begin a hearing on russia's alleged meddling in our presidential election. cnn has every angle covered. let's start live on capitol hill. >> good morning to you, chris. today is such a critical day for the fate of this health care bill. two house committees will begin marking up the bill trying to get to a final product that can eventually pass on the house floor but there's still an avalanche of criticism coming from many republicans and the power of the presidential bully pulpit hasn't been able to twist many arms just yet. >> we're going to take action. >> president trump convening
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with top house republicans warning them they could face a blood bath in midterm ifs they don't repeal and replace obamacare. >> there's going to be no waiting and no more excuses by anybody. >> but divisions in the gop could derail the proposal only one day after it's release. >> this is not the bill we have been waiting for for all of these years. it's a huge opportunity that's been missed. >> conservative lawmakers dubbing it obamacare light. >> the first thing republicans are bringing forward is a piece of legislation that keeps medicaid expansion and actually expands it and keeps the tax increases. that's not what we promised we were going to do. >> senate republicans finding false elsewhere is the president
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promising to put his weight behind the replacement. unsurprising since he campaigned on a full repeal. >> it probably won't pass unless we take replacement off of it. >> one of the most vocal opponents senator rand paul. >> i feel sure that rand paul will come along with the new and great health care program and republican leadership is rallying around the bill. house speaker paul ryan confident they'll get the votes. we have a few weeks. >> that's due to a number of vacancies created when members of congress took other positions and while speaker ryan seemed confident there many others don't agree. this bill faces a very steep climb in the house ooechbd a steeper climb when it potentially reaches the senate.
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is. >> it's great to see all of you this morning. let's put it up the different factions in congress. some like this bill and some don't like this bill. the people that are against it something is not conservative enough. the house freedom caucus and rand paul in the middle. there's the people that don't think it goes far enough and then there's people against it that think it goes too far, president trump has some work to do with reeling in these republicans. he is as we know a particularly persuasive person. how is he going to do this? >> i'm not sure. it's quite a magic act considering the rejections that
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came out including groups the white house works with like heritage, club for growth was opposed to this. the list goes on. it's been interesting. over the weekend i heard from senior administration officials in the white house that they were resentful of the idea that the white house was going to have to essentially nudge along and get people on board and act as the whip. i then heard the president was going to enthusiastically throw himself into this and i think he may but i think the president only has one speed in terms of selling as we have seen over the years which is full steam ahead this is a fabulous bill. you've seen other people talk about well this is the beginning. this is just the first step so i think you're going to see potential daylight between how hard the president is actually going to go with this and what perhaps people around him want to do because at the end of the day no matter how hard the president pushes and che be effective, this is still a hard sell. >> he can be very sensitive to
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critics. one you have whether or not he knows the product well enough to sell this. a lot of people aren't going to be impressed by that because crossing state lines isn't going to change the cost profile for people. so how big of a challenge is this for the president to show he knows this well enough to sell it? >> it's interesting. you raise a good point. you made that statement that recently said nobody knew how complicated this was. well, some people did know how complicated this was. some people have been wrestling with the complexities for years, the product is not necessarily politically speaking a perfectly crafted replacement plan that everybody is going to love the product politically is to get
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some motion on this. to get a vote. to get some action to make some things happen whether or not he's going to take responsibility if the thing crashes and burns or is as i think most likely they have support by a majority in the senate. we already have four republicans saying they're not going to throw the medicaid expansion overboard and you can't do that in ohio and alaska and west virginia. these are senators that know their business and i think they'll educate the president that this is not going to happen. he can get a quick vote and i think that's what he wants but i can't quite imagine there's going to be repeal and replace happening in some realistic way starting next week. >> i've never seen a roll out worse than this. immigration reform became incredibly toxic on the right he
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changed the paradigm. it's now expected that health care is generally accepted and even president trump accepts this notion that health care is an entitlement then how do we entice people to sign up. also they have a fundamental problem. they have to own what this is. whether it's any of the people you saw come out yesterday they don't want to look into a camera
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and say yes fewer people will get coverage. >> it took them three iterations and you got them with a possibly. there is no possibly about it. it was to deny the economic realities of what happens. they have to own it in order to get any buy in from democrats because the democrats will never get on board with something that fixes the problem ifs that propositi
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proposition. nobody took ownership of this except for the president who has a lot of advisers. he has made several statements during transition since he took office as well that there would be health care to everybody is. >> when you look at donald trump's politics over many years he is a big government guy. we're not talking about somebody that looked at a paul ryan way or is growth way so i think watching him trying to reconcile what he believed with what his new colleagues in the republican party, remember, he is really running -- ran on borrowed line as a republican and he is now having to take ownership of something that i'm not sure he completely wants to. he is getting some cover in the
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conservative blog on the right in a lot of media outlets there is a lot of anger about this bill and that may help them. >> stick around. we have many more subjects to discuss with you. >> a big issue in selling this is going to be his credibility and there's a sharp focus right now on his credibility because of the continuing fall out from the president's stunning accusation that president obama had his tower, trump tower wiretapped during the investigation. there's no proof of that. they have seen no evidence of that as yet but that's just getting going. the white house insists that the president has no regrets. joe johns is live at the white house with more. no proof, no regrets. they only go together with this administration. >> that's a fact and look the white house staff has been doing what it can to sell a message which such shaky evidence but it's starting to look extremely
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likely as you said that members of congress will now use their time and resources to investigate the conclusion about wiretapping that the president announced over the weekend on twitter. >> white house press secretary making clear the president doesn't plan on back pedaling his unsubstantiated claim that former president obama wiretapped his phones during the election. >> will he with draw the accusation? why would he with draw it until it's ajude kated. >> still offering no evidence. >> it's not a question of new proof or less proof or whatever. the answer is the same. >> despite denials of wiretapping from former top intelligence officials. >> there was no such wiretap activity. >> spicer continuing to insist on an investigation. >> there is a concern about what happened in the 2016 election.
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they have the staff and the capabilities and the processes in place to look at this in a way that's objective and that's how it should be done. >> now the house intelligence committee moving forward with public hearings on russia's interference in last year's election. >> i want to conduct as many of these hearings in open in the public and as you know that's a little rare for the intelligence committees to do. >> the committees chair inviting officials to testify beginning march 20th. the top democrat on the committee representative confirming the alleged wiretapping will be part of the investigati investigation. >> we accept. we will investigate this. >> despite saying they haven't seen any evidence of it. >> a lot of that was maybe a little bit strung together.
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>> even imlying that the allegation filled tweets were maybe questions instead of outright declarations. >> the president has been doing this a little over a year and i think a lot of the things that he says you guys sometimes take literally. >> meanwhile refusing to say whether a federal prosecutor should do the meddling. >> if confirmed he would head any russia probe after jeff sessions recused himself for failing to disclose two meetings with the russian ambassador during his confirmation hearing. something the senator took issue with. >> it's hard to come to any other conclusion i think he
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should explain this. >> the president has meetings today all closed to media coverage. it will be the second day in the row that access to the president has been limited. >> you just heard there about the president's wiretapping plans but how did other top white house officials react behind the skeens after the controversial tweets came out? that new reporting next on new day.
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congress to investigate for information he already has? >> there's a separation of powers aspect here as i mentioned to jonathan that we think it's -- >> it's not a question of waste it. it's a question of appropriateness. >> will the president with draw the accusation? >> why would he with draw it until it's ajudicated. >> not raising this accusation. >> they're hoping it would be investigated by the panel and the answer for them is that yes they're going to look at it. let's bring back our panel and discuss what's going on here. the president said don't listen to the media that says there's problems in the white house about this. he put that out for a reason. there are problems. what did you learn? >> there's many issues but in this case he put out these tweets. several people say he is convinced that there is something there.
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that something happened but there was a mad scramble about this on saturday among the west wing aids because there was a recognition among some that there is a different between the president believing this and then putting this out as a fact in a tweet. there were consultations with the white house council and how it works and remember he ran his own business. he was known at his business to tape his own calls sometimes. he would occasionally listen on calls so the frame work that i think he is approaching this from is this idea that someone that's in charge comes in and they say go tape that and that's how this works. that's obviously not how this works. trump has often trafficked in what might have some colonel of
3:21 am
truth but what critics would call a conspiracy and he did this in the case of the senator ted cruz father's story in the national inquirer alleging a link between the dad and john f. kennedy assassination. trump gets convinced often that there is something there and to be clear there's reasons to be skept car length of government narratives and it may turn out as it often does with trump that there's one colonel of truth where there was some activity in trump tower or someone that came into trump tower or something and he'll use that to say i was right but there's a difference between whether that is the case and the danger of a sitting president putting out this kind of an explosive statement. >> one more minute because your behind the scenes reporting is so fascinating on this and goes to the psychology as well
3:22 am
because you write he was in high spirits but he appeared to realize he had gone too far and that's when he begins the process of but can't we find something? it's the reverse of what we're all used to. he starts with a hunch and then tries to find information from congress or whoever to back it up rather than the other way around. >> a coup of things are going on. there are a number of leaks. he is not wrong in feeling there are a number of obama appointees and people connected to the obama administration placed in different areas of government and that's a concern to them. that is true. they have been slow in putting a lot of the people in place. it's where you go from that to the larger point. there are people within his circle primarily bannon that
3:23 am
have been skeptical of the larger intelligence bureaucracy. it's become a political tool but he felt this way for a long time. there's a difference between that and a sitting president saying this is what the president i succeeded did to me without offering evidence. you have to offer the evidence. this was playing to his base. they said i believed for awhile the president was set up. i heard from a bunch of supporters of president trump saying this. >> the amazing thing about the set up is that barrack obama wiretapped donald trump and didn't use any of it. let him get elected president and then the master plan unfo s unfolds. they feel that it's right but that's the difference between feelers and facts.
3:24 am
>> he represents the president as a public servant and they're doing him no favors by allowing him to go out on this base again and again and again. it's hurting his credibility. they don't share his feelings. also makes this one different. he was asked by the president call the fbi or no? how is the answer to that question no when you had the ability to prove it. if you want to do anything other than muddy up the investigation, distract from the focus on you and these russia questions, why wouldn't you call the fbi and get the answer to your own suspicion but so donald trump
3:25 am
had a regular dude out there ombre with the twitter feed. if he says something there's ramifications and unintended consequences and he needs to take that responsibly and the other side of it is think of people like sean spicer in every day. trying to defend the indefensible. >> spicer has to make his own choice about how he does his job. >> at a certain point we all started talking about how the poor white house officials that have to defend this, they are public servants and taxpayer paid. >> one more point and that is that senator al franken went further than he has to date yesterday to say he believes that jeff sessions purgered himself during his confirmation hearing when he said he didn't know of any meetings with the russians. >> it's a tough line to walk and you can watch him stumble
3:26 am
through that. he didn't want to fall into the elizabeth warren category of clearly accusing someone in a way that could draw some negative reaction from the senate leadership. his exchange yesterday was remarkable. well, he thought you meant this. >> he digit think i meant that. so the reality is they'd love to have sessions come back in so they can poke him with a stick and make him relive the whole thing and draw up damaging admissions. that's not going to happen clearly so al franken is now stuck in the position of having to plead with the leadership for something that they're not going to give him and also sort of point out that, you know, there's still this open question about what was he getting at when he volunteered? it wasn't some slide cross examination. he just asked him he said look if you find any issues of russian meddling from the campaign, are you going to look into it? and then we have sessions sort of just kind of offer that yes i
3:27 am
was part of the campaign, no i had no meetings and neither of those things. >> he was trying to duck the original question right? but even still perjury is a high bar. >> look, just a quick note. when we hear others say it's time for an independent prosecutor. it sounds nice. it's a great sound bite. you don't have prosecutors without a crime and nobody identified a crime. not even perjury really so you can't just stick a prosecutor loose and have them really underscores that we don't have the tools to understand this situation the white house put the nation. >> thank you. thank you for sharing your reporting with us. we have the first legal challen challenge. which state is suing to block it and why they're saying it's still unconstitutional. go, go!
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president trump's new travel ban. they say the new executive order still has the same constitutional problems as the previous order. the justice department has not commented on this. civil liberties group say more lawsuits are likely. >> in a rare show of unity you had all 100 senators asking for swift action against the rise in anti- anti-semitic threats across our country. a new wave of threats hit. there's 98 incidences against jewish centers and day schools in 83 locations in 33 states in the first three months of this year. >> the statue of liberty went dark for about an hour wednesday. twitter lit up. some suggested he went off duty early in support of a day without women. which is today. it turns out the outage was not intentional. a portion of the lighting system
3:33 am
experienced a temporary outage. that's not as good of a story. >> the facts getting in the way of a good story. an enduring theme these days. the republican plan for replacing obamacare is going to have a real uphill battle within the gop and then of course with the democrats. why is paul ryan smiling when so many people may lose their coverage? we're going to talk to a republican law make their also happens to be a doctor. what's the take? next. ( ♪ ) upstate new york is a good place to pursue your dreams. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people, and we get to make great games. ( ♪ ) what i like about the area, feels like everybody knows each other. and i can go to my local coffee shop and they know who i am. it's really cool. new york state is filled with bright minds like lisa's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page,
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white house throwing it's support behind the house republican bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act but it could result in millions using their coverage. joining us now is michael burgess. she the longest serving doctor in congress and heads the house energy and commerce subcommittee on health that helped draft this bill. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> great to have you here.
3:38 am
so this was not perhaps a slam dunk that you were hoping for. we heard from the house -- go ahead. >> i never thought this would be a slam dunk. this was always going to be an a arduous appeals struggle and i'm grateful to have the white house and to have the president talking favorably about the product that we'll be working on this morning but make no mistake about it, it is a reconciliation bill. it's by definition an intensity partisan process it's important to take this as the fist step and i do believe it is an important and good first step but in no way was this ever going to be a light lift. >> well, john wants to vote on it right away without these sorts of debates in committee. >> well, the debate in the
3:39 am
committee is important. at least in our house committee it is important that we have a chance for everyone to voice their feelings and their concerns and those will be heard today. >> let's talk about what people don't like about it. they think it goes too far. they want a repeal and then there's a whole bunch of republicans that think it is going to leave millions of people, 10 million people uninsured. what's your answer? >> well, the goal is that no one should lose insurance and everyone should have access important to me on the physician side of the ledger is currently you have people that have coverage and you have a card but they can't get care so that disconnect also needs to be corrected and i'm very grateful when people like dr. tom price that's now the secretary of health and human services talks about a patient centered approach that's exactly on point and where we should be head but
3:40 am
the fact is that people should have the availability of coverage if they choose to seek it but they should not have the internal revenue service chasing them down and forcing them to buy something that they don't want or cannot afford. >> yeah but access doesn't equal coverage and in fact the s&p global rating says 10 million people could lose their coverage under your gop plan. that's 20 million that gained coverage under obamacare. so how do you take away their coverage now? >> simple fact is that you're not. of course the congressional budget office overestimated the number of people that would be covered under the affordable care act. about half of the people that they said would be covered actually either paid the fine or sought an exclusion or exemption from the individual mandate. so the coverage numbers were never where they said they were going to be.
3:41 am
people have coverage without being able to get care. i talk to people all the time that have a deductible that's so high that they simply avoid seeking care and i think former president clinton said it very well in october when he said we've got this crazy system for people out there busting it, they're working two jobs, they're paying twice as much for half the care, that is a problem that needs to be resolved. that's a here and now problem people are experiencing every day. >> we had the congressman on new day yesterday and he said something that rads eyebrows. he talked about how lower income people are going to have to with the new plan make some very tough choices. here's what he said. >> we're getting rid of the individual mandate and things that people said they don't want and american versus choice and they have to make a choice. so maybe rather than getting the new iphone they love maybe they can invest in their own health care.
3:42 am
they have to make those decisions themselves. >> what do you think? >> i can't speak to that. i want them to have both because in the future of health care an iphone may be an integral part of your ability to communicate with your doc. >> we can have both and that's what today is all about. we're going to be talking about those things that eliminate soms of the difficulties people are having and increase the affordability with which people can get care and i'll tell you further, normally you don't use the words exciting in health policy together in a sentence but with three round tables since the first of the year the governors are excited about what we're doing. they want the flexibility to be able to take care of their people the way they know best and i'm grateful that we'll be allowing that. >> quickly how can you have
3:43 am
both? how can lower income people that are not going to be getting the subsidies as big as they have under obamacare, how can they pay for their cell phone bill and health bill without the subsidies? >> the fact of the matter is that there are going to be -- there is going to be health and the tax credits that will be debated. people will have options and choices they can make and my goal is to pit put it so we can trust the american people rather than trusting the government. >> we appreciate you coming on and explaining your bill. we'll see you again, thank you. >> you make the right point. if they don't have the same amount of money to spend on health care and money is taken out of medicaid -- >> they haven't scored it yet. that's a problem but the family foundation has and they show the
3:44 am
difference in the subsidies and it's less than half so they'll have to make it. >> especially the poorer you go the more people will lose coverage. >> another bombshell. this time sits cia and the claim from wikileaks is our government can use tv, smartphones, even cars as tools for spying. is this true? how did they get it? what does it mean for you? just ahead. powerful you'll think they are. it's time to see what power really looks like. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with accelerated retinol sa. clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just one week. wrinkles? your time is up! rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots. rapid tone repair. neutrogena® see what's possible. how's tcheck it out.t going? lights. meeting configuration.
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going where few nba players have gone before? where? we have this morning's bleacher report in the house. that's how big this story is. >> i had to be here to report this story. you know, i had the pleasure to cover him for a couple of years in dallas. one of the years being the one where he won the championship. no super star in this league is more humble. this is his 19th season with the mavs and with this bucket he became the 6th player in nba history and the first international player ever to reach a 30,000 point mark and after a time-out he gets mobbed right there and he said afterwards a very emotional moment for him and he hopefully has a couple more buckets left before he ends up riding off into the sunset. gonzaga punching their tickets with a win over st. marries. they finish with one loss.
3:49 am
they're going to be a one seed for the second time in school history when selection sunday rolls around. yesterday here in new york all the broadcasters from turner sports and cbs will be calling the tournament game. they were here for media day. i had a question for them. their mascot is the bulldogs but they call it zags. what is a zag? >> a lot of options to mix it up a little bit. >> have no idea. i have no idea. >> opposite of a zig? i don't know. >> what is a zag? does anyone have an answer to that question. >> they're called gonzaga. but everybody call them cgonzag. >> so people will produce the name right? >> zag because they're gonzaga. >> that made sense. >> i like that.
3:50 am
>> back to our top stories, wikileaks releasing a trove of alleged cia hacking documents. some say they're more damaging than the snowden files. what's inside those documents? that's next. stop, stop, stop! sorry. you make it sense what's coming. watch, watch, watch! mom. relax! i'm relaxed. you make it for 16-year olds... whoa-whoa-whoa!!! and the parents who worry about them. you saw him, right? going further to help make drivers, better drivers. don't freak out on me. that's ford. and that's how you become america's best-selling brand.
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claiming to reveal sophisticated tools used to break into smartphones and computers and even internet connected televisions. more on the huge document. >> some of the cia spying tools apparently pried open with the help of wikileaks. they have obtained thousands of files. hundreds of millions of lines of code from the cia's massive hacking operation. wikileaks says the document show the cia team of hackers developed malware to hack into any device people use and can
3:55 am
remotely control iphones, ipads, android devices. taking video from their cameras and listening to their microphones. >> we should be worried if they're used against nonintelligence targets. >> privacy advocates worry other agencies may be using the same tools. wikileaks says there's one cia hacking operation that can tap into an enemy's samsung smart tv. >> they can turn it into a spying device. what happens when i turn it off. >> it's not off. >> the little red light means there's still a computer in there and it's listening for the remote to turn on so what the cia can do is latch into that and even when the tv is off they can still listen to the microphone in the television. >> cia hackers can bypass them by cracking the phones themselves. the cia explored the possibility of hacking into the software of
3:56 am
modern cars. >> it can be accessed from outside and taken control of. this can do a lot of things from playing the music and taking control of the car entirely if you want to assassinate somebody. it uses the u.s. conciliate as a secret base where hackers spy on people in europe the middle east and africa. the white house and the state department wouldn't comment t. documents released have not been authenticated by experts and the cia says it won't confirm their existence. >> we have the cnn counter terrorism analyst and former counter terrorism official. first point of out rage, how did the cia get hacked. what is your take. >> we're talking about how americans phones get hacked. if you're in the cia this morning i know people that run this program. your first question isn't just
3:57 am
how did we get this? how did we get them now in the heart of the beast. how does this happen? the question they're going to have is did somebody from the outside hack it i doubt it and this from the cia perspective is devastating and there has to be a man hunt in the organization. >> what are you doing trying to find ways to use my tv to surveil me and my phone and finding ways to use a car against whoever is driving it? what do you make of those programs. >> i watched you sneak into the kitchen and crush the french fries. >> don't try to distract me from the main story. what is it? what's going on? why shouldn't people be outraged by this. >> i don't think they should be for sampel reason. if you're in the 1970s and you're dealing cocaine,
3:58 am
somebody's going to get on the landline on the wall in your kitchen and listen to your phone with the assistance of at&t back in the day and they have to get that. and the question is whether or not it's look through your phone or tv and do we have assurances through the con depression gnat overnight process that the cia always goes through a court order to look at an american. i have seen nothing in this document to suggest the tools and say wow. >> it's not about their capability. it's about how will they use them and respect the rule of law. >> i also think the american people need to look at this and
3:59 am
say the opportunity and strong hold in syria this morning to look through these documents and say how do i beat them? they're all highly sophisticated and they know the information in these documents and we chased a lot of dummies when i was at the bureau in the agent. >> some of the people we chase didn't know a lot. they will look at this and say wow i didn't know they could do that with whatsapp. it gives them an opportunity that might be a surprise to you chris because a lot of them don't know that. i know what people can think is if you have the ability to do something you'll probably use that. thank you for your perspective. thanks to our international viewers for watching. cnn newsroom is coming up now. we have new information for you.
4:00 am
let's get after it. >> i am intent on making sure that we fulfill our promises. >> the new house plan is more obamacare-like than i would like. >> this is not the repeal bill we have been elected for. >> repeal and replace obamacare. many of you are on the same boat. >> it's not a question of new proof or less proof. we're all clear on this. >> i find that very disturbing. >> this is new day with chris cuomo. >> good morning, welcome to your new day. up first, president trump warning house republicans there will be a blood bath in 1918 if they don't go along with the plan to repeal and replace


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