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tv   New Day  CNN  March 8, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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let's get after it. >> i am intent on making sure that we fulfill our promises. >> the new house plan is more obamacare-like than i would like. >> this is not the repeal bill we have been elected for. >> repeal and replace obamacare. many of you are on the same boat. >> it's not a question of new proof or less proof. we're all clear on this. >> i find that very disturbing. >> this is new day with chris cuomo. >> good morning, welcome to your new day. up first, president trump warning house republicans there will be a blood bath in 1918 if they don't go along with the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the president's warning comes as
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two house committees begin marking up the bill today. >> the white house insists the president has no regrets about his wiretapping allegation against president obama. house intel committees say they will investigate that claim and they have officially set a date to begin hearings in the presidential election. it is day 48 in the trump administration and every angle is covered for you starting live on capitol hill. >> good morning to you. >> two house committees are starting to mark up this bill later this morning. they're preparing to work well in this evening trying to get into a product that can pass on the house floor and there was still certainly an avalanche of criticism coming from any republican or the power of the bully pulpit hasn't been able to twist many arms just yet.
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>> there's going to be no waiting and no more excuses by anybody. >> divisions in the gop over their replacement bill could derail the proposal only one day after the release. >> this is not the bill we have been waiting for for all of these years. it's a huge opportunity that's been missed. >> dubing the american health care act obamacare lite, some calling for a gutting of the refundable tax credits. >> the first thing republicans are bringing forward is a piece of legislation that says to repeal it but keeps medicaid expansion and expands it and keeps the tax increases. that's not what we promised the american people we were going to do. >> senate republicans finding fault elsewhere. four senators will oppose any bill that doesn't protect medicare enrollees in their states. the president promising to put
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his weight behind the replacement. unsurprising since he came pained on a full repeal. >> it probably won't pass unless we take replacement off of it. >> one of the most vocal conservative opponents, senator rand paul, mr. trump wright i feel sure my friend rand paul will come along with a new and great health care program and republican leadership is rallying around the bill. house speaker paul ryan confident they'll get the votes. >> we have a few weeks, we'll have 218 when this comes to the floor. i can guarentee you that. >> the number of votes needed is actually 216 as opposed to 218 because of a few vacancies right now and while speaker ryan seems confident there others don't agree. this bill frankly faces a very steep climb in the house once it does get to the house floor and faces an even steeper climb when it potentially faces the senate. >> thank you for explaining all of that to us. now to the continuing fall out
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of president trump's stunning accusation that president obama had the trump tower headquaters wiretapped during the presidential campaign. republican lawmakers that will investigate the claim say they have seen no evidence thus far. joe johns is live at the white house with more. >> it's been very tough because of the lack of evidence and now it's starting to look extremely likely that members of congress are going to use their time and resources to investigate the president's wiretapping claim made on twitter over the weekend. >> the president doesn't plan on back pedaling his unsubstantiated claim that former president obama wiretapped his phones during the election. >> will the president with draw the accusation? does he have any -- >> why would he with draw it until it's ajudicated.
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that's what we're asking. still offering no evidence. >> it's not a question of new proof or less proof or whatever the answer is the same. >> despite denials of wiretapping from former top intelligence officials. >> spicer continuing to insist on an investigation. >> there's a concern about what happened in the 2016 election. the house and senate intelligence committee have the staff and capabilities and processes in place to look at this in a way that's objective and that's where it should be done. >> now the house intelligence committee moving forward with public hearings on russia's interference in last year's election. >> i want to conduct as many of these hearings open in the public and that's a little rare for the intelligence committees to do. >> the committees chair, representative devin nunez allowing officials to testify beginning march 20th. the top democrat on the
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committee confirming the alleged wiretapping will be part of the investigation. >> mr. president, we accept. we accept. we will investigate this. >> despite three top republicans saying they haven't seen any evidence of it. >> a lot of that, the multiple tweets were perhaps a little bit strung together. >> even imlying that the allegation filled tweets were maybe questions instead of outright declarations. >> the president has been doing this a little over a year and i think a lot of the things that he says you guys sometimes take literally. >> meanwhile president trump's pick for deputy attorney general refusing to say whether a special prosecutor should investigate russia's election meddling. >> i'm not in a position to answer the question because i don't know the information they
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know. the folks in the position to make that decision. >> if confirmed he would head any russia probe after emotioje sessions recused himself from failing to disclose two meetings with the russian ambassador during his confirmation hearing. >> it's hard to come to any other conclusion that he pedid. he should come before the committee and explain this. >> another controversial topic at the white house. the state of hawaii now filed suit against the administration newly revived travel ban. and it was put into place. >> appreciate it. let's bring up scott taylor. member of the house appropriations committee and he served in the iraq war as a navy
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s.e.a.l. >> i'm doing well. so are you going to vote yes on the president's health care replacement bill. or do you think i can get to 216 or 218 as suggested. >> i'm still reviewing this right here. and reflect what it is as you well know. there will be amendments and movement with the mark up and we'll see how long before i make that final decision but i'm leaning in that direction because that was a campaign promise and there's a lot of folks that want to see it repealed and replaced in a way that helps their families. >> what do you think in here is better than what is there right now. >> there's things in there that puts it back on personal responsibility with folks and it's important to say, there is no one that's going to care more about your health care than you
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or your family. so i think it's important that it's not just a one size fit all government solution that's mandated on the people but they have more say in it. states have a little more say in it of course. some people will come to the table on both sides. at least i'm certainly hopeful on both sides but in the end we'll come to 218. >> there seems to be a struggle certainly within your party now, is this conservative enough but there's one fundamental proposition that people don't want to own which is in it's current form if this becomes the law, you will have people lose coverage. you will not have the promise
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kept of the president that said i want everybody to have their coverage. this plan does not call for that. >> there's a lot of people out there today that don't have coverage now and that always gets lost and there's also a lot of people that lost coverage under obamacare so it's not --  it's not just oh my god well when obamacare came in they lost coverage. that's not true. make sure that everyone has access to it and i understand that access itself is not the same thing as coverage but that's true with obamacare as well too. we want to make sure that more folks have access and aren't losing their plans. no one is going to care more about your health care than you. >> i hear you. >> i don't have the money. access doesn't matter. this plan is going to have less money in it for people and
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you're going to have people that have care right now that won't anymore. >> that's an excellent point. my own family members who don't have the money have access to the exchanges to the aca but they can't afford it and the ambulance we plans were terrible. you'll have similar problems that you had with the aca and quite frankly you had a lot more problems with the aca. we're trying to make it a lot less problems. it will not be a perfect system. there is no perfect system but we want to make sure that we cover more folks and they have more access and we don't leave folks behind and republicans want to take care of people that aren't able to take care of themselves and make sure that people that can contribute do contribute. >> when the money comes out of the exchanges and gets put more on the states and they don't have the money, it might be the state and not the federal government. you're going to supreme not have
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coverage that have coverage now. why not be honest about it and say yes we want access. people are going to lose coverage but we think it's still better but we own that reality. why not? >> i want to see the states have more say in it. i don't believe that the federal government should control the things and make sure that you have one size fits all as we have seen. there's only one insurer. i do want to see states step up because they know better than washington does. we are trying as best we can and we want democrats to join in. we want republicans to come in and make sure that we do this the right way. it's so important to families that are out there and not just the ones we're concerned about because we do want to help them absolutely but we also have to be concerned about the work females out there that are getting crushed under taxes and
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making tough decisions for their families. >> we'll see if this is better. we'll have you back on to discuss that. let me get a quick tape from you on the wiretapping situation. sean spicer says yesterday in response to a direct question that no the president has not reached out to the fbi about the wiretapping. why would the president of the united states not get the answer to the question that he has unless this is all just a distraction to keep people not focused on the russia question surrounding his administration? he can get the answer to the question faster than anybody else. why wouldn't he pick up the phone and call the fbi if he cares so much? >> he should. he should call the fbi and try to find it out. if people can judge whether he was correct or not with his tweets or not.
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it's a big accusation. i understand that and it shouldn't be taken lightly on both sides and i understand nunez will put it in there. he should pick up the phone and try to do what he can and let congress exercise the oversight and then we talk about whether he was right or wrong with the public hearings. >> i welcome that conversation as any that you want to have about the interest of the american people. thank you as always. >> thank you, sir. have a great day. >> allison. >> a couple of important headlines now. four people are dead following a devastating crash involving a train and a charter bus in biloxi mississippi. bringing 48 senior citizens to a casino when it got stuck on the tracks at a crossing as a freight train approached. two months ago a soft drink delivery truck got stuck at the same crossing and is also hit by
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a train. they're trying to determine the cause. >> at least 7 deaths blamed on intense wildfires that scorched more than a million acres across the country. the fires are forcing evacuations in parts of texas, oklahoma, kansas, colorado and florida. five of the deaths happening in texas. three ranchers trying to save their cattle lost their lives. as many as five firefighters have been injured battling the flames. >> nike created a hijab. it's got tiny holes. they began working on the prototype in response to claims about competing in a traditional head scarf. it will be available in april 2018. >> interesting. all right. so asking the tough questions during the confirmation hearing of the deputy attorney general.
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as far as i'm concerned every investigation conducted by the department of justice is an independent investigation. we prosecute tens of thousands of people every year and every one of those defendants deserves an independent prosecutor. >> that was president trump's nominee for deputy attorney general yesterday responding to democratic calls for a special prosecutor to oversee the investigations into russia's alleged election hacking. sheldon white house was one of the senators asking the questions. he's a member of the judiciary committee and leading a congressional subcommittee investigation into russia's allegationed interference into the election. good morning. >> good morning. how are you allison? >> i'm doing well. it sounded like he would not commit to naming a special prosecutor. were you satisfied with the answer? >> yeah i'm satisfied with that.
4:21 am
this is a guy that's now the u.s. attorney for maryland. he's not even in the main justice building and until he's confirmed he's not going to be into whatever is going on. i think he's entitled to find out what is going on before he's forced to make a decision about whether there's a special council or not. he'll see that a special council is probably a good idea but he s i think, entitled to take a look around before he's asking to make that decision. >> you were peppering him with questions about whether or not communications, intercepted communications would be relevant to the investigation and for awhile there it sounded like he was dodging a little bit and saying i don't know. i haven't looked into this. i'm not sure. did you feel as though he was being straight with you and did you get the answers you wanted? >> yeah. i did. i thought that under the circumstances he is obviously going to be cautious and it's awkward for him to be dealing with hypotheticals but i laid
4:22 am
down the markers i needed to to hold the department of justice within the boundaries down the road. >> all of this is important because jeff sessions rekuzed himself from russian interference or ties between the trump team and russia. do you believe that attorney general sessions perjerred himself during his confirmation hearing? and whether he communicated that back to the trump campaign. you can imagine circumstances where the trump campaign gave him talking points. he was a message boy from them and there was a content that
4:23 am
related favorable to russia and then returned back to the trump campaign and said done it and it would be hard to believe he didn't remember that. if it was a casual curtesy meeting it may be more understandable but we need to get to the bottom of the questions and that's why i ask the hypotheticals to point out that, in fact, these were questions that needed to be answered in any legitimate investigation and we don't have the answers yet. >> well, senator al franken has gone further in terms of what jeff sessions did during his confirmation hearing. he was on with jake tapper yesterday. let me play that for you. >> it's hard to come to any other conclusion that he
4:24 am
perjered himself. >> do you think he should re-sign? >> he should come before the committee and explain it. no one asked him about the russian ambassador. he's the one that volunteered the information that he didn't speak to anybody and it turned out he met twice with the russian ambassador. and he had 7 weeks to notify us. and hijack our election and this is about whether there was any collusion in that interference by the trump campaign. >> how are you going to figure out what the conversations and meetings were that he had with the russians. >> i agree with al that attorney general sessions should come back before the committee.
4:25 am
>> it would have taken over the hearing. people would have said what did you say to the meetings? we would have asked what aids had notes on from the meetings. all of those questions would have followed in the logical course he shouldn't get the benefit by not having to answer the questions by not knowing what the truth is and that's avoiding what are logical follow up questions had he told the truth. >> did you speak to him about accusations that president obama's white house had trump tower wiretapped? >> we described to him it and we
4:26 am
would like to know whether they are investigating the russia-trump connections and the wiretap matter we -- i don't know that that came up but it's certainly going to come up today because we have a letter going out requesting some of the background information. >> are you going to get that public statement you asked for? >> by the 15th he had an answer for us so we'll be standing by for that. >> did he say? >> it was a bit of a difficult day for him because it was the very day that jeff sessions re-signed, i'm sorry, recused. it wasn't clear if he knew he was going to recuse himself.
4:27 am
>> senator sheldon whitehouse. thank you for the information and we look forward to seeing what your investigation comes up with, if anything, thanks for being on new day. >> let's get over to chris. >> all right. a wild story. marines active duty and veterans part of an online group accused of sharing explicit photos of their female counter parts. we're talking to a veteran that helped break the case open, ahead. got into my accident i broke almost every bone in both my legs. when i came home from the hospital i needed to be able to recover. tempur-pedic allowed me to do just that. because i don't have the average body type anymore i feel like my tempur-pedic really conforms to my body shape. power is not giving up, it's choosing to thrive. tempur-pedic. this sleep is power.
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this report could be called a bombshell. sharing thousands of explicit photos of current and past marine corps women without their knowledge or consent. posted in a secret facebook group of 30,000 marines. i guess you'd call that an open secret. joining us is also a freelance journalist that helped expose this marine scandal. a little bit of background, you were invited into this group. you said you didn't really look at its offerings until you heard
4:32 am
about the brennan story, tom brennan and then what? >> that's correct. i was new to facebook. joined in july of last year and i was sent a link by a fellow marine of mine that i served with in afghanistan and the title said marines united so i joined but i didn't really look at the group. one comment in my entire time within the group was a comment about a marine that received one of the lowest personal rewards he could have received. so that was my only interaction but then when the story broke i was surprised. i was shocked so contacted him on twitter and asked how could i help and he asked me to keep reporting on it because he had gotten kicked out of the group and if he started receiving death threats against him and his family to let him know and
4:33 am
that's what i did. >> all right what did you learn as you went in there about -- first of all, where are these pictures coming from? do they seem legitimate? that these are former and current female marine members? what did you learn about them? >> yeah, that's hard to hammer down. some of the photos would be posted within the chat room itself and a little bit of information on the chat room, this isn't, you would actually have to go into the marines united chat room because it's a secret group so this wasn't information that was showing up on a regular facebook feed but some of the individuals would post the pictures within the chat room itself but while i was in there one individual posted a link to a drop box and once you click on the drop box it took you to a place that contained hundreds, maybe thousands of photos. >> where do you think they were getting the photos? >> i think it's -- in brennan's
4:34 am
story he reports a lot of the photos were taken without the subject's knowledge. i didn't see any of that within this drop box and i also don't know if this was a secondary drop box from the one that ncis had seen. but the photos that i saw were -- >> it's hard to call it a secret group when it has 30,000 members in it. >> i think the group was broke down into three sectors. i think you have one group, people actively engaging in this. they're actively sending photos and posting racist comments that was shocking to me once i got into the group. you have a secondary group seeing this happen and they're not participating this and seeing it and not seeing anything and then a third group
4:35 am
that are just members of marines united but they don't know much about the group. they clicked on it one day and never when into it again. that's how the 30,000 is made up so the number of how many marines or sailors are actively engaged in this is hard to tell. >> and so this scale is debatable but there seem to be big numbers involved and so when you started poking around you got out and how so they started posting his name, address, phone number, where he lived. along with co-workers and
4:36 am
friends and along with their addresses and where they live. they were going after them with death threats and a lot of racial and homosexual slurs were thrown his way and a lot of -- another thing that was surprising to me is it was known to them that they were still under investigation. but they were actually taunting fbi agents or ncis agents that would be looking into them so they would post nude saying this is for you ncis or for you fbi and post a nude of one of these girls and at one point they were celebrating every time another news outlet had picked up the story. just from memory i know one individual said cbs thinks we're shutdown. that's what it was is the administrators of the page, all they would do is change the domain name or create back up pages to that so in terms of prosecuting this from a law enforcement perspective it's going to create back up pages.
4:37 am
they even have chapterers around the united states. so it's a marine's united ohio and marine's united florida. i don't know if they're engaging in the same activities as the main group but it's going to be hard to prosecute this or even investigate it from a law enforcement perspective. >> we'll have to learn how big of a surprise this was and what you say about how they were t n taunting ncis is going to be instru instrui instru instructive. thank you for bringing the reporting our way. >> thank you. >> who are the biggest winners and losers in the new gop health care bill? christine is here to break down the numbers for us. featuring ego's patented, 56 the #1 rated,volt,power+ mower. arc lithium battery technology, it delivers the cutting-torque of gas. the ego mower's durable construction makes mowing in difficult conditions easy.
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christine is here with a closer look at what the new gop health care plan means for average americans. >> good morning. >> great to have you here. there's a lot out there. can you boil it down to who are the winners? who are the losers? >> the congressional budget office has not scored this yet. you have economists carefully looking at what this is going to mean for typical americans so here at this early stage is who we think the winners of this will be. young people that could get cheaper plan. under obamacare it's the young
4:42 am
people that subsidize the sticker people higher income winners have huge tax breaks for the rich. they were funded by the rich people. people that make $200,000 and sick people could get coverage but we don't know how limited that coverage could be and what you have to pay out of pocket
4:43 am
for that. >> some are calling it obamacare-lite. what are the things that are pair lel. >> they don't like the fact that certain things are obamacare that remain here and coverage until 26 that stays you cannot discriminate against somebody because they have cancer or childhood diabetes and there's no annual or lifetime limits. 20 million got it and half of that could lose their coverage, who are they? >> those are lower income people and people might be hurt by the roll back to the medicaid expansion. let me show you somebody making
4:44 am
$20,000 a year. a 27-year-old knows a subsidy you can see the difference there. starts to make a difference for older americans that got bigger obamacare subsidies at $20,000 a year than under this new plan. let's look at $40,000 a year. 27-year-old got an balm care subsidy. they would have a $200,000 tax credit. you can see how they would fair there. >> we appreciate you doing the math so we don't have to. >> this is what excites you. wow, thank you. what can i say? >> great to have you. >> so a question i ask every day is especially relevant today, why is allison and christine even here? because today is international
4:45 am
women's day. it's supposed to be where women take a day off. there's a debate to be had and we will have it coming up. >> let us hope there's a wave of young women running for office in america. let's be sure we support them in every way that we can. let's help them shatter stereotypes and lift each other up. >> there's hillary clinton. she introduces us to some women that say they are inspired to run for office because of clinton's defeat. here's the story. >> in this district that helps,
4:46 am
a married mom of four. juggling children and a career no longer content as citizen. now moving to candidate. >> hearing from everybody else makes me think you're on the fence. >> channelling the energy of the nationwide marches they're training to run for the first time from office from fund-raising. >> how we're getting the money and where it's coming from. >> from drills. >> i'm running for mayor of water town. >> learn houg to come pain in a red state. >> i'm a member of the democratic party. >> okay.
4:47 am
>> immediately it started spiking. >> operating in 18 states from deep blue california to red wisconsin. their class size here doubled. democratic women hoping to put the state back to blue. >> was it personal? >> deeply personal. we believe in a representative democracy. women are more than a half of the population and a quarter of elected officials. that's a problem. >> i never imagined i would be a state legislator. >> melissa is now watching people react to president trump. >> did you need that push? >> i did. women will question whether they can balance running for office with being a parent. >> she marched the day after trump's inauguration. >> was that march enough? >> oh, no. >> taking her next step she is
4:48 am
now running for local office in the town of oregon wisconsin. >> if you're in office, will you have president trump to thank in some part? >> sure. i mean, i don't know that i would have gotten involved if he hadn't been elected. maybe i'll write him a thank you note. probably not. >> cnn madison wisconsin. >> would you like a day without a woman. >> you have international women's day and you have a protest moment, a day without women. >> that's right. >> which is supposed to be today. >> it is today. well i'm here to help you as i am every day but as you heard there some women were motivated to run for office and other women today are inspired to skip work all together. this is the day without women. this is a protest. what is behind the movement? chris asks? and lots of people ask?
4:49 am
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president trump is tweeting about international women's day this morning, saying i have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that
4:53 am
are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy. on international women's day join me in honoring the critical role women here in america and around the world. this comes as some women plan to protest today in what's being called a day without a woman. this is an economic and labor strike attended to draw attention to equality for women in the economic sphere. here to discuss this are our cnn political commentators, symone sanders, the national press secretary for senator bernie sanders and katy mcnanny from the hill. what's the underpinning of this? what's the message for a day without women? >> i think the women's march was the beginning of a movement for a lot of people, a new movement. i think the message here is that women, we have the power to literally move mountains, change policy, change society when we stand together. a day without a woman is
4:54 am
designed to highlight the immense impact women have on our everyday lives from the board room to the classroom, everywhere and inbetween. you've seen schools closed across the country because women are not going to show up for work today. some folks are showing up wearing red in solidarity to highlight the important impacts women make in our society, here in america and around the globe. >> i know some conservative women feel this day doesn't speak for them. do you have any issues with it? >> i don't have an issue with international women's day. i agree with the president. women are obviously extremely important to our fabric of society. that being said, this day without women, it is basically very narrow. if you read the op ed written by these eight women who are pure importantly leading it, they call for militant feminist struggle. and skipping work to arrange child care, perhaps have to choose whether to make money today or stay home and watch their kids, putting those women
4:55 am
in compromising scenarios is not the way to do this. >> it's their choice. nobody is forcing someone to skip work. >> i'm referring to the women not showing up for work, teachers not showing up for work, school districts that have to close. many parents are having to stay home with their children today, these women don't speak for me or many conservative women. >> alisyn, i say to that that power concedes nothing without a struggle. protests are designed to make people feel uncomfortable. i hope a day without a woman makes people feel uncomfortable. it was originally called international working women's day to highlight the global impact women have politically, economically, socially and culturally. there are some real things we have to get right here in america and across the globe when it comes to gender parity, gender equity.
4:56 am
i'm glad to stand in sol dart with so many women across the globe. >> let's call it a day without liberal women. these women who organized this march have specifically excluded pro life women. they say you don't have a place in our movement. that's millions and millions of american women who believe it's specifically genocide against unborn women when you engage in abortion. those women are excluded. >> just to be clear, the women who are marching or sitting out the protest, they want pay equity, they want to talk about the economic impact of women, and they don't want planned parenthood defunded. so are those the tenets that you see it and the planned parenthood is where you draw the line? >> absolutely. these are the same women who organized the initial march out of trump's inauguration. they said today is not your day to march. don't purport to represent all women when you exclude millions
4:57 am
and millions of women. >> their issue is, if you take away planned parenthood's funding, you take away health care access for the hundreds of thousands of women who use it. >> i don't want to take away any funding, but redirect it to other institutions that don't perform abortions. when you look at plant harnt hood, their numbers have gone down by 54%, but killed 320,000 babies in 2014. it's not to support the killing of 300,000 babies. >> with all due respect, no federal dollars go towards funding abortions. i've never had an abortion, i go to planned parenthood. i have an appointment there next week because they provide excellent care. women in communities across the country, it's their only option. a day without women, the women's rights movement i believe is about the expansion of women's rights, codifying equity and
4:58 am
parity. it's not about limiting women's rights. >> what about kaley's point that conservative women don't feel this movement speaks for them? >> i think there are levels to the movement. it's okay to have a diversity of sentiments. me as a african-american woman, i have very specific concerns that you may not have. that doesn't mean we can't all get together and fight for equity and parity in america. i say the women's rights movement is about expanding our rights, not limiting. yes, there is a place for pro choice women in this movement. know one is saying you can't be pro choice. what we are saying is we should not be empowering the government and anybody else other than women to limit what we can do with our bodies, to tell us what to do. nobody is telling a man what to do with his penis, i don't understand why uterus and vagina is such a topic of conversation. >> good morning everyone.
4:59 am
kayleigh, she's saying conservative women are welcome. >> they are not. if you want to be -- >> were pro life women not allowed to march? >> pro life women were at the march. they were not included on the list of sponsors, and that is because, again, the organizers said this was about an expansion of rights. >> you are limiting rights. this is where we fundamentally disagree. i believe by being pro choice you're limiting the right to life for hundreds of thousands of women, young women, babies each year. you say you're expanding rights. i view that as limiting rights. why not welcome my viewpoint? why not take a stance at all on pro life or pro choice and just say we're here to stand for women? >> we'll leave it there. we welcome your point here on "new day" and yours, symon. thank you, kayleigh as well. we're following a lot of news this morning.
5:00 am
gets get right to it. >> it's a complicated process, but actually it's very simple. it's called good health care. >> we are united on repeal but divided on replacement. >> the nightmare of obamacare is about to end. >> trumpcare is here, and you are going to hate it. >> where is the proof that president obama bugged president trump? >> we have no further comment. >> i think a lot of things he says you guys sometimes take literally. >> i very much support the appointment of a special prosecutor. >> i don't know anything but what i've read in the newspaper. >> he perjured himself. >> senator sessions should come back. he owes it to this committee to explain himself. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to "new day." it is wednesday, march 8th. president trump turning up the heat on house republicans


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